The Universal Shifts of Consciousness

Pat's Story

You are not Your Physical Body; You are Not the Physical Matter: You are Energy! And Everything what happened to You, happened for One Good Reason: to Merge Your Energy with the Energies of Others, with the Energies of Earths, with the Energies of Universes! The Culmination of this Mixing Process for this Universe will be in December 2013: the Final Stage of the Universal Shift!

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Важное Сообщение - эта Страница теперь может быть просмотрена на мобильных телефонах !

"The Convoluted Universe", part 2, written by Dolores Cannon in 2005, p.638:

"The Earth will remain within this UV beam (this event has already happened, LM) for approximately 17 hours of your time, and it will interpenetrate every electron of precious Life energy. This beam is radiant fluorescent in nature, blue/magenta in color (magenta is dark pink, LM). Although it resonates in this frequency band, it is above the color frequency spectrum of your universe, so it will not be seen. However, due to the nature of your soul it will have an effect. The effect is that every thought and emotion will be amplified intensely one million-fold. Every thought, every emotion, every intent, every will, no matter if it is good, bad, ill, positive, negative, will be amplified one million times in strength (get ready for that: it is already taking place! My son Robert has been going crazy from all normal sounds of our household, like running water from the tap, for instance. The feeling is like someone put sound amplifiers into his ears. He's been going crazy for many months and driving us crazy. That could be familiar for many people out there, LM).
Since all matter manifest is due to your thoughts, i.e. what you focus on, this beam will accelerate these thoughts and solidify them at an accelerated rate, making them manifest a million times faster than they normally would. The ultraviolet Light will bathe every person on the planet. It has the potential of transforming the way Humanity thinks and feels. It will create a new, easier pathway for Earth’s Ascension into the next dimension (why not next Density, which is 4th? There is a big difference in vibration between dimension and density. I might be wrong, but as far as I know physical 3rd Density Universe has many physical dimensions, where Physical Parallel Universes/Earths are located, next level is non-physical 4th Density, which has non-physical dimensions,  LM). This is the beginning of awesome influxes of Light that will move this planet up the Spiral of Evolution by quantum leaps and bounds! So it appears that it has begun!"
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I am not a religious person and I don/t agree with everything written in both books (The Mars Records" and "The Mars Force: Pat's Story") , but nevertheless, I found a wealth of information in these books.

The Mars Force: Pat’s Story (Part 1)
(Part 2 can be found on )

(As you can see Mars (like Earth) has white openings at the Poles. All planets have them. That allows life to exist inside of the planet, especially, if the conditions on the surface of the planet are too harsh. Because Mars also exists in all Parallel Universes, there is no way to establish what Mars was it, where all the events, described in this book, took place. It could be any Parallel Mars or the Original Mars, LM).



Mars' Valles Marineris

Mars Valles Marineris

How Pat’s membership in a Military Cadet Program led to Military Abductions and the Suppressing of Psychic Abilities

Version 2

With Biofeedback Meter Readings by Stephanie Relfe B.Sc. (Sydney)

First Published June 13 2002
Copyright Ó 2002 Stephanie Relfe
All articles not written by Stephanie Relfe are the property of their
respective owners and were acquired under the public domain of
the internet.
Feel free to distribute this document to every abductee, contactee, researcher, therapist, mind control victim, ritual abuse
survivor and member of the military so that they too can begin the road to recovery from the effects of traumatic incidences.
Other copies of this book are available for free by downloading at
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Version 2 (July 18 2002)
“A Personal Letter from Pat” was added to the end of the book (P. 68)

Preface by Stephanie Relfe .................................................................. 1
Definitions of Healing Therapies Used.................................................. 3
Clearing................................................................................................. 4
A) The Clearing Biofeedback Meter ................................................. 4
B) Acknowledgements....................................................................... 5
C) The client is fully conscious throughout the session. .................... 6
More on the Biofeedback Meter ............................................................ 7
The Mind............................................................................................. 10
The File Clerk...................................................................................... 11
To “As is”: How Negative Thoughts and Emotions are Cleared ....... 12
The Language of the Clearing Biofeedback Meter:............................. 13
Tone Arm (TA)................................................................................. 13
READS: Short Falls, Falls and Long Falls ...................................... 15
Floating Needle ............................................................................... 16
‘Yes’ and ‘No’ .................................................................................. 17
Rock Slam....................................................................................... 18
Underlined v. not underlined words ................................................. 19
Other Abbreviations......................................................................... 19
A summary of symbols used............................................................... 20
Metabolism.......................................................................................... 21
Drugs .................................................................................................. 21
Repeating Technique.......................................................................... 22
The Clearing Practitioner's Code of Ethics.......................................... 23
Kinesiology.......................................................................................... 24
Emotional Stress Release................................................................... 26
'The Wernicke’s Correction' ................................................................ 27
Session 1: Violent Reaction ............................................................... 30
Session 2: A Reptilian Attacks Pat’s Heart......................................... 32
Session 3: Interview........................................................................... 34
Session 4: Remote Viewers Interfere................................................. 37
Session 5: Testing members at a famous CEO’s House ................... 44
Session 6: Mind Control on a Decommissioned Naval Ship .............. 50
Session 7: Transported to Mars......................................................... 58
A Personal Letter from Pat.................................................................. 68
Further information.............................................................................. 71
References.......................................................................................... 72

Page 1
Preface by Stephanie Relfe

In 2001 a woman in her early 50s named Pat contacted me after she read “The
Mars Records” ( and decided to have clearing and
kinesiology sessions. She lived quite a distance from where I was, but eventually
she was able to make the journey and spent a week undergoing sessions with
Pat had been involved in the research and investigation of UFOs from 1978 to
1987, but she was not consciously involved with that activity at the time she saw
me. She came to me mainly because she had experienced a great deal of
trouble completing projects: sometimes she would just lie on her bed and stare
at the ceiling, unable to do anything, for hours at a time!
When she read the Mars Records, she suspected that mental blocks and
“Wernicke’s commands”1 were at the core of her problem and felt that I could
help her remove them. She also had frequent flashback memories of violent
incidents where she was struggling against restraints and vague scenes of
fighting people that were trying to harm her. Pat also had missing time episodes
during the years she was a UFO investigator. She also wanted to improve her
When she came on the first night I found that she also wanted to end what are
termed “negative hallucinations”. These are NOT hallucinations. This term
means that she sometimes could not see things that were present – for example,
a person sitting opposite her. She was not sure how often they happened, but
thought that it could be every couple of months.
During the sessions, I also discovered that she periodically went into a trance for
several minutes, where she could hear and see everything but could not move a
muscle or speak. She did this three times in my presence, the first when I was
driving her back to her hotel. It was quite an eerie feeling to be with someone
who had to all appearances turned into a living statue. Several months after the
sessions, Pat reported that these trance states had decreased in frequency
so much that she rarely experienced them anymore. She also reported that
she was more motivated and able to get projects completed. In fact, her
physical energy and mental focus had significantly improved.
1 Wernicke’s Commands. The right wernicke’s area of our brain stores negative commands that are said to
us by people that we consciously or unconsciously look up to as people in authority. It has also been found
that these commands are sometimes put in forcefully by member of the secret government, aliens etc.
especially when people are abducted. For more information, refer to the Mars Records Book one.
Page 2
In addition, Pat said that there were times when she “could swear she was dying
or having a heart attack”. Later in the sessions I also found that she had had
strong mental impressions that she had killed people. This was surprising as Pat
is a happy, kind, intelligent, ladylike woman. Since that memory did not fit into
her present life, she had wondered if she had lived another time line.
When Pat came to see me she stayed in a motel a few miles from our home. I
felt very strongly that she was going to need a portable door lock when she got
here, so we gave her one when she arrived. (It is highly recommended that
anyone who suspects that they are being interfered with by the secret
government use one of these every night, especially when traveling. We have
found that their agents are able to open all the locks and chains that are on
doors, but the portable door lock keeps them from physically walking in the door).
“The Mars Force” refers to others besides Michael Relfe (the man described in
“The Mars Records”) who discover, through undergoing clearing sessions, that
they have been transported to Mars and used as psychic soldiers.
Page 3
Definitions of Healing Therapies Used

· Deliverance : ...For more information please see the information, books and audio tapes available at
· Clearing : A technology for finding truthi by using a biofeedback meter. It works with
a person’s mind and spirit while he is conscious. Clearing removes negative emotional
charge and subconscious sabotage. It increases a person’s abilities and awareness.
· Kinesiology: A technology which improves a person’s health and wellbeing by
working on the body’s electrical systems. It is different from all other technologies in its
use of muscle testing. Muscle testing enables a kinesiologist to communicate directly
with the body’s brain, which is like a super-powerful computer.
We believe from personal experience and from researching the work of others (such as Bill Schnoebelen and Fritz Springmeier) that the mind control technologies used in these government programs are demonically inspired and contain physical, metaphysical and spiritual components. Each component must be dealt with
individually, using the three technologies of deliverance, clearing and kinesiology...
They will get a great deal of help from clearing and kinesiology but will only be able to
proceed so far. Only deliverance will remove demonic entities. Technology and
procedures will not. Deliverance clears the way for everything else. More detailed
information concerning the deliverance ministry is provided in Appendix VI.
When reading these records, please take special note of the format of the sessions as
well as the explanations of the technologies. With “The Mars Records”
( these records are unique in the field of alternative science
(UFO, Paranormal Research, New World Order Expose, Government Coverup, etc) in
that they contain the actual readings from the clearing biofeedback meter.
This biofeedback meter “truth detector” cannot be fooled. The contents of this book are
not opinions or speculation. In addition hypnosis was never used in any form.
These sessions are compelling evidence that the effects of mind control can be
reversed, and that those that use mind control can be defeated.
Page 4
Clearing is a method of discovering truth.i It is vastly more efficient than other
technologies for finding hidden truth because of its use of the following:
A) The Clearing Biofeedback Meter
The Clearing Biofeedback Meter is a simple Wheatstone Bridge2 which
measures the resistance of the body as influenced by the electric field around
it. It is fairly simple electronically. However, it is what is done with it in the
hands of an experienced Clearing Practitioner that gives it its power.
To some people the Clearing Biofeedback Meter looks like a lie-detector. But
it is in fact a 'truth detector'. It is many, many times more efficient and reliable
than a lie-detector. As you will learn, the needle on a biofeedback meter
gives a wealth of information. It does not react to the amount of sweat on the
hands of the person as some seem to think. The Clearing Biofeedback Meter
compares to existing devices as the electron microscope compares to looking
through a magnifying glass.
When a person (the 'client') contacts a memory with negative charge3, the
electric field around his body is affected and causes a reaction (a 'read') on
the meter's needle. The meter gives certain reads when the truth is being
said. If a person makes up a story, or tells a false story which he believes to
be true, the needle on the meter will read differently from when the person is
telling the truth.
2 Wheatstone Bridge: An instrument or circuit consisting of four resistors, or their equivalent, connected in
a loop, with a galvanometer* linking the junction between one pair and the other. Used to determine the
value of an unknown resistance when the other three resistances are known. (*A galvanometer is a
device for detecting or measuring small electric currents by means of mechanical effects produced by the
current to be measured).
3 Charge: Charge is a mental energy phenomenon felt by anyone who experiences something unpleasant,
dangerous or lethal. Charge is manifested by negative emotions such as anger, fear, grief, apathy or death
Page 5
B) Acknowledgements.
An acknowledgment is a word or words that lets the client know that what
they have said has been UNDERSTOOD and that THE COMMUNICATION
IS NOW COMPLETE. It puts a “full stop” on what has been said.
‘Thank you’ is a common acknowledgement. Other acknowledgements could
be ‘I understand’, ‘well done’, ‘I get it’, ‘great’. It is not WHAT you say so
much as HOW you say it.
This is an extremely powerful technique. It enables a person to finally drop
what they have been carrying. They can then see the next ‘layer of the onion’
Charge is a mental energy phenomenon felt by anyone who experiences
something unpleasant, dangerous or lethal. Charge is manifested by
negative emotions such as anger, fear, grief, apathy or death wishes.
Acknowledgments help to take emotional charge off a person. This gives
them the strength to face the truth. Also, once a story has finally been told,
acknowledgments enable the client to finally put the past behind them and
begin to change their life.
Acknowledgments also help to give a client certainty. If a person has
memories, and they are sufficiently acknowledged, eventually they will come
to realise the truth about their memories. They will realise that either (1) they
really are true or (2) they are false – and they will realise then what really
A Clearing Practitioner answers EVERY question with an acknowledgement.
And gives an acknowledgement every time the client does what they are
commanded to do.
Traditional psychology, however, never uses acknowledgements. Instead,
the psychologist answers each answer with ANOTHER question. The client
is left with hundreds of open loops. This keeps him stuck with his problems –
and keeps him coming back to the psychologist, as he hopes to finally get aTone Arm
“full stop” to his answers.
In these records, acknowledgements are not recorded. One merely assumes
that an acknowledgement was made for every answer from Pat, or for
anytime that Pat did as I told her to do.
Page 6
C) The client is fully conscious throughout the session.
There is no hypnosisv, or induced trances involved. A client is free to leave
the session whenever she wishes. The success of the session depends on
her full conscious support.
Personality change and improvement are not simply brought about by the
practitioner acknowledging the client, but also by the CLIENT acknowledging
whatever it was that she found in the depth of her mind.
Page 7
More on the Biofeedback Meter

A battery inside the meter sends a very low voltage current (9 volts) through a
wire which is attached to ordinary tin cans which the client holds in her hands.
The current interacts with the body’s electro-magnetic fields. Only two volts
actually arrive at the client.
A gross simplification of how the meter works is that the meter measures the
resistance of the body as it is influenced by the electromagnetic field around it. It
does not react to the amount of sweat on the hands of the client (as some may
When a person locates a memory with charge on it, the electric field around his
body is affected and causes a reaction which registers as an INSTANTANEOUS
needle movement on the meter. The more painful the memory, the more
resistance there will be to the client remembering what happened – and the more
resistance there will be, which will show up on the meter.
The meter measures one level below consciousness (i.e. on a pre-cognitive
level). When working with a skilled Clearing Practitioner, a client can locate a
particular event, the nature of that event, the location of that event in space and
time and the amount of force contained within it – and the meter gives feedback.
A person can recall ANYTHING, no matter how deep. However, it can be easier
to remember memories with charge. v
Volney Mathieson presented his ideas about a biofeedback meter to Ron
Hubbard, the inventor of Dianetics in 1952. A version of the meter known as the
E-Meter (Electro-psycho Meter) was later put into widespread use in Scientology
and Dianetics.
The modern Clearing Biofeedback Meter is designed to measure mental state
and changes of mental state accurately and quickly. It is a modern version of
what is known to psychologists as the psycho-galvonometer.
Reading a biofeedback meter properly takes extensive training and experience.
To start with, the Clearing Practitioner should have received a minimum of 40
hours of clearing themselves, before giving it to others.
The Clearing Practitioner must also be trained in the ability to stay ‘Present’, no
matter what the client says or does. To “Be Present” means to “Be here, Be
now, Do nothing”. Have you ever talked with someone and you knew that while
they were physically present, part of their mind and spirit was elsewhere? Or in
another time? Many people are not present for at least some of the time. They
particularly tend to not be present when they hear things which they don’t like
Page 8
hearing – either because the things being discussed are too unpleasant, or are
outside the person’s reality4. It is crucial for a successful clearing session that
the Clearing Practitioner be 100% present at ALL times.
To the beginner the needle seems like a madly wiggling wild thing. But to the
expert each needle motion allows exact conclusions regarding the client’s
attention. The meter does not tell the practitioner what picture the client sees.
But it does tell him when the client is approaching a “hot area” (an area with a lot
of charge), when he is backing off from it and when there is no charge left and no
more information to be gained from the session.
Occasionally the client has memories which he has picked up from another
source. He might have accidentally or intentionally gained false memories or
memories belonging to someone else. When this happens, the meter reads in a
different way. Therefore a good Clearing Practitioner will soon ask "Is it possible
that these are not your memories?".
The client will then realise whether or nor they are his. The truthi of his answer
will be confirmed by the meter. Further questioning soon finds the true source of
where any false memories come from. The proof of this is again indicated by
reads on the meter.
The validity of the truth of what is discovered during a session is confirmed by the
client having many changes during the session. Sudden body movements may
manifest. The client may go from feeling light and happy one minute to VERY
heavy and tired the next. And later back again to feeling light and happy. The
client may suddenly burst into tears, or shake. Often pains suddenly appear and
then disappear in various parts of the body. And each of these physical changes
is usually congruent with what has been said during the session.
The client usually makes changes for the better after a good session. Things
that are discovered by the meter, and looked at and talked about thoroughly, will
not trouble the client again. Often the client will have large positive
improvements in their happiness, wellbeing and ability to "make things go right".
If memories are hidden from us, there is a reason for this. Sometimes the
memories are too painful for a person to look at straight away.
This is one problem with hypnosis - a person is dumped into painful memories, whether they are emotionally strong enough to face them or not. In addition, hypnosis does not remove the electrical / emotional 'charge' on the memory. This can cause problems because the person now has activated memories with the charge fully intact and close to the surface – whereas 4 Reality: Agreement to what is.
For example, two people have the same reality if they both like dogs. They have different reality if one likes dogs, but the other dislikes them.
Page 9
previously the memories and charge were further away and less likely to affect
the person as often.
One of the many advantages of the biofeedback meter is that the Clearing
Practitioner asks the client ONLY about things which are reading. Anything
which does not read is either:
1. Not a problem
2. Not true
3. Too big for the client to look at, at that time. However, these things occur in
layers, like an onion. Once we take off the outside layer, the next layer is
smaller. Once a person has looked at the less painful things, they can go
back to the other issues which were originally too big to be looked at, and
they will find that they can then face them easily.
Another important aspect to getting results is that the person doing the talking
must feel totally safe. They must feel that the person they are talking to will
believe them, and not be threatened or upset by what they are saying.
Page 10
The Mind
What is the mind?
The mind is an energy field. It is partly made up of what are called ‘pictures’.
Mental image 'pictures' are often visual. But they are not always visual. Mental
image ‘pictures’ can ALSO be in the form of unwanted thoughts, emotions,
physical sensations and pains.
The mind is not the brain. The brain is a physical ‘switchboard’ between the
mind and the body.
We are not a body. We are a spirit (or soul) which lives in a body. We, (the
spirit) communicate with the mind, which communicates with the brain, which
communicates with the, ii
Where is the mind? Part of it surrounds our body. It is not all ‘in our head’. A
simple experiment will prove this. Ask someone to close their eyes. Tell them
not to open their eyes until you tell them to. Then tell them to visualize the
dashboard on their car. Ask them to let you know when they have done that.
Once they have done that, tell them to physically touch the picture of their
dashboard with their finger.
Every single person who does this touches an area IN FRONT OF THEIR BODY.
They do not try to touch their head. This shows that the pictures that form our
mind are OUTSIDE us. We look at the outside world THROUGH our mind.
This is one reason why different people view the world differently from others at
times - because their mind is full of pictures from their past, which can affect their
view of the present when the pictures are activated.
We record EVERYTHING that happens to us. Even when we are asleep or
unconscious. This has been shown many times, for example, by people
remembering in Clearing sessions what happened to them during operations and
at their birth.
The mind has different levels of activity. On a lower level people are controlled
by the pictures in their mind. They are activated by these pictures which they
experience energetically.
On a higher level is rational thinking.
But there is an even higher level than thinking. There is KNOWING. It is
much more powerful to KNOW something than to THINK it. Ultimately,
Clearing works to improve a person’s knowingness.
Page 11
The File Clerk
There is a part of each mind which has been called “the file clerk”.vii When it is
told to go and get a memory from the person’s mind, it does so if the memory is
there. If the person is told to remember their last birthday, the file clerk goes
straight to the files and gets out the last birthday. If told to remember what the
person was doing on a certain date, it will do that as well. People who have a
clearing session are usually amazed at how quickly long-forgotten memories will
resurface. They do so because the Clearing Practitioner gives precise,
carefully worded commands to the File Clerk.
The File Clerk gives answers as long as the client has the power to confront
what’s comingii. Otherwise it’s hypnosis when the person is “switched off”.
Sometimes the memories that are remembered are so unusual that the client
may doubt the truth behind his memories. In that case, all he has to do is "make
up" something that is equally strange. The "made-up" memories will not register
on the meter. Only what is TRUE will read on the meter.
The Clearing Practitioner will then get the person to look deeper at areas that are
registering on the meter, by commanding them to do so, which activates the file
clerk. This will get to the whole truth extremely quickly. The meter measures one
level below consciousness. It reacts to signals from the client that are so subtle
that they aren't perceptible to the eye.
Page 12
To “As is”: How Negative Thoughts and Emotions are Cleared
In the physical universe, two things cannot exist in the same space at the same
time. This also applies to the invisible universe of mental charge.
A memory exists as an energy in a person’s mind called a ‘picture5’. It is not the
memory that causes the problem, it is the NEGATIVE CHARGE associated with
the pictures that causes negative emotions, thoughts and behaviour.
When we get a client to remember EXACTLY what happened to him, he creates
a perfect copy of the original picture. When he creates the perfect copy this
vanishes the charge on the memory. The person then knows what happened,
but the pictures and charge which were affecting him negatively have now gone.
Ron Hubbard called this process to “as-is” something. The person looks at a
memory exactly as it is, at which moment it vanishes and ceases to exist. The
memory will remain as a gentle knowingness, but without the painful charge that
caused him problems.
You yourself have probably “as-ised” things at times without realising it. Think of
a time when you had an absolutely BRILLIANT idea. But a few moments later
you couldn’t remember what it was. No matter how much you thought, the
memory never came back. You as-ised it. After creating the first thought, you
then created another perfect copy. Two things cannot exist in the same place at
the same time – and so your thought vanished.ii, iii
5Mental image 'pictures' are often visual. But they are not always visual. Mental image ‘pictures’ can
ALSO be in the form of unwanted thoughts, emotions, physical sensations and pains.
Page 13
The Language of the Clearing Biofeedback Meter:
How To Understand the Notes from the Sessions
Tone Arm (TA)
As the current of the meter runs around the client’s body, it meets resistance.
When the client begins to remember painful past memories, the resistance of his
body increases. The needle of the meter moves to the left. In order to keep the
needle on the “set” position on the dial, the clearing practitioner has to move the
needle to the right. To do this, he turns a knob on the face of the meter
clockwise. This allows more current to flow out in order to match the increased
This knob is called the Tone Arm. It measures resistance in the following

Tone Arm (TA)     Ohms (resistance)   
2                             5,000   
3                             12,500   
4                             30-40,000   
5                             150,000   
6.5                         10,000,000   

A person who is in a happy state of being would probably have a tone arm
between 2 and 3.5. TA measures the mental tenseness of the client. TA of 5
and above is very high.
Note that TA goes up EXPONENTIALLY, not linearly. If a person gets TA of 5
and above, they will generally feel quite ‘heavy. I describe this sometimes as
feeling like a block of concrete. When the needle is between 2 and 4, when they
will generally feel light and happy.
TA is one of the two things to look out for when reading the records of the
sessions. TA is recorded as numbers throughout the sessions, in the right hand
Notice when TA goes up.
This means that mass is being pulled in. This generally means that a memory
is brought in which the client does not want to remember now. High TA can also
be caused by other things such as drugs, tiredness or pain in the body. It can
also be caused by looking at the wrong areas. Or by a person lying. Or for there
being something the person does not want to tell the Clearing Practitioner.
Page 14
Most importantly, notice when TA goes down.
Two things cannot exist in the same place at the same time. When the client
remembers what happened, he creates a perfect copy – which cannot exist in the
same place as the original memory. He “as-ises” the pictures6 in his mind.
Therefore the tension of the memory vanishes, and the person becomes less
dense. The TA then goes down.
This is why we say that he has seen the truth. Since TA and a read can occur
ONLY by creating a PERFECT copy of an event, it therefore stands to reason
that this is a TRUTHFUL copy of the event.
TA goes down when the client remembers at least part of the truth. This reduces
the charge on the incident. A drop of even 0.1 is meaningful. A sudden drop of
0.5 – 1.5 is a major realisation of the truth.
¯ This symbol beside a number in the right hand side of the right hand
column denotes when there is a sharp drop in Tone Arm.iv,vi
6 Mental image 'pictures' are often visual. But they are not always visual. Mental image ‘pictures’ can
ALSO be in the form of unwanted thoughts, emotions, physical sensations and pains.
Page 15
READS: Short Falls, Falls and Long Falls
A read is a sudden movement to the right by the needle. Depending on the size
of the movement of the needle, it is called a tick, a short fall, a fall or a long fall.
A read means a charged item was located and the charge reduced. The charge
is on the words that were said IMMEDIATELY before the needle moved. This is
called an ‘instant read'.v How does charge come about? By the client wishing to
know something and not knowing it. The harder the client wants to know and the
more difficult it is for him to find out, the more charge there will be.
Finding out and knowing brings relief. Anytime the client experiences relief there
will be a read.
In the notes a symbol for a read is placed directly opposite the last word that it
read on instantly, in the right hand column. If there is any time delay at all
between the client speaking and a read, then the symbol for the read will be
placed on the next line.v
Page 16
Floating Needle
A ‘floating needle’ occurs when the needle idly moves from side to side without
any patterns or reactions in it. It just idly floats about. This is the most difficult
needle characteristic to identify, because a series of falls could look like a floating
A floating needle occurs when a major amount of mental mass has been erased.
It means that there are no more painful or stressful memories, at least for a short
while before the next lot of memories come in.
During a session, a floating needle may occur for only a second or two.
Hopefully the session will end with a big floating needle. A big floating needle
which lasts for a longer period of time indicates that all of the stress from the
painful memory has been removed. It also indicates that all items of truth which
are important to the client have been uncovered and talked about.
If the session does not end with a floating needle, then another session at a later
date should remove the remainder of the charge.
Because a floating needle can be hard to identify, the best way to confirm it is to
look at the client. If he is bright, light and happy, then that is a floating needle. If
he is still tense, tired, sad or generally exhibiting negative characteristics then it is
probably not a floating needle, but a series of falls and long falls.
A floating needle is identified in the notes as “F/N”.v
Page 17
‘Yes’ and ‘No’
The language of the biofeedback meter is simple. If you ask a question and get
a read (that is, any type of fall) that means ‘yes’ to the question.
If you get no read that may mean no or it may mean yes.
If the client answers ‘yes’ to a question and the needle reads on ‘yes’ then that
verifies that the answer is yes.
If the client answers ‘no’ to a question, and the needle reads on ‘no’ then that
verifies that the answer is no
The read confirms the practitioner’s question or the client’s statements as true.
Why? Because two things cannot exist in the same place at the same time. We
have seen something exactly as it is, even if only in part. Truth is the exact
consideration: the exact time, place, form and event.i Once the client creates the
exact duplicate of what happened, charge is released.
(Lying or creating a false truth would only ADD to the charge that is there. This
would stop the needle from reading and cause TA to go up). v
Page 18
Rock Slam
R/S Denotes a rock slam
A Rock Slam occurs when the needle has a wild, erratic movement. It is quite
amazing to see when it happens. The needle will take on a life of its own. This
happens when either (1) there is a faulty connection in the wires or (2) there is an
“evil purpose”. ‘Evil’ means destructive and / or negatively controlling. The evil
purpose could belong to the client, or to anyone or anything in the
I had been told that Rock Slams were quite rare but they were encountered not
infrequently during these sessions.
Page 19
Underlined v. not underlined words
Words that are not underlined were said by the client – in this case, Pat.
Words that are underlined were said by the practitioner – in this case, Stephanie
Other Abbreviations
C/L Denotes a communication lag.
This occurs when the client does not say anything for a period of time. He
is in ‘lag’ with regards to an answer to the question.
VGI Denotes “Very good indicators” meaning that the client is bright, light and
happy looking.
X An ‘X’ is sometimes written when there is NO read. This is usually written
about an answer to a question, to record that there was in fact no read on
the answer to the question. In this case, we do not know whether or not
the answer was true, but suspect that it may not be absolutely true.
Page 20
A summary of symbols used

Symbol Stands For Description
Tk Tick The smallest needle movement of all. Barely discernible.
SF Small Fall The needle moves 0.6 to 1.5 cm to the right
F Fall  The needle moves 1.5 to 3 cm to the right
LF Long Fall The needle moves 3 to 4.5 cm to the right
Sudden drop in Tone Arm The most significant read is when there is a Long Fall at the same time that there is a sharpdrop in Tone Arm. This is denoted by the symbol ↓ beside the tone arm number.
C/L Communication Lag The client has stopped talking before he has fully answered the question or completed the command given by the clearing practitioner.
F/N Floating Needle  Means that there are no more painful or stressful memories activated, at least at this moment.
R/S Rock Slam Indicates the presence of an evil purpose
VGI Very Good Indicators The client is looking bright, light and happy 
X No read  The needle did not move at the instant end of  the question or statement.
Numbers Tone Arm See chapter on Tone Arm (TA)

Unless otherwise stated, the meter sensitivity was set at eight (8)
Not every word is written here. Sometimes I wrote down just a few words to
abbreviate what was going on. However, as much as possible, whenever what
was said was reading or affecting TA or body movements, every word is
Page 21
At the beginning of each session the amount of energy that the person has is
measured. This is done by asking the person to take a deep breath and then let
it out quickly. The needle will then fall a certain distance to the right, unless they
have no reserves of energy when it will not fall at all.v
The distance that the needle falls is recorded as “metabolism”. The basic rule is
that a session can only be successful if the needle falls at least one inch to the
right after the person lets their breath out. This is because doing a session
requires quite a lot of energy on the behalf of the client, as well as the Clearing
Lack of metabolism is usually caused by lack of sleep or food.
A session can be run successfully only if the client is not under the effect of
alcohol or psycho-active drugs, (ie. Anything more powerful than aspirin).
The general rule is that alcohol should not be consumed 24 hours before a
session and drugs not taken seven days before a session.
Page 22
Repeating Technique
Our ideal state is to know everything.
The possibility of this can be better understood by reading “The Holographic
Universe” (by Michael Talbot). In this book Talbot uses a hologram as a model
with which to explain reality.
However, most of us don’t know everything. At times we feel that we “don’t
know”. Often the reason why we “don’t know” is because we are being affected
by things in our past which are still in our mind.
During a session, when someone says anything which denies that they know
everything that happened in the incident being looked at, the clearing practitioner
can get them to repeat what they just said. For example, if the client says “I don’t
know”, “I can’t see anything” or “I can’t remember”, they will to be told to repeat
that exact sentence. (“I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know, etc.)
Usually, once the client has repeated this statement several times, the underlying
truth will surface and they WILL be able to know, see and remember. This is
because they as-ised at least part of the reason why they “didn’t know” when
repeating this statement.vii
Page 23
The Clearing Practitioner's Code of Ethics
The session will work only to the extent that the client feels that they are safe
with the Clearing Practitioner. Therefore, a “Code of Ethics” was devised which
has been found to be essential for successful sessions.iv
1. I agree not to evaluate a client, by word or thought. That is, I agree not to
judge a client or to tell them what I think is the truth. I agree to simply
question them according to how the meter is reading and to lead them to
make their own discoveries.
2. I agree not to invalidate a client by word or thought, no matter what is
discovered in a session. That is, I agree not do anything that would put the
client down in any way whatsoever.
3. I agree to keep all appointments once made. This is because once the
appointment is made memories can begin to get stirred up, getting ready to
be handed over in the session.
4. I agree not to work with a client later than 10 pm, unless an important action
needs to be completed. I agree not to work with a client who is physically
tired or has not had a meal before the session. This is because a session
requires a considerable amount of energy on the part of the client as well as
of the Clearing Practitioner.
5. I agree not to work with a client who has consumed alcohol within the last 24
hours, or drugs within the last week.
6. I agree not to sympathise with a client but to be effective and help them to be
the very best they can be.
7. I agree to never get angry with a client.
8. I agree not to let a client end the session, no matter what may come up, but to
complete what I have begun.
9. I agree to hold a safe space for the client during the session, and to be a safe
person for the client to contact at any time in the future.
10. I agree to have no sexual relationship with a client.
11. I agree to maintain ABSOLUTE CONFIDENTIALITY of the data revealed in
the session.7
7 This agreement was not broken in these sessions. It was the client herself who requested that I write up
and later publish the sessions.
Page 24
The sessions in these records were even more successful than a normal
Clearing Session because they included the use of Wholistic Kinesiology on
Kinesiology is a new technology which works directly on the body. It was
developed by doctors, chiropractors and acupuncturists in the U.S.A. One of the
most important people in this development was George Goodheart. They pooled
their knowledge and added it to Chinese medicine to develop a technology which
is amazingly efficient at balancing the body energetically so that it can return to
excellent health, energy and emotional strength.viii
Wholistic Kinesiology incorporates much of the best of different schools of
kinesiology including Touch for Healthix, Applied Kinesiology and Educational
Kinesiology. It also includes new discoveries and newly developed corrections
such as the Wernicke’s Correction (described later in these notes).
Kinesiology differs from all other methods of healing by its use of muscle
The basis of muscle testing is that the body is like an electrical piece of
equipment, which is controlled by an incredibly complex computer, namely the
brain. The brain is continually in communication with each of the 639 muscles in
the body.
If a muscle is electrically in balance, it is possible to measure a constant
electrical signal from the brain to that muscle and back again, much the same as
two faxes 'talking' to each other.


Page 25
However, when the body is overstressed (through a chemical, emotional,
structural or electrical cause), the electrical signals in one or more muscles go
weak. It is like a fuse in your fusebox blowing. The body figures that it is better
to blow a fuse than the whole thing.
This is the basis of muscle testing. For example, if a person has a particular
muscle in their arm 'out of balance' (as we say), then they will not be able to hold
their arm in a certain position when the kinesiologist applies pressure to it.
This is particularly significant when you realise that many different parts of the
body are in communication with many other parts of the body. That is,
Muscles (communicate with) muscles
Muscles (communicate with) organs
Organs (communicate with) muscles
Organs (communicate with) organs
In the above example, the muscle itself may have been weakened. However, if it
is the particular muscle that communicates with the stomach the muscle may be
weak because the stomach is out of balance. In another example, a person may
have a weak bladder because their bladder is out of balance. However, the
bladder communicates with the ankle muscles and therefore a weak bladder may
have been caused by weak ankle muscles. It is virtually impossible to completely
heal the body without taking the whole picture into account.
Once the weakness is located through muscle testing, the kinesiologist then
'talks' to the body. For example, by use of muscle testing the kinesiologist can
ask the body any number of questions.
For example, what caused this muscle to go out of balance? If it was a chemical
he can ask the body what specific food or other substance caused the body to go
out of balance. If it was a deficiency, he can find out what food will re-strengthen
the body.
A kinesiologist can also “balance out” a negative substance. This is a correction
which enables the brain to energetically correct harm done to the body by a
harmful substance.
If you wish to learn kinesiology, please visit and/or email for information on her training video.
Page 26
Emotional Stress Release
If an imbalance is caused by a negative emotion, a kinesiologist can find out
what specific emotion is involved. It is important to realise that emotions
(“energy in motion”) can be stored in the mind, but they can ALSO be stored in
the body.
· Clearing removes negative emotions from the mind.
· Kinesiology removes negative emotions from the body.
A kinesiologist who locates an emotion or incident stored in the body can use
muscle testing to find out any number of things, including WHEN it happened,
and WHO was involved. It is crucial that the kinesiologist have a totally open
mind when doing this.
Once the emotion is located, the kinesiologist can then do an extremely simple
form of emotional stress relief.
He/she lightly places a few fingers on the other person's forehead, while the
person 'looks at a video' of the emotion. When we are under stress, blood goes
to the back of our brain (where the past is). But when a hand is placed on the
forehead, blood moves to the front of the brain (which unfortunately most of us
use only 5% of the time) where new choice is located. Within a very short period
of time (often a few minutes) the person will be a lot less emotional about the
particular incident, and therefore a lot less affected by it.
If you find at any time after reading these notes you experience negative
emotions, it may be that something in the book has restimulated something in
your own mind.
It would be a good idea for you to do Emotional Stress Release to yourself
– put a hand on your forehead and close your eyes, while you look over (in
your mind) what you have been reading, or doing that day.
Page 27
'The Wernicke’s Correction'
Removing sabotaging commands from the Wernicke's area of the Brain, using
The mind is an energy field. Clearing removes charge from the mind. But
clearing does not necessarily remove negativity from the brain. The brain is a
physical ‘switchboard’ between the mind and the body.
Research has shown that words are stored in a specific area on the left side of
the brain. What is not so well known is that there is an equivalent area in the right
half of the brain which is also involved with language. Both these areas are called
the Wernicke's area.
According to Professor Julian Jaynes, lecturer in Psychology at Princeton
University, up until around 3,000 years ago, mankind was basically not conscious
as he is today. He did not think in terms of concepts, and he was not
introspective (i.e. he did not 'turn inwards and think about himself).
Instead he operated with what is called a "bicameral mind". The bicameral mind
was man's mind before he developed self consciousness. Early man did not
make any decisions on his own. The concept of "self", of being independent and
self-reliant, did not exist.
Whenever a decision had to be made, early man looked for a "sign" from an
outside authority, such as a king or a god, to tell him what to do. For example, if
he went along a road which divided into two roads, he might throw some stones
into the air to see which way they fell, to tell him which road to take.
Other signs that early man used to determine what action he should take when
he was faced with a decision were often "voices" which he heard in his head and
which brought immediate obedience.
Experiments have shown that if the Wernicke's area in the left half of the brain is
electrically stimulated during speech, it will interfere with the ability to talk
properly, almost halting speech.
The same type of stimulation to the Wernicke's area in the right brain, however,
causes a person to hear "voices" or "commands". These are usually of an
authoritarian or dictatorial nature, and can be identified as the voice of one who
was feared, admired or "looked up to" by the person being stimulated. We call
these commands “Wernicke’s commands”, because they are commands stored
in the Wernicke’s area of the brain.
Page 28
The two Wernicke's areas are connected to each other by a thin bridge of tissue.
This is where the term "bicameral mind" comes from. It seems that the "voices of
the gods" were in fact internal dialogue coming from the right half of the brain.
If mankind was to become civilised, this simple mind had to greatly improve and
consciousness had to develop. However, the bicameral tendency is still present
today! It is the bicameral mind, the right side of the Wernicke's area, which we
"hear" when we hear those little words of self-invalidation and sabotage.
The 'authorities' who might have put commands into this mind are no longer
"gods" - they are anyone that we might have looked up to at some time. These
can include parents, teachers, peers, politicians, and doctors.
Have you have ever been told to "grow up", "shut up", "eat up", "forget that" or
"give up"? Have you ever been told "you're mad", you're bad", "you're stupid" or
"you'll never make it"?
If somebody you thought was powerful said "you're too fat", "you'll never
change", "you'll forget", "you're a slow learner", "eat ALL your food", you're not
good enough", "strong enough", "pretty enough", "clever enough" "you'll go to
hell" etc. etc. then they may have made an 'entry' in your right Wernicke's
area, an implanted command, which is still influencing you to this day!
When people do any work or therapy to get rid of negative beliefs, the beliefs
they try to get rid of things are usually worded as "I …" eg. "I'm not good enough"
or "I'm too fat". But "find the truth, and it will set you free". These beliefs are not
filed in the brain (which is like a super powerful computer) under an "I"
point of view. The commands are entered as said by another person, as if the
person is right there, talking to you! For example, the belief may be “I’m no
good” but the original command (which is stored in the brain) was “You’re no
Normal kinesiology has a correction called a Goal Balance which is designed to
get rid of negative beliefs. However, it often does not seem to work.
However, in 1996 Australian kinesiologist David Bridgman made an
astounding discovery. He realised how to remove negative beliefs from the
The key to removing these beliefs is that they are stored in the brain as though
another person said them e.g. "You won't remember". The brain then tries to
make sense of a command and translates it, for example, as "I won't remember".
This command then interferes with the person. To get rid of the command you
must find the EXACT wording of the command, which in this case is "You won't
Page 29
This specific kinesiology procedure enables a person to REMOVE the
sabotaging commands from the brain. Instant improvement is generally noted in
the person who has done this.
These commands can be put in our brain either unintentionally (as by our
parents) or intentionally (as by the mind controllers).
These commands are hidden in the brain a bit like the way that 'drop down
menus' are hidden on the computer screen. Sometimes you can't see the menus,
but they are still there. When you do the correct kinesiology procedure, the
sabotaging commands "drop down" and then you can delete them. But they do
not all appear at once. It can take a number of sessions to get rid of them.
This is a simple, revolutionary and very powerful procedure.
The key to doing these corrections successfully is to get the EXACT wording.
Generally, throughout these sessions it would take up to seven attempts each
time to get the precise wording. Mostly the correct wording would be found after
two or three attempts. Throughout these sessions, I did not record our incorrect
attempts to find the commands. Only the successful attempts were recorded.
If you know how to muscle test and would like to know how to do the correction,
please see or the
appendices in ‘The Mars Records’ or email for information on a video teaching this technique.
Page 30
Session 1: Violent Reaction
Sunday September 23 2001
Michael and I picked Pat up at the bus station. Although she had come a long
way, I felt that I should give her a short kinesiology session that evening. The
session was done in my home. It was lucky that God was looking after us and
made sure that the first session was on a Sunday, because Michael was at home
and he was definitely needed!. Pat lay on the massage table but almost as soon
as I started to muscle test her I got a violent reaction. After doing sessions on
hundreds of different people, I had never seen anything like this.
She was blocked, which is not unusual. What was unusual was that as soon as I
tried to unblock her she began to scream. Plus her left arm started moving in
circles all by itself. It would start at her side and then move in a jerky movement
across her body. Then move back to her left side and then start off again. I felt
that it was her body reliving a time when it was pulling against restraints. Pat
thought it might have been her deflecting energy, possibly in some way
connected to the “alters8” that we later discovered she had.
I called in Michael to help me and it was only through the deliverance that he did,
with the help of Jesus Christ, that I was able to continue at all. The first session
was quite frenetic and I did not take many notes, although it was taped and we
were able to later on hear again the screams that suddenly came out of Pat’s
mouth – a lady who until then had appeared very gentle, soft spoken and
I got that she had metaphysical alien circuitry on her and began to remove it,
while Michael was praying for her. She also seemed to have metaphysical
implants in her which I removed as best I could.
Her central nervous system, small intestine, and spleen were out of balance (as
they are in many people). Her Psoas muscle, which relates to the kidney, was
also out of balance, but I was not able to rebalance it until I removed a wernicke’s
command which was:
· “Don’t remember this”
As soon as we got this wernicke’s command, we again got a very big reaction
from Pat. More gasps, body jerks etc. Michael had to do tons of deliverance. As
he did this, pains began to manifest and disappear in different parts of Pat’s
body. At one time she even starteg gagging and threw up a small amount.
8 Alter: A split personality, generally one that has been created artificially by mind control.
Page 31
I was not able to complete a full 14 muscle balance on her, even after one hour.
Normally this would take me only about ten minutes. Pat needed sleep and we
decided that enough had been done so I drove her back to her motel.
On the way back in the car something very odd happened. While stopped at a
light I remembered that I hadn’t asked her to do something that I normally do at
the end of a session. In order to help people to get present after a session, and
to fill in any ‘holes’ in their space that may have been created by clearing stuff
away, I get the person to name things that they can see around them out loud.
I asked Pat to do this. She was doing it quite slowly, when suddenly she went
into a trance. It was very eerie. She sat as stiff as a statue beside me in the car.
She didn’t answer anything I said. Her eyes were open. I didn’t know what to
do, and said I was taking her back to Michael, when suddenly she snapped out of
it. She said that this had happened to her before. She was able to hear
everything I said, but wasn’t able to move or speak.
Page 32
Session 2: A Reptilian Attacks Pat’s Heart
Monday September 24 2001
Because of what happened yesterday, we didn’t do a session until the evening
when Michael was able to be in the house in case he was needed again. He was
for part of the session, although it was not anywhere near as bad as yesterday.
Pat was in balance, so yesterday’s work had done something. With her eyes
open, her gaits and cloacals were out of balance.
I then tested her with eyes shut. Her hyoid and cloacals were out of balance with
her eyes shut. Muscle testing indicated the cause of this was an emotion “withholding
at 34 years old, related to a grey alien abduction). When we got to this
part in the session, her left arm started to move again in the same weird way.
Pat began to get pictures of restraints, as though her arm was trying to pull away
from something. I was getting the same pictures/idea as Pat, although I didn’t tell
her this. I had to remove some wernicke’s commands. These were:
1. “It’s useless to try” (from a reptilian scientist)
2. “Don’t even think about it” (from a grey)
3. “You’ll die if you remember this” (reptilian)
4. “Have a heart attack if you remember this” (grey) – note that she had
previously had many fears of having a heart attack
5. “Have a stroke if you remember this” (reptilian)
6. “Kill yourself if you remember” (government – MK Ultra)
7. “Kill whoever helps you remember”
8. “Kill whoever helps you to remember” (Since commands No. 7 and No. 8
were basically the same, it was interesting that they put basically the same
command in twice. To find a wernicke’s command, every single word
must be found EXACTLY. Presumably this was to make extra sure that
the command sunk in).
Page 33
At this stage, we both got that a remote viewer appeared and was putting hooks
into Pat. They started attacking her heart. We prayed it off. Then a reptilian
appeared in spirit. He wouldn’t go no matter what any of the three of us did. I
tried to command him to leave. I got angry. No response. Then I had a brilliant
idea. I gave him a great, big, very loving hug. He took off on the instant. As
soon as this happened, the pain that had appeared in Pat’s heart stopped. I
continued removing wernicke’s commands.
9. “Don’t tell anyone about this”
10. “You will die if you remember this”
11. “Stab to death the person who helps you remember this”
When I was driving Pat home I asked her to name things again in the car. The
same thing happened as last time – she went into what looked like a trance. This
time I just kept driving. She snapped out of it by the time we got to her motel.
Page 34
Session 3: Interview
25th September 2001
Summary: I first gave her a kinesiology balance. She was mostly in balance.
Her spleen was out of balance. Muscle testing indicated the cause was “hostility”
at 18 years old. When we did this she had images of seeing a meteorite.
As is done with all new clients, an interview was done to find out which areas
were the ‘hot items’ to be looked at first, and to see if there were any areas that
could cause a problem with the sessions.

Metabolism                              .8” 5.4 Note high TA.
(Questions to check Pat has had
enough food, sleep etc.)

The weird thing in all of Pat’s sessions was that the meter never showed that she had enough
metabolism to run a session. I don’t think she ever gave me a full 1” movement of the needle after taking a breath, which is what I was taught
is required. But since she had come such a long way, and looked in good shape, we pushed on. The sessions always worked out fine.
Start of Session 4.9
Is someone interfering with this

This is not a standard question to ask someone at the start of a session! But I felt that we DID have someone interfering, and felt that I needed to ask this question.

Say ‘hello’ to it till it answers
(She does so)

What species is it?

Note that we don’t get a read on this. It can be quite hard with a new client to work out what’s going on, since they are not yet used to how this
Ask it what is it’s purpose? SF 4.8
(Notes unclear here. I read him his
rights. He has the right of every
spirit to his own self determinism,
to his own sanity, to play any game
and to leave any game.

He decides to leave the game F 4.7
From 0-10, overall, how are you
doing in life?


(We start to run through questions
about family. I get no reads so I
ask again)
Is anyone interfering with this
SF Note the read

Page 35

Yes SF Note the read
Locate where they are

Not here.

In a control room SF 4.0 Note the read and drop in TA
In a building SF
What planet?





Washington SF 3.9 Note the read
Pray to break off the control line SF
(Sensitivity of meter increased from 8 to 10)

I still feel a connection

Is it the same one?

No. It’s nearby. Implant
(metaphysical implant)

Say ‘hello’ to the implant.

(We read the implant it’s rights.
Then ask it what it now wants to


Tell it it’s free to go. 4.0
(We do the same for another
implant in the heart)
Is there anything else interfering?

(We then looked at her past, her
family, relationships etc. Then I
asked her the following questions
which are standard questions in
the initial interview:)

What spiritual, mental or growth
work have you done?

Polarity therapy

What else?

Things I’ve started and not finished. 4.3
I feel uncomfortable with that
LF 4.1 Note the big read – the biggest so far, and the sudden drop in TA
I get one word – training F Note the read
Have you ever had an out of body experience?

Yes F
Do you ever feel like you are somebody else?

There’s another ‘me’.

How many of you are there?

Three F Note the read
I feel compartmentalized F Note the read
It has something to do with (a Military Cadet Program) when I was in Junior High School. I’m attracted to uniforms. (Because we had already had a
chance to talk with Pat earlier, I had made a few notes of some areas that I felt might be worth looking at. I asked her about these):

Page 36

Tell me about the battleship

I don’t remember

Tell me about visiting the house of the CEO

t was an open house. I was by
the staircase
SF Note the read – interesting – why should standing by a staircase have charge on it?
Tell me about the rectangles that appeared on your arm

I noticed them one day. One was perfectly shaped F Pat said more about this after the session: “They appeared two separate times, on different days,
both on my left arm. Just the top layer of skin was gone and they were a perfect rectangle 1/4” x 1/8”. They appeared during the time I was
actively intestigating UFOs. I don’t recall which years”.
(We ran through a few more
questions, then:)

Are you running your own life?

No SF Note the read, and the answer to this question
Who is?

Them. SF
The government           3.6
The first thing F Note the reads
that came into my mind when you said that was MK Ultra SF
Another one I’ve not heard of
before – “Cover memories” 
F Note the reads
(After a few more questions:) Do you have any losses not

Freedom F
My mind F Note the reads
(We then ran through a few more
questions and finished the

Page 37
Session 4: Remote Viewers Interfere
26th September 2001
Summary: We start to look at an incident related to a certain Military Cadet
Program and visiting a famous CEO’s house. We are continually interrupted by a
remote viewer who wants to stop Pat from remembering.

table 37

table 38

Page 39

table 39

Page 40

table 40

Page 41
table 41

Page 42
table 42

Page 43
We stopped and did kinesiology. I looked for wernicke’s commands that were
blocking the session. As so often happened when I worked on Michael, there
were ten commands. Some of these were the same that Michael has had. I
guess there are only so many ways you can say “you won’t remember this”.
1. “You won’t remember this”
2. “If you remember you will feel pain”
3. “Forget everything that you have seen”
4. “This didn’t happen”
5. “You can’t remember this”
6. “This is just your imagination”
7. “You remember nothing about this”
8. “This is all a dream”
9. “Forget all about this”
10. “You weren’t here”
Page 44
Session 5: Testing members at a famous CEO’s House
27th September 2001
Testing Pat with kinesiology, she was in balance today.
Pat’s Military Cadet Unit is used to guard different areas of an important CEO’s
very large house during an ‘Open House’ when she is 14 years old. Pat is
stationed on her own in an area where there are no people. Because she is a
new cadet she is taken for testing. They give her a stimulant to activate parts of
her brain to test for psychic abilities. Pat’s test takes so well that a wall of glass
that is part of the testing equipment is broken. She is then given a drug and
hypnosis to forget that the incident happened.

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This session went very well. I decided that we had completed this incident, since
we ended with the three things you need to end an incident:
1. Very good indicators (client looking bright and happy)
2. Floating Needle
3. Realisations
We looked and found three wernicke’s commands that needed removing.
Two were normal ones. One seemed related to the session:
· “You are not psychic” (not recorded who this was from)
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Session 6: Mind Control on a Decommissioned Naval Ship
28th September 2001
Pat woke up feeling terrible, exhausted and sore all over. Each night when I had
dropped her off I had reminded her to lock herself in with the portable door lock.
For some reason I did not do so last night. (Was my mind blocked? I think so.).
There was another motel with rooms facing the same wall of motel rooms that
Pat was staying in. Her door faced a verandah on the outside of the building).
Last night Pat did not lock herself in. She remembered that she was about to do
so when she was given a thought-command “Don’t do it”, and she followed this
I gave her a balance. Sure enough, she was way out of balance again. Her
central nervous system was out of balance. Muscle testing indicated the cause
was hypnotism. Her cloacals were out of balance. Muscle testing indicated this
was because she was interfered with last night. In addition her spleen was out of
Summary of session:
First we look at Pat being abducted last night after she was mentally coerced into
leaving the portable door lock off the door.
Then we move onto another incident. Pat goes with ten young people on a
Military Cadet outing to stay a couple of days and nights on a decommissioned
ship – a battleship, or destroyer or frigate. During the session Pat called it a
battleship but later she said it might have been another any kind of naval ship.
She is put in a berth with a girl she doesn’t know. At midnight Pat is taken in her
pyjamas to a room where she is restrained in a chair, and told to look at lights
which program three compartmentalized personalities in her.
We also remove wernicke’s commands designed to have Pat kill herself and
others should these memories surface.

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Session 7: Transported to Mars
29th September 2001
Summary: We look further at the incident on the battleship. Pat is moved to
another area which she feels is Mars, although all she can see is a tunnel. A
woman in uniform decided to “keep her”.
We also remove many booby traps which were designed to kill her and others
should memories of Mars surface.

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We had one last look for any more wernicke’s commands, especially booby
traps. There were more, eight this time:
1. “Your heart will stop if you remember this”
2. “Your organs will shut down if you remember this”
3. “All your systems will fail if you remember this”
4. “Your heart stops beating if you remember Mars”
5. “Do not look at these commands”
6. “There is nothing to remember”
7. “You have respiratory failure if you remember”
8. “You are ours” (this was from a reptilian doctor)

Pat phoned me soon after I dropped her off at her motel. This time I followed her
up to her room, and didn’t leave her room until she had locked herself in with the
portable door lock. Walking back down the stairs I felt (imagined?) people
watching me from the opposite motel.
When Pat got to her room, there was a message waiting for her on the phone.
The message said:
“Hello Patti! This is Susan from Home Realty, calling because you called and
made an appointment to look at some rental property”. She left a phone number
but Pat didn’t write it down.
This was about as weird as it gets. Note:
· Pat was many hundreds of miles from home, and was certainly not looking
for any property anywhere
· Only her family had the phone number of the motel
· Patti was the name that Pat had when she was a young girl.
· Susan was the name of the girl on the battleship
Pat left the next day. We gave her a lift to the bus station. She told us that later
that night she tried to phone us, but was told that our phone was out of order. In
fact, it wasn’t. We got other calls that night. And that night Pat received a call
from home in her motel room.
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We were a bit concerned about Pat getting home, but we asked God to look after
her and reminded her to be on the look-out. She promised that she would stay
alert to any possible trouble as she boarded the bus in Norfolk.
Pat called us soon after arriving home to relate what had occurred during the trip.
She told us that she picked up intense psychic vibes on the way to the
Washington D.C. bus terminal, which made her feel extremely uncomforatable,
sinc she had to change buses there. The terminal was so packed with people
that she had to shove her way thorugh just to find the waiting line for the next
New York City bus. When she got in line, two men in front of her immediately
turned and started talking to her. Even though they were very friendly, her inner
alarm went off, and she became suspicious of their intentions. They were being
too friendly, too quickly. It seemed like they were trying to make her relax and let
her guard down. Pat tensed instead, remembering the words of a co-UFO
investigator: “Don’t seek safety in a crowd. They can take you very easily in that
situation. They’ll surround you with their agents, move in, sedate you, and whisk
you out of the area without anyone else noticing because there’s just too many
people around to actually see what’s happening”.
Although Pat wasn’t absolutely sure this was such an attempt, she listened to her
intuition and knew she needed to get out of the situation. At that moment,
another bus, traveling an alternative route to her home was announced over the
loudspeaker, and she herd “Go that way” in her mind. Pat didn’t question
whether the thought was her own decision or inner guidance, she just acted on
the advice without any hesitation.
She hurried over to the departure door and gave her ticket to the driver. He
looked at it and said, “You’re supposed to be on the New York bus.” Pat nodded
but made no attempt to leave, waiting instead with a silent prayer on her lips.
The driver stared at the ticket as if considering something – or was he listening to
inner or divine guidance? – then he tore the New York and Scranton tickets off
and told her to get on the bus. With a sigh of relief, Pat boarded the bus, and
thanked God for getting her safely away from the terminal. She felt that she had
definitely escaped something.
The driver turned out to be “God-lovin’, America-lovin’ “ man. Everything went
fine until a replacement driver took over later on and did a head count. He was
supposed to have twenty people, but he counted twenty-one!
Page 67
Pat kept quiet. She had made it this far, and she trusted God to get her the rest
of the way. The original driver suddenly announced that he would recheck the
tickets for the new driver. “I’ll start at the back,” he stated, knowing that Pat was
sitting at the front. Halfway through the recheck, he quit and said, “You’re behind
schedule. Check them at your next stop.” Then he gathered his belongings and
left the bus. Pat watched him disappear into the terminal and sent him a
heartfelt, whispered, “Thank you!”
Between that stop and the next, Pat kept working out what she would say to the
new driver when he found out that she was #21. She wasn’t nervous, though. It
was as if someone were sitting next to her in the empty seat and constantly
assuring her that “It will be all right.” When her ticket was finally checked, the
bus driver returned it to her without a word! Pat said another “Thank you” to her
heavenly protector. There wasn’t anymore said about the mysterious extra
passenger, and Pat made it home.

After Pat returned home she phoned us, and said she could hear clicking on our
phone. A few days both Pat and we had a LOT of static on our phones. This
continued to us the whole time we were in Norfolk. The static stopped
immediately we moved to another state.
Page 68
A Personal Letter from Pat
Dear Reader:
Thank you for downloading and reading, "The Mars Force: Pat's Story."
When I first went to see Michael and Stephanie, I had no idea that I had been on
Mars. In fact, it was when she requested that I say something that couldn't
possibly be true that I blurted out, "I am on Mars and fighting the aliens in the
ships," thinking that it would demonstrate the needle motion that indicated a false
read. (She was attempting to show me the difference between a true and false
statement in answer to a question I had asked.) Stephanie stared at the
biofeedback meter and said, "Say something that couldn't possibly be true." My
eyes widened and my mouth fell open when I realized that she was implying that
the statement I had just made had read true on the meter. I suspected that I had
been abducted and programmed, but I never fathomed the depth of involvement
that I had with the shadow government's covert, off-world operations.
What I learned during the sessions amazed me, but I also found it hard to
believe. What made it difficult to dismiss, however, was the fact that it explained
the inner me so well. For example:
I feel safe wearing sunglasses. During the years I saw a psychotherapist
because of problems with altered states, I would wear sunglasses in the
sessions. It was considered a major breakthrough the day the doctor got me to
take off my glasses; but, even though I removed them, I felt totally vulnerable and
open to attack without them. In the sessions with Stephanie, I found out that I
had been forced to look at lights (sunglasses?), and when I tried to avert my
gaze or turn away, my head was yanked back and restrained. My eyes were
forced open if I tried to close them, and I was unable to prevent this because my
wrists were strapped down. I felt totally vulnerable and open to attack. This also
explains my aversion to anyone touching my face, eyes, or near my eyes. When
Stephanie was removing Wernicke commands, she had to touch all around my
eyes. I allowed it, but tensed inside each time she did it. As the sessions
progressed, it became less traumatic when she touched that area. Of course, I
completely trusted her and that helped.
I am terrified of being restrained. If someone grabbed my wrists and refused to
let go, I would do to get free, including begging, cursing, threatening,
screaming, and hurting the person who is doing the holding. The longer my
wrists are held, the more my rational thought vanishes, and I begin to function on
a primal level. In the sessions with Stephanie, I discovered that I had been
restrained by military doctors many times while I was given drugs, tested, and
programmed. Since I didn't come from a family who habitually tied me to a chair
Page 69
when I misbehaved as a child, there is no other explanation, in my mind, for my
intense fear of restraint, except what surfaced in the sessions.
I have constant mental impressions of being a psychic soldier. I always thought it
was just my imagination, but now I'm not so quick to explain it in those terms.
Why are the images so frequent, and why is the conviction so strong? I
remember the night I watched the movie, "Conspiracy Theory." When Jerry
(played by Mel Gibson) was abducted, restrained in the chair, drugged, and
questioned, I suddenly started hyper-ventilating and shivering. Why did that
scene cause such a severe reaction in me? Having an imagination isn't
traumatic, but having actually experienced what he was portraying is! I also have
impressions of having killed people. It confused me because I'm a gentle person,
who highly respects another's right to life, or so I thought. I realize that none of
this is part of the 'here and now' me, but stems from my alters which were
created by the shadow government. My psychic alter is very powerful and
deadly. I found that out, quite by chance, in February, 2002.
I decided to try a mental exercise from the book, "The Silva Mind Control
Method." It consisted of counting backwards while looking upward behind my
closed eyelids at a 20-degree angle. For some reason, this position of the eyes
automatically produces an Alpha state in the brain. (I find it interesting that the
posters and pictures of Harry Potter depict him with this eye position. Does the
shadow government want today's children to be in Alpha most of the time?
*Parents, please take note and take action.) The natural Alpha state produced by
this eye position can be deepened to reach Lower Level Alpha by counting
backwards from 100 to 1. I already knew how easily I slipped into an altered
state, so I shortened the exercise by 75 and counted backwards from 25 to 1. I
did this once a day for three days, and each time, I felt myself go deeper. On the
fourth day, something happened. I started my mental count as usual, but I only
reached 12 when a massive surge of energy swept through my body. I had never
felt such a powerful current of energy before. At the same instant, my mind
opened to me like the pages of a book. I connected to my psychic alter and my
killer alter. I 'saw' some of the psychic terminations that I had done, and I
experienced the unemotional ruthlessness that was my 'mind set' when I
completed them. This connection lasted only about 20 seconds, but it left me
gasping afterwards. I remembered everything because it had been triggered by
the exercise, not by the shadow government. This incident has totally convinced
me that my psychic alter and killer alter do exist; logically, if these parts of me
exist, then the other parts must exist as well. If the other parts exist, then,
logically, something had to have happened to me to create them.
Page 70
I was only 14 when I joined the military cadet program and all of this started. I'm
not saying that every cadet program is involved (although it is possible the cadet
program concept was the creation of the shadow government to begin with - a
good way to get to our nation's youth for military mind control and programming.)
The reason that I wrote this letter to you was to outline some of the signs and
symptoms that these experiences left me with, so you will be able to recognize
the same ones in your child if your son or daughter is a member of a cadet
program. If they demonstrate any of the behavior or mental impressions that I
have detailed in this letter, please take them out of the cadet program and get
help for them.
I have withheld the name of the famous C.E.O. and the cadet program for my
own safety. If anything happens to me, I have instructed Michael and Stephanie
to publish the name of the C.E.O. and the cadet program online. I also left the
same information and instruction with two friends. I state, here and now, I'm not
suicidal, and if this should occur, it must be considered murder and the
appropriate action taken.
If you suspect mind-controlled involvement in the 'Mars Project' or any military
black op, please contact the nearest clearing therapist to have biofeedback meter
sessions. If you are lucky enough to live in Michael's and Stephanie's current
location or near enough to make the journey, seek them out. I highly recommend
Page 71

Further information
Please visit the weblinks page and “best books” page at,
which are kept up to date.
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