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Everything is an illusion. And Real is only the Creative Force, but the Creative Force, which is the Energy of Balanced White Sun, is created from illusions through a lot of Pain, Pain, Pain !
Lydia Monroe

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One more Human+ is a popular russian actor, poet, singer, songwriter, who lived in many countries apart from Russia. He had a very difficult life and died in 1957, his name is Alexander Vertinsky. Below are some videos about his life in russian.

21 December 2016

Вертинские. Наследство Короля. Mar 25, 2014. К 125-летию легендарного артиста Александра Вертинского. Ему рукоплескали король Густав Шведский, Альфонс Испанский, принц Уэльский, миллионеры Вандербильты и Ротшильды, а он мечтал об одном -- вернуться в Россию. К счастью, мечта Александра Вертинского сбылась. Его ждал грандиозный успех на родине, а горечь от отсутствия официального признания ему помогали пережить три его хрупкие и беззащитные "девчонки" - жена и две дочери. Александр Николаевич предвидел, что его песням суждена долгая жизнь. Он писал: "Утверждают, что Вертинский — не искусство. А вот, когда вашим внукам через 50 лет за увлечение песенками Вертинского будут продолжать ставить двойки в гимназиях и школах, тогда вы поймете, что Вертинский — это искусство!". И всё же тягостное молчание вокруг его имени оскорбляло артиста. Концерты его не афишировались, а песни не звучали по радио, не записывались на пластинки. Как бы то ни было, после возвращения на родину у артиста началась новая - и, казалось, по-настоящему счастливая - жизнь.
Вертинский много гастролировал по стране, и залы были переполнены. Теперь у него был свой дом, в который он стремился каждую минуту, потому что его там всегда ждали жена и дочери. Занимался ли Александр Николаевич воспитанием дочерей в общепринятом смысле этого слова? Или он полностью растворялся в мире их интересов и бесконечно их обожал? Правда ли, что девочки не отходили от отца, пока он был дома, и отчаянно ревновали друг к другу? О каких профессиях для них мечтал Александр Николаевич? Об этом в фильме расскажут сами дочери, известные актрисы -- Анастасия и Марианна Вертинские. В фильме прозвучат редкие записи Александра Вертинского, его стихи, письма и дневниковые записи, воспоминания современников. Вместе со съёмочной группой зрители побывают в разных городах и странах, связанных с жизнью и творчеством легендарного артиста, увидят фотографии из семейного альбома Вертинских, услышат рассказы его родных и близких. Правда ли, что Александр Вертинский вызывал невероятный восторг у женщин? Почему его молодая жена, красавица Лидия Владимировна ревновала мужа, а не наоборот? Был ли у Александра Николаевича роман с Марлен Дитрих? Какой неизгладимый отпечаток оставили в его судьбе любовные отношения с королевой экрана Верой Холодной?

The runaway, who travelled the world (Human+)

12 December 2016
Jorge sanchez. Despite having little money, he’s the second most travelled person on the planet. Although he’s ranked the world’s #2 on The Best Traveled website, 62-year-old Barcelona native Jorge Sanchez insists that he is nothing like the other competitive travellers. He comes from a poor background, dropped out of school at 13, and has been on the move ever since, working sporadically in low-paying jobs on farms in Australia, New York restaurants, gold mines in Peru and dozens of other places. But despite all that, he’s managed to travel to all 193 countries recognized by the United Nations, and to every region of most of the world’s countries. He’s done this by using his charm and ingenuity, and relying on the kindness of strangers. He has slept under bridges in India, in telephone booths in China, up a tree in Brazil, inside a morgue in Liechtenstein, in prisons in Colombia, Paraguay, Georgia and Afghanistan – where he was mistaken for a spy – and as a pilgrim in houses of worship representing every major world religion. Jorge Sanchez is ranked #2 on The Best Traveled website. Sanchez’s philosophy is simple. He sees travel as a pilgrimage, a quest for knowledge and learning. He says that if one wants to understand the world, one must see it. But he also believes that every great traveller must also know when it is time to go home. Q: You ran away from home at 13, leaving a note for your parents that you were off to Western Sahara?
Yes, I left home when I was 13 and caught a boat from Barcelona to Mallorca. By the time I arrived in the Canary Islands, I was 14. My father worked for the gas and electricity company; we had no car. They were poor. I looked at my dad’s atlas at night and I knew that I wanted to explore the world. I just escaped. I knew my parents would be very upset. I left them a message on the table, I told them I’m going and would come back. In those times the Spanish Legion accepted minors as volunteers in Western Sahara. This was 1968, when it was still a Spanish colony. I joined the Legion, but I spent only a couple of days with the legionnaires because I didn’t like it, and anyway, my intention was to travel to Mauritania. I became a legionnaire just so I could travel. But when I wasn’t allowed to enter Mauritania without a passport, I immediately left the Legion. I promised my parents that I wouldn’t do that again. Once I got my passport at 18, I hitchhiked across 11 European countries, taking any kind of job in Paris, London, the Isle of Wight, Geneva and other places to earn money to survive. My goal was to learn languages and the art of travel. After two years of vagabonding in Europe, I had to return to Spain to join the army, which was compulsory during the Franco era. Sanchez now has 21 passports. Q: You’ve worked as a dishwasher, a carpenter and many other odd jobs. Are you working now?
Jobs for me have been a means to earn money to keep travelling. I have worked in a dental laboratory in Paris; sold cheese in the markets of Italy; played chess for money in The Philippines and Indonesia; worked with a group of gold miners in the Madre de Dios region in the Peruvian jungle. I was a busboy in a Puerto Rican restaurant in Greenwich Village, in New York City, and [did] many other jobs. I have done any job imaginable, but I have no real profession. I’ve done the most ordinary and low-paid jobs. At the moment, I work for hotels in the Spanish province of Girona once a week, picking up passengers at the Barcelona airport.
Q: You mentioned that you had spent at least one night in every country save Liechtenstein and Tajikistan. You went back to Liechtenstein, but the hotels were too expensive so you slept rough. Can you tell us some more unusual places where you have slept?
In fact, that place in Liechtenstein was a morgue, but I didn’t know that when I went to sleep there. At 5 am, a hearse arrived. It woke me up when the driver and a helper opened the door near where I was sleeping on the ground. After a few minutes they returned to the hearse carrying a black coffin. When I saw that, I couldn’t sleep anymore and walked around the streets in the rain until it got light. I once slept in a tree in Florianopolis, in the Brazilian state of Santa Catarina, for fear of bandits because I had no money to sleep in a hostel. I have also slept under bridges several times, mainly in India. I slept inside a telephone booth in Chengdu in China. Sanchez often relies on the hospitality of strangers. In 1986, I asked for help in a jail in Ipiales, at the border between Colombia and Ecuador, because there were many rascals following me with sinister intentions. The porters allowed me to spend a night in a cell with several criminals, but they were harmless and didn’t rob or attack me. I have also slept for free in many religious places: Hindu temples in India; Sikh gurdwaras in Uganda and Tanzania; Muslim tekkes in Uzbekistan; Catholic churches in both Congos (DRC and ROC); Buddhist pagodas in Japan and Bangladesh; and Hebrew synagogues in Israel and Brazil. I think that a real traveller has to spend at least 24 hours in every one of the 193 countries of the United Nations. I have slept in 192 of them now, only missing Tajikistan, which is why I will travel again to that country in the future. Q: You’ve seen the world while spending very little money. Do you hope people will read your story and be inspired to travel, even if they are poor?
I hope so. In fact, when you calculate the money that you will spend travelling, you have to deduct the money that you would spend remaining at home. For some people, travelling and living several months in low-cost countries such as India, Indonesia, The Philippines, Bolivia, Peru, Morocco or Mozambique is even cheaper than staying at home. I never go to expensive hotels. I stay in hostels, dormitories, pensions. I always visit the local markets to eat. I hitchhike or travel by bus or train during the night to save the cost of a hotel, and to gain time. You can work in many countries, teaching languages or on farms in Australia and New Zealand. Q: You told me that it is better to travel when you are young then when you retire. Do you advise people to save for their retirement or to travel as much as they like and worry about money later on?
I think everyone must find their own way. The worst thing to do is to spend your life doing something you have no passion for. Some people prefer to work all their life and to save money until they retire, and in between to travel once or twice a year during their holidays, like a tourist. Then at 60 they start travelling intensively, frantically even, as if trying to recover the lost time. I have spent a total of 30 years on the road, and now that I am 62, I have no more money and no way to earn it. It is like the fable of the grasshopper who spent the winter months singing and the ant who worked to store food for the winter. I am the grasshopper. I do not regret anything, I am happy with the life that I have chosen, so now I have to face the consequences.
Q: Some travellers try to visit every place on Earth but you’ve said you’ll only go to places where there is something to learn. So what places are left on your to-do list?
Yes, it is true. Travel is a university and I’m still learning. One of the places that I would like to visit is Agalega Island in Mauritius. Along with Tristan da Cunha, Pitcairn and Tokelau, this is one of the most difficult (inhabited) islands in the world to reach, because they have no airports and the ferry service is so infrequent. I have tried to travel there twice; there is a regular boat that departs from Mauritius Island every six months. But both times the boat was fully booked with locals, who have [priority]. Another one is the Trobriand Islands in Papua New Guinea because I would like to study its matriarchal social system. In 2007, he visited the remote island of Tristan da Cunha.
Q: Years ago, your first wife gave you an ultimatum to settle down but you couldn’t do it. Do you think if one is born to be a nomad there is no way to settle down and still be happy?
I wasn’t mature enough when my first wife gave me that ultimatum. I didn’t feel complete yet. I needed more knowledge to fulfil myself, and I sensed that I could only attain my goal through travel. Today, I understand that there are more important things apart from travelling in a man’s life. Now I realize that the real thing is the family. But to understand that, first I had to travel the world and to complete seven around-the-world journeys. Travels are an instrument of learning, a way of life during your younger years, but there are superior goals in life. One has to know when it is the moment to say, “Travel has been very useful to me, but I don’t need it anymore.”
Q: Can you impart any tips for people who want to see the world but think they don’t have enough money?
If the desire to travel is strong, those people must travel; otherwise, they will feel dead in life. The most important thing isn’t to travel or not to travel, but to find your own way. If you are sure that travelling is your destiny, you have to follow it. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have money; you can work – something along the way will happen that will help you. It’s always like this. If you are sure that travelling is your destiny, you have to follow it. Hitchhiking is the cheapest way to travel. There are still many countries where drivers pick up hitchhikers. I was just in South America and I hitchhiked with success in Brazil, in the state of Amapá; Bolivia, on the Road of Death; and crossing the Chaco region in Paraguay. I hitchhiked not necessarily to save money but because there was very limited public bus service. I don’t go to restaurants. I don’t drink [alcohol]; I prefer juice. You fly in the low season, you use charter flights. I stay in dormitories for about $5 per night. And often times, I just sleep outside, especially in expensive countries. The waiting rooms of hospitals, you can sleep there, or in train stations. Sometimes I go to the Salvation Army. I make friends and they invite me to stay with them. And I live like a monk here in Barcelona to save for travel. I can live on about 10 euros per day to survive. If I need a shower, I go to the railway station or bus station. For 5,000 euros, I could do a round-the-world trip of about six months. Q: What have been some of your most important journeys?
The two years I spent vagabonding around Europe showed me that my destiny was to get to know the whole world. And, as compensation for not attending university, I took every continent as a subject, and every country as a lesson. Walking the Camino de Santiago from France to Spain was one of his most important trips.  Also, my first around-the-word-journey, from 1982 to1984, lasted exactly 1,001 days visiting 46 countries. Walking the Camino de Santiago from Saint Jean Pied de Port in France to Santiago de Compostela in Spain in 2003, the same year I visited my last UN country, Somalia, was also an important inner journey. I also did all the alternate Caminos: the French Way, the Original Way,  the Mozarabe, the Portuguese Way and the Northern Way. I made my seventh and final round-the-world journey earlier this year. I wanted to be like Sinbad the Sailor and make seven journeys like him because I read this book as a boy. Q: Have you had many problems on the road?
I was robbed in Johannesburg, but I still like South Africa. I crossed the border into Afghanistan from Pakistan with no visa in 1989, after the Russians left, and I was jailed for four months in Kabul as a suspected spy. It was kind of like living for free. I was also jailed in Georgia for three days in 2007 after crossing the border from Abkhazia [a breakaway region]. I had to pay a fine of 2,000 euros. Q: What are your travel plans for 2017?
I’d like to visit Tajikistan and see the Gorno-Badakhshan autonomous region, which someday could be an independent country. Tajikistan is the only UN country I’ve been to where I did not spend the night, so I want to go back and see more. And I would perhaps like to take a boat up the Yenisei River in Russia to observe the way of life of the Evenki people. When my son, Lázaro, who is now one, [is] about five or six years old, I would like to travel with him and my wife so he can acquire knowledge to understand life on our planet, and the people living in it, and to develop his soul. Sanchez plans to travel with his wife and son in a few years.
Q: Do you think it’s necessary to travel to all these places in order to learn about them or could you have simply read books about them?
You cannot learn to swim by reading a book; you need to throw yourself into the sea or into a swimming pool for that. The same happens if you want to practice yoga; reading books about yoga is useless to achieve a real yoga experience. If you want to know the world you must travel the world.

Cкайдайвер совершил прыжок с самолета без парашюта - video

Американский скайдайвер Люк Эйкинс впервые в истории совершил прыжок с высоты более 7,6 тыс метров (25 тыс. футов) без парашюта. 42-летний экстремал после двух минут свободного падения приземлился в специально подготовленную сетку размером примерно 30 на 30 метров, как и было запланировано. Перед тем как сесть в самолет для совершения прыжка, по словам Эйкинса, ему выдвинули требование надеть парашют. При этом он указал, что все равно не намерен им пользоваться. Когда же самолет поднялся на необходимую высоту, требование о парашюте было отменено, и он его снял. После удачного приземления экстремал достаточно быстро выбрался из сетки и стал обнимать свою жену, которая вместе с другими членами семьи и многочисленными зрителями наблюдала за прыжком своего супруга.

Videos - Stride Luke Aikins Jump (without a parachute) - Jul 30, 2016



Федор Конюхов готовится к кругосветному перелету  - video

Воздушный шар «Мортон», на котором в июне этого года путешественник Федор Конюхов планирует облететь вокруг Земли, официально передан Группе Компаний «Мортон». Передача шара состоялась при участии владельца компании-изготовителя Cameron Balloons Дона Кэмеруна и руководства компании «Мортон» - президента Александра Ручьёв и вице-президента Олега Колченко. После официальной приёмки шара, он был отгружен для отправки к месту старта в Австралию. «Английская компания Cameron Balloons имеет многолетний успешный опыт в изготовлении шаров, поэтому для создания нашего шара мы выбрали именно эту компанию. Процесс изготовления шара начался примерно год назад, и на сегодняшний день самый важный этап подготовки к кругосветному перелёту завершен - шар готов. Мы уверены, что специалисты Cameron Balloons применили все свои знания и опыт, и шар «Мортон» обладает настоящим английским качеством», - сказал президент ГК «Мортон» Александр Ручьев. В изготовлении шара участвовало более 50 человек. На сегодняшний день шар «Мортон» является самым большим комбинированным гелиево-тепловым аэростатом в мире. Его объем составляет 15 тысяч кубических метров, а высота – 56 метров. По высоте его можно сравнить с Успенским собором Московского Кремля. Гондола шара, в которой будет находиться пилот во время полета, изготовлена из сверхпрочного углепластика, и оборудована сложнейшими приборами, в том числе и отечественными. «В год наша компания создаёт в среднем более 100 самых разнообразных шаров, но шар «Мортон» для нас особенный. Последний раз мы изготовили подобный шар более 15 лет назад, когда Стивен Фоссет совершил первый одиночный беспосадочный кругосветный перелет, - рассказал во время официальной передачи шара Дон Кэмерун. - Также именно наша компания была изготовителем шара для успешного кругосветного полета Бертрана Пикара и Брайана Джонса».
Владелец Cameron Balloons сам неоднократно совершал длительные перелеты на воздушных шарах – в том числе, через Атлантику, а также из Англии в СССР. Обладая большим опытом в воздухоплавании, он в полной мере осознаёт все риски и сложности, связанные с подобным путешествием. «Можно долго планировать, пытаться просчитать все форс-мажоры, но, в конце концов, это путешествие, и всё предусмотреть невозможно. Многое зависит от искусства пилота, а также от опыта и умения метеоролога» - рассказал Дон Кэмерун.
Днем шар будет подниматься и находиться на заданной высоте за счет солнечного тепла и расширения газа гелия, а в ночное время - за счет работы газовых горелок, которые будут подогревать воздух, находящиеся под нижней камерой. Высота, на которой будет лететь шар «Мортон», находится на уровне полета современных лайнеров - 10-11 тысяч метров. Скорость полета - более 300 км/ч. В течение 14 дней пилоту придется спать по 3-4 часа, чтобы все остальное время внимательно следить за приборами и ловить правильные воздушные потоки. Кроме того, пилоту необходимо будет регулярно покидать пределы гондолы для устранения обледенения на горелках шара. Во время всего полета внутри гондолы будет поддерживаться достаточно низкая температура - плюс 5 градусов по Цельсию, а за пределами гондолы температура будет варьироваться в зависимости от высоты , иногда достигая минус 40 градусов.
«Чтобы совершить кругосветного путешествие на воздушном шаре, нужны не только специальные знания и навыки, но и большой жизненный опыт, а также анализ предыдущих полетов, в том числе и неудачных попыток», - отмечает пилот шара «Мортон» Федор Конюхов. Моя задача - облететь вокруг света с первого раза, в то время как Стивену Фоссету удалось это только с шестой попытки. Именно результаты, полученные в ходе его попыток, позволяют нам надеяться, что мы учли все возможные ошибки и нюансы. С момента предыдущего кругосветного перелета технологии шагнули далеко вперед, и мы также делаем ставку на прогресс».Старт перелета запланирован на июнь 2016 года из австралийской пустыни. Для разгона и посадки гигантского шара нужна тысяча километров, поэтому было выбрано именно такое место для взлета и посадки. Маршрут перелета будет проходить над тремя континентами и тремя океанами: Австралия – Тасманово море – Новая Зеландия – Тихий океан – Южная Америка (Чили и Аргентина) – Фолклендские острова – Атлантический океан – Африка (ЮАР, мыс Доброй Надежды) – Индийский океан и финиш в Австралии. Длина маршрута составит порядка 33-35 тысяч километров.

video - ГК "Мортон": путешественник Ф. Конюхов готовится к кругосветному перелету (сюжет "Первого канала"), Apr 22, 2016. Федор Конюхов готовится преодолеть десятки тысяч километров на воздушном шаре. Команда, которая помогает Конюхову в подготовке, весьма солидная, и его аэростат — самый большой в мире и способен идти на высоте самого современного лайнера.

Федор Конюхов, путешественник, писатель, художник - Nov 26, 2015. Передача "Имена". Эфир 16.09.2007. Первый образовательный канал. © Телекомпания СГУ ТВ. Другие передачи "Имена" смотрите на http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=...

В гостях у Фёдора Конюхова  Aug 13, 2014. Зеркало жизни. Фёдор Конюхов - кто он? Путешественник? Художник? Философ? На эти вопросы отчасти можно получить ответ, побывав вместе с его друзьями и авторами фильма в гостях у "одинокого" странника, за свою уникальность занесённого во Всемирную энциклопедию "Хроника

Федор Конюхов - человек планеты   Aug 7, 2014. Зеркало жизни. Фильм об известном путешественнике и художнике Федоре Конюхове, за полвека своей жизни совершившим около полусотни необычных похождений, экстремальных экспедиций, кругосветных плаваний. Покорив все земные и морские полюса, на исходе второго тысячелетия ...

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X-treme People are awesome

Stingray Gets Revenge On Obnoxious Australian

невероятное фото

Невероятные люди!  People are Awesome!

People are Awesome

People Are Awesome Girls Edition

Шаолинь Невероятные трюки

Невероятно! Парень просто с другой планеты! Настоящее имя Дэмиен Гарет — британский каскадёр-профессионал. Является тренером по гимнастике, гимнастом, акробатом, фриранером и трейсером. Чемпион мира и Европы в командном составе сборной Великобритании. Также занял 4 место в мире индивидуально.

Нереально крутой паркур от лучших в мире мастеров


Sergey Ananov: Two days on ice with three polar bears

Sergey in the cockpit

18 September 2015
In July Russian adventurer Sergey Ananov was forced to ditch his helicopter in icy waters between Canada and Greenland. Here he describes his two-day battle against high winds and extreme temperatures - and a few unexpected guests.
I always feel very free, relaxed and happy when I'm flying helicopters and that was exactly how I was feeling shortly before 11:30 on 25 July. I was halfway through a six-hour flight from Iqaluit in Canada to Nuuk in Greenland. I was flying above a thick carpet of fog and underneath a bright canopy of cloud, steering my Robinson R22 through this fluffy grey corridor, quite alone in the world with the engine noise and a feeling of intense happiness. Next to me, in the passenger seat, sat an extra fuel tank that I had nicknamed Wilson, after the volleyball in Castaway. And 1,500ft (460m) below me - though I could not see it because of the fog - lay the ice and cold waters of the Davis Strait.
Suddenly, I felt a jolt in the tail and I lost about half the power to the blades. The engine was running fine so I took it to signal a problem in transmission. The speed was dropping sharply - not good. I didn't want to risk falling like a pebble out of the sky so I made the adjustments I needed to accelerate, which meant losing altitude. The helicopter was shaking and veering alarmingly to one side and within a few seconds it became clear to me that I would not be able to continue my flight.
Sergey's light helicopter.  It was Day 42 of my solo attempt to become the first person to circumnavigate the world in a helicopter weighing less than one tonne. A thousand thoughts went through my head, among them this one: "Oh God, I have flown 34,000 miles and it's only 4,000 more till I get my world record in Moscow." And: "Why does this have to happen to me here, not above the swamps of Florida or the prairies of Canada or even somewhere in Siberia, where I would just be able to land, get out my phone and call for help?"
I switched the helicopter on to auto-rotation, a safety mode that allows it to glide downwards. Dropping through the layer of fog, which was just 200 feet (60m) above the sea, I saw, out of the corner of my eye, an inviting lump of ice. But I was rapidly losing rotation and it would have been dangerous to try to extend the flight to reach it, so I headed straight for the water. I don't agree with the word "crashed" that journalists are so fond of. It was not a crash. It was a forced landing on water, and it was a very controlled and soft one. I was completely unharmed. The helicopter's tail sank immediately. I knew there was a danger that my weight would tip the aircraft on to my side - starboard - and trap me in deep water, so I threw my weight to my left to force the helicopter on to port side. It fell on that side and the blades, which were still turning, smashed to pieces on the surface.

Then I undid my safety belt and opened the door. Instantly I was up to my neck in icy water. I was wearing a survival suit, but only around my legs and waist - the top part hung loose because I find it quite impossible to fly with one covering my arms and upper body. Such was my adrenaline at that moment that I didn't feel the cold at all. I swam out of the helicopter and then dived back down to retrieve the life raft, which was stowed under my seat. Whenever I had mentally rehearsed a landing on water I had programmed my brain to think that the life raft was my first priority. It did save my life, though not in the way I imagined. It turned out I was just 50m or so from the lump of ice I had spotted before making my landing, and this was better than any inflatable raft. I swam over and climbed on to it. It was about 15-20m in diameter and would be my home for the foreseeable future. By this time, the helicopter had disappeared from view - within 30 seconds or so it had sunk into the dark blue water. Ice floes near Greenland. Floating ice in Disko Bay, Greenland, close to the Davis Strait. Then I took off my survival suit. Wearing nothing but my underwear, and shaking violently in the wind, I tipped as much water as I could out of the suit. Then I put it back on, squelchy wet and freezing cold. I did it up, lifting the ridiculous built-in hat over my head. The wind was absolutely killing me. I got down in a horizontal position and inflated the life raft. It was yellow and square. I tied one end of the raft to my leg and held on to the other with my hand, and hid underneath it, using it as a windbreaker. That was when I started to beat myself up. I was travelling with two trackers, a distress beacon and a satellite phone, but they had all gone down with the helicopter. "Why didn't you dive in and get them?" I asked myself. "Sure, it would have been very unpleasant but you should have dived in."

Still, I felt confident that the alarm would be raised. I had several friends who I knew were monitoring my progress carefully and would see that the tracker on the helicopter had come to a standstill. But I also knew that the tracker's final position may have been some distance from the place where I landed, and since it was not manually activated my friends had no way of knowing I was still alive. Flight tracker dataImage caption Data from Ananov's flight tracker shows his attempt to circumnavigate the world. I had a few packs of water, amounting to perhaps half a litre, and a small pack of protein bars - about 2,000 calories of food. I also had three flares, which had been packed inside the life raft. I got up and tried moving around a little, to keep my circulation going, but I found myself panting as though I were doing hard physical exercise. Throughout my time on the ice I did not stop shivering at all. One thing I was not particularly worried about was polar bears. My block of ice was adrift at sea, with just a few more lumps of ice nearby. Mainly it was water - water, water, water. And the wind
. Then, about four hours after my forced landing, I was lying on my stomach in my makeshift tent, trying to retain heat and breathing as shallowly as I could through my nose, when I heard the sound of heavy breathing nearby and crunching snow. Footsteps. I peeked from under the bottom of the life raft and I saw him, a polar bear, sniffing the air and walking in my direction. A polar bear. Polar bears are amongst the world's most powerful predators . I had to make an instant decision. And I decided that since he had surprised me I would surprise him. So I jumped up and threw off the life raft. Boo! Then I rushed at him, arms upstretched, roaring. I was trying to show anger, and I really was angry - with myself, with the situation I was in and with this bear that had somehow found its way on to my lump of ice. How dare he come here and try to eat me! It must have looked ridiculous - like when you pretend to be a monster with children. But it worked. The bear turned and ran away. "Ok," I thought, "he knows that I am the boss - now I have to build on that." So I chased after him. A polar bear jumping on to an ice floe. Polar bears hunt for seals near the edges of sea ice. We reached the edge of my piece of ice and he jumped nimbly to another. Well, I couldn't do that, so I stood on the edge, my arms still in the air, my eyes black coals of rage, roaring. And I saw that the sea around me had been quite transformed, everything moved around by the wind. No longer was my ice lump isolated, a little island, but it now butted against others. Evidently, I was not safe from bears. The bear jogged on another 25m or so. Then he sat down on his backside and turned and looked at me mutely, like a dog. He wanted to know what I would do next - and so did I. Polar bears are not territorial and will avoid confrontation. Well what could I do? I couldn't just turn around and amble back to my life raft. So I stood there and carried on with the roaring, making it clear that he was definitely not welcome back on my island. We were like that for perhaps a full minute - him sitting and watching, me standing and roaring - then the bear stood up and started walking slowly away. Every five seconds he looked back over his shoulder, just to check what I was up to. It was only after he had gone 100m or so, and we were half-obscured from each other by fog, that I allowed myself to sit down.
"Oh God." I thought. "That was a challenge. Will he come back? He'll probably come back. After all, he knows that food is here, so he'll just go in a big circle and then he'll sniff my smell on the wind and come back."
From that point, I stayed sitting up, gazing at the blue-grey horizon for bears.

Shortly after this episode, I heard the sound of a plane overhead. It was invisible in the heavy fog, but nevertheless I grabbed one of my flares and released it. It burned for 30 seconds and then spluttered out. The noise of the plane grew fainter and fainter. The pilot obviously hadn't seen me. I had to acknowledge that taking everything into account - the heavy fog, the fact that I had seemingly drifted from my point of landing, the extreme cold and the polar bears - my chances of survival were slim. I divided my protein bars and water supply into three, one pile for each day. I simply couldn't imagine that after another two days I would have the energy to chase off polar bears. I reflected that at least my family were well set up.
I wouldn't be leaving my wife and my two grown-up kids with any money worries. But if I did survive, I would have a few ideas to contribute to the science of search and rescue. Ideas such as:
Send helicopters, not planes, to look for survivors
Make survival suits that you can actually fly in
Attach mini radio beacons to the suits or life rafts
I didn't get any sleep that night. I did close my eyes but I did not sleep. I commanded myself not to sleep so that I wouldn't miss any approaching bears. To my surprise, I made it through to the morning. Another plane came overhead, and
I launched another flare, but it was exactly the same as before - useless in the thick fog. There was a helicopter too, but it hovered about two miles away, presumably where my accident occurred. That morning, another polar bear came for me and I chased it off in exactly the same way as the first. Once again, it ran off, then sat and looked at me for a while, then sauntered away. In the afternoon, I was overtaken by a strange impulse. In the corner of my piece of ice, about 50cm from the edge, was a large hole, filled with water. This was melted ice, but it was sadly undrinkable, since a small channel had allowed seawater to enter too. The icy walls of this hole made the water inside shine an aquamarine blue as inviting as any Mediterranean pool. I was tired of lying on the hard ice, so I tipped my life raft on to the water and lay on it, then pulled the raft's sea anchor - which is basically a large plastic bag - on top of me like a blanket. Like that I was gently warmed and better able to reflect calmly on my seemingly inevitable fate. I got up after an hour. Lying on the water like that I must have looked like nothing so much as a seal sunning itself - easy pickings for a you-know-what. And sure enough, no sooner had I got back on the ice and reconfigured my raft into its tent formation than a third bear appeared and I had to chase it off exactly as I had with the other two. I know what you are thinking. Why am I so sure that these were all different bears, and not the same one? The very fact that all three bears behaved in exactly the same way suggests to me that they were different. If it was the same bear, you would expect it to learn from experience and be less scared the second time, a bit more persistent. Towards the end of that second day my luck changed. The fog finally lifted and I saw, about three miles away, a strong beam of light. An icebreaker! I couldn't see the port and starboard lights from the ship, so I thought it was pointing in my direction. Daylight was fading, which would help the crew spot me. So I set off my final flare. The Pierre Radisson. Fisheries and Oceans Canada / Canadian Coast Guard. A helicopter taking off from the Pierre Radisson. And 36 hours after my accident, I saw exactly the thing that I had pictured many times in my mind - a Canadian rescue helicopter approaching me. Before long I was jumping on board and trying to hug the men, and they were saying:
"Calm down, calm down man. We still have to reach the ship."
They were very surprised that I could walk by myself, that I was speaking rationally, and that I did not really need any help. I learned that their ship, the Pierre Radisson, had left Iqaluit 30 hours earlier and had been travelling all this time to get me. It had only just started its search of the area when the third mate saw the last few seconds of my flare. On board, everyone was overjoyed, because these are rescue guys first and foremost, and it's quite rare for them to find people like me alive. I had a warm shower and then they took me to the officers' mess where I sat down at a large circular table.

The Facebook message that told Ananov's fans he was alive. By this time it was after midnight but dozens of eyes watched me tuck into a full supper. They gave me a plate of the most delicious salmon, which the chef had smoked on board, with a salad dressed in olive oil. It was out of this world. There were lots of other things on the table but I didn't eat too much that first night. The vodka, too, had to wait until the second night, by which time we were approaching Iqaluit. I believe the prayers of many people were answered when I was rescued - my friends and family, well-wishers I had met on my journey, and people I didn't even know - local people, Inuits, folks the world over who had heard about my situation. I want to thank everybody who prayed for me and all the rescue people - the Canadian military and civil coastguard. No-one had any time for regret. No-one gave me a hard time about forcing them to do a rescue mission. Before I flew home to Russia they even gave me a polar bear as a memento - a cuddly one. A tweet from the Russian embassy in Canada with a picture of Ananov and his cuddly bear, with a quote from him saying thanks for his flight home. Ananov paid a visit to his country's embassy, together with his new friend.

I didn't complete my circumnavigation but I did see how small the world is and how much we all have in common. People in the US, Canada and everywhere else were so friendly to me. I no longer feel like just a Russian citizen, but a citizen of the world. There is one question that everybody asks me. "Would I do it again?" It's very simple. If I could have continued my trip from Canada I would have done so without a moment's hesitation. This is sport. There are competitions and there are records. And the history of aviation is a long list of such flight records. The World Air Sports Federation in Lausanne is 109 years old. Imagine! All these years, since the very start of aviation, it has fixed the records, world records, continental records and so on. Only two people before me had flown solo around the world but they were in bigger helicopters with support teams. And I practically made it. Eight-five percent, 42 days out of 50 and 33,000km out of 38,000km. I haven't yet worked out how to ask my friends and loved ones for permission to go on a second attempt. On my knees I must beg their forgiveness for the hard time I put them through, not knowing what happened to me for two days. But on my knees I must beg them to let me do it again. Again and again! Sergey Ananov after his rescue.

Here are important thoughts about Victimhood-Syndrom from "Handbook for the New Paradigm" by George Green, part 2, Introduction :

"Нolographic Intention of the information...  However, the overall impact has been gratifying and effective. There are indeed lights of understanding beginning to be discernable on many parts of the Planet... Therefore an opening (a Portal) will be created that will allow for movement toward the goal of a New Paradigm and it will begin to manifest. When the time is ripe for greater expansion of the concept of a new experience for Humankind, the information leading to the next step will be ready for distribution. Once the transition is made away from Victim Consciousness toward the acknowledgement of personal power through alignment with the originating Expansive Flow of Creative Energies, the thirst for greater understanding will be aroused. The misunderstanding of looking outward for answers is deeply ingrained and will require de-programming and education of how to apply this concept to daily living in order to allow it to become a new foundation for manifested reality... Much of the valuable information disseminated through other receivers has become an addiction for fanaticizing with little or no application in practical living experience. The focus has been toward survival of the physical body so that the same ideals and life style could be maintained until individuals could ascend (arise out of) rather than transcend (go beyond)... They are focused on individual escape from the morass of a destructive situation. In other words, there must be participation in a solution rather than using the information to abandon the ship... Much material has been disseminated indicating that rescue and reform will be provided by extraterrestrial beings and all humanity has to do is to meditate and wait around for magical processes to change everything for them. It would be wise not to count on it. There is a saying. "God helps those that help themselves." That is a truth to put in a dozen places to remind you to let go of the "I am a Victim that needs to be rescued" consciousness. You will be helped but Victims will not be rescued. Victim Consciousness vibrates below the necessary levels to enter Levels of Consciousness... Giving up victim consciousness is a personal decision. It is not an easy process. If you rescue, you become a victim of the rescued. Sympathizing with those who are locked into victim consciousness supports their victimhood and ties you to them. Discernment allows you to recognize the situation and at that point you must acknowledge that this is a situation that is of their own creation through their belief that others control their choices. This does not mean that you must ignore their plight, but does determine that you cannot do for them what they are unwilling to do for themselves. There is not a rule of thumb for how to give wise assistance to them. Their plight is a result of the personal decisions they have made and the attitudes that have influenced those decisions. Remember, they are human beings becoming or not, by their own choice... The critical point for the next step in the transcendence process follows the acceptance of the personal ability to move through victim consciousness by accepting responsibility for using the Universal Laws to take charge of their manifested experience... In truth most will find that abundance is measured by the inner feelings of self-approval and confidence that precludes the necessity of impressive material demonstrations for ego aggrandizement. What you do with regard to self and others is more important than what you have. When this is accomplished all that is necessary is attracted without effort, for each is then encompassed within the expansive Flow of Creation... To become (a Graduate) is the Goal of all. How this is to be accomplished is uniquely experienced through Freewill choice. Help is available. The asking must be for help not rescue or to piggyback on someone else’s accomplishment. Each must know theirs is a unique experience not to be compared to others. Each incarnation is for their own particular soul purpose to be created through their choices and decisions... It is our goal to trigger the Awareness of this connection in every human possible (connection to your Higher Self, who spends so much Energy to manifest your presence here so you can play this Game! LM) through direct connection or through changes in the Mass Conscious Awareness on a Planetary Level, using what you refer to as the 100th monkey theory. First and foremost is transcendence of the Victim Consciousness into Personal Responsibility. This process will require that individuals Separate Themselves from those refusing to change their perceptions and to Align Themselves with others who are willing to make this change. When lives begin to change as a result of accepting and using Personal Responsibility through the application of the Universal Laws, those previously unwilling to change will again choose to follow suit or not... In the asking for help the opportunities that genuinely "feel" right will present themselves. Incorrect choices will be difficult and bring little satisfaction...  Asking for discernment brings knowingness and other opportunities to pursue... At the base of the rescue stories lies the Victim Consciousness..."

Everything is Color and Sound Waveforms!

Everything and Everyone physical is Color and Sound Waveforms!

No Pain - No Gain

Самое невероятное видео 2013 (Human +))

Сумашедшие трюки людей. Потрясающее видео! (Human +))

Серия фото из замечательного русского документального фильма "Счастливые Люди" о трудной жизни сибирских охотников/рыболовов и их семей на реке Енисей в Сибири :


huma power

Human Power

Смотритель маяка Ля Жюмьен (La Jument) во Франции должно быть один из самых мужественных людей на планете. Не каждый выйдет покурить в такую погоду да ещё и в таком месте! Маяк находится в открытом море. Шторм бьющий о маяк, достигает высоты 8-ми этажного дома. Смотрители называют его адом.

X-treme People are awesome

Stingray Gets Revenge On Obnoxious Australian

Разозлившийся скат преподал наглому пловцу урок

Пловец-ныряльщик, проявивший храбрость, граничащую с безумством, сумел разозлить крупного ската, заплывшего на мелководье. Не сумевшее оценить излишней игривости человека морское существо преподало наглецу урок. Происшествие произошло на пляже Голд-Кост, Австралия. Мужчина плавал возле большого и опасного морского существа, когда вдруг решил на него прыгнуть. Испуганный скат решил уплыть от человека, который, удовлетворившись прыжком, развернулся и направился к берегу. Впрочем, отступление рыбы было тактическим и после того, как пловец потерял к ней интерес, начала красться вслед за ним. Ныряльщик наверное и не заметил бы приближения обитателя морских глубин, если бы кто-то с камерой не предупредил его об опасности. Скат приблизился к мужчине настолько близко, что тот в испуге нырнул, стремясь сбежать от обиженного им ранее существа. Как сообщает в свежем номере британское интернет-издание Mail Online, мужчина и скат после встречи остались целыми и невредимыми. Скаты, достигающие в длину 1-2 мера, весьма частые гости у побережья Австралии, так как представители данного вида широко распространены в этом районе. Как рассказал 27-летний местный житель, работающий в кафе неподалеку от того места, где состоялась встреча морского существа и мужчины, увидеть скаты в этих местах - не редкость, правда в основном они имеют куда меньшие размеры - от 45 до 50 см. Поступок мужчины абориген назвал безрассудным. "Нужно быть полным идиотом, чтобы намеренно провоцировать их", - заявил он. Напомним, в 2006-м году защитник дикой природы Стив Ирвин погиб, когда скат проткнул ему грудь своим острым хвостом во время съемок документального фильма в районе Большого Барьерного рифа.

Достижения Наших Детей! (Achievements of Our Children! How Schoolchildren of different countries walk to school!)

На пути к знаниям (On the Way to Knowledge)

2013 » Март » 26
Некоторым ученикам школ стран Азии и Южной Америки ежедневно приходится проделывать сложнейший путь от дома к месту обучения и обратно. Приключения, с которыми они встречаются по дороге, вполне могли бы лечь в основу остросюжетного фильма.

Фото - Опасный путь в школу детишек из китайского селения Генгуан.

Например, путь в школу детишек из китайского селения Генгуан наполовину пролегает через узкие уступы и тесные тоннели, вырезанные в скалах. Некоторые дорожки находятся у самого обрыва, при этом их ширина едва достигает полуметра. Нужно отметить, что родители местных школьников ещё могут быть относительно спокойны за своих детей, поскольку по пути к "храму знаний" за ними присматривает инструктор.

Фото - Маленький житель индонезийского селения Бату Бусук на пути в школу.

В других местах земного шара детишки смело проделывают ещё более сложный путь в одиночку. Так, например, школьники из индонезийского селения Бату Бусук ежедневно проходят по канату, натянутому над рекой на высоте 10 метров. Это не единственное приключение на их пути: после этого им приходится идти ещё 14 километров через лес.

Фото - Путь в школу жителей Филиппинских островов.

На Филиппинах ученики начальных классов используют автомобильные шины, чтобы пересечь реку и добираются до школы. Сильные дожди и следующие за ними наводнения порой застают детей прямо на их пути к месту обучения.

Фото - Единственная возможность добраться до школы для некоторых жителей Колумбии - поездка по стальному тросу.

Некоторым выходцам из семей, обитающих прямо в джунглях Колумбии, приходится ежедневно добираться до школы по стальным тросам, расположенных в 400 метрах над грохочущей рекой Рио Негро. Длина этих тросов достигает 800 метров, и скользя по ним, дети развивают скорость до 80 километров в час.

Фото - Путь в школу через узенький подвесной мост, Китай

Young Girl, a lover of sharks

Conservationist swims with sharks

Monday, February 18, 2013
A brave conservationist in Hawaii has been filmed swimming with a great white shark. Ocean Ramsey says she started free diving at 14-years-old, and did it for the love of sharks. She says her job is like working with horses. Ms Ramsey was also brave enough to hitch a ride on the shark's dorsal fin. (There is a video on Youtube)

Running in Indonesia!

Hello to Everyone from the Portal!

There are many reasons for the Revolt in Egypt, but the most important and the most hidden one is to create a Bigger Portal for the entering of Negative races esp. for the Draconians! To create a Bigger Portal you need prolonged human emotions and plenty of it! That's why 18 days (which is 3-6-9 energy) for the whole event was chosen at the end of 30 years of ruling of the same person (another Draconian?) and in the country, which was famous for their ancient Reptilian civilizations on Earth!
Lots of Negative races want to get with us to the 5th Level of Consciousness, because their Empire has been crumbling: the physical bodies of their Planets are imploding into Nebulas and the physical bodies of their Suns are turning into Supernovas!
The physical body of Betelgeuse (their second biggest Sun) is just about to implode! But the Souls of these Planets and Suns move into non- physical 4th Level of Consciousness to mix with others: nothing is wasted or dying! The populations of these ruined Planets has been  seeking other places to move to according to the Beings' vibration! Some Beings in Reptilian/Sirian and in other Negatives races have reached higher vibration by mixing with Positive races in places like Earth and they have a good chance to reach the required Frequency! There is nothing bad about it from the point of view of our Universe and you need to start thinking the way our Unverse is thinking: put yourself in the place of the Universe sometimes and you will understand things differently! This process is working in both directions! For years the Negative races have been entering Earth in huge groups through the Portals, created by them to stay here on Earth and mix with the locals! And the same has been happening with us (behind our back): many of us have these negative personalities, because our Higher Selves made sure that at least one (or more) of our personalities would enter Draconian, Reptilian, Sirian, Grey etc. bodies to live in it and to experience what it's like to be one of them! This way your, more Balanced, Energy has been changing their societies into more Balanced ones and this is what our Universe wants: more Organized, Balanced Energy! And the life in a Reptilian/Sirian/Grey body is not a picnic: at the beginning it will drive you crazy, because pure Negative energy is so foreign for us! And the same happens to them: they are going crazy when they are trying to mix with us, with our Positive energy!
To speed up the process of mixing these opposite energies together for more Balance, the movie "Avatar" was made! And there are millions of real-life Avatars in Australia and South-East Asia alone, not to mention in the whole World! I am not surprised that one of the main characters was played by an Australian and
I am not surprised that this movie is so popular though it doesn't portray the full reality!
At least one of my personalities is a Reptilian, the same is happening to our son Robert and I managed to take picture of that foreign personality! For many years George and I have been collecting experiences of what it's like to live with a Negatively charged Being, which nearly drove us insane! But if you win that battle of adjusting to the Negative Energy, you would have a 360 degrees vision, you will have more Balance inside yourself, you will be closer to becoming an Androgynous! To achieve other things will be nothing for you and the most precious ability you will gain is the ability to Love and Understand the needs of our Universe! This is what Robert Monroe called  Human+, it is when you are combining your own knowledge, experiences and emotions with the knowledge and experience of Draconians or other Negative races and that's TOUGH! I can give you a good example: take for instance the actor Charlie Sheen. He is bored to death when he is sober and I don't blame him, because I felt like that for many years (but I doubt that drugs or alcohol will help me or any member of my family)! Charlie Sheen is in that stage of melding with Negative races and he uses drugs and alcohol to help him, and, of course, sometimes you're becoming wild!
So what! Everybody sometimes becomes wild: what do you expect?! And the same drugs and alcohol helps many people to get through that ordeal of  melding! Don't be afraid of Draconians/Reptilians, try to put yourself into their position (I am talking about ordinary Reptilians and not about their Queen) and with invisible help from your Higher Self you will achieve the Top! Good Luck in your Endeavour!

You grow new personalities during your life here like branches on a tree and you can do it with one Earth life only! I am a good example of that: I had only one life on Earth and I've grown more than 300 Personalities (Alters), but not without Pain! But at the end of the day you will collect all your personalities in one big bunch and join it with the highest and the most precious part of you, the one you were born with: your Original Soul! And when it's done you merge with your Higher Self on the lowest, 5th level of Consciousness (there are groups of your Higher Self on every higher level like 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th levels of Consciousness), but that's another story!
There are already millions of Human+ on this Earth and there will be more! The same applies to the Suns and Planets: they need to become Sun+ and Planet+  too! Our Earth and our Sun have already achieved it and are called Earth+ and Sun+ . They have both Energies: Positive and Negative, but there are still billions of Suns and Planets in our Universe, which have not reached that! They are still either 100% positive or 100% negative ones and that wouldn't do! That is not the desire of our Great Being, our Universe! They either need to blend with the opposite Energy or they are Goner from our Universe! And that is the real meaning of Human +, a cross (plus +): to merge 2 opposite Energies, to cross them! But don't mix it with the religious cross, which has one part longer, than the other one! No part in that sign (cross or plus +) 
should be longer: that would cause Dis-balance! Religious cross has the meaning to subjugate, to dominate others by Negative Energy, not to be equal with each other!
As you know, we live in Multiverse. It means many, many Universes, and each one is alive Great Being! That means that we live among Great Beings and help them when they need it! Eventually, all our Higher Selves would have to combine their Forces for the most important Event in December 2013: the Moment of Completion of the Transition of our Universe to the Higher, Non-Physical Level and that is the Violet, 5th Level of Consciousness! 
There is more on: Home Page

Американка (64 года) за 53 часа доплыла от Кубы до Флориды

2013 » Сентябрь » 4
64-летняя спортсменка плыла без защитной клетки от акул. Американка Дайана Найад переплыла пролив Флориды, преодолев более 160 км от Кубы до побережья США, сообщает УНН. со ссылкой на агентство Reuters. 64-летняя спортсменка плыла без защитной клетки от акул. Расстояние в 160 км она преодолела за 53 часа. Читайте также: Американская пловчиха снова штурмует Флоридский пролив. Это была ее пятая попытка.
Впервые женщина пыталась преодолеть 177 км 35 лет назад. На протяжении маршрута Д.Найад сопровождали около 35 человек, среди них врачи, ответственные за поддержание физической формы спортсменов, специалисты, отгоняющие электроразрядами акул и других морских хищников, а также водолазы, убирающие с пути американки медуз.

French swimmer around the World

77-летняя бабуля стала чемпионкой мира по прыжкам с шестом

Познакомьтесь с Дороти МакЛеннан, удивительной пенсионеркой, занимающейся прыжками с шестом и являющейся действующим чемпионом мира по прыжкам с шестом, семиборью и спринту в возрасте 77 лет. Бывший банковский клерк Дороти МакЛеннан завоевала десятки золотых медалей и установила множество мировых рекордов с того момента, когда она профессионально занялась легкой атлетикой, а это в 50 лет. И в то время, когда многие ее сверстники предпочитают сидеть с чашкой чая перед телевизором, Дороти три дня в неделю посещает тренажерный зал в рамках подготовки к своему следующему чемпионату мира. Дороти, выиграла так много золотых медалей, что уже сбилась со счета. В подготовке программы женщине помогает ее сын и он же тренер - Стивен. Пенсионерка принимала участие на каждом World Masters European Masters, начиная с 1991 года. На каждом из них Дороти завоевывала, как минимум одну медаль. Она говорит, что у нее по меньшей мере 42 медали и, как минимум, 35 из них - золотые. В возрасте 70 лет бодрая пенсионерка выиграла золотую медаль в семиборье на чемпионате European Masters в Польше в 2006 году. Несмотря на то, что ей уже почти 80 лет, Дороти теперь приняла решение участвовать в забеге на 100 метровой дистанции и надеется побить рекорд на чемпионате British Masters, который состоится в конце февраля. "Люди всегда очень удивляются, когда я говорю им, что прыгаю с шестом и занимаюсь бегом, но я не вижу, что тут необычного. Я люблю занятия спортом, это помогает мне держать себя в форме и оставаться здоровой", - рассказывает Дороти. Дороти решила заняться легкой атлетикой профессионально в середине 1980-х годов после того, как увидела 80-летнего мужчину, участвовавшего в марафоне. Теперь она тратит до девять часов в неделю на тренировки в легкоатлетическом центре.
"Я не занималась спортом с детства и мне пришлось много работать, чтобы достичь успеха", - сказала она.
После того, как Дороти купила пару кроссовок, она начала бег трусцой вокруг квартала. Но когда она стала бегать больше, она решила присоединиться к клубу легкой атлетики, где кто-то предложил ей попробовать заняться прыжками с шестом. Чтобы участвовать в соревнованиях, женщина путешествует по всему миру, от Австралии и Японии до Америки,а также по большинству стран Европе."

Woman climbs Everest twice in a week

Thursday, February 28, 2013
A young Nepalese woman has entered the record books after climbing Mount Everest twice in the same week. Twenty-nine-year-old Chhurim Sherpa scaled the 8,850m (29,035ft) peak on May 12 and 19 last year, but her achievement has only now been officially recognised by Guinness World Records. Ms Chhurim's certificate, confirming her as the first woman to climb Everest twice in the same season, was presented to her by Nepal's tourism minister Posta Bahadur Bogati. Despite her remarkable feat, achieved with only a couple of days of rest at base camp in between ascents, Ms Chhurim is not yet ready to give up climbing. 'Everest is the first of the highest mountains that I have climbed, but I will continue mountaineering and hope to scale more peaks,' she said.  

Aussie mates reach the South Pole

Saturday, December 31, 2011 http://bigpondnews.com/articles/OddSpot/2011/12/31/Aussie_mates_reach_the_South_Pole_702397.html

They've reached the South Pole, now Australian adventurers James Castrission and Justin Jones are in a hurry to catch the last flight out of the continent ahead of winter storms. But first they have to ski 1100 kilometres back to the coast.
The duo, who set out to be the first to trek to the South Pole and back again unsupported, planted an Australian flag at the bottom of the world about 7am (AEST) on Saturday. The achievement came 61 days after pulling 160 kilograms of gear through 1150km of 'incredible white expanses' and 'blizzard after blizzard,' Castrission told AAP via a satellite phone on Saturday morning. The blizzards meant they reached the halfway mark of their journey some ten days later than anticipated, resulting in a rationing of food supplies and just 28 days to ski another 1100 kilometres back to the coast.
If they don't make it in time, they'll miss the last flight of the season out of the icy continent. 'We'll have to average close to a marathon a day just to get back,' Castrission said. 'It's a real race against the clock. We don't know if we are going to make it, but we are going to give it everything we've got.' Both men beefed up by about 20 kilograms each in preparation for the gruelling trip, and were eating the calorie equivalent of 15 beef burgers a day until a delay in reaching the South Pole forced them to ration their food supplies. 'We're down to half rations so it's really going to be quite a difficult journey to get back,' Castrission said. He estimated the pair had lost 15kg each since setting out on the expedition, and their clothes had consequently become loose. Jones, 28, was constantly complaining of hunger, and wouldn't stop talking about the decent steak and beer he intended tucking into when he got home, to replace the energy replacement powder and nuts the men were surviving on in the meantime. He had also endured considerable pain from several toes that had become infected.
In 2008, Castrission and Jones, who have been best mates since attending Sydney's Knox Grammar, made history by becoming the first people to kayak from Australia to New Zealand.
Castrission may have been pining for warmer conditions when he said the Antarctic expedition had made the Tasman trip seem like 'a family holiday' in comparison. 'This place has really ripped us apart,' he said. 'It really has been the hardest we've ever had to push ourselves.' Soaking up the sun on a beach back home was often on his mind, and he couldn't wait to see his fiance, dietitian Mia Ballenden, whom he plans to marry on a beach in Thailand in early 2012.
But there were unexpected rewards associated with being at the bottom of the world. The duo, who set out to be the first to trek to the South Pole and back again unsupported, planted an Australian flag at the bottom of the world about 7am today. On Saturday morning the sky was blue and there was 'a beautiful circular rainbow' that went 'all the way around the sun,' Castrission said...It appear there was a Double Sun, he added. 'We're low on food, we're low on fuel, our bodies are definitely hurting,' he said. 'But there isn't anywhere in the world I'd prefer to be right now. We're stoked."

James Castrission and Justin Jones

'Crossing the Ditch': Excerpt from the 'Crossing the Ditch' Documentary
http://www.crossingtheditch.com.au/index.php?option=com_content&view=section&layout=blog&id=15&Itemid=3  (Aug. 2018 update- this link now fails to connect to its website! In Russian: Адрес видео или сайта не работает больше!)

Австралийка выжила после падения с 111-метровой высоты

Инцидент произошел 31 декабря минувшего года в Замбии, но о нем стало известно только теперь. Эрин Лэнгворти решила совершить прыжок с водопада Виктория, все бы ничего, вот только в самый ответственный момент трос тарзанки порвался. 22-летнюю туристку понесло вниз по течению, ей удалось под водой освободить ноги, добраться до берега и уже там дожидаться помощи. Она сама до сих пор не верит, что ей удалось выжить, ведь река Замбези, по которой ее несло, полна порогов, кроме того, в ней обитают крокодилы. Австралийка отделалась испугом, порезами и легкими ушибами. Она называет свое спасение чудом.


Human+through a Waterfall in Mexico!

Rafa Ortiz, a Human+ plunged into a Waterfall in Mexico!

Rafa Ortiz

Banana Water Fall Mexico     Banana Water Fall Mexico

Rafa Ortiz

Thursday, December 30, 2010

The moment a kayaker plunged down a 128-foot waterfall and emerged with just a scratch
This is the jaw-dropping moment a lone kayaker decided to really take the plunge plummeting down a 128-foot waterfall. The waterfall is called Big Banana due to the numerous banana plantations in the region.
Kayak legend Rafa Ortiz was caught on camera tackling the enormous Big Banana Falls, in Mexico, by extreme sports photographer Lucas Gilman.
Lucas and Rafa trekked through five miles of steaming jungle and dangerous drug growing cartels to reach the breath-taking falls with Rafa's only intention being to jump off them. Rafa Ortiz is the first known kayaker to drop the 128.6-foot tall Big Banana Waterfall on the Rio Alseseca in Veracruz, Mexico. Beside the swirling whirlpool at the bottom of the falls Lucas had the job of capturing the moment Rafa made his dizzying descent.
In just seconds Rafa's tiny kayak can be seen bursting out through the water before the heart-stopping dive to the water. Miraculously he got through the whole stunt with just a scratch, for which he needed three stitches, and a black eye. Photographer Lucas, from Colorado, Denver, has followed extreme sports all over the world, but he said this was one of the most challenging shoots ever.
Using two cameras, one horizontal and one vertical, he had just one chance to capture the perfect shot.
He said: 'It was not like I could say to Rafa, 'do you mind climbing up 128 foot again and doing that again'.
'It's not just a question of that, it's also obviously extremely dangerous, if he comes down any other way than the right way the chances are he will be seriously injured or even be killed.
'I just seconds to get the right shot and luckily I got it.'
Lucas was photographing Rafa, who is a Red Bull freestyle kayaker and one of only four people in the world to tackle a plus 100-foot waterfall, as part of an expedition to one of the remotest regions of Mexico.
He said: 'It took us five days to get to the falls and the jungle wasn't the only thing we had to worry about, the area is heavily used by drug dealers to grow marajuana.
'I have been all over the world following extreme sports from India to Africa and Australia, and I'm always planning my next adventure.'
Lucas captured the amazing action on his camera, a Nikon D3S.  Gilman took this photo showing a dozen frames of Rush Sturges' sgoing down the Runs 90+ foot tall Lower Tomata Falls ns in Veracruz, Mexico - and losing his paddle part way down.  Lucas Gilman has also photographed other extreme kayakers, like Pat Keller dropping Upper Lewis falls in Washington State, left, and Evan Garcia drops the 101-foot tall Metlako in Oregon.


Humans+ are sleeping high above next to the rocky wall

Humans+ are sleeping high above next to the rocky wall

Humans+ are sleeping high above next to the rocky wall

Humans+ are sleeping high above next to the rocky wall

Humans+ are sleeping high above next to the rocky wall

Humans+ are sleeping high above next to the rocky wall

Humans+ are sleeping high above next to the rocky wall

Skydive from the edge of space

Felix Baumgartner, a balloon jumper

Felix Baumgartner, a balloon jumper


Felix Baumgartner has jumped off landmarks, fallen across the English Channel, and is now ready to go where man has truly never gone before.
Baumgartner says he'll launch himself out of a hot air balloon from 36 kilometres up in the air, four times the height of Mount Everest.
He will be jumping from the very edge of space. On the way down he is hopes to break the speed of sound.
Baumgartner will face temperatures of -100 degrees.
Saturday, January 23, 2010 » 09:11am

36.5 km Jump, Felix Baumgartner, 2012

133 people are jumping together

Snowboarding in the Sun, Australia!

Snowboarding in the Sun, Australia 2010!

Snowboarding in the Sun, Australia!

Snowboarding in the Sun, Australia!

Snowboarding in the Sun, Australia!

Snowboarding in the Sun, Australia!

Skying in the Sun, Australia!

Skying in the Sun, Australia!

Skiing in the Sun, Australia!

Skying in the Sun, Australia!

Skiing in the Sun, Australia!



Human+in Costa Rica!

Human+ in Costa Rica!







Human Power!

Human Power!


Human Power!

Human - Plus!

Human - Plus!







Robert Monroe wrote a few pages about the meaning of Pain, about his own experiences with Pain and here are a few pages about it from "Far Journeys", Chapter 9, Rainbow route, p. 109-112:


Now I remember! I was very young, playing out in front of the house before a thunderstorm . . . the lightning hit a power pole near the

street, not me, my father told me . . . the concussion or something stunned me . . . and he carried me up to the front porch. I was all right
in a few minutes . . . but the rest of it, I had forgotten completely, even now I just remember the knowing, not the details . . .

(A glimpse of who you are before you undertake the human experience. How it took place is not important Such momentary recall occurs frequently during the physical process but is obscured and discarded amid the more immediate consistent impact of physical information input. Yet the event is retained, below the surface of consciousness, and therefore affects your subsequent action. It is significant that thenceforth you did not fear lightning and thunder, as you call it, but found pleasure in such manifestation. This is one effect of such pre-human recall brought near your physical conscious level. Another, more cogent, was the subtle alteration in your physical life process that led you unknowingly to your present state.)

I hope that doesn't mean that everyone has to get almost struck by lightning to begin to wake up. It wouldn't be a very popular method . . .

(Most such events are so gentle as to remain unnoticed. Yet they are there 
if recall is necessary. We have another episode for you, if you desire it.) 
How could I forget these things! . . . Yes, yes.

(Here is another area of your perception that is a part of the emergence you have long forgotten. It is completely your own. We do no more than assist you in your recall.)


. . . I want to hear the music . . . I want to hear the special music. . . I know how to make the Victrola play the music because I learned

how, I learned how just from watching, and then she watched me show her how I could play it, then she said I could play it but I had to be real careful so I don't break the records . . . so I'm not being bad if I play it . . . I pull the chair over close to the Victrola so I can stand on it and put the record in the top . . . I have to lift up the heavy lid, but I do it . . .I turn the shiny crank in the side, more and more until it won't crank any more, but I don't crank it after that because it might break the spring. . . then I open the front doors of the Victrola, and there is my special music record on the first shelf just where I left it . . . pull the record out and be real careful to don't break it, and put it up on top. Then I climb up on the chair. I pull the paper cover off the record and put the record on the wheel . . . then I put the shiny fat arm part with the sharp needle in it down real careful on the edge of the black record . . . now everything is ready . . . I move the little shiny finger and the wheel with the black record on it starts moving, and I hurry down off the chair to where the music is . . . the music starts coming out of the Victrola and I feel real quiet, so I close my eyes . . . it is blank for a long time as I listen to the music, but then I feel a surge way down at the bottom of me, and it feels like tingling when my foot goes to sleep, but it doesn't hurt, it feels good, and with it I hear raining, just like rain on the roof, but it comes and goes. . . and the music gets so soft I can't hear it anymore . . . then it's
quiet and I can't hear or feel anything . . . there it is again, coming up from the bottom of me more, the tingle and the rain surge, and it feels
better than anything I ever felt . . . and I wait for it to happen again . . . here it comes again, stronger and bigger, and it feels so good it starts
to hurt, but I don't mind the hurt because it feels so good . . . then it fades away again . . . I know it's coming back, and it does . . . much,
much stronger and bigger, up through me, the best and happiest feeling I could ever have, so happy I want to cry, and the hurt is so strong it's cutting me right up the middle in two pieces . . . then it goes back again, down out the bottom of me, and I know that there is nothing,
nothing nicer I will ever feel than what just was, no hurt could hurt more than what I just felt . . . and I feel it rising again and I don't think I
could stand it if it was any stronger, but there it is getting bigger and stronger, the good, good, good tingle and the rain roar and the hurt so
hard, coming right up to my head, terrible, terrible sharp hurt . . . this is so good and so hurting there can't ever be anything that feels so good and hurts so much, never never . . . then it starts to go away and I know that I will always remember this bright, bright good and the big, big hurt and nothing will ever be as good or hurt so much . . . but there it comes again, no, no! . . . I can't stand it again, I can't, I can't! The good makes me cry, it's so good, and the hurt makes me cry, it hurts so much, it can't be more than the one before, it was the biggest there is, it can't be any bigger, the good and the hurt . . . but it is, and I scream with joy and pain and I know this is the greatest of all there is, the exquisite joy, beauty, that transcends any thought or consciousness . . . that the pain is merely the anguish of physical structure attempting to contain energy beyond the ability to do so, that one day I will experience it again without the pain because I will understand better, one day it will take place, the great glory of . . . I feel hands picking me up and I am crying a little, not too much, and I open my eyes and raise my head. The music in the Victrola has stopped and she, my mother, is looking at me and saying something . . .


. . . Yes, yes, I remember what a great privilege I felt it was to have been given permission to play the Victrola, and I proudly never broke a

single record . . . symphonies, operas my mother liked, plus some saxophone jazz records the college student who roomed upstairs gave me, which I played when no one was listening but me . . . and I remember the same sequence when going under anesthesia before surgery, the identical pattern . . .

(The acceptance of pain as a condition of joy is the symbol of conflict within physical life existence. The pattern of the present is not consistent with the promise of the future as you perceive it within time-space illusion. A conflict of realities, from your aspect.)

I remember so well ... if that is the joy, I will take the pain again, if I can stand it ...

(It is not necessary. Your present consciousness now has a beginning point of reference. It is possible for you to perceive the destination of the rays of pure energy you have called loosh/love as it penetrates into your Earth space in several segments of what you call time. We will assist you in your placement within the event. The delineation, the decision to distinguish must be yours solely. Are you ready to do this?)

I don't know positively what I will be looking for, but I will never forget again. If that is what I seek, I will find it."

Here is an extract from Monroe's "Ultimate Journey" p. 173-174:

"...My friend, we have so much of this bonding built up to take us to infinity and through it. We take it with us as we go. It is the major energy base for our intellect. What you now perceive as love clarifies, not stultifies (to cause to appear ridiculous). It incorporates both pain and pleasure; it is the union of opposites to create a whole.
And you found plenty of love this lifetime, once you dispensed with your illusions.
There must be a tremendous amount of experience stored here, in you . . . in us. How many lifetimes are there?
A thousand perhaps, or more. We stopped counting long ago. Every possible situation is here, every emotion. There is nothing you can encounter in an Earth life that isn't stored here . . . in fifty different ways..."

Pain has an abstract nature: you can feel it, but you can't see it. In his September 2009 talk at the conference Alex Collier was talking about the
holographicmore balanced Cosciousness Structure we need to create to counteract negative Holographic Consciousness Structure. One of the women in the audience said, that we, humans, have been already creating such a more balanced Holographic Human Consciousness Structure, which includes our Knowledge and our Experiences. I would like to add that this Structure also includes our Emotions and our Pain and it doesn't matter if one had more pain and the other one had less of it (how much pain is decided by an individual Higher Self). All pain/emotions/knowledge/experiences go into one bowl into one Holographic Structure of our New planet Earth!
We all are against any kind of pain and that doesn't need an explanation of why. But inspite of our wishes, we still go through a lot of pain and with time become wiser because of the pain we've experienced. Looks like pain makes us wiser. It also looks like our Total Self doesn't share our desire to avoid pain at all costs if we still exposed to pain of all kind physical and non-physical. Negative emotions seems to add to physical pain. I, personally, went through a lot of pian in my life and it's still not over!
Robert Monroe wrote also about the Pain he had to endure to get higher and higher in vibration, to get to see the Emitter of the Rays of the Highest level, (M)Field, which are spreading life in the Universe, to experience and describe things, which only rare people could see and describe. I, personally, don't have these kind of experiences or if I do, the memory of them is very well buried in my subconscious mind.
There are some relevant thoughts on the subject of Pain from the book by Bayard Stockton "Catapult: The Biography of Robert A.Monroe", p.161-162:

" Nancy (R.Monroe's wife) frowns, "When he's sick (Bob), he's a roaring bear. I do what I have to, then get out of his way. But really, he's mad at himself for being ill to the point of being in bed."
Monroe has had four major surgeries since he and Nancy met and married. In 1970, with a week intervening, he had two endartarectomies at Baylor University in Texas. In April, 1981 he underwent a bypass operation of the sub-clavian artery. Nancy itemizes: "Those two carotid artery operations at Baylor were very painful. He swears he won't have another arteriogram." In March, 1982 he was notified of an aortic aneurism and again underwent agonizing surgery, which "ripped me open from stem to stern."
Nancy continues, "In his last two surgeries, he came to, on the opening table, and if you don't think that gave the anaesthesiologist a shock! He throws off drugs (medications). His local traffic body can't handle his local traffic drugs."   
Someone asked him why he didn't go OOB (out-of-body) during surgery. Bob answered, "If I did, I'd never come back to this cauldron of fire."
In 1982 siege "was the hardest operation, believe me. What kept me going was the knowledge that this was part of the experience. That awareness was the only thing that held me through the exquisite pain (intense)."
It is a remarkably philosophical, calm statement covering a truly traumatic passage.
"That kind of pain only programs you for the same kind of pressure you feel in other realities. There are other kinds of things you feel at a different level, which prepare you, so you can handle situations as a non-human does."
Bob Monroe's heart misses a beat at times.
"When the skip-beat first started, it caused me some concern. I'd sit there and wait: I could feel my blood pressure and circulation going down. I'd say to myself, 'When is it going to beat again?'
Now Bob pushes his physical self into a jump-start: "I say, 'Go!', and it goes. If it's going to start up again, it will."...I prefer to call the Total Self."
Rolling Thunder has some experience of pain, too. "These things are the price we have to pay, sometimes. Nothing comes free. It's my choice, and sometimes I have to pay heavy...I'm also interested in how to handle these things...Every case of sickness and pain has its reason. And it's always a price that's being paid, either for something past or for something future. But that doesn't mean we're not supposed to do something about sickness and pain. The important thing is to know how these things work. Modern doctors-most of them- don't seem to understand that. A medicine's man (and woman, LM) job is to ook into these things. We know that everything is the result of something and the cause of something else...Sometimes a certain sickness or pain is meant to be because it's the best possible price for something; you make that to go away and the price becomes greater. The person himself may not know it, but his spirit knows it...Physical troubles have all kinds of reasons...but they all start on the spiritual level..."
Monroe's comment  is complementary: "You maybe subjected to an experience which seems to be destructive or injurous, but, in fact, is constructive and beneficial, because of what you learn from it. It can be a physical or a mental trial."

I also posted a few extracts
from Bob's books about experience of Pain and Pleasure on the link devoted to R.Monroe on this website or in his videos on Youtube or you can find this kind of info in his books yourself. Here is one of them from Robert Monroe's "Far Journeys", p.111-112:
"(The acceptance of pain as a condition of joy is the symbol of conflict within physical life existence. The pattern of the present is not consistent with the promise of the future as you perceive it within time-space illusion. A conflict of realities, from your aspect.)
I remember so well ... if that is the joy, I will take the pain again, if I can stand it ...
(It is not necessary. Your present consciousness now has a beginning point of reference. It is possible for you to perceive the destination of the rays of pure energy you have called loosh/love as it penetrates into your earth space in several segments of what you call time. We will assist you in your placement within the event. The delineation, the decision to distinguish must be yours solely. Are you ready to do this?)
I don't know positively what I will be looking for, but I will never forget again. If that is what I seek, I will find it."
Now I would like you to read some thoughts about this painful subject from the books of Dolores Cannon. "Convoluted Universe", book 2, p.256:
"R (Robert-the client)... This is learning process. For the human body to change, one needs to understand that the elements, which humanity chose, were not through learning through love, but learning through angst (anxiety, fear) and energy.
And angst and energy create a disposal of unwanted energy, which creates, in the end, pain. So pain is the point of learning. Pain is the point of evolvement and stretching to the point of understanding. So therefore, pain is the point of learning..."

I guess we can only understand that, when we become just observers of our lives without physical bodies. Here is an extract explaining the role of the creative energy called "emotion" in this Planetary Game from R.Monroe's "Far Journeys", p.202-203:

". . . it's the wildest bunch of games inside of games. . . With, uh, rules on top of rules that get so mixed up you don't have
any percept at all of which game you’re playing. Then they get so busy playing so many games they forget it is a game, the whole thing. Even why they’re playing it and how they got in it to start...
Where's the fun! Why play a game if you don't have fun playing it! All those humans in there, I didn’t get a percept of just one having fun.
Bill: They do part of the time, and some but not many most of the time, and very few all of the time, but they're hard to find. Your broad percept missed these fine edges.
BB : There's one other thing...This other part that messes up the M Band so badly . . . the scratchy stuff. RAM (Robert A. Monroe) called it emotion. I don't have the least percept of that. He puts it I have to be human.
Bill: Emotion is the points, the score...Emotion is what makes the game seem so wild, but it is the game, the one game in which all other games are played. The others
feed score to the big game in the form of emotional energy. The big game is to control and develop this emotional energy to its most effective condition, which is vaguely set by us humans as love, until we graduate.The more we score, the more fun it becomes. Most of us here—where you are now—we spend our energy going in to help other humans, however and wherever we can, to improve their score—and so have more fun."

And more about the Game and its Rules from the same source, p.139:

"Do you know what they're going through over there (on Earth)?
(Well, I . . .)
Untold suffering. Millions upon millions of them, lying and deceiving one another, violating every known law, including the ones they thought up themselves, illusion upon illusion, digging deeper and deeper patterns . . . It's horrible..."

p.7- 8 from "Between Death and Life" by Dolores Cannon:

D for Dolores; S for the name of the client.
D: But you said you have to come back sometime (to have another life on Earth, LM). How do you know that?
S: I was weak. I should have been able to tolerate the pain. I must learn to better withstand it. I could have stayed if I hadn't been so weak. I'm glad I can't remember the pain. I know I need to go back and I must become complete, whole (and with enough experiences as the gifts, LM). Pain is one thing I must overcome. I must overcome all the pains of the world.   
D: But experiencing pain is very human and it's always difficult to do when you are in the body. From the side you are on now (the spirit side of 4th D), it's easier to look at it in a different way. Do you think that's a lesson you want to learn?
S: I will, yes. It takes me awhile sometimes, but I can do anything. I think I should have been stronger. I would have done better, but I think I had a lot of fear from the ilness I had when I was a child. I was afraid that it would be as bad. And...I gave up.
Pain...when you deal with the higher conscious level of your mind and remove yourself to the pure light and a pure thought, the pain ceases to be. Pain is only a lesson. When we learn about pain on the human level, we get frantic and show outward concern for just the moment. By removing ourselves and concentrating and reaching deep and having patience, we can rise above it.

D: Does pain have a purpose? S: Pain is a teaching tool. Sometimes it is used to humble certain people. Sometimes a haughty spirit can be brought down and taught to be more gracious through suffering. It may teach them that they must eventually learn to rise above the pain, and then they can deal with it. Sometimes just understanding pain and why we have it, lessens the pain. D: But like you said, people become frantic and they think they can't handle it.
S: They become too self-centered. They need to rise above their own interests and what they are feeling at the moment to a more spiritual level and then they can deal with it. Now, some people, they bring the pain on because it's a shelter. They may have the pain as an excuse or as an "out", and that's the purpose. It varies with an individual. What is Pain? It cannot touch you if you don't let it. If you admit that you will hurt, you are giving power to pain. Do not give it power. It's unnecessary to feel it. It's all connected to man. Reach into your spirit, your higher mind (higher self), it has no hold on you.
D: People can separate themselves from pain?
S: Of course, if they want to. They don't always want to (most of them don't know how and don't know that it's possible, LM). They want the sympathy and self-punishment and all sorts of things...They must find a way for themselves because they wouldn't believe it if you told them there was an easier way. They have to figure it out on their own. That part of the lessons that get you there."

"...the separation of the body and soul (at death) during this time of pain.
D: But the actual death itself, the leaving of the body, is that painful?
S: No. The transition is one of the ease rather than of duress. Pain comes from the body. The spirit feels no pain except remorse. that is really the only pain that a spitit can feel. A feeling that they could have done something ... more. This is painful. But physical pain no longer has meaning because that was left with the body.
D: Is it possible to leave the body before actual death occurs and let the body suffer the pain?
S: Yes. The person has that choice, whether or not they want to stay there and go through it or they want to leave and just watch. That is an option that is open to everyone..."


Here is a tremendous information about the meaning and handling Pain, given to us by a talanted writer Carlos Castaneda from one of his books "The Fire From Within", p.20-30, the chapter is called "Petty Tyrants" (2nd part). You might recognize your own situation at home or at work or elsewhere!

86-летняя бабушка-гимнастка удивила весь мир
86-летняя гимнастка поднимает в зрительном зале бурю оваций исполнением сложных кульбитов на брусьях.

Petty Tyrants

"The Spaniards were the petty tyrants who tested the seers' skills to the limit; after dealing with the conquerors, the seers were capable of facing anything. They were the lucky ones. At that time there were petty tyrants everywhere.
"After all those marvelous years of abundance things changed a great deal. Petty tyrants never again had that scope; it was only during those times that their authority was unlimited. The perfect ingredient for the making of a superb seer is a petty tyrant with unlimited prerogatives.
"In our times, unfortunately, seers have to go to extremes to find a worthy one. Most of the time they have to be satisfied with very small fry."
"Did you find a petty tyrant yourself, don Juan?"
"I was lucky. A king-size one found me. At the time, though, I felt like you; I couldn't consider myself fortunate."
Don Juan said that his ordeal began a few weeks before he met his benefactor. He was barely twenty years old at the time. He had gotten a job at a sugar mill working as a laborer. He had always been very strong, so it was easy for him to get jobs that required muscle. One day when he was moving some heavy sacks of sugar a woman came by. She was very well dressed and seemed to be a woman of means. She was perhaps in her fifties, don Juan said, and very domineering. She looked at don Juan and then spoke to the foreman and left. Don Juan was then approached by the foreman, who told him that for a fee he would recommend him for a job in the boss's house. Don Juan told the man that he had no money. The foreman smiled and said not to worry because he would have plenty on payday. He patted don Juan's back and assured him it was a great honor to work for the boss.
Don Juan said that being a lowly ignorant Indian living hand-to-mouth, not only did he believe every word, he thought a good fairy had touched him. He promised to pay the foreman anything he wished. The foreman named a large sum, which had to be paid in installments.
Immediately thereafter the foreman himself took don Juan to the house, which was quite a distance from the town, and left him there with another foreman, a huge, somber, ugly man who asked a lot of questions. He wanted to know about don Juan's family. Don Juan answered that he didn't have any. The man was so pleased that he even smiled through his rotten teeth.
He promised don Juan that they would pay him plenty, and that he would even be in a position to save money, because he didn't have to spend any, for he was going to live and eat in the house.
The way the man laughed was terrifying. Don Juan knew that he had to escape immediately. He ran for the gate, but the man cut in front of him with a revolver in his hand. He cocked it and rammed it into don Juan's stomach. "You're here to work yourself to the bone," he said. "And don't you forget it." He shoved don Juan around with a billy club. Then he took him to the side of the house and, after observing that he worked his men every day from sunrise to sunset without a break, he put don Juan to work digging out two enormous tree stumps. He also told don Juan that if he ever tried to escape or went to the authorities he would shoot him dead-and that if don Juan should ever get away, he would swear in court that don Juan had tried to murder the boss. "You'll work here until you die," he said. "Another Indian will get your job then, just as you're taking a dead Indian's place."
Don Juan said that the house looked like a fortress, with armed men with machetes everywhere. So he got busy working and tried not to think about his predicament. At the end of the day, the man came back and kicked him all the way to the kitchen, because he did not like the defiant look in don Juan's eyes. He threatened to cut the tendons of don Juan's arms if he didn't obey him. In the kitchen an old woman brought food, but don Juan was so upset and afraid that he couldn't eat. The old woman advised him to eat as much as he could. He had to be strong, she said, because his work would never end. She warned him that the man who had held his job had died just a day earlier. He was too weak to work and had fallen from a second-story window. Don Juan said that he worked at the boss's place for three weeks and that the man bullied him every moment of every day. He made him work under the most dangerous conditions, doing the heaviest work imaginable, under the constant threat of his knife, gun, or billy club. He sent him daily to the stables to clean the stalls while the nervous stallions were in them. At the beginning of every day don Juan thought it would be his last one on earth. And surviving meant only that he had to go through the same hell again the next day. What precipitated the end was don Juan's request to have some time off. The pretext was that he needed to go to town to pay the foreman of the sugar mill the money that he owed him. The other foreman retorted that don Juan could not stop working, not even for a minute, because he was in debt up to his ears just for the privilege of working there. Don Juan knew that he was done for. He understood the man's maneuvers. Both he and the other foreman were in cahoots to get lowly Indians from the mill, work them to death, and divide their salaries. That realization angered him so intensely that he ran through the kitchen screaming and got inside the main house. The foreman and the other workers were caught totally by surprise. He ran out the front door and almost got away, but the foreman caught up with him on the road and shot him in the chest. He left him for dead. Don Juan said that it was not his destiny to die; his benefactor found him there and tended him until he got well
"When I told my benefactor the whole story," don Juan said, "he could hardly contain his excitement. That foreman is really a prize, ' my benefactor said. 'He is too good to be wasted. Someday you must go back to that house. '
"He raved about my luck in finding a one-in-a-million petty tyrant with almost unlimited power. I thought the old man was nuts. It was years before I fully understood what he was talking about."
"That is one of the most horrible stories I have ever heard," I said. "Did you really go back to that house?"
"I certainly did, three years later. My benefactor was right. A petty tyrant like that one was one in a million and couldn't be wasted."
"How did you manage to go back?"
"My benefactor developed a strategy using the four attributes of warriorship: control, discipline, forbearance, and timing."
Don Juan said that his benefactor, in explaining to him what he had to do to profit from facing that ogre of a man, also told him what the new seers considered to be the four steps on the path of knowledge. The first step is the decision to become apprentices. After the apprentices change their views about themselves and the world they take the second step and become warriors, which is to say, beings capable of the utmost discipline and control over themselves. The third step, after acquiring forbearance and timing, is to become men of knowledge. When men of knowledge learn to see they have taken the fourth step and have become seers.
His benefactor stressed the fact that don Juan had been on the path of knowledge long enough to have acquired a minimum of the first two attributes: control and discipline. Don Juan emphasized that both of these attributes refer to an inner state. A warrior is self-oriented, not in a selfish way, but in the sense of a total and continuous examination of the self. "At that time, I was barred from the other two attributes," don Juan went on. "Forbearance and timing are not quite an inner state. They are in the domain of the man of knowledge. My benefactor showed them to me through his strategy."
"Does this mean that you couldn't have faced the petty tyrant by yourself?" I asked.
"I'm sure that I could have done it myself, although I have always doubted that I would have carried it off with flair and joyfulness. My benefactor was simply enjoying the encounter by directing it. The idea of using a petty tyrant is not only for perfecting the warrior's spirit, but also for enjoyment and happiness."

"How could anyone enjoy the monster you described?"
"He was nothing in comparison to the real monsters that the new seers faced during the Conquest.
(Looks like those monsters were Reptillian Shapeshifters, who only looked human, LM).
By all indications those seers enjoyed themselves blue dealing with them. They proved that even the worst tyrants can bring delight, provided, of course, that one is a warrior."
Don Juan explained that the mistake average men make in confronting petty tyrants is not to have a strategy to fall back on; the fatal flaw is that average men take themselves too seriously; their actions and feelings, as well as those of the petty tyrants, are all - important. Warriors, on the other hand, not only have a well-thought-out strategy, but are free from self-importance. What restrains their self-importance is that they have understood that reality is an interpretation we make. That knowledge was the definitive advantage that the new seers had over the simple-minded Spaniards.
He said that he became convinced he could defeat the foreman using only the single realization that petty tyrants take themselves with deadly seriousness while warriors do not. Following his benefactor's strategic plan, therefore, don Juan got a job in the same sugar mill as before. Nobody remembered that he had worked there in the past; peons came to that sugar mill and left it without leaving a trace. His benefactor's strategy specified that don Juan had to be solicitous of whoever came to look for another victim. As it happened, the same woman came and spotted him, as she had done years ago. This time he was physically even stronger than before. The same routine took place. The strategy, however, called for refusing payment to the foreman from the outset. The man had never been turned down and was taken aback. He threatened to fire don Juan from the job. Don Juan threatened him back, saying that he would go directly to the lady's house and see her. Don Juan knew that the woman, who was the wife of the owner of the mill, did not know what the two foremen were up to. He told the foreman that he knew where she lived, because he had worked in the surrounding fields cutting sugar cane. The man began to haggle, and don Juan demanded money from him before he would accept going to the lady's house. The foreman gave in and handed him a few bills. Don Juan was perfectly aware that the foreman's acquiescence was just a ruse to get him to go to the house.
"He himself once again took me to the house," don Juan said. "It was an old hacienda owned by the people of the sugar mill, rich men, who either knew what was going on and didn't care, or were too indifferent even to notice.
"As soon as we got there, I ran into the house to look for the lady. I found her and dropped to my knees and kissed her hand to thank her. The two foremen were livid. "The foreman at the house followed the same pattern as before. But I had the proper equipment to deal with him; I had control, discipline, forbearance, and timing. It turned out as my benefactor had planned it. My control made me fulfill the man's most asinine 9stupid) demands. What usually exhausts us in a situation like that is the wear and tear on our self-importance. Any man who has an iota of pride is ripped apart by being made to feel worthless.
"I gladly did everything he asked of me. I was joyful and strong. And I didn't give a fig about my pride or my fear. I was there as an impeccable warrior. To tune the spirit when someone is trampling on you is called control."
Don Juan explained that his benefactor's strategy required that instead of feeling sorry for himself as he had done before, he immediately went to work mapping the man's strong points, his weaknesses, his quirks of behavior.
He found that the foreman's strongest points were his violent nature and his daring. He had shot don Juan in broad daylight and in sight of scores of onlookers. His great weakness was that he liked his job and did not want to endanger it. Under no circumstances could he attempt to kill don Juan inside the compound in the daytime. His other weakness was that he was a family man. He had a wife and children who lived in a shack near the house.
"To gather all this information while they are beating you up is called discipline," don Juan said. "The man was a regular fiend. He had no saving grace. According to the new seers, a perfect petty tyrant has no redeeming (to free someone) feature."
Don Juan said that the other two attributes of warriorship, forbearance and timing, which he did not yet have, had been automatically included in his benefactor's strategy.Forbearance is to wait patiently - no rush, no anxiety - a simple, joyful holding back of what is due.
"I groveled (was humiliated) daily," don Juan continued, "sometimes crying under the man's whip. And yet I was happy. My benefactor's strategy was what made me go from day to day without hating the man's guts. I was a warrior. I knew that I was waiting and I knew what I was waiting for. Right there is the great joy of warriorship."
He added that his benefactor's strategy called for a systematic harassment of the man by taking cover with a higher order, just as the seers of the new cycle had done during the Conquest by shielding themselves with the Catholic church. A lowly priest was sometimes more powerful than a nobleman.
Don Juan's shield was the lady who got him the job. He kneeled in front of her and called her a saint every time he saw her. He begged her to give him the medallion of her patron saint so he could pray to him for her health and well - being.
"She gave me one," don Juan went on, "and that rattled the foreman to pieces. And when I got the servants to pray at night he nearly had a heart attack. I think he decided then to kill me. He couldn't afford to let me go on.
"As a countermeasure I organized a rosary among all the servants of the house. The lady thought I had the makings of a most pious (religious) man.
"I didn't sleep soundly after that, nor did I sleep in my bed. I climbed to the roof every night. From there I saw the man twice looking for me in the middle of the night with murder in his eyes.
"Daily he shoved me into the stallions' stalls hoping that I would be crushed to death, but I had a plank of heavy boards that I braced against one of the corners and protected myself behind it. The man never knew because he was nauseated by the horses-another of his weaknesses, the deadliest of all, as things turned out."
Don Juan said that timing is the quality that governs the release of all that is held back. Control, discipline, and forbearance are like a dam behind which everything is pooled. Timing is the gate in the dam.
The man knew only violence, with which he terrorized. If his violence was neutralized he was rendered nearly helpless. Don Juan knew that the man would not dare to kill him in view of the house, so one day, in the presence of the other workers but in sight of his lady as well, don Juan insulted the man. He called him a coward, who was mortally afraid of the boss's wife.
His benefactor's strategy had called for being on the alert for a moment like that and using it to turn the tables on the petty tyrant. Unexpected things always happen that way. The lowest of the slaves suddenly makes fun of the tyrant, aunts him, makes him feel ridiculous in front of significant witnesses, and then rushes away without giving the tyrant time to retaliate.
"A moment later, the man went crazy with rage, but I was already solicitously kneeling in front of the lady," he continued.
Don Juan said that when the lady went inside the house, the man and his friends called him to the back, allegedly to do some work. The man was very pale, white with anger. From the sound of his voice don Juan knew what the man was really planning to do. Don Juan pretended to acquiesce, but instead of heading for the back, he ran for the stables. He trusted that the horses would make such a racket the owners would come out to see what was wrong. He knew that the man would not dare shoot him. That would have been too noisy and the man's fear of endangering his job was too overpowering. Don Juan also knew that the man would not go where the horses were - that is, unless he had been pushed beyond his endurance.
"I jumped inside the stall of the wildest stallion," don Juan said, "and the petty tyrant, blinded by rage, took out his knife and jumped in after me. I went instantly behind my planks. The horse kicked him once and it was all over.
"I had spent six months in that house and in that period of time I had exercised the four attributes of warriorship. Thanks to them, I had succeeded. Not once had I felt sorry for myself or wept in impotence.
I had been joyful and serene. My control and discipline were as keen as they'd ever been, and I had had a firsthand view of what forbearance and timing did for impeccable warriors. And I had not once wished the man to die.

"My benefactor explained something very interesting. Forbearance means holding back with the spirit something that the warrior knows is rightfully due. It doesn't mean that a warrior goes around plotting to do anybody mischief, or planning to settle past scores. Forbearance is something independent. As long as the warrior has control, discipline, and timing, forbearance assures giving whatever is due to whoever deserves it."
"Do petty tyrants sometimes win, and destroy the warrior facing them?" I asked.
"Of course. There was a time when warriors died like flies at the beginning of the Conquest. Their ranks were decimated. The petty tyrants could put anyone to death, simply acting on a whim. Under that kind of pressure seers reached sublime (majestic) states."
Don Juan said that that was the time when the surviving seers had to exert themselves to the limit to find new ways.
"The new seers used petty tyrants," don Juan said, staring at me fixedly, "not only to get rid of their self-importance, but to accomplish the very sophisticated maneuver of moving themselves out of this world. You'll understand that maneuver as we keep on discussing the mastery of awareness."

I explained to don Juan that what I had wanted to know was whether, in the present, in our times, the petty tyrants he had called small fry could ever defeat a warrior.
"All the time," he replied. "The consequences aren't as dire as those in the remote past. Today it goes without saying that warriors always have a chance to recuperate or to retrieve and come back later. But there is another side to this problem. To be defeated by a small-fry petty tyrant is not deadly, but devastating. The degree of mortality, in a figurative sense, is almost as high. By that I mean that warriors who succumb to a small-fry petty tyrant are obliterated by their own sense of failure and unworthiness.That spells high mortality to me."
"How do you measure defeat?"
"Anyone who joins the petty tyrant is defeated. To act in anger, without control and discipline, to have no forbearance, is to be defeated."
"What happens after warriors are defeated?"

"They either regroup themselves or they abandon the quest for knowledge and join the ranks of the petty tyrants for life."

Some readers would consider me and this website a Petty Tyrant for them and maybe they need one!

Rob Harrison's photos of Earth and Sun

The Earth from above - on an amazing home-made camera - VIDEO
(Grassroots People, LM)

Rob Harrison's photo of Earth and The Pink Beam coming from the Sun, 35km from Earth

Rob Harrison's photo of Earth and The Pink Beam coming from the Sun, 35km from Earth. Can you see the same Pink tail, which is superimposed onto the Fast White Stream of Balance, coming from 11th Density through our Sun to us? In the upper centre there is a semi-transparent holographic planet. Could it be the New Earth, the Holographic structure of it? I see it on many pictures. Now I am sure that the Holographic Pink colored Beam (tail) is a fake to be superimposed and used to cover up the Moving and Pulsating narrow White Beam of Advanced Energy of 11th Density to cover the movement of it to the Sun (or to the Ball of Advanced Human Thoughts) and from the Sun (or the Ball) into the Earth!  The aim of these phony pentagons is to also cover the Pulsating Fast Movement of this Balanced Energy from 11th Density into the Earth, which fasten the vibration of the Earth and everyone on it! The most important is not the wide Pink strip on the picture, but the Moving and Pulsating narrow White Beam of Advanced Energy underneath, which I've personally seen a few times !!!

Rob Harrison's photo of Earth and Sun 35km from Earth. In the upper centre there is a semi-transparent holographic planet. Could it be the New Earth, the Holographic structure of it? I see it on many pictures.


Who needs a Space Shuttle? Amazing pictures of Earth captured by one man, a balloon and his compact camera
MOST amateur photographers content themselves with pictures of local wildlife or their families – but some amazing pictures of the Earth had experts from Nasa scratching their heads.They were taken by an amateur using the most basic of equipment – a standard camera and some duct tape.
Robert Harrison, 38, used his ingenuity and a collection of cheap parts costing just £500 to take the spectacular shots using a Canon camera which he launched to 35km – more than 20 miles – above the planet's surface on a weather balloon.The astounding views can usually only be seen from a rocket or a weather balloon because no aircraft can fly to that height.The 38-year-old IT director has launched 12 high altitude balloons since taking up his hobby in October 2008 – and before that he says he had never even picked up so much as a soldering iron.It all started when Mr Harrison, of Highburton, Huddersfield, tried to take aerial photos of his house using a remote control helicopter, which turned out to be a non-starter.But he refused to give up and researched on the internet the idea of using a meteorological balloon like the ones used by weather centres. he found reports of a Canadian man who had been taking high altitude pictures using weather balloons.He launched his first, named Icarus I, in October 2008 and it was an amazing success, taking such stunning shots of more than 1,000 miles of the Earth's surface that the American space agency Nasa got in touch.
"Nasa had heard what was happening and wanted to know how I'd done it so cheaply," he said. "People think this is something that costs millions but it doesn't. You just need a bit of technical know-how. I know nothing about electronics and what I do know, I learned from the internet. My family and friends thought I was a bit mad a first but they were suitably impressed with the results.  "The pictures speak for themselves, they put everything into perspective.''
His wife Helen, a 45-year-old web consultant, thought he had lost touch with reality when he told her of his intentions, but their children Faye, nine, Charlie, six, and Jack, two, have backed him from the start.To control the path taken by the balloon he used a standard GPS tracking device, similar to an average in-car satnav and linked it to a radio transmitter, which allowed him to monitor the balloon's height to within 10 metres and made it easy to find once returned to earth.
He linked his standard digital camera to computer software on the ground and wrapped both the camera and the GPS device in loft insulation from a local DIY store. The entire contraption weighs just 1kg (2.2lb).The heat produced from these devices, together with the insulation, which costs just £3 a sheet, helps keep it functioning.The balloon rises through the atmosphere and the higher it goes the more the air pressure decreases, causing the balloon to expand, until it parachutes back down to earth.Mr Harrison is one of just 40 people in the world and four in the UK using such equipment for fun, has spent £4,000 in total on sending his low-tech balloons into space.Luckily he has got each one back although sometimes he has to travel up to 50 miles to retrieve his equipment and he can only send it off when weather conditions are ideal."We got satisfactory results with the first launch but it nearly landed in the sea, which would have been game over. We were sat in a local pub at the time and I was gobsmacked when I got the images."
He is now designing his third module, Icarus III, which has a rotating lens camera and a rear fixed-lens camera, together with pressure, temperature and humidity sensors
The unearthly beauty of this image taken high above the planet would make Nasa proud. But it didn't need millions of pounds of technology to capture. Just a little British ingenuity that saw a standard digital camera taped to a helium balloon and floated into the sky.
Ingenious: Robert Harrison with his creation, a camera enclosed in a polystyrene box. He used GPS tracking technology similar to an in-car sat-nav to follow its progress - and an attached radio transmitter to find it when it parachutes back to earth.The photos taken by his device were so spectacular that Nasa has been in touch to see how he achieved it.
Mr Harrison's budget of £500 might also offer inspiration to the new UK Space Agency, which launches on April 1. Based in Swindon, with only one astronaut and a budget one 50th the size of Nasa's, it will be looking for cut-price ways to reach for the sky.Mr Harrison first got the idea to explore space after a failed attempt to take aerial pictures of his house using a remote control helicopter.  After investigating high-altitude weather balloons on the internet, he launched his first mini spacecraft, named Icarus I, in October 2008.  It took dramatic shots that spanned 1,000 miles of the Earth's surface, showing the curvature-of the earth. He has since sent a dozen capsules into space.
'My family and friends thought I was a bit mad at first but they were suitably impressed with the results,' said the married father of three from Highburton, West Yorkshire. 'The pictures speak for themselves.
Before launch, the camera is attached to a tiny computer programmed to trigger a photo every five minutes.
It is wrapped in loft insulation bought from a DIY store then placed in a polystyrene box.
When the balloon reaches the 22-mile-high mark it pops because the air pressure is too weak to keep the helium inside. As the box falls a mini-parachute automatically opens. Mr Harrison has recovered it from up to 50 miles away.
Space enthusiast Robert Harrison managed to send his home-made contraption 22 miles - or 116,160 feet - above the earth's surface from his back garden. 

Brit Conquers Space - With Helium Balloon

RobHarrison's photo of Earth and Sun 35km from Earth

In the upper left corner there is a semi-transparent holographic planet. Could it be the New Earth,
Holographic structure of it? I see it on many pictures.

A space enthusiast has taken spectacular images of the Earth's surface from space - using a standard digital camera taped to a helium balloon.
Robert Harrison has been able to send his £500 device 22 miles above the earth's surface - a height that can only be reached by a rocket or weather balloon.
Over the last two years, the IT director from Highburton in West Yorkshire has launched 12 high-altitude balloons with a simple Canon camera attached.
Mr Harrison stumbled on the idea when he tried to take aerial photographs of his house using a remote control helicopter.
When his experiment failed, he started to look into high-altitude weather balloons on the internet, launching his first device - Icarus I - in 2008
He programmed the camera, using free software downloaded from the internet, to take eight photos and a video every five minutes before switching into standby mode.
Mr Harrison, 38, uses GPS tracking technology to monitor the camera as it automatically parachutes back to earth after reaching the 22-mile high mark.
The pictures are so impressive that Nasa has reportedly been in touch, telling the father-of-three it would have spent millions to get the same results.
"A guy phoned up who worked for Nasa who was interested in how we took the pictures," Mr Harrison told The Times newspaper.
"He wanted to know how the hell we did it. He thought we used a rocket. They said it would have cost them millions of dollars."
Stratospheric: Robert Harrison captured images of the Earth like this one using a Canon Sure Shot camera fixed in a polystyrene box and attached to a helium balloon.

Space photos taken on cheap camera

RobHarrison's photo of Earth and Sun 35km from Earth

RobHarrison's photo of Earth and Sun 35km from Earth


A man from Yorkshire in the UK has taken amazing pictures from above the earth, using a camera bought for GBP 50 ($A81) on eBay.
Using low cost materials, Robert Harrison has captured images that have even caught the attention of NASA.
'They saw the pictures on the internet,' Mr Harrison said.
'It wasn't really so much phoning on behalf of NASA, just that they had some interest in 'How did you take these pictures?'. Sort of, 'If we had to take these pictures it would cost lots of money.'
'I think once they understood how we'd done it, it's not technically space.
'Space starts 100 kilometres above the Earth's surface but 35 kilometres is a good start.'
His initial experiment used a point and shoot camera encased in loft insulation and strapped to a simple balloon.
Mr Harrison is now getting more high tech with hobby, using high altitude balloons and GPS tracking devices
Friday, March 26, 2010 » 06:37am

Robert Harrison from England

    Robert Harrison from England
As you can see on this picture the phony frame with white rays of different (slower and lower) frequency is superimposed on the Sun and it shows on Robert's arm

Robert Harrison from England    Robert Harrison from England

Robert Harrison's weather balloon from England   Robert Harrison from England 
Robert Harrison's weather balloon from England

Robert Harrison from England   Robert Harrison from England

Robert Harrison from England

   Robert Harrison from England

Robert Harrison from England    Robert Harrison from England

Robert Harrison from England   Robert Harrison from England

The Higher Consciousness of Human +

Here are some extracts from the book  called "Catapult: The Biography of Robert Monroe" by Bayard Stockton, written in 1989, before the Universal Shift in 1994. This book is now available in electronic form. The materials presented are on the subject of how we all got to Earth to become a human, p.16-17:

Monroe: "Let's take and say an entity gets a whiff (a feeling) of the Here action. He tastes it, smells it. It's discordant, but it's attractive. He thinks, 'Looks pretty good. Let's take a shot, see what it is like.' So he goes to the entry station and applies to be Human.
"The Entry Director - that's Ed - says there's a long waiting list for the choice locations. But Africa, or India, you can get there right away.
"He tells you, 'Of course, there are some conditions. One is to be disconnected from your true identity. Second, you've got to accept Time-Space as real: that is earthly planetyou're entering does exist in the Twentieth Century."
"You take what you can get, and suddenly a 14-year-old girl in a Harlem tenement gives birth. The baby feels, hears, smells." Bob Monroe's voice drops to a barely audible whisper:
"Now, you are on stage. You come back for periodic check-ins and to get proper alignment." But, he continues, your entity's commuting between Consciousness Here and There is not necessarily chronological.
"You can go back in time to pick up special knowledge; for instance, maybe you need to look
at the Crusades. Or at the
Then "Why do we become human?"
"Noone forces you to return to Earth. It's your own decision. Maybe it is simple curiosity.
"Or, there's the Remittance Man approach: You're being 'paid' to flee from another energy system, and dive into Here, use the Earth as a refuge."

(Remittance Man is a person living abroad on funds sent from home, especially in former times.
You can find some confirmation of this set up in the books of Dolores Cannon, when her clients, usually One-Timers, reported that they have been forced to volonteer to come to Earth and
have one or in some cases more than one life on Earth and that is happening on negatively as well as positivly charged planets, LM).

I scribble "Nightmares?" in my notes.

There are those who become addicted to the Human Experience. "They're the Human Junkies. They get locked in to what they have Here: The worldly lures of material acquisition and power. They find it impossible to yield their attachment to earthly totems. They choose to recycle, to come back again and again, to get more, even more.
At some point, however, even the predators begin to see that property and the pursuit of power don't provide the answers they need. They start to adjust their styles, to drop their addictions to the "appurtenances" (appendages) of physical life. Eventually, they become more selective in their recycles. Then they may even choose to wait a thousand of our years for another entry... There are the missionaries who come to change it all, but get hooked on the physical. Rescuers who get trapped helping their buddies. Best of all, there's the Graduate. What makes one? Massive Growth. Divining (locating) the purpose of the physical world. This Earth is an Experience System, a Compressed Learning machine. It's the Learning School. It creates stress, crisis, conflicts which teach us cause and effect, polarities, comparatives. You would be bored by physical serenity. If you have a short interval between lives, you are addicted heavily. If you take a long interval, you're getting selective, and maybe you go into service There. Service to Humankind is a fine goal, but there are others. For instance, there might be other intelligent life Here. We might know, if we knew how to communicate better non-verbally."

Thoughts are energy

Your Thought Vibrations-The Law Of Attraction foe or friend?

Thought Vibrations   Every Thought has Energy

Everything has Vibration, Every Thought has Energy!


Third Eye Vision

Third Eye Vision   

Third Eye Vision

Just Make a Leap (Russia). Russians are jumping from one multistoried building to another one.


Russian Human +

Russian Human +

Russian Human +   Russian Human +

Russian Human +

The second capital city of Russia, Saint-Petersburg, can boast of beauty of its architecture. But its off-beat design is not the only thing the city can show. Also it has a great diversity of different subcultures with lots of followers. And recently two guys from one of city’s traceur movements decided to take their chances and make the use of their city’s architecture  It was really a crazy thing, a jump from one building to another. The point is that the buildings were the same height. A leap from nine story building to a five story one without any breakfall. The distance between two roofs was 11 high (~35 feet) and just 7 meters (~22 feet) long, though it’s kinda spooky to talk like that about 20 feet length of a space.

Just try to imagine how does it feel to stand at the edge of a roof staring first at the other roof and then again at the ground, in and out, in and out. After all you are eventually fixing it up, getting a few steps off… Getting run and the same thought rattling in your head all the time – the main thing is not to catch the roof edge up. And the second later you are flying already and comfy mats waiting for you at the other roof along with your friends. Well, nothing venture, nothing have.
As you can see by photos, the second jump was also a success. They say that the two guys were inspired by the similar roof-to-roof jump of traceur sport founder in Paris. People can fly, approved."

ukranian supergirl

13 year old Ukranian girl

Inspired Bicycles - Danny MacAskill April 2009 (England)

Bike wizard Danny MacAskill.jpg  Bike Wizard Danny MacAskill

   Danny MacAskill Bike Wizard


Human+in Canada!

Human+ in Canada!

We also have a sense of beauty and appreciation. For those, who has this sense it is a must to see Japanese Unicycle Dancing on Youtube, if you never saw it before:

Japanese Unicycle Dancing on Youtube

Japanese Unicycle Dancing   Japanese Unicycle Dancing



Russia, Ice Swimming in different cities, Jan, 2010

Russian Ice Swimming, Jan, 2010

Russian Ice Swimming, Jan, 2010

Russian Ice Swimming, Jan, 2010

Russian Ice Swimming, Jan, 2010

Russian Ice Swimming, Jan, 2010  
Russian Ice Swimming, Jan, 2010 

Russian Ice Swimming, Jan, 2010

Russian Ice Swimming, Jan, 2010

Russian Ice Swimming, Jan, 2010

Schools on 4th Density

This info is from Michael Talbot's "The Holographic Universe", p.273-274:

"For instance, both Moody and Ring have reported cases in which NDEers said that the buildings of higher learning they visited were not just devoted to knowledge, but were literally built out of knowledge. This curious choice of words suggests that perhaps visits to these edifices are actually encounters with something so beyond human conception—perhaps a dynamic living cloud of pure knowledge, or what information becomes, as Pert puts it, after it has been transformed into another realm—that translating it into a hologram of a building or library is the only way the human mind can process it. The same is true of the beings one encounters in the subtler dimensions. We can never know from their appearance alone what they really are. For example, George Russell, a well-known turn-of-the century Irish seer and an extraordinarily talented OBEer, encountered many "beings of light" during what he called his journeys into the "inner world. " When asked once during an interview to describe what these beings looked like he stated: "The first of these I saw I remember very clearly, and the manner of its appearance: there was at first a dazzle of light, and then I saw that this came from the heart of a tall figure with a body apparently shaped out of half-transparent or opalescent air, and throughout the body ran a radiant, electrical fire, to which the heart seemed the centre. Around the head of this being and through its waving luminous hair, which was blown all about the body like living strands of gold, there appeared flaming wing-like auras. From the being itself light seemed to stream outwards in every direction; and the effect left on me after the vision was one of extraordinary lightness, joyousness, or ecstasy. Intriguingly, I have met several other individuals, usually people with more than normal psychic ability, who have also had these dreams (one, a talented Texas clairvoyant named Jim Gordon, was so baffled by the experience that he often asked his nonplussed mother why he had to go to school twice, once during the day with all the other children, and once at night while he slept). It is relevant to mention here that Monroe and numerous other OBE researchers believe that flying dreams are actually just poorly remembered OBEs, making me wonder if perhaps some of us, at least, are visiting these incorporeal schools even while we are alive. If anyone reading this book has also had such experiences, I would be very interested in hearing about them."Throughout my high-school and college years I had vivid and frequent dreams that I was attending classes on spiritual subjects at a strangely beautiful university in some sublime and otherworldly place. These were not anxiety dreams about going to school, but incredibly pleasant flying dreams in which I floated weightlessly to lectures on the human energy field and reincarnation. During these dreams I sometimes encountered people I had known in this life but who had died, and even people who identified themselves as souls about to be reborn.
On the other hand, Monroe asserts that once he has been in the presence of one of these nonphysical entities for a while, it discards its appearance and he perceives nothing, although he continues to sense "the radiation that is the entity."

Bayard Stockton about Human+

Bayard Stockton

There are a lot of materials on this website if you look through all the links, which show how many unbelievable tests humans had on this planet to become Future Human Plus and to be ready for Universal Shifts of Consciousness, which happened in 23rd of March 1994 and this kind of event takes place once in roughly 100 thousands of years. "Catapult: The Biography of Robert A.Monroe" was written in 1989 by Bayard Stockton, a close friend of R. Monroe and his family. Bayard was one of his students into the exploration of the Unknown. He participated in a few workshops at The Monroe Institute. There is an interesting information about Future Humans+ written by Bayard, which I find very appropriate for this link, p.224-226, though the same things might not be as good as they were then.

Not a bad idea to learn it at the time of global Fires

Firewalking is a Handy Skill these days!

Firewalking is a Handy Skill these days!

Firewalking is a Handy Skill these days!    Firewalking is a Handy Skill these days!

Firewalking is a Handy Skill these days!

Firewalking is a Handy Skill these days!    Firewalking is a Handy Skill these days!

Firewalking is a Handy Skill these days!

"In the late 1980s, there appeared to be a sudden, spontaneous surge in Western metaphysical circles aimed at expanding Man's (and Woman's too, LM)ability to accomplish extraodinary tasks. Do-it-yourself workshops proliferated. One program billed itself as "The Mind Revolution: Three Steps to Personal Power"... Turn fear into power by walking across burning coals-barefoot."

firewalking  firewalking  firewalking

1) Some males in Canada are interested in firewalking
2) Females- future executives in India need to do firewalking and other tests before getting a job as an executive


A prominent  channeled entity offered a series of excursions around the world, which would place participants in  situations of considerable challenge or even danger, to show that a mortal can discard fear by calling on hitherto unknown resources. The Institute of Neotic Sciences sponsored research into and a quest for people with exceptional abilities.
Bob Monroe was aware of all these efforts when he introduced a new program which tries to show people how they can dramatically improve their personal performance in areas which have heretofore (before) been closed to them.
"H+" is the name Bob has given to his newest  learning system. It stands for "Human Plus", and is a trademark. Monroe's friends thought Bob was going senile when he started to concentrate on H+. It seems to them he was trying to "inculcate superhuman traits" in otherwise, well, normal citizens. Bob describes his new course officially in these terms: "A System of Planned Evolution...The difference between what can (and cannot) be achieved as our belief about what is possible.
Know how is the problem - a a belief isn't a Known until you understand how to make it Known...
"H+"- Plus is a different kind of pathway to new levels of freedom. You can become more than you ever could be - one step at a time. The process builds on three wellknown concepts:
"A) Any human function that has been performed more than twice is learnable, without exception. The more a function is performed by separate individuals, the easier the learning becomes, not only for the participant, but for others... 
"B) The greatest resistance to significant change is inertia. It is nearly impossible to move an entire mountain in one massive step. However, if the one-shovelful-at-a-time process is employed , the major goal is achieved.
"C) Revolution often produces chaos and requires a long period of adjustment and adaptation. Evolution absorbs change in an orderly manner with a minimum of stress. Planned evolution can place the entire process under personal control and direction.  

H+ achieves a planned evolution at the individual level, using taped "Function Exercises". H+ seeks to free the individual govern his/her own life by imprinting a series of techniques in his mind, to be called upon as the need arises.
By early 1989, the available tapes included exercises on various types of sleep; programming dreams; public speaking; de-habituation; reduction of pain; synchronizing mind-body coordination; instant but short-term increase in strength; caloric-intake control; body insulation from heat or cold; improved circulation; increased energy; optimizing potential; contemplation (consideration, expectation); programming a day; speeding-up thought processes; memory recall; body de-toxification; improvement of individual senses; betterment of the immunity system; letting go; dealing with physical energencies; numeracy improvement; maintenance and improvement of heart, brain and lung functions; "wings on your feet" for joggers; empathizing; body healing.
Monroe says, "We run the software, then we leave the rest to you." The H+ tapes are different from Gateway and Guideline exercises. Human Plus uses a new "Access Channel"which Monroe has named Focus 11. The concept is not original with him, but the tools are definately Monroe.
Anyone can do an H+ function: one side of the tape cassette is preeparatory exercise, which opens Focus 11and redies the listener to have the function imprinted in his/her brain. The second side actually implants the function and teaches the learner how to implement it instantaneously when needed. The whole procedure is literally childishly simple, and devoid of mystical imput. Some functions are "designed to be turned on or off as needed or desired." Others are permanently in place, for example an exercise to improve vision or circulation.
To call up the function, the H+ initiate  simply holds his/her breath, repeats the frase she/he has learned and expels the breath. "There is a crossover point. The autonomic system functions automatically, as in breathing or eye-blinking. Holding the breath accentuates the autonomic. The H+ encording reaches down to the "reptilian" in the human psyche.
"Another thing we are learning is that effecting change in one system or another may have side effects in the same system you didn't bargain for. The more precise the instruction, the better."
There are and can be many more functions, which Bob frankly admits he is unaware of, as yet; just as there can be many more fields of application than the Institute has yet come across.
H+ is a new and growing program which depends to great extent on the resourcefulness of its participants. By the end of 1988, there were about 50 exercises in the library H+ tapes. Seven intensive H+ workshops were planned for 1989. The program was also expanded to include two-day workshops away from the Center in Virginia, and an "In-Home Training Series" of two four-cassette albums.
Bob Monroe had the first inklings of his newest course probably in the early-to-mid-1970s: wisps of visions, tantalizing teasers. He codified the images with the shortlived learning-enhancement series of tapes used at Ford Benjamin Harrison.
After the media got hold of the story and blew it sky high, Bob recalls with merriment that some reporter dug up a Huston psychologist to say, obligingly, "What! Silly little sound waves can't do anything."
It just happened that H+ made its debut in the autumn of 1987, about the same time that the various other human-expansion programs were getting into gear, with considerably more publicity. The program had been in active development for about 5 years.
Monroe reflected on his new baby shortly before the first course, when talking to the Professional Seminar:"H+ takes the pragmatic approach. It's not going to hurt you . It's a recognizable bridge. It gives the participant self-activated evidence."
Bob likened the beginning of H+to the introduction of pneumatic couplings between railroad cars:once they were hitched  together with buffered space between them, it was a lot easier to get the cars in the train rolling. He could just as easily have drawn an anology to Rupert Sheldrake's morphogenic resonance.
H+ is designed for all, not just for people who have attended other Monroe cources. Even after it started, there was no charity at the Institute about how H+ would be implemented or made available. The general intent is that the program will ripple out to the population slowly, mostly by word of mouth, and primarily anonymously, for good reason.
"What do people need most? Modification of their belief system. Suppose you could obviate or control the physical needs of your body? We knew they could be changed, using Biofeedback. H+ is a learning process which provides control of Self from within. H+ bypasses the environment to achieve 'normal functioning'. It's freedom from usual needs of Man (and Woman too, LM), learned at all levels of consciousness."
By August, 1987, he was saying, "It's the Quiet, Knowing Way. A Concept of Service. Basically, we're taking away the enculturated prohibitions. It is designed to endure for one's lifetime. You could call it a formulation of resonance. Gateway brings intense knowledge of Self, but doesn't pay much attention to the daily needs of the individual. It gets the Ego under good control. H+ asks: "What would I really like to do?" It's a crib sheet, that's all. It's not to be taken at one huge bite. But in little pieces. It's sort of sneaky: It gives you control of your options. In developing H+, we looked again at Hemi-Sync. We don't know how it works, of course. But we want to separate individuals from their habituation. First from their physical needs. Secondly, from their emotional needs- their mental inculturation. Avoiding temptations, not evading them. If one can control one's physical , mental, and emotional self, there can be an amazing transformation. We looked around and found that the main obstacle was inertia. The more awesome the concept, the mopre humans tend to procrastinate. Call it laziness if you will. Becoming more than you ever thought you could be, improvement in every part of life. We need prudence (be sensible) in its use." Awareness of possible antagonism from the establishments was a frequent sub-theme in early days of H+. It's open-ended. What is needed is you. What you can see as fundamental applications. Critical mass in H+ will be achieved when an individual no longer needs anything."
There are no criteria for participating in H+. "Everyone is ready for it. It is not a sequential learning process. You select what you want to learn. Our Belief System is constantly being attacked by advertising. That's nothing new. We are modifying the Belief System (just till the end of this Planetary Game, LM), just as the advertisers do."
Such was my introduction to H+: An amalgam of references, dotted throughout previous Monroe sessions.
In early October, 1987, another group gathered at The Center...


Woman conquers 14 tallest peaks

14 peaks are climbed by a South Korean Woman!


Wednesday, April 28, 2010 » 07:22pm
South Korean media have applauded one of the country's climbers after she claimed to have become the first woman to scale the world's 14 highest peaks. Ignoring controversy surrounding her bid, all major newspapers on Wednesday ran a front page photo of Oh Eun-Sun holding a national flag at the snow-covered summit of the 8091m Annapurna in Nepal. But Oh's claim to be the first female climber to have conquered all the world's mountains over 8000m is under scrutiny. Last week her 2009 ascent of Mount Kanchenjunga on the Nepal-Tibet border was thrown into doubt when a leading authority on Himalayan mountaineering sai fellow climbers had expressed scepticism about that climb. In South Korea, there were no such reservations. 'Your successful ascent (of all the eight-thousanders) was a process of human victory that underscores the meaning of challenge,' President Lee Myung-Bak told in a congratulatory message late on Tuesday. 'You are really admirable,' Lee said, adding the successful ascent brought the spirit of challenge back not only to alpinists but to all South Koreans. The best-selling Chosun Ilbo newspaper said Oh's feat 'proudly shows the spirit of Korean climbers and Korean women's courage, patience and strength'. Its headline read in part: 'Iron lady 154cm tall becomes a 'giant' over 8000m'. Other papers carried pages of similar coverage, with little or no mention of the dispute about the 44-year-old's record. Mountaineering expert Elizabeth Hawley said in Kathmandu that Oh's ascent of Kanchenjunga would be considered 'disputed'. She said fellow mountaineers, including Oh's chief rival for the record Edurne Pasaban, had questioned whether she actually made it to the top. 'I'll be waiting to meet her when she gets back to hear her version of what she has to say about Kanchenjunga,' Hawley told AFP on Tuesday after hearing of Oh's ascent of Annapurna. Pasaban, 36, conquered Annapurna earlier this month, becoming the first Spanish woman ever to do so and leaving her with just one more mountain to scale. Pasaban is on her way to Tibet, where she will attempt to climb Shisha Pangma -- the smallest of the 14 peaks at 8,027 metres. Pasaban said she still doubts that Oh reached the top of Kanchenjunga. 'It is a doubt which we already had last year, because when she climbed Kanchenjunga we were already there and we climbed it after her. Our doubts emerged when she presented some photos, and other climbers shared them,' she told public radio from Shisha Pangma. The picture provided by Oh shows her standing on a bare rock but those taken by Pasaban's team shows them standing on snow. 'The confirmation came this year while at the base camp at Annapurna when I met with the Sherpas who climbed with her and they confirmed that they did not reach the peak of Kanchenjunga,' said Pasaban. 'When she returns to Kathmandu she will have to prove it, she will be questioned and we will see what happens.' Oh has previously dismissed the doubts as groundless. 'I can say that I have stood at the summit of Mount Kanchenjunga,' she told a press conference in Seoul late last year. 'It was bad weather. Three sherpas told me that I reached the top and one of them took the picture.' Just 18 people have previously made it to the top of the 14 eight-thousanders, which are all in Asia's Himalaya and Karakoram ranges, since Italian climber Reinhold Messner became the first person to do achieve the feat in 1986.

Granny cracks marathon record
63 years old woman, grandmother running a marathon, England, 2010

63 years old woman, grandmother running a marathon, England, 2010


A triumphant grandmother has ran into the record books after completing 27 consecutive fund-raising marathons.
Rosie Swale Pope MBE, 63, ran the final step in her gruelling 707 mile odyssey to rapturous cheering from a crowd of supporters.
Crossing the finish line in Tudor Square, in her home town of Tenby, in west Wales, she said she was 'tired but very very happy'.
The fund-raising phenomenon had originally intended finishing in Llanelli, where she completed her 26th consecutive marathon.
But in an effort to thank a legion of supporters across the UK for their backing she ran an extra marathon by way of a traditional lap of honour.
'It was fantastic. I crossed the finish line in Tudor Square, in Tenby, and it was like a dream,' said a jubilant Mrs Swale Pope.
She added: 'I think the main thing is to show people that they should reach out to do what they want to do.
'Maybe you can't always get there but you should always reach out.
'Although I am actually 63 doing something like this makes me feel as though I am really 36.'
Her punishing 27-day schedule took her everywhere from Bristol to London and from Tunbridge Wells to Bury St Edmunds.
She finished up in Tenby close to one month after she had started out on her exhausting trek on Easter Monday.
Since then the pensioner has powered her way across the UK pulling Icebird, the trusty cart in which she sleeps, along the way.
Each run has covered a pre-planned course to ensure it is exactly the 26 miles and 385 yards necessary to be deemed a marathon.
Cash raised from along the way will be donated to the Ty Hafan children's hospice in Cardiff and Helen Douglas House in Oxford.
Once her exploit has been officially confirmed she will be hailed as the first woman ever to run so many consecutive marathons.
Monday, May 03, 2010 » 04:25am

City2Surf bigger than other marathons (Sydney, Australia, 2009)

Sydney Marathon 2009

Sydney Marathon 2009 (75000 people)

Sunday, August 09, 2009 » 08:00am

A record 75,000 starters are gathering for Sydney's 39th City2Surf race this morning.
They'll be sent on their way at 9am by two celebrity starters: Lord Mayor Clover Moore and Olympian swimmer Eamon Sullivan.
Four-times City2Surf winner Andrew Lloyd will be there, along with retired running legend Heather Turland and her 21-year-old son Cade.
Anyone waking up with flu-like symptoms is urged to give the 14-kilometre race to Bondi a miss while motorists are warned of road closures from the city to the beach.
The event is now even bigger than the London and New York marathons combined.

Active Denial System ('Heatwave')


horrorheat   heatWave   'Bushfire Fighters'

Australian Fatfighters

  fatfighters fatfighter fatfighters 

Modern Australian, Russian, English, American Soldiers

From reading about  microwave" Active Denial System " ( ADS) is not difficult to make a connection to forests/city fires in modern/ancient times and all kinds of fires at all wars and at the time of "Peace", since Atlantis. This technology has been also used from the underground and from planes/drones a lot. Fires are engulfing the whole world.
More than 400 "bush" fires were reported by the weather people in Siberia and Far East last April alone ( with + 27C), which is hard to reach without the use of ADS in cold places like Siberia in spring.
Australia is famous for "bush fires/heat waves" and "flooding/strong winds" and that's about all natural/technology made disasters you'll find in  Australia.
It seems like a favorite destination of you know who, especially Pine Gap. And now is the same in Florida, China, California, Greece. Almost every "natural disaster" is accompanied by "fire", sometimes " bush" fires in  the snow.
Human spontaneous combustion could happen when a person is sitting in a chair and leave nothing else burned except the living body. What do you think is used?
Microwave ovens have been used for years to cook the insides of a chicken faster than a conventional oven. Active Denial System tends  to  be  used more in  summer (no surprise), which is what Southern Hemishpere experiencing now. Maybe "Global warming" is an excuse for ADS (microwave) attacks?
When I lived in Victoria, I personally found that  the best way to get through ADS attacks ("heat wave") is to wrap a wet cotton sheet around the body inc. head or to wear wet clothes even in bed/couch overnight (preferably no telephone/
computer/tv use at the time of the attack). I used icy water from the fridge for the sheets/clothes and showers and survived at +45C for a couple of weeks without airconditioner. Here are some extracts from websites on Mind blasting Active Denial System:

"... Often " Active  Denial  System" is used on large masses of people (whole cities or Targeted Persons )...driving  millions  people crazy";
"the  imbalance  occurs, a  fundamental change in a person's psyche, he loses self-control and becomes easily led.. either  from Earth or from a command centre lost in space .
"What it does: " ...It produces enourmous pain by allegedly boiling the  molecules of water in the human skin  from  sudden heating of the skin without damaging the skin itself. "A shortage of  breath and  panic could occur!"

About ADS: "...directed-energy weapon ...directs ,or pulses ...at frequency of 95 GHz" .
Today on 6th of February 2009 the temperature is from +40C to +48C in most of Australia.

http:// www.specialsol.com/electr5.GIF

This is an extract from an article on Internet about recent Victorian bushfires:

Bushfire victims had no hope - inquiry

Tuesday, April 21, 2009 » 07:51am
"The fires struck with unimaginable 'atomic force', burning at about 100,000 kilowatts per metre on a day that smashed fire index records, Monday's hearing was told. More than 2,000 homes were lost and 173 people killed in Australia's worst peacetime disaster..."

The Toughest Race Around

Spanish woman climbs Annapurna


Spanish climber Edurne Pasaban has scaled one of the deadliest Himalayan peaks, Annapurna, leaving her with just one more mountain to climb to become the first woman to scale 
the world's 14 highest peaks.Pasaban, 36, reached the top of the 8,091-metre mountain along with several other Spanish climbers at around 2pm (1900 AEST) on Saturday, a spokesman for her team told AFP. She now has just the 8,027-metre Shisha Pangma to scale in her bid to be the first female to reach the summit of every mountain over 8,000 metres. But her chief rival, South Korea's Oh Eun-Sun, is also on the slopes of Annapurna, which would be her 14th and last summit. Annapurna is particularly dangerous because it is both technically difficult and avalanche-prone, and it has a much higher death rate than Everest, the world's highest peak. Pasaban had been defeated by Annapurna once before, in 2007 when she and her team turned back about 1,000 metres from the summit in bad weather. She will travel to Tibet to attempt to scale Shisha Pangma 'over the coming days', her spokesman said.
A third contender, Austria's Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner, is to begin her ascent of Mount Everest, the world's highest mountain, next week.
But she would still have to climb K2, the world's second highest peak situated on the Pakistan-China border and regarded as the most difficult and dangerous of the 14 'eight-thousanders', in order to claim the record. Italy's Reinhold Messner became the first man to climb all 14 summits in 1986. The 14 mountains are all located in the Himalayan and Karakoram ranges in Asia.
Sunday, April 18, 2010 » 09:06am

Man soars above Italian Alps


A British daredevil who broke his back in a base jumping accident a year ago has made a spectacular comeback.
After surviving the horrific crash, James Boole has soared above the Italian Alps wearing nothing but a flying suit.
But last year in Russia, James' parachute failed to open properly and he fell 1,828 metres at 161kmh.
Landing in powdery snow saved his life - but he broke his back, cracked a rib, bruised a lung and chipped his teeth.
He had to wear a body brace for three months as part of his recovery.
You would have thought the ordeal had put him off base jumping - but the 32-year-old seems to relish the adventure.
'We fly for about a mile across the ground, opening our parachutes at around 500 to 600ft (152 to 182 metres) and landing in a grass landing area near the main road,' he said.
'The speeds that we do are about 161 kilometres an hour horizontally and about 64 kilometres an hour vertically.'
In his first jump since the accident his family were understandably a little unsure about him descending from the the top of the 1,219m Monte Trento peak in Alto Adige, Italy.
This time, he cheered when the parachute opened successfully and he landed safely - much to the relief of his friends and family waiting on the ground.
Thursday, April 01, 2010 » 10:06am

First Arctic balloon crossing made

1st Arctic Baloon explorer

1st Arctic Baloon explorer


A French explorer's team says he has made the first Arctic crossing by balloon, landing in the tundra of eastern Siberia five days after taking off in Norway.
Jean-Louis Etienne traveled 3,130km in his special balloon, sailing over the Arctic Circle.
The 63-year-old radioed his team after landing on Saturday, expressing relief 'because there were difficult moments and I was starting to lose sleep'. The landing had been set for Alaska, but Etienne had to change course after a snowstorm on Wednesday near the North Pole hindered the recharging of batteries via solar panels.
Etienne measured the atmosphere for C02 during his trip and did other tests.
In 1986, the explorer became the first person to reach the North Pole alone.
Sunday, April 11, 2010 » 08:35am

Friends matter more than finances (Australia)


"Quality relationships are more important to Australians than financial security, health and fitness, or career success, a survey has found..."
Monday, February 08, 2010 » 03:28am

Rower Quincey close to New Zealand

Australian Shaun Quincey was rowing from Australia to Tasmania !


Rower Shaun Quincey is nearing the end of his epic 2200km journey across the Tasman.
Quincey was only 30km from New Zealand's 90 Mile Beach at 7am (0500 AEDT) on Sunday morning, and ground crews were heading up to the northern end of the beach where he's expected to land.
Quincey, who set off from NSW on January 20 in his 7.3-metre boat Tasman Trespasser, has rolled at least twice, broken two oars and come close to running out of fresh water.
Ground crew members say there's concern about how difficult it may be for Quincey to navigate the breakers and safely land his boat on the sand, and there's a chance he may swim ashore.
Quincey, 25, would be the second person to row the Tasman solo - following in the footsteps of his father, Colin, who rowed across in 63 days in 1977.
Sunday, March 14, 2010 » 08:23am

Jessica Watson  Jessica Watson

16 years old Australian girl, Jessica Watson's yacht

Jessica Watson's Arrival

Jessica Watson's Arrival to Sydney, Australia. She completed a lonely voyage around the World (and maybe to one of Parallel Earths)

Richard Branson, a maker of private rockets for private Space Travel

Richard Branson, a maker of private rockets for private Space Travel

Weightlifter has surprise birth in gym


A Chilean Olympic weightlifter unexpectedly gave birth to a baby boy while she was training in a Brazilian gym, reports said.
Elizabeth Poblete, 22, did not know she was pregnant, and called for a doctor when she felt unwell a week ago while hoisting weights in the gym in Sao Paulo, where she lives, the news website Globo.com reported on Tuesday.
She then gave premature birth to the baby, who was doing well and whom she named Eric Jose after she got over her shock. Both mother and son were taken to hospital.
The head weight trainer in the gym, Horacio Reis, said: 'It was a surprise for me. A week ago I acted as a judge in a competition in Chile and this girl was competing. All went well and she won the competition.
'I could see she was a big girl, round and strong. That's all I noticed.'
Doctors calculated Poblete must have been six months pregnant. The training and diet observed by female weightlifters can cause irregular menstruation.
Poblete competed for her country in the Beijing Olympics last year. She had been seeking to beef up her body to move from the 75-kilo category to 85 kilos over the past few months.
Wednesday, December 16, 2009 » 05:10am

The Toughest Race Around

The Toughest Race


Thursday, February 05, 2009 » 09:21am

It's billed as one of the toughest races on earth where competitors are even asked to sign a 'death warrant' before taking part.
The Tough Guy race is a unique sporting adventure.
It is a test of both mental and physical endurance based on an assault course of obstacles following a cross-country run.
The phenomena of Tough Guy has developed over many years and has now evolved a cult status with an international audience where competitors from around the world come to South Staffordshire in the UK to try to beat the course and enjoy the great spirit of the event.
For many it's on the list of things to do before you die.
But before the competitors can even start the race, they have to sign their own 'death warrant' which is a disclaimer that reads. 'It's my own bloody fault for being here.'
Following an eight-mile (12.9km) cross-country run, starting in the village of Old Perton in the English Midlands, competitors then faced a horrific two-mile, with 25 obstacles, assault course designed by EX-Grenadier Guard Billy Wilson in 1986.
The task involves men and women wading through energy-sapping mud and plunging into ice cold water to reach their goal. As if this wasn't bad enough, they also had to negotiate flames, smoke bombs and taunting marshals.
The assault course (or as it is known 'the Killing fields') are capable of grievous bodily harm. The entrants face 30 foot obstacles, underground crawls through muddy wet tunnels, walking on slippery muddy planks across fire pits called the Fiery Holes, chest deep in water with marshals goading competitors and letting smoke bombs off.
The irony for the competitors is that the further back in the field you are, the tougher the course becomes; the obstacles become more slippery and due to the sheer numbers some have to queue in the cold conditions waiting their turn to proceed.
As always, the emergency services were kept busy dealing with serious cases of hypothermia, exhaustion and bruised egos.
In the end Ben Price won the race in just over one hour and 18 minutes to become the 23rd winner of the event.
For a few, the real glory comes in finishing in the top dozen runners but for most, the achievement of beating the course is enough. There is no prize money for the winner or runners up, only bragging rights at work the next day.
All money raised from the event goes towards a horse and donkey charity based in the local area."

New Breed of Humans

Karim Diab, Russian guy with Syrian roots, has spent 1 hour in ice cold water in Moscow getting himself into the Guinness Records book.

Karim, 1hour of Ice water submerging  Karim, 1hour of Ice water submerging

Karim, 1hour of Ice water submerging   Karim, 1hour of Ice water submerging

Karim, 1hour of Ice water submerging  Karim, 1hour of Ice water submerging

Karim, 1hour of Ice water submerging

2009  Mass 'Christening' in Icy Water

Mass acclimatisation of Russian people to prepare them for Global Cooling, masked as icy water 'Christening'. Some Russian and not Russian people have been swimming in icy water for years and religion has nothing to do with that.
Here are some videos on Youtube, done this year. News in Russian on Youtube:

http://news.mail.ru/society/2308317/    Icy water swimming in Cheboksari, Russia (Aug. 2018 update- this link now fails to connect to its website! In Russian: Адрес видео или сайта не работает больше!) 
http://newstube.ru/#/video/69C5AC6E-F3F7-4127-A32B-DD692F648F89/       winter swimming
http://life.ru/video/8543  (Aug. 2018 update- this link now fails to connect to its website! In Russian: Адрес видео или сайта не работает больше!)
19 January, 2009 - icy water 'christening' in Moscow (B праздник 'Крещения' воду в проруби в Бездонном озере в Серебряном Бору)
http://life.ru/video/8543 (Aug. 2018 update- this link now fails to connect to its website! In Russian: Адрес видео или сайта не работает больше!)    Mass 'christening' in icy water in one of Moscow lakes, 2009
Ice-swimming in Finland  Russians swimming in icy water

Ice-swimming in Finland                                       Ice-swimming in Moscow

winter swimming

Northern Europe

In Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Lithuania and Latvia the ice swimming tradition has been connected with the sauna tradition. Unlike dousing, it is not seen as an ascetic or religious ritual, but a way to cool off rapidly after staying in a sauna and as a stress relief.
Ice swimming on its own is especially popular in Finland. There is an Avantouinti Society (avantouinti is Finnish for ice-swimming), and swimming holes are also maintained by other groups such as the Finnish skiing association. The Finnish Sauna Society maintains an avanto hole for sauna goers.
There are lots of places where you can swim without sauna in Finland during winter. Helsinki has several places for avantouinti, with dressing-rooms and sometimes with saunas. Tampere area has a number of ice swimming and winter sauna locations.


There are strong traditions for ice swimming and dousing with cold water in Russia. They are done for health benefits, for sports. Such club members are called "walruses" (моржи) instead of "polar bears".

North America

The members of Canadian and American "polar bear clubs" go outdoor bathing or swimming in the middle of winter. In some areas it is unusual or ceremonial enough to attract press coverage. "Polar Plunges" or "Polar Bear Plunges" are conducted as fund-raisers for charity, notably the Special Olympics. Cosmo Kramer briefly joins a New York polar bears club.
The oldest ice swimming club in the United States is the L Street Brownies of South Boston, Massachusetts, who hold their annual polar plunge on New Year's Day.


In Harbin, northern China, many ice swim in the Songhua River. It has grown in popularity since late 1940 as a winter ritual and now as an estimated 200,000 registered swimmers. The river hole is estimated to be 25m by 10m.

Moscow ice swimming   acclimatization

Ice-swimming is getting more and more popular in USA, Canada and Europe, here are some videos on Youtube:

Icehole swimming in Ruissalo, Turku, Finland
Lagoon Polar Bear Club 2009
New Year 2009 - Chico, CA Polar Bear Swim
Chico Polar Bear 2009
Chico Polar Bear Swim 2008
Polar Bear Swim 2008
Russians ice-swimmers amaze public
Крещение без морозов
Ice Swimming with real ICE -14 Oulu
polar dippin'
Swimming To An Iceberg
Polar Bear Plunge 2007
Polar Plunge '07
Okoboji Winter Games 07
Окунись в прорубь!
Plaża zimą

morsy zlot Mielno2004 i 2005
Morsy z Bisztynka w dniu 30 grudnia 2007 roku.
Morsy z Bisztynka
Morsy z Bisztynka w dniu 30.12.2007 roku. Wersja z dźwiękiem
Morsy z Bisztynka w sezonie 2005/2006
Sylwester 2007/2008 w zimnej wodzie w Bisztynku (część I)
morsy plywanie pod lodem
Ice water dipping!
Winter Swimming in Russia, Moscow, Strogino

Maintaining the hole in the ice

One way that the hole is maintained in the frozen sea is with a pump that forces the water to circulate under the hole preventing ice from forming. Small ice-holes can also be kept open by keeping a lid over the hole to prevent ice forming. Most swimming places also use a specific heated "carpet" going from the locker rooms to the ice-hole, both to make walking to the hole more pleasant and for safety as otherwise the water dripping from returning swimmers would freeze and create a dangerously slippery surface to walk on.

3:45 breathhold (underwater)                                        http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DHDqO8_idTM&feature=related

4 min + Breathhold (underwater)                                  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ke8Wk9eN_Ro&feature=related

4 minutes (underwater)                                                   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WDi6tn46wJc&feature=related

mermaid melissa holding breath 4 mins 18 sec underwater

woman swims across Atlantic ocean

56-year-old Jennifer Figge pressed her toes into the Caribbean sand, exhilarated and exhausted as she touched land this week for the first time in almost a month. Reaching a beach in Trinidad, she became the first woman on record to swim across the Atlantic Ocean --a dream she'd had since the early 1960s, when a stormy trans-Atlantic flight got her thinking she could don a life vest and swim the rest of the way if needed. The 56-year-old left the Cape Verde Islands off Africa's western coast on Jan. 12, battling waves of up to 30 feet (9 meters) and strong winds. She had originally planned to swim the Bahamas, but inclement weather forced her to veer 1,000 miles (1,610 kms) off course to Trinidad.

Acclimatization to ice-swimming of Russian women and their babies    Acclimatization to ice-swimming of Russian women and their babies

Acclimatization to ice-swimming of Russian women and their babies

International Ice-swimming on Youtube:

Толег и прорубь

IZ Polar Plunge
Russian "Bears" Swim in Brooklyn Ice Water
Taking an Icy Plunge at Japanese Winter Festival
Swimming In The Arctic Makes One's Nutz Shrink !!
Russian Ice Diver forgets that water freezes (face-first into ice)
Corporal Hjelmeland taking a cold bath!

Robert Monroe' Thoughts about Future Humans

This is a very interesting information concerning what R. Monroe called Future Humans , H+ (human+). It means humans of the 4th/5th Densities, supermen and superwomen. There was a program and tapes developed in TMI
(The Monroe Institute), devoted to this subject. If you start thinking logically, you can't really expect humans to stay the same, with the same abilities in 4th/5th Density like they were in 3rd Density. We are evolving and pressures are higher, our abilities are growing and again: no pain no gain !
R.Monroe described  "Renovated Super-Human School of Compressed Learning" in his book. Some important points are presented below.
The Goals of this School for training H+ humans are described in "Far Journeys"p. 216-219:

"...we make and gather . . . what didPROMISED PLAN you call it? . .  loosh. Like honeybees. Or Guernsey cows. Only now weknow what we’re doing and why, and we’re happy to do it...
It  (food chain process) is an important part of the learning process. Wecouldn’t make Loosh  without it.
...(Experience Earth Consciousness. Not just inphysical human form—remember we could only feel part of it, just a part? Now we go through it completely, from the smallest unicellular life up, millions of different life cycles, most of which we were unaware of as only physical humans. Even the physical earth itself has an active consciousness.)..."
Some important extracts about Human-Graduates :
(So humans do graduate from here, the dorm (the Sleeper's class). Question: What happens to the graduates?)
(I . . . I don't have a percept of that. They just click out.)
(One at a time or as a group?)
(Usually several at once. Every so often, one goes alone.)
(And they never return?)
(No. They don't.)
(Any communication with them? After they leave?)
(Not in a way that we can understand.)
(Any indications or symptoms they are about to graduate?)
(Oh yes. They no longer need to experience earth, so they begin to go physical less and less. Finally, they stop completely.)

(No, their . . . uh, radiation begins to change. And they begin to close (tune down an external stimuli). After that, they click out.)
(are there many other growth patterns in consciousness similar to humans and earth?)
(You can't count them if you wanted to, there's that many. And new ones coming on line constantly.)
(On line?)
(But are humans now in communication with other such, uh, civilizations?)
(Not very much. There is some exchange, but it doesn’t seem necessary or important.)
(What about other, nonphysical energy systems?)
(Oh, those! We visit them as often as we can.)
(To gatherLoosh ?)
(No. To sow it, to plant the seeds. That lets the, uh, ray have an ident (a mental "address") to focus on.)
(Are you about to graduate?)
(How do you know this?)
(But you gave me you didn't have a percept (an insight) what happened tograduates.)
(I don't. But you do.)
(We’ve been expecting this, uh, an event to take place. Then we can leave!)

You can also leave this and any other Game any time you want, if you can't handle it , but don't hope that leaving it would make you automatically a Graduate.
Robert Monroe writes about it
in his books:about One-Timers, about the School and that one life is usually not enough. And you can find this material on this website either on this link or Robert Monroe info or Home Page links.
R.Monroe is often mentioning about Training Centers like Earth and Schools similar to Earth School of Compressed Learning in other parts of our Universe with bilions upon billions of humans getting similar experience of Planetary Physical/NonPhysical Games. "Far Journeys", p. p. 97, 106, 226:

"How do you state it? A drop of water in an ocean cannot understand the seas or the wave that casts it up on a sandy beach.)
Wait a minute! That came out very human. Maybe THEY are only superhuman graduates, after all.
(Some of us have passed through the in-human. I was selected because I am one of those few.)
Few . . . I wonder how many are few. Five, ten, a thousand . . .
(It is difficult to assess due to the melding. More than the current inphysical human population, perhaps one hundred times as many.)
That would imply THEY have been involved since the very beginning of human life.
(That is correct. Before that, we are, just as you.)
And if several hundred billion are just a few, that must mean the total of THEM must be big numbers . . .
(We do not count the parts of the whole. It is not necessary.)
If there are that many parts of the whole, then there must be other important ways to learn, other non-earth human systems . . .
(No other precisely as you have found in-human physical earth. There are many other consciousness growth centers or schools, as you call them, throughout what you know as the physical universe)..."
"And the other training centers on planets circling those billions of stars, tied to us by an intelligent energy field common to all of us. Were they as unaware as we?
I felt very small, looking at the stars—and beyond. But not alone. Never alone."
"(In time-space,) I went on, (are there many other growth patterns in consciousness similar to humans and earth?)
She rolled (laughed). (You can't count them if you wanted to, there's that many. And new ones coming on line constantly.)
I flickered. (On line?)
She rolled stronger. (AA knew you would like it if I used that phrase.)"

There are also those addicted humans and aliens who know in advance that they are not interested to evolve and would continue to play Games the way they did before, those who give us a hell here. 
I know that Earth's Planetary Being has both energies: female and male and so do all the planets of this solar system and the same is with our Sun. To have just a female or just a male energy is very unbalanced!

Firewalking is a Handy Skill these days!

Firewalking is a Handy Skill these days!

                     Andy Pero's Story is one of many similar stories of human struggle


The Freedom of Knowledge, The Power of Thought 

Project Superman, Part 1

A Victim of the Illuminati's 'Super-Race' Projects and Montauk Experiments Speaks Out
By Michael Andrew Pero

(If you go to the above "educate-yourself" website you can view all the parts: parts 1-7)

Archive Posted Oct. 27, 1999
http://www.davidicke.net/mindcontrol/experiences/e102799a.html (Aug. 2018 update- this link now fails to connect to its website! In Russian: Адрес видео или сайта не работает больше!) 
[Introduction: Memories are a strange thing, there are tangible memories that can be proven factually, there are suppressed memories which are clouded recollections of actual events, memories that are a mixture of real and unreal events, memories based on imagination and possibly most frightening of all, memories that have been intentionally "programmed" within the mind of a person, which might consist of anything between actual real life experiences to entirely "designer" memories that may have been inserted to "cover up" experiences that are far more stranger than fiction. Just where in the spectrum the experiences of Andy Pero may fit, I do not know exactly, although many of the places and people he describes DO exist as evidenced by the links that I've added... so at least a good number of his memories are apparently accurate... but the question is, are his reported experiences with the alien time/space projects as carried out in the Montauk bases also based on fact, and if so to what degree? Others have made similar claims about Montauk {although these fantastic experiences do not appear until the last few sections of Andy's story} as can be seen by doing a SEARCH of the Internet for other writings on the Montauk Project. So here then -- for those very few readers who will view this page -- is Andy Pero's story... - Bruce Alan Walton, "Branton"]

This is my story, and this is my life. This is the time line in which events occurred as well as I can recall. As I slowly regain my memory this is my life as I can remember it. This is however just a rough outline and many of the parallel timelines which coexist during my life have been left out of this document. As time goes by more and more of the pieces will fall into place.
Here is my time line
My father graduates from the US Navel Academy class of '63 (Michael A. Pero Jr.).
Aug 1966-Nov 1968- My family is stationed at the CB's Construction Battalion Center in Hueneme, California.
Nov 1968- My family moves to Fallon Nevada. My father is the LT. Commander at the Fallon Navel Air Station in Fallon Nevada.
Nov 25th 1969- I was born, in Fallon, Nevada. I am Michael Andrew Pero III.
July 12th 1971- My father resigns his commission as the LT. Commander at the Fallon Navel Air Station and leaves the Navy. We move to New Jersey, and he begins work in the private sector.
June 1974- July 1976- My father begins a new job overseas, and we move to Munich, Germany. {note: capital of bavaria, as in, "bavarian" illuminati - branton}. I am 5 years old. I attended to two different schools at this time, the German kindergarten in the morning, and then the English kindergarten afternoon (kindergarten and then 1st grade). This is where the first discrepancies begin between my memory and my parents.
I remember living in Germany. I remember our apartment, and how our cat "twinkee" would not listen to anyone who called her in German. But if anyone, no matter who it was called her in English she would come running. I remember my best friend was a little girl with long straight brown hair and brown eyes. I ate dinner over her house and I remember after dinner she took two beers out of her parents refrigerator and we drank them in her driveway. I was all worried we were going to get in trouble, but she said she drank beer all the time. I took about three sips and felt like I was going to throw up. I wanted to dump mine out but she didn't want to waste the beer, so she drank mine too. I remember my sister trying to teach me how to dance and she flung me around the apartment so fast I was thrown into the corner of the wall and cut my head open and had to go and get stitches. I remember all of this.
But most importantly I remember the German kindergarten. I remember the teacher and how she looked. She was very nice to me and had long wavy brown and gray hair, and looked like she swallowed a tire around her waist as she was heavy set. I remember being introduced to my first "gummy bear" and how I thought they were the "coolest thing ever". Being an American and being the physically biggest kid in the class I was a sort of the class celebrity, and the center of attention. I remember the mini pool they had outside, it was only about a foot deep, but we would strip down to our underwear and when it was warm outside go in for a swim. I remember all of these things, but when it comes to the "American" school I supposedly went to in the afternoon. I DON'T REMEMBER ANYTHING! I have no memory of another class room, I have no memories of another building, I have no memories of any friends, people, or teachers, no memory of even going to another school. WHAT I DO REMEMBER IS AN AIR BASE. I remember as I was walking up to it for the first time it was a huge place with a big chain link fence around it.
There were airplanes and miles and miles of cement. And I don't remember the man who was walking with me but I DO remember asking him "why are you taking me here?" and he answered "Because of your father!" "But my father was in the Navy, why are you taking me to an air base?" I asked again. And the man answers "Son, all branches of the military work very closely together." "But he is no longer in the Navy?" I answered. And he said "We are doing this as a 'special' favor for your father." "Why" I asked. "BECAUSE WE TAKE CARE OF OUR OWN!" he says as his tone has changed, and then he said "you sure do ask a lot of questions you little shit." I remember this hurt my feelings because I wasn't trying to be a little shit, I just wanted to know why there were taking me to this strange place. I don't remember being inside of the air base. All I remember is the inside of a doctor's room; an examining room. They made me strip down to my underwear and sit on this shinny metal table. I remember the table being very cold, so cold that I asked if I could move or get off it and a big booming voice shouts out "DO NOT MOVE AND DO NOT SPEAK UNLESS YOU ARE SPOKEN TO." So I sat there with goose bumps on my legs. I hear movement behind me and I hear "is this the kid" and a man comes over and starts examining me with his hands, with a stethoscope, and hits my knee with a rubber hammer. That's all I remember. I was 5 years old.
I never really thought about it much, but as I began writing all this down, I casually asked my mother for the name of the air base in Germany where I went to school in the afternoon.
She said "you never went to any military air base for school in Germany." "Really" I said. "Then where did I go to school in Germany?" I asked her. "Some school of the "Americus" at the university or something." She said. "FOR KINDERGARTEN!!" I said. "Mom that doesn't make any sense, I went to a military base for English school because Dad was in the Navy, right?" "Don't be ridiculous, I'm your mother and I know where and when you went to school!" she says. "OK; Then what was the name of the school in Germany mom!" I ask. And she thinks and thinks and she can't remember the name. We then proceed to have a huge argument about this. She finally walks away and says she doesn't want to talk about it any more.
I had always just assumed that I went to the German kindergarten in the morning and then the air base in the afternoon, because of the connection through my father and that ís why I was there. If I never had asked my mother for the name of the air base, I never would have thought twice about any of this. I never really thought about it much, but now that I do think about it. I clearly remember the German kindergarten, and clearly I remember the air base and the examining room. I don't remember ever going to any other school or having any other friends from that school or even being there. I do remember the conversation with the man as to why they were taking me there, and I do remember the examining room. It ís like a 5 second clip of a 10 minute movie. Just a couple of seconds and then it stops, and yet you somehow know there is much more.
When I asked my father if he knew where I went to school in Germany. He replied "sure" the McGraw Kaserne Army Troop Air Base. When I asked him about the examinations. He replied "we were told by a doctor that you had a "heart murmur or heart noise", it was nothing serious but they wanted to examine me several times anyway." The thing is later on after I graduated college I went into see a cardiologist. I had been having chest pains for years from the massive steroid injections they had given me my freshmen year in college, I had developed arthritis in the cartilage between my ribs from my rib cage expanding so fast from the steroids.
When I asked about my "heart noise" the cardiologist showed me my print out and showed me that my heart beat was absolutely perfect, and there is absolutely no sign of ANY "heart noise" what so ever!
Aug 1976- We move back to New Jersey, I begin 1st grade, again, in the local school system. My mother held me back believing that I would do better in my schooling if I was one of the "older" kids in the class rather than one of the "youngest" (I guess my birthday was right on the border and it could have gone either way).
Sept 1979- My parents have been belligerent toward each other for some time now, and decide to get a divorce (at this point they separate). I am now 9 years old and am entering the 4th grade. As children, the school system tests all children's IQ levels, I remember being told that I was an "absolute genius". I don't know what my IQ was but this was met with utter disbelief and I was mocked and ridiculed by the parents and teachers because I was the "Big dumb Jock". As I was by far the biggest kid in the class, and the best athlete. However I had a severe stuttering problem. I was considered to be the class idiot, because I never spoke, and I never did well in school. {note: ironically, my own father was in the Navy, I was also held back a grade, and did not do well in school... except in arts, but in mathematics and similar subjects i failed misterably - branton} So the fact that I was this "genius" must have been wrong, and the parents of one of the most affluent areas in New Jersey would not accept that this big stuttering idiot could possibly be smarter then their sons and daughters so it was dismissed. I had had the stuttering problem for as long as I can remember and all throughout my childhood I literally could not speak a complete sentence, many time I could not even speak a word. The thing is I cannot remember when or why I started stuttering, but I do remember being able to speak German fluently without any problem at all and having no speech problems German or English at all. I stuttered severely from about the time we got back from Germany up until the age of 25.
March 1981- My mother enrolls me in the "Silva Mind Control" course, and this is where I first remember meeting "the men in uniform." The Silva Mind Control method is sort of a self hypnosis course where you learn to dive down into the different levels of your mind. You learn things like how to heal your body with your mind, relaxation techniques, ways to focus your concentration, and melt spoons with your mind (things like that). You may have heard of it? Anyway, while in the course we learned to go to our "level" (a relaxed state of mind which is the bases of the Silva method). I was extremely good at all of the things we were doing for some reason right from the start. Children who are 11 years old are very cruel to each other. And what happened was the whole class as a group would close their eyes and practice "going to your level" but as I came out of my "level" I would open my eyes and find that the WHOLE class was turned around in their chairs and they had been watching me for 15 to 20 minutes. They had been watching my rapid eye movements, my body and my technique. As I came out of it, they all began laughing at me. The instructor however, was praising me like I was the next god's gift to mankind. Telling me that I was the greatest student he has ever seen etc. etc..
During one of the breaks (about six weeks into the eight week course) the instructor asks me to go outside to meet some of his "friends". I go outside with him (and let me tell you, when you are 10 years old and you are in a class room for two hours at a time on your Saturdays and Sundays for eight straight weeks you ABSOLUTELY live for your 15 minute breaks) so needless to say I was not very interested in wasting my "break time" talking to whoever these people were. We go out the double doors and there are two men waiting to talk to me.
THEY BOTH WERE WEARING MILITARY UNIFORMS, one was wearing army green, and the other was in blue (possible Air Force but I can't be sure). The instructor states to the men "this is the kid" and they make some small talk. To be honest I really didn't pay much attention to them (I was looking at the other kids on the play ground and wondering why the hell I'm over here and not over there). But here's the main point; The man in green bends down on one knee and says to me "I hear you have some very special abilities" and I said "I do"? In a very confused response. He stands back up and speaks to the instructor some more, then kneels back down and says "It was very nice meeting you, YOU KNOW YOUR GOING TO WORK FOR ME SOME DAY!" As an 11 year old you don't quite grasp what is really going on and I remember laughing and telling him that I didn't quite understand, but it was nice meeting him, and I ran off to the play ground. But when I looked back, the three adults were still standing there looking at me, talking about me, and sizing me up.
I just seemed to have an uncanny ability to do what ever the teacher instructed the class to do. Everything he instructed us to "envision" in our minds I could do better that anyone else in the class. Bending spoons with your mind, going to your "level", anything. I am now 11 years old and about to enter the 6th grade.
Sept 1981- I enter the 6th grade. I had been playing organized sports for a few years already (T-Ball, parent slow pitch etc..), but now was the time for the first REAL challenge "the 8th grade school soccer team." When the school soccer tryouts came I tried out for the 8th grade soccer team as a 6th grader. The coach was against that because he didn't think I could play with the older boys, but he let me tryout anyway. Well, I made the team, but I was so good I turned out to be the best kid on the team, and we were the best team in the county. I just had an uncanny ability to do what ever the coach asked me to do. For example, the first day of tryouts the coach kicks the ball to me and jokingly says "I want you to take this ball, go down the field and score a goal" The thing is, I PICTURED IN MY MIND MYSELF GOING DOWN THE FIELD AND SCOREING THE GOAL. THEN I TOOK THE BALL DRIBBLED THROUGH 4 GUYES AND I DID IT! I didn't think about doing it, I just did it.
It was like it was mind over matter. It ís funny because honestly I could do things that were so unbelievable on the soccer field. You have to see it to believe it. Here is how; I honestly didn't know any better. I didn't know that I wasn't supposed to be able to do that, just take the ball down the field by yourself and score EVERY TIME! But in my mind, I could do it, so I did it in real life EVERY TIME. When the opposing teams coaches asked how old I was, when I told them they didn't believe me, after the games were over they would thank me for not running up the score and humiliating "their boys". That's how good I was and I do have video tapes of the games to prove it!
I not only made the team but started at left wing, and I was exceptional. Later in the year I also made the 8th grade school Basketball team and the Baseball team. I didn't start as a 6th grader in Basketball or Baseball but I did play. Just making the teams as a 6th grader was almost an incomprehensible feat, we were by far the dominate school in the county in almost everything (always the team to beat). I was very good for my age at Baseball and Basketball, but for what ever reason I was untouchable when I was on the soccer field.
It's funny, how can someone do things, they are not supposed to be able to do? Whether it is a feat of physical strength or skill, or it is a feat of great intellect or will, such as an actor or a professional athlete beating the odds against them and "making it", when all others said that it couldn't be done.
Anything that we do as human beings, whether it be a sporting event, starting a business, going to college or simply deciding to venture out on your own away from home for the first time. ANY TASK YOU CHOOSE TO UNDER TAKE, OR ANY FIGHT YOU CHOOSE TO FIGHT. 90% OF WHAT IT TAKES TO ATTAIN YOUR GOAL, NO MATTER WHAT THAT GOAL MAY BE, IS ALL MENTAL. AND FROM THAT FEAR IS THE KEY TO IT ALL! IF YOU CAN CONTROL YOUR FEAR YOU CAN CONTROL YOUR MIND, AND IF YOU CAN CONTROL YOUR MIND YOU CAN CONTROL YOUR LIFE. If you can understand that everything we do as human beings is 90% mental, and 10% physical, you understand the secret to life. And you will do well, at what ever you choose to do! For myself, somehow using the Silva Mind Control methods, I had the ability to picture myself performing extraordinary feats on the playing field, and then somehow accomplishing them in reality with ease, just like it was second nature. Don't think, just do.
June 1982- My parents, when they were still together, had invested in several houses in the area, and rented them out as supplemental income. In June of 1982, my mother, my self and my sister move into the house we used to rent out in Ramsey [New Jersey] , and put the house we just left on the market for sale (basically my father moved into one house we owned in Waldwick, we moved into the other house in Ramsey, and my parents sold the "big" house in Ho-Ho-Kus we all used to live in and split the money in the divorce). Our "new" house in Ramsey was located only about 10 minutes from the old house in Ho-Ho-Kus but it was in a different school district. I am 12 years old and going into 7th grade. Also starting in a new school.
July 11th 1983- My mother had been dating a man who's name was Walter Johnson. They had been seeing each other for the past 2 years or so and were engaged to be married. My parent's had finalized their divorce earlier that year, he had been separated from his wife for about 4 years. On July 11th 1983, Mr. Johnson went over to his soon to be x-wife's house to sign and finalize their divorce papers. Unknown to Mr. Johnson, his soon to be ex-wife (Sally Johnson) had stolen a .357 magnum pistol from her brother.
What happened next was the following, as Mr. Johnson was hunched over at his desk in the basement of his old house signing the divorce papers. Sally Johnson came up behind him and said "If I cannot have you no one else will" and shot him in the back of his head. He died instantly, and when the police finally found him two days later his head had been completely blown off his body. EVERY WORD OF THIS UNFORTUNATELY IS ALL TRUE. His name again was Walter Johnson. He was the Director for Senior Executive Personnel for the EXXON Oil Corp. New York office. He was killed on July 11th 1983 in Ridgewood, New Jersey. He was my mother's fiancee.
My mother, for the next several years was beyond any rational means of description in terms of hysteria, and grieving. Her German friend Astrid was a great help in her time of need. What this did to me however was the following. As a 12 year boy, coming home from school and seeing and hearing your mother crying EVERYDAY, AND ALL DAY and then ALL NIGHT, AND EVERY NIGHT is very hard on a 12 year old boy. She was beyond the word devastated. So, obviously at the time, I'm not too anxious to go home after school. For a while I got into some trouble (hanging out with the wrong crowd that sort of thing). Then I discovered my new passion, working out and WEIGHTLIFTING! It became an obsession. In the 7th grade I began working out everyday. I would ride my bike up to the high school every day and workout for hours, and I mean 2 to 3 hours EVERYDAY (anything to avoid going home)!
Dec 1983- From the start I was an exceptionally strong kid. Again, somehow I just had the ability to picture doing something in my mind (see my self doing it) and then do it in real life. Using the Silva mind control I would lay in bed and mentally go through the next day's workout. For example, I would go to my "level" and concentrate. I would picture myself bench pressing 195 for 10 reps, then 205 for 8, 215 for 6 etc.. I bench pressed 305 pounds in the 8th grade. This was more than anyone in the high school could do. Needless to say I was HATTED by all the high school upper classmen football players before I even got into high school. I am 14 years old and in the 8th grade. I also set the grade school high jump record (5'-10") and tied the 60, 100, and 200 yard dash records.
Aug-1984- 1987- My first three years in high school were NOT typical. I played football in the fall. Specifically did not play Basketball in the winter so I could workout everyday. Threw the shot put and the discus in the spring (track and field) and then would workout like a mad man in the summer to get ready for football in the fall again. I excelled in all the sports in which I participated in.
As a Freshman, I was one of the best running back in the county. We were division champions, and the head varsity football coach (Coach Hyman) asked me to practice with the Varsity squad for the Thanksgiving day game. The quarterback and captain of the football team (Peter Bebei) when he got word of this cornered me in the hall with about six other football players and he told me that if I showed up to practice for his final game that he and all the other guys were going to beat the shit out of me in the parking lot. He did not want me "stealing his thunder" for his final game. I didn't go out for the Thanksgiving game and this really annoyed Coach Hyman since he believed that I had turned him down. Track season comes in the spring and I go out for the track team. I go out for shot put and the discuss as well as the 100 yard dash and the high jump. Coach Hyman coaches the "weight" throwers and won't allow me to throw with the varsity even though I am the third best thrower on the team. I confront him about this and finally he lets me throw. In the 100 the fastest kid (I forget his name) tells me after the first day of track practice that if I beat him again that he is going to kick my ass. So I don't try my best. Why does every one hate me? I keep asking myself. I earn a varsity letter in track anyway.
In the fall Sophomore year Coach Hyman is having real problems with his marriage and being an utter ASS Hole to everyone (teachers, students, and athletes ). One of my talents, if you will, is that I can judge a person's character within minutes of meeting them. By their body language, gestures, personality etc. I can size up the person's worst fear, what they are feeling, what they want all in a matter of moments. It's like reading a person's soul as easily as you are reading these words. I just seem to have a "knack" for it. Anyway, I walk into Coach Hyman's office during one of the breaks and say to him "don't worry Coach, everything will work out with you and your wife." Trying to be helpful. He freaks out and starts yelling "get out of here you F*CKING piece of shit and don't come back because YOU WILL NEVER PLAY HERE AS LONG AS I AM THE COACH." The next day he brings me into the dean's office and tells me to "quit" because I will never play at Ramsey High school. I never quit but for the next two years everyday at practice he would scream at me to "get off his field" and I wouldn't. Not for any great love for him or the game by any means. It was simply stay and get yelled at or go home to my hysterically crying mother. So I stayed and took his abuse but he felt so violated that I knew what was going on in his life he didn't want me anywhere near him, and of course I was right next to him for everything because I wouldn't quit. This made him extremely hostile towards me.
This continued all through high school. The thing is, every now and then, whether it was going into the locker room at half time or after the game getting back on the bus, or at the track meets I REMEMBER seeing the same two military men (Mr. Green and Mr. Blue). I would play in 10 football games per year and throw in approximately 20 twenty track meets a year. Thinking back, I only saw these men 2 or 3 times a year. To be honest I only remember seeing these men twice at football games during my four years in high school. Both times I was walking off the field after the game and I started looking for my parents and I looked into the crowd, and they were, just standing there in the middle of a sea of moving people looking right at me. And I said the same thing "that's odd, what the Hell are those two guys doing here." And again I would just dismiss it. I would mainly see them at the track meets. Let me explain, in High school track there are two types of meets. The track team schedule consisted of 10-12 "Bi or Tri" meets, when our school competes against another school, or two other schools, in which case it is a tri meet.
These are small meets and I NEVER saw these men during one of them. The other types of meets are the county meets, relay meets, and state meets. These meets consist of 20 to 30 TEAMS being there. As such these are huge events. I would say between 5,000 and 10,000 people would be there (I mean some of these things were HUGE events). Anyway, how did I pick out these two men among 10,000 people. The way these meets work is everyone sort of goes to their own area. The pole volters go to the pole volt area, the high jumpers go to the high jump pit, and each area has it's own crowd which then forms around each area (all the coaches of those athletes, the parents etc. etc.). So, the shot put circle usually is over and off to the side somewhere, basically clear of everything else. As we began to throw, all the competing athletes, the coaches, and the parents would all sort of gather in the same area to watch the event.
At least once a year at one of these big meets my eye would just catch the odd sight of these two men in uniform at these meets. I honestly convinced myself that at least one of them had to have a son that was competing or something. It wasn't unusual to see men in uniforms at the track meets because other kids were going to go to school at the military academies and as the meets transpired, I occasionally saw other men in uniforms walking around and talking to people. For example the shot putter from Lodi was going to go to West Point, and I saw another man in a green uniform over talking to him. What made this all so weird was the two men I'm talking about were looking at me and I didn't know why. I didn't put it all together until years later. May-1987-
Track season junior year, at one of the major relay meets, it was announced the prior week that there was going to be a "clean and jerk weightlifting contest" sponsored by some guy I had never heard of. I of course was all excited, and trained that week on my technique.
As it turns out all it was, was a guy with some rubber mats and a Olympic barbell set in the middle of a grass field. I took second place with a lift of 265 lbs power cleaned to the chest and then pressed over my head. The kid who won was a senior and did 275. It was just sort of a "friendly" contest. I am 17 years old and in 11th grade.
July-1987- It's summer time and I am training for football. I get a call from a coach I had never spoke to before, coach Himmel? Humle? Burle? I can't remember his exact name or his phone number but I do remember that he is from somewhere in Colorado. Anyway, he is the United States Power lifting team coach and he wants me to drop everything that I am doing and move to Colorado on a whims notice, to go train for the clean and jerk. I asked him in confusion why he was calling me, I finished second in the contest? He then says to me I finished second but the guy I lost to was a year older but more importantly he was also 50 pounds heavier. So pound for pound I was much stronger and as it turns out that in my age group and for my weight (17 years old and between 201 and 229 lbs.) I was ranked fifth in the country, in this one particular lift. This may seem like a dream come true for me, but let me tell you. Just like with anything you do, even if you really enjoy it, there can be things you really hate about it as well. The power clean and the clean and jerk were my absolute least favorite exercises. To be blunt, I loved working out but I despised those particular two exercises especially. This along with the fact that I could not just "get up and leave my mother." She was doing much better, but by no stretch of the imagination could her mental condition be considered to be "stable." I am 17 years old and about to enter the 12th grade and I do not go to Colorado to train for the U.S. power lifting team.
Aug-1987- Football camp senior year, I test in the bench press 390 lbs, in the squat 505 lbs, and in the power clean 280 lbs. We finish the season 6-3 and are division champs. I begin working out again and I start to think about college.
Dec 1987-May 1988- My workouts continue very well. However I develop a "new idea". Now when I go through my workout mentally at night I have added a new "twist". When I am down on my "level" in my mind I have added a huge chair in the room in which I am standing. Using my Silva mind control I sit in the chair. On the left hand side of the chair are some "air hoses" like you would find in a auto garage. I imagine, that on both of my arms there are these "air hoses" coming out of my arms. Like an I-V hose coming out of your arm. This is my "pump up chair". In my mind I connect the hoses coming out of my arms to the hoses on the side of the chair. I push a button located on the right arm of the chair with my right index finger and the chair activates. Like an air station I can feel the vibrations as I sit in the chair. As I sit there I see my entire body start to swell. Like blowing up a balloon. I mentally tell my muscles to grow and swell like balloons, AND THEY DO! I do this for about six weeks.
This works so well that many of the parents and teachers think that I am now doing steroids. I am not, but the situation snow balls into some kind of "witch hunt" and they make me take a steroid test. What happened was as I am working out one day Father Jack (the local priest who is always hanging around the kids and the football team) comes into the weight room as I am working out. He says to me "Andy, there is a lot of talk about your steroid usage, and if you admit it to me right now every thing will be all right." "Father Jack" I said "I don't use steroids." He says "I'm going to ask you one more time to admit to using steroids." I look him right in the eye and I say "Look Father, I DON'T use steroids." And he got very angry and says to me and I will never forget this "Don't ever speak to me again you f*cking liar, they are going to hang you by your balls and I am going to be there to watch!"
A few days later Jeff Brown (one of the kids on the team) comes in to the weight room and tells me that Father Jack wants to see me at the grammar school as soon as I am done. When I finish my workout I go up to the school and Father Jack is waiting for me impatiently. He grabs my arm and I get brought in front of some kind of panel in the basement of the grade school located down the street. There are four members of the panel and the rest of the room is filled with teachers and parents. Dr. Purrizzo who is the chief orthopedic surgeon at valley hospital in Bergen county New Jersey. Bergen county is the third most affluent area in the country, and the towns of Saddle River and Ramsey are in the top towns in the country in terms of wealth. Dr. Purrizzo is a heavy heavy hitter in the area if you know what I mean. When President Nixon, who resided in Saddle River before he died, hurt his knee playing tennis Dr. Purrizzo was the surgeon who performed the operation, and for a while was on the Presidential list of referral surgeons. I am standing in front of the panel and he starts pressing me to "admit" that I am doing steroids. And I keep answering that "I DIDN'T DO IT!". He keeps pressing me saying that among the panel they hold seven PHD's and he thinks they know what they are talking about so "make it easy on yourself and just admit it". And I keep telling them that "I DON'T GIVE A SHIT WHAT YOU SAY AND I DON'T CARE WHO YOUR ARE AND WHAT YOUR CREDENTIALS ARE, I DIDN'T DO IT!"
He tells me to take off my shirt to the show the acne on my back, but there is no acne. This sort of thing goes on for a while and he finally tells me to "take off your shorts or admit to doing steroids". What could I do, so I took off my shorts and I volunteered to give a urine sample. I had to piss in a cup in front of the panel as well as everyone else wearing only my sneakers. He is very pissed at me and does not give me my shorts back for quite a while. This whole time one of the other members of the board is Dr. Purrizzoís friend. He is a Psychologist and between the two of them they now start saying that they are going lock me up in for being mentally insane if I don't admit to taking steroids. And again I say "LOOK, I DIDN'T DO IT!". This goes on and on. I had gone through a whole defense proving that I didn't do it and no matter what I said and no matter what proof I presented I was going to be hanged whether I did it or not. Finally I say "Tell me how you know that I take steroids, what's your proof, do you have a camera in my house or something, how do you know?" Finally after much persuasion from the crowd and from myself reluctantly, he begins to explain that he has a degree in genetics, and that he has been studying my genetic code for years. He then goes on to explain how his son's genetic pattern is superior to mine in terms of dominate DNA markers. He had been doing a private "thesis" study showing how through superior genetic breeding and steroid usage he could create a superior human being. He had a test subject and a control subject.
His son was the test subject and I was the control subject. He had been injecting his own son with steroids for years and since his son's DNA pattern was superior to mine, his son, in theory, should have been more physically developed then me. And since he wasn't, Dr. Purrizzo's only explanation was that I must have been taking steroids as well, and he must prove that I was or else his life's work would have been wasted.
This was all a great theory, however the fatal flaw where he had made his mistake was that he had assumed that I was of Italian background because my last name is "Pero". So he was comparing my DNA patterns against the same ones he had used for his son who is Italian. He never bothered to ask if I was Italian, I am NOT. My background is Hungarian, Romanian, and Czech. This makes all the difference in the world, and I manage to get out of there unscathed.
When the test comes back, it is negative, and I tell all those involved that they can go "stick it where the sun doesn't shine." The whole episode is quite funny as I turned their "witch hunt" into a circus, especially my defensive strategy. For the rest of the school year all the people who were at the trial all gave me the dirtiest looks imaginable. All because I had the utter nerve to stand up for my self and say "I didn't do it!" This was Ramsey New Jersey, and the feeling in the air was that they didn't care if I was falsely accused they would not stand for a child talking to them in that manner.
It was all videotaped, and at one time there were several copies floating around. Anyway, as a result of this, I stop using this technique for the present time. But that was far from the end of Dr. Purrizzo. I am 18 years old and in the second half of my senior year of high school. This experience was very scary for the reason that I saw the "adult" world for what it really was. As a child you grow up believing that all adults are "all knowing" and are on top of things. But as I stood there and Dr. Purrizzo is telling me that if I did't admit to taking steroids that he was going to have me committed to a mental institution and have a lobotomy performed on me. As I looked around ALL the other adults just stood around like scared sheep. Not one of them said a word in my defense. This was the strangest feeling, seeing the adult world as a child for what it really was for the first time. I realized then that adults are exactly the same as the children, only they are bigger. There is one bully that runs the show, and everyone else just stands around scared to say anything. Just as they do as children.
Now and for the past several months college football recruiters have been in contact with me both by mail and personal visits as the selection process narrows. I should have been already "signed" by a major University. But since Hyman made me disappear from the college scouts for two years by not playing me. I had fallen out of the "Blue chip athlete loop" and I am now scrambling to find a school. I am talking to two or three smaller division two and division three schools as well as Penn State. Penn State had been where I wanted to go all along but Hyman was trying to cover for what he had been doing to me by lying to the Penn State coaching staff, sending them the wrong films, telling them different statistics things like that, because he didn't want to have to explain why I didn't play at all as a sophomore and hardly as a Junior. Finally he gets exposed, and Penn State offers me a scholarship for my first year and then a "full ride" after that. I was going to get free room and board, all I had to pay for was books and classes (an out of state student was going to be about $3000).
It is the track season, at the county track meet (the championship meet). I win the discus and set the county and state record with a throw of 167 feet and 11 inches. I finish second in the shot put with a throw of 57 feet and 3 inches. AT THIS MEET I VIVIDLY REMEMBER SEEING THE TWO MEN IN MILITARY UNIFORMS WATCHING ME. They were right there, for both events and watched me set the record.
Ever since I had gotten my drivers license I used to like to unwind a little before going home. So I would ride around the area and play music in my car. A few days after the trial while riding around a bronco type vehicle is flashing their headlights at me from behind, so I pull over. This happened on West Saddle River Road, and I pulled into a small parking lot right next to the red building where my step mother used to sell real-estate. It is Mrs. Purrizzo driving the bronco, she is an incredibly beautiful woman (late thirties with a lot of plastic surgery). She was at the trial and during it lets just say that I had made her blush when I was standing in only my sneakers. There is another woman with her. A woman I had never seen before. She had long black hair and dark eyes she was even more beautiful that Mrs. Purizzo. They tell me to get in the back of the bronco (when you are 18 years old and two of the most beautiful women you have ever seen tell you to get in the back of their car it is difficult to resist) so I play along and I do.
Mrs. Purrizzo hands me a small plastic shot glass (like something you would see in a hospital) it has some kind of clear liquid in it and she tells me that it's water and I must be thirsty and that I should drink it. I'm thinking to my self "she has got to be kidding if she thinks I'm going to fall for that." I take the glass and pretend to drink it behind the high back head rest of the drivers seat but in reality place it still full on the floor mat behind the drivers seat. The women then start to giggle and make small talk by telling me how handsome I am, and how big and strong I am. I know exactly what's going on and I play along. I return the complements by telling them that they are the most beautiful women that I have ever seen, and when I look in their eyes I become lost floating on a sea of dreams. I made both of them blush with that one. Then they ask me if I am ready to go with them. "Go where" I ask. "To the hotel room of course" Mrs. Purrizzo answers. "You can go to the hotel room if you want to but I am going home" I say. She asks me "are you sure you don't want to come with us?" she asks. "Positive" I answer and I start to get out of the bronco. "Oh yea" I say "Here is your water back" and I hand them the small plastic shot glass. They look at each other and cannot hold back their smile and look away and to the floor. I get out and say "see you later". I get in my car and drive home.
The next evening at about the same time, but in the exact same spot, and in the exact same car the two women pull me over again. And again I pull onto the same small parking lot on West Saddle River Road. I get out but this time I go only to the window. Mrs. Purrizzo has the drivers window rolled down and says to me "Andy, can you kill this for me" and hands me a coke can with just a little bit left of something left in the bottom. Again I am thinking to my self "who the f*ck does she think she is kidding with this." I say "SURE" and I take the can of coke from her and walk over to the dumpster and toss it in. I walk back to the car and I can tell from the look in her face that she is pissed off. I say "anything else" and I turn my back to her and walk away. I get in my car and drive away.
The next night the same thing happens, in the same spot at the same time. I pull over and get out of my car angry. As I walk over to her bronco I say "Look this stupid game has gone on long enough". She interrupts me and says "Andy, PLEASE just get in because we have to talk." I say "NO", and she begs "Andy, PLEASE!" As she almost has tears in her eyes. Like an idiot I reluctantly get in. This time they have a bottle of Vodka with three small plastic shot glasses. The woman with the black hair pours the three small glasses full and hands me one. I had had enough and I say In a rude tone "DO YOU REALLY THINK THAT I AM SO STUPID TO BELIEVE THAT THAT'S REALLY VODKA IN THAT GLASS!" She says to me "were sorry for fooling with you and want to make peace, will you have a drink with us?" I knew from the get go that what ever she was giving me had to be drugged with something, but at the same time I felt somehow that there was going to be no getting out of this. I was not afraid of Dr. Purrizzo because I really never did steroids and I had nothing to hide, I just wanted it all to be over. So I thought about what to do and finally I said to her ""MRS. PURRIZZO I WILL DRINK THAT GLASS OF WHAT EVER IT IS ON ONE CONDITION AND ONE CONDITION ONLY! IF YOU SWEAR, IF YOU PROMISE THAT YOU WILL NOT LET THEM HURT ME. DO YOU SWEAR YOU WON'T LET THEM HURT ME!" And of course she swears that she won't let them hurt me, and of course like an idiot I drink the glass of "Vodka". I am out with in seconds.
When I wake up I am in a hotel room. I am sitting in a chair and it is very difficult to keep my eyes open, but I can make out several dark figures in various spots around the room. I couldn't keep my eyes open but I could hear. They had given me sodium pentathol and were now going to get the "truth" out of me. I can barley see him but I know it's Dr. Purrizzo. He starts asking me questions. "Andy what kind of steroids do you take?" "I don't use steroids" I answer. I can hear him cursing as he asks me again, "Andy, you wouldn't lie to me would you, I'm going to ask you again, What kind of steroids do you take." And again I answer "I already told you I DON'T USE STEROIDS!" and I hear him ranting and raving. His friend the psychologist then comes over and asks to take a try. The line of questioning changes from direct to indirect questions. He asks "Andy, tell me, where do you buy your steroids?" I answer "I have never bought steroids." He asks "How long have you been taking the steroids?" and again I answer "I've never taken steroids".
Dr. Purrizzo is now furious and he is ranting I'll get it out of him and he stabs me in my right thigh with a syringe and injects me with more sodium pentathol. I think I lost consciousness for a while and then the questioning begins again. "Where do you buy your steroids?" and again I answer "I don't use steroids." This goes on and on for a while finally the psychologist comes over and asks me "Andy, if you don't use steroids how do you explain your abnormal physique?" Simple, I answer "I CHEAT!" What do you mean by "you cheat" he asks. "I USE THE POWER OF MY MIND TO BUILD MY MUSCLES; IT WORKS PRETTY GOOD.. DOSEN'T IT?" and I remember a big smile coming over my face as I felt proud of what I could do. And they all come over to me and I then proceed to explain the Silva Mind Control method that I use. How I go to my level. The psychologist asks me to do it now, and I find myself explaining my trip down into my mind. When I get to my "level" I give them a tour of "my room". They are all talking in astonishment. "WAIT" I say "HERE IS THE BEST PART" and I explain to them the "pump up chair" I use to grow my muscles, the underground stadium where "I can do anything" on this "magic" field.
I hear the psychologist yelling at Dr. Purrizzo "And you want to give this kid a lobotomy, I COULD MAKE A F*CKING CAREER OUT OF THIS KID!!!" He said something like I was the greatest psychophsiologic example, and that I had the greatest Autogenic abilities he has ever seen (or something like that). He also used a term something like psychoneuroimmunology if that makes any sense. Anyway, he then tells me to open my hand and starts to place objects in them. He tells me that I am holding a banana and he wants me to crush it. I squeeze the "banana" and I feel it "squish" like a banana. I hear everyone start murmuring in disbelief. I have no idea what they placed in my hand but I do know it sure as hell wasn't a banana.
Soon after this I start to feel sick. I fall off my chair. I am sweating profusely, and I start convulsing as I begin to throw up. As I am laying on my left side on the floor throwing up on my self. The psychologist comes over to me and looks into my eyes, he drops me and starts yelling at Dr. Purrizzo "HOW MUCH DID YOU GIVE HIM!... HOW MUCH DID YOU GIVE HIM! HIS PUPILS ARE DILATED AND HE NEEDS TO GO TO THE HOSPITAL RIGHT NOW!!!. NOW HOW MUCH DID YOU GIVE HIM?" Dr. Purizzo answers "two thousand". The psychologist answers "YOU GAVE HIM TWO THOUSAND, HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MIND?" Dr. Purrizzo answers "and then another two thousand when he wouldn't answer". The psychologist answers "FOUR THOUSAND! HAVE YOU GONE TOTALLY INSANE?. THIS KID HAS TO GO TO THE HOSPITAL RIGHT NOW!" Four thousand what I don't know (milligrams, milliliters, Cc's) I don't know, all I remember is the numbers. I keep throwing up and I hear then arguing.
The psychologist is yelling at Dr. Purrizzo "you said you had a plan, what's your plan". Dr. Purrizzo answers "I was sure we would get it out of him that he was lying, and then we would be excused from taking him because he was a lier." "THAT'S IT!!!? THAT WAS YOUR PLAN, TO KIDNAP A KID AND THEN NO ONE WOULD PRESS CHARGES BECAUSE HE WAS LYING TO YOU ABOUT TAKING STEROIDS? YOU HAVE GONE ABSOLUTELY INSANE!" Dr. Purrizzo then says "We will take him to my office and give him an Emergency lobotomy so he will never tell anyone!" Mrs. Purrizzo then steps up and says "IF YOU HURT THAT CHILD I WILL TELL!" Dr. Purrizzo then turns to her as he is laughing and says "WHO ARE YOU GOING TO TELL?" "THE POLICE" SHE SAYS "I WILL TELL THE POLICE!" He starts calling her a little bitch and how he is disgusted that she would turn against her own husband for this kid. "I will not allow you to hurt that child" she says.
He says "WELL DID YOU REALLY THINK I WAS JUST GOING TO LET HIM GO, AFTER WHAT HE DID TO ME AT THE TRIAL." "I will not allow you to hurt that child" she repeats. Then there is some discussion as to what to do. Finally the psychologist comes over to me as I am covered with vomit and barely able to remain conscious. He starts swinging this little metal ball on the end of a string in front of my face. I try to watch it as he tells me to and then everything goes black. I wake up, and I am on the front steps of my house and my car is parked on the street in front of the house (I know I didn't drive it home because I always pull into the driveway). I have a lot of trouble getting up, it feels like I am drunk or something and I go right to bed. The next morning, I have trouble getting up in the morning and I can't quite make it out but I had the weirdest dream about being in a hotel room, and Dr. Purrizzo was there. I remembered most of the events but it was very foggy.
The weekend goes by and then after my workout on Tuesday as I am driving around in the same spot there is the Bronco again. This time I remember what happened and I am pissed off. I get out and I slam the door and I start yelling at Mrs. Purrizzo. As I am yelling at her and walking towards the car, she rolls down the window and starts to say something, then the next thing I know is I am back in the hotel room again. I was in some sort of hypnotic trance or something. I couldnít move, and the psychologist then instructs me to start squeezing things again.
He has this little gauge and when I squeeze the hand grip I break it. After he ran all of his tests, then it was Dr. Purrizzo's turn. He makes me act like a monkey and try and lick myself. I remember jumping around the room stretching like a monkey and feeling very stupid as they laughed at me. Then he makes me act like a chicken and does many other things to humiliate me. This goes on for hours.
Finally, the women who are in the room tell the men to get out because they now want to have "their" fun with me. The women with the black hair now comes over to me. She says a few words to me. I don't know what they were but all of a sudden I felt a feeling like I had never felt before, I felt like an animal, territorial, like a primal beast, I got up and started walking around the hotel room pacing back and forth. My muscles are all pumped up, my arms all muscled and out to the side and my chest is fully expanded as I strut around the room. I am looking to defend my lair against any male who may come near. If I see another male I will kill him. As I look over to one of the beds the woman in the black hair is naked and on her hands and knees. She has her back arched and is waving her butt around like she is some bitch in heat. I see her and get an instant erection. I walk over to her, rip off my shorts and start, excuse the term, f*cking the shit out of her. I pick her up like she is a five year old and just started wailing into her. I felt like a primal animal. I f*cked her like I was some sort of a beast from the stone age. And she was loving every minute of it. I wasn't reaching climax, I was just nailing the shit out of this woman. It wasn't pleasure.
I was feeling it was more of a territorial act if that makes any sense. After a while I pulled out and literally tossed her aside when I saw Mrs. Purrizzo sitting naked in a chair in the corner masturbating as she watched me nail her friend. I grab her by the hair and throw her on the bed and repeat the same procedure with Mrs. Purrizzo. This went on for hours as the women had me "f*ck them" in different positions, in their vagina as well as their anus. Carrying out every sick fantasy they had, I would do whatever they told me to do to them. I am f*cking the woman with the black hair in a chair in the corner, so hard that she has passed out. I didn't care. I just kept right on going until I heard voices coming from behind me, male voices. I hear "WHAT THE F*CK ARE YOU GIRLS DOING" and then I hear Mrs. Purrizzo say "well what did you think we were going to do with him". "I don't know? I thought you were going to make him act like a chicken or something" I hear him say. I pull out of the woman with the black hair and toss her onto the floor. I turn and see Dr. Purrizzo and a few other men by the door.
Without thinking I reach down and grab the chair by the leg with my left hand, I stand up and grab the other leg with my other hand and rip the chair apart like breaking a wishbone. It was like the chair was made out of toothpicks or something because it took no effort at all, I just ripped it apart. I now had a chair leg in my left hand and I toss the rest of the chair off to the side. I start walking toward the men with my "club" my "weapon". Mrs. Purrizzo becomes frantic and starts yelling "HE WILL KILL YOU! GET OUT NOW!. HE WILL KILL YOU" to Dr. Purrizzo and she runs toward me to give the men time to get out, I push her aside and the men are scurrying out the door. They left in such a hurry they didn't close the door. I wasn't running toward them, just walking very fast, when they left I didn't go after them I just wanted them out of "my lair". I slam the door closed, lock and chain it, toss my club aside and grab Mrs. Purrizzo and toss her onto the bed. I remember feeling anger as she was "disobedient" and I nailed her as hard as I could until she had passed out. Then the woman with the black hair comes over again and this goes on and on. I don't know how it ended but the next thing I know is I am laying on my front steps again, and again my car is parked on the street and not in my driveway.
Over the next few weeks I would find myself stopping at the same spot about once a week. I don't know why, but sometimes I would just pull the car over. The next thing I know is I'm back in the hotel room. This time there are four women (Mr. Purrizzo, the woman with the black hair, and two others I had never seen before). I remember feeling like "an animal" again. As I was pounding one of the women against the head board I hear voices behind me. This time there are at least ten people watching. I see two of the women I had already had sex with on their knees giving a blowjob to one of the men (I think it was the husband of the women I was screwing at the time). These sick people are now getting off watching me screw their wives. And again I throw the women I am screwing aside and go after the men. And again the women run interference so the men can get out the door. I wake up and I am trying to get into my house.
Another time everything is black and all I remember is hearing "G*D DAMN IT! HE'S GONE SOFT AGAIN!". I struggle to open my eyes and I am laying on my back, there is a woman on top of me. She was a bit heavier then the other two and not quite as good looking. I push her off of me as I try and get up. As I am coming around immediately the woman with the black hair comes over to me and tells me to look her in her eyes, to focus and to look at her. I remember looking at her and then after that all is black again. This time I wake up in the back seat of my car which is parked on the street in front of my house.
Another time the woman with the black hair and Mrs. Purrizzo decide to take me to the woman with the black hair's house. They must have been drugging me as well as having me in a hypnotic trance because they were trying to get me out of the car and I could not move. I was as limp as a rag doll and these two women who weighed no more then 115 pounds each are trying to get me, a 230 pound kid, out of the Bronco and into the house. I remember them having a very hard time and being dragged across the ground up the front steps and into the house. I remember this because someone had called the Police and they show up at the house about five minutes later. The two women are frantically trying to figure out what to do. They sit me on the steps going to the upstairs. The woman with the black hair tells me that Mrs. Purrizzo is my mother and you just had your tonsils out and your are still groggy from the anesthetic. She opens the door for the Police and tells him the story how Mrs. Purrizzo cannot go home yet because her house is being painted, and her son is still groggy from being under anesthetic. The cop asks me if I am all right, and I tell him that I'm fine and I confirm the women's story. The cop leaves and they close the door. They start telling me how I was "such a good boy". I remember them telling me how they are going to do treat me "extra special" for being such a good boy. They were trying to get me up the stairs and they were complaining because I wasn't helping them enough. I kept telling them "I'm trying! what have you done to me?" "Nothing Andy!" they said. I remember them throwing me on the bed and then I felt them trying to get my cloths off, after that everything is black. To this day I remember which house they brought me to, and where it is.
May 1988-June 1988- The recruiting "scuffle" has basically past and I have my college selections narrowed down to two or three schools. My heart is set on going to Penn State. In the mail mysteriously comes a letter from West point stating I was scheduled to have my physical taken to continue my application process for acceptance into West point. I never had discussed attending West point with anyone. At first I thought it was my father playing some kind of sick of joke. I spoke to him and he knew nothing about it. The physical date comes and goes. About a week later another letter comes stating that I have been "rescheduled" for another physical appointment at West point. This date comes and goes. A few days later I get a phone call, the person asks why I had not gone for the physical. I tell him that had no interest in attending any military academy much less West point since my father was an Annapolis graduate. About a week later another letter arrives, this one states that my presence is now requested at the US Navel Academy to have my physical taken for admittance into the US Navel Academy. This date also comes and goes. That was the last incident involving the academies however since my academic record and my SAT scores were not even close to academy standards the whole incident is very suspicions.
Dr. Purrizzo comes to my house, rings the bell and tells me he wants to speak with me out on the street. He proceeds to tell me that he has "made a great mistake". After rechecking my DNA pattern against the correct hereditary background it turns out that I am the one with the superior DNA code. In fact, he says we used your code to determine dominance of some unknown markers. He knows of my situation with Penn State and tries to give me $4,600. The money was for college for me. I tell him I don't want his money (I also knew that if I had accepted that money as "payment" for damages done that I could not sue him latter, I think that this was his plan and that's why he had gotten so mad when I would not accept it). After my final episode with Mrs. Purrizzo and the woman with the black hair they have a wad of cash for me. "Andy take it!. You've more that earned it" she says. I tell her I don't want her dirty money and I hope she chokes on it.
A few days after that Dr. Purrizzo shows up again at my house, tells me to walk with him to the street again. He tells me that "he has been discussing it with this psychologist friend and that my mind functions in such a way in the subconscious THAT HE CAN MAKE ME THE MOST POWERFULL MAN IN THE WORLD". He then tells me to get into his car and he wants to take me to his office to do this for me. I say "REALLY?. OK.. I'll go, but only if my mother comes with me... Can my mother come with me?" He says that this is just between "us men". I tell him to go f*ck himself and start walking towards my house. He starts talking "Your a very smart kid! you had a 50/50 chance! we were going to get drunk and then decide whether to make you the most powerful man in the world or give you a lobotomy." I stop and turn to him and say "do you really think I'm going to believe you when you tell me that YOU are going to make ME the most powerful man in the world? you might do this but ONLY if you could control me, if you could not control me then you would have to destroy me! Do you think I am that stupid? Now get the fuck out of here before I call the cops!." He then says "as I said you are one smart kid". He gets in his car and drives away.

Interview with Andy Pero, Montauk 'Superman' Programming Victim (June 13, 2000)
Project Superman: The Saga of Andy Pero By Eve Lorgen (Fall, 2000)
Branton's web site: http://angelfire.com/ut/branton/

People Who Eats Sun

These are a couple of interesting articles about people whose food is Sun from Russian websites, which I find extremely important (in Russian and in English).
There are 30 thousands people all over the World , who doesn't eat or drink; 10000 people in Germany alone. They live on Sunshine and Evolutionary Energy for years. Especially it's popular among women. This is the way of the Future, which already started. Psychic Abilities and Health of these people increase tremendously.  We don't need food and water: it makes us weak, sick, not very psychic and mentally unstable!Mental diseases are supposed to be treated this way!


('Sun-eaters' don't have to breathe!)  Солнцееды могут и не дышать!
(In the world there are people for whom longevity is not a goal in itself.) В Мире есть люди, для которых долголетие совсем не самоцель.
(They are 'Sun-people', and they live without the visible aging in such a non-traditional way that it has no rational explanation.)  Это дети Солнца, и живут они без видимого старения столь нетрадиционным способом, что рационального объяснения ему нет.

(They are not just having a hunger srtrike - they have refused food and water forever. They are called 'Sun-eaters'.)
Они не просто голодают — они навсегда отказываются от пищи и воды. Их называют солнцеедами.
(The readers of the magazine do remember the woman, the resident of Krasnodar, Zinaida Baranova: we've been writing about her for 2 years in a row.) Об одной такой женщине, жительнице Краснодара Зинаиде Барановой, читатели «АиФ» наверняка помнят: мы писали о ней два года подряд.
(There will be five years, 
since March, Zynaida did not eat or drink.) В марте исполнилось пять лет с того момента, как Зинаида Григорьевна ничего не ест и не пьёт.
("How does she manage?"  letters with such questions coming to the editorial office is not a rarity.)
«Как она там, ещё держится?» — письма, с такими вопросами в редакции, не редкость.  

(I am alive and healthy and feel magnificently! Nothing special happened to me this year.)"Жива-здорова и великолепно себя чувствую, — отвечает солнцеедка. — Ничего особенного за этот год со мной не произошло."
("I have been giving lectures in different regions.") Ездила по регионам с лекциями.
(Zinaida Baranova is still refusing medical examinations: " I have no time to sit somewhere locked up." (meaning Russian medical facilities, reminding jails, LM).  Зинаида Баранова по-прежнему отказывается от медицинских обследований: «На то, чтобы сидеть где-то взаперти, у меня просто нет времени. 
(I have no need to prove anything to anybody!)  Да я никому ничего доказывать и не собираюсь.
(It's up to you to believe me or not.)  Хотите — верьте, хотите — нет.
(I fully understand the skepticism of many people, but I have more important goals in my life instead of dissuading people!)

"Я вполне понимаю скепсис многих людей, но у меня в жизни есть задачи поважнее, чем разубеждать их".
(According to Zinaida Baranova, she feeds on the energy of the Sun, or, as it is called - Penetrating Evolutionary Energy.)

По словам Барановой, питается она энергией Солнца или, как её ещё называют: просачивающейся Эволюционной Энергией.
(Тhe energy is synthesizing everything necessary for life of the cells of the body.)
Якобы эта энергия и синтезирует в клетках тела все необходимые для жизнедеятельности вещества.
(Despite the fact that the woman doesn't eat or drink, she goes to the toilet every day.)Несмотря на то что женщина ничего не ест и не пьет, в туалет она ходит ежедневно.
("Byproduct" of the Evolutionary Energy - a bit of dark, orangy colored urine, three times less than an average person has
and a rare mucous discharge from the intestine.)  "Побочный продукт"  Эволюционной Энергии — немного мочи темно-оранжевого цвета (раза в три меньше, чем у обычного человека) и редкие слизистые выделения из кишечника.

(There are about 30 thousands Sun-eaters in the World.) В мире насчитывается около 30 тыс. таких людей.
(A physician, psycho-physiologist Alexander Kliuev  does't consider this phenomenon as fantastic: "The ability to eat penetrating Evolutionary Energy without receiving physical food is the result of a radical transformation of the physiological processes at the cellular level.) Врач-психофизиолог Александр Клюев не видит в этом феномене ничего фантастического: «Возможность питаться нисходящей Энергией и, как следствие, существования без приема физической пищи — результат радикальной трансформации физиологических процессов на клеточном уровне.
(Retaining of the metabolism (exchange of substances) in Zinaida Baranova's body tells us that nature does not have established laws claimed by orthodox (modern)  scientists.)  Сохранение метаболизма (обмена веществ) в теле Барановой говорит о том, что в природе не существует, как утверждают ученые-ортодоксы, раз и навсегда установленных законов. 
(This woman moved to a different level of existence - the classical medicine is unable to register this.) Эта женщина перешла на иной уровень существования — классическая медицина зафиксировать его не в состоянии.
(The physical body itself gained a new physiology; updated cells operate in a different energy exchange environment.)
Само физическое тело обрело новую физиологию, обновленные клетки функционируют в иной энергообменной среде.
(As a result, all the physiological and biochemical standards adopted by the medical society are collapsing.) В результате рушатся все физиологические и биохимические нормы, принятые в медицине.
(Zinaida Baranova, gradually moving to "pranic food" (this way the lifestyle of Sun-eaters is called too), she got rid of diseases such as ischemia, tachycardia, angina and radiculitis.)
Зинаида Баранова, постепенно перейдя на «праническое питание» (так еще называют образ жизни солнцеедов), навсегда избавилась от таких болезней, как ишемия, тахикардия, стенокардия и радикулит.
("This is not surprising" - said Alexander Kliuev:"In fact the cause of all bodily ailments is just our inability to grasp Penetrating Evolutionary Energy (because we stuff ourselves with food and drink: it's a vicious circle, LM)."
«Это неудивительно, — считает Александр Клюев, — "Bедь причиной всех телесных недугов является как раз наша неспособность усвоить нисходящую Энергию".
(And this is despite the fact that it (The Evolutionery Energy) is trying to penetrate us with all its Might.)
И это при том, что она всеми правдами и неправдами пытается в нас проникнуть.
(Sometimes it (the Evolutionary Energy) succeeds, but we are not capable to fully use it (the food and drink is on the way, LM): that is causing psychological and somatic diseases.) Временами это ей удается, однако мы не в состоянии ее полностью усвоить — отсюда психические и соматические заболевания.
(I think in the future, living without food and fluid intake will be an ordinary business.)
Я думаю в будущем, проживание без приема пищи и жидкости станет обычным делом.
(If this Energy is "fully" working (an example of Zinaida Baranova shows that it is possible), then it will not only supply the organism with "food", but also fully replace our oxygen intake.")
Если Энергия будет работать «по полной программе» (а на примере Барановой видно, что это возможно), то она сможет не только обеспечить организм «пищей», но и полностью заменит нам кислородное дыхание».
Dmitri Pisarenko

12 years without eating

(12 years without eating. Is it really possible?) 12 лет без eды Неужели это возможно?
(There are 30 thousand of these kind of people worldwide.) Их 30 тысяч по всему свету.
(And they are sure, that someday all people will become of the same kind, Sun-eaters.)  И они уверены, что когда-нибудь все люди станут такими же.
(Science can not explain this phenomenon.) Наука не может объяснить этот феномен.
(Recently, an Australian woman came to Russia, who was calling herself by a mysterious name, Jazmuhin. She visited the capital and Krasnodar, where she met our famous "Sun-eater" Zinaida Baranova, who's been living without food and water for five years. She gave a series of lectures.) Недавно в Россию приезжала австралийка, называющая себя загадочным именем Джасмухин. Посетила столицy и Краснодар, где встретилась с нашей знаменитой «солнцеедкой» Зинаидой Барановой, пять лет живущей без еды и воды, и прочитала ряд лекций.
(The point is that Jazmuhin herself, in her words, has not been eating for 12 years.)Дело в том, что сама Джасмухин, по ее словам, ничего не ест на протяжении 12 лет.
(Her (Jazmuhin) credibility, authority is tremendously high in esoteric circles, including the circles of "Sun-eaters".) В эзотерических кругах, в том числе среди солнцеедов, ее авторитет необычайно велик.
(Only for the readers of "AiF", denying all other publications, Jazmuhin responded to their questions about the secret of the phenomenon of Sun-eating. And why the science is so powerless to brake it, and to many other questions.)
Только для читателей «АиФ», отказав всем другим изданиям, ДЖАСМУХИН ответила на вопросы, в чем секрет феномена солнцеедства. Почему наука перед этим бессильна, и на многие другие.
(What does your name mean?)  Что означает ваше имя?
(It's spiritual translation is an aroma, which is continuing forever.)  Его духовный перевод: аромат, длящийся вечно.
(Once this word just came to my mind from somewhere inside of me.) Это слово просто когда-то пришло мне в голову, откуда-то изнутри.
(Names have very strong vibrations.) Имена обладают очень сильными вибрациями.
(Esoterics like the word "vibration".)  Эзотерики любят слово «вибрации».
(The dictionary says that they are "mechanical vibrations".  That something is fluctating.)(dictionaries are Controlled Media, LM) В словаре сказано, что это «механические колебания».Что колеблется что-то.
(You can call it a fluctuation or a resonance.) Вы можете называть это колебаниями или резонансом.
(Everyone, his/her brain  that is, is just like a radio.) Каждый человек, то есть его мозг, — словно радио.
(We are constantly transmitting signals in the universe and perceiving them. And atoms are vibrating. )  Мы постоянно передаем сигналы во Вселенную и принимаем их.  А вибрируют атомы.
(Reducing the frequency of vibration of the brain, say using meditation at 0,5-3 vibrations per second, you can change the condition of the body and its possibilities.)  Понижая частоту вибраций мозга, скажем, с помощью медитации до 0,5–3 колебаний в секунду, можно менять состояние тела и его возможности.
(A person gains not only the ability to live without food, feeding on the Energy of Space.)  Человек обретает не только способность обходиться без пищи, питаясь энергией космоса.
(There is also telepathy, clairvoyance, and other phenomenon.)  Есть еще телепатия, ясновидение, другие феномены.
("We are getting energy from Cosmos." Jazmuhin is leading international "Movement of Awakening of a more Positive Society")
"Мы питаемся космосом". ДЖАСМУХИН возглавляет международное «Движение пробудившегося общества добра».
(She is not staying at home, but constantly touring the world with lectures and seminars. She arrived to Russia for a second time.) Она не сидит дома, а постоянно ездит по миру с лекциями и семинарами. В Россию приехала во второй раз.
(A particular concern for Jazmuhin is ... the struggle against starvation.) Особой заботой Джасмухин является… борьба с голодом.
(As an alternative, she suggested pranic nutrition or sunlight's nourishment.) В качестве альтернативы она предлагает праническое питание, или питание солнечным светом.
(When people hear about "Sun-eaters", they are nodding knowingly : charlatan, quack of course! This can not be true! )  Когда люди слышат о солнцеедах, они понимающе кивают: шарлатаны, понятное дело. Такого ведь не может быть.
(Again, we do not know our capabilities. The human body is able to transform and get energy by other means, through the atoms.) Повторюсь, мы не знаем своих возможностей. Человеческий организм способен трансформироваться и получать энергию другим способом, через атомы.
(We are simply fed differently: we eat particles of Cosmos.) Нас просто кормят по-другому, мы едим частицы космоса.
(Someone says that we eat light; somebody says that we eating the Universal Field. You say "Sun-eaters"? Let it be so.)
Кто-то говорит, что мы едим свет, кто-то — что мы питаемся вселенским полем.  Вы говорите «солнцееды»?  Пусть будет так.
(But there is a science that has established long ago, that the body cannot live without the protein, fat, carbohydrates, trace elements ...) Но есть наука, которая давно установила, что организм не может жить без белков, жиров, углеводов, микроэлементов…
(Exploring ways of life of Sun-eaters is also a science, but it works on another level.)
(The research of the way of life of "Sun-eaters" is also a science, but it is operating on another level. It is not examining the physical fabric.) Изучение образа жизни солнцеедов — это тоже наука, но она работает на ином уровне. Она исследует вовсе не материю.
(For scientists, to understand this experience, they need to expand their consciousness, to move it into a higher vibration.
And they will see life in another way.) Чтобы ученые могли понять этот опыт, им надо расширить свое сознание, перевести его в высокие вибрации. И они сами увидят жизнь по-другому.
The Reporter: (And maybe one can simply lock the "Sun-eater" in a locked house and watch how she/he lives there.)
Jazmuhin: (These experiments already took place.)  А можно просто запереть солнцееда в замкнутом помещении и посмотреть, как он там проживет. Такие опыты были.
(In India, lives a man who has been locked up for 411 days under the continuing supervision. It took a quarter cup of water a day, and that's all.)  В Индии живет мужчина, который просидел 411 дней под непрестанным наблюдением.
Он принимал четверть стакана воды в день, и это все.

The Reporter:(Have you ever been locked up?)
Jazmuhin: (No, nevertheless, I had all kinds of tests and examinations. They have shown that I am incredibly healthy.)  А вам приходилось сидеть взаперти? Нет, тем не менее, я прошла всевозможные виды проверок и обследований. Они показали, что я невероятно здорова.
Jazmuhin: (And these were researches done in official, registed, medical institutions, not with those who were called paranormal.)
И это были обследования в официальных институтах, а не у тех, кого называют экстрасенсами.
(Sun-eaters have been examined 
worldwide. And scientists can not explain this phenomenon.) Солнцеедов обследуют по всему миру. Solntseedov examined  И ученые не могут объяснить этот феномен.
(They have been scanning the brain and found, that the pineal gland (the place, where the Third Eye, used to be) operates in a different wayIt becomes very big and shiny.  Они сканируют мозг и видят, что эпифиз ( та самая шишковидная железа, где раньше, как считается, располагался третий глаз,  Д. П. ) функционирует по-другому. Он становится очень большим и сияющим.
The Reporter: (So? Lights, as a light bulb?
Jazmuhin: (Oh, no!
(long laughs) We are talking about the scanning, about the X-ray images.)
То есть? Горит, как лампочка? О нет! ( Долго смеется. ) Мы же говорим о сканировании, о рентгеновских снимках.
Jazmuhin: (You wouldn't notice the pineal gland of a normal person straight away in the pictures. We have it (the pineal gland) 20 times brighter. This is because it receives power from the Sun.)
 У обычных людей вы не сразу заметите эпифиз на снимках.  У нас он в 20 раз ярче.  Это потому, что он получает питание от солнца.
Jazmuhin: ("I felt my destination".)
Jazmuhin, herself, gives impression of a radiant person
. Sitting opposite me, she is flashing white Hollywood smiles and says smoothly as if trying to insert every frase into the heads of those who surround her, and asks again: "You see?")
«Я почувствовала свое предназначение».  ДЖАСМУХИН сама производит впечатление сияющего человека.  Сидя напротив меня, она сверкает белоснежной голливудской улыбкой, говорит размеренно, будто бы пытаясь каждую фразу вложить в голову собеседника, и переспрашивает: «Понимаете?»
(There is a whole garland of ornaments of light metal with a mysterious eastern symbolism on her neck and wrists.)
На ее шее и запястьях — целая гирлянда украшений из легкого металла с загадочной восточной символикой.
(Suddenly, I see that she stretches out her hand to the bottle and drink from it. "Yes, sometimes I drink water. She smiles.
Why not?"
)  Вдруг я вижу, как она протягивает руку к бутылке с водой и пьет из нее.  «Да, иногда я пью воду, улы-
она. Почему нет?» 
The Reporter: (Are you familiar with Zinaida Baranova from Krasnodar? )
Jazmuhin: (I also was at her home, looked into her refrigerator: it's empty!)

Вы знакомы с Зинаидой Барановой из Краснодара? Я тоже был у нее дома, заглядывал в холодильник там пусто!
(All this is very interesting, but  the fact, that Zynaida refuses to have examinations, surveys done on her (because alien technology used in medical examinations would easily brake this very fragile state of the bodies: physical, etheric, emotional, mental etc., LM). She refuses any intervention into her psyche, not to allow to violate the unity of the organism.)
Все это интересно, но настораживает тот факт, что Зинаида отказывается от обследований.
Она отказывается от вмешательства внутрь, чтобы не была нарушена целостность организма.
Jazmuhin: (We worked with doctors in Krasnodar, who could determine the condition of the body according to the aura of the fingers.) Мы в Краснодаре работали с докторами, которые определяют состояние организма по ауре пальцев.
Jazmuhin: (We have completely healthy bodies, all organs are in order. Zinaida is nearly 70 years old, but she feels like she is 30. I am 49 years old, but I feel like I am 17.) У нас оказались абсолютно здоровые тела, все органы в порядке.  Зинаиде около 70 лет, но она себя ощущает на 30. Мне 49, но я чувствую себя на 17.
(Zinaida Baranova started this way of life after a  tragedy occurred in her family.)
The Reporter: (And what made you to start?)
Zinaida Baranova: I've been a vegetarian  and been doing meditations for 20 years. Denial of the physical food became a natural way to complete that period of my life. I just felt the purpose of my life: to meet people and tell them about it.) (Sun-eating, LM.)  Баранова пришла к такому образу жизни после того, как в ее семье случилась трагедия. А вас что заставило?Я 20 лет была вегетарианкой и занималась медитацией. Отказ от физической пищи стал естественным способом завершения этого периода жизни.  Я просто почувствовала свое предназначение — встречаться с людьми, рассказывать им об этом.
Zinaida Baranove: (Even if they (the people) will continue to eat, I would like to see that they are happy. When you fill yourself with a spiritual essence, all kind of miracles start happenning, and you get all kinds of freedoms.  Freedom from modern food intake is only a small part. You begin to meet the right people at the right time. Just think of something, and it's already here. Unlimited health, unlimited access to money.) Даже если они будут продолжать есть, я хотела бы, чтобы они жили счастливо.  Когда вы наполняете себя божественной сутью, начинают происходить всякие чудеса и вы получаете всевозможные виды свобод.  Свобода от принятия пищи — лишь маленькая частица.  Вы начинаете встречать нужных людей в нужное время.  Только подумаете о чем-то, а оно уже приходит.  Безграничное здоровье, безграничный доступ к деньгам.
The Reporter: (Just think, that you do not have enough money, then at once will you find a full purse?)
Только подумаешь, что не хватает денег, так сразу находишь полный кошелек?
Zinaida Baranova: (If you have dedicated your life to bring some effort for the peace, you will get a support at all levels. But if you are self - centered: this is another game.There is no guarantee.) Если вы посвятили свою жизнь тому, чтобы нести пользу миру, вам на всех уровнях будет поддержка. -  Но если вы ведете эгоистическую деятельность — это другая игра.  Тут гарантий никаких нет.
(How many Sun-eaters are now worldwide?)  Сколько сейчас в мире солнцеедов?
(About 30 thousand people do without physical food.  And only in Germany alone is 10 thousand people. But sooner or later, I am sure it will be petty common thing to do.) Около 30 тыс.  людей обходятся без физической пищи. Причем только в Германии их 10 тысяч.  Но рано или поздно, я уверена, это станет самым обычным явлением.
«А и Ф» №26 2005 г. «A and F» № 26, 2005 Дмитрий ПИСАРЕНКО Dmitry PISARENKO

Sun-eating helps to enhance these features in us:

A few metaphysical abilities:
Telepathy – receiving
Telepathy – projectional
Teleport – self
Teleport – other things
Teleport – live objects
Open portals
To go to other universes
Travel places others cannot
Change the quantum matrix
Change matter
Manifest physical objects
And whatever else you can dream up – anything is possible

Yea... Sun Eaters are found everywhere... including Ukraine

Ukranian Sun-eater

Friday, June 23, 2006

Nikolai Dolgoruky calls himself a 'sun eater.' He lives in the Dnepr region of Ukraine.
He feeds only on prana and solar energy. After arriving in a village where he lives, I saw a barefooted man standing on the porch. He was wearing a bright orange dress with the sun embroidered on the chest. The man's face looked otherworldly, his eyes glistened, and a smile crossed his face. He moved about easily and seemed to be barely touching the ground. He did not have no sunken cheeks nor bags under his eyes. His skin was glowing from inside as if he were a happy teenaged girl.
It is obvious that Nikolai has become a qualified interviewee. He fell into the habit of giving interviews on a regular basis. A Japanese TV crew left the village a few days ago. They shot a film about Nikolai.
'The reason why I've become a 'sun eater' has nothing to do with cutting down on grocery bills,' says Nikolai with a smile. 'This is a spiritual way. Why do all the religions of the world have Lent? It is designed to cleanse the soul and encourage the human being to think more of things lofty and get rid of morally low desires. Saying goodbye to food means a farewell to many carnal dependencies. I consume space energy in place of natural foodstuffs. But I had continually fasting for 14 years before I stopped coarse food altogether. I ate only kasha, vegetables, fruits and nuts. Then I switched to liquid foods - vegetable broths, cocoa and hot chocolate. And one day it came as a stunning revelation that I can do without any food. Since then I've been living on a strict diet of tea with honey and some boiling water with fish soup spices. I use only charged water that is taken off the stovetop one moment before it boils. I drink about ten cups a day. I get the rest of my food from the Sun and Cosmos. I can even feel my blood getting rejuvenated.
'Do you mean you stop feeling hunger as you stare at the sun?'
'I stopped feeling hunger a long time ago. The sun charges me with energy as if I were a battery. Someday everybody will be capable of running on solar energy. The trees and flower exist because of photosynthesis. And man is part of nature. There is a huge release of energy in the human body once man gets rid of coarse food. It's the energy that was previously used for digestion. Man reaches a completely different level of mental and physical development.'

LIGHT That Gives Life


The Sun is the source of life on Earth, there is no doubt about it. But can man live without food, exclusively on solar energy? Yes, he can! A healer from Zhaporozhie called Nikolai Dolgorukiy is an example of this.
Suneater from Solnechnaya Str. (Sun St.)
Among people who are interested in bioenergy, extrasensory things and magic as well as in alternative scientific literature there is information about individuals who eat nothing but sunlight and Cosmic energy. They are referred to as suneaters. In the country of yogis India there are many of them, in the USA and Europe there are some, in the CIS there are only a few.
That's why it is even more surprising that there is a suneater in Zhaporozhie who lives (what a fantastic coincidence!) at 1 Solnechnaya Str. The yard of his house, facing the Red Water and an intersection of several streets of Zeleniy Yar, can be seen from afar thanks to a number of pyramidal structures. The pyramids built by Nikolai Dolgorukiy have healing properties and are energetically connected with similar constructions in Egypt and on Mars. But we are not going to speak of them now, we are going to speak of this unique person who has learnt to live without food. Nikolai was born in Zhaporozhie in 1957, graduated from a technical college, worked in the North. He dedicated himself to spiritual perfection at the age of 33. But it had begun long before that. Nikolai Dolgorukiy: When I was 10, my brother died; at the age of 16 I lost my father. These tremendous losses were leading me to the understanding of some truth, to something I could not grasp… In 1972 I came upon a rare copy of a book on hatha yoga. And I started working on myself. I read, collected newspaper and magazine clips, studied oriental martial arts, phytotherapy, psychology… In 1993 I graduated from the University majoring in Bioenergy Information Science and Psychocorrection. Since 1989 I kept a light Christian fast - I did not eat animal food, I ate mostly vegetables. And since 25 August 2003 I have not eaten anything…
"The sun, air and water are my only food"
- What do you live on?
- I gaze at the sun, for more than five hours a day. My record is 13 hours…
I go barefoot, sleep outside or in one of the pyramids both in summer and in winter. At first I drank milk and cacao, now I drink only "charged" water (almost boiling) and dissolve a teaspoonful of honey in the cup. I drink up to ten such cups a day. That's it! The energy of the Sun and Space and the capacities of our body regarding photosynthesis are enough for me. I even feel my blood renovate.
- Do you have any health problems?
- At first I lost 5-7 kg, but now my weight is OK. I do hard physical work (during our conversation Nikolai was digging a pit to build a new energy chamber). I always ride a bike. There are no problems.
- What about your eyes? One can lose his eyesight gazing at the sun for many hours, can't he?
- As you can see, I have excellent eyesight, I can read well. It is important to do everything gradually...
- But books are not enough to become a suneater, right?
- One must have an aspiration... All my actions are guided... I get information about what to do and how to do it as if through an interface...
- But you also have a gift...
- Everyone has a gift. Anyone can become a suneater. I don't have secrets. I am eager to undergo a medical checkup that will allow to study the phenomenon of suneating. In fact, I am happy that there are researchers. I am willing to share my knowledge but not with idle curious people, I am willing to share it with those who want to change themselves, those who "aspire"…
According to Nikolai Dolgorukiy, such portal opened on his plot of land thanks to years of hard work. No wonder that every plant grows wildly around it, and a person who visits this place is cured. Nikolai assures that it is not he who heals but the higher powers. His only task is to create conditions for this. With this purpose he has built pyramids and energy chambers (whose shape activates the Space energy regenerating all the human organs and cells). But not only for this.
Man must clarify the Earth around him. In this case life will change for the better. "That's exactly what I do: I build pyramids, plant trees along the Red Water, says Nikolai. The humankind will become closer to Nature if we unite our efforts…"
The most amazing thing is that environmental problems do not prevent Nikolai doing what he does: they can be solved. On the contrary: Zhaporozhie has been created for contact with... in particular it can be explained by the presence of Khortitsa, by the fact that magicians, Cossacks lived here once; they were probably ancestors of Nikolai Dolgorukiy and passed their gift on to him. Native land and the Sun feed man with their power. The only thing one must have for this is love. And if we think it over, that's the way it should be!
Sergei Cherniy
The opinion of scientists: suneaters exist!
Suneaters are people who willingly decided to stop eating with the help of stomach and feed on the energy of sunlight through skin. Such people have not had a drop in their mouth for years.
Nevertheless, they do not look exhausted or thin; on the contrary, they are full of strength and energy. Among them there is Indian Manek who has not eaten and drunk for over a year and has been observed by doctors, a woman from Australia Jasmahin who has been abstaining from eating for over 8 years (!!!) and a researcher from Russia Aleksandr Komarov. His record is two years.
On the eve of 2001 the newspaper "The Times of India" wrote about an incredible case. A 64-year old mechanic Hira Ratan Manek had been living without food for a year. He had not eaten a crumb and had drunk only boiled water. The Indian feeds on… the solar energy.
This case is not invented, it is a fact officially confirmed by the doctors of the Institute of Many Purpose Therapy at the International Health Center (Ahmedabad) and by the specialist of the Jainist Association of Doctors who started observing the suneater's health two days before the beginning of striving. The experiment lasted for 411 days. The engineer mechanic did not eat anything during this period.
A new race of humans who do not eat anything, a New race or even a new species is born.
It has been estimated that there up to 8-10 thousand individuals on Earth who eat the energy of the Sun. And they can help us see where the human evolution is going. Man is not turning into an insect with a small body and a huge head: he is becoming similar to… a plant. In the sense that he is beginning to digest the energy of light directly just like representatives of the flora. There are already thousands and thousands of suneaters on the planet - forerunners of a new species.
Would any of those who "see the future" have dared suppose that the sixth race could be the race of suneaters. No, clairvoyants and futurologists did not think about it. Simple scientists realized it. In 1880 the Russian scientist Sergei Podolinskiy pointed out that labor is the only kind of work that does not spend energy; on the contrary, it concentrates it. All the working machines get out of order and break down because they are unable to change the broken parts by themselves. To become a perfect machine from the thermodynamic point of view, i.e. not to waste energy during work but to collect it, we must refuse to use the solar energy accumulated by plants and get connected to the Sun directly.
In 1925 the same thought was expressed by Vladimir Vernadskiy in the article "Autotrophism of Humanity". As long as people depend on the rest of flora and fauna as far as food is concerned, they won't be well-provided for, thought the great scientist. In reality it won't be man anymore but another intelligent creature…
The materials have been prepared by Sergei Cherniy.
...Gazing at the Sun, he burns negative energies inside that's why he feels vigorous and healthy. And the food he takes in is sufficient for his body to make him feel healthy. Healthy way of life is also very important". 

The Story of a Sun-eater
Wed Mar 29, 2006 1:17 AM

Blue eyes is the first sign of sun eaters

There are presently over 30 sun eaters in Ukraine. The majority of them live in the Ukrainian industrial city of Zaporizhzhia. The rest are residents of Kyiv. 49-year-old Mykola Dolgorukiy, an ideological leader and the first Ukrainian sun eater, lives in Zaporizhzhia.

Sun eaters are easily recognized – they have extremely rich blue eyes. “The eyes obtain such a color when you look at the sun and sky for a very long time,” explains Dolgorukiy, adding, “The eyes obtain heavenly power and are purified from everything mundane.”
A long time ago, Dolgorukiy was a basic engineer working at a plant. Despite his run-of-the-mill job, he was always drawn to everything unusual and mysterious. He studied the history of religions, and collected rare articles about yoga and Buddhism from Soviet newspapers. In the 1980s, he became a vegetarian. “At that time, becoming a vegetarian was a major feat,” says Dolgorukiy, adding, “I did not know or hear anything about sun eating back then. After 14 years of being a vegetarian I finally realized that my body did not need standard food and was prepared for sun eating.” Dolgorukiy says that the first several months are the most difficult in sun eating. In the beginning, after he stopped consuming roughage, he drank vegetable broths, juices and cocoa. “In the beginning, I had nightmares: in my dreams I saw buns and borscht and sensed the smell of freshly sliced pork fat,” he said smiling. “I stopped reacting to the thought of food long ago and can be in any company at a restaurant now. Food does not evoke any feelings inside me. Sun and water – green tea with honey – are my basic sources of energy,” says Dolgorukiy.
The less you eat, the better you live
Dolgorukiy explains his ability of getting along without food. “The human race has known alternative ways of living since long ago. Ancient Egyptian pagan priests, and monks of the Kyivo-Pecherska Lavra have experimented with these. Earlier, this was a path for only “the chosen ones”, but today many people have such an opportunity,” he said as he finished his fifth cup of tea that day. Dolgorukiy said that after he abstained from having food, be began assuming different abilities. “First, I felt the gift of a healer. I heal many people now. Second, I began to feel the speed of my thoughts. As soon as I think about something, it immediately comes to life. Third, when a person abstains from consuming roughage, the great amount of energy required for digestion is freed up. It automatically extends human life, purifies the body’s cells and organs and your consciousness becomes clearer. A person thus reaches a new level of intellectual and physical development,” says Dolgorukiy. KW did not try to test the “new intellectual level” of the 49-year old sun eater, but he easily did 30 push ups with one hand to prove his physical strength.
Only Japanese have shown interest so far, Dolgorukiy has failed to pique the interest of Ukrainian scientists in his abilities. Last summer, however, Japanese researchers came to visit him. The researchers collect information about phenomenal people around the world and make documentaries about them.
Upon the request of the Japanese, the sun eater went through a full medical examination at the city hospital in Zaporizhia. The doctors did not find any problems, and the only thing they noticed was that his stomach was a bit smaller than in other people. As for the rest, doctors came to the conclusion that Dolgorukiy’s physical age corresponds to a 30-year old.
The sun eater also visited several psychotherapists, who found no psychic disorders in his consciousness. Japanese researchers recorded 13 hours of continuously “eating” the sun with open eyes. Dolgorukiy, however, says that 13 hours is not the limit. He warns, however, that those who want to switch to nutrition from the sun need to be careful, since looking at the sun without proper training is dangerous for one’s eyesight.
It is best to begin with 30 seconds of contemplation early in the morning and evening, when the sun is not as hot as at noontime. “Some Ukrainian doctors, when they are told about me, say that what I do is physically impossible. It is easier for them to deny it instead of studying me,” says Dolgorukiy.
By the way, scientists from Moscow are interested in his phenomenon. He recently went there to the Institute of Alternative Abilities of the Human Brain. Dolgorukiy explains nutrition from the sun as follows: “Accumulation of energy in the brain happens through the eyes, then it spreads to the hypothalamus and thyroid glands and then through the entire body. Everything happens on the molecular level.” Winter is a difficult season for sun eaters, as there are very few sunny days. So in the summer time, such people have to accumulate reserves for the future.
Medicinal pyramid
This amazing individual is an ideal family man. His spouse Lyubov and daughter Maria support him in all his exploits. Lyubov Dolgorukaya is also known in Zaporizhzhia as a folk healer, though she is not yet ready to follow in her husband’s footsteps, as she prefers the standard vegetarian diet. Their six-year-old daughter Maria also has her own diet.
In their hometown, the Dolgorukiy family is known not only because of the unique head of the family, but also because they live on Solnechnaya St. in the city center, which coincidentally means “sunny” in English. There is a strange construction near their house that resembles the pyramids in Egypt. Dolgorukiy built it with keeping to special proportions. He says that he gains strength when spending time inside. This is where he lives in the winter and summer and treats the local residents. “Maria was conceived inside this pyramid. Already in the first months of pregnancy Lyubov could communicate with their daughter through thoughts. By the way, the daughter chose a name for herself while still inside her mother’s womb. My wife gave birth in there,” says Dolgorukiy.
As of late, he has been paying visits to Kyiv quite often. Kyiv followers have bought land near Kyiv and are building a huge pyramid there. Dolgorukiy says that inside such a pyramid he can even cure President Yushchenko by cleansing his body of the dioxin he was poisoned with.
P.S. In one of the novels by the famous sci-fi writer Ray Bradbury there is a line: “The old man was lying and drinking the sun.” Earlier, it just seemed like a beautiful metaphor, but today it is gaining new meaning. Perhaps the writer foresaw the future of mankind?
The phenomenon of Dolgorukiy is not so unique. There is a woman in Russia named Zinayida Baranova with 5 years of experience eating the sun. The 76-year-old Pralad Djani from India has not eaten anything for 68 years. He was studied by scientists for 411 days and drank only half a glass of water during this entire period. Finally, a 45-year-old Australian woman named Jasmuhin has been living without food for 13 years.
Commentary: Natalia Sinitsyna
Psychoanalyst at the Eden Center:
“In 1880 Russian scientist Sergei Podolinsky said that work is the only type of labor that does not waste energy. On the contrary, it concentrates energy. In order to turn ourselves into a thermodynamic machine without wasting energy in the work process, we can refuse to get our energy from food and directly “plug into the energy of the Sun”. Similar thoughts were expressed by Vladimir Vernadsky in 1925 in the article “A Human Being’s Autotrophy”. He believed that a human being can do without the plant and animal world. But it will no longer be a human being, but some other kind of intelligent being with a totally different level of physical and mental development. An inner mechanism for the transition to a life-sustaining ability from using alternative sources of energy lies somewhere deep inside in the future of human development. Probably, with the advent of people like this we might be able to partially resolve some certain ecological problems since a person will be less dependent on the quality of water and food..."

Shanin: Sun Eaters- Plain stupid or actually real?

Easterner. Current Issue: January 14, 2009
Shanin: Sun Eaters- Plain stupid or actually real?
Alina Shanin, Contributing Writer
Issue date: 2/14/07 
"Sun Eater" - a person who lives on solar energy and prana, without food and sometimes with no water; the person gets charged with sunlight like a battery.
Many believe it will lead people to immortality and total cleansing.
There are about 3,000 people practicing this way of life, according to New York's RTVi Russian news network and online sources. This phenomenon has been studied and participants have been observed, but it is still mind-boggling. Can people really live off solar energy and nothing else? Is yoga that powerful?
It seems that Ukraine is the largest possessor of this practice, so a lot of my information came from websites and the Russian news. Originating from Ukraine, this is fascinating to me because during my 10 years there, I have never heard of anything like this until I moved to the States.
Regardless, let's presume people are really able to live like plants (even worse than plants, in some cases)... How many have died trying to achieve this level of spirituality?
Apparently, it takes years to reach immortality and invincibility. Before becoming a sun eater, one woman was a vegetarian for 20 years. Then, she gradually started to slow on her food intake until she just stopped. Sounds unbelievable, but she has lived this way for years. (RTVi news)
There was a report done about another Ukrainian lady who found this ability on accident: her whole family, husband and kids, tragically died and she decided not to live either. So she stopped eating and drinking. Weirdly, time went by, but she kept living. After many years, she is still here.
It took another man 14 years to achieve this power. He also stopped eating meats and ate totally organic, natural foods like kasha and tea. Then he moved on to liquid food and eventually just boiling, or almost boiling water!
All this sounds supernatural, but not completely impossible. Chinese monks are able to possess incredible strengths and mind powers, so maybe this isn't so surreal?
The United States government hides a lot of supernatural activities and finding from the public; probably, because of fear for the people and what they can do. But European countries, while withholding knowledge of political activity and freedom of press and speech, allow people to talk about supernatural phenomena openly.
I would love to see this looked into and tested out. The people on TV looked completely normal...and to tell you the truth, I expected them to be kind of anorexic or something.

(Starvation is a Savior) Голод — спаситель

(Vitaly Filippovich Wooden of Kirov Region is confident that he recovered from serious illness due to the starvation).Виталий Филиппович Деревянных из Кировской области уверен, что излечился от тяжелой болезни благодаря голоданию.
(Planning to visit him, I expected to see a worn-out by the starvation, feeble, old man. But he proved to be an energetic and a sociable man in his prime.) ОТПРАВЛЯЯСЬ к нему в гости, я ожидала увидеть изможденного голодовками немощного старца.   А он оказался энергичным и общительным мужчиной в полном расцвете сил.
(He is a little bit over sixty, but looks much younger. He recalls reluctantly how he was diagnosed with something terrible in 1988. He hit the cancer clinic, got a disability.)  Ему чуть за шестьдесят, но выглядит гораздо моложе.  О страшном диагнозе, который ему поставили в 1988 году, вспоминает неохотно: попал в онкологический диспансер, получил инвалидность.
(After realizing that he has nothing to lose, he decided to try an experiment. He diligently studied alternative medicinal books: "Self-Curing" (lechebnik) by Kureny, 1892 edition and "Miracle Fasting" by Paul Bragg.)
Поняв, что терять ему нечего, Деревянных решился на эксперимент.  Для этого проштудировал лечебник Куренного 1892 года издания и «Чудо голодания» Поля Брэгга.
(It took place at the branch of the Pulmo-Oncological ward of Kirov's Regional Hospital, where medical fasting was practiced.) Было это в пульмонологическом отделении Кировской областной больницы, где практикуют лечебное голодание.
(At first, he said it was scary and difficult, but I endured two weeks of distilled water and cleansing enemas. Since then, Vitaly Filippovich has been practicing fasting for 14-years already.) Поначалу, говорит, было страшно и тяжело, но все-таки выдержал две недели на одной дистиллированной воде и очистительных клизмах. С тех пор Виталий Филиппович занимается голоданием уже 14-й год, приурочивая это дело к многодневным православным постам.
(He is usually preparing for a couple of months, giving the body a command for a specific term. Vitaly's Personal Record is 30 days without any food.)  Пару месяцев готовится, дает организму установку на определенный срок.  Личный рекорд Деревянных — 30 дней без пищи.
(Vitaly Filippovich lives on subsistence farming, growing many vegetables and makes a lot of juice, which he is using after fasting; collects berries and medicinal herbs in forest; makes "coffee" from dandelion roots; keeps away from pharmacies and hospitals.)  Живет Виталий Филиппович натуральным хозяйством, выращивает много овощей и делает из них соки, на которые налегает после голодания. Собирает в лесу ягоды и лекарственные травы.  Варит «кофе» из корней одуванчика.  Аптеки и больницы обходит стороной."

I know that starvation experiments have been performed by Intelligence/Secret Societies/Religions on millions of people since their childhood in all countries for thousands of years to achieve enlightment. When someone, herself/himself were trying to become a Sun-eater independently and get all the benefits of not eating poisonous food/water, they would be prosecuted by police, court cases, psychiatric institutions, church, media, their relatives and neighbours in every country, because these experements were not controlled by authorities. Well, nothing is new then? That forced people 'to go underground' and now we have a huge movement of people, who wants to flow with Time and out of it eventually to the level of no Time/Space, to new vibration, new worlds.

http://www.jsocf.org/hrm1.htm  (Aug. 2018 update- this link now fails to connect to its website! In Russian: Адрес видео или сайта не работает больше!)

Hira Ratan Manek - Not Eaten Food for 7 years
Bineeta Mishra
In an exclusive interview with India Post Shri Hira Ratan Manek said that he has not eaten food since 1995. World famous doctors, engineers, scientists etc. are engaged in studying this phenomena to find out how Manek has sustained himself only on water, and on a little tea and coffee for short duration's.
Shri Hira Ratan Manek, a mechanical engineer from Calicut, Kerala, says "this is not something new or that I have discovered it." This is a scientific ritual - the Surya Namaskar, originating from Gayathri mantra, Bala - Atibala, Ramayan mantra which is gaining popularity and world acceptance.

(Of course it would be popular and accepted with such food prices and changes in the frequency of the planet, which never stop changing, LM)

The scientific technique practiced by Manekji is simple - deriving his energy from the cosmic source or the solar energy of the sun. The sun being the most powerful source, has been used for energy by sages and rishis since ancient times including Tibetan Lamas and rishis. Mankind is also using solar energy for running solar cookers, solar heaters, solar cars etc. he says. Similarly Manekji has converted himself into a solar cooker.
The brain and the mind are the most powerful recipients in the human body. The retina and the pineal gland (the third eye) are equipped with photoreceptor cells and may be considered photosensitive organs he says. As the plant kingdom thrives on chlorophyll and photosynthesis, which is directly dependent on the sun, similarly some kind of photosynthesis or photo analysis must be taking place when we assimilate the sun's energy.
There is a pathway from the retina to the hypothalamus called the retinohypothalamic tract. The method adopted by Manekji is to initially look at the early morning sun for a few seconds and every week to increase by a few seconds which should ultimately reach several minutes. After about 3 months he says the brain gets charged and mental strength increases that heals fears and many psychosomatic diseases.
At the end of 6 months all physical disease go away he says. And gradually after 8 to 9 months there is a decline in hunger, which ultimately disappears. This is the utilization of energy mathematics and is different from food or calorie mathematics he said. He calls this micro or mind utilization food.
Manekji says most people utilize only 3 to 10% of their brains, but he has utilizes 25% of his brainpower. Manekji says he is the only person to come forward and has attracted medical attention. CT scans and MRI scan reports say that his 66-year-old pineal gland is comparable to a man in his 20s.
He also says one should walk barefoot on mother earth for 45minutes every day to recharge the energy in the body.
He has 25,000 people around the world that have started to practice his technique. According to him food is a secondary source of solar energy. He is also planning to write a book. At present he is in the US where a team of medical doctors are going to conduct tests. In the mean time he gives several discourses to explain on a scientific level how he has sustained himself for seven years and says will continue.
To arrange lectures contact: Cosmic Energy Center, 582 Ridgeline Run, Longwood, Florida, 32750, USA, Phone #: 407-260-2303 , Fax: 407-260-5249.
In India his contact information is: HF-2-131 KSHB, Vikas Nagar Colony, Chakor Tha Kulam, Calicut, 673-006, Kerala. Phone #: 0495-369928


This rather bizarre story appears in the Sydney Morning Herald in Australia. It claims that there is a man who can obtain energy from looking at the sun for an hour each day and drinking water. No food. It also purports that NASA is going to be 'studying' him.

"Mr Manek said he "eats through his eyes" in the evening, when the sun's ultraviolet rays are least harmful. He and his wife claim the technique is totally scientific. However, doctors warn that staring at the sun can make you blind."
(this is such Bullshit, I  look at the Sun every day and it doesn't make me blind, besides most of the time you don't see the sun at all, just clouds. Do it gradually, LM)
I thought you acquired eye damage when looking at the sun because of intense visible light, not ultraviolet rays. Unless his eyes are 'modified' somehow I don't see how this could work. If it is true.
Any ideas?

A Breatharian Speaks Out

(from Yahoo.com/group/breatharian/)

Conference Call synopsis for Saturday, February 12, 2005. Part II. Mony Vital on Immortality. Written by Cara McKennon
Mony Vital is one of about 1,000 people on earth who lives totally on prana, Light energy. He does not eat food of any kind, nor drink liquids of any kind, including water, yet he is in perfect health.
His comments were done in first person, so I will write it that way. These quotes come from notes taken during the conference call.
Quoting. Mony Vital on immortality.
“I don’t eat, I live on Light. I don’t drink water even. I live on pranic nourishment If you think you are getting anything from food, you are totally mistaken. Food is poison, it takes from your health. You actually get your energy from air.
“Physical things, not living physically immortal, I reject it. I don’t have to accept the culture of death. Human beings are only a number.
“You receive two certificates in your life: birth certificate and a death certificate. From the moment you are born, you buy into the death culture. You don’t see yourself in the death culture. From the moment you are born, you start to die.
“People decide when they will die. It is a slow, painful process. People believe they must grow old and die. It controls you, you have no future, no vision.
“You must have a vision, you must have possibilities, and not be bound by the restrictions of earth. I designed my life and the people around me. I love myself. I am totally into myself.
“You are being controlled-mind controlled. Your conversations in spirituality have no basis in reality.
“Doing this you are not going to have a brand new body tomorrow. You are not going anywhere, unless you accept yourself 100%. Not 99%, but 100%.
“Our bodies are 90% water, sacs of water. Water is changeable. Since water is changeable, you are changeable. You are the ones creating the symptoms you have.
At this point, Mony was interrupted by Dr. Yu’s presentation. I will resume the next part when Mony returned.
Michael commented that what we have been living is the old paradigm, Dr. Yu represents the present paradigm. Mony Vital the new paradigm.
Mony continued. Mony started with some background history.
“I was raised in Israel. From the age of 5 I was taught the teachings of the Torah, what I am to believe and not to believe. Was I in or out? As a child I was very confused about what they wanted me to do.”
He resumed back to where he left off before.
“After every meal, your body has to rest. In some societies, they have a siesta, a 2 hour break, after the meal to rest. People eat too much. It shuts down the system. There is no good food. Your stomach is the size of your fist. You should eat 1/3 less than you do.
“Change your system. Clean it up. Balancing is cleaning it. Cleaning it is balancing it. Most people have parasites. If you clean up your system, you clean up the parasites. The parasites are a symbiotic relationship. You don’t get cravings for certain foods, your parasites get cravings for certain foods and you feed the parasites when you satisfy your cravings.
“So why feed your parasites? It’s all excuses.
“Your body wants to heal itself. You should never see a therapist or doctor. You are buying into the death culture. You should try Tai Chi, Meditation.
“I tried it all, being a vegetarian, eating only raw fruit, or all juices. “
When asked how long he had been on prana, he said.
“Five years.” He said something about 21 days. Not sure in reference to what.
He said,
“After 3 days of not eating, you will not be hungry anymore.
“Learn to be a whole human being. Learn to love yourself completely.
Loving yourself is very important, and loving everybody else.
“The only love that really matters is loving yourself. Look inside yourself...
 “I never do anything to harm me.
“Who is ready for this change of lifestyle? Everything about this world is about eating. It’s the old energy. If you don’t eat, you have time for other things. Not eating doesn’t cost anything, it instead saves lots of money.
“I don’t get invited out much because I don’t eat their food.
“You can’t buy life force in a can. You can’t buy it in a pill or plastic bottle. Change is the new paradigm.
“Think about being alive. Most people can’t see 20 years into the future.
“The most revered man in the world is the Pope. It is not about youth, or being happy. He is very old, he’s about religion, not living, being in a death culture, a culture of death from A to Z. Like the movie the Matrix. Go see it, if you haven’t seen it. You are living in a matrix, inside the box.
“You are living in the damning of America, and getting dumber and dumber. You don’t question, you act like robots. The controllers don’t want you to find out you are living in a box they control.
“The medical community believes in a death culture. In medical school, they practice on cadavers, on dead bodies, not on live bodies.
“Homeopathic medicine is imitating traditional medicine.”
Michael asked Mony how to do this.
Mony’s reply.
“You must love and heal the inner child within with appreciation, acknowledgment and love...
“Every morning before you get up, and every night before you go to sleep, touch every part of your body, like your hair, face, arms, legs, stomach, chest, back if you can reach it. Touch it and tell your body, “I love you.” Do this every morning and you will have the best day of your life. You don’t need anyone else’s permission to do this.
“Get in your heart. Love every feeling you have. Do not condemn or criticize yourself.
“Try something different, do this program. Do this for 42 days. It takes that long for change to come about.
“... You must acknowledge the problem. Your body wants to heal itself, to cleanse itself. If you have something wrong with your lungs, you won’t stop the problem by suppressing it. Monitor what you are doing to your body. “Accept and love the parts of your body. Detox the body and allow it to heal itself. Your body is geared for survival. Most people can’t hear their body talking to them through their symptoms.
“I choose to feel good. Feelings are important... Don’t deny the problem. Change it by acknowledging it ... As long as you don’t acknowledge it, you will have a misconnection.
“Connect directly to your brain... Encourage your body to become what you want it to be. Don’t deny what problems you have. The body wants to heal itself. By pretending, you are lying to yourself.
“You can’t fragment your body through religion and governmental control. Having a belief in the present culture is like committing suicide, giving your life to a culture that has nothing to do with you.
Michael asked Mony if visualization would help.
Mony’s reply,
“Yes, use your imagination, have a vision. Put words to the reality you want. If you can’t see yourself as being healthy, you will never be healthy. To get healthy, get a vision of being healthy.
“Hospitals only have a 33% survival rate. It’s not about life force.
“Change your life style. Do your own healing. See how beautiful it is to be alive. You are sick because you choose to be sick.
 “Food is the illusion, that it is necessary for survival.
Mony was asked about soy.
Mony’s reply.
“Soy is poison. Splenda is poison. Both cause pain and misery.
“Don’t eat too much food. A little will do it.
“Go to my website. Read about how to get cleansed. 40, 50, 60 year olds, clean your intestines. You should do this once a year at least. It’s good for your eyesight.”
Website: www.energybalancing.com
“Start at the basics. There is no magic bullet.
“Make a decision. You must change your thinking. Pay attention to what you eat. Consider how long it will take it to digest. It’s waste energy. The longer it takes, the faster it will cause aging. Eating food is a waste of time and nutrition.
“You never gain one ounce of energy from food. Instead, you lose energy because it takes more energy to process food than you get from it.”
Sonali asked Mony. Paraphrasing. ”How are we to get our children to accept this new way of not eating when it’s all around them, in their school, social activity, if they don’t eat with the other children, with their peer groups?”
Mony’s reply.
“The culture is not concerned about your children. They are considered a consumer. They are part of the productive steps of buying. They are being imprinted with this death culture. Schools are nothing more than babysitters. Children don’t learn anything important. They have to want to be different. They are a social issue. They buy into the culture, needing cell phones, stuff, they don’t know what life is about.
“It is your inner child that is deprived. Let go of impossibility thinking.
“Home schooling is better than the public school system.
“Baby’s are put on soy formula. It’s like poison. Baby food is bad for babies. Every food in your culture is bad for people. It’s all nonsense.
“Drinking a glass of orange juice in the morning will ruin your day because it will play havoc with your blood sugar levels. It’s worse than drinking coffee in the morning.
Mony gave a toll free number. 888-225-7501
He said he would be going to Thailand soon and would not be around to answer his phone. In Thailand many would be going into a Dark room retreat. When asked what that was.
“People go into a dark room without any light for a period of 2 weeks. They drink only water. They go beyond the beyond. Changes every part of their body and resets their clock.“
Another website given was: www.pysicalimmortality.net
Name of a book was given. “Living on Light.” by Jasmuheen
When asked about gazing into the sun. Reply.
“I am a breatherian. They are sun gazers. It is wonderful to look at the sun before sunset and sunrise. It helps to reset your clock. Do not do it in the middle of the day.”

Now, a big leap towards the ''Breatherians''.. They breath in the ''prana'' (orgone, life energy, etc) through their nose.. In the nose this energy is assimilated..
Next, in the pineal gland the energy is distributed to the vital body.. Next, the vital body takes care of the physical body.. If this is correct, we all live on life energy, but the only difference is the way we get the energy. We get the life energy from the foods we eat. Breatherians take the life energy from the air. The life energy is everywhere around us, also in vacuum.. This is also the aether, which Einstein denied existed, but he was wrong and he knew it. Many people are attempting to get their nutrition and energy from the air or the sun. Breatherians use deep breathing to nourish their bodies with energy from the air. Sun Gazers stare at the sun at sunrise and/or sunset to get nourishment from the Sun."

Underwater Delivery and Physical Training of Babies by parents

On new link  Dolphin-Human Connection   there is some information about remarkable Russian researcher, Igor Charkovsky, who has discovered ways for humans to get close to dolphins and exchange information and skills between humans and dolphins. For many years he was training hundreds of human babies, toddlers and their parents how to become phisically strongerand to overcome fear of water, how to make friends with dolphins; for human females: how women can give birth with dolphins, how to use their positive fields for balancing of humans in Russia and other countries! Dolphins are considered water humans! Some of his baby gymnastics have been shown in Russian circuses. He worked independently from any government and they didn't like itHe could bearly survive financially.

balancing baby  charkovsky's photo  baby swing  charkovsky with his son 

Charkovsky   Charkovsky


A few articles on underwater delivery and physical training of babies to create Future Humans+

Conscious Birthing and Underwater Birthing

http://www.megaplex.co.za/underwater-birth.htm (Aug. 2018 update- this link now fails to connect to its website! In Russian: Адрес видео или сайта не работает больше!) 

(excerpts from “Ideal Birth” written by Sondra Ray, Rebirther)
“Having rebirthed thousands of people over the last years and researched the effect of their Birth Trauma on their lives and bodies, I feel more grateful than ever to have this tool and to be able to share it with others. I feel proud of my true life's work; and yet I think the greatest contribution would be to prevent the Birth Trauma in the first place, rather than trying to heal it later.
I am thrilled to think of babies being born who had little or no Birth Trauma. Dr Leboyer's research has already proved that babies born with the quiet birth are brighter, healthier, happier-even ambidextrous-and more joyful. Who would not want this? What mother does not want to imagine that she could have a whole childbirth experience without pain? We must start with the thoughts that this is possible.
When I first heard about the "Russian Method" of birth, where mothers delivered the baby right into water, it made total sense to me. The baby has already lived in fluid for nine months, so being gently expelled into a larger area of liquid before having to cope with the shocking change of atmosphere was, it seemed to me, a better way of coming out.”
The Miracle of Underwater Birth
“When I first heard about underwater birth in Russia, I thought it was a miracle. As a Rebirther, it made total sense to me! It seemed to be such a great breakthrough in reducing and preventing the Birth Trauma. In nursing, I had realized that prevention of disease was the answer, rather than trying to do something when it was often too late. In Rebirthing I soon saw that although we could do something about correcting the effects of the Birth Trauma, it made more sense to prevent it in the first place. I had become very interested in Dr. Leboyer's work in France (i.e. The “quiet birth,” where the baby was put in water right after birth to soothe it, relax it – to”rebirth” it right away). But when I heard of underwater birth, I was more than excited. I could see unlimited possibilities, and intuitively I knew how this method would enhance the life of the new being.
My spiritual teacher in Hawaii, who returned from Tibet, where she had gone to see her Masters, said: “There are high beings that need to incarnate now to save the planet and they want to be born underwater.”
I was delighted to see my colleagues (Rebirthers) who were pregnant, go for it. They understood it right away. I was honored that Rebirthers in our community were the first in the U.S. to try this method, and that I was chosen to be the godmother of one of these underwater babies. I was also privileged to go to France and meet Dr. Michael Odent, who has now done 100 underwater births. (1985, at the time of this book going to print)”
Igor Charkovsky started the Russian Underwater birth technique. The mother sits inside a glass tank during the last stages of labor. The water level is at her shoulders. When the infant emerges, he or she floats in the water and continues to breathe through the umbilical cord for about 10 minutes. Then the child is removed from the water and the umbilical cord is cut. The effect of the water is to reduce stress for both mother and child. Charkovsky has a great belief in the therapeutic value of water. Being in the water calms the mother and brings the baby into the world in a placid state. The baby comes from a liquid environment into a liquid environment. The light is less intense. It is a gradual introduction into the world.
Results of underwater birth
Apart from reduced trauma, underwater babies do things conventional babies find impossible. Often after two or three months they can stand and at six months they can walk. Dr Charkovsky's experiments also show that the underwater babies, who do a swimming program, lack any fear of water, are more confident, lack aggression, and are more intelligent than conventional babies. They rarely fall sick, easily withstand cold and weather changes, do not have temper tantrums, sleep soundly, and are physically stronger, more active, brighter an more resourceful than average."

A Birth Method Stirs a Debate



In a promotional video for Russian water birthing, a woman in an advanced stage of labor bobs above wind-tossed waves of the Crimean sea. The camera zooms in as a nude midwife helps the woman to shallow water, where she sprawls against a rock as her baby's head slowly pushes into the chill, bloody water.
The newborn is fine. The mother, shivering, smiles weakly as she cradles her infant. Later, on the beach, the midwife swings the newborn by his legs in the air -- part of the vigorous postpartum exercise endorsed by followers of Igor Charkovsky, who claims to be the inventor of water birthing. "This is what makes all the West accuse us," the midwife, Marina Dadasheva, said dryly as she switched off the videotape. "They say it is violence."
Water birthing is an alternative method of delivery that has small but determined groups of adherents in Britain, Australia and on the West Coast of the United States. The French obstetrician Frederick Leboyer pioneered the "birth without violence" movement by introducing serenity to the delivery room and placing newborns in warm, soothing water to lessen their trauma. Others, including the French obstetrician Michel Odent, went further, adapting underwater delivery -- in hygienic hot tubs or tanks -- in the 1970's and 80's to make labor and delivery more comfortable.
But nowhere is water birth as entrenched, controversial and rigorously practiced as in Russia, a country known for poor obstetric care and a long tradition of faith healing and mystical cults.
Mr. Charkovsky's method uses water less to reduce pain and stress than to increase endurance both during the birth and later in life. He advocates ice-water dips for pregnant women and newborns, and insists on massages, physical training and swimming exercises for babies immediately after delivery. He claims his techniques will produce superbabies.
Here, followers of Mr. Charkovsky work almost underground, under censure from Government health authorities. Mr. Charkovsky, 60, has no medical training, and he started his career as a physical education instructor. But he began experimenting on animals' adaptability to water in the 1960's and soon declared that water birth -- immediately followed by intensive physical and mental training -- would produce a smarter, stronger breed of children.
Mr. Charkovsky now lives in Madison, Wis., and gives lectures on his method. In Soviet times, he worked in near-secrecy out of his home in Moscow. As alternative birthing methods began to come into fashion in the West in the 1970's, the mysterious Russian became a legendary figure in certain circles in Europe and the United States.
Dina Kortova, 23, an aeronautics engineer, is a true believer. She planned to give birth a year ago in the ocean off Australia, among the dolphins. When she couldn't get a visa, she delivered her baby in a plastic pool in her kitchen, with only a neighbor standing by to help. She said her baby walked at 9 months and could swim almost from birth. "Some people say he is mad, but I believe in what Charkovsky is doing," she said.
Not all water births end happily. Last April, emergency medics were summoned to an apartment in Moscow where a woman and her husband had tried to deliver their baby in a bathtub by themselves. The medics pronounced the baby dead at the scene, and a preliminary hospital report said the child had drowned. The Moscow prosecutor's office is weighing whether to open a criminal investigation into the death.
"In theory, it could happen," Mrs. Dadasheva said rather tentatively, referring to the accident. "People who aren't trained and are not ready should not try it by themselves."
At an international conference on water birthing last April in Wembley, England, which attracted about 1,200 participants, Russian followers of Charkovsky were allowed to attend, but not to be speakers. "They are afraid of us because we do not work with doctors," said Mrs. Dadasheva, who was there.
One of the organizers, Sheila Kitzinger, a British water-birth advocate, explained that the Charkovsky contingent was too removed from the mainstream. "I think what Igor does to babies is absolutely appalling," she said. "His movement is a cult." Mr. Charkovsky moved to the United States two years ago after being dismissed as a crackpot by Russian health officials as well as more conventional water-birth experts and threatened several times by Russian law enforcement officials with criminal prosecution. But he says he does not find the United States more fruitful for his theories. "Americans are just not ready," he said in a recent telephone interview. "They can deliver babies under water, but they don't want to make them swim. It's like building an airplane but not making it fly."
Mr. Charkovsky maintains that a baby's body and instincts -- like fear -- must be reprogrammed at birth. In 1988, he horrified his British fans by plucking newborns from their mothers' arms to twist their limbs into what he claimed was a better posture. He showed films of himself plunging a baby head-first in a hole in a frozen lake. "After that," said Dr. Odent, who now heads the Primal Health Research Center in London, "he stopped being such a legend."
In Russia, followers like Mrs. Dadasheva have adapted Charkovsky's theories into a brisk practice. Like others, she calls herself a "spiritual midwife," because she has no training in traditional obstetrics. Mrs. Dadasheva said that she had delivered 2,000 water babies in the last eight years and that not one had died during childbirth.
She said clients tended to come to her complaining of horrible treatment while giving birth in Russian hospitals, where medication is scarce, doctors are overworked and maternity wards are usually crowded, dirty and riddled with infection.
There are no reliable statistics on the number of water births performed in Russia. Aleksandr Naumov, a water-birth practitioner, estimated there were close to 1,000 water births in Moscow a year, and 3,000 others across the former Soviet Union. He said that in Moscow there were more than a dozen registered water-birthing centers, and that more than 25 professional water-birthing midwives minister to patients at home.
Few are as loyal to the full Charkovsky method as Mrs. Dadasheva, who nonetheless has a more gentle approach than he does. She concedes that not all clients sign on for the full package. "Sea birth is not for everyone," she said. "It takes much preparation -- physical and spiritual."

UNDERWATER BIRTH - The Ultimate Alternative

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waterbirth 1   waterbirth

http://www.ecstaticbirth.com/waterbirth.htm (Aug. 2018 update- this link now fails to connect to its website! In Russian: Адрес видео или сайта не работает больше!) 

It is my personal belief that underwater birth is the ultimate alternative available in birthing practices at this time.
In early 1980, in a supermarket in Pacific Beach, California, I saw a newspaper with a picture of a baby underwater. The mother's body was half submerged. On close inspection I could see that this was birth, and my whole self said YES! I purchased the newspaper and read for the first time about Igor Charkovsky and his research in Russia.
My personal journey to that supermarket began in 1966 when I read BIRTH WITHOUT FEAR by Grantly Dick-Read. During labour I tried to follow his instructions, but the more I relaxed the more fear surfaced. Each contraction brought more pain, and finally I asked to be drugged. It was a terrible experience - 12 hours of excruciating pain and then unconsciousness. I felt disconnected from my baby and a frustration that I could not identify. It just made me sad and angry. I declared to my husband as we were leaving the hospital. "There has to be a better way to birth a baby. We know too much about ourselves. I am going to find that way or I am not going to have another child!"
Two years later, in 1968, I gave birth in the same hospital, with the same doctor and the same husband. This time the experience was drug free, painless, and very real work. I experienced an orgasm when my second son, Robert, presented. In the two intervening years I had read every book I could find on the psychology and physiology of birth, breastfeeding and parenting. I became pregnant after I was told about psychoprophylaxis, the Lamaze method. I spent a considerable amount of time with women who had given birth using this method. With little or no support available in the medical community in that time and place. I knew I must take full responsibility for my birth experience. I was convinced before I began the training process that we would have a successful outcome.
Although I returned to my career in fashion design, I was still fascinated with and continued research in birth and birthing practices, as well as studies in psychology, parapsychology, and my own spirituality. In 1975, I met Leonard Orr, the creator of the rebirthing process and philosophy.
Rebirthing is a personal process utilising the breath as a tool for the surfacing and release of physiological stress and thought patterns from previous life experiences. Those who have been rebirthed report remembering and reexperiencing their births. Through this process it is possible to eliminate primal trauma and transform the subconscious impression of birth into a gentle and awakening event. Rebirthing supports the experience of safety, innocence, and trust. It is practised both in the water and on dry land.
I studied with Leonard Orr, and in my own rebirthing process, among a myriad of benefits, I released my fears of birth and of water. I realised that birthing and being birthed are so interwoven in thoughts and feelings of mother and child that this rebirthing process would be invaluable for a woman who is pregnant. She could release prejudice and fear, which cause contraction, stress, and pain in labour. If a woman could retrieve birth and in utero experiences of her own, she would be more certain of her power to influence her child's personality and experience. I became determined to be a fine rebirther and counsellor; and to work with pregnant couples to strive to create the gentlest anxiety- and violence-free births possible.
Enter Igor Charkovsky. Charkovsky believes that unlearning the genetic fear of water is the key to the continued mental and physical development of the human race. "Human development has been at a standstill for many thousands of years; has reached an impasse. A life in the water offers new possibilities for development" (Sidenbladh, 1982). Water is the cradle of life. We must note that although we have evolved to our present stage over the more than 3 billion years since life originated in the oceans, we still create our bodies through all the stages of evolution in water, in the womb. Charkovsky believes that the step from water onto land created a duel between living creatures and gravity that has lasted millions of years. In water the effect of gravity is lessened greatly. The need for oxygen decreases by 60 to 75 percent. The body's energy can be more efficiently utilised for healing and development. Charkovsky says: "Not until I had done thousands of experiments with animals did I begin to understand what kind of problem I was attempting to solve. Up to then I hadn't really realised how deep down in the unconscious mind of all land animals ----including man --- the fear of water lies. I could never have dreamed of the complex view which exists between different sides of the problem, of the subtleness with which our "forefathers and mothers" control our way of viewing the world, of the forces which take part in the battle between old and new in our way of thinking (Sidenbladh, 1982)
In a birth with Dr. Charkovsky, the mother and father have been in water training for months. They have spent time with others working with the doctor, both babies and adults. The woman spends all her labour and delivery in the tank of water. Assisting at the birth are a midwife, nurses, and "sensitives" --- people with parapsychological abilities who keep the situation under control by reading the bio-fields and reporting impending danger for the water birth. They handle the energy of the fear of water.
The emphasis here is to learn to live in a water environment to achieve the highest potential physically and mentally. Water-trained babies appear to be more intelligent, healthier, and better motor co-ordinated than babies reared in a conventional manner.
Dr. Charkovsky spent time as a boy near the Siberian-Mongolian border with "healers", those who use their energy to heal and influence others. He is an engineer and an athletic coach and has studied in the fields of biology, psychology, and midwifery. He has said that the most exact description of the work he is involved in is, "…an investigation into the opportunities for developing human potential. I have devoted the last twenty years of my life to solving the problem of how we can help new-borns adjust to water's environment. This is a problem, which cannot be restricted to any particular field --- medicine, psychology, biology. It requires a comprehensive overall view which cot only encompasses the traditional sciences but also border areas such as parapsychology (Sidenbladh, 1982)
I salute Igor Charkovsky's courage. He is neither lauded nor supported by the scientific community in Russia. I have quoted Dr. Charkovsky from the book WATER BABIES by Erik Sidenbladh. The piece of manuscript I received was translated from the Swedish by Wendy Crotch.
Reading in the supermarket newspaper about Dr. Charkovsky's work opened my mind and my heart to the possibility of bringing birth to an even gentler more spiritual mode than Leboyer did. Until that time I had thought that Leboyer's soft lights, low tones and water bath administered by the father would be idea if each person present also were aware of the influence of their thoughts on the vulnerable mother and child. I was then and am now sure that a "baby-advocate" or "sensitive" is necessary at each birth, especially at high-tech births where the mother and baby have received drugs. The "baby-advocate" would focus on mother and child during labour to receive messages of distress and to communicate psychically and verbally to the baby that all is well, that he (the baby) is safe, that everyone is doing the best that they can, and that everyone is there to serve the baby.
When I saw that it was possible to give birth in water, it began to make sense that a woman allowed to move freely and relax in warm water during labour would be more in control and would be better able to communicate with and receive communication from her baby. I knew that a woman who was unafraid would dilate and release her baby more easily in the comfortable and buoyant water atmosphere. She would naturally communicate safety to her baby, as well as security and well being. Joan Liedloff states in THE CONTINUUM CONCEPT (1977) "What a baby encounters at birth is what he/she feels the nature of life to be. After a typical hospital birth the baby knows life to be unspeakably lonely, unresponsive to his/her signals and full of pain." In my experience as a rebirther, countless people have described those feelings of danger and alienation interwoven throughout their lives. Instead of life on planet Earth being full of potential and a safe place to be, everything and everyone is to be feared on some level of consciousness.
I realised that birth into water would slow the birth process, giving time for assimilation of each step. We have found this to be true. A baby born into water can unfold and let go of tension and stress before encountering the crush of gravity and the new experience of breathing in an unknown atmosphere. Why not be born directly into the bath and not have to be taken away from Mother? Why not remain connected to Mother while getting used to an open body in an expanded universe.
As the possibility of alleviating undue stress in birth became clearer to me, I realised that learning potential could be dramatically effected. Learning is more difficult when tension and stress are the underlying state of being. All forms of creativity are less available to the anxious person. In THE MAGICAL CHILD, Joseph Chilton Pearce (1977) says "Intelligence grows by moving from the known to the unknown and referring back to the known. No new experience can be accepted and interpreted unless it has at least some similarity to past experience." A new being moving from water to water, from mother's womb to mother's arms, while encountering countless new experiences could become a more centred and relaxed person for whom effective problem solving, artistic expression, and service to others are natural and effortless.
My friends Patrick and Jia Lighthouse were equally excited about the potential and possibility of birthing a baby into water. Jia became pregnant within a month of reading about Charkovsky's work, and we began to prepare for what would be the first documented underwater birth in the United States. Both Patrick and Jia were rebirthed regularly, often in water. Preparation also included hypnotherapy and writing affirmations to clear out negative thoughts and fears. Jia gave careful attention to nutrition. Three to 4 weeks before the birth they rented a fibreglass hot tub, scrubbed it with germicides, and filled it with distilled water, adding salt to make a normal saline solution (0.9% sodium chloride). Other preparations were the same as for any home birth.
Our inner conviction that "this is the right thing to do" never wavered, although we encountered opposition from the doctors and most midwives whom we asked to attend. Patrick's attempts to correspond with Dr. Charkovsky brought no answers, and we were unaware of Dr. Odent at that time. Jia has said, "the greatest motivational force behind our decision to create a water birth for our child was love. We loved this new baby so much we wanted to give him the gentlest, easiest, most heart-warming welcome into this world that we could."
The people who were to attend the birth gathered as a group three times to clear fears and doubts and to align as a group to create a supportive ambience. Babies are vulnerable to all the thoughts around them at birth. We wanted this baby to be greeted by unhurried, joyful friends, not by fear and indifference. I believe that the way we bring forth new life is an expression of how we view life itself. In order to have peace around us, as we all say we do, we must first find safety and trust and peace within, and give birth to our children and our projects from that state of being. Jeremy's birth was awe-inspiring for everyone. It was a highly spiritual celebration of life.
This labour was 2 hours in length, as opposed to 48 hours the first time. Jia very naturally turned to hands-and-knees position to deliver 10 and1/2 pound Jeremy. Patrick supported his son's entry into the world and often comments that it was he who had the opportunity to lift his son for his first breath. Water babies are not shocked or startled, nor forced to take a first breath. While still receiving oxygen and nutrients through the umbilical cord and being held in mother's arms, they play with the air.
Jeremy stayed underwater for 20 minutes. Patrick was holding the cord, and Jia, in tune with her body and her baby, sensed when the placenta was about to detach. Jeremy was then brought to the surface to learn to breathe gently. About 30 minutes after he surfaced I was holding Jeremy while Jia was being checked. He was breathing well, and the cord had not yet been cut. As I held him close, I noticed he began a breathing rhythm that duplicated the way I had often instructed Jia to breathe in rebirthing sessions. It was a rapid connected breath. I thought, but did not say, OK, now let's take a deep cleansing breath, ---Jeremy did just that. He took a deep breath and looked right into my eyes. I could only say "Thank you!" and greet my old friend. Jeremy's birth was the most peaceful event of my life up to that point.
In subsequent births where I have participated, the mother has brought the baby to the surface within 3 to 5 minutes. Once the baby has let go, relaxed after the stress in the birth canal, the next step - surfacing - can take place. I assisted one father in catching his son. I was deeply moved as I felt the baby's release in the warm, familiar surrounding - like feeling a flower unfold.
In a dream prior to Jeremy's birth, one of several dreams that dealt with preparation for the birth, I was instructed to saturate the first receiving blanket he was wrapped in with apricot kernel oil. I now ask each mother to decide what nurturing oil she feels her baby wants. Each has been different.
I have participated in seven underwater births since Jeremy's, and four births where the mother laboured in water but had to be transferred to the hospital because of complications. In two of the water births the cord was wrapped around the baby's neck, one was around twice. In each instance the father was able to release the cord gently; a potential complication was alleviated in the water before trying to take a breath. I am aware of 11 underwater births on the West Coast, and there have been underwater births in Texas and Florida.
Because underwater births are not yet accepted by the medical profession in the United States, they take place at home. Since Jeremy's birth we have used the bottom half of a fibreglass Float-to-Relax tank for some of the births and now use a tank designed by an underwater father and myself. This tank is 8 feet by 4 feet by 2 feet, and it is portable. It is a frame of plastic piping covered by carpet and vinyl, with a beanbag chair for seated support. Most women deliver in the sit-squat position or on their hands and knees. The baby is "caught" by the father or a midwife and put into the mother's arms for her to bring the baby to the surface at breast level, an ideal position for eye-to-eye bonding. While underwater, the baby is receiving oxygen and nutrients from the placenta via the umbilical cord. Both Dr. Charkovsky and Dr. Odent affirm that as long as the primitive brain controls the baby, the baby is perfectly adapted to immersion. Dr. Charkovsky says that water does not kill; that it is fear that kills. The physical process of birth is slowed down so that the system can adapt more gently. The baby is kept at the same level as the placenta or higher. I have seen only one incident of tearing in all the water births (including the births of two 10 and 1/2-pound boys), and that was a tiny tear that did not even need repair. The circumstance was a fast, intense labour and delivery (1 hour from onset of labour).
Emotionally and spiritually, water birth is a peaceful and gentle entry for the new human being and its mother. Allowed to labour in water, the mother has a maximum amount of comfort and the choice of her bed or the water. The atmosphere is safe, secure, and warm. Familiar people whom she has chosen and who are ready and willing to do what ever she wishes support the labouring woman. All of those present recognise her vulnerability and their own psychic impact on the birth experience. There is the opportunity for the father to participate as fully as he chooses; couples report a deeper bond in their relationship; and fathers enjoy an immediate close relationship with the new baby.
A woman focused on the task of opening an letting go must be assisted and encouraged to overcome her fear and handle her contractions as she chooses. No orders are given. Bradley and Lamaze breathing methods are used, as well as the connected "rebirthing" breath. When a woman is in charge and working to release her child, the experience for the baby is one of pressure and deep massage, as opposed to a mother full of fear and blame, which causes the experience for the baby to be one of constriction and pain. A child born into an atmosphere of safety and ease and welcome will move into life with just that point of view. Memories of shock and the physical pain of conventional birth are retained in the subconscious mind and in the body throughout our lifetime or until those memories are released. A woman who has prepared and comes to the birth experience without negative memories and barriers does not create a negative experience and beginning for her child.
There is strong opposition to this alternative, water birth, from many people, not just the medical community. It is important to honour your fears as long as you have them. Water birth is not for everyone. It must be a step taken on careful consideration and with full trust and responsibility. Recognising the centuries of thought that we in our culture have passed from generation to generation as to the nature of life and how we are supposed to give birth, I feel that preparation is necessary for a successful, gentle birth experience. We must be open to possibilities for growth and change, conscious evolution, before those changes can take place. No matter where they plan to give birth, the people with whom I work prepare with rebirthing, writing affirmations, group sharing and support, values-clarification processes, meditation and relaxation techniques, Bradley or Lamaze training. They view films of underwater birth and gentle home birth, and counsel with couples who have experienced joyous, painless birth and underwater birth. Each individual mother (and her partner as well) has the opportunity to experience a personal transformation in the process of giving birth, thus transferring to the child the thoughts that life is peaceful and pleasurable; that change, while inevitable, is not something to fear; that new beginnings do not create separation; that taking responsibility for the circumstances of being alive in a body does not mean pain or burden. An experience of accomplishment, satisfaction, and mastery is achieved in fully conscious participation with the creative process...
I believe we can transform the quality of life on earth by transforming the quality of the birth experience."

http://users.i.com.ua/~akis/articles/water_birth.html  (Aug. 2018 update- this link now fails to connect to its website! In Russian: Адрес видео или сайта не работает больше!)


Igor Charkovsky

michel odent

Michel Odent, MD


Michael Rosenthal, MD

Water Birth

waterbirth 3

It isn't often that a genuine breakthrough occurs, with major significance for all humanity, unless, of course, it's in the realm of technology. Yet this subject, although completely untechnological, has the potential for widespread use and benefits to millions of people and to society at large. It is exciting the imaginations of forward looking thinkers, parents and expectant parents, humanist psychologists, nurses, midwives and progressive doctors worldwide. I'm referring to the newest form of gentle delivery, which honors the spiritual and emotional, as well as the physical aspects of birth, and incorporates the use of water into obstetrics - waterbirth, also known as underwater birth.

Why Is Gentle Birth Essential?
When gentle birth is experienced as a shared miracle, it enhances the bond of love in a family. The powerful memory of it may serve to sustain the couple through difficult times. Yet, too often parents allow the miraculous quality of their birth experiences to be taken away from them, as they give up all control and place themselves in the hands of doctors and hospitals concerned solely with the physical aspects of birth.
When that occurs, birth can become something that happens to the parents, rather than a miracle in which they fully participate and from which they derive an overwhelming sense of joy and personal empowerment.
Who Controls Birth?
There are few things as universal as birth, yet regardless of its great significance in our lives, we too readily relinquish control of this most sacred rite.
In recent years Americans have become over-reliant on experts in every field. Consequently, we have abrogated our responsibility and given away much of our power. Birth is a particularly good example of this.
As a culture, we have in recent decades accepted the medical establishment's self-serving assertion that it is impossible for a woman to safely deliver a baby anywhere but in a hospital, attended by an M.D. Obviously, this could not be true, or the human race would not have survived into modern times. Nevertheless, the woman in labor has precious little to look to for a positive model of what birth can be.
All the cultural messages describe labor and birth as excrutiatingly painful, which usually causes the mother great stress and fear. She wonders if she is capable of delivering naturally, without drugs or high tech intervention. What she may forget, and what is absolutely critical for her to remember and know, is that millions of years of evolution are on her side! She doesn't have to do much of anything, her body already knows how to birth a baby!
Outside the USA, about 80% of the world's babies are delivered with the assistance of nurse-midwives and traditional midwives, often in home settings. And in America, in our grandparents' and great-grandparents' generations, most babies were born at home.
In contrast, in the USA today, institutionalized medicine has virtually taken over childbirth. As a result, it has created many procedures for the convenience and benefit of the doctors and hospital staff, rather than for the safety and comfort of the mother and baby.
The result is often an aggressive approach and the medical management of birth, typical of doctors, rather than a more gentle, passive approach that allows nature to take its course, which is more typical of nurses and midwives. Many critics believe this to be one of the primary reasons that cesarean births have been on the upswing in America for many years.
What About Safety?
Studies have shown that planned home birth in a clean environment is actually safer than hospital delivery. If that fact were more widely known, perhaps home birth would be more broadly practiced in the USA, where it is now a very small percentage of tota l births.
It is important to note that America is far from the safest place to have a baby. In fact, the USA ranks 23rd worldwide in infant mortality statistics. That means there are 22 other countries where childbirth is safer than in the United States.
With such a poor record it is obvious that we must take a closer look at our standard childbirth practices, which have not worked well, discover what is being done wrong, and make the changes necessary to correct the problem.
It is disappointing to learn that the United States has one of the highest cesarean rates of all the developed countries, averaging over 25% nationally, and running well over 60% in some teaching hospitals. However, a cesarean rate of only 3-6% is typical of the Scandinavian countries, where midwifery is far more widespread, and which also have significantly lower infant and maternal mortality figures.
The Emotional and Spiritual Sides of Birth
Too often American hospitals are insensitive to the emotional and spiritual aspects of bringing a new life into the world and tend only to the body, neglecting the heart and soul.
Hospital personnel may treat the baby as insensitive, unseeing and unfeeling. They are frequently unaware of what humanist psychologists and psychiatrists have known for years - that there is much evidence to support the belief that babies are sentient not only at birth, but even before.
For nine months the infant develops inside the mother's body, nestled in the warm amniotic fluid. If all is well and normal, the baby floats in its dark, secure, cozy nest supported and protected, with all its needs met immediately. Food and oxygen are continually supplied and wastes removed via the placenta and umbilical cord. Everything is in perfect balance and the feeling is one of security and abundance.
What Does Gentle Birth Feel Like?
Imagine then, a gentle introduction to the world by being born in water. Warm fluid is the element most familiar and comfortable to the fragile infant, so he or she does not experience fear or pain when coming in contact with it.
The room is semi-dark, to avoid a shock to the baby's eyes, and quiet, except for some soothing music. Mother is in the warm tub feeling relieved, her weight supported by the water. The comfort of the bath relaxes her tension and eases her labor pains, while providing the freedom to move into whatever position is most comfortable.
Water is such an effective painkiller that only about 10% of women who enter the tub during labor request painkilling drugs. Father may also be in the tub, holding or massaging mother. Ideally, the midwife, nurse or doctor waits patiently nearby, offering the mother encouragement and support whenever it is needed. Together they wait for the baby to emerge.
SPECIAL NOTE regarding tubs
Very recently I have been contacted by a tub maker who believes that the whirlpool style tubs that have internal pipes (which produce pulsating water jets) are the wrong choice for waterbirth because, he states, the internal pipes cannot be reached to be adequately cleaned. I am looking into this and will post further information as I learn more about this issue. In the meantime, the best and safest choice of tubs is probably one that has no internal pipes.
After the infant has descended through the birth canal into the warm water, the mother can even choose to deliver the infant herself, as the birth attendants wait nearby in case they are needed.It is a remarkably simple matter for the mother, after she has the last contraction which expels the baby, to reach down, take it in her arms and bring her child up out of the water and to her breast.
Typically, women who deliver in water report a feeling of excitement and lasting personal empowerment that simply cannot be matched by standard hospital birthing procedures.
Within seconds, because of air touching the skin and cord, the physiological system is signaled, and the baby easily begins to use its lungs for breathing, without being slapped or roughly stimulated. Since the cord is usually not cut for several minutes, the baby's transition to air breathing is gradual and non-traumatic, and the newborn can take its time to become familiar with using its lungs
This gentle, slower approach is in sharp contrast to the more common but questionable practice of cutting the cord immediately after the baby is out. Cutting the baby off from its lifeline to the mother so quickly and abruptly creates a breathe or die situation, which can cause a panicky feeling in the infant. In the worst case, if there is an undetected problem and breathing is not well established before the cord is cut, cerebral palsy could result because of oxygen deprivation to the brain.
An Easy Transition
With a water birth, the baby is not taken away from the mother at birth, which can result in the infant experiencing fear, confusion, feelings of abandonment and even terror. Instead, the baby stays with the parents and is held and cuddled by both of them, so that it will feel secure and nurtured, and the important bonding process can take place.
Is it not intuitively obvious and perfectly logical to conclude that a child born in such a gentle manner will feel comfort, security, love, and be likely to have positive feelings about its parents and the world? Humanist psychologists know, all other things being equal, that such an individual is more likely to grow up to be happy, self-confident and more prone to non-violent behavior than one whose birth was not gentle; one who experienced fear, pain, confusion, trauma, feelings of abandonment or panic during birth.
What Women Say About Childbirth
In researching this newest form of safe, gentle, joyous birth, I interviewed hundreds of women about their birth experiences. I found that a large percentage of those who had delivered in hospitals were angry, alienated and felt cheated, for a variety of reasons. But none of those reactions were true for any of the water birth mothers.
Because warm water is so soothing, it comforts the woman and helps her cooperate with her own body, so that she can open up more easily and have a natural and relatively pain free birth. Since over 90% of water birth mothers use no drugs, they deliver while awake, aware and in control of the process, a joyous, empowering experience that stays with them forever.
Water's Great Gift: Pain Relief
When a woman experiences intense pain or fear during labor or delivery, her body involuntarily tightens up and pulls inward - an automatic, self-protective response. Yet, birth requires the exact opposite - an expansion and release. Since these two conditions are mutually exclusive, the fearful mother's body may be unable to progress to full dilation and her labor may go one for many, many hours as her body tries in vain to both close up in fear and open to release the baby simultaneously
In this situation the benefit of warm water may be most valuable, because the comfort it provides helps the mother to relax very deeply and assists her body in stretching slowly and gently to accommodate the baby's emergence, usually without tearing.
It is because of this deep relaxation that water labor and/or waterbirth often functions as an effective and important cesarean prevention method.
Without exception, the water birth mothers I interviewed all spoke of easier and/or quicker labors, profound relaxation, alleviation of pain and the excitement and empowerment they felt being in total connection to the process of birth and to the baby. Women who deliver in water evidently feel a strong affinity to their own female power and to the experience of motherhood.
How Birth Affects the Rest of Our Life
These important aspects of water birth are widely acknowledged by humanist psychologists, who recognize the valuable benefits to the mother/child relationship that result from a positive emotional state during birth.
A mother who has an easy time birthing her baby will forever look into the face of her child and be reminded of an empowering birth experience, rather than one of excruciating pain and fear. Some have postulated that this positive beginning will sustain the family through later, more difficult times, such as during the onset of puberty.
In recent years there has been a growing awareness on the part of both professionals and lay people about the importance of the first minutes, hours and days of life. Some believe that many of us unknowingly spend a good deal of our lives feeling the negative effects of, and dealing with, birth trauma that could have been avoided, if those who assist at birth were more knowledgeable about this issue.
There are interesting studies which show that the birth experience is one of several causal factors in determining the kind of personality an individual manifests later in life.
The California Commission on Crime Control and Violence Prevention spent two years studying the root causes of crime. It found that gentle birth, more loving families and less violence on television are three major factors that curb violent crime. The Commission said that "a positive birth experience, one that is gentle, loving and non-traumatic, increases the likelihood of healthy child development and less violent behavior."
Medical and psychological studies aside, it seems obvious that such is the case. Each of us is deeply affected on many levels by major life circumstances, which help to shape our character and personality, and birth is the first big occurrence for most of us.
Standard Childbirth in America
Now, imagine the opposite of a gentle birth; a situation where the baby is born under stressful or insensitive circumstances. If the mother experiences a lot of pain during labor in a hospital, she will probably be given pain medications, even if she doesn't want them and is trying to have a natural delivery.
These drugs will, of course, be transferred to the baby, who will likely feel the effects of them for days after the birth. These babies seem dazed and unable to focus their eyes on their mother or respond to her.
Perhaps this is why so many doctors believe that babies do not see or feel at birth. Since two generations of American doctors have routinely medicated mothers during labor, and thereby inadvertently medicated their babies, it's easy to understand why they have concluded that babies are insentient at birth and for days afterward, as these doctors are completely unfamiliar with the behavior of infants who do not have drugs in their bodies at birth.
In a hospital the mother is usually hooked up to a fetal monitor, which means she is most likely to be kept lying in bed. Other than being hung by the feet, the lithotomy position, with the mother supine on her back, is the worst possible way to deliver a baby, reports Roberto Caldeyro-Barcia, MD.
Lying down during labor and birth can interfere with the supply of oxygen to the baby and does not make natural use of gravity, as does the squatting position. However, it is by far the most convenient position for the doctor and hospital staff. Although the mother may feel a natural urge to move around, standard hospital procedures may make that difficult or impossible.
If the labor does not proceed according to the hospital's narrow definition of normal, the woman may be given drugs to speed up her labor. Then, if her doctor can't be reached in time to get to the hospital to attend the delivery, she may be given more drugs, to slow down her labor. There is a dangerous tendency in modern American hospitals for one intervention to be followed soon by another and another, until the natural process of birth may be completely eclipsed by a complicated series of interventions, often resulting in a C-section.
Although most doctors who opt for cesareans are genuinely concerned about the safety of their patients, we cannot entirely discount the fact that doctors and hospitals profit far more from a cesarean delivery than from a normal one. They also know that with a cesarean they are less likely to be sued for malpractice if something goes wrong in late labor.
It is true that, in some cases, lives might have been lost if it had not been for the intervention of modern medicine and the technology needed to deal with emergency situations. But it is also true that many lives have been lost or damaged due to unneces sary interventions in the natural birthing process of a completely healthy women.
The time has come to re-evaluate our national attitudes and approaches to childbirth and to revamp the institutionally entrenched practices that no longer serve the best interests of mothers and babies. It is their well being that should be the first concern.
The Innovators and Pioneers
We are fortunate that much valuable research and work has been done by the water birth pioneers: Igor Charkovsky from Moscow, who developed the water birth method in the early sixties, Michael Odent, MD, of France, who was the first to bring water birth into a hospital setting (in France) in the late seventies, and Michael Rosenthal, MD, the first American doctor to create a birth center, in the late 80's, specifically designed to offer water labor and water birth. Gladly, we can benefit from their findings and the methods they have developed over the last several years.
Progressive doctors, nurses and midwives interested in participating in this newest gentle birth innovation will find it relatively easy to physically implement water labor and water birth into birth centers and hospitals. All that is needed is a tub with sufficient room for the mother to move around in when she wants to change position, and a source of clean, warm water. Women will welcome the opportunity to use a warm tub during labor to alleviate their pain and discomfort, and they and their babies will benefit as a result.
Hospitals will also benefit, for several reasons. They will have a special and attractive option to offer the birthing woman to assist her in having an easier and quicker delivery. They will most likely have far better outcomes: fewer infant and maternal deaths, a lower cesarean rate, and less complications because the use of water for labor and delivery has been demonstrated to lower the incidents of all types of birth complications, according to the findings of Dr. Rosenthal and Dr. Odent.
The most difficult aspect of bringing this method into more common use in American hospitals is not the physical requirements of the method or the certainty of its benefits, as these have been demonstrated. The challenge is in gaining the support of doctors and hospital personnel, because water birth calls upon them to stand back and allow women far greater control over their own birthing process.
Marilyn's Joyous Water Birth Experience - Delivering Merlinna
When, at around 6 PM on a crisp and clear evening, Marilyn Rodgers called to say she was in labor, our film crew rushed to her home. Since water birth was so new at that time, Marilyn was unable to find any doctor, hospital or birth center that would allow her to deliver in water. Consequently, her only option was a home birth
For Marilyn, that was just fine. She preferred to deliver at home because her first baby, who was born in a hospital, was severely damaged at birth. He suffers from cerebral palsy due to oxygen deprivation during the first few minutes after birth. As a result, Marilyn wanted the most non-technological birth possible for her second child. Being assisted by her husband, a midwife, a registered nurse and a Ph.D. psychologist, at home, with the company and support of her family and friends, was exactly the kind of birth experience she wanted
When Marilyn gave birth to Merlinna, after about 9 hours of light labor, the tiny baby girl gently entered a warm and cozy world filled with loving relatives and friends. She never cried out. The first person she saw was her father, who was positioned in the tub to catch her as she emerged. The baby had a definite look of delight and wonder on her tiny face as she opened her eyes and looked up at him while she was still in the water. Then, Marilyn gently gathered the infant in her arms and brought her up and out of the water.
A New Birthing Paradigm
This birth of Merlinna Rogers and this first video footage that resulted was truly amazing because it challenged the standard concept about birth and showed the gentleness and beauty that is possible, although rare. It made one want to explore the mystery further and it stimulated many more questions than it answered.
Clearly, the subject required a lot more information than what was provided by documenting the birth of one baby in water, no matter how beautiful that birth had been.
Expanding the Video Project
It was obvious that the information needed to be put into a broader context and so an introduction that traced the development of the gentle birthing movement in the last century was written. The research showed that each birth improvement had built on the innovations that came before. It quickly became clear that water birth was indeed a logical next step; an extension of Leboyer's practice of putting the baby in a warm bath, to relax, immediately after birth.
Dr. Don Creevy, a California obstetrician with a strong commitment to gentle birth, was the first medical advisor to the "Water Baby" project. He was followed by Dr. Michael Odent and Dr. Michael Rosenthal. Dr. Creevy is also well known for his long-standing belief that most women with previous cesareans can deliver normally. It is only recently that the AMA has changed its position to agree with him on this issue.
In the film Dr. Creevy provides practical information about the physiology of water birth, answers many commonly asked questions, and evaluates the risks and benefits. Dr. Creevy sees water birth as a valuable tool for expanding gentle birth options, as he recognizes the warm water's ability to assist a laboring woman to relax deeply, so that her labor is likely to be shorter and easier.
Dr. Michel Odent's Unique Innovations
After filming the initial sequences of Marilyn Rodgers' water birth, word of the documentary was brought to Dr. Michael Odent in France, the first doctor in the world to provide water birth in a hospital setting. Dr. Odent invited Dr. Creevy and me to visit his hospital in Pithiviers, an hour's drive south of Paris, so that his water birth work could be included in the film. What we found there was totally unique.
Dr. Odent believes in allowing women to give birth in whatever way they choose. He created a very special atmosphere in a modern hospital maternity ward that encouraged a wide range of physical possibilities while assisting each woman to find the labor and birth positions most comfortable for her.
As I observed Dr. Odent during a ten day period, one thing was very clear: this doctor was filled with the magic of birth. After many years of assisting women to deliver, the miracle was still intact for him; the excitement had not faded.
One evening a woman came to the hospital to have her baby. He offered her the warm bath, which she gratefully accepted. She had agreed to be filmed, so I was with them in the tub room. After awhile Michel suggested that we leave, so the woman could be alone with her husband, since he knew it would still be a couple of hours before she would deliver the baby.
From the next room we could hear her cry out as she had a contraction. Dr. Odent immediately put up his hand to signal silence, cocked his ear and listened carefully. When she finished moaning he said "good, very good, everything is fine." I was fascinated to learn that he was able to read the progress of her labor solely by listening to her sounds.
Dr. Odent believes that to achieve the best result, women should be kept as happy as possible during pregnancy and as comfortable as possible during labor and birth. To achieve comfort in labor, in 1977 he began offering the women who came to his hospital the use of a warm bath.
It was not originally his intention to deliver babies in water but merely to use the water for the mothers' relaxation, so that they wouldn't need drugs and a natural delivery would be possible. However, the inevitable soon happened.
A woman who felt much better in the bath refused to get out of the water at the time of delivery, and so Odent assisted her in giving birth while she remained in the water. In this way he discovered firsthand that water birth was another method that could be used to help the mother achieve an easier delivery. Dr. Odent believes water birth is particularly valuable for women experiencing long or very difficult labors, and reports that often the baby will come soon after a woman enters the bath.
In the Water Baby video, Dr. Odent is seen assisting two waterbirths in a hospital setting, discussing the benefits of water labor and waterbirth with Dr. Don Creevy, talking with American waterbirth parents about their delivery and participating in group singing sessions that he holds especially for his OB patients and their families.
Connecting with Igor Charkovsky
After the French footage was edited, an associate offered to secretly bring the work-in-progress tape to Moscow to show to Igor Charkovsky, the controversial Russian water birth pioneer who developed the method in the early 60's. He was working underground.
Odent knew of Charkovsky, but their approaches were quite different. Whereas Odent was primarily concerned about the mother's comfort during labor and birth, Charkovsky focused on the baby. He believes that water alleviates the crush of gravity on the baby's delicate brain cells at the moment of birth and thereby enhances the baby's psychic abilities.
Charkovsky has assisted the delivery of hundreds of babies in water, and trained several midwives in the method. But, although he is well known and respected in Russia for his water training work with infants and young children, his water birth work was still quite controversial there, since the Russian medical establishment is at least as conservative as its American counterpart, if not more so.
When Charkovsky saw the in-progress rough cut of "Water Baby" he was amazed and delighted. He sent back an invitation for us to come to Moscow and film with him, so that his work could be included. In Moscow we shot fascinating sequences for the Water Baby video showing Igor's unique approach as he assists women during pregnancy to prepare for birth, and the amazing water training work he has developed, which is used with newborn infants and very small children.
These special insights into Charkovsky's work provided us with a broader understanding about what is possible in the field of water birth. Igor believes the mother's state of mind during pregnancy is of vital importance, so he works with her intensively throughout her pregnancy to eliminate any fear of birth or fear of water she may have.
To achieve these goals Charkovsky instructs pregnant women in meditation and visualization techniques. He has found that women can greatly ease the physical distress of delivery by visualizing their pelvic skeletal area as expanding and opening, so that the baby's journey through the birth canal will be less painful and stressful. Charkovsky also suggests visualizing the fetus inside the womb surrounded by a golden light, during the entire pregnancy.
Charkovsky also uses support groups of women who have already delivered in water, with their children, to provide the mother-to-be with the optimum atmosphere for her birth preparations. Small groups of women, perhaps five or six, often gather to meditate and exercise together.
The exercises involve many yoga postures, including full lotus positions done both in and out of water, and splits, like dancers do, which vigorously exercise the pelvic floor muscles, increasing flexibility and strength. In Moscow I filmed a Russian woman in the ninth month of pregnancy doing full splits as easily and gracefully as a professional dancer. It is truly an amazing sight!
Water Training Babies in Moscow
An integral part of Charkovsky's water birth method is the water training he does with very young infants. He believes it is extremely important to their future health and development, and instructs parents in ways to vigorously exercise their babies in water. The purpose is to assist the children physically by building health, strength, balance, confidence, flexibility and endurance. This training includes an on-going program of frequent swimming and other water exercises in which both parents actively participate with their children. Flips, dives, tumbles, dunking, yoga and stretching are all part of the activities.
Igor's approach is unique in that his philosophy integrates the birth preparations, the actual water birth, and the infant water training into a cohesive whole system.
Although only the water training aspect of his work is recognized in Russia, he has been developing and using all parts of this method since 1963. Since then he has assisted the delivery of several hundred babies in water. A small but dedicated group of supporters assisted him in this work, and there are some Russian medical doctors who have adopted his practices.
Back in the USA
When we returned home I felt sure we had all the material needed to tell the story of water birth, but I was wrong; there was still more to do. Just as I was completing the editing and was on the verge of finalizing the video I met Dr. Michael Rosenthal, the first American doctor to provide facilities for women who choose to labor or deliver in water.
At that time Dr. Rosenthal had created the first water birth center in the country, located near Los Angeles. After hearing about the film he was anxious to have his work included, so we packed up the equipment once more, crossed our fingers hoping our luck would hold, and went to Southern California to document water birth at Dr. Rosenthal's birth center.
Janet, Larry and Water Baby Sean
The timing couldn't have been more perfect. As soon as our equipment was set up, a beautiful couple appeared. Janet was in labor with her first child and wanted a water birth. When we proposed that I film her delivery, she was delighted. She told me that they wanted pictures of the birth but were disappointed because there hadn't been time to make the arrangements. Another perfect synchronicity.
Dr. Rosenthal Takes Water Birth Even Farther
Janet's water birth was especially wonderful because she actually delivered her own baby. Dr. Rosenthal was sitting
only a few feet away, ready to help if he was needed. He encouraged Janet to reach down, as the baby emerged, and lift her little boy up and out of the water herself.

It's impossible to fully describe the many layers of emotion that were written on her face as she birthed her baby. She
was mystified, delighted, surprised, relieved, amazed, empowered, in love, and a little scared, all simultaneously. Seconds
after the baby was out, she burst into laughter. Certainly this was a very different experience than we are accustomed to imagining when we think of childbirth.

Dr. Rosenthal modeled his center and its philosophy on Dr. Odent's work. However, his practice of non-intervention in
 the birth process and his method of supporting and encouraging women to deliver their own babies represents an even greater breakthrough.

Rosenthal recognizes the importance of women themselves being in control of the birth process and he uses the soothing properties of water to assist that goal. After speaking to several women who had delivered their babies at his birth center, and filming their stories, I was impressed with their enthusiasm and delight with the birth experiences they had achieved there.
Embracing Progress and Improvement in Childbirth
The satisfaction and empowerment women can enjoy at the birth of their babies, when given the opportunity to utilize
the latest innovation in the field of gentle birth - waterbirth - should not be easily underestimated or discounted. And, the ease and support that water birth provides for the complete involvement of fathers in the birth of their children is an important opportunity that should not be missed. Evaluations by parents and birthcare providers who have experienced waterbirth are overwhelmingly positive. Researchers are hardpressed to find any parents who do not rave about their waterbirth experiences.

Although at first it may seem strange or unusual to some, when evaluated carefully from the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects, with the welfare of both mother and baby as the most important priority, it is clear that waterbirth represents important progress in the field of gentle, humanistic childbirth practices.
As Americans, we have a unique ability to hybridize. We have always been adept at taking parts of various things and putting them together to re-invent our own particular vision and version that incorporates whatever is most appropriate for our needs. Hopefully, the health and medical community will increasingly learn to apply that practice to water birth. In that way the benefits of this newest gentle birth method can be introduced into more progressive hospitals and birth centers across the country and thereby become available to a much broader group of women.
Where Can This Take Us?
Perhaps a gentle generation of babies born without pain, trauma or fear, but rather in a comfortable and supportive environment of reverence, wonder and love would be far more innately capable of non-violent conflict resolution and responsible stewardship of the planet.

waterbirth 5

Breastfeeding underwater
breastfeding underwater


A Russian mother practices Igor Charkovsky's esoteric method of breastfeeding her baby underwater. By momentarily associating the pleasure of feeding with being underwater, Charkovsky believes this technique enhances the baby's comfort and enjoyment of water. Please note that a special technique is used to insure that the baby does not breathe water. Also, the baby is dunked underwater for only one second at a time. Do not experiment with this technique without proper instruction from a water-training expert.

See a clip from WATER BABY, the award-winning, ground-breaking, film that catalyzed the waterbirth movement in America.
The full, hour-long documentary, shot in Russia, France and the USA, includes intimate scenes of 4 actual waterbirths in home, hospital and birth center settings, interviews with the world's top waterbirth pioneer doctors, and much more.
See how safe, gentle, joyous and empowering birth can be, and learn how you can create a wonderful experience for your own delivery.
WATER BABY: EXPERIENCES OF WATERBIRTH is sure to amaze and delight you
WaterBaby's Tip for an Easier Birth
To create a comfy space in the tub or birthing tank, go to the bathroom section of a large retailer and purchase several air pillows (the kind you might use to lean your head against in the bathtub). Fill them all with water, and arrange them behind your back, neck and waist in a nestlike way that supports you most comfortably.
(2 full pages of TIPS & HELPFUL HINTS are included free with the purchase of the WATER BABY video.)
WATER BABY: Experiences of Water Birth
is a much-loved, one hour video that is considered by top birthcare professionals and many parents to be the definitive reference work on waterbirth. It is widely used in birthing centers and in hospitals, by parents and by all types of birth attendants, in the USA and internationally. Here's what some experts say:
"Enlightening and thrilling."
--- Jessica Berger, MD
American Medical Women's Association
of the New York University Medical Center
WATER BABY: EXPERIENCES OF WATERBIRTH has won 14 film and video festival awards. See the video reviews and read what many more experts are saying about this unique, empowering, paradigm-shifting program that has helped to dramatically enhance the birth experience for thousands of parents.
What's Covered in the Video?
WATER BABY features respectful yet totally candid footage of four actual waterbirths in home, hospital and birth center settings
In-depth sequences with the world's leading medical practitioners of water birth. Shot on location with Dr. Michael Rosenthal in America, Dr. Michel Odent in France, and research pioneer Igor Charkovsky in Russia
Q&A sessions with Dr. Michel Odent and Dr. Don Creevy about the risks and benefits of waterbirth, and the amazing story of how waterbirth was first introduced into a hospital setting in France
Discussion sessions with mothers who have delivered in water in birth center and home settings, and fathers who have actively participated
An overview and analysis of the developments and trends in the gentle birth movement during the last century and up to current time, which shows how waterbirth is the logical next step
Singing sessions for pregnant women held by Dr. Odent in France and his insightful discussion on the importance of the mother's happiness during pregnancy
Charkovsky's special preparations for water birth during pregnancy, using meditation and visualization exercises
Water training exercise sessions led by Charkovsky with Russian parents and very young babies in Moscow
How Do Parents Use This Video?

water delivery video

This documentary has won 14 festival awards:

Columbus Video Festival
Vienna Birth Film Festival
The Video Medium Festival
Science Books & Films Festival
John Muir Medical Film Festival
The Wine Country Film Festival
Herland International Film Festival
Houston International Film Festival
Women in the Director's Chair Festival
Philadelphia International Film Festival
Planned Parenthood Federation Festival
Suffolk County Film & Video Competition
International Film & TV Festival of New York
Festikon Film Festival of the Netherlands Film Institute
The WATER BABY video is very thick with information. Several viewings are necessary to fully assimilate all that it provides. Typically, parents view the tape many times during the course of their pregnancy:
To educate themselves and their friends and family about the reasons for choosing waterbirth
To understand the physiology involved
To alleviate fears or uncertainty about waterbirth and build maternal confidence
To understand the dramatic benefits waterbirth brings to mothers and babies
To fully engage the father and integrate him as an active participant in the birth of his child, so that he will experience a deeply profound and joyous bond to his family.
By seeing several waterbirths, parents can eliminate their fear of childbirth and come to understand that joyous birth is truly an attainable goal
To prepare themselves spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically to have a optimal gentle, joyous birth experience
To show to progressive birthcare providers, educate them about waterbirth, and enlist the practitioner's help to assist them with a waterbirth
Email from Cindy G:
"Hi. Love your website!
My 3rd and last son was born in the water, at home. It was by far the best birthing experience I've had. Our baby, Ezra, smiled when he was born. He did not cry for many days. He is the most mellow and wonderful child, a joy to all who
know him. I'm glad my midwife shared your  video with me, or I would never have experienced this high point of my life. Thanks."

We maintain an extensive database of over 1,000 experienced waterbirth practitioners and facilities in the USA and internationally. This is the ultimate waterbirth networking tool!
We make this list available on a state-by-state basis, so you can find waterbirth care providers in your region.
 includes name, address, phone number, contact name, email address and website when available, and a short description of the focus and type of services provided by the waterbirth practitioner or facility."

wateryoga charkovsky with the baby

People of Yamal, behind Arctic Circle

These pictures below were sent to me by my girlfriend in Russia, who worked with her husband in Yamal, behind Arctic Circle for 30 years!

The Sun is Crushing all churches!

Yamal is behind Arctic Circle. The Sun is Crushing all churches!

Yamal, Russia

Native Women of Yamal!

 Native Women of Yamal!

Natives of Yamal, Russia!

Natives of Yamal, Russia!

Natives of Yamal, Russia!

Natives of Yamal, Russia!

Native Men of Yamal, Russia! There are some Orbs visible on their clothes

Deers are the major Transport of the natives most of the year!

Deers are still the major Transport of the natives most of the year!

Yamal, Russia

Natives of Yamal, Russia

Natives of Yamal, Russia. There will be more pictures of Russian UFO's on the bottom of this page

Nenez Girl, Yamal, Russia

Yamal's Summer mushrooms and white yagel - the major food for deers!

 Yamal's short Summer mushrooms, berries and white yagel - the major food for deers! 

Yamal's Summer mushrooms and white yagel - the major food for deers!

Wig-wams of Yamal. Summer!

 Short Summer. Wig-wams of Yamal!

Yamal's Natives in wig-wam!

 Modern Yamal's Natives are living in a wig-wam all year round!
Helicopter in Yamal!

 Helicopter in Yamal!

Planes in Yamal!

 Planes in Yamal!
Melting Arctic Circle!

 Melting Arctic Circle!

Work of Cooper Miners in Active Volcano's Crater in Indonesia

Work of Miners in Volcano's Crater in Indonesia

Work of Cooper Miners in Active Volcano's Crater in Indonesia!

Work of Miners in Volcano's Crater in Indonesia

Work of Cooper Miners in Active Volcano's Crater in Indonesia for a very small pay!

Work of Miners in Volcano's Crater in Indonesia!

Work of Cooper Miners in Active Volcano's Crater in Indonesia!

Work of Miners in Volcano's Crater in Indonesia!

Work of Cooper Miners in Volcano's Crater in Indonesia!

Work of Miners in Volcano's Crater in Indonesia!

Carlos Castaneda's Role

The role of Sorcerers like Don Juan and Carlos Castaneda in creating Human +

The invaluable books of Carlos Castaneda are full of information of how Human + have been created. Here is a few lines from Carlos Castaneda's "Power of Silence":

"My books are a true account of a teaching method that don Juan Matus, a Mexican Indian sorcerer, used in order to help me understand the sorcerers' world. In this sense, my books are the account of an on-going process which becomes more clear to me as time goes by. It takes years of training to teach us to deal intelligently with the world of everyday life. Our schooling - whether in plain reasoning or formal topics - is rigorous, because the knowledge we are trying to impart is very complex. The same criteria apply to the sorcerers' world: their schooling, which relies on oral instruction and the manipulation of awareness, although different from ours, is just as rigorous, because their knowledge is as, or perhaps more, complex."

Group Paragliding

Paragliding  , 23 Feb. 2008


Group of Paragliders are together in the sky!

Group of Paragliders are together in the sky!

Group of Paragliders are together in the sky!

Group of Paragliders are together in the sky!

Group of Paragliders are together in the sky!

Group of Paragliders are together in the sky!

Group of Paragliders are together in the sky!

Group of Paragliders are together in the sky!

Group of Paragliders are together in the sky!
Group of Paragliders are together in the sky!

Group of Paragliders are together in the sky!

Group of Paragliders are together in the sky!
Group of Paragliders are together in the sky!

Group of Paragliders are together in the sky!

Group of Paragliders are together in the sky!

Group of Paragliders are together in the sky!
Group of Paragliders are together in the sky!

Group of Paragliders are together in the sky!

Group of Paragliders are together in the sky!

2007 flight done by Russians
2007, flight done by Russians

2007 flight done by Russians

2007 flight done by Russians

2007, flight done by Russians

2007, flight done by Russians

2007, flight done by Russians

pentagon USA

Pentagon, Washington, USA

pentagon  pentagon  pentagons around our house at night
pentagons around our house/Centre at night and around the visible sun in the morning

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