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1. This is the New  Home Page. The Goals of this Website are the same as Robert Monroe's Goals: to help to raise the Consciousness of Humanity on Earth, to help to Move Our Sunny Spirits to Higher Vibrational Levels of Consciousness. This and so much more Profound Information you will find on this link (you have to wait a bit longer for the link to open):

Home Page

2. Эта страница иногда повторяет новую информацию, посланную на New Home Page только на русском:

Домашняя Страница (на русском)

3. На этой Странице размещены почти все наши видео для просмотра на нашем Сайте и объясняется по-русски:

Наши Видео и разные фото (Our Videos)

4. This Page has many photos of unusual Suns - НА ЭТОЙ СТРАНИЦЕ МНОЖЕСТВО ФОТО НЕОБЫЧНЫХ СОЛНЦ :


4.a "The Sorcerer's Crossing" by Taisha Abelar (in electronic form), you have to wait a bit longer for the link to open:

Taisha Abilar's "The Sorcerer's Crossing"

5. A Page, where I collected extracts from different books, which explain the meaning of the Law of Intent and the Power of Intent. When and how to use it :

The Meaning and Power of Intent

6.  Highly recommended book “Being in Dreaming: An Initiation into the Sorcerers' World” by Florinda Donner - 1991 :

"Being in Dreaming" by Florinda Donner

7. First Lot of books by Carlos Castaneda 
(in electronic form)
: "Separate Reality" and "Journey to Ixtlan", (you have to wait a bit longer for the link to open):

C.Castaneda Books 1

8. Second Lot of books by Carlos Castaneda
(in electronic form): "The Art of Dreaming" and "The Power of Silence", (you have to wait a bit longer for the link to open):

C.Castaneda "The Art of Dreaming" and "The Power of Silence"

9. Third Lot of books by Carlos Castaneda (in electronic form): "Tales of Power " and "Fire from Within", (you have to wait a bit longer for the link to open):

C.Castaneda Books 3

10. Fourth Lot of books by Carlos Castaneda (in electronic form): "Eagle's Gift" and "Second Ring of Power", (you have to wait a bit longer for the link to open)

C.Castaneda Books 4

11. Fifth Lot of books by Carlos Castaneda (in electronic form) to be added: "Active Side of Infinity", (you have to wait a bit longer for the link to open):

C.Castaneda Books 5
12. The detailed explanation of Robert Monroe's materials from his books and seminars like: the purpose of Loosh/Love/Balance/Sun Energy, like the Basics (the Keys) of our Planetary Game, like his and his Explorer Teams'  Astral Experiences and many other Important Topics (you have to wait a bit longer for the link to open):

Robert Monroe's infо (Знания, добытые Робертом Монро)

13. Robert Monroe's first book "Journeys Out-Of-The Body" in English in electronic form,
(you have to wait a bit longer for the link to open)

R.Monroe's 1st book "Journeys Out-Of-The Body"

14. "Far Journeys" by Robert Monroe in English,  
(you have to wait a bit longer for the link to open):

R.Monroe's 2nd book "Far Journeys"

15. "Ultimate Journey" by Robert Monroein English,
(you have to wait a bit longer for the link to open):

R.Monroe's 3rd book "Ultimate Journey"
16. Первая, полная книга Роберта Монро в электронной форме "Путешествия из Тела" на русском языке, нужно подождать, чтобы Страница открылась:

1я книга Роберта Монро "Путешествия из Тела" на русском языке

Вторая, полная книга Роберта Монро в электронной форме "Далёкие Путешествия" на русском языке, нужно подождать, чтобы Страница открылась: 
2я книга Роберта Монро "Далёкие Путешествия" на русском языке

Третья, полная книга Роберта Монро в электронной форме "Окончательное Путешествие" на русском языке, 
нужно подождать, чтобы Страница открылась: 

3я книга Роберта Монро "Окончательное Путешествие" на русском языке

19.  (На русском и английском) Gathered materials from books and articles about all invisible Creatures. This link is about us, visiting "Improved Planetary School for Compressed Learning" on 4th Level of Consciousness, to experience Food Chain on Earth (when we are asleep). Some of these experiences Robert Monroe described in his books (in english and in russian) :

Other, Visible/Invisible Players of Earth's Planetary Game (Другие, Видимые и Невидимые Игроки Планетарной Игры)

20. True Facts about Human Females given by me and by different writers in their books. About Global Women - politicians; also some females' funny pictures and some video material on Youtube showing the real things happening to human females and to animals, (you have to wait a bit longer for the link to open):

More Truths About Women

21 Информация о русских женщинах и отрывки из книг американских писателей на русском (перевод мой) :

Информация о русских женщинах

22. This Link is explaining Thoughts of different writers
, as well as my Thoughts, on the Creation, the Behaviour and the Purpose of our Alters in our lives. We need to grow out of human form, because we really are not humans, we need to use Universal Law of Allowence like our Higher Selves do. Rapes and other cruel things are allowed and even staged by our Higher Selves, because they don't consider us physical bodies, but Energies (Sun Energies) and we need to consider ourselves from the same position: we are Sun Energies. We all have Alters/Other Personalities and the Difference is only in numbers. Women usually acquire more Parallel Personalities during their lives, than Men of the same age!  "Multiple Personality Disorder" is not a disorder: it is a complex Order, it is an Expansion of all of us :

MPD - Our Parallel Personalities

23. On this link you will find Michael Talbot's beautiful "Holographic Universe" and his talks on Youtube, (you have to wait a bit longer for the link to open):

Michael Talbot's "Holographic Universe"

24. Alex Collier's full Book "Defending Sacred Ground", (you have to wait a bit longer for the link to open):

Alex Collier - "Defending Sacred Ground"

25. The Life and work of Rosalind A. McKnight and her connection to R.Monroe's research; her books: "Cosmic Journeys" and "Soul Journeys":

Rosalind McKnight's info

26. The book by Cisco Wheeler and Fritz Springmeier "The Illuminati Formula used to create an Undetectible Total Mind Controlled Slave" (in electronic form). If you throw away all religious, metaphysical and New Age stuff out of this book, then you'll find a wealth of info in there, (you have to wait a bit longer for the link to open):

Cisco Wheeler and Fritz Springmeier's info

27. Enormous Struggle of 2 Spirits: Cathy O'Brien and Mark Philips reflected in their "Trance-Formation in America". The complete book is on this link, and also their videotalks on Youtube, (you have to wait a bit longer for the link to open) ; 

Cathy O'Brien's info

28. Ground shattering information about politicians ruling USA and what women were/are used for; the complete book "Thanks for the Memories"by Brice Taylor on this link; and also her talks on Youtube
, (you have to wait a bit longer for the link to open):

Brice Taylor's info

29. "Project Superman". Book of Andy Pero's information in electronic form to read :

"Project Superman". Andy Pero's info

30. Книга о Путешествии Русской Экспедиции в глубь Полой Земли в 1913 году; детальное повествование животного/растительного внутреннего Мира с его вулканами. Внутри находится маленькая Планета Плутон низкой, Красной Вибрации с внутренним Солнцем. Книга Владимира Обручева легко читается на русском языке и называется: "Плутония" :


31. "Alone" - this extraordinary book was written by Admiral Richard Byrd about his expedition to Antarctica in 1933-35 (for his own money), about his staying alone for 5-6 months of dark winter in Antarctica :




"What is happening now in our Universe is that according to Moraney and Vasais (the Andromedans) on March 23, 1994 (new Aquamarine) Color and Sound frequency started emanating from all the black holes. The color and sound literally, in its unified effect, is attaching to all of the densities, or planes. What is happening is that it is raising all the frequencies, pulling everything up 'from the bootstraps'. It is literally creating another holograph above the existing 11 creational densities. They are calling this newly generated holograph 'the 12th', and the reason is because it is both unified and separate from the others. They have been told by other races that there are beings of a type of consciousness never seen before inside this '12th' plane, and that these beings literally have the ability to look straight 'down' through all the dimensional levels. What's happening is that third density is beginning to implode because as the frequency of third density matter starts to rise, those that choose to evolve will pass out of here..." Alex Collier, 1996. For more data  go on to:  Defending Sacred Ground - Alex Collier 

Robert Monroe

Robert A. Monroe

Lyda and Robert

Me and my son Robert A. Monroe (32 years ago)

Nancy Monroe

Nancy, the wife of Robert Monroe

  Nancy and Bob Monroe on vacation

Nancy and Bob on vacation

Laurie Monroe

Laurie, Bob's daughter

Rosalind McKnight

Rosalind  McKnight

Elisabeth Kubler Ross

Elisabeth Kubler-Ross
Bayard Stockton

Ronald Russell

Where are the original manuscripts of R.Monroe's 3 books? I know that R. Monroe gave the original manuscripts to quite a few Publishers in USA before he found a publisher, who finally published them heavily censored: the most important parts became missing! Though "Matrix 5" author tried to totally blame  R.Monroe's daughter for having and hiding the original manuscripts and not giving them to the Humanity! You must be naive to think that all those Publishers didn't make copies of these manuscripts for themselves (inc. the publishers of division of Bantam Doubleday Dell publishing Group (Main Street Books) in USA, who, eventually printed R.Monroe books! The Library of Congress (USA) has cataloged the Doubleday edition of Bob's last book. Do you think they wouldn't have the original manuscripts or at least copies of R.Monroe's manuscripts? Of course they would! It's just too much of cruicial information in there! When I read the first page of "Ultimate Journey" that was devoted to "Herb, Jonathan and Harry (Potter?)", I become a bit surprised. Who are these "Herb, Jonathan and Harry (Potter?)"? The publishers? I never heard of them. It doesn't look like Robert Monroe's style at all! The only time he devoted his 2nd book "Far Journeys", was to his wife Nancy. He was the man, who would rather devote his books to the whole Humanity and not to some unknown people, especially, his last book "Ultimate Journey". I have a feeling, that these manuscripts are in Jewish-Reptilian hands, because everything (the most valuable), eventually, ends up in their hands and this knowledge gives them power over us, but not for long! The same story is with, so called, (unknown) 'heirs' of R.Monroe's material (perhaps of Jewish origin, though R.Monroe was not a Jew). They might have if not the Original manuscripts, but copies of them for sure. The same is happening at The Monroe Institute. Who is in the possession of these Original manuscripts and the vast audio Library collected over the years by R.Monroe, by his staff and by the participants of all the TMI Programs at the Institute? I would like to have all these materials and post them on this website!

It's interesting, that as soon as I printed the above-mentioned message, My and George's computers got electronically attacked 200 times within 5 hours (for the first time!) and George spent a day to clean everything up. Don't forget that Internet is in Jewish-Reptilian hands, but not for long! Someone, obviously, didn't like me enquiring about the destiny of Bob's manuscripts and his audio library.
I was wondering, could it be some damaging information about Jewish activities in the content of R.Monroe books or maybe some other revealing info, to cause such a massive electronic attack on our computers?
George wrote to you about the details of protecting your computers from viruses. You can do it very successfully, like he did. You will find this info on the bottom of this link.

There is/was a Sun Conspiracy in the Media. You can hardly find the genuine picture of our Sun on the Internet, TV, movies/documentaries/
catoons, on video/video games, DVD's, newspapers, magazines, books/brochures/paintings. Even, amateur's made, pictures of the Sun don't last on Internet (like Youtube) long. The genuine pictures are systematically being replaced with the same pictures, but not the same Sun on them (artificially looking Sun or without the Sun). Even Astronomy films/literature/
websites are heavily censored and don't show the genuine pictures of our Sun and yet it is in front of our nose! I've been researching our Sun for some time now, made hundreds of genuine pictures of it and wrote about my findings!
I can also prove my findings with pictures of Close-Ups of the artificial holographic framing consisting of White Rays and Pentagons of another frequency and all colours, which (framing/pentagons) are constantly being superimposed on our Sun and on the White sparkling Moving Energy coming from it.
It is done deliberately, so we would not  see the right picture of ours, of our Earth's and of our Sun's Evolution. Our Sun is a live proof of the existence of the Creative Force, it is a piece of it! That's how the Creative Force and our Souls look like!
This is a Crime to cover our Sun, which is done by our governments and those, who are behind them! Have you noticed on the pictures of the Sun, posted on this site, that, sometimes, there are white regular symmetrical rays coming out of it, but sometimes not?
Natural Sun will have either no Rays at all or irregular Rays, the position of which nobody can predict! That means that when you see our Sun or an invisible Energy Ball of Advanced Thoughts with regular white rays (on the picture), that is not the true picture of our Sun or of the Energy 'Ball' of our Advanced Thoughts!
The Energy 'Ball' of the New Consciousness of the Sun and of Advanced Human Thoughts is constantly being shielded. An alien artificial holographic framing, consisting of symmetrical white dull rays (which looks like fluorescent light tubing) and pentagons of another, slower frequency, than this invisible New Consciousness' Energy 'Ball' has, were there to make sure that you would never see the difference!
I posted a Close-Up of this structure on  Home Page for you to see what I am talking about. I am sure our astronomers/astrophysicists noticed this alien framing on the Sun long ago, having such powerful telescopes. I am not an astronomer or someone of that nature, I have no technology at my disposal, except my camera, my eyes and my brain, and yet, I could prove it and say it, but why they never said it?!
Natural Sun would never have symmetrical rays, like you would see on most of the official pictures. Natural Sun's rays are unpredictable: mostly they are not visible (all you would see is just a Huge Shiny Ball), but if the rays appear, they can show up in any number (even just one), at any length/width and on any side of the Sun! The rays of the natural Sun would never appear at equal intervals and equal brightness! It's very unnatural! Have you noticed, that the shape of the invisible Energy 'Ball' of Advanced Thoughts (on my pictures) looks different to the shape of the natural Sun? It doesn't really look like a Ball, it has uneven shape and that is a very good clue!
This website is specifically devoted to Robert Monroe, his 3 books and his Monroe Institute. All 3 books are in English and the same 3 books are in Russian (the front covers of Russian versions are very gloomy compare to American version and not showing the depth of R.Monroe's messages). All 3 books of R.Monroe (complete) in English and (not complete) in Russian you can find on this website, only be patient to wait till the Page will open up.
There is a new edition of the first book of R.Monroe in English with a new and totaly misleading front page, which I didn't read, but I wouldn't be surprised if the content of the book has been changed as well as "Journeys out of the Body" the front page. The cover has a green background and a man lying on a couch and his astral body is trying to get out of the physical, which was probably printed on one of the Parallel Earths!
The picture on original cover of "Journeys out-of-the Body" has an important message: the head of a human and a bright star at the background means the way 500 000 000 human beings will go: through the Black Hole in our Violet Sun of 5th Level of Consciousness!

The only thing I find wrong is the picture of the Sun on the covers of American version of R. Monroe books! The Suns look more like having that artificial holographic framing of yellow Rays of another frequency superimposed on the genuine Sun (or you when you become non-physical and gather all your parts)!
Just look at my pictures of the genuine Sun on this website, please, to compare.

Below is russian version of R.Monroe's book

R.Monroe Ultimate Journey in russian

Who is that woman on the "Ultimate Journey" cover -  Russian style (far right)? Sophia, the publisher herself?
Where is the bright blinding white (not yellow) Light on the front covers of all 3 Russian versions of R.Monroe books? The bright Light is the main idea of our existence here: to become this bright huge balls of Energy, of Light, of Higher Consciousness (our individual Total Selves), to Expand! The bight Light also represents the Advanced Consciousness of our Universe, which is just about to graduate out of physicality a step higher and become one of the non-physical Universes. The same is with us: like our Universe we also become non-physical to continue our Journey to the Top, to merge with Our Creative Force!
All the books now are becoming electronic: paper books are a thing of the past.
I give my knowledge for free to everyone, I am not paid for everything I do. I am not writing or selling any books. Soon we would not even need Internet: the knowledge will be all around us! I am translating R.Monroe's books myself for free, without a computer, but I need time: it's a big job, but slowly every page of Monroe books in Russian will turn up on  Monroe books in Russian  links, for those thousands of Russians who doesn't know English. I already started.
Knowledge is for everyone who is ready for it and it needs to be spreaded everywhere like a bushfire! Dark Ages are over!


Announcement: for a week "Internet Security" Article below was missing from this link as a result of my Computer Breakdown by you know who! Now it has been restored!

The first stage of protection against intrusion into your PC by all kind of malicious software is to have a firewall protection. If you have a Windows XP (with at least a Service Pack 2) or a later Operating System, some firewall protection is provided and you should check that it is running- go to CONTROL PANEL, double-left click on SECURITY CENTER and check that FIREWALL is ON (running). Also if you have an anti-virus program (see below) on your PC, check that VIRUS PROTECTION is ON (running). Microsoft (designers of Windows XP and later Operating Systems) constantly update their software to improve Internet security, so it is important that (on SECURITY CENTER) Automatic Updates is ON.

Firewall's primary role is to alert you to unsolicited connection attempts from the Internet to your PC (inbound connections). Firewall also has to be able to stop your PC from talking to the Internet (outbound connections) without your permission- if you have an infestation by a Trojan horse, or other piece of malware on your PC, a firewall can prevent it from establishing outbound connections to (malicious) computers- BUT not all firewalls do - see below.

If you have an earlier Operating System than Windows XP with Service Pack 2 (thus without built-in firewall protection), then you should install a firewall protection. According to the "Symantec Guide to Home Internet Security" by Andrew Conry-Murray and Vincent Weafer (a good reference on Internet Security), there is a free Zone Alarm firewall from  The book says that Windows XP Service Pack 2 firewall does ONLY half the job- it doesn't stop existing malware infection on your PC from making outbound connections- but Zone Alarm does prevent it. Thus it appears to be  a better choice.   Bear in mind that you cannot have MORE than one firewall program running at the same time- Internet usage will be disrupted.

However, firewall alone cannot stop virus attachments from entering your PC via received email- especially unsolicited emails. It is thus important NOT to open such attachments without first using an anti-virus program to scan it (a good anti-virus program will warn you if email carries a virus- unless it is  a brand new virus that has not been discovered yet). Also if you happen to download a web page from a malicious site, it can (without your knowledge) download malware, Trojan horses, etc.

Thus there is a need for Second stage of protection - with a good anti-virus/ anti-spyware software. One such free software for home users comes from Avast ( It does frequent automatic update of its virus data base (blue icon indicates when that happens) as well as making software updates (you have to click their green icon when that shows up- to make the update). Apart from detecting email virus attachments, we found it was good for detecting malware like Trojan horses. However, if Trojan horse infestation occurs through Internet browsing, the only way to detect them is to initiate an Avast Full Scan of C drive (and any other frequently attached memory devices like USB Flash Drive). This is done typically by right-clicking the "A" (Avast ball symbol) on the task bar. Alternatively you can go via start, programs and left click Avast. It first does memory/ start up test. Then you select to scan Local Drive (including archive files, if any), Floppy disk/ CD drive (if in use) and memory devices (eg USB Flash Drive- if in use). The scan may take typically an hour or more to run and, as it finds an infestation, it recommends moving it into CHEST (to isolate/disable the infestation). Such a scan should be done regularly.

Recently we found a problem that Avast Full Scan detected an excessively large number of Trojan horse infestations. Majority of these were disabled by moving into CHEST but for some of these, Avast was unable to move/ isolate them there (a repeat Avast Full Scan was still listing these Trojan horses).

The above Symantec book also made reference to a free "Spybot Search&Destroy" from   Running this program produced a list of infestations that it listed as having entered via a browser. Clicking Fix Selected Problems (all of them of course) eliminated the infestation and re-running Avast gave a clean result.

At around the time that the Trojan horse infestations occurred, we started using Mozilla's Firefox browser as a faster alternative  to Internet Explorer browser. However, according to an article from Tech Republic "Some Firefox Extensions may be Exploited to install Malware" dated 23/11/09 (, with certain extensions, Firefox may lack protection against malware entry. The researchers who wrote this report note that they are in contact with Mozilla- hopefully the problem will be fixed soon.

Energy Ball of Human Thoughts and of the Consciousness of Earth

Elliott River in Elliott Heads, Sun in Elliott Heads Village, Australia