The End of Life of Our Old Universe!


We never been a human race, we are Suns! You are not Your Physical Body; You are Not the Physical Matter: if you have a Soul, then you are White Sparkling Sun Energy of Balance!

It took us thousands and thousands of years from the moment of our Separation from the Creative Force on the Highest Vibrational Level to start making our way down from the Highest Level till the Lowerst one.
Each one of us became separate from each other and while moving down, was leaving parts of Androginous Soul (he and she together) on every Level of Consciousness till we reached the lowest (
for humans) 3rd physical Level , where we now just about to complete the Planetary Game and start moving back to the Source of All Life, where we came from. You know that the Game lasted for  thousands of years, but after playing it, we understand how the Balance is made and this Energy of Balance we will carry with us to give it to the Creative Force - the Source of All Sun Energy! After Graduating and moving to 5th Level, we (those of Violet/Pink Vibration at present) will start moving rapidly higher and higher, collecting missing parts of our Souls on every Level !
Robert Monroe described this process in his 2nd and 3rd books. He also said, that we need to be complete, we need to have Gifts for the Creative Force on our Return. Our Gift for the Creative Force will be our experiences of participation in the Game, our mixing with other vibrational energies and producing more of White Sun Energy of Balance!
Robert Monroe saw in future how we, one by one, separated from the Source of Creative Force and from each other and started our journies down alone, Level by Level ! He saw a 2-way Stream of Energies: one was from the Creative Force down; another Stream was moving up into the Source! The picture below is a Symbol of the Shift for those millions of people and aliens of different vibrations from the whole Galaxy, who are ready to turn into Balanced Sun Energy and move up level by level back to the Source!
Many people still don't know the meaning of Violet Bubbles growing in the Central Black Hole of our Galaxy (the picture of it is on this link). We created a symbolic Diagram out of this picture for people to understand the meaning of it better (especially for those, who doesn't know English well enough)!

What you see is our Galaxy, Milky Way and two huge Violet Bubbles (which should really be White Cloud of Energy of Balance by now) with small Violet Balls in them near Galactic Central Sun. This is how an artist reproduced it from an original  photo! I hope he showed it the right way. Our Planet Earth and us have been prepared to play the Role of a Trigger for the Galactic and Universal Shift, which seem to be a slow process.

We placed our Planet (the way it looks at present) at the top of the upper Violet Bubble! Inside our multicolored Planet there are tiny Violet Circles, which symbolise humans of superfast Violet/Pink Vibrations !
The Old Planet Earth will become White Sun and will be leading the rest of the Galaxy towards 5th Level of Consciousness! That is the reason why we have the full attention from the Beings of all our Galaxy and why so many aliens are trying to start participating in this Planetary Game!

This symbolic picture shows a Multicolored Earth with Beings of different vibrations! Our Universe is Holographic in nature, whatever we dream or think about is effecting the whole Universe! The more we all dream about our Old Universe being Balanced, the sooner it will become Balanced and the more Balance will be around us!
And, if you want to know how Energy of Balance looks like (or how looks your Higher Self), then look at the White Sun!

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Важное Сообщение - эта Страница теперь может быть просмотрена на мобильных телефонах !



Violet Gamma-Rays' Bubbles in the Central Black Hole of our Galaxy!

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Any struggle (internal or external) helps to generate Sun Energy of Balance! Negative Parallel Universes (Anti-Worlds), as well as the rest of everything were created withthe same idea in mind: to generate more Energy of Balance as a result of Struggle of Positive and Negative Energies in the Worlds!

This is an interesting information about the 3rd of December 2013 and the Planet Jupiter (also a Sun on the 5th Density), being used by us as a vehicle, which moved us from the 5th Density to the 3rd Density to play the Planetary Game! We are going back to the 5th D the same way: through Jupiter, as a potential Black Hole. This info is from "Defending the Sacred Ground" by Alex Collier:

AC (Alex Collier): But, there's a much higher agenda here. It obviously involves us as Souls, but it also has to do with something, that is very strategic about this Solar System. I will tell you why so many people are interested in this Solar System. We have some strange Planets here. Not only is Earth unique, because of all the life forms here, but according to Moraney, when we, as Paa Tal, came down from a higher density to inhabit these bodies in third density, we used a type of vehicle to travel, from where we were, to where we are now. A type of a Vehicle. They say, that the Planet Jupiter was the Vehicle we used.
Val: Which is also now a Sun on fifth density.
AC: Yes.
Val: So, we brought our own potential Black Hole along with u
AC: Our own escape hatch. Richard Hoagland is on to the hyperdimensional bizarreness of Jupiter, but he will never figure it out, because he doesn't think along the lines of Spirit, really.
AC: Well, he has set it up, so that he has an academic position to defend. The credibility gap. I guess everybody has their niche. Yes. We're going to go through some stuff, and I don't know how its exactly going to play out, but they have said on more, than one occasion, that they are very proud of us in the End, as a Race.
Val: The End. Of the third density Experiment?
AC: Yes.excollier.html
Val: Which will be in linear terms?
AC: They told me, that it would be on December 3, 2013 (unfortunately it didn't happen! LM).
Val: Tell me more about your understanding of dimensions.
AC: ...Fifth density (Level of Consciousness, LM) has a frequency scale of 214 colors, as opposed to the 73 color frequency spectrum we have here in third density..."
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Все черные дыры сливаются по одному сценарию

Анализ данных, собранных LIGO во время обнаружения первых трех слияний черных дыр, показывает, что все объекты такого рода возникают и сливаются по единому сценарию в системах из двух сверхкрупных звезд. "Детектор LIGO дал жизнь своеобразной космической палеонтологии. Палеонтологи никогда в жизни не видели живого динозавра, но они могут понять, как он выглядел и как он жил по его останкам. Аналогичным образом, мы можем проанализировать данные по слияниям черных дыр и использовать их для того, чтобы выяснить, как их звезды-прародительницы  выглядели и взаимодействовали в ходе их коротких, но бурных жизней", — объясняет Илья Мандель из университета Бирмингема (Великобритания). В сентябре 2015 года, фактически сразу после включения обновленного LIGO, ученые обнаружили всплеск гравитационных волн, порожденных сливающимися черными дырами общей массой в 65 Солнц. Впоследствии, LIGO зафиксировал еще два всплеска гравитационных волн, только один из которых был официально признан научным сообществом. Данные, собранные в ходе этих всплесков, активно изучаются учеными сегодня по нескольким причинам, в том числе и потому, что они не ожидали "увидеть" слияния черных дыр так быстро и так часто – изначально создатели LIGO, как рассказывал РИА "Новости" Кип Торн (Kip Thorne), рассчитывали, что они увидят столкновения пульсаров. Как объясняет Мандель, слияния черных дыр должны происходить при очень специфических условиях — к примеру, расстояние между ними не должно превышать 20% от дистанции, отделяющей Землю от Солнца. Учитывая высокие массы черных дыр, обнаруженных LIGO, исполнение подобного условия является крайне сложной, если не невозможной задачей, что породило очередную серию споров среди ученых после публикации результатов наблдений на LIGO. Мандель и его коллеги попытались просчитать условия, в которых родились черные дыры, породившие все три всплеска гравитационных волн, зафиксированных LIGO — GW150914, GW151226 и LVT151012. Ученых в первую очередь интересовало то, сформировались ли они в похожих условиях и по похожим сценариям, что упрощало бы просчет того, как много черных дыр сливается каждый год в обозримой Вселенной. Как показали расчеты ученых, основанные на данных с LIGO, все три пары черных дыр родились в абсолютно идентичных условиях – в тесных парах из очень крупных и короткоживущих звезд, в недрах которых почти не содержалось астрономических "металлов" – элементов тяжелее водорода и гелия. Эти звезды были расположены друг к другу так близко, что на определенном этапе развития их начала окружать общая газовая оболочка, что делало такие пары почти неотличимыми от одного крупного светила для внешнего наблюдателя. Их масса, по расчетам ученых, составляла от 80 до 160 Солнц и они вращались друг вокруг друга по очень тесной орбите, совершая один виток примерно за 500 дней. На определенном этапе их жизни эта оболочка становилась нестабильной, и звезды сбрасывали ее, теряя при этом энергию, что заставляло их сблизиться еще больше, на расстояние, необходимое для слияния после их превращения в черные дыры.  Отсутствие "металлов" в данном сценарии, как рассказывают ученые, необходимо для того, чтобы одна звезда могла "перетянуть" на себя материю соседки, быстро превратиться в черную дыру и оставить меньше "стройматериалов" для формирования второй, менее крупной сингулярности.По словам астрономов, в крупных шаровых скоплениях звезд в нашей Галактике и за ее пределами содержится достаточно много таких пар светил, и частота их формирования будет достаточной для того, чтобы объяснить то, почему LIGO зафиксировал сразу три таких события за неполный год работы. Первые данные, которые LIGO получит после перезапуска в декабре прошлого года, помогут выяснить, так это или нет, заключают Мандель и его коллеги.

NASA: The End Of Mankind "Leaked Document". Jun 26, 2013

MUSE Reveals True Story Behind Galactic Crash -  10 November 2014
The new MUSE instrument on ESO’s Very Large Telescope (VLT) has provided researchers with the best view yet of a spectacular cosmic crash. The new observations reveal for the first time the motion of gas as it is ripped out of the galaxy ESO 137-001 as it ploughs at high speed into a vast galaxy cluster. The results are the key to the solution of a long-standing mystery — why star formation switches off in galaxy clusters...Observing ESO 137-001 — a spiral galaxy 200 million light-years away in the southern constellation of Triangulum Australe (The Southern Triangle) — they were able to get the best view so far of exactly what is happening to the galaxy as it hurtles into the Norma Cluster.
ESO 137-001 is being robbed of its raw materials by a process called ram-pressure stripping, which happens when an object moves at high speed through a liquid or gas. This is similar to how air blows a dog’s hair back when it sticks its head out of the window of a moving car. In this case the gas is part of the vast cloud of very thin hot gas that is enveloping the galaxy cluster into which ESO 137-001 is falling at several million kilometres per hour...The galaxy is being stripped of most of its gas — the fuel needed to make the next generations of young blue stars. ESO 137-001 is in the midst of this galactic makeover, and is being transformed from a blue gas-rich galaxy to a gas-poor red one.

Что-то неизвестное в буквальном смысле высасывает жизнь из галактик - 2 videos
19 Jan 2017
Астрономы в настоящий момент наблюдают за очень странным и одновременно пугающим феноменом. По всей Вселенной то и дело что-то в буквальном смысле высасывает жизнь из разбросанных по всему космосу галактик. И хотя основной виновник этого преступления пока не обнаружен, исследователи из Международного центра радиоастрономических исследований (ICRAR), расположенного в Австралии, всеми силами пытаются раскрыть это загадочное дело и восстановить справедливость. После изучения более 11 000 галактик с помощью телескопов проекта Слоановского цифрового небесного обзора, а также проекта Legacy Fast ALFA обсерватории Аресибо команда ученых пришла к выводу, что с этим делом может быть связан процесс так называемого «приливного обдирания», который заставляет газ галактик их покидать. И все указывает на то, что этот процесс может встречаться в космосе гораздо чаще, чем предполагалось ранее. По сути, это быстрая смерть, потому что без газа галактики не способны производить новые звезды. Результаты исследования научной группы из Австралии были опубликованы в журнале «Ежемесячные заметки королевского астрономического общества». Графическое представление процесса приливного обдирания можно посмотреть ниже на видео.
Так кто же основной подозреваемый в этом преступлении? Вероятнее всего, по мнению исследователей, это не кто иной, как темная материя – загадочная, невидимая субстанция, на которую, по мнению современной астрономии, приходится не менее 27 процентов всей массы во Вселенной. А теперь еще может выясниться, что темная материя является настоящим преступником межгалактических масштабов.
«В рамках жизненного цикла галактик через них могут проходить разного размера ореолы из темной материи, которые по своей массе варьируются от массы нашего Млечного Пути до ореолов с массой в тысячу раз больше», — комментирует Тоби Браун, глава исследования и кандидат на докторскую степень из Международного центра радиоастрономических исследований.
«Так как галактика практически проходит сквозь эти огромные ореолы, сверхнагретая межгалактическая плазма, расположенная между ними, начинает высасывать за собой газ в результате процесса приливного обдирания». Исследователи не только предполагают, что приливное обдирание является более частым, чем считалось, явлением, они также считают, что этот процесс может происходить внутри малых и больших галактических групп, как показано на видео ниже. «Наши наблюдения показывают, что аналогичный процесс может происходить и в очень компактных галактических группах, в которых находятся всего несколько галактик, обладающих гораздо менее концентрированным запасом темной материи. Большинство галактик во Вселенной как раз находятся в таких малых группах, где количество галактик может составлять всего от двух и до одной сотни». В общем, эта сказка без счастливого конца. В более серьезных случаях галактики вообще высасываются досуха. Однако никто и не говорил, что наша Вселенная — это исключительно жизнерадостное место, где происходят только положительные космологические события.

Черные дыры пожирают звезды гораздо чаще, чем мы думали

Сверхмассивные черные дыры — огромная (во всех смыслах) загадка для ученых: откуда эти космические обжоры берут такую огромную массу, пока не знает никто. Однако команда астрономов из Великобритании, кажется, наткнулась на разгадку, причем сделала это совершенно случайно. У большинства галактик во Вселенной есть как минимум одно общее свойство: сверхмассивные черные дыры, которые, как правило, располагаются в центре галактики и пожирают все, что пролетает в пределах диапазона их горизонта событий. Однако ученые до сих пор знают очень мало о происхождении этих «пылесосов» и о том, как же они достигают состояния сверхмассивности. Джеймс Маннели и его коллеги из Шеффилдского университета наткнулись на решение этой головоломки совершенно случайно. В исследовании, опубликованном на днях в журнале Nature Astronomy, они продемонстрировали доказательства того, что черные дыры могут рвать на части и поглощать целые звезды, причем гораздо чаще, чем считалось ранее. «Результаты, как большинство научных открытий, получились совершенно случайно. Изначально мы просто хотели посмотреть на то, что происходит при столкновении галактик», говорит Джеймс. В 2015 году, когда его команда вела наблюдение за 15 галактиками, ученые заметили, что с 2005 года одна из них совершенно не изменилась. Они обнаружили сильную вспышку света, отпечаток так называемого Tidal Disruption Events, или TDE. Это явление происходит, когда звезда слишком близко отклоняется к черной дыре, и так начинает всасывать звездное вещество в себя. Для звезды это означает гибель, а для черной дыры — сытный обед. TDE по своей природе не является чем-то удивительным, но обнаружить его в подборке из всего лишь 15 галактик было весьма странно. «До сих пор, подобные события удавалось вычислить путем анализа тысяч, а то и десятков тысяч галактик», поясняет Манелли. Так что же это, невероятное везение? Астроном утверждает, что, согласно его расчетам, случайно посчитанная вероятность такого явление составляет порядка 1 к 100. Более того, на их стороне сыграл фактор столкновения галактик, при котором, как считает команда, TDE наблюдается гораздо чаще. Конечно, эта гипотеза еще нуждается в уточнении и многочисленных проверках, однако, если она верна, то у астрономов появится шанс подробнейшим образом изучить редчайшее явление на многочисленных примерах и таким образом приблизиться к пониманию того, как живет и взаимодействует с галактикой черная дыра. Быть может, именно звезды, часто пожираемые черными дырами, и становятся причиной того, что те приобретают колоссальную массу.

Пылевые ловушки оказались условием формирования планет

Международная группа ученых пришла к выводу, что сгустки космической пыли формируют планетезимали благодаря аэродинамическому сопротивлению и пылевым ловушкам. Известно, что планетные системы образуются из газопылевого диска вокруг звезды. Хаотически двигаясь в протопланетном диске, частицы пыли сталкиваются и формируют сперва сантиметровые сгустки, а затем — планетезимали. Однако то, как сгустки космической пыли превращаются в небесные тела, сопоставимые по размерам с астероидами, изучено недостаточно. Предполагается, что для превращения сгустков пыли в планетезимали первым необходимо преодолеть два ограничения. Первое заключается в том, что из-за баланса гравитации, давления и центробежной силы скорость движения газа вокруг звезды ниже, чем свободных тел. Относительно крупные частицы (больше нескольких миллиметров), опережая газ, теряют скорость при столкновении с встречным потоком и опускаются к звезде, где разрушаются. Второе ограничение связано с возрастающей вероятностью столкновения крупных частиц друг с другом, что должно нарушать процесс накопления массы. Единственной областью, где оба эти ограничения могут быть сняты, являются пылевые ловушки — участки высокого давления, которые замедляют движение пылинок. Ранее считалось, что пылевые ловушки могут возникать в крайне специфических условиях, однако ученые из Университета Лион I имени Клода Бернара и других учреждений показали, что это не так. В новой работе авторы провели компьютерную симуляцию механизма взаимодействия космической пыли с газом в протопланетном диске. Согласно анализу, обычно перемещением частиц управляли потоки газа, но в моделях с большей концентрации пыли скопление частиц изменяло структуру газа. Таким образом, происходило обратное аэродинамическое сопротивление, которое часто не учитывается исследователями при рассмотрении процессов формирования сгустков пыли. По словам ученых, обратное аэродинамическое сопротивление замедляет движение пыли к звезде, что позволяет ей накопить массу. После определенного порога массы газ перестает управлять движением частиц и выталкивается в отдаленные области диска, образуя пылевые ловушки. Частицы из внешних областей диска накапливаются в пылевых ловушках и со временем формируют планетезимали.

ESO 137-001 - Mar 4, 2014 - This video zooms in on spiral galaxy ESO 137-001, which is undergoing ram pressure stripping. The sequence begins with a view of the night sky near the constellation of Triangulum Australe (The Southern Triangle). It then zooms through observations from the Digitized Sky Survey 2, and ends with a view of the galaxy obtained by Hubble. This delicate and beautiful spiral galaxy is undergoing ram pressure stripping, where streaks of bright gas are being dragged out into space by the cluster it is moving through. The artist's illustration shows spiral galaxy ESO 137-001 in 3D. The last image begins with a Hubble-only view of spiral galaxy ESO 137-001. It then fades to show the image with Chandra observations overlaid. This image combines NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope observations with data from the Chandra X-ray Observatory. As well as the electric blue ram pressure stripping streaks seen emanating from ESO 137-001, a giant gas stream can be seen extending towards the bottom of the frame, only visible in the X-ray part of the spectrum.

Animation of Ram Pressure Stripping ESO 137 001 (galaxy) - Mar 5, 2014. This artist's illustration shows a spiral galaxy as it moves through a massive cluster of galaxies. The galaxy is undergoing a process known as ram pressure stripping, where streaks of bright gas are being dragged out into space by the cluster it is passing through.

Beautiful galaxy stripping images from Hubble - This Is Real Genius. Mar 5, 2014. The Hubble Space Telescope has taken images of a process called ram pressure stripping going on in the Norma cluster - about 200 million light years from the Milky Way. It's happening as the spiral galaxy ESO 137-001 passes through an area of superheated gas, stripping away gas from it's own formation. And it looks absolutely amazingly beautiful!

NASA's Hubble Finds Life is Too Fast, Too Furious for This Runaway Galaxy. Mar 4, 2014.

Астрономы увидели двойной космический удар
Впервые в одной космической области ученые смогли наблюдать мощнейшее двойное столкновение. Объединив данные рентгеновской обсерватории Чандра (NASA) и гигантского телескопа GMRT, который расположен в Индии, ученые выяснили, что происходит при столкновении двух гигантских галактик. «Мы видели каждое из этих захватывающих явлений отдельно во многих местах» - сказал Рейнут ван Вирен из Гарварда-Смитсоновского института Астрофизики (CfA) в Кембридже (Массачусетс, США), - «Однако впервые мы заметили это в одно в той же самой системе». Массивное столкновение галактик было обнаружено в галактических кластерах известных под названиями Abell 3411 и Abell 3412, которые находятся приблизительно в двух миллиардах световых лет от Земли. Обе эти галактические группы являются очень крупными – приблизительно квадриллион солнечных масс. При столкновении галактики из этих кластеров одна из центральных сверхмассивных черных дыр произвела мощное вращение, создав при этом гигантский ускоритель частиц. Сильные электромагнитные поля, связанные с этой структурой, ускорили часть вливающегося газа вдали от черной дыры. Это процесс выглядел как высокоскоростной и высокоэнергетический джет исходящий из центра одной из сталкивающихся галактик.
Затем эти ускоренные частицы в джете были ускорены снова, когда они столкнулись с колоссальными ударными волнами. Так в одной космической области ученые впервые наблюдали мощный двойной удар.

NASA Observes Galaxy Being Torn Apart by Ram Pressure Stripping [Video]

SlowGalaxyDeath2017.jpg  SlowGalaxyDeathByDissolving.jpg
At almost 4.5 million miles per hour, spiral galaxy ESO 137-001 is hurtling through other galaxies in the Norma cluster. The intergalactic gas in the cluster is a scorching 180 million degrees Fahrenheit. Caught by Hubble’s Wide Field Camera 3 (WFC3), the images come from 200 million light-years away. Observed by NASA, the spiral galaxy is being torn apart by a process known as ram pressure stripping. Ram pressure stripping is a drag force that results from objects moving through fluid. Though it does not seem apparent that a galaxy would be plowing through anything, let alone a fluid, in this case the fluid is actually the superheated intergalactic gas. The forces exerted and the resultant drag is stripping galaxy ESO 137-001 of much of its gases. The galaxy itself remains intact due to the binding forces of the stars’ gravity. Astronomers are gaining a better view of how galaxies evolve through observation of this ram pressure stripping. In the case of galaxy ESO 137-001, much of the cold gases essential for star formation are currently being stripped away. This will leave the spiral galaxy effectively unable to form new stars. While galaxy ESO 137-001 itself will be unable to spawn new stars, the streaks it is leaving behind are a hotbed of young stars. The spiral galaxy is part of the Norma Cluster which is a cluster of galaxies in the center of a massive region of space known as the Great Attractor. The Great Attractor, located 200 million light-years from the Milky Way, has a strong gravitational pull which is slowly hauling both our galaxy and others towards itself. While in cosmic standards the Norma Cluster is nearby, it took a good deal of technology to be able to view it. The cluster is obscured by a smog of cosmic dust because it lies near the plane of the Milky Way. Using the Hubble WFC3, NASA was able to observe inside the Norma Cluster and document how a galaxy can be torn apart by ram pressure stripping. This is not the first time that NASA and the Hubble Space Telescope have captured images of ram pressure stripping in galaxies. Two galaxies from the Virgo Cluster were imaged back in 2007 with the Advanced Camera for Surveys (ACS) prior to Hubble’s power failure. The galaxies are known as NGC 4522 and NGC 4402. Much like the newly observed ESO 137-001, galaxy NGC 4522 is also a spiral galaxy. NGC 4522 is located about 60 million light-years away. Mission 4, undertaken by astronauts in May 2009, was able to restore ACS so the captured images could be retrieved. Astronomers, scientists, and NASA continue to study and observe the images and data of the galaxies being torn apart by ram pressure stripping in the hopes of better understanding how a galaxy is formed.  The new data and images from Hubble’s WFC3 will build upon the information previously obtained. A great deal can be told about the environments present in the heart of galaxy clusters, the formation of new stars, and the fate of galaxies like NGC 4522, NGC 4402, and now, ESO 137-001.

Fast And Furious 200,000,000: Ram Pressure Stripping In Spiral Galaxy ESO 137-001
5 March 2014
In a new Hubble telescope image, spiral galaxy ESO 137-001 is zooming toward the upper right, in between other galaxies in the Norma cluster located over 200 million light-years away. The road is perilous: intergalactic gas in the Norma cluster is sparse, but so hot at 180 million degrees Fahrenheit that it glows in X-rays. The spiral plows through the seething intra-cluster gas so rapidly, at nearly 4.5 million miles per hour, that much of its own gas is caught and torn away. Astronomers call this "ram pressure stripping." The galaxy's stars remain intact due to the binding force of their gravity. Tattered threads of gas, the blue jellyfish-tendrils trailing ESO 137-001 in the image, illustrate the process. Ram pressure has strung this gas away from its home in the spiral galaxy and out over intergalactic space. Once there, these strips of gas have erupted with young, massive stars, which are pumping out light in vivid blues and ultraviolet. The image, obtained through Hubble's Wide Field Camera 3, is also decorated with hundreds of stars from within our own Milky Way galaxy. Though not connected in the slightest to ESO 137-001, these stars and the two reddish elliptical galaxies contribute to a vibrant celestial vista. The brown, smoky region near the center of the spiral is being pushed in a similar manner, although in this case it is small dust particles, and not gas, that are being dragged backwards by the intra-cluster medium. From a star-forming perspective, ESO 137-001 really is spreading its seeds into space like a dandelion in the wind. The stripped gas is now forming stars. However, the galaxy, drained of its own star-forming fuel, will have trouble making stars in the future. Through studying this runaway spiral, and other galaxies like it, astronomers hope to gain a better understanding of how galaxies form stars and evolve over time.

Video - Spinning supermassive black hole rips a star apart (artist’s impression)

Обнаружена таинствено тускнеющая двойная звезда

Список загадочных звезд, тускнеющих по необъяснимой причине, пополнило светило FO в созвездии Водолея. Оба компонента этой двойной звезды потускнели в семь раз за последние годы.
"Когда эта звезда "вышла" из-за Солнца и мы смогли возобновить наблюдения, мы были шокированы тем, что она была в семь раз тусклее, чем в прошлые эпохи наблюдений. Угасание звезды является признаком того, что белый карлик перестал воровать материю у своей соседки, и почему это произошло, непонятно. И хотя FO Водолея начала повторно набирать яркость, этот процесс занял слишком много времени", — объясняет Колин Литтлфилд (Colin Littlefield) из университета Нотр-Дама (США).

Hubble обнаружил галактику с двойным ядром

Космический телескоп Hubble наблюдал уникальную галактику-мазер IRAS 16399-0937 – ее ядро состоит из двух отдельных сливающихся ядер. Некоторые космические объекты могут служить источниками когерентного излучения в радиодиапазоне – «микроволновыми лазерами», или просто мазерами. Обычно это достаточно плотные молекулярные облака, однако телескопу Hubble удалось наблюдать галактику, которая служит единым колоссальным «мегамазером». Благодаря новым наблюдениям Hubble астрономы впервые получили настолько детальную картину IRAS 16399-0937 и сразу же отметили, что необычная галактика имеет еще более необычное «сдвоенное» ядро, состоящее из пары отдельных ядер, находящихся в процессе слияния. Одно (IRAS 16399N) на иллюстрации вверху, второе (IRAS 16399S) – внизу, они окружены общим облаком вещества и совершенно непохожи друг на друга. В «южном» ядре (IRAS 16399S) происходит активное звездообразование, причем исключительно интенсивное. При этом в «северном» ядре (IRAS 16399N) все совершенно иначе: оно относится к типу LINER, слабо излучающее и содержащее в центре сверхмассивную черную дыру, масса которой оценивается в 100 млн масс Солнца.

Бетельгейзе поглотила соседнюю звезду
Одна из самых больших звезд на небе, сверхгигант Бетельгейзе, отличается бешеной скоростью вращения. По мнению ученых, это может указывать на совершенное менее 100 тыс. лет назад поглощение звезды-соседки. Бетельгейзе – красный сверхгигант на правом (для наблюдателя – левом) плече Ориона. Это одна из самых крупных звезд, известных астрономам: по разным оценкам, диаметр ее может быть сравним с орбитой Марса, а возможно, и Юпитера. Бетельгейзе исключительно «рыхлый», он всего в 13–17 раз тяжелее Солнца, так что яркость его падает к краям довольно плавно, затрудняя точную оценку размеров. При этом они постоянно уменьшаются: за последние пару десятилетий диаметр Бетельгейзе сократился почти на 20 процентов. Надежного объяснения этому явлению пока нет, хотя считается, что рано или поздно оно закончится взрывом сверхновой. Произойти это может и завтра, и через тысячу лет – и станет грандиозным (и вполне безопасным) астрономическим событием. Ну а в ожидании этого шоу астрономы продолжают изучать необычного гиганта. Новые результаты, полученные командой астронома Техасского университета Крэга Уилера (Craig Wheeler), готовятся к публикации в новом номере журнала Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, однако уже доступны на сервисе препринтов ArXiv. С помощью компьютерного моделирования ученые уточнили вращение Бетельгейзе, обнаружив, что и здесь он ведет себя не как обычный сверхгигант. Как правило, увеличиваясь в диаметре, такие звезды замедляют вращение (как фигурист, раздвигая руки). Бетельгейзе же совершает обороты вокруг своей оси раз в 150 быстрее, чем должен – внешние слои звезды движутся на впечатляющей скорости в 15 км/с. Работа Уилера и его коллег принесла новую загадку Бетельгейзе, ведь объяснения ее ускоренному вращению тоже нет. Ученые предполагают, что причиной могла послужить звезда-соседка, размерами примерно с Солнце. Некогда она находилась поблизости от Бетельгейзе, но была поглощена ею в процессе роста и вместе со своим веществом передала сверхгиганту и свой импульс. Если это так, то это поглощение должно было сопровождаться выбросом части вещества. Расчеты позволили примерно оценить скорость и время этого выброса – и рассчитать, где это вещество может находиться сейчас. И действительно: Уилер с соавторами обнаружили, что подходящее под эти параметры облако наблюдается на снимках Бетельгейзе, сделанных в 2012 г.

Астрономы изучают звезду, поглощающую планеты

Международная команда астрономов, включающая исследователей из Чикагского университета, США, сделала редкое открытие планетной системы, родительская звезда которой похожа на Солнце. Особенно интригующим оказался необычный состав звезды, который указывает на то, что она поглощает некоторые из своих планет. Исследователи во главе с Хорхе Менделесом (Jorge Melendez) изучали звезду HIP68468, которая находится на расстоянии 300 световых лет от нас. При помощи 3,6-метрового телескопа, установленного в обсерватории Ла-Силья, Чили, эти ученые открыли свою первую экзопланету в 2015 г. Более новое открытие, совершенное командой, еще ждет подтверждения, однако речь в нем идет о двух планетах-кандидатах – супернептуне и суперземле. Орбиты этих планет лежат удивительно близко к родительской звезде, при этом одна из планет на 50 процентов массивнее Нептуна и находится от родительской звезды на таком же расстоянии как Венера от Солнца. Другая из этих планет, ставшая первой суперземлей, обнаруженной на орбите вокруг звезды, подобной Солнцу, имеет массу порядка трех масс Земли и находится настолько близко к звезде, что совершает один оборот по орбите вокруг нее всего лишь за трое суток. «Эти две планеты, скорее всего, мигрировали внутрь из внешней части планетной системы, в то время как внутренние планеты системы были вытолкнуты из неё или поглощены звездой», пишут авторы в своей работе.

Астрономы наблюдают процесс формирования сразу нескольких планет в одной системе

Впервые группа астрономов из Университета Райса обнаружила одновременно сразу три пространственных газовых кольца, окружающих молодую звезду HD 163296, находящуюся почти в 400 световых годах от нас. Сами кольца представляют собой свободное пространство внутри протопланетного диска, разделенное частицами космической пыли. Их наличие указывает на то, что начался процесс формирования планет. Правда, несмотря на то что два внешних кольца явно указывают на формирование новых планет, третье, внутреннее кольцо, остается пока загадкой для ученых. В отличие от двух внешних, во внутреннем кольце наблюдается существенно повышенная концентрация трех изотопов моноксида углерода, что может говорить о том, что на самом деле планеты там нет. Однако что именно делает это кольцо более разряженным – пока остается неясным. «Мы пока не понимаем, что создает это внутреннее, свободное от частиц пыли пространство. Что бы ни создавало эту структуру, оно притягивает к себе частицы пыли, но там по-прежнему остается очень много газа», — говорит астроном Андреа Изелла. «В процентном соотношении материал, формирующий диск, разделен следующим образом: 1 процент приходится на космическую пыль, остальные 99 – это газ», — продолжает Изелла. «Поэтому если вы видите пыль, то наверняка сложно определить – является ли кольцо следствием образования планеты. Вам нужно видеть, что происходит с газом. И в этом исследовании мы впервые смогли понаблюдать и за газом, и за пылью». Так что же вызывает образование пустоты, если не планета? Несмотря на то, что существует несколько теорий, которые могут ответить на этот вопрос, исследователи решили получить доступ к Атакамской большой [антенной] решётке миллиметрового диапазона (ALMA) в Чили, чтобы продолжить свое наблюдение, результаты которого были недавно опубликованы в журнале Physical Review Letters. К счастью, обсерватория ALMA тоже выразила большой интерес в изучении протопланетных систем. Ведь новые знания помогут лучше разобраться в том, как формируются планеты, подобные нашей Земле. «Это означает, что наша тема рассматривается астрономическим сообществом как одна из самых приоритетных», — говорит Изелла. Следующим шагом для ученых будет изучение химического состава диска и колец, а также сравнение данных этого анализа с данными исследований 20 других звезд для сравнения. Результаты этой работы ученые планируют предоставить к сентябрю следующего года. Инструменты, подобные ALMA или, например, готовящемуся к запуску современному космическому телескопу имени Джеймса Уэбба, помогут нам лучше понять нашу Вселенную. Понимание того, как она появилась и сформировалась, – именно это является ключевой задачей нынешней астрономии.

Астрономы обнаружили новый тип кольцеобразных галактик

В 359 млн световых лет от Солнца астрономы обнаружили галактику нового типа, который не встречали ранее. Галактика PGC 1000714 является редким примером кольцеобразной галактики – типа галактик, в которых внешнее кольцо молодых звезд окружает более древнее ядро. Однако при детальном изучении PGC 1000714 оказалось, что центр галактики лежит в центре не одного, а двух концентрических звездных колец – такой тип галактики ученые видят впервые. Среди наиболее распространенных типов галактик – спиральные, к которым относится Млечный путь и эллиптические. Первой открытой кольцеообразной галактикой стал так называемый объект Хога в созвездии Змеи. "Кольцообразные галактики типа объекта Хога с одним кольцом сами по себе очень редки, а обнаружение галактики с двумя очень ровными кольцами – вообще уникальный случай", - пояснил соавтор работы Патрик Трюзардт из Музея естественных наук Северной Каролины.

Найден гигантский "Межгалактический адронный коллайдер"
На расстоянии двух миллиардов световых лет от нас два галактических кластера сливаются в межгалактическом коллапсе. По крайней мере одна из находящихся здесь сверхмассивных черных дыр создает мощнейший электромагнитный тоннель.  Этот тоннель разгоняет находящийся здесь газ до невероятных скоростей, фактически превращаясь в межгалактический аналог адронного коллайдера — ускоритель частиц, «выплевывающий» одно из самых высокозаряженных излучений во Вселенной. На изображении выше показана пара различных процессов, происходящих одновременно и как результат создающих «межгалактическую базуку». Синим цветом показано рентгеновское излучение, создаваемое сталкивающимися галактическими кластерами (одними из самых больших космических структур во Вселенной) и снятое орбитальной космической рентгеновской обсерваторией NASA «Чандра». Каждый такой кластер в квадриллион раз тяжелее нашего Солнца. Более тусклое синее свечение показывает, что газ заполняет каждый из этих двух кластеров. В одном из них в результате столкновения создаются ударные волны, которые воздействуют на частицы, находящиеся в другом кластере, заставляя их двигаться со скоростью света. Красным отмечено излучение радиоволн, которые уловил GMRT в Индии — крупнейший в мире радиотелескоп, работающий в метровом диапазоне. Это излучение создается черными дырами (указаны яркими розовыми пузырями), находящимися в центрах галактик. Самое интересное происходит, когда черные дыры и горячий газ начинают взаимодействовать. Астрономы уже знают, что сверхмассивные черные дыры могут ускорять частицы внутри облаков газа, которые их окружают. Однако когда эти ускоренные частицы встречаются с ударной волной, им придается дополнительное ускорение. Снимком этого процесса ученые поделились на 229 встрече Американского астрономического сообщества, проходившей недавно в Техасе, а затем опубликовали свои наблюдения в журнале Nature Astronomy.
«Это первый раз, когда мы стали свидетелями такого двойного ускорения. Сперва с помощью сверхмассивной черной дыры, а затем еще и ударной волной», — комментирует Рейнуа ван Виирен, астрофизик Гарвардского университета и главный автор исследования. Наличие такого гигантского межгалактического ускорителя частиц может означать, что в космосе могут создаваться и ранее невиданные частицы. Создаваться примерно таким же образом, как их, с использованием физики высоких энергий и крупнейшего на Земле ускорителя элементарных частиц (Большого адронного коллайдера), создают сами ученые. БАК, например, сейчас используется для наблюдения за бозоном Хиггса. «Потенциально подобные космические ускорители могут достигать энергий гораздо более высокого порядка, по сравнению с нашим БАКом. Возможно, даже в миллионы раз большего», — продолжает ван Виирен. У ученых нет (и, возможно, никогда не будет) инструментов для наблюдения за тонкой спецификой того, что может происходить в космосе на расстоянии 2 миллиардов световых лет, однако ван Виирен убежден и очень рад тому, какие исследования таких вот гигантских ускорителей частиц астрономам уже скоро позволят проводить новые технологии. «Это реально круто. Так как мы пока не способны создавать такие уровни энергии на Земле. Возможно, в будущем мы сможем научиться ускорять частицы еще быстрее, чем это делает нынешний БАК, но не сейчас», — подытожил ван Виирен.

Млечный путь ворует звезды у соседних галактик
Новое исследование Гарвард-Смитсоновского центра астрофизики указывает на то, что некоторые из 11 самых дальних от нас звезд, расположенных в нашей галактике, вероятнее всего, были украдены из соседней карликовой галактики Стрельца. Это вторая ближайшая к нашему Млечному Пути галактика, что делает ее идеальной жертвой для совершения космического преступления, заявляют ученые. Аспирантка Марион Дирикс и ее наставник, знаменитый гарвардский теоретик и астрофизик Абрахам Лоэб, исследовали этот вопрос через компьютерные симуляционные модели, с учетом внесенных в них характеристик движения (скорости, направления и некоторых других) карликовой галактики Стрельца за последние более 8 миллиардов лет. Исследователи обнаружили, что галактика Стрельца фактически является спутником нашей галактики Млечный Путь. И пока она кружила вокруг нашей галактики, та своим гравитационным доминированием успела выкрасть 5 ее звезд. При этом 6 остальных самых удаленных в нашей галактике звезд, вероятнее всего, были украдены у другой соседней карликовой галактики. Время в компьютерных моделях Дирикса совсем не пощадило галактику Стрельца. В конечном итоге она потеряла почти одну треть своих звезд, а также почти 90 процентов своей темной материи, которые бессердечно были украдены Млечным Путем. Дирикс и Лоэб надеются, что проект Слоуновского цифрового небесного обзора в обсерватории Апачи-Пойнт в штате Нью-Мексико, а также Большой синоптический обзорный телескоп (LSST), строительство которого скоро завершится на горе Серо-Пачон в Чили, помогут найти больше украденных Млечным Путем звезд.

Странные пульсации 234 звезд могут быть сигналами пришельцев    29 Nov 2016
Канадские ученые обнаружили странные колебания в свечении более двух сотен звезд, которые совпадают по параметрам с предсказанными ранее "сигналами инопланетян", которые бы максимально привлекли внимание человечества, говорится в статье, опубликованной в журнале Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific. Более полувека назад американский астроном Фрэнк Дрейк разработал формулу для вычисления количества цивилизаций в галактике, с которыми возможен контакт, пытаясь оценить шансы на обнаружение внеземного разума и жизни. Физик Энрико Ферми в ответ на достаточно высокую оценку шансов межпланетного контакта по формуле Дрейка сформулировал тезис, который сейчас известен как парадокс Ферми: если инопланетных цивилизаций так много, то почему человечество не наблюдает никаких их следов? Этот парадокс ученые пытались решить множеством способов, самым популярным из которых является гипотеза "уникальной Земли", говорящая о том, что для зарождения жизни и появления разумных существ необходимы уникальные условия, по сути, повторяющие перипетии эволюции нашей планеты.

"Межгалактическая война" в Большом Магеллановом Облаке
В ходе нового исследования международная команда учёных описала "межгалактическую войну" в Большом Магеллановом Облаке, в результате которой родились новые звёзды. По мнению астрономов, замеченные ими "новорождённые" образовались при "соучастии" Малого Магелланова Облака. Несмотря на относительную близость (160 тысяч световых лет) к Млечному Пути, его галактики-спутники Магеллановы Облака и процессы звёздообразования, которые в них происходят, до сих пор недостаточно хорошо изучены и привлекают внимание астрофизиков из разных стран. Поясним, что Магеллановы Облака вращаются не только вокруг Млечного Пути, но и перемещаются относительно друг друга. Сегодня расстояние между ними составляет примерно 75 тысяч световых лет, однако около 200 миллионов лет назад это расстояние было гораздо меньше и, по мнению специалистов, в какой-то момент состоялось так называемое "нецентральное столкновение". Не исключено даже, что Большое Магелланово Облако прошло настолько близко к своему "младшему брату", что частично задело его, оставив "осколки". Соавтор нового исследования Кристиан Мони Бидин (Christian Moni Bidin) из Католического университета Севера в Чили вместе с коллегами рассказали, чем закончилась "стычка": в результате неё на краю Большого Магелланова Облака образовалось шесть молодых звёзд, каждая из которых стала частью огромного кольца. Диаметр новообразования составляет 80 тысяч световых лет, а светила в нём имеют возраст порядка 10-50 миллионов лет. Одна из этих звёзд сегодня сияет между Магеллановыми Облаками, а остальные пять находятся в областях, где ранее астрономы замечали лишь "старожилов. Это удивительно, ведь ранее в этом регионе не было замечено никаких признаков недавнего формирования звёзд", — замечает Мони Бидин. Молодые звёзды на краю галактики перемещаются с той же скоростью, что и старые, что указывает на их принадлежность к единой системе, отмечают астрономы. Но, по их мнению, этот результат не полный: скорее всего, кольцо таит в себе больше молодых звёзд. "Мы изучили лишь верхушку айсберга: шесть звёзд – все горячие и яркие, поэтому их легко увидеть. Но там может быть ещё много тусклых звёзд", — заключает Мони Бидин. В свете таких предположений результаты нового исследования, препринт которого доступен по этой ссылке, являются лишь промежуточными. Астрофизики продолжат дальнейшее изучение Магеллановых Облаков, где, впрочем, рождение звёзд наблюдается не впервые.

Эхо черной дыры поставило под вопрос теорию относительности
В результатах наблюдений за гравитационными волнами на LIGO обнаружилось «эхо», которое может означать, что возле горизонта событий теория относительности не работает. Когда обсерватории LIGO зафиксировали гравитационне волны, рожденные слиянием черных дыр, научный мир воспринял это как подтверждение теории относительности Эйнштейна. Однако новый анализ данных LIGO при заставил ученых предположить, что во время слияния происходит нечто такое, что нарушает теорию относительности. Согласно теории относительности, на определенном расстоянии от центра черной дыры существует граница — горизонт событий, из-за которого ничто и никогда не может вырваться наружу — так велико внутри этой границы притяжение черной дыры. Альтернативные теории предполагают, что на горизонте событий может существовать ещё и некая «стена», скопление частиц высоких энергий. Существование «стены» предположили физики из Калифорнийского университета в 2012 году. Если такая «стена» существует, то она служит чуть менее стабильным барьером для частиц и электромагнитных волн, чем традиционный горизонт событий: некоторые частицы будут проходить сквозь нее вглубь черной дыры, а некоторые — отражаться, в зависимости от угла падения. При слиянии двух черных дыр в таком барьере будут «застревать», многократно отражаясь и давая «эхо», гравитационные волны. Предположение об этом вскоре после сообщение об успехе наблюдений на LIGO выдвинул португальский физик Витор Кардозо (Vítor Cardoso) из университета Лиссабона. Сейчас такое «эхо» обнаружилось в результатах наблюдений на LIGO. Существует вероятность, что «эхо» — всего лишь статистическая ошибка или посторонний шум. Единственный способ узнать наверняка — получить новые данные о новых гравитационных волнах, чем ученые и собираются сделать в ближайшее время: обновленный LIGO с повышенной чувствительностью детекторов вот-вот начнет новые наблюдения. Если «эхо» подтвердтся, это будет означать, что теория относительности перестает работать в некоторых экстремальных условиях, а именно на границах черных дыр.

Ученые: мы не можем найти инопланетян потому, что они вымерли (это - шутка! ЛМ)

Два канадских астронома, Эрмано Борра (Ermanno Borra) и Эрик Троттье (Eric Trottier) из университета Лаваля в Квебеке (Канада), полагают, что им удалось зафиксировать возможные сигналы инопланетных цивилизаций, обнаружив необычные пульсации в спектре сразу нескольких сотен звезд, похожих на наше Солнце по размерам, яркости и срокам жизни. Они пришли к такому выводу, проанализировав данные, собранные в ходе наблюдений почти за 2,5 миллионами светил в нашей Галактике, которые проводили составители Слоановского цифрового атласа неба при помощи автоматических телескопов. Борра и Троттье интересовали особые периодические пульсации в свечении звезд, которые, как недавно показали известные планетологи Дэвид Киппинг и Алекс Тичи, инопланетяне могут "добавлять" в свечение своей звезды для того, чтобы просигнализировать о своем присутствии. Их источником могут быть как мощные пучки лазерного света, направленные в сторону Земли или других звездных систем, или же какие-то объекты, загораживающие свет "инопланетной" звезды.
К большому удивлению астрономов, им удалось зафиксировать подобные сдвиги в яркости и свойствах спектра у более чем двух сотен звезд, расположенных как относительно близко к Земле, так и довольно далеко от нее. "Эти сигналы, обнаруженные нами, не просто похожи, а имеют именно такую форму, которая предсказывалась другими астрономами и нами в наших прошлых работах. То, что они присутствуют лишь в спектре крайне небольшого числа звезд, похожих по своим спектральным характеристикам на Солнце, так же указывает на их инопланетное происхождение", — заявляют ученые. Как признают сами Борра и Троттье, подобные заявления нуждаются в повторной проверке для того, чтобы их могло признать астрономическое общество планеты. Кроме того, многие астрономы, к примеру Сет Шостак, руководитель программы наблюдений в Институте поиска внеземных цивилизаций SETI, сомневаются в том, что сразу 234 инопланетных цивилизации могли бы использовать один и тот же метод для подачи сигналов о своем сущестововании.Астрономы выяснили, как инопланетяне могут прятать свои планеты от нас. По оценкам SETI, достоверность таких наблюдений по шкале Рио составляет 1 из 10 баллов. Тем не менее, Институт готовится провести наблюдения за этими звездами для того, чтобы опровергнуть заявления Борра и Троттье или доказать их правоту.

Ученые нашли еще одну суперземлю
Международная группа астрономов обнаружила суперземлю, которая обращается вокруг своей звезды – красного карлика Gliese 536 - на расстоянии 33 световых года от нас.   Масса Gliese 536, известной также под обозначением GJ 536 и HD 122303, в два раза меньше массы Солнца. Этот красный карлик представляет особый интерес для ученых, занимающихся поиском землеподобных планет, так как она имеет низкую активность и отличается медленным вращением вокруг оси (45 дней). Планета обращается вокруг звезды с периодом 8,7 дня, находясь от нее на расстоянии 0,067 а.е. По словам исследователей, каменистые планеты обычно не существуют поодиночке. Астрономы надеются обнаружить в будущем в этой системе и другие планеты. Как считают ученые, планета Gliese 536b находится слишком близко к звезде для того, чтобы ее можно было рассматривать как потенциально обитаемую. Согласно оценкам астрономов, планета имеет температуру поверхности 70-214 градусов Цельсия. В случае с Gliese 536, как полагают специалисты, потенциально обитаемые планеты должны иметь период обращения от 20 до 40 дней. Gliese 536b была обнаружена спектрографом HARPS на 3,6-метровом телескопе Обсерватории Ла-Силья ESO.

Древние галактики окружены световыми нимбами
Астрономы установили, что каждая древняя галактика во Вселенной окружена нимбом из рассеянного света. Открытие сделали Дэвид Собрал из университета Ланкастера и его коллега Йоррит Мэтти из Лейденского университета.

За Млечным Путем нашли огромное скопление галактик
Международная группа астрономов обнаружила ранее неизвестную большую концентрацию галактик в созвездии Парусов, которую окрестили сверхскоплением Вела. Гравитационное притяжение от этого массивного галактического скопления в нашей космической окрестности может оказывать существенное влияние на движение Местной группы галактик, включая Млечный Путь. Открытие также может помочь объяснить направление и амплитуду специфической скорости Местной группы по отношению к космическому микроволновому фону. Галактические сверхскопления являются самыми крупными и наиболее массивными структурами во Вселенной, охватывающими до 200 миллионов световых лет. До сих пор крупнейшим считалось сверхскопление Шепли (англ. Shapley Supercluster), расположенное на расстоянии около 650 миллионов световых лет от Земли и содержащее 25 массивных скоплений. Но недавно международная команда ученых обнаружила еще одно огромное сверхскопление немного дальше, в 800 миллионах световых лет от Земли, которое охватывает еще большую площадь пространства, чем Шепли. Сверхскопление Вела оставалось незамеченным из-за своего расположения за плоскостью Млечного Пути, где пыль и звезды заслоняют собой галактики, что приводит к образованию широкой затуманенной области. Результаты команды предполагают, что сверхскопление Вела может быть столь же массивным, как и Шепли. Это свидетельствует о том, что его влияние на локальные объемные потоки не менее велико. Открытие основано на спектроскопических наблюдениях нескольких мультиобъектов с тысячами частично скрытых галактик. Наблюдения в 2012 году с использованием реконструированного Большого южноафриканского телескопа (SALT) подтвердили, что в пределах области Вела присутствуют восемь новых скоплений. Последующие спектроскопические наблюдения с помощью Англо-австралийского телескопа (ААТ) показали огромный масштаб этой новой структуры Профессор Рене Краан-Кортевег из Кейптаунского университета, руководившая этим исследованием и изучавшая этот район более десяти лет, сказала, что не поверила своим глазам, когда вместе с коллегами проанализировала спектры нового обзора и увидела такую значительную и заметную структуру. Сначала ученые обнаружили два массивных кластера, а затем и более далекие массивные скопления в ближайшей окрестности. Эта космическая область была мало изучена, так как плотные звездные и пыльные слои мешают наблюдениям. Ученые надеются, что новый радиотелескоп MeerKATM поможет им узнать полный размер, массу и влияние сверхскопления Вела.

В Солнце врезалась неизвестная комета
Сегодня, 17.11.2016 спутники наблюдения за околосолнечным пространством, зафиксировали полет неизвестной кометы, которая врезалась в Солнце и сгорела.

"Межгалактическая война" в Большом Магеллановом Облаке

В ходе нового исследования международная команда учёных описала "межгалактическую войну" в Большом Магеллановом Облаке, в результате которой родились новые звёзды. По мнению астрономов, замеченные ими "новорождённые" образовались при "соучастии" Малого Магелланова Облака. Несмотря на относительную близость (160 тысяч световых лет) к Млечному Пути, его галактики-спутники Магеллановы Облака и процессы звёздообразования, которые в них происходят, до сих пор недостаточно хорошо изучены и привлекают внимание астрофизиков из разных стран. Поясним, что Магеллановы Облака вращаются не только вокруг Млечного Пути, но и перемещаются относительно друг друга. Сегодня расстояние между ними составляет примерно 75 тысяч световых лет, однако около 200 миллионов лет назад это расстояние было гораздо меньше и, по мнению специалистов, в какой-то момент состоялось так называемое "нецентральное столкновение". Не исключено даже, что Большое Магелланово Облако прошло настолько близко к своему "младшему брату", что частично задело его, оставив "осколки".
Соавтор нового исследования Кристиан Мони Бидин (Christian Moni Bidin) из Католического университета Севера в Чили вместе с коллегами рассказали, чем закончилась "стычка": в результате неё на краю Большого Магелланова Облака образовалось шесть молодых звёзд, каждая из которых стала частью огромного кольца. Диаметр новообразования составляет 80 тысяч световых лет, а светила в нём имеют возраст порядка 10-50 миллионов лет. Одна из этих звёзд сегодня сияет между Магеллановыми Облаками, а остальные пять находятся в областях, где ранее астрономы замечали лишь "старожилов". "Это удивительно, ведь ранее в этом регионе не было замечено никаких признаков недавнего формирования звёзд", — замечает Мони Бидин.
Молодые звёзды на краю галактики перемещаются с той же скоростью, что и старые, что указывает на их принадлежность к единой системе, отмечают астрономы. Но, по их мнению, этот результат не полный: скорее всего, кольцо таит в себе больше молодых звёзд. "Мы изучили лишь верхушку айсберга: шесть звёзд – все горячие и яркие, поэтому их легко увидеть. Но там может быть ещё много тусклых звёзд", — заключает Мони Бидин. В свете таких предположений результаты нового исследования, препринт которого доступен по этой ссылке, являются лишь промежуточными.Астрофизики продолжат дальнейшее изучение Магеллановых Облаков, где, впрочем, рождение звёзд наблюдается не впервые.

Вселенная умирает

(Старая Вселенная умирает потому что достигла вершины развития, достигла более высокой вибрации, а сверхмассивные черные дыры появились в результате этого, цветные звёзды превращаются в Белые Солнца и покидают Старую Вселенную через эти чёрные дыры! ЛМ)
Наблюдения за самыми далекими квазарами показали, что сверхмассивные черные дыры являются одной из главных причин того, почему Вселенная начала производить гораздо меньше звезд, чем обычно, в последнее время, что привело к ее заметному потускнению. В центре Млечного Пути и практически всех галактик присутствует сверхмассивная черная дыра, незримым образом "дирижирующая" процессами круговорота вещества по всей галактике. Достаточно давно астрономы считают, что активизация таких черных дыр приводит к постепенному опустошению галактики и прекращению процессов звездообразования в результате того, что черная дыра разогревает и выбрасывает холодные облака пыли и водорода за пределы галактики, внутри которых и рождаются звезды. Относительно недавно, как рассказывает Фредерик Хаманн (Frederick Hamann) из университета Калифорнии в Риверсайде (США), ученые нашли первые доказательства того, что это действительно происходит, однако то, как этот процесс влияет на видимое потускнение Вселенной, оставалось неизвестным. Дело в том, что в прошлом году астрономы обнаружили, что сейчас Вселенная вырабатывает почти в два раза меньше света, тепла и других форм энергии. Причины этого пока не ясны, однако большинство астрофизиков полагает, что в этом могли быть замешаны квазары, подавившие звездообразование в примерно половине видимых галактик. Хаманну и его коллегам удалось доказать, что это потускнение связано именно с активностью квазаров, изучая самые далекие сверхмассивные черные дыры. Для этого астрономы изучают спектр самых древних источников света и расположение галактик в "космической паутине" Вселенной. Изучая самые "красные" и далекие квазары, авторы статьи обнаружили у почти всех из них одну общую и необычную черту, которая может объяснять то, почему квазары сделали Вселенную менее яркой, чем она была раньше. Как оказалось, почти две сотни самых далеких квазаров обладают необычно "плоским" и непрерывным спектром, указывающим на то, что мы их видим в почти "голом" виде, не закрытыми облаком из пыли и газа, которые обычно окружают многие неактивные сверхмассивные черные дыры сегодня.  Естественно, что этот процесс не мог продолжаться вечно, и многие галактики фактически "умерли", полностью прекратив формирование новых звезд из-за активности таких черных дыр. Как полагают ученые, это объясняет то, почему Вселенная сегодня постепенно "умирает".

Магнитосфера Земли дала трещину
Магнитосфера Земли, которая является нашим щитом от космического излучения и радиации - дала трещину. Такие тревожные данные опубликовали астрофизики из Института фундаментальных исследований Тата. 22 июня 2015 года мюонный телескоп GRAPES-3, который расположен в индийском городе Утакаманд, зарегистрировал всплеск галактических космических лучей с энергией более 20 гигаэлектронвольт (20 миллиардов электронвольт). Активность галактических космических лучей продолжалась 2 часа и совпала по времени с выбросом корональной массы на Солнце, который столкнулся с магнитосферой нашей планеты. Это столкновение вызвало сжатие магнитосферы Земли в 3 раза и вызвало мощный геомагнитный шторм, который спровоцировал полярные сияния и помехи в радиосигналах во многих странах, расположенных в высоких широтах. Группа ученых создала компьютерную модель произошедшего и выяснила, что всплеск галактических космических лучей произошел из-за возникновения временной трещины в магнитном щите Земли. Астрофизики считают, что эта трещина возникла в результате столкновения магнитосферы с гигантских размеров облаком солнечной плазмы, выброшенным Солнцем. Ученые сообщили, что в земную атмосферу тогда проникли частицы космических лучей.
Статья об этом открытии, опубликована в журнале Physical Review Letters.

Неизвестное сверхскопление поглощает нашу галактику
Астрономы, обеспокоенные смещением галактик Местной группы, после долгих исследований пришли к неутешительному выводу: оказывается, все это время огромное сверхскопление, будучи невидимым для наблюдателя с Земли, притягивало галактики к себе со скоростью 50 км/с! Наша родная галактика Млечный Путь и ее соседи находятся в постоянном движении. По мнению ученых, вся Местная группа, состоящая из 50 галактик (их число постоянно растет, поскольку астрономы открывают все новые галактики) в настоящее время сдвигается в одном направлении под действием силы какого-то огромного невидимого объекта. Недавно международная команда исследователей даже нашла виновника: это ближайшее к Местной группе сверхскопление — огромная масса вещества, состоящая из многих сотен галактик. Удивительно, но эту невероятную громадину до сих пор никто не мог заметить, поскольку газовые и пылевые облака, а также свет звезд нашей собственной галактики мешают обзору. Более ранние исследования движения Местной группы позволили ученым предсказать то, что нечто скрывается за пределами Млечного Пути. Изучение галактик в созвездии Паруса, сквозь которые проходит плоскость нашей галактики, также привело к заключению о том, что в этой области наблюдается повышенная галактическая плотность. С помощью 10-метрового Большого южноафриканского телескопа и 3,9-метрового Англо-австралийского телескопа в Сайдинг Спринг, ученые измерили красное смещение 4500 галактик в созвездии Паруса, по обе стороны от краев Млечного Пути, и подтвердили в ежемесячных публикациях Королевского астрономического общества, Великобритания, что повышенная плотность галактик в регионе все-таки существует на расстоянии 800 миллионов световых лет. Это открытие означает, что окрестности нашей галактики являются своего рода «домом» для другой огромной звездной структуры, которая находится немного дальше, чем сверхскопление Шепли, ранее претендовавшее на роль «гравитационного тягача». Благодаря гравитационному притяжению, галактики созвездия Парус движутся в его сторону с огромной для человека скоростью.

Вселеная содержит не менее 2 триллионов галактик
Международная команда астрономов, возглавляемая Кристофером Конселиче (Christopher Conselice), профессором астрофизики из Ноттингемского университета, Англия, обнаружила, что во Вселенной содержится не менее двух триллионов галактик, что примерно в десять раз больше, чем считалось ранее. Астрономы долгое время пытались определить, сколько галактик содержится в наблюдаемой Вселенной, той части космоса, в которой свет, идущий от далеких объектов, имел достаточно времени, чтобы достичь нашей планеты. На протяжении последних 20 лет ученые использовали снимки, сделанные при помощи космического телескопа НАСА «Хаббл», чтобы производить оценки числа галактик, находящихся во Вселенной, согласно которым в ней содержится примерно 100-200 миллиардов галактик. Современное астрономическое оборудование позволяет нам изучать лишь 10 процентов от этого числа галактик, и оставшиеся 90 процентов будут видны нам после того, как будут разработаны и введены в эксплуатацию более мощные телескопы. Команда профессора Конселиче превратила снимки, сделанные при помощи различных телескопов, в том числе при помощи космического телескопа «Хаббл», в трехмерные карты. Это позволило ученым рассчитать плотность распределения галактик в элементарном объеме, а также последовательно сложить между собой все элементарные объемы, чтобы получить суммарную картину распределения галактик во Вселенной.

В атмосфере Венеры обнаружена гигантская волна
Зонд "Акацуки" обнаружил на Венере гигантскую волну, которая движется с огромной скоростью — 360 километров в час – через верхние слои атмосферы, но при этом остается "стоячей" для наблюдателей в космосе. Атмосфера Венеры интересует ученых уже почти 60 лет, с момента начала ее серьезного изучения советскими зондами серии "Венера" и американскими аппаратами "Маринер". Достаточно быстро ученые выяснили, что атмосфера сестры Земли абсолютно не похожа на воздушную оболочку нашей планеты. Она оказалась чрезвычайно плотной, и давление у поверхности Венеры почти в сто раз выше, чем на Земле. Высокая плотность заставляет углекислоту, на долю которой приходится около 95% массы атмосферы второй планеты Солнечной системы, вести себя как экзотическая жидкость, а также порождает ряд других необычных атмосферных эффектов. В частности, атмосфера "утренней звезды" вращается в 60 раз быстрее, чем сама планета, что порождает сверхмощные ветра, движущиеся со скоростью в 500 километров в час. Зонд "Акацуки", запущенный в мае 2010 года, должен был приступить к изучению тайн венерианской атмосферы в декабре 2010 года, однако он пролетел мимо планеты из-за проблем с работой двигателей. Через пять лет, когда "Акацуки", описав круг вокруг Солнца, вернулся к Венере, японские инженеры смогли затормозить зонд и вывести его на стабильную орбиту, фактически воскресив миссию, уже считавшуюся потерянной. Сегодня Масато Накамура (Masato Nakamura), руководитель миссии, и его коллеги рассказали о первых результатах работы "Акацуки" — в том числе об открытии необычной структуры в ее атмосфере, похожей на знаменитую "букву Y", найденную в атмосфере Венеры еще в середине 60-х годов прошлого века. Изучая снимки верхних слоев атмосферы Венеры, которые "Акацуки" делал в первые месяцы работы на ее орбите, ученые обнаружили гигантскую волну длиной в 10 тысяч километров, которая протянулась от одного полюса "утренней звезды" к другому и медленно движется сквозь воздушные прослойки на высоте в 65 километров. Эта структуру ученые заметили в первый день после прибытия "Акацуки", и она продолжала существовать как минимум до мая этого года. Атмосфера Венеры, благодаря ее необычным свойствам, движется быстрее, чем вращается сама планета, поэтому, если смотреть на нее из космоса, будет казаться, что эта гигантская линия стоит на месте, а облака проплывают через нее. Благодаря стечению обстоятельств, она фактически стоит над одной и той же точкой на поверхности Венеры, медленно двигаясь вместе с ней. Проанализировав ее свойства и различия в температуре, скорости движения и прочих свойствах атмосферы до и после ее границ, японские планетологи пришли к выводу, что они имеют дело с так называемой атмосферной гравитационной волной. В отличие от их неуловимых космологических "тезок", ученые хорошо знают, как образуются и исчезают атмосферные гравитационные волны. Они возникают в результате взаимодействия крупных атмосферных фронтов c горными грядами и прочими крупными природными преградами. Следы их существования можно увидеть в волнах на поверхности спокойного моря, перистых облаках и в некоторых других феноменах.Проблема заключается в том, что на Венере нет крупных гор и прочих форм рельефа, способных породить гравитационные волны таких размеров, рекордно высоких, как предполагают ученые, для всей Солнечной системы. Соответственно, или данные по рельефу Венеры ошибочны, или ветра и воздушные массы у поверхности планеты, где зарождаются такие волны, ведут себя не так, как на Земле.

В центрах галактик находятся «туннели в другие миры»
По словам известного ученого, академика РАН Николая Кардашева, в центрах галактик находятся не черные дыры, а кротовые норы. Нечто подобное мы могли видеть в научно-фантастическом фильме «Интерстеллар». Глава Астрокосмического центра ФИАН, академик РАН Николай Кардашев заявил на конференции «Космонавтика XXI века», что «в центрах галактик находятся не черные дыры, а кротовые норы». Данные выводы были получены на основе последних исследований, проведенных специалистами из РФ. Кротовой норой называют гипотетическую топологическую особенность пространства-времени, которая представляет собой в каждый момент времени «туннель» в пространстве. Существование кротовых нор на сегодня является всего лишь гипотезой. Есть версии, что с помощью таких объектов можно путешествовать в «другие миры»: иными словами, перед нами нечто наподобие портала. Что-то похожее, напомним, обыгрывается в популярном научно-фантастическом фильме «Интерстеллар». Там кротовая нора позволяла покорять огромные межзвездные расстояния. Следует отметить, что существование таких объектов допускается общей теорией относительности. Но при этом проходимую кротовую нору должна заполнять экзотическая материя, имеющая отрицательную плотность энергии. За счет этого возможно создание сильного гравитационного отталкивания и препятствование схлопыванию норы. Отметим, что концепция проходимой внутримировой кротовой норы дает гипотетическую возможность путешествовать во времени. Следует сказать, что даже если выводы Николая Кардашева верны и в центрах галактик действительно находятся кротовые норы, это вовсе не означает, что человек сможет с их помощью перемещаться в пространстве и времени. Советский и российский ученый Николай Кардашев известен, кроме всего прочего, созданием т. н. шкалы Кардашева, разделяющей гипотетические внеземные цивилизации на три типа по уровню потребления энергии. Ранее российский ученый Сергей Красников поделился с порталом Naked Science своими выводами относительно природы кротовых нор.

Столкновение двух галактик выявило сверхмассивную черную дыру

С помощью крупного «телескопа», радиоинтерферометра VLBA, американские и российские астрономы изучили последствия столкновения двух галактик. Ученые заметили, что одна из них разрушила более мелкую соседку, обнажив сверхмассивную черную дыру в ее центре. Астрономы во главе с Джеймсом Кондоном (James Condon) из Национальной радиоастрономической обсерватории США при помощи радиотелескопа Very Long Baseline Array (VLBA) Национального научного фонда США обнаружили «клочки» относительно небольшой галактики, которая прошла сквозь более крупную по размерам галактику, но при этом потеряла почти всю свою материю, кроме центральной сверхмассивной черной дыры, которая теперь удаляется от места столкновения со скоростью более 3000 километров в секунду. Эти галактики являются частью скопления галактик ZwCl 8193, расположенного на расстоянии свыше 2 миллиардов световых лет от Земли. Это тесное столкновение, произошедшее много миллионов лет назад, лишило меньшую по размерам галактику почти всех её звезд и газа. Теперь центральную черную дыру этой галактики окружает лишь небольшая часть галактики размером примерно 3000 световых лет. Для сравнения, размер Млечного пути составляет примерно 100000 световых лет.
Эти остатки галактики, называемые B3 1715+425, говорят исследователи, вероятно, вскоре потеряют ещё больше массы, что приведет к приостановке звездообразования в них – этот космический объект тогда станет невидимым. Эта возможность навела авторов исследования на мысль о том, что такие «обнаженные черные дыры», являющиеся результатом столкновения галактик, могут быть шире распространены во Вселенной, чем считалось ранее. В дальнейшем команда Кондона планирует провести обширный поиск необычных объектов, подобных объекту B3 1715+425.

Ученые зафиксировали необъяснимые космические вспышки
Группа ученых из нескольких университетов США и Китайской академии наук опубликовала  статью, посвященную исследованию необъяснимых космических вспышек. Кратко об исследовании рассказал портал Речь идет о двух таинственных источниках рентгеновского излучения, которые разгораются слишком резко. Впервые явление зафиксировали в 2003 году. Источник находился близ галактики NGC 4697. Впоследствии было зафиксировано еще пять аналогичных вспышек от другого неизвестного источника, расположенного близ галактики NGC 5128. Ученые пока не могут объяснить природу явления. Авторы работы пишут, что неизвестные источники вспыхивают неожиданно и становятся в 100 раз ярче примерно за одну минуту. Затем в течение часа возвращаются к исходным уровням рентгеновского излучения. В обычном состоянии они выглядят как нормальные бинарные системы, в которых черная дыра или нейтронная звезда перетягивает материал звезды-компаньона. Однако во время вспышек испускают в тысячи раз больше рентгеновского излучения, чем все известные науке источники. Команда ученых под руководством Джима Ирвина из Университета Алабамы (США) изучила архивы космического телескопа "Чандра" (Chandra). Анализу подверглись данные по 70 галактикам и тысячам известных рентгеновских источников. Однако аналоги двух таинственных источников найдены не были.

Ученый указал на странности климата под быстро вращающимися звездами
Крупные, стремительно вращающиеся звезды могут становиться сплюснутыми с полюсов, вдвое ускоряя смену сезонов на своих планетах: за год некоторые из них могут проходить два раскаленных лета и две ледяные зимы. Наше Солнце – звезда идеально средняя и спокойная. Крупные и массивные звезды вращаются куда быстрее него – так быстро, что теряют сферическую форму и под действием центробежных сил вытягиваются в плоскости, перпендикулярной оси вращения. Плазма на экваторе звезды движется быстрее центральных участков и быстрее остывает, излучая заметно слабее полюсов. Американский астрофизик Джон Элерс (John Ahlers) рассмотрел, как этот эффект может влиять на климат планет, вращающихся вокруг таких звезд. Стоит напомнить, что планеты образуются из того же газопылевого облака, что и их материнские звезды, поэтому большинство из них вращается в той же плоскости, что и сама звезда, вокруг ее экватора. Однако встречаются и такие планеты, орбиты которых в результате различных гравитационных воздействий отклонились от этого правила. В этом случае на некоторых участках траектории своего движения они будут проходить над экваториальными областями, а на других – ближе к полюсам. Такие крупные звезды излучают большую, чем наше Солнце, часть своей энергии в форме ультрафиолетовых лучей. Согласно расчетам, проведенным Элерсом, в течение года планета с отклонившейся орбитой может получать с УФ-излучением разное количество энергии, и связанная с ним температура ее поверхности может меняться в пределах 15%. А поскольку планета проходит ближе к полюсу или к экватору дважды за один оборот по орбите, то такая «смена сезонов» на ней должна происходить тоже два раза в год. В самых экстремальных случаях это может приводить к быстрой смене обжигающе ледяных зим и раскаленного лета.

Возможно, наш мир виртуален. Но имеет ли это значение?
14 октября 2016
Возможно, Киану Ривз живет в матрице и вне съемочной площадки. Некоторые ученые полагают, что наша Вселенная представляет собой гигантскую компьютерную симуляцию. Должны ли мы беспокоиться по этому поводу? Реальны ли мы? А как насчет меня лично? Раньше подобными вопросами задавались лишь философы. Ученые же пытались понять, что собой представляет наш мир, и объяснить его законы. Но появившиеся в последнее время соображения относительно устройства Вселенной ставят экзистенциальные вопросы и перед наукой. Некоторые физики, космологи и специалисты в области искусственного интеллекта подозревают, что мы все живем внутри гигантской компьютерной симуляции, принимая виртуальный мир за реальность.
Обман "злого гения": может ли мир быть компьютерной симуляцией? Исчезнет ли когда-нибудь религия? Наука и религия: можно ли положить конец вражде? Эта идея противоречит нашим ощущениям: ведь мир слишком реалистичен, чтобы быть симуляцией. Тяжесть чашки в руке, аромат налитого в нее кофе, окружающие нас звуки - как можно подделать такое богатство переживаний? Но задумайтесь о прогрессе, достигнутом в компьютерных и информационных технологиях за последние несколько десятилетий. Нынешние видеоигры населены персонажами, реалистично взаимодействующими с игроком, и симуляторы виртуальной реальности порой делают ее неотличимой от мира за окном. И этого вполне достаточно, чтобы сделать из человека параноика. В фантастической кинокартине "Матрица" эта идея формулируется предельно четко. Люди там заключены в виртуальном мире, который безоговорочно воспринимают как реальный.
Однако "Матрица" - не первый фильм, исследующий феномен искусственной вселенной. Достаточно вспомнить "Видеодром" Дэвида Кроненберга (1982) или "Бразилию" Терри Гиллиама (1985).
Все эти антиутопии поднимают два вопроса: как узнать, что мы живем в виртуальном мире, и так ли уж это на самом деле важно? У версии о том, что мы живем внутри симуляции, имеются влиятельные сторонники. Как заявил в июне 2016 г. американский предприниматель Илон Маск, вероятность этого составляет "миллиард к одному". А технический директор Google в области искусственного интеллекта Рэймонд Курцвейл предполагает, что, возможно, "вся наша Вселенная - научный эксперимент младшеклассника из другой вселенной". Рассматривать такую возможность готовы и некоторые физики. В апреле 2016 г. ученые приняли участие в обсуждении этой темы в нью-йоркском Американском музее естественной истории. Никто из этих людей не утверждал, что в действительности мы плаваем голышом в липкой жидкости, утыканные проводами, как герои "Матрицы". Но есть как минимум два возможных сценария, согласно которым Вселенная вокруг нас может быть искусственной. Космолог Алан Гут из Массачусетского технологического института предполагает, что Вселенная может быть реальной, но одновременно является лабораторным экспериментом. Согласно его гипотезе, наш мир создан неким сверхразумом - подобно тому, как биологи растят колонии микроорганизмов. В принципе, не существует ничего, что исключало бы возможность создания вселенной в результате искусственного Большого взрыва, говорит Гут. Вселенная, в которой проводился бы подобный эксперимент, осталась бы при этом целой и невредимой. Новый мир образовался бы в отдельном пространственно-временном пузыре, который быстро отделился бы от материнской вселенной и потерял с ней контакт. Данный сценарий никак не влияет на нашу жизнь. Даже если Вселенная зародилась в "пробирке" сверхразума, физически она так же реальна, как если бы образовалась естественным путем. Но есть и второй сценарий, привлекающий особый интерес, поскольку подрывает сами основы нашего понимания реальности. Не исключено, что наша Вселенная была создана искусственно. Но кем? Маск и другие сторонники этой гипотезы утверждают, что мы являемся целиком симулированными существами - всего лишь потоками информации в некоем гигантском компьютере, наподобие персонажей видеоигры. Даже наш мозг является симуляцией, реагирующей на искусственные раздражители. В этом сценарии не существует матрицы, из которой можно было бы выбраться: вся наша жизнь и есть матрица, за пределами которой существование просто невозможно. Но почему мы должны верить в такую замысловатую версию собственного существования?
Ответ очень прост: человечество уже способно симулировать реальность, и с дальнейшим развитием технологии в конечном счете будет способно создать совершенную симуляцию, населяющие которую разумные существа-агенты воспринимали бы ее как абсолютно реальный мир. Мы создаем компьютерные симуляции не только для игр, но и в исследовательских целях. Ученые имитируют различные ситуации взаимодействия на самых разных уровнях - от субатомных частиц до человеческих сообществ, галактик и даже вселенных. Так, компьютерное симулирование сложного поведения животных помогает нам понять, как формируются стаи и рои. Благодаря симуляциям мы изучаем принципы образования планет, звезд и галактик.
Мы можем симулировать и человеческие сообщества с использованием относительно простых агентов, делающих выбор на основании определенных правил. Суперкомпьютеры становятся все более мощными. Такие программы моделируют сотрудничество между людьми, развитие городов, функционирование дорожного движения и государственной экономики, а также многие другие процессы. По мере роста вычислительной мощности компьютеров симуляции становятся все сложнее. В отдельные программы, имитирующие человеческое поведение, уже встраиваются элементы мышления - пока еще примитивные. Исследователи полагают, что в не столь отдаленном будущем виртуальные агенты смогут принимать решения, основываясь не на элементарной логике из разряда "если…то…", а на упрощенных моделях человеческого сознания. Кто может поручиться, что вскоре мы не станем свидетелями создания виртуальных существ, наделенных сознанием? Успехи в понимании принципов работы мозга, а также обширные вычислительные ресурсы, которые сулит развитие квантовой компьютерной техники, неуклонно приближают этот момент.
Если мы когда-либо достигнем такой ступени развития технологий, то будем одновременно проводить огромное количество симуляций, число которых значительно превзойдет наш единственный "реальный" мир. Так ли уж невозможно, в таком случае, что некая разумная цивилизация где-то во Вселенной уже достигла этой стадии? А раз так, было бы логично предположить, что мы как раз и живем внутри подобной симуляции, а не в мире, в котором виртуальные реальности создаются - ведь вероятность этого статистически гораздо выше. Научная симуляция зарождения Вселенной. Философ Ник Бостром из Оксфордского университета разбил этот сценарий на три возможных варианта:
(1) цивилизации самоуничтожаются, не достигнув уровня развития, на котором возможно создание подобных симуляций;
(2) цивилизации, достигшие этого уровня, по какой-то причине отказываются от создания таких симуляций;
(3) мы находимся внутри подобной симуляции.
Вопрос в том, какой из этих вариантов представляется наиболее вероятным. Американский астрофизик Джордж Смут, Нобелевский лауреат в области физики, утверждает, что убедительных причин верить в первые два варианта не существует. Бесспорно, человечество упорно создает себе проблемы - достаточно упомянуть глобальное потепление, растущие запасы ядерного оружия и угрозу массового вымирания видов. Но эти проблемы необязательно приведут к уничтожению нашей цивилизации. Не являемся ли мы все частью компьютерной симуляции?
Более того, нет причин, по которым принципиально невозможно было бы создать очень реалистичную симуляцию, персонажи которой считали бы, что живут в настоящем мире и вольны в своих действиях. А учитывая, насколько распространены во Вселенной планеты земного типа (одна из которых, открытая совсем недавно, находится относительно недалеко от Земли), было бы верхом самонадеянности предполагать, что человечество является самой развитой цивилизацией, отмечает Смут. Как насчет варианта номер два? Теоретически человечество могло бы воздержаться от проведения подобных симуляций по этическим соображениям - например, посчитав негуманным искусственное создание существ, убежденных в том, что их мир реален.
Но и это кажется маловероятным, говорит Смут. В конце концов, одной из основных причин, почему мы сами проводим симуляции, является наше стремление узнать больше о собственной реальности. Это может помочь нам сделать мир лучше и, возможно, спасти человеческие жизни. Так что для проведения таких экспериментов всегда найдутся достаточные этические обоснования. Похоже, нам остается лишь один вариант: вероятно, мы находимся внутри симуляции. Но все это не более чем предположения. Можно ли им найти убедительные доказательства? Многие исследователи полагают, что все зависит от качества симуляции. Логичнее всего было бы попытаться найти ошибки в программе - наподобие тех, что выдавали искусственную природу "реального мира" в фильме "Матрица". Например, мы могли бы обнаружить противоречия в физических законах. Или же, как предположил покойный Марвин Минский, стоявший у истоков создания искусственного интеллекта, могут существовать характерные ошибки, связанные с округлением в приближенных вычислениях. Мы уже способны симулировать целые группы галактик. Например, в случае, когда у какого-то события имеется несколько вариантов исхода, сумма вероятностей их наступления должна составлять единицу. Если это не соответствует действительности, можно говорить о том, что тут что-то упущено. Впрочем, по мнению некоторых ученых, и так существует достаточно причин думать, что мы находимся внутри симуляции. Например, наша Вселенная выглядит так, будто ее сконструировали искусственно. Значения фундаментальных физических постоянных подозрительно идеальны для возникновения жизни во Вселенной - может создаться впечатление, что их установили намеренно. Даже небольшие изменения в этих значениях привели бы к потере атомами стабильности или к невозможности образования звезд. Космология до сих пор не может убедительно объяснить этот феномен. Но одно из возможных объяснений связано с термином "мультивселенная".   WaterForUndergroundCivilizations2017MinnesotaUS.jpg
Что, если существует множество вселенных, возникших в результате событий, сходных с Большим взрывом, но подчиняющихся разным физическим законам? Случайным образом некоторые из этих вселенных идеальны для зарождения жизни, и если бы нам не посчастливилось оказаться в одной из них, то мы бы не задавались вопросами о мироздании, потому что нас попросту не существовало бы. Однако идея о существовании параллельных вселенных весьма умозрительна. Так что остается по крайней мере теоретическая вероятность того, что наша Вселенная на самом деле является симуляцией, параметры которой специально заданы создателями для получения интересующих их результатов - возникновения звезд, галактик и живых существ.
Хотя такую вероятность и нельзя исключить, подобное теоретизирование ведет нас по кругу. В конце концов, можно с таким же успехом предположить, что и параметры "реальной" Вселенной, в которой живут наши создатели, были кем-то искусственно заданы. В этом случае принятие постулата о том, что мы находимся внутри симуляции, не объясняет загадки значений постоянных физических величин. Некоторые специалисты в качестве доказательства того, что со Вселенной что-то не так, указывают на очень странные открытия, сделанные современной физикой. Особенно много подобных открытий дала нам квантовая механика - раздел физики, оперирующий чрезвычайно малыми величинами. Так, выясняется, что и материя, и энергия обладают гранулированной структурой. Более того, "разрешение", при котором мы можем наблюдать Вселенную, имеет свой минимальный предел: если попытаться понаблюдать за более мелкими объектами, они просто не будут выглядеть достаточно "четкими". По словам Смута, эти странные особенности квантовой физики как раз и могут быть признаками того, что мы живем внутри симуляции - подобно тому, как при попытке рассмотреть изображение на экране с очень близкого расстояния оно распадается на отдельные пиксели. Но это очень грубая аналогия. Ученые постепенно приходят к выводу о том, что "зернистость" Вселенной на квантовом уровне может быть следствием более фундаментальных законов, определяющих пределы познаваемой реальности. Еще один аргумент в пользу виртуальности нашего мира гласит, что Вселенная, как представляется ряду ученых, описывается математическими уравнениями.
А некоторые физики заходят еще дальше и утверждают, что наша реальность и является набором математических формул. Космолог Макс Тегмарк из Массачусетского технологического института подчеркивает, что как раз такого результата можно было бы ожидать, если бы в основе законов физики лежал вычислительный алгоритм. Однако этот аргумент грозит увлечь нас в порочный круг рассуждений. Начать с того, что если некий сверхразум решит симулировать собственный "реальный" мир, логично предположить, что физические принципы в основе подобной симуляции будут отражать те, что действуют в его собственной вселенной - ведь именно так поступаем мы. В этом случае истинное объяснение математической природы нашего мира заключалось бы не в том, что он является симуляцией, а в том, что "реальный" мир наших создателей устроен точно таким же образом. Кроме того, симуляция необязательно должна быть основана на математических правилах. Можно заставить ее функционировать случайным, хаотичным образом. В основе Вселенной может лежать математика, полагают некоторые ученые
Привело бы это к зарождению жизни в виртуальной вселенной, неизвестно, но суть заключается в том, что нельзя делать выводы о степени "реальности" Вселенной, отталкиваясь от ее якобы математической природы. Однако, по словам физика Джеймса Гейтса из Мэрилендского университета, есть более убедительная причина полагать, что за физические законы отвечает компьютерная симуляция. Гейтс изучает материю на уровне кварков - субатомных частиц, из которых состоят протоны и нейтроны в атомных ядрах. По его словам, кварки подчиняются правилам, которые в чем-то напоминают компьютерные коды, корректирующие ошибки в обработке данных. Возможно ли это?
Может быть, и так. Но не исключено, что подобная интерпретация физических законов - лишь самый свежий пример того, как человечество испокон веков интерпретировало окружающий мир, исходя из знаний о последних достижениях технологического прогресса. В эпоху классической механики Ньютона Вселенная представлялась часовым механизмом. А позднее, на заре компьютерной эры, ДНК рассматривали в качестве своего рода хранилища цифрового кода с функцией хранения и считывания информации. Возможно, мы просто каждый раз экстраполируем наши текущие технологические увлечения на законы физики. По всей видимости, очень трудно, если вообще возможно, найти убедительное доказательство тому, что мы находимся внутри симуляции. Если только в программном коде не допущено множество ошибок, будет непросто создать тест, результатам которого нельзя было бы найти какого-либо иного, более рационального объяснения. Даже если наш мир и является симуляцией, говорит Смут, мы можем никогда не найти этому однозначного подтверждения - просто в силу того, что такая задача не под силу нашему разуму. Ведь одной из целей симуляции является создание персонажей, которые функционировали бы в рамках установленных правил, а не нарушали их преднамеренно.
Впрочем, есть более серьезная причина, по которой нам, возможно, не стоит особо беспокоиться о том, что мы являемся лишь строчками программного кода. Некоторые физики считают, что реальный мир в любом случае именно таким и является. Терминологический аппарат, используемый для описания квантовой физики, все больше начинает напоминать словарь по информатике и вычислительной технике.
Некоторые физики подозревают, что на фундаментальном уровне природа может представлять собой не чистую математику, а чистую информацию: биты, наподобие компьютерных единиц и нулей. Ведущий физик-теоретик Джон Уилер дал этой догадке название "Вещество из информации" (It from Bit). Согласно данной гипотезе, все, что происходит на уровне взаимодействий фундаментальных частиц и выше, представляет собой своего рода вычислительный процесс. "Вселенную можно рассматривать как гигантский квантовый компьютер, - говорит Сет Ллойд, сотрудник Массачусетского технологического института. - Если посмотреть на "внутренний механизм" Вселенной, то есть на структуру материи в самом мелком из возможных масштабов, мы увидим [квантовые] биты, участвующие в локальных цифровых операциях". Квантовый мир размыт и неясен для нас. Таким образом, если реальность - всего лишь информация, то не имеет значения, находимся мы внутри симуляции или нет: ответ на это вопрос не делает нас более или менее "реальными". Как бы то ни было, мы просто не можем быть ничем кроме информации. Имеет ли для нас принципиальное значение, была эта информация запрограммирована природой или неким сверхразумом? Вряд ли - ну разве что во втором случае наши создатели теоретически способны вмешаться в ход симуляции и даже вовсе прекратить ее. Но что мы можем сделать, чтобы этого избежать? Тегмарк рекомендует нам всем по возможности вести интересную жизнь, чтобы не наскучить нашим создателям. Разумеется, это шутка. Наверняка у любого из нас найдутся более веские мотивы жить полной жизнью, чем страх того, что в противном случае нас "сотрут". Но сама постановка вопроса указывает на определенные изъяны в логике рассуждений о реальности Вселенной. Мысль о том, что неким экспериментаторам высшего порядка в конце концов надоест с нами возиться, и они решат запустить какую-нибудь другую симуляцию, слишком отдает антропоморфизмом. Как и высказывание Курцвейла по поводу школьного эксперимента, она подразумевает, что наши создатели - всего лишь капризные подростки, развлекающиеся с игровыми приставками. Подобным солипсизмом страдает и обсуждение трех вариантов Бострома. Это не более чем попытка описать Вселенную в терминах достижений человечества XXI века: "Мы ведь разрабатываем компьютерные игры. Держу пари, что сверхразумные существа тоже бы этим занимались, только их игры были бы гораздо круче!" Разумеется, любые попытки представить, каким образом могли бы действовать сверхразумные существа, неизбежно приведут к экстраполяции нашего собственного опыта. Но это не отменяет ненаучности такого подхода. Вселенную можно представить и в виде квантового компьютера. Но что это нам даст? Вероятно, неслучайно многие поборники идеи "всеобъемлющей симуляции" признаются, что в юности запоем читали научную фантастику. Не исключено, что выбор чтения предопределил их взрослый интерес к проблематике внеземного разума, но он же побуждает их теперь к тому, чтобы облекать свои размышления в привычные жанру формы.
Они словно рассматривают космос через иллюминатор звездолета "Энтерпрайз" [из американского телесериала "Звездный путь" - Прим. переводчика]. Гарвардский физик Лиза Рэнделл не может понять энтузиазма, с которым некоторые ее коллеги носятся с идеей реальности как тотальной симуляции. Для нее это ничего не меняет в подходе к восприятию и исследованию мира. По мнению Рэнделл, все зависит от нашего выбора: что именно понимать под так называемой реальностью. Вряд ли Илон Маск целыми днями размышляет о том, что окружающие его люди, его семья и друзья - всего лишь конструкты, состоящие из потоков данных и проецируемые в его сознание. Отчасти он этого не делает потому, что постоянно думать подобным образом об окружающем мире просто не получится. Но гораздо важнее то, что мы все знаем в глубине души: единственное стоящее нашего внимания определение реальности - это наши непосредственные ощущения и переживания, а не гипотетический мир, спрятанный "за кулисами". Однако в интересе к тому, что в действительности может стоять за миром, доступным нам в ощущениях, нет ничего нового. Философы задаются подобными вопросами на протяжении многих веков. С нашей точки зрения, квантовый мир нелогичен. Еще Платон полагал, что принимаемое нами за реальность может быть лишь тенями, проецируемыми на стену пещеры. Согласно Иммануилу Канту, хотя некая "вещь в себе", лежащая в основе воспринимаемых нами образов, и может существовать, познать ее нам не дано. Знаменитая фраза Рене Декарта "Мыслю, следовательно, существую" означает, что способность к мышлению - единственный четкий критерий существования. Концепция "мира как симуляции" преподносит эту старую философскую проблему в современной высокотехнологичной обертке, и в том нет большой беды.
Как и многие другие парадоксы философии, она заставляет нас критически взглянуть на некоторые укоренившиеся представления. Но до тех пор, пока мы не сможем убедительно доказать, что намеренное разведение "реальности" и испытываемых нами ощущений от нее приводит к очевидным различиям в нашем поведении или в наблюдаемых нами явлениях, наше понимание реальности не изменится каким-либо существенным образом. В начале XVIII века английский философ Джордж Беркли утверждал, что мир является иллюзией. На что его критик, писатель Сэмюэль Джонсон, воскликнул: "Вот мое опровержение!" - и пнул ногой камень. На самом деле Джонсон не опроверг этим Беркли. Но его ответ на подобные утверждения, возможно, был самым правильным из возможных.

Наша Вселенная – голограмма (ну и мура, много слов, а толку мало! ЛМ)

Десятилетиями ученые рассматривают идею о том, что наша Вселенная является (или когда-то являлась) гигантской и очень сложной голограммой, в которой все физические законы требуют наличия всего двух измерений, но при этом все вокруг нас действует согласно трем измерениям. Как вы понимаете, такую гипотезу совсем не просто доказать, однако физики сообщают, что наконец-то нашли первое наблюдаемое доказательство тому, что ранняя Вселенная могла идеально соответствовать так называемому голографическому принципу.
«Мы предлагаем использовать эту голографическую модель Вселенной, которая очень отличается от самой популярной стандартной модели Большого Взрыва, опирающейся на гравитацию и инфляцию», — говорит один из участников исследования Ньяешь Афшорди из канадского Университета Ватерлоо.
«Каждая из этих моделей позволяет делать различные предсказания, которые мы можем проверить, и на основе этого уточнить и дополнить наше теоретического понимание Вселенной. Более того, сделать это можно будет в течение следующих пяти лет».
Ученые делают предположение о том, что на своем раннем этапе – в течение нескольких сотен тысяч лет после Большого Взрыва – все во Вселенной стало представлять собой трехмерную проекцию, изначально созданную из двумерных границ.
Если вы вообще не знакомы с теоретической эпопеей «Наша Вселенная – голограмма», то вот вам небольшой экскурс в историю. Теория о том, что вся наша Вселенная является голограммой, берет свое начало в 1990-х, когда американский физик-теоретик Леонард Сасскинд стал продвигать в массы свою идею о том, что известные нам физические законы на самом деле не требуют наличия трех измерений.
Так каким образом Вселенная вокруг нас является трехмерной, но «в реальности» она представлена в виде двумерной? Основа идеи лежит в том, что объем ее пространства «закодирован» в определенных границах, или в так называемом поле гравитационного горизонта, чьи границы зависят от точки наблюдения. Перед тем как начать смеяться, учтите, что с 1997 года было написано более 10 000 работ, поддерживающих эту идею. Другими словами, она не такая уж и безумная, как может показаться на первый взгляд. Ну, если только чуть-чуть.
Сейчас же Афшорди и его команда сообщили о том, что в рамках исследования неравномерности распределения реликтового излучения (остаточное излучение Большого Взрыва) они обнаружили серьезное доказательство, выступающее в поддержку объяснения голографической формы Вселенной на ее самых ранних этапах развития.
«Представьте, что все, что вы видите, чувствуете и слышите в трех измерениях (и с учетом вашего восприятия времени) на самом деле исходит из двумерного плоского поля», — говорит Костас Скендерис из Саутгемптонского университета и один из участников исследования.
«Принцип аналогичен тому, который мы можем встретить в обычных голограммах, где трехмерное изображение закодировано в двумерной плоскости. Такое, например, свойственно голограммам на тех же кредитных картах. Однако в нашем случае речь идет уже о том, что вся Вселенная закодирована таким образом».
Причина, по которой физики вообще заинтересовались голографическим принципом, в то время как стандартная модель Большого Взрыва выглядит куда понятнее и логичнее, заключается в том, что в последней есть некоторые пробелы, но эти пробелы являются настолько фундаментальными, что замедляют процесс нашего понимания всех физических законов в целом и еще в зародыше.
Согласно сценарию Большого Взрыва, химические реакции привели к очень масштабному расширению изначального пространства, приведшего к формированию нашей Вселенной. И на раннем этапе ее рождения скорость этого расширения (инфляции) была колоссальной. В то время как большинство физиков поддерживают теорию космической инфляции, пока еще никому не удалось выяснить точный механизм, отвечавший за это резкое расширение Вселенной со скоростью быстрее скорости света и роста с субатомного уровня до нынешнего. Все произошло практически мгновенно.
Беда в том, что ни одна из наших нынешних теорий не способна объяснить, как это все работает в связке. Взять, например, общую теорию относительности, которая отлично объясняет поведение больших объектов, но при этом не способна объяснить поведение самых маленьких. Это уже среда квантовой механики, которая, в свою очередь, не способна объяснить многие другие вещи. Все это печалит еще сильнее, когда необходимо объяснить, как в буквальном смысле вся существующая во Вселенной масса и энергия изначально были сосредоточены в крошечном пространстве. Одна гипотеза пытается объединить сразу оба явления, другая, о квантовой гравитации, говорит, что если можно отбросить одно пространственное измерение, то можно отбросить и гравитацию в ваших вычислениях, чтобы упростить задачу по расчетам.
«Все это голограмма. В том смысле, что существует описание Вселенной, говорящее о том, что вероятность даже уменьшенного числа измерений соответствует всему тому, что мы можем видеть после Большого Взрыва», — говорит Афшорди.
Чтобы проверить, насколько хорошо голографический принцип Вселенной справляется с объяснением всего того, что произошло в сам момент Большого Взрыва и уже после этого события, команда ученых создала компьютерную модель с одним временем и двумя пространственными измерениями.
Когда исследователи ввели в эту модель известные нам данные о Вселенной, включая информацию о наблюдениях за реликтовым излучением – тепловое излучение, возникшее спустя всего несколько сотен тысяч лет после Большого Взрыва, – они не обнаружили никаких противоречий. Все подошло идеально. В том числе и реликтовое излучение. Модель на самом деле отлично воссоздала поведение тонких отрезков реликтового излучения, но не смогла воссоздать более масштабные «срезы» Вселенной шириной более 10 градусов. Для этого потребуется наличие более сложной модели.
Ученые объясняют, что очень далеки от доказательства того, что наша вселенная на самом деле когда-то была голографической проекцией. Однако перед нами теперь имеется факт получения эмпирических данных, собранных на базе реальных знаний о Вселенной. Этот факт может в конечном итоге стать началом открытия возможности, которая позволит объяснить упущенные части в физических законах с точки зрения двумерного представления. Другими словами, работа Афшорди и его коллег лишь доказывает, что необдуманно отказываться от вероятности голографической модели Вселенной — это совсем уж непростительная роскошь.
Означает ли это, что все мы сейчас живем в сложной голограмме? Согласно Афшорди, это не совсем так. Их модель способна описать происходившее только в самой ранней эпохе Вселенной, но не нынешнее ее состояние. Тем не менее теперь стоит подумать, каким образом вещи из двумерного пространства способны проецироваться в трехмерное измерение, если, конечно же, говорить о Вселенной, а не о кредитных карточках.«Я бы сказал, что мы не живем голограмме. Но не стоит отбрасывать вероятность того, что мы могли из нее выйти. Тем не менее в 2017 году вы определенно живете в трех измерениях», — подытожил Афшорди.

We might live in a computer program, but it may not matter - 6 videos

5 September 2016
Several physicists have suggested that our Universe is not real and is instead a giant simulation. Should we care? Are you real? What about me? These used to be questions that only philosophers worried about. Scientists just got on with figuring out how the world is, and why. But some of the current best guesses about how the world is seem to leave the question hanging over science too. Several physicists, cosmologists and technologists are now happy to entertain the idea that we are all living inside a gigantic computer simulation, experiencing a Matrix-style virtual world that we mistakenly think is real. Our instincts rebel, of course. It all feels too real to be a simulation. The weight of the cup in my hand, the rich aroma of the coffee it contains, the sounds all around me – how can such richness of experience be faked? But then consider the extraordinary progress in computer and information technologies over the past few decades. Computers have given us games of uncanny realism – with autonomous characters responding to our choices – as well as virtual-reality simulators of tremendous persuasive power. It is enough to make you paranoid. The Matrix formulated the narrative with unprecedented clarity. In that story, humans are locked by a malignant power into a virtual world that they accept unquestioningly as "real". But the science-fiction nightmare of being trapped in a universe manufactured within our minds can be traced back further, for instance to David Cronenberg's Videodrome (1983) and Terry Gilliam's Brazil (1985). Over all these dystopian visions, there loom two questions. How would we know? And would it matter anyway? The idea that we live in a simulation has some high-profile advocates. In June 2016, technology entrepreneur Elon Musk asserted that the odds are "a billion to one" against us living in "base reality". Similarly, Google's machine-intelligence guru Ray Kurzweil has suggested that "maybe our whole universe is a science experiment of some junior high-school student in another universe". What's more, some physicists are willing to entertain the possibility. In April 2016, several of them debated the issue at the American Museum of Natural History in New York, US. None of these people are proposing that we are physical beings held in some gloopy vat and wired up to believe in the world around us, as in The Matrix. Instead, there are at least two other ways that the Universe around us might not be the real one. Cosmologist Alan Guth of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US has suggested that our entire Universe might be real yet still a kind of lab experiment. The idea is that our Universe was created by some super-intelligence, much as biologists breed colonies of micro-organisms. There is nothing in principle that rules out the possibility of manufacturing a universe in an artificial Big Bang, filled with real matter and energy, says Guth. Nor would it destroy the universe in which it was made. The new universe would create its own bubble of space-time, separate from that in which it was hatched. This bubble would quickly pinch off from the parent universe and lose contact with it. This scenario does not then really change anything. Our Universe might have been born in some super-beings' equivalent of a test tube, but it is just as physically "real" as if it had been born "naturally". However, there is a second scenario. It is this one that has garnered all the attention, because it seems to undermine our very concept of reality. Conceivably, someone made our Universe. Musk and other like-minded folk are suggesting that we are entirely simulated beings. We could be nothing more than strings of information manipulated in some gigantic computer, like the characters in a video game. Even our brains are simulated, and are responding to simulated sensory inputs. In this view, there is no Matrix to "escape from". This is where we live, and is our only chance of "living" at all. But why believe in such a baroque possibility? The argument is quite simple: we already make simulations, and with better technology it should be possible to create the ultimate one, with conscious agents that experience it as totally lifelike. Supercomputers get ever more powerful. We carry out computer simulations not just in games but in research. Scientists try to simulate aspects of the world at levels ranging from the subatomic to entire societies or galaxies, even whole universes. For example, computer simulations of animals may tell us how they develop complex behaviours like flocking and swarming. Other simulations help us understand how planets, stars and galaxies form. We can also simulate human societies using rather simple "agents" that make choices according to certain rules. These give us insights into how cooperation appears, how cities evolve, how road traffic and economies function, and much else. These simulations are getting ever more complex as computer power expands. Already, some simulations of human behaviour try to build in rough descriptions of cognition. Researchers envisage a time, not far away, when these agents' decision-making will not come from simple "if…then…" rules. Instead, they will give the agents simplified models of the brain and see how they respond. Scientists simulate the Universe's birth. Who is to say that before long we will not be able to create computational agents – virtual beings – that show signs of consciousness? Advances in understanding and mapping the brain, as well as the vast computational resources promised by quantum computing, make this more likely by the day. If we ever reach that stage, we will be running huge numbers of simulations. They will vastly outnumber the one "real" world around us. Is it not likely, then, that some other intelligence elsewhere in the Universe has already reached that point? If so, it makes sense for any conscious beings like ourselves to assume that we are actually in such a simulation, and not in the one world from which the virtual realities are run. The probability is just so much greater. Are we all just a computer simulation? Philosopher Nick Bostrom of the University of Oxford in the UK has broken down this scenario into three possibilities. As he puts it, either:
(1) Intelligent civilisations never get to the stage where they can make such simulations, perhaps because they wipe themselves out first; or
(2) They get to that point, but then choose for some reason not to conduct such simulations; or
(3) We are overwhelmingly likely to be in such a simulation.
The question is which of these options seems most probable. We can now simulate entire galaxy clusters. Astrophysicist and Nobel laureate George Smoot has argued that there is no compelling reason to believe (1) or (2). Sure, humanity is causing itself plenty of problems at the moment, what with climate change, nuclear weapons and a looming mass extinction. But these problems need not be terminal. What's more, there is nothing to suggest that truly detailed simulations, in which the agents experience themselves as real and free, are impossible in principle. Smoot adds that, given how widespread we now know other planets to be (with another Earth-like one right on our cosmic doorstep), it would be the height of arrogance to assume that we are the most advanced intelligence in the entire Universe. What about option (2)? Conceivably, we might desist from making such simulations for ethical reasons. Perhaps it would seem improper to create simulated beings that believe they exist and have autonomy. But that too seems unlikely, Smoot says. After all, one key reason we conduct simulations today is to find out more about the real world. This can help us make the world better and save lives. So there are sound ethical reasons for doing it. That seems to leave us with option (3): we are probably in a simulation. But this is all just supposition. Could we find any evidence?
Many researchers believe that depends on how good the simulation is. The best way would be to search for flaws in the program, just like the glitches that betray the artificial nature of the "ordinary world" in The Matrix. For instance, we might discover inconsistencies in the laws of physics. Alternatively, the late artificial-intelligence maven Marvin Minsky has suggested that there might be giveaway errors due to "rounding off" approximations in the computation. For example, whenever an event has several possible outcomes, their probabilities should add up to 1. If we found that they did not, that would suggest something was amiss. Some scientists argue that there are already good reasons to think we are inside a simulation. One is the fact that our Universe looks designed. The constants of nature, such as the strengths of the fundamental forces, have values that look fine-tuned to make life possible. Even small alterations would mean that atoms were no longer stable, or that stars could not form. Why this is so is one of the deepest mysteries in cosmology. One possible answer invokes the "multiverse". Maybe there is a plethora of universes, all created in Big Bang-type events and all with different laws of physics. By chance, some of them would be fine-tuned for life – and if we were not in such a hospitable universe, we would not ask the fine-tuning question because we would not exist.
However, parallel universes are a pretty speculative idea. So it is at least conceivable that our Universe is instead a simulation whose parameters have been fine-tuned to give interesting results, like stars, galaxies and people. While this is possible, the reasoning does not get us anywhere. After all, presumably the "real" Universe of our creators must also be fine-tuned for them to exist. In that case, positing that we are in a simulation does not explain the fine-tuning mystery. Others have pointed to some of the truly weird findings of modern physics as evidence that there is something amiss. The Universe works like mathematics. Quantum mechanics, the theory of the very small, has thrown up all sorts of odd things. For instance, both matter and energy seem to be granular. What's more, there are limits to the resolution with which we can observe the Universe, and if we try to study anything smaller, things just look "fuzzy". Smoot says these perplexing features of quantum physics are just what we would expect in a simulation. They are like the pixellation of a screen when you look too closely. However, that is just a rough analogy. It is beginning to look as though the quantum graininess of nature might not be really so fundamental, but is a consequence of deeper principles about the extent to which reality is knowable.
A second argument is that the Universe appears to run on mathematical lines, just as you would expect from a computer program. Ultimately, say some physicists, reality might be nothing but mathematics. Max Tegmark of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology argues that this is just what we would expect if the laws of physics were based on a computational algorithm. However, that argument seems rather circular. For one thing, if some super-intelligence were running simulations of their own "real" world, they could be expected to base its physical principles on those in their own universe, just as we do. In that case, the reason our world is mathematical would not be because it runs on a computer, but because the "real" world is also that way. Conversely, simulations would not have to be based on mathematical rules. They could be set up, for example, to work randomly. Whether that would result in any coherent outcomes is not clear, but the point is that we cannot use the apparently mathematical nature of the Universe to deduce anything about its "reality". However, based on his own research in fundamental physics, James Gates of the University of Maryland thinks there is a more specific reason for suspecting that the laws of physics are dictated by a computer simulation. Gates studies matter at the level of subatomic particles like quarks, the constituents of protons and neutrons in the atomic nucleus. He says the rules governing these particles' behaviour turn out to have features that resemble the codes that correct for errors in manipulating data in computers. So perhaps those rules really arecomputer codes? Maybe. Or maybe interpreting these physical laws as error-correcting codes is just the latest example of the way we have always interpreted nature on the basis of our advanced technologies. At one time Newtonian mechanics seemed to make the universe a clockwork mechanism, and more recently genetics was seen – at the dawn of the computer age – as a kind of digital code with storage and readout functions. We might just be superimposing our current preoccupations onto the laws of physics. It is likely to be profoundly difficult if not impossible to find strong evidence that we are in a simulation. Unless the simulation was really rather error-strewn, it will be hard to design a test for which the results could not be explained in some other way. We might never know, says Smoot, simply because our minds would not be up to the task. After all, you design your agents in a simulation to function within the rules of the game, not to subvert them. This might be a box we cannot think outside of. There is, however, a more profound reason why perhaps we should not get too worried by the idea that we are just information being manipulated in a vast computation. Because that is what some physicists think the "real" world is like anyway. Quantum theory itself is increasingly being couched in terms of information and computation. Some physicists feel that, at its most fundamental level, nature might not be pure mathematics but pure information: bits, like the ones and zeros of computers. The influential theoretical physicist John Wheeler dubbed this notion "It From Bit". In this view, everything that happens, from the interactions of fundamental particles upwards, is a kind of computation. "The Universe can be regarded as a giant quantum computer," says Seth Lloyd of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. "If one looks at the 'guts' of the Universe – the structure of matter at its smallest scale – then those guts consist of nothing more than [quantum] bits undergoing local, digital operations."
This gets to the nub of the matter. If reality is just information, then we are no more or less "real" if we are in a simulation or not. In either case, information is all we can be. Does it make a difference if that information were programmed by nature or by super-intelligent creators? It is not obvious why it should – except that, in the latter case, presumably our creators could in principle intervene in the simulation, or even switch it off. How should we feel about that? The quantum world is fuzzy and undetermined. Tegmark, mindful of this possibility, has recommended that we had all better go out and do interesting things with our lives, just in case our simulators get bored.
I think this is said at least half in jest. After all, there are surely better reasons to want to lead interesting lives than that they might otherwise be erased. But it inadvertently betrays some of the problems with the whole concept. The discussion of Bostrom's three possibilities involves a similar kind of solipsism. It is an attempt to say something profound about the Universe by extrapolating from what humans in the 21st Century are up to. The argument boils down to: "We make computer games. I bet super-beings would too, only they'd be awesome!"
In trying to imagine what super-intelligent beings might do, or even what they would consist of, we have little choice but to start from ourselves. But that should not obscure the fact that we are then spinning webs from a thread of ignorance. It is surely no coincidence that many advocates of the "universal simulation" idea attest to being avid science-fiction fans in their youth. This might have inspired them to imagine futures and alien intelligences, but it may also have predisposed them to cast such imaginings in human terms: to see the cosmos through the windows of the Starship Enterprise. Our Universe can be thought of as a quantum computer. Perhaps mindful of such limitations, Harvard physicist Lisa Randall is puzzled by the enthusiasm some of her colleagues show for these speculations about cosmic simulation. For her they change nothing about how we should see and investigate the world. Her bafflement is not just a "so what": it is a question of what we choose to understand by "reality".
Almost certainly, Elon Musk does not go around telling himself that the people he sees around him, and his friends and family, are just computer constructs created by streams of data entering the computational nodes that encode his own consciousness. Partly, he does not do so because it is impossible to hold that image in our heads for any sustained length of time. But more to the point, it is because we know deep down that the only notion of reality worth having is the one we experience, and not some hypothetical world "behind" it. There is, however, nothing new about asking what is "behind" the appearances and sensations we experience. Philosophers have been doing so for centuries. Plato wondered if what we perceive as reality is like the shadows projected onto the walls of a cave. Immanuel Kant asserted that, while there might be some "thing in itself" that underlies the appearances we perceive, we can never know it. René Descartes accepted, in his famous one-liner "I think therefore I am", that the capacity to think is the only meaningful criterion of existence we can attest. The concept of "the world as simulation" takes that old philosophical saw and clothes it in the garb of our latest technologies. There is no harm in that. Like many philosophical conundrums, it impels us to examine our assumptions and preconceptions. But until you can show that drawing distinctions between what we experience and what is "real" leads to demonstrable differences in what we might observe or do, it does not change our notion of reality in a meaningful way. In the early 1700s, the philosopher George Berkeley argued that the world is merely an illusion. Dismissing the idea, the ebullient English writer Samuel Johnson exclaimed "I refute it thus" – and kicked a stone. Johnson did not really refute anything. But he may nevertheless have come up with the right response.

Jupiter's Great Red Spot 'roars with heat'

JupiterHotSpot&2Moons2016.jpg  JupiterHotSpot2016.jpg
28 July 2016
The huge storm, seen here by Voyager 1 in 1979, apparently creates a high-altitude hotspot. Jupiter's Great Red Spot - a hurricane three times bigger than Earth - is blasting the planet's upper atmosphere with heat, astronomers have found. Using measurements from an infrared telescope in Hawaii, a UK and US team found evidence for temperatures as high as 1,500C - hundreds of degrees warmer than anywhere else on the planet. They suggest the hotspot is created by thunderous soundwaves "breaking" in the thin upper reaches of the atmosphere. The research is published in Nature. It arguably solves what planetary scientists had dubbed an "energy crisis" for gas giants like Jupiter: temperatures in their upper atmospheres soar much higher than can be explained by solar energy - especially given their vast distances from the Sun. If the mysterious heat were generated by local sources, like Jupiter's famous storm, then the conundrum would be solved - and these measurements are the first direct evidence of any such activity. Study co-author Dr Tom Stallard, from the University of Leicester, said this was a major step forward in a "20-30 year odyssey" to try and understand heat flow on Jupiter. "Ever since Voyager, we've had measurements of the temperature at the top of Jupiter's atmosphere, and it's been hot across the whole globe - from the poles, all the way to the equator," he told the BBC.
Heat above the Great Red spot appears as a pale smudge, south of Jupiter's equator. Jupiter's enormous, dramatic aurora can explain the heat in the polar regions, but for that warmth to reach the equator would require incredibly dramatic mixing, which modelling studies haven't been able to support. Sound and fury.
"There's no real excuse for it to be so hot," said Dr James O'Donoghue from Boston University, the paper's first author. The freshly discovered spike in temperature, detected using a spectrometer at the Nasa Infrared Telescope Facility (IRTF) in Mauna Kea, Hawaii, offers a solution. Several hundred km directly above the clouds of the Great Red Spot, the hotspot suggests that high-altitude heat is somehow created by the turmoil beneath. "Several people have argued that it's likely that the heat comes from below, but the observations have never backed them up," Dr Stallard said. He and his colleagues don't know exactly what is causing the heat, but they have some ideas. It could be driven by devastating Jovian thunderclaps, rumbling upwards from the churning red clouds of the Solar System's biggest storm. "You get some kind of acoustic event, probably thunder or something like that - or possibly other forms of sound energy - and that propagates directly upwards," Dr Stallard explained. "That wave will continue going upwards until it reaches a lower-density region at the top of the atmosphere, and then it breaks and deposits all that wave energy into the top of the atmosphere, just like waves break on the shore - as the water gets thinner, it's less able to carry that wave and so it breaks and you see lots of energy." There is a precedent for such sound-driven warming much closer to home, according to Dr O'Donoghue. "There is some evidence in Earth's atmosphere, above storms and above features such as mountains - the Andes mountains in fact - that there are acoustic waves emanating from them, and that they propagate up into the atmosphere and cause heating there," he said. At three Earth diameters across, the Great Red Spot is the biggest storm in the Solar System. Further insights might come from Nasa's Juno spacecraft, now in orbit around Jupiter after its five-year trek. "We thought, this is something that we haven't addressed, and it needed addressing. We've really ramped up our studies away from the aurora. Juno's going to reveal magnificent levels of detail about... what the aurora are and how they're generated. But it will be interesting to see how much it tells us about the non-auroral regions and the top of the atmosphere.
Obviously it's been designed to look deep, and to look at the aurora at the poles, but potentially Juno could reveal a lot more."

More gravitational waves detected

16 June 2016
...a second burst of gravitational waves sweeping through the Earth ... that made the historic first detection in September last year...the waves came from two huge coalescing black holes. ◾They are ripples in the fabric of space and time produced by violent events...Detectable sources ought to include merging black holes and neutron stars"It shows the first event wasn't just a fluke. It shows that the Universe is filled with black holes spiralling in together and merging and giving off these huge bursts of gravitational waves quite regularly. It's a violent Universe." This new set of waves, likewise, is ascribed to a black hole merger - but a smaller one...the two objects involved had masses that were 14 and eight times that of our Sun...the merger of black holes 29 and 36 times our Sun's holes should spin, but this is very strong observational evidence for the phenomenon. One of the black holes was spinning...We can also measure the spin of the final black hole but we expect that black hole to have a spin (because of the merger);
"Supernovae - seeing the gravitational signal of a supernova core collapse. It's got fabulous science embedded in there that will tell us about the mechanism - the actual mass collapsing at the centre of a star. Pulsars - neutron stars rapidly spinning with a bump on their crust, tracing out a dent in space as they do so. That could carry information about the material from which neutron stars are made.

The Biggest Explosions in the Universe

BlackHole60.jpg (2)  Supernova&GammaRays.jpg GammaRaysBrightestExplosionInUniverse.jpg  StarImplosionSupernova1.jpg (2)
14 July 2016
These bursts are a million times brighter than entire galaxies. During the height of the Cold War, a few US spy satellites changed our view of the Universe forever. In 1963, a year after the Cuban Missile Crisis nearly plunged the world into nuclear war, the US launched a set of spacecraft to keep an eye on the Soviet Union. They're so bright that they shine across vast stretches of space and time. The two superpowers had just signed a treaty that banned nuclear testing in the atmosphere and in space. From about 100,000 kilometres above Earth, these Vela satellites would make sure the Soviets complied. They were designed to detect high-energy radiation called gamma rays, which are produced in nuclear explosions. In 1967, the satellites began detecting several mysterious bursts of radiation. But the blasts did not seem to be nuclear bombs. They were coming from outer space. The discovery of these cosmic curiosities was kept secret until 1973. No one knew what they were, and for decades, these gamma-ray bursts confounded scientists.
Gamma rays are also produced in nuclear explosions. But as the Cold War thawed, thanks to multiple spacecraft and telescopes, astronomers have gained a better understanding of these bursts. Today, they have found about 6,000, estimating that a couple flash in the sky every day. They come from some of the Universe's most exotic objects: black holes and ultra-dense stellar corpses called neutron stars. They're so bright that they shine across vast stretches of space and time, revealing clues about the origins of the first stars.
Because of their ephemeral nature – as brief as a few milliseconds – gamma-ray bursts reveal a Universe that's more dynamic than previously thought. Astronomers are learning that even in human timescales, the cosmos is an explosive and ever-changing place. Gamma rays are about as extreme as you can get. "They're the brightest, most powerful explosions in the Universe," says Andrew MacFadyen, an astrophysicist at New York University, US. The bursts are a million times brighter than entire galaxies. Per second, a single gamma-ray burst can produce as much energy as all the starlight in the observable Universe, he says. They are the most energetic form of electromagnetic radiation, and in space, they are signs of the hottest, most powerful processes in the Universe – such as solar flares and black holes gobbling up gas and dust. But because Earth's atmosphere absorbs the rays, the gamma-ray universe was closed off to astronomers until the space age. Black holes can emerge when massive stars die. It was only when spacecraft like Vela were launched that scientists could glimpse cosmic gamma rays. Only then could they discover gamma-ray bursts "Most of the things we study in astronomy are things we've known about for a long time, like stars, galaxies, and planets," says Edo Berger, an astronomer at Harvard University, US. "But here, there was a completely accidental discovery of something that nobody could even imagine existed." Some bursts were short-lived, flaring for only a few milliseconds. Satellites like Vela continued to discover more, but without a scientific instrument designed to study the bursts, the data remained limited. No one even knew how far away the bursts were. But nearly 20 years after their discovery, answers were starting to emerge. In 1991, Nasa launched the Compton Gamma Ray Observatory, equipped with the first gamma-ray burst instrument, called BATSE, for the Burst and Transient Source Experiment. The instrument detected hundreds of bursts and it soon became apparent that they came in two distinct classes. Some bursts were short-lived, flaring for only a few milliseconds. Others were longer, glowing for 30 seconds or more. This revelation meant that the two types must originate from two very different phenomena. Solar flares are powerful bursts of radiation. But to identify those phenomena, astronomers needed to know where they came from. If the bursts were local, exploding in our own, disk-shaped Milky Way Galaxy, they should align with the galactic plane, appearing along a strip in the sky. But BATSE found the bursts were distributed evenly across the sky, suggesting they came from outside our galaxy. Measuring how much the radiation has stretched by the time it reaches Earth can tell you how far away the burst is. While persuasive, this evidence was circumstantial. Astronomers needed to determine exactly how far away the bursts were. For that, they had to find an afterglow, the smouldering radiation that lingers after gamma rays fade. The afterglow, which appears in other wavelengths such as visible light and X rays, contains the chemical fingerprint of the burst: radiation that glows at specific wavelengths. As that radiation zooms toward Earth, the expanding Universe stretches it to longer wavelengths. This expansion rate increases with distance, which means that measuring how much the radiation has stretched by the time it reaches Earth can tell you how far away the burst is. But BATSE was more of a detector than a telescope, so it was unable to pinpoint the bursts in the sky. Without a precise location, other telescopes could not follow up in time to catch an afterglow. Only about one percent of all supernovae are associated with a gamma-ray burst. That changed in 1996, when Italy and the Netherlands launched BeppoSax, a gamma-ray telescope that could locate bursts with greater precision. When a star exhausts its fuel, its core can collapse into a neutron star. In 1997, the satellite identified a powerful burst. Immediately, telescopes pointed in the same direction and caught an afterglow. This allowed astronomers to measure the distance to a gamma-ray burst for the first time. The result was conclusive: it was indeed beyond the edge of our galaxy – six billion light years away. There was a caveat, however. BeppoSax wasn't quick enough to catch the afterglow of short bursts, which meant they would remain a mystery for the time being. Gamma-ray bursts (illustration) are the brightest explosions in the Universe. Exploding stars
Scientists long suspected that it involved an extreme object such as a black hole or a neutron star. Only such dense objects, with strong gravitational and magnetic fields, could produce bursts so brief and intense. The bursts must be dying stars that explode with so much energy they produce gamma rays. Both emerge from the violent deaths of massive stars. When a star exhausts its fuel, its core can collapse into a neutron star. If it's massive enough, it will collapse into a black hole, so dense that even light cannot escape its gravity. Meanwhile, the star blows off its outer layers in a huge explosion called a supernova. Supernovae are bright, and once astronomers could easily locate gamma-ray bursts, they found that they always coincided with supernovae. The bursts, they reasoned, must be dying stars that explode with so much energy they produce gamma rays.
But it's a rare scenario: Only about one percent of all supernovae are associated with a gamma-ray burst. This supernova occurred in the galaxy M82 about 12 million light years away. After the star collapses into a black hole, the remaining gas forms a disk that swirls into the black hole like water circling a drain. As the material falls, it releases tremendous amounts of energy – some in the form of powerful jets that erupt at near light speed from the black hole's poles. Those jets generate beams of gamma rays, which, when they point at Earth, appear as a gamma-ray burst. Most astronomers agree this is the most compelling explanation. "The picture really holds together," MacFadyen says. "However, you want to be certain." Indeed, many questions still remain. For example, it remains unclear whether the source of the burst is a black hole or a neutron star. We also do not know exactly how the jets are produced, what they are made of, and how exactly they generate gamma rays. Cosmic collisions
At the turn of the 21st century, however, one of the biggest mysteries confronting gamma-ray astronomers was the origin of short bursts. As with their longer lasting cousins, the key was in catching the afterglow, which was beyond the capabilities of any instrument at the time. Again, astronomers needed another spacecraft. It came in 2004, when Nasa launched Swift. Fitted with telescopes to study afterglows of X rays and visible light, the spacecraft was quick enough to point them at even the shortest bursts.
"We realised within the first day – within the first hours – that it was different from the long bursts," says Neil Gehrels, the leader of the Swift mission. "It wasn't coming from an exploding star." Our Universe is extremely dynamic. Unlike long bursts, this one didn't come with any supernova explosions, despite numerous telescopes looking out for one. The burst also came from a different kind of galaxy. It took a few more bursts before we were absolutely convinced it was merging neutron stars. Long bursts had all originated in spiral galaxies like the Milky Way, fertile places where lots of stars are born. The exploding stars responsible for the long bursts had to be massive, and massive stars live fast and die young. Long bursts would therefore be common where lots of these stars formed and died. But Swift's burst came from a galaxy filled with old or dead stars. If any had blown up, they would have done so a long time ago. All signs pointed to one leading hypothesis: the violent collision of two neutron stars. Astronomers estimate that the Universe is full of pairs of neutron stars in orbit around each other. Over time, they spiral towards each other until they merge, erupting in a huge burst of energy and, possibly, gamma rays. As Swift detected more bursts, this scenario looked better and better. "It took a few more bursts before we were absolutely convinced it was merging neutron stars," Gehrels says. Swift detects gamma rays but also captures exploding stars, like this one. Still, most of the evidence is circumstantial. Although all observations so far are consistent with a neutron-star merger, no one has found conclusive evidence. For example, MacFadyen says, a similar collision between a neutron star and a black hole might also produce a short burst. It would be indisputable evidence that links merging neutron stars with short bursts. But further proof could come soon. When two orbiting neutron stars circle towards each other, they lose energy in the form of ripples in the fabric of space and time, called gravitational waves, which travel across the Universe. These waves, predicted by Einstein a century ago, were directly detected for the first time in 2015 by the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory (LIGO) in the US.
LIGO's revolutionary discoveries – two so far – came from merging black holes. But the observatory should also be able to measure waves from merging neutron stars.
"That would be an incredible thing," MacFadyen says. "You would see a single event that's producing both a really bright gamma-ray burst and a really bright gravitational-wave burst at the same time." It would be indisputable evidence that links merging neutron stars with short bursts. A new Universe
Today, gamma-ray bursts are no longer the mystery they once were. "It's been an amazing adventure," says Gehrels. While many researchers are probing the inner workings of both long and short gamma-ray bursts, others see the bursts as cosmic beacons from the past. Because the bursts are so bright, they're visible across vast distances – and vast stretches of time. The most distant burst ever seen comes from a time when the Universe was only 400 million years old. Yet farther bursts could signal the explosive deaths of the earliest stars. Black holes (illustration) are so dense that even light cannot escape. "We really will be able to see the first stars in the Universe – at least, when they die," Berger says. "The idea that we can see an individual star explode when it's one of the first generation of stars in the Universe is really amazing."
That's not all. The light from the burst can also contain the chemical fingerprint of the gasses that surround the burst. Stars, planets, galaxies – they all exist as they are, more or less, for billions of years. By analysing that light from bursts at different distances, astronomers can determine which chemical elements were present at various stages of cosmic history. This kind of chemical history is essential for understanding how the Universe evolved and came to be. But perhaps the most lasting legacy of gamma-ray bursts is how they have changed our perspective of the cosmos. "When you think of most things in the Universe, they last forever in human timescales," Berger says. Stars, planets, galaxies – they all exist as they are, more or less, for billions of years. But the discovery of gamma-ray bursts revolutionised that view. "Here we have things that appear and disappear in hours, minutes, or seconds." It's now clear that the study of gamma-ray bursts has paved the way for a new kind of astronomy. Telescopes are now constantly watching the sky for sudden flickers and flashes of light at all wavelengths. These signals could be supernovae, flaring galaxies powered by supermassive black holes, or something still to be discovered. All this points to the fact that our Universe is extremely dynamic. And to explore it, astronomers must be on their toes. Otherwise, it may just pass them by.

Last few orbits of a binary black hole merger

What Happens When Two Black Holes Collide?

Земля и другие планетные объекты имеют общее происхождение
Новое исследование, проведенное знаменитым космохимиком Одри Бувье из Университета Западного Онтарио, Канада, подтверждает, что вещество Земли и других планетных объектов, сформировавшихся в ранние годы Солнечной системы, имеет общее происхождение, если судить по химическому составу – открытие, которое противоречит представлениям, бытовавшим в академической среде в течение нескольких десятилетий...

Video - Найдено необычное звездное скопление с сотней черных дыр. Sep 21, 2016. Его обнаружили ученые из английского Университета Сюррея. Назвали это место NGC 6101. До этого считалось, что такое явление просто невозможно.

Гибнущий квазар сотрясет ткань пространства-времени Вселенной

Квазар PKS 1302-102 является одним из немногих известных науке объектов своего рода, имеющих пару черных дыр в центре аккреционного диска. Он также представляет собой любопытный случай для астрономов, так как его черные дыры готовятся объединиться, что приведет к гигантскому космическому взрыву. Ученые пытаются оценить масштаб этого слияния, принимая во внимание, что столкновение может привести к высвобождению колоссальных количеств энергии. «Результатом станет выброс гигантских количеств энергии, эквивалентных энергии примерно нескольких миллионов сверхновых, в форме гравитационных волн», – рассказал один из ученых, открывших квазар PKS 1302-102, Мэттью Грэхэм из Калифорнийского технологического института (Калтех), США, в интервью интернет - изданию Этот квазар находится на последней стадии процесса слияния составляющих его черных дыр. Изучение этого космического события может помочь ученым понять, как должны выглядеть последние стадии слияния черных дыр, и как долго они должны  продолжаться. Эта так называемая «проблема последнего парсека» до сих пор остается неразрешенной, так как ни одна теоретическая модель не может корректно описать этот процесс. Грэхэм и его коллеги из Калтеха при помощи обзора неба Catalina Real-Time
Transient Survey обнаружили мощный, четкий периодический сигнал, наблюдая PKS 1302-102 в оптическом и инфракрасном диапазонах. Периодический сигнал никогда прежде не был замечен учеными при наблюдениях квазаров, поэтому исследователи предположили в  этом случае присутствие пары черных дыр. Эта гипотеза нашла подтверждение в ряде других, независимых исследований этого квазара, проведенных вскоре. Согласно расчетам ученых из Калтеха, проведенным в ходе дальнейшего исследования этого квазара, выяснилось, что столкновение между двумя его черными дырами уже произошло...Исследование появилось на сайте предварительных научных публикаций

Самые большие объекты во Вселенной

Благодаря быстрому развитию технологий, астрономы совершают все более интересные и невероятные открытия во Вселенной. Например, звание «самого большого объекта во Вселенной» переходит от одних находок к других практически ежегодно. Некоторые открытые объекты настолько огромны, что ставят в тупик своим фактом существования даже лучших ученых нашей планеты. Давайте поговорим о десяти самых крупных из них.
Супервойд (это где ничего нет! ЛМ). A galactic nursery
Совсем недавно ученые обнаружили самое большое холодное пятно во Вселенной (по крайней мере известной науке Вселенной). Оно расположено в южной части созвездия Эридан. Своей протяженностью в 1,8 миллиарда световых лет это пятно ставит ученых в тупик, потому что они даже предположить не могли, что такой объект может действительно существовать. Несмотря на наличие слова «войд» в названии (с английского «void» означает «пустота») пространство здесь не совсем пустое. В этом регионе космоса расположено примерно на 30 процентов меньше скопления галактик, чем в окружающем их пространстве. По мнению ученых, войды составляют до 50 процентов объема Вселенной, и этот процент, по их же мнению, будет продолжать расти благодаря сверхсильной гравитации, которая притягивает к себе всю окружающую их материю. Интересным этот войд делают две вещи: его невообразимый размер и его отношение к загадочному холодному реликтовому пятну WMAP. Что интересно, новый обнаруженный супервойд сейчас воспринимается учеными как лучшее объяснение такого явления, как холодные пятна, или регионы космического пространства, заполненные космическим реликтовым (фоновым) микроволновым излучением. Ученые долгое время спорят, чем же на самом деле являются эти холодные пятна.
Одна из предложенных теорий, например, предполагает, что холодные пятна являются отпечатками черных дыр параллельных вселенных, вызываемых квантовой запутанностью между вселенными. Однако многие ученые современности больше склоняются к мнению о том, что появление этих холодных пятен может провоцироваться супервойдами. Объясняется это тем, что когда протоны проходят через войд, они теряют свою энергию и слабеют. Тем не менее есть вероятность, что расположение супервойдов относительно близко к расположению холодных пятен может являться простой случайностью. Ученым предстоит провести еще немало исследований на этот счет и в конце концов выяснить, являются ли войды причиной возникновения загадочных холодных пятен или их источником является нечто иное.
В 2006 году титул самого большого объекта во Вселенной получил обнаруженный загадочный космический «пузырь» (или блоб, как их обычно называют ученые). Правда, титул этот он сохранил ненадолго. Этот пузырь протяженностью 200 миллионов световых лет представляет собой гигантское скоплением газа, пыли и галактик. С некоторыми оговорками этот объект похож на гигантскую зеленую медузу. Объект обнаружили японские астрономы, когда изучали один из регионов космоса, известного наличием огромного объема космического газа. Найти блоб удалось благодаря использованию специального телескопного фильтра, который неожиданно указал на наличие этого пузыря. Каждая из трех «щупалец» этого пузыря содержит галактики, которые располагаются между собой в четыре раза плотнее между собой, чем обычно во Вселенной. Скопление галактик и газовых шаров внутри этого пузыря носят название пузыри Лиман-Альфа. Считается, что эти объекты образовались примерно через 2 миллиарда лет после Большого взрыва и являются настоящими реликтами древней Вселенной. Ученые предполагают, что сам блоб образовался, когда массивные звезды, существовавшие еще в ранние времена космоса, вдруг стали сверхновыми и высвободили гигантский объем газа. Объект настолько массивен, что ученые верят, что он в общем и целом является одним из первых образовавшихся космических объектов во Вселенной. Согласно теориям, со временем из скопившегося здесь газа будут образовываться все больше и больше новых галактик.
Сверхскопление Шепли
Многие годы ученые считают, что наша галактика Млечный Путь со скоростью 2,2 миллиона километра в час притягивается через Вселенную к созвездию Центавра. Астрономы теоретизируют, что причиной этому является Великий аттрактор (Great Attractor), объект с такой силой гравитации, которой достаточно аж для того, чтобы притягивать к себе целые галактики. Правда, выяснить, что же это за объект, ученые долгое время не могли, так как объект этот расположен за так называемой «зоной избегания» (ZOA), области неба около плоскости Млечного Пути, где поглощение света межзвездной пылью настолько велико, что невозможно разглядеть, что за ней находится. Однако со временем на помощь пришла рентгеновская астрономия, которая развилась достаточно сильно, что позволила заглянуть за область ZOA и выяснить, что же является причиной такого сильного гравитационного пула. Все что ученые увидели, оказалось обычным скоплением галактик, что поставило ученых в тупик еще сильнее. Эти галактики не могли являться Великим аттрактором и обладать достаточной гравитацией для притягивания нашего Млечного Пути. Этот показатель составлять всего 44 процента от необходимого. Однако как только ученые решили заглянуть поглубже в космос, они вскоре обнаружили, что «великим космическим магнитом» является куда больший объект, чем ранее считалось. Этим объектом является сверхкластер Шепли. Сверхкластер Шепли, являющийся сверхмассивным скоплением галактик, расположен за Великим аттрактором. Он настолько огромен и обладает настолько мощным притяжением, что притягивает к себе и сам Аттрактор, и нашу собственную галактику. Состоит сверхскопление из более 8000 галактик с массой более 10 миллионов Солнц. Каждая галактика в нашем регионе космоса в настоящий момент притягивается этим сверхкластером.
Великая стена CfA2
Как и большинство объектов в этом списке, Великая стена (также известная как Великая стена CfA2) когда-то тоже могла похвастаться титулом самого большого из известных космического объекта во Вселенной. Она была открыта американским астрофизиком Маргарет Джоан Геллер и Джоном Питером Хучрой во время изучения эффекта красного смещения для Гарвард-Смитсоновского центра астрофизики. По подсчетам ученых, его длина составляет 500 миллионов световых лет, а ширина 16 миллионов световых лет. По своей форме он напоминает Великую Китайскую стену. Отсюда и прозвище, которое он получил. Точные же размеры Великой стены по-прежнему остаются загадкой для ученых. Она может быть гораздо больше, чем считается, и иметь протяженность 750 миллионов световых лет. Проблема в определении точных размеров заключена в ее расположении. Как и в случае со сверхкластером Шепли, Великая стена частично закрыта «зоной избегания». Вообще эта «зона избегания» не позволяет разглядеть около 20 процентов наблюдаемой (досягаемой для нынешних технологий) Вселенной, потому что находящиеся внутри Млечного Пути плотные скопления газа и пыли (а также высокая концентрация звезд) сильно искажает оптические длины волн. Для того чтобы посмотреть сквозь «зону избегания», астрономам приходится использовать иные виды волн, такие как, например, инфракрасные, которые позволяют пробиться еще через 10 процентов «зоны избегания». Через что не смогут пробиться инфракрасные волны, пробиваются радиоволны, а также волны ближнего инфракрасного спектра и рентгеновские лучи. Тем не менее фактическое отсутствие возможности увидеть такой большой регион космоса несколько расстраивает ученых. «Зона избегания» может содержать информацию, которая сможет заполнить пробелы в нашем знании космоса.
Сверхскопление Laniakea
Галактики, как правило, объединены в группы. Эти группы называются скоплениями. Регионы космоса, где эти скопления более плотно расположены между собой, носят название сверхскоплений. Ранее астрономы проводили картографирование этих объектов путем определения их физического нахождения во Вселенной, однако недавно был придуман новый способ картографирования локального пространства, проливший свет на ранее неизвестные астрономии данные. Новый принцип картографирования локального пространства и находящихся в нем галактик основан не столько на вычислении физического расположения объекта, сколько на измерении оказываемого им гравитационного воздействия. Благодаря новому методу определяется расположение галактик и на основе это составляется карта распределения гравитации во Вселенной. По сравнению со старыми, новый метод является более продвинутым, потому что он позволяет астрономам не только отмечать новые объекты в видимой нами Вселенной, но и находить новые объекты в тех местах, куда раньше не было возможность заглянуть. Так как метод основан на измерении уровня воздействия тех или иных галактик, а не на наблюдении за этими галактиками, то благодаря ему мы можем находить даже те объекты, которые мы не можем напрямую увидеть. Первые результаты исследования наших местных галактик с использованием нового метода исследования уже получены. Ученые, на основе границ гравитационного потока, отмечают новое сверхскопление. Важность этого исследования заключается в том, что оно позволит нам лучше понять, где же наше место во Вселенной. Ранее считалось, что Млечный Путь находится внутри сверхскопления Девы, однако новый метод исследования показывает, что этот регион является лишь рукавом еще более крупного сверхскопления Laniakea — одного из самых больших объектов во Вселенной. Он простирается на 520 миллионов световых лет, и где-то внутри него находимся мы.
Великая стена Слоуна
Впервые Великая стена Слоуна была обнаружена в 2003 году в рамках проекта Слоановского цифрового небесного обзора — научного картографирования сотен миллионов галактик, для определения наличия самых крупных объектов во Вселенной. Великая стена Слоуна является гигантским галактическим филаментом, состоящим из нескольких сверхскоплений, распределяющихся по Вселенной, как щупальца гигантского осьминога. Благодаря своей длине в 1,4 миллиарда световых лет, «стена» когда-то считалась самым большим объектом во Вселенной.
Сама Великая стена Слоуна не так изучена, как сверхскполения, которые находится внутри нее. Некоторые из этих сверхскоплений интересны сами по себе и заслуживают отдельного упоминания. Одно, например, имеет ядро из галактик, которые вместе со стороны выглядят как гигантские усики. Другое сверхскопление имеет очень высокий уровень взаимодействия галактик, многие из которых сейчас проходят период слияния.
Наличие «стены» и любых других более крупных объектов создает новые вопросы о загадках Вселенной. Их существование противоречит космологическому принципу, который теоретически ограничивает то, насколько большими могут быть объекты во Вселенной. Согласно этому принципу, законы Вселенной не позволяют существовать объектам размером более 1,2 миллиарда световых лет. Однако объекты подобные Великой стене Слоуна полностью противоречат этому мнению.
Группа квазаров Huge-LQG7
Квазары — это высокоэнергетические астрономические объекты, расположенные в центре галактик. Считается, что центром квазаров являются сверхмассивные черные дыры, которые вытягивают на себя окружающую материю. Это приводит к огромному излучению, мощность которого в 1000 раз больше всех звезд внутри галактики. В настоящий момент третьим самым крупным объектом во Вселенной считается группа квазаров Huge-LQG, состоящая из 73 квазаров, разбросанных на более 4 миллиардов световых лет. Ученые считают, что эта столь массивная группа квазаров, а также аналогичные ей, являются одними из основных предшественников и источников самых крупных объектов во Вселенной, таких как, например, Великая стена Слоуна. Группа квазаров Huge-LQG была обнаружена после анализа тех же данных, благодаря которым была обнаружена Великая стена Слоуна. Ученые определили ее наличие после картографирования одного из регионов космоса с помощью специального алгоритма измеряющего плотность расположения квазаров на определенной области.
Следует отметить, что само существование Huge-LQG по-прежнему является предметом споров. В то время как одни ученые считают, что этот регион космоса действительно представляет группу квазаров, другие ученые уверены в том, что квазары внутри этой области космоса расположены случайным образом и не являются частью одной группы.
Гигантское гамма-кольцо
Растянувшееся на 5 миллиардов световых лет Гигантское галактическое гамма-кольцо (Giant GRB Ring) является вторым самым крупным объектом во Вселенной. Помимо невероятного размера, этот объект привлекает к себе внимание благодаря своей необычной форме. Астрономы, изучая всплески гамма-лучей (огромные всплески энергии, которые образуются в результате гибели массивных звезд), обнаружили серию из девяти всплесков, источники которых находились на одинаковом расстоянии до Земли. Эти всплески образовали на небосводе кольцо, в 70 раз превышающий диаметр полной Луны. Учитывая, что сами по себе всплески гамма-излучения являются довольно редким явлением, шанс на то, что они сформируют подобную форму на небосводе, равен 1 к 20 000. Это позволило ученым считать, что они являются свидетелем одного из самых крупных объектов во Вселенной. Само по себе «кольцо» — это лишь термин, описывающий визуальное представление этого явления при наблюдении с Земли. Есть теории, что гигантское гамма-кольцо может являться проекцией сферы, вокруг которой все гамма всплески происходили в относительно небольшой период времени около 250 миллионов лет. Правда, здесь же возникает вопрос о том, что за источник мог создать такую сферу. Одно из объяснений вертится вокруг возможности того, что галактики могут собираться в группы вокруг огромной концентрации темной материи. Однако это лишь теория. Ученые по-прежнему не знают, как образуются подобные структуры.
Великая стена Геркулес — Северная Корона
Самый большой объект во Вселенной тоже был обнаружен астрономами в рамках наблюдения за гамма-излучением. Этот объект, получивший название Великая стена Геркулес — Северная Корона, простирается на 10 миллиардов световых лет, что делает его в два раза больше Гигантского галактического гамма-кольца. Так как самые яркие всплески гамма-излучения производят более крупные звезды, обычно расположенные в областях космоса, где содержится больше материи, астрономы каждый раз метафорически рассматривают каждый такой всплеск как укол иголки в нечто более крупное. Когда ученые обнаружили, что в области космоса в направлении созвездий Геркулеса и Северной Короны слишком часто происходят всплески гамма-излучения, они определили, что здесь имеется астрономический объект, представляющий собой, вероятнее всего, плотную концентрацию галактических скоплений и другой материи. Интересный факт: имя «Великая стена Геркулес — Северная Корона» было придумано филиппинским тинейджером, который записал его в «Википедию» (вносить справки в эту электронную энциклопедию, кто не знает, может любой желающий). Вскоре после новостей о том, что астрономы обнаружили огромную структуру на космическом небосклоне, на страницах «Википедии» появилась соответствующая статья. Несмотря на то, что придуманное имя не совсем точно описывает этот объект (стена охватывает сразу несколько созвездий, а не только два), мировой Интернет быстро к нему привык. Возможно, это первый случай, когда «Википедия» дала имя обнаруженному и интересному с научной точки зрения объекту. Так как само существование этой «стены» тоже противоречит космологическому принципу, ученым приходится пересматривать некоторые свои теории о том, как на самом деле сформировалась Вселенная.
Космическая паутина
Ученые считают, что расширение Вселенной происходит не случайным образом. Есть теории, согласно которым все галактики космоса организованы в одну невероятных размеров структуру, напоминающую нитевидные соединения, объединяющие между собой плотные области. Эти нити рассеяны между менее плотными войдами. Эту структуру ученые называют Космической паутиной. По мнению ученых, паутина сформировалась на очень ранних этапах истории Вселенной. Ранний этап формирования паутины происходил нестабильно и неоднородно, что впоследствии помогло образованию всего того, что сейчас имеется во Вселенной. Считается, что «нити» этой паутины сыграли большую роль в эволюции Вселенной, благодаря которым эта эволюция ускорилась. Галактики, находящиеся внутри этих нитей, имеют существенно более высокий показатель звездообразования. Кроме того, эти нити являются своего рода мостиком для гравитационного взаимодействия между галактиками. После своего формирования в этих нитях, галактики направляются к галактическим скоплениям, где в итоге со временем умирают. Только недавно ученые начали понимать, чем же на самом деле является эта Космическая паутина. Более того, они даже обнаружили ее присутствие в излучении исследуемого ими далекого квазара. Квазары, как известно, являются самыми яркими объектами Вселенной. Свет одного из них направился прямиком к одной из нитей, что разогрело находящиеся в ней газы и заставило их светиться. На основе этих наблюдений ученые провели нити между другими галактиками, составив тем самым картинку «скелета космоса».

Земля отличается от других планет нашей Галактики

(Как можно было написать такую чушь - "богатых железом звезд" ? Звёзды или Солнца имеют Белую Энергию Баланса, а не элементы таблицы Менделеева! ЛМ)
Как правило, вокруг богатых железом звезд вращаются массивные каменистые тела, «завернутые» в гигантскую газовую оболочку...Если обитаемые планеты характерны именно для бедных металлами звезд, на современном этапе жизни галактики они образуются значительно реже.

На комете 67P обнаружены погодные явления

(Не похоже на комету, ЛМ)
На комете 67P (Чурюмова-Герасименко) обнаружены признаки погодных явлений. Влагооборот на комете заметно отличается от земного: облака не проливаются дождем на поверхность, а улетают в космос на закате. Вероятно, запасы льда на поверхности пополняются за счет подземных источников (выходя наружу из трещин благодаря мощному солнечному излучению в дневное время суток). Со временем этот процесс приведет к полному истощению запасов льда на небесном теле. Возможно, именно из-за него на поверхности кометы 67P оказалось так мало льда.
Впервые о погоде на комете ученые узнали в августе 2014 года, когда летающий вокруг небесного тела аппарат Rosetta обнаружил на комете покрытый льдом участок площадью примерно один квадратный километр.

Черная дыра в центре Млечного Пути проявляет необычную активность

Сверхмассивная черная дыра в центре нашей галактики Млечный Путь стала больше "разговаривать", проявляя необычную активность в виде частых рентгеновских вспышек, пишет группа авторов в материале, опубликованном на сайте рентгеновской обсерватории "Чандра". Объединив данные, полученные в течение долгих наблюдений с помощью NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory и ESA's XMM-Newton, ученые выяснили, что наша тихая сверхмассивная черная дырой Стрелец А, обычно производящая одну вспышку в десять дней, в 2014 году увеличила частоту рентгеновских вспышек в 10 раз. Ученые пытаются понять, является ли это ее нормальным поведением, которое раньше не было заметно из-за слабых технических средств наблюдения, или рост частоты вспышек вызван проходом мимо черной дыры таинственного объекта G2. "В течение нескольких лет мы следили за рентгеновское излучение от Стрельца A, в том числе за влиянием пыльного объекта G2. Спустя год (после начала наблюдений) мы решили, что никакого влияния на черную дыру не было. Сейчас мы считаем, что это скорее всего, не так", — приводятся в статье слова Габриэле Понти из Института Макса Планка (Германия). Первоначально ученые считали, что таинственный объект G2 является облаком газа и пыли. Тем не менее, после прохождения рядом с черной дырой в конце 2013 года, внешний вид G2 не изменился. Это привело к появлению новой теории, что G2 — не просто газовое облако, а звезда, закутанная в пыльной кокон.

Волны свечения атмосферы над Тибетом (Wavy Glowing Rings above Tibet)
После мощной грозы над Бангладеш над Тибетом в Китае появились запечатленные здесь огромные круглые волны светящегося воздуха. Необычный узор создают атмосферные гравитационные волны – волны изменяющегося давления воздуха, которые могут расти с высотой в разреженном воздухе, в этом случае до высоты почти в 90 километров.

RED AIRGLOW OVER CHILE (similar photo as above, LM)
 On Sept. 1st, astrophotographer Yuri Beletsky hiked into the Atacama Desert of Chile for a deep exposure of the Milky Way. He got that and much more. "There was a stunning display of red airglow," he says. It surrounded the Milky Way like a celestial bulls-eye: Airglow is aurora-like phenomenon caused by chemical reactions in the upper atmosphere. Human eyes seldom notice the faint glow, but It can be photographed on almost any clear dark night, anywhere in the world. The curious thing about Beletsky's photo is not the presence of airglow, but rather its color--red. Airglow is usually green, the color of light from oxygen atoms some 90 km to 100 km above Earth's surface. Where does the red come from? Instead of oxygen, OH can produce the required color. These neutral molecules (not to be confused with the OH- ion found in aqueous solutions) exist in a thin layer 85 km high where gravity waves impress the red glow with a dramatic rippling structure.
"It was a truly special night," says Beletsky. "Pure tranquility."

В статьях на русском сайте  никогда не упоминают о разноцветных вибрациях в небе, испускаемых представителями разных цивилизаций, объясняя цвета элементами таблицы Менделеева. Этот сайт больше наносит вреда своими нелепыми объяснениями всего происходящего, чем пользы, думая что кругом - одни дураки. Столько лет нести белиберду, да впридачу рекламировать проститутцию своими объявлениями по бокам, вроде как "не хотите ли азиатскую девочку на ночь? ЛМ.

Над Чили появилось необычное свечение атмосферы
1 сентября астрофотограф Юрий Белецкий делал фотографии Млечного Пути в пустыне Атакама (Чили), однако ему посчастливилось запечатлеть нечто большее: необычное ярко-красное свечение атмосферы. Собственное свечение атмосферы — это явление, подобное северному сиянию, то есть вызывается различными реакциями в верхних слоях атмосферы. Невооруженным глазом свечение трудно заметить, но в ясную ночь с помощью фотоаппарата его можно запечатлеть в любой точке мира. На полученной Юрием фотографии самое интересное — не само свечение (то есть свечение по их понятиям вообще не имеет никакого значения! ЛМ), но его цвет — красный. Обычно это свечение вызывают атомы кислорода на высоте 900–100 км, и оно зеленого цвета. Откуда красный? Вероятно, необычный цвет вызывают гидроксилы (OH), находящиеся на высоте 85 км, где гравитационные волны придали им прекрасную ребристую структуру.

3  September 2015
As September begins, solar activity is low. Nevertheless, space weather continues. High above thunderstorms in Europe, red sprites are dancing across the cloudtops, reaching up to the edge of space itself. Martin Popek photographed these specimens yesterday from Nýdek, the Czech republic:
"I used a zoom lens for a close-up view of these sprites, which could just be seen over the treetops as they jumped upward from a distant storm," says Popek. Inhabiting the upper reaches of Earth's atmosphere alongside noctilucent clouds, meteors, and some auroras, sprites are a true space weather phenomenon. Some researchers believe they are linked to cosmic rays: subatomic particles from deep space striking the top of Earth's atmosphere produce secondary electrons that, in turn, could provide the spark that triggers sprites. Although sprites have been seen for at least a century, most scientists did not believe they existed until after 1989 when sprites were photographed by cameras onboard the space shuttle. Now "sprite chasers" regularly photograph the upward bolts from their own homes.

Давайте разберемся: что же такое свет?

(Большую часть бессмыслицы я убрала из статьи! ЛМ).

Илья Хель, 23 Августа 2015
Свет, oн вокруг нас и позволяет нам видеть мир. Но спросите любого из нас, и большинство не сможет объяснить, что такое на самом деле этот свет. Свет помогает нам понимать мир, в котором мы живем. Наш язык это отражает: во тьме мы передвигаемся на ощупь, свет мы начинаем видеть вместе с наступлением зари. И все же мы далеки от полного понимания света. Если вы приблизите луч света, что в нем будет? Да, свет движется невероятно быстро, но разве его нельзя применить для путешествий?
Конечно, все должно быть не так. Свет озадачивает лучшие умы на протяжении веков, но знаковые открытия, совершенные за последние 150 лет, постепенно приоткрывали завесу тайны над этой загадкой. Теперь мы более-менее понимаем, что это такое. Физики современности не только постигают природу света, но и пытаются управлять ей с беспрецедентной точностью — и значит, свет очень скоро можно заставить работать самым удивительным способом. По этой причине Организация Объединенных Наций провозгласила 2015 году Международным годом Света.
Свет можно описать всевозможными способами. Но начать стоит с этого: свет — это форма излучения (радиации). Но не все формы излучения одинаковы. В конце 19 века ученые смогли определить точную суть светового излучения. И что самое странное, это открытие пришло не в процессе изучения света, а вышло из десятилетий работы над природой электричества и магнетизма и кажутся совершенно разными вещами..
Максвелл показал, что электрические и магнитные поля передвигаются в виде волн, и эти волны движутся со скоростью света. Это позволило Максвеллу предсказать, что свет сам по себе переносится электромагнитными волнами — и это означает, что свет является формой электромагнитного излучения (Какая глупость! ЛМ). В конце 1880-х, через несколько лет после смерти Максвелла, немецкий физик Генрих Герц первым официально продемонстрировал, что теоретическая концепция электромагнитной волны Максвелла была верной. Максвелл занимает место в анналах науки о свете по другой, более практической причине. В 1861 году он обнародовал первую устойчивую цветную фотографию, полученную с использованием системы трехцветного фильтра, которая заложила основу для многих форм цветной фотографии сегодня.
Первая цветная фотография
Сама фраза о том, что свет является формой электромагнитного излучения, многого не говорит. Но помогает описать то, что мы все понимаем: свет — это спектр цветов. Это наблюдение восходит еще к работам Исаака Ньютона. Мы видим цветовой спектр во всей его красе, когда радуга всходит на небе — и эти цвета напрямую связаны с максвелловским понятием электромагнитных волн. Красный свет на одном конце радуги — это электромагнитное излучение с длиной волны от 620 до 750 нанометров; фиолетовый цвет на другом конце — излучение с длиной волны от 380 до 450 нм. Но в электромагнитном излучении есть и больше, чем видимые цвета. Свет с длиной волны длиннее красного мы называем инфракрасным. Свет с длиной волны короче фиолетового называем ультрафиолетовым. Многие животные могут видеть в ультрафиолетовом, некоторые люди тоже, говорит Элефтериос Гулильмакис из Института квантовой оптики Макса Планка в Гархинге, Германия. В некоторых случаях люди видят даже инфракрасный. Возможно, поэтому нас не удивляет, что ультрафиолетовый и инфракрасный мы называем формами света. Любопытно, однако, что если длины волн становятся еще короче или длиннее, мы перестаем называть их «светом». За пределами ультрафиолетового, электромагнитные волны могут быть короче 100 нм. Это царство рентгеновских и гамма-лучей. Вы когда-нибудь слышали, чтобы рентгеновские лучи называли формой света?
«Ученый не скажет «я просвечиваю объект рентгеновским светом». Он скажет «я использую рентгеновские лучи», — говорит Гулильмакис. Между тем, за пределами инфракрасных и электромагнитных длин волны вытягиваются до 1 см и даже до тысяч километров. Такие электромагнитные волны получили названия микроволн или радиоволн. Кому-то может показаться странным воспринимать радиоволны как свет.
«Нет особой физической разницы между радиоволнами и видимым светом с точки зрения физики, — говорит Гулильмакис. — Вы будете описывать их одними и теми же уравнениями и математикой».
Только наше повседневное восприятие различает их. Таким образом, мы получаем другое определение света. Это очень узкий диапазон электромагнитного излучения, которое могут видеть наши глаза. Другими словами, свет — это субъективный ярлык, который мы используем только вследствие ограниченности наших органов чувств 
(Ещё одна глупость! ЛМ).. Если вам нужны более подробные доказательства того, насколько субъективно наше восприятие цвета, вспомните радугу. Большинство людей знают, что спектр света содержит семь основных цветов: красный, оранжевый, желтый, зеленый, голубой, синий и фиолетовый. Посмотрите на хорошую радугу и попробуйте разглядеть все семь. Это не удалось даже Ньютону. Ученые подозревают, что ученый разделил радугу на семь цветов, поскольку число «семь» было очень важным для древнего мира: семь нот, семь дней недели и т. п...Когда свет проходит через тонкие щели, он ведет себя подобно водяным волнам, которые проходят через узкое отверстие: они рассеиваются и распространяются в форме полусферической ряби. Когда этот свет проходит через две щели, каждая волна гасит другую, образуя темные участки. Когда же рябь сходится, она дополняется, образуя яркие вертикальные линии. Эксперимент Юнга буквально подтвердил волновую модель, поэтому Максвелл облек эту идею в твердую математическую форму. Свет — это волна.
Но потом произошла квантовая революция. Во второй половине девятнадцатого века, физики пытались выяснить, как и почему некоторые материалы абсорбируют и излучают электромагнитное излучение лучше других. Стоит отметит, что тогда электросветовая промышленность только развивалась, поэтому материалы, которые могут излучать свет, были серьезной штукой.
К концу девятнадцатого века ученые обнаружили, что количество электромагнитного излучения, испускаемого объектом, меняется в зависимости от его температуры, и измерили эти изменения. Но никто не знал, почему так происходит. В 1900 году Макс Планк решил эту проблему. Он выяснил, что расчеты могут объяснить эти изменения, но только если допустить, что электромагнитное излучение передается крошечными дискретными порциями. Планк называл их «кванта», множественное число латинского «квантум». Физики обнаружили, что кусок металла становится положительно заряженным, когда облучается видимым или ультрафиолетовым светом. Этот эффект был назван фотоэлектрическим. Атомы в металле теряли отрицательно заряженные электроны. Судя по всему, свет доставлял достаточно энергии металлу, чтобы тот выпустил часть электронов. Но почему электроны так делали, было непонятно. Они могли переносить больше энергии, просто изменив цвет света. В частности, электроны, выпущенные металлом, облученным фиолетовым светом, переносили больше энергии, чем электроны, выпущенные металлом, облученным красным светом.
Обычно вы изменяете количество энергии в волне, делая ее выше — представьте себе высокое цунами разрушительной силы — а не длиннее или короче. В более широком смысле, лучший способ увеличить энергию, которую свет передает электронам, это сделать волну света выше: то есть сделать свет ярче. Изменение длины волны, а значит и света, не должно было нести особой разницы. Это могло бы объяснить, почему порции фиолетового света с относительно короткой длиной волны переносят больше энергии, чем порции красного света, с относительно большой длиной. Грубо говоря, одна порция фиолетового света может передать больше энергии одному электрону, чем много порций красного свет. Видимый свет переносится фотонами, другие виды электромагнитного излучения вроде рентгеновского, микроволнового и радиоволнового — тоже. Другими словами, свет — это частица. На этом физики решили положить конец дебатам на тему того, из чего состоит свет. Обе модели были настолько убедительными, что отказываться от одной не было никакого смысла. К удивлению многих нефизиков, ученые решили (не учёные решили, а Бом открыл это! ЛМ) , что свет ведет себя одновременно как частица и как волна. Другими словами, свет — это парадокс, у физиков не возникло проблем с раздвоением личности света.
Это в какой-то мере сделало свет полезным вдвойне. Оказывается, что уравнения, используемые для описания света-волны и света-частицы, работают одинаково хорошо, но в некоторых случаях одно проще использовать, чем другое. Поэтому физики переключаются между ними, примерно как мы используем метры, описывая собственный рост, и переходим на километры, описывая поездку на велосипеде. Некоторые физики пытаются использовать свет для создания шифрованных каналов связи, для денежных переводов, к примеру. Для них имеет смысл думать о свете как о частицах. Виной всему странная природа квантовой физики. Две фундаментальные частицы, как пара фотонов, могут быть «запутаны». Это значит, что они будут иметь общие свойства вне зависимости от того, как далеки будут друг от друга, поэтому их можно использовать для передачи информации между двумя точками на Земле. Еще одна особенность этой запутанности в том, что квантовое состояние фотонов изменяется, когда их считывают. Это значит, что если кто-то попытается подслушать зашифрованный канал, в теории, он сразу выдаст свое присутствие. Другие, как Гулильмакис, используют свет в электронике. Им полезней представлять свет в виде серии волн, которые можно приручить и контролировать. Современные устройства под названием «синтесайзеры светового поля» могут сводить световые волны в идеальной синхронности друг с дружкой. В результате они создают световые импульсы, которые более интенсивные, кратковременные и направленные, чем свет обычной лампы. За последние 15 лет эти устройства научились использовать для приручения света с чрезвычайной степенью. В 2004 году Гулильмакис и его коллеги научились производить невероятно короткие импульсы рентгеновского излучения. Каждый импульс длился всего 250 аттосекунд, или 250 квинтиллионных секунды. Используя эти крошечные импульсы как вспышку фотоаппарата, они смогли сделать снимки отдельных волн видимого света, которые колеблются намного медленнее. Они буквально сделали снимки движущегося света.
«Еще со времен Максвелла мы знали, что свет — это осциллирующее электромагнитное поле, но никто даже и подумать не мог, что мы можем сделать снимки осциллирующего света», — говорит Гулильмакис.
Наблюдение за этими отдельными волнами света стало первым шагом по направлению к управлению и изменению света, говорит он, подобно тому, как мы изменяем радиоволны для переноса радио- и телевизионных сигналов. Сто лет назад фотоэлектрический эффект показал, что видимый свет влияет на электроны в металле. Гулильмакис говорит, что должна быть возможность точно контролировать эти электроны, используя волны видимого света, измененные таким образом, чтобы взаимодействовать с металлом четко определенным образом. «Мы можем управлять светом и с его помощью управлять материей», — говорит он. Это может произвести революцию в электронике, привести к новому поколению оптических компьютеров, которые будут меньше и быстрее наших. «Мы сможем двигать электронами как заблагорассудится, создавая электрические токи внутри твердых веществ с помощью света, а не как в обычной электронике».
Вот еще один способ описать свет: это инструмент.
Впрочем, ничего нового. Жизнь использовала свет еще с тех пор, когда первые примитивные организмы развили светочувствительные ткани. Глаза людей улавливают фотоны видимого света, мы используем их для изучения мира вокруг. Современные технологии еще дальше уводят эту идею. В 2014 году Нобелевская премия по химии была присуждена исследователям, которые построили настолько мощный световой микроскоп, что он считался физически невозможным. Оказалось, что если постараться, свет может показать нам вещи, которые мы думали никогда не увидим.

Через черные дыры можно попасть в другую вселенную
Знаменитый британский физик Стивен Хокинг выдвинул новую теорию, касающуюся черных дыр. Выступая на конференции в Стокгольме, ученый предположил, что из них можно выбраться. Но те, кому посчастливится это сделать, попадут в другую вселенную.
"Существование альтернативных теорий о черных дырах предполагает, что это возможно, – приводится заявление Хокинга на сайте стокгольмского Королевского технологического института. – Черная дыра должна быть достаточно большой, и если она будет вращаться, то вполне вероятно, что там будет выход в другую вселенную. Но вернуться оттуда в нашу вселенную уже не получится. И хотя я помешан на космических путешествиях, я бы не стал пробовать это".
Такое предположение Хокинг выдвинул, пытаясь ответить на вопрос, который давно мучает физиков – вопрос о том, что происходит с объектами, когда они попадают за горизонт событий. Хокинг полагает, что черные дыры не поглощают и не уничтожают физическую информацию об объектах – они сохраняют ее в виде двухмерной голограммы.
Ранее физики предположили, что информация, попавшая в черную дыру, утрачивается безвозвратно. По мнению Хокинга, она не исчезает, а находится на периферии черной дыры в хаотическом состоянии, так что для практического применения она действительно бесполезна. Но идея о том, что информация не проваливается в саму дыру, позволяет предположить, что из черной дыры можно выбраться.
"Если вы чувствуете, что попали в черную дыру, не сдавайтесь. Выход есть", – заключил Хокинг.
Comments: Alexei2012 - Странно. Эта тема серьёзно обсуждается со времен модели «кротовых нор» Эйнштейна – Розена. С 30-х годов прошлого века. И еще лет 20 назад аспирант самого Хоукинга доказал, что информация (и не только она) не исчезает в черной дыре. С чем Хоукинг был вынужден согласиться. А уж об иных Вселенных и черных дырах, как пути «туда» не устают рассуждать (и строить модели) со времен автора «Мультивселенной» физика Эверета с 50-х годов прошлого века. Да и вообще Хоукинг уж слишком часто меняет свои мнения. И по черным дырам и по инопланетянам. В зависимости от коньюктуры похоже.

Ученые раскрыли тайну взрывающихся звезд
Долгое время терзавшая астрофизиков тайна крохотных звезд, которые взрываются, формируя гигантские вспышки, известные как сверхновые типа Ia, наконец-то может быть окончательно разрешена. В течение нескольких десятилетий ученые вели дискуссии относительно того, что порождает эту конкретную разновидность сверхновых: система с одним или двумя белыми карликами? Ответ на этот вопрос нужен ученым не только для того, чтобы заполнить соответствующие главы школьных учебников по астрономии, но имеет большую практическую ценность. Понимание физики и многообразия сверхновых типа Ia поможет в изучении эволюции галактик и таинственной космической силы, известной как темная энергия.
«Мы стоим на пороге понимания одной из последних загадок, связанных со звездами», – сказала ассистент-профессор Факультета физики и астрономии Университета штата Мичиган, США, Лора Чомиук в интервью представителям Фонда Кавли во время проходивших на днях научных дискуссий за круглым столом. – Мы начинаем понимать причины возникновения сверхновых типа Ia».
Ответ на этот вопрос ученые связывают с новой теорией, предложенной физиком Даниэлем Кейзеном. Согласно его теории при взрыве в системе из двух звезд первой звезды образуется «звездный труп», или белый карлик, и происходит доступная наблюдениям с Земли вспышка в ультрафиолетовом диапазоне, вызванная взаимодействием отходящей от взорвавшейся звезды материи с материей звезды-компаньона. Когда в дальнейшем сформировавшийся в результате первого взрыва белый карлик перетягивает на себя часть материи от звезды-компаньона, происходит взрыв сверхновой типа Ia. В альтернативном сценарии происходит слияние двух белых карликов.

Астрономы зафиксировали зрелищное столкновение галактик
Зрелищное столкновение галактик обнаружили ученые за завесой из звезд Млечного пути. Этот космический объект стал ближайшим к нам из когда-либо открытых учеными столкновений галактик, и о его обнаружении было объявлено командой астрономов во главе с профессором Квентином Паркером из Гонг-Конгского университета, Китай, и профессором Альбертом Зижлстра из Манчестерского университета, Великобритания. Эта галактика, образовавшаяся в результате слияния двух меньших по размера галактик, которая находится от нас на расстоянии всего лишь 30 миллионов световых лет, получила название «Колесо Кэтрин», как в честь знаменитого фейерверка, который она напоминает, так и в честь жены второго автора этой научной работы. Такие системы очень редки в нашей Вселенной и образуются в результате галактических столкновений типа «яблочка мишени», происходящих между галактиками примерно одинаковых масс. Ударные волны от таких столкновений сжимают газовые облака в обеих галактиках и запускают интенсивное формирование новых звезд. Это приводит к появлению зрелищного кольца интенсивного излучения, которое освещает эту систему, подобно фейерверку «Колесо Кэтрин» на традиционном праздновании «Ночи Гая Фокса», или «Ночи фейерверков», в Англии. Галактика «Колесо Кэтрин» была открыта в ходе обзора обширного участка неба в районе Южного Млечного пути, проведенного при помощи английского телескопа «Шмидт», расположенного на территории Австралии. Публикация исследования увидела свет в журнале Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.

The Space We Live In - FULL HD Video

Окружающая нас Вселенная медленно умирает
Международный коллектив астрономов выяснил, что окружающая нас Вселенная вырабатывает в два раза меньше энергии, чем она делала 2 миллиарда лет назад, что говорит о том, что она медленно, но умирает.
"Начиная с этой эпохи, Вселенная обречена на дряхление и смерть.... По сути, она шлепнулась на диван, накрылась одеялом и приготовилась заснуть вечным сном", — заявил Саймон Драйвер (Simon Driver) из Международного центра радиоастрономических исследований (ICRAR) в Западной Австралии. Как отмечает астроном, сам по себе факт того, что Вселенная постепенно гаснет и умирает, не является открытием — об этом астрофизики подозревают с конца 90 годов прошлого века, однако сами детали этого процесса, его скорость и масштабы оставались неизученными.

Fading cosmos quantified in 21 colours - video
11 August 2015
A team of astronomers has published a multi-coloured survey of five chunks of space - and offered the best estimate yet of how fast the Universe is fading. They analysed the light from 200,000 galaxies in 21 wavelengths and found that the energy output of the Universe has nearly halved in two billion years. This agrees with previous calculations, confirming that the lights are slowly going out right across this spectrum. The drop is largely due to the falling rate at which new stars are formed. The results, which come from the Galaxy and Mass Assembly (GAMA) survey, were unveiled at the general assembly of the International Astronomical Union in Honolulu, Hawaii.
"We used as many space and ground-based telescopes as we could get our hands on to measure the energy output of over 200,000 galaxies across as broad a wavelength range as possible," said GAMA's principal investigator Prof Simon Driver, from the International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research in Western Australia. The rate at which stars are forming is slowing down so much, that we are now starting to see the total energy output decreasing." Dr Stephen Wilkins, University of Sussex. He and his team are now opening up this huge collection of data for other astronomers to work on.
"The data release means that a whole lot more people outside the team are going to be able to jump on the data and do science with it, which is incredibly important," said Dr Stephen Wilkins of the University of Sussex, another GAMA team member. He told BBC News that the strength of GAMA is that it combines so many wavelengths, where previous surveys have concentrated on a few. Composite image showing how a typical galaxy appears at different wavelengths in the GAMA survey. These pictures show a single galaxy, imaged at some of the different wavelengths in the GAMA survey. Because the team used a variety of the world's most powerful telescopes - both earthbound and in orbit - their analysis spans wavelengths from UV light to infrared, including the small strip of visible wavelengths in the middle. That means they can look at light from stars, that are both young and old, as well as light, that has been absorbed and then re-emitted by dust.
So the new assessment of the Universe's decline includes information from a huge variety of galaxies, including those hidden behind dust.
'Nodding off'
"We know that star formation peaked a few billion years ago and has been declining since. This is just a new way of measuring that decline," Dr Wilkins said. "It's a new spin, and it completely agrees with the previous results..."
Specifically, when the team totted up the total energy output of galaxies at three different ages, they saw a steady slump. In total, from 2.25 billion years ago to 0.75 billion years ago, the Universe's output apparently fell by about 40%.
"The rate at which stars are forming is slowing down so much, that we are now starting to see the total energy output of all the stars decreasing," Dr Wilkins explained. This happens because the stars that already exist - on average - get older, smaller and less energetic.
One of the instruments involved was VISTA in Chile, the world's largest survey telescope . Prof Driver wrapped the findings into a sad but cosy analogy: "The Universe will decline from here on in, like an old age that lasts forever. The Universe has basically sat down on the sofa, pulled up a blanket and is about to nod off for an eternal doze. The rate at which stars form is probably going to decline more and more," Dr Wilkins said. "So the Universe will, based on our expectations, become fainter and fainter and fainter. But there's a huge amount of uncertainty there, because we don't understand so much of the underlying cosmology."
The team's analysis of the great cosmic drowsiness has been submitted to the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, but is not yet peer-reviewed. Dr Aprajita Verma, an astrophysicist at the University of Oxford, said GAMA offered a unique and valuable data set because of its spread of wavelengths. "We know that galaxies can exhibit very different properties if you look at them purely in the optical, compared to other wavelengths," she told the BBC. "This is kind of making a census of their emissions, right the way from the UV through to the sub-millimetre range." Dr Verma was also pleased the wider research community would get its hands on the data. "It will spawn lots of new studies, I think," she said.

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НАСА отказалось комментировать фото с отвалившимся куском Луны

Учёные агентства NASA не смогли объяснить, почему на одном архивном снимке от Луны отвалился огромный кусок. Речь идёт о фотографии , сделанной в ходе высадки на Луну Аполлона 11. Сначала эту аномалию обнаружили простые граждане, изучавшие архивные фотографии, но затем к поискам ответов на этот вопрос, подключилось авторитетное издание, обратившиеся с официальным запросом к НАСА.
"У нас есть фотография Луны в высоком качестве, но есть одна странность, кажется, что от неё оторвался один кусок”. Издание, исследовав фото и убедившись в том, факт имеет место быть, обратилось за разъяснениями к представителю NASA Дуэйну Брауну через электронную почту, но никакого ответа не получило. Тогда журналисты связались с пресс-секретарём учёного Линетт Мэдисон, она подтвердила, что послание Дуэйн Браун получил и была удивлена, что тот ничего не ответил. Такое поведение наводит на мысли о том, что космическому агентству есть что скрывать.
Конечно же сразу возникли теории о том, что это НЛО, идеально маскирующееся под окружающую обстановку для того, чтобы следить за тем, как человек совершает полёты в космос. Вторая версия – это неизвестный астероид, случайно попавший в кадр.

Звездопады в 2015 году

(Ещё одна дрянная статья! Солнца никогда не падают на землю, они не материальные. Падают обломки НЛО во время сражений друг с другом, космические аппараты или самолёты, а Солнца или соединяются друг с другом или переходят на уровень выше (нефизический) или покидают Вселенную совсем ! Звезда может быть разного цвета, а Солнце только одного - Белого! ЛМ)
Звездопады — фантастическое зрелище для истинных любителей астрономических наблюдений. В 2015 году каждый желающий сможет насладиться звездопадами на небе..

Черные дыры могут быть жидкими

Черная дыра представляет собой и жидкость, и твердое тело одновременно. К такому выводу пришел профессор теоретической физики и космологии Института Нильса Бора при Копенгагенском университете Нильс Оберс.

The Lagest Thing in the Universe (SUPERVOID)
In deep space lies a ‘supervoid’ that could be the biggest structure ever known. More than ten years ago, while taking the temperature of the universe, astronomers found something odd. They discovered that a patch of sky, spanning the width of 20 moons, was unusually cold....The CMB blankets the sky, and looks pretty much the same everywhere, smoldering at a feebly cold temperature of 2.725 degrees Kelvin - just a couple degrees warmer than absolute zero. But armed with the newly launched WMAP satellite, the astronomers had set out to probe temperature variations as tiny as one part in 100,000. Born from the quantum froth that was the universe a half-moment after the big bang, those random fluctuations help scientists understand what the cosmos is made of and how it all came to beSome scientists had suggested the cold spot was due to instrumental error or in the way the data was analysed. But in 2013, new observations from the Planck satellite confirmed earlier detections of the cold spot. And it demanded an explanation. What's now emerging as the top hypothesis is a cosmic supervoid. All the stuff in the cosmos - galaxies and invisible dark matter - stretches across space in a vast web of sheets, tendrils, and filaments. In between are pockets of emptiness called voids, which come in many shapes and sizes. A really big one could act as a kind of distorting lens, making the CMB appear cooler than it really is, the universe continues to expand faster and faster. The reason is this: When light travels through a void, it loses energy and its frequency decreases, shifting towards the lower frequency, redder end of the spectrum. Like most things, light is susceptible to the influence of gravity, which can act on photons along their journey. Inside a void, however, the dearth of matter means there's hardly any gravity to influence the light. For a photon, flying through a void is like climbing over a hill. And climbing requires energy. But the photon can get that energy back. Once it exits the void, it finds itself surrounded with matter again, and the gravitational influence is enough to pull on it, injecting it with the energy it had lost. A model of the expanding universe. For a photon to lose energy, you need the accelerated expansion of the universe. While a photon chugs along inside a void, the universe continues to expand faster and faster. By the time the photon leaves the void, it finds that - thanks to this cosmic stretching - all the matter has spread out. Because the stuff is now more widely distributed, its gravitational effect isn't as strong. It can't pull on the photon with the same strength as it did before, and the photon can't recover the energy it once had. Physicists worked out this phenomenon back in the late 1960s, but no one had actually observed it. But after the cold spot was discovered, astronomers such as Istvan Szapudi of the University of Hawaii started searching for evidence of this behaviour, called the integrated Sachs-Wolfe, or ISW, effect. In 2008, he found it.
The amazing supervoid
Szapudi couldn't identify individual voids leaving behind imprints on the CMB - he didn't have the data to do that. Instead, he and his team searched for an overall ISW effect in a statistical analysis of 100 voids and galaxy clusters, whose gravitational heft creates a warming effect and leaves hot spots in the CMB. The researchers found a real ISW effect, changing the temperature of the CMB by an average of about 10 millionths of a degree Kelvin, or 10 microkelvin. How the cosmic microwave background is mapped from Earth. Compared to the cold spot, which is about 70 microkelvin cooler than the CMB's average, the effect is small. But the point was to show that voids could create cold spots. If a void were big enough, it could conceivably create the cold spot. "If this cold spot is the biggest anomaly in the CMB, it could very well be a sign of a huge void - a very rare void in the universe," Szapudi says. "So I thought we should now look for it." The void is huge.
His first attempt, in 2010, turned up empty. But the data was limited, covering only a few points within the spot. Intriguingly, the results also showed that there might be a void less than 3 billion light years away. Last year, he and his team tried again, this time with loads more data, covering over 200 times more sky and encompassing the entire cold spot. With so much more coverage - consisting of thousands of galaxies - those earlier hints coalesced into a bona fide void. The data was unequivocal. "We're absolutely sure there is a void," Szapudi says. "I would bet my house on it." And the void is huge. It's 220 megaparsecs in radius, more than 700 million light years, which makes it one of the biggest - if not the biggest - physical structures in the universe. Some scientists had suggested the cold spot was due to instrumental error or in the way the data was analysed. But in 2013, new observations from the Planck satellite confirmed earlier detections of the cold spot. And it demanded an explanation. What's now emerging as the top hypothesis is a cosmic supervoid. All the stuff in the cosmos - galaxies and invisible dark matter - stretches across space in a vast web of sheets, tendrils, and filaments. In between are pockets of emptiness called voids, which come in many shapes and sizes. A really big one could act as a kind of distorting lens, making the CMB appear cooler than it really is. While a photon chugs along inside a void, the universe continues to expand faster and faster . The reason is this: When light travels through a void, it loses energy and its frequency decreases, shifting towards the lower frequency, redder end of the spectrum. Like most things, light is susceptible to the influence of gravity, which can act on photons along their journey. Inside a void, however, the dearth of matter means there's hardly any gravity to influence the light. For a photon, flying through a void is like climbing over a hill. And climbing requires energy. But the photon can get that energy back. Once it exits the void, it finds itself surrounded with matter again, and the gravitational influence is enough to pull on it, injecting it with the energy it had lost. A model of the expanding universe. For a photon to lose energy, you need the accelerated expansion of the universe. While a photon chugs along inside a void, the universe continues to expand faster and faster. By the time the photon leaves the void, it finds that - thanks to this cosmic stretching - all the matter has spread out. Because the stuff is now more widely distributed, its gravitational effect isn't as strong. It can't pull on the photon with the same strength as it did before, and the photon can't recover the energy it once had. Physicists worked out this phenomenon back in the late 1960s, but no one had actually observed it. But after the cold spot was discovered, astronomers such as Istvan Szapudi of the University of Hawaii started searching for evidence of this behaviour, called the integrated Sachs-Wolfe, or ISW, effect. In 2008, he found it. Szapudi couldn't identify individual voids leaving behind imprints on the CMB - he didn't have the data to do that. Instead, he and his team searched for an overall ISW effect in a statistical analysis of 100 voids and galaxy clusters, whose gravitational heft creates a warming effect and leaves hot spots in the CMB. The researchers found a real ISW effect, changing the temperature of the CMB by an average of about 10 millionths of a degree Kelvin, or 10 microkelvin. How the cosmic microwave background is mapped. Compared to the cold spot, which is about 70 microkelvin cooler than the CMB's average, the effect is small. But the point was to show that voids could create cold spots. If a void were big enough, it could conceivably create the cold spot. "If this cold spot is the biggest anomaly in the CMB, it could very well be a sign of a huge void - a very rare void in the universe," Szapudi says. "So I thought we should now look for it."
The void is huge. It's 220 megaparsecs in radius . His first attempt, in 2010, turned up empty. But the data was limited, covering only a few points within the spot. Intriguingly, the results also showed that there might be a void less than 3 billion light years away. Last year, he and his team tried again, this time with loads more data, covering over 200 times more sky and encompassing the entire cold spot. With so much more coverage - consisting of thousands of galaxies - those earlier hints coalesced into a bona fide void. The data was unequivocal. "We're absolutely sure there is a void," Szapudi says. "I would bet my house on it." And the void is huge. It's 220 megaparsecs in radius, more than 700 million light years, which makes it one of the biggest - if not the biggest - physical structures in the universe. The location of the supervoid. Such a large void is uncommon, with maybe only a handful in existence, Szapudi says. That such a rare void overlaps the cold spot - itself another rarity - seems too unlikely to be mere coincidence. What's more likely, he says, is that the void is causing the cold spot. In fact, he calculated that scenario to be 20,000 times more probable than if the two objects had just happened to align. Others aren't yet sure. For astronomers such as Patricio Vielva of the University of Cantabria in Spain, who led the discovery of the cold spot in 2004, the rarity of the void is still in question. If it turns out that such voids are more widespread, then this alignment wouldn't be so remarkable. Maybe it is just a coincidence. Which is why researchers need more data to gauge how rare these supervoids are. "Right now, I think this is one of the most important things to establish," Vielva says. The supervoid can't get the CMB cold enough. A supervoid of this size can only cool the CMB by 20 microkelvin. The cold spot, however, is on average colder by 70 microkelvin. At some points, the temperature drop is 140 microkelvin. Could the universe be full of textures and defects?
One possible reason behind the discrepancy is that the void is actually larger than measured. If so, its ISW effect would be stronger. Given the uncertainties of Szapudi's measurements, the void's radius could stretch as far as 270 megaparsecs. Still, Vielva says, even that's not big enough to account for the cold spot. In fact, according to current theories of cosmology, the universe may not even be able to form a void that is big enough. "The problem is that the kind of void you need for this effect is nonexistent," Vielva says. More observations will allow astronomers to get more accurate measurements of the supervoid's size and properties. But if not a void, then what? Perhaps, Vielva says, the cold spot is due to a cosmological texture, a defect in the universe analogous to the cracks or spots found in ice. As the early universe evolved, it underwent a phase transition similar to what happens when water freezes, turning from liquid to solid. In ice, you get defects when the water molecules don't line up. In the universe, you might get textures. In 2007, Vielva helped show that if a texture exists, it could create the cold spot via the ISW effect. Textures, though, are speculative, and no one has seen any evidence that they exist. "Textures are a nice idea, but we have no clue as to whether these things are realistic or not," says Rien van de Weijgaert, an astronomer at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands. Light loses energy when crossing a void. For most astronomers, van de Weijgaert says, a supervoid still seems the best explanation. "By now, it's considered to be one of the most believable options," he says. "It's the magnitude of the effect that you could have some questions about, but it's not unbelievable." To be sure, the void hypothesis is certainly intriguing, Vielva says. But the temperature discrepancy must first be resolved. We just don't know the end of the story. I don't think anybody knows . More data would help. For instance, more observations will allow astronomers to get more accurate measurements of the supervoid's size and properties. They might also reveal whether there's a smaller void in the foreground, which could help cool the CMB. Perhaps, the cold spot is so frigid because the supervoid also happens to be in front of a region of the CMB that's already a bit colder than normal. Even though the numbers don't add up now, it's no reason to fret. "At this point, because the uncertainties are so large, one should not lose much sleep over this," says Carlos Frenk, an astrophysicist at the University of Durham in the UK. His hunch is that with more data and analysis, the supervoid will emerge as the correct answer. "It could very well be that it all falls into place quite neatly," he says. If so, the cold spot will represent the first measurement of an object - a supervoid - leaving an imprint on the CMB via the ISW effect. That's significant partly because the supervoid is simply so huge. The supervoid could be important in another way: "We have one more way to study dark energy, which is the weirdest thing in the universe," Szapudi says. The ISW effect only works because the universe expands faster and faster, and the mysterious force pushing the cosmos apart is dark energy. By measuring the ISW effect from the supervoid, researchers can probe dark energy's influence - and better understand how it behaves and what it is. But for now, the mystery of the cold spot continues. "We just don't know the end of the story," Frenk says. "I don't think anybody knows."

Dwarf star caught cannibalising companion
Friday, 17 July 2015
A super-dense white dwarf star about 730 light years from Earth has been caught in the act of 'cannibalising' its companion, astronomers say.

Теория Большого Взрыва устарела - у Вселенной нет начала (и нет Конца, ЛМ)
Если новая теория получит подтверждение, то это будет означать, что наша Вселенная появилась отнюдь не в результате взрыва. В этой теории предполагается, что Вселенная никогда не была сингулярностью — бесконечно малой областью пространства-времени, наполненной материей бесконечно большой плотности. Может случиться, что у нашей Вселенной и вовсе не было начала...

Should we build a village on the Moon? (It is clear who wants to have such project built for them! LM)

13 July 2015
The new head of the European Space Agency has a plan – for humanity to build a ‘village on the Moon’. Richard Hollingham asks him why. Professor Johann-Dietrich Woerner has been in his new job as Director General of the European Space Agency (Esa) for a week. In charge of a €4.4 billion annual budget, the former Chair of the German space agency is ultimately responsible for everything at Esa. Europe’s new observation, weather, communication and navigation satellites; astronauts on the International Space Station (ISS); missions to Mars, Mercury and Jupiter; and a sleepy lander on a duck-shaped comet all come under his remit. When I ask him about his intentions for Esa, I expect a predictable and politically nuanced answer about the economic and social benefits of space or maybe the importance for science of exploring the unknown Universe. Instead, Woerner surprises me with a vision for a future of space exploration that is both ambitious and audacious. A base on the far side of the Moon could house a telescope that could peer further into space.  “We should look to the future beyond the International Space Station,” he tells me. “We should look for a smaller spacecraft in low-Earth orbit for microgravity research and I propose a Moon village on the far side of the Moon.” Yes, a village on the Moon.  A Moon village shouldn’t just mean some houses, a church and a town hall – Johann-Dietrich Woerner. Just the sort of daring vision that took Nasa from a standing start to the Moon in the 1960s, but today – possibly constrained by its political masters – the US space agency appears to be lacking ambition. “A Moon village shouldn’t just mean some houses, a church and a town hall,” says Woerner. “This Moon village should mean partners from all over the world contributing to this community with robotic and astronaut missions and support communication satellites. There are good reasons, he says, for going back to the Moon for science as well as using it a stepping-stone to further human exploration of the Solar System. “The far side of the Moon is very interesting because we could have telescopes looking deep into the Universe, we could do lunar science on the Moon and the international aspect is very special,” he explains. “The Americans are looking to go to Mars very soon – and I don’t see how we can do that – before going to Mars we should test what we could do on Mars on the Moon.” For example, Woerner suggests, the technology being investigated by Nasa to construct a Mars base using a giant 3D printer would be better tried out on the Moon first. Learning to live on an alien world is going to be tough – but the challenge would be a lot easier, particularly in an emergency, if the extraterrestrial community is only four days away from Earth rather than six months. If a mission to Mars is to succeed, a Moon colony could be a valuable stepping stone.  Woerner envisages his Moon village as a multinational settlement involving astronauts, Russian cosmonauts and maybe even Chinese taikonauts. This would considerably extend the relatively limited number of nations involved in the ISS. “We should have international cooperation, without any limitations, with any countries of the world,” says Woerner. “We have enough Earthly problems between different nations – space can bridge these Earthly problems and the Moon seems to be to be a good proposal. Experience shows that there is no wall between exploration and practical applications . “Isolating a country is not the right way, a much better solution is to find ways to cooperate in space to strengthen ties between humans on Earth,” he adds, in what could be taken as a veiled criticism of America’s refusal to engage with the Chinese space programme. “If you think about an alien visiting the Earth and seeing what we are doing here, I’m not sure whether they would land.” Woerner has a robust response for those who criticise money spent on space exploration and astronomical research. “Experience shows that there is no wall between exploration and practical applications,” he says. “Look at the greenhouse effect – everyone knows what it is and we use satellites to investigate it – but this was not discovered on Earth, it was discovered by an exploration mission to Venus.” Right now the Moon village idea is just that; an idea, a proposal. No nation or agency has committed any money or mapped out the concept in any detail. There is, however, growing interest in returning to the Moon. When, for instance, BBC Future recently asked experts to predict the next decade of space exploration they all cited the Moon as a destination of choice. Nasa appears to have shelved further ambitions to go to the Moon, at least for the time being. Woerner says he is voicing the idea of a Moon village to encourage discussion about the future of space research, exploration and the applications of space technology. “I will be very happy if someone else has a better idea,” he tells me. Nevertheless, as one of the world’s most senior and powerful space figures, Woerner’s proposal will be taken seriously. Nasa is still vague about where it plans to fly its new Orion spacecraft – fitted incidentally with an Esa service module – and the Moon would seem to be a suitably inspirational destination. “In our genes there is something beyond just practical applications,” Woerner says. “We like to discover, to pioneer – this is humankind and this is what brings us into the future.”

Магнетары провоцируют мощные вспышки во Вселенной
Наблюдения, проведенные при помощи обсерватории Ла-Силья и Паранальской обсерватории, входящих в состав Европейской южной обсерватории, впервые продемонстрировали связь между очень длительной вспышкой гамма-лучей и необычно ярким взрывом сверхновых. Эти результаты показывают, что источником энергии для сверхновой стал не ядерный распад, как ожидалось, но распад сверхмощных магнитных полей, окружающих экзотический объект, называемый магнетаром...

Учёные: Вселенная оказалась более пустой, чем предполагалось   5.6.2015
Проведённое американскими астрономами исследование, основанное на компьютерном моделировании, показало, что во Вселенной, вероятнее всего, гораздо меньше галактик, чем предполагалось.

Во Вселенной меньше галактик, чем считалось
В нашей Вселенной может оказаться куда меньше галактик, чем считалось ранее, согласно новому исследованию, возглавляемого учеными из Университета штата Мичиган (MSU), США.

"Луна-2015": в экипаже только девушки

В ходе эксперимента по моделированию пилотируемого облета Луны шесть девушек более недели проживут в изоляции от внешнего мира в наземном исследовательском комплексе в Москве. Представитель Института медико-биологических проблем РАН Александр Смолиевский рассказал: "Женский экипаж из шести человек в возрасте от 25 до 34 лет проведет восемь суток в герметичном объекте в рамках изучения психофизиологических аспектов адаптации женского организма к условиям изоляции". В эксперименте примут участие только сотрудницы института, при этом никакой оплаты за свое участие они не получат, поскольку эксперимент носит волонтерский характер и проводится молодыми учеными по собственной инициативе, сообщает ТАСС. Несмотря на отсутствие контакта с внешним миром, скучать экипажу не придется, так как программа экспериментов будет очень насыщенная. Одна из задач — апробация и подготовка методик и экспериментов, которые могут в дальнейшем проводиться на борту МКС, а также испытание и отладка аппаратуры, которая в ближайшем будущем должна поставляться на борт орбитальной станции. В 2010-2011 годах Институт медико-биологических проблем провел эксперимент по моделированию пилотируемого полета на Марс, получивший название "Марс-500". Во время его проведения шестеро добровольцев находились в замкнутом комплексе 519 дней. В эксперименте принимали участие трое россиян, француз, итальянец и китаец.

Солнечная система меняется и никто не знает почему (потому что Старая Коренная Вселенная уходит из физической жизни на нефизический более высокий Уровеньи мы вместе с ней ! ЛМ)
Наша  Солнечная система казалась чем-то статичным,  незыблемым и вечным. На это совсем не так. Только за последние 10 лет в ней зафиксированы очень существенные изменения. Современные ученые всерьез обеспокоены этими обстоятельствами и пытаются выявить причину по которой происходят эти глобальные перемены. Астрофизики зафиксировали рост интенсивности магнитного поля Солнца.  За точку отсчета они взяли  начало наблюдений, ведущихся с  1901 год. Оказалось, что его магнитное поле выросло за прошедшие годы на целых 230 процентов!  Стоит ли после этого удивляться, что полярные сияния, которыми не так давно любовались только жители Крайнего севера, теперь полыхают чуть ли не над всей планетой, включая регионы где раньше их видели только по телевизору. Стоит отметить, что геомагнитные бури не так безобидны, как принято считать. Наука не любит распространяться на эту тему, а еще каких-то двадцать лет назад про геомагнитные бури и вовсе не сообщали. Но реальность вносит свои коррективы в связи с тем, что существенно повысилась смертность населения после таких бурь. особенно это коснулось людей с проблемами сердца и гипертоников. Ученые оправдываются, что еще лет 15 назад таких серьезных последствий не отмечалось и всему виной изменения произошедшие на нашем светиле, которые и стали причиной негативного воздействия на здоровье людей. Меркурий меняется, что очень удивляет астрономов. На нем вдруг обнаружилось появление полярных шапок льда и возникшее из ниоткуда мощное магнитное поле. По космическим меркам эти изменения произошли буквально мгновенно. На Венере за какие-то 40 лет на 2500% вдруг увеличилась яркость полярного сияния. Ученые зафиксировали активное наращивание венерианской атмосферы. Причем эти изменения атмосферы носят глобальный характер! На Юпитере всего за 10 лет произошел скачкообразный рост яркости плазменных облаков окружающих эту планету.  На Сатурне за последние 30 лет зафиксировано существенное снижение скорости  экваториальных потоков . Отмечается, усиление рентгеновского излучения, идущего от экватора планеты. На Уране, где раньше фиксировалась  очень спокойная атмосфера, вдруг  резко увеличилась  активность облаков и опять отмечается резкое увеличение яркости. На  Нептуне яркость атмосферы  выросла на 40%. На Плутоне отмечен рост атмосферного давления, который составил аж целых 300%. На Марсе зафиксированы глобальные  климатические изменения. Его сотрясают сильные бури, отмечено  таяние полярных льдов. Ученые считают, что Марс находится в периоде глобального потепления. Земля - факт глобальных климатических изменений уже никто не отрицает. Если вы читаете наш сайт, то сами можете судить о том, как меняется наша с Вами планета. Ученые выдвигают различные версии причин происходящего, включая такие как ослабление магнитного поля нашей планеты и связь со сменой полюсов. Озадачивает науку и резкое увеличение объема светящейся плазмы на переднем крае нашей Солнечной системы, произошедшее скачкообразно на 1000%.Что же случилось? Как эти глобальные космические изменения связаны и что их вызвало?
Ответа на этот вопрос не хотят озвучивать. Выдвигаются различные версии. Например, что причиной всему - Солнце, изменение которого влияет на все вокруг, высказываются гипотезы о воздействии, каких-то неизвестных науке космических энергий непонятно откуда появившихся.

A Black Hole has been caught burping out X - video - (X-Rays are Aquamarine Energy! LM)

Astronomers have spotted short bursts of X-rays coming from a Black Hole, suggesting it has become more active. Black Holes are hungry. They grow bigger as they gobble up cosmic debris from nearby Stars. Anything too close can get sucked in. They are the remains of massive stars, scrunched up on themselves until they become infinitely dense. Anything that gets too close gets trapped by their powerful gravity. Even light cannot escape once it passes a critical point, the "event horizon". That makes them hard to spot. Often the best way is to monitor the movements of nearby stars. However, one black hole has recently made itself thoroughly conspicuous : it has begun emitting a series of bright cosmic burps. We don't know what's inside a black hole. The first of these "X-ray novas" was observed two weeks ago. Astronomers monitoring the Swift telescope noticed that a strange new bright object had appeared in the sky. At first the team didn't know what these bright flashes were. They alerted their colleagues, and several other telescopes began monitoring the flares. Some lasted several minutes, others went on for hours. The astronomers have now found that the flares are coming from an intensely hot disk around the Black Hole. This is happening because the black hole is consuming gas and dust from a nearby star, but not all of this stuff is going in. Instead, some of the material forms a ring around the black hole, called an accretion disk. You can see a simulation of this below. This ring builds up over time, says Swift's director of mission operations John Nousek of Penn State University in Philadelphia, US.
"When it builds up enough material, you get a condition that looks very similar to when a hydrogen bomb has exploded," says Nousek. "A lot of hydrogen under intense pressure and heat makes an explosion that looks like a new star."
This blast is so powerful, it blows away all of the material that had been resting near the black hole. The black hole pulls matter from its neighbouring star. These types of eruptions are rarely observed. "Some kind of hiccup happened a couple of weeks ago and suddenly the star has started spewing gas onto the black hole," says Neil Gehrels of NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland, US. Observing these explosions helps researchers learn more about how black holes change over time.

Скрытые сверхмассивные черные дыры объединились
Астрономы Аргентины, США и Чили обнаружили аномалию в угловой кластеризации видимых и скрытых активных сверхмассивных черных дыр.  В своем исследовании ученые рассмотрели кластеризацию более 170 тысяч активных сверхмассивных черных дыр. Астрономы обнаружили, что, в отличие от видимых, так называемые скрытые черные дыры значительно чаще объединяются в кластерные образования.

3 June 2015
Roughly 6 billion years from now, the Earth will probably be vaporized when the dying Sun expands into a red giant and engulfs our planet. But the Earth is just one planet in the solar system, the Sun is just one of hundreds of billions of stars in the galaxy, and there are hundreds of billions of galaxies in the observable universe.There's certainly no reason for us, individually, to worry about the end of the universe. All of these events are trillions of years into the future...
Science has outlined four ways that our universe could meet its doom. They're called the Big Freeze, the Big Crunch, the Big Change and the Big Rip. Don't panic, but our planet is doomed. It's just going to take a while. Roughly 6 billion years from now, the Earth will probably be vaporized when the dying Sun expands into a red giant and engulfs our planet. But the Earth is just one planet in the solar system, the Sun is just one of hundreds of billions of stars in the galaxy, and there are hundreds of billions of galaxies in the observable universe. What's in store for all of that? How does the universe end? The science is much less settled on how that will happen. We're not even sure if the universe will come to a firm, defined end, or just slowly tail off. Our best understanding of physics suggests there are several options for the universal apocalypse. It also offers some hints on how we might, just maybe, survive it. Our universe has been expanding since it began. Our first clue to the end of the universe comes from thermodynamics, the study of heat. Thermodynamics is the wild-eyed street preacher of physics, bearing a cardboard placard with a simple warning: "THE HEAT DEATH IS COMING". The heat death is far worse than being burnt to a crisp . Despite the name, the heat death of the universe isn't a fiery inferno. This may not sound scary, but the heat death is far worse than being burnt to a crisp. That's because nearly everything in everyday life requires some kind of temperature difference, either directly or indirectly. For instance, your car runs because it's hotter inside its engine than outside. Your computer runs on electricity from the local power plant, which probably works by heating water and using that to power a turbine. And you run on food, which exists thanks to the enormous temperature difference between the Sun and the rest of the universe. However, once the universe reaches heat death, everything everywhere will be the same temperature. That means nothing interesting will ever happen again. Heat death looked like the only possible way the universe could end.
Every star will die, nearly all matter will decay, and eventually all that will be left is a sparse soup of particles and radiation. Even the energy of that soup will be sapped away over time by the expansion of the universe, leaving everything just a fraction of a degree above absolute zero. In this "Big Freeze", the universe ends up uniformly cold, dead and empty. After the development of thermodynamics in the early 1800s, heat death looked like the only possible way the universe could end. The universe began as something incredibly small, and then expanded incredibly quickly. Then in 1929, the American astronomer Edwin Hubble found hard evidence that the universe was expanding. Einstein changed his mind, calling his previous insistence on a static universe the "greatest blunder" of his career. If the universe is expanding, it must once have been much smaller than it is now and then expanded incredibly quickly. If there's too much stuff, the expansion of the universe will slow down and stop. But if there's too much stuff, the expansion of the universe will slow down and stop. Then the universe will begin to contract. A contracting universe will shrink smaller and smaller, getting hotter, eventually ending in a fabulously compact inferno, a sort of reverse. The universe might collapse on itself, in a "Big Crunch&quot. For most of the 20th century, astrophysicists weren't sure which of these scenarios would play out. Would it be the Big Freeze or the Big Crunch? Ice or fire? Dark energy pulls the universe apart . They tried to perform a cosmic census, adding up how much stuff there is in our universe. It turned out that we're strangely close to the critical threshold, leaving our fate uncertain. Normal matter and energy can't make the universe behave this way. This was the first evidence of a fundamentally new kind of energy, dubbed "dark energy", which didn't behave like anything else in the cosmos. Dark energy Aquamarine Energy! LM)  pulls the universe apart. We still don't understand what it is, but roughly 70% of the energy in the universe is dark energy, and that number is growing every day. The Big Crunch would bring our universe to a fiery end. The existence of dark energy means that the amount of stuff in the universe doesn't get to determine its ultimate fate. Instead, dark energy controls the cosmos, accelerating the expansion of the universe for all time. This makes the Big Crunch much less likely. But that doesn't mean that the Big Freeze is inevitable. There are other possibilities. One of them originated, not in the study of the cosmos, but in the world of subatomic particles. This is perhaps the strangest fate for the universe. It sounds like something out of science fiction, and in a way, it is. Water can sometimes stay liquid below its freezing point . In Kurt Vonnegut's classic sci-fi novel Cat's Cradle, ice-nine is a new form of water ice with a remarkable property: it freezes at 46 °C, not at 0 °C. When a crystal of ice-nine is dropped into a glass of water, all the water around it immediately patterns itself after the crystal, since it has lower energy than liquid water. The new crystals of ice-nine do the same thing to the water around them, and in the blink of an eye, the chain reaction turns all the water in the glass — or (spoiler alert!) all of Earth's oceans — into solid ice-nine. The same thing can happen in real life with normal ice and normal water. If you put very pure water into a very clean glass, and cool it just below 0°C, the water will become supercooled: it stays liquid below its natural freezing point. There are no impurities in the water and no rough patches on the glass, so there's nowhere for the ice to start forming. But if you drop a crystal of ice into the glass, the water will freeze rapidly, just like ice-nine. Ice-nine and supercooled water may not seem relevant to the fate of the universe. But something similar could happen to space itself. Empty vacuum could suddenly drop to a lower energy level. Quantum physics dictates that even in a totally empty vacuum, there is a small amount of energy. Even completely empty space contains energy. Inside the bubble, things would be radically different, and not terribly hospitable. Humans, planets and even the stars themselves would be destroyed in this Big Change. In a 1980 paper, Physicists Sidney Coleman and Frank de Luccia called it "the ultimate ecological catastrophe". Adding insult to injury, dark energy would probably behave differently after the Big Change. Rather than driving the universe to expand faster, dark energy might instead pull the universe in on itself, collapsing into a Big Crunch. Phantom dark energy could destroy everything. There is a fourth possibility, and once again dark energy is at centre stage. This idea is very speculative and unlikely, but it can't yet be ruled out. Dark energy might be even more powerful than we thought, and might be enough to end the universe on its own, without any intervening Big Change, Freeze, or Crunch, what if the amount of dark energy in the universe increases more quickly?
The Big Rip would begin by tearing galaxies apart. Atoms themselves would shatter, a fraction of a second before the universe itself ripped apart. Right now, the density of dark energy is very low, far less than the density of matter here on Earth, or even the density of the Milky Way galaxy, which is much less dense than Earth. But as time goes on, the density of phantom dark energy would build up, and tear the universe apart. In a 2003 paper, Caldwell and his colleagues outlined a scenario they called "cosmic doomsday". Once the phantom dark energy becomes more dense than a particular object, that object gets torn to shreds. First, phantom dark energy would pull the Milky Way apart, sending its constituent stars flying. Then the solar system would be unbound, because the pull of dark energy would be stronger than the pull of the Sun on the Earth. Finally, in a few frantic minutes the Earth would explode. Then atoms themselves would shatter, a fraction of a second before the universe itself ripped apart. Caldwell calls this the Big Rip. The Big Rip would literally tear planets and stars apart. The Big Rip is, by Caldwell's own admission, "very outlandish" – and not just because it sounds like something out of an over-the-top superhero comic. Phantom dark energy flies in the face of some fairly basic ideas about the universe, like the assumption that matter and energy can't go faster than the speed of light. There are good reasons not to believe in it. But this is a remarkably grim portrait of the future — aeons of cold emptiness, finally terminated by a vacuum decay and a final implosion into nothingness. Is there any escape?
There's certainly no reason for us, individually, to worry about the end of the universe. All of these events are trillions of years into the future, with the possible exception of the Big Change, so they're not exactly an imminent problem. Also, there's no reason to worry about humanity. If nothing else, genetic drift will have rendered our descendants unrecognizable long before then. But could intelligent feeling creatures of any kind, human or not, survive?
"If the universe is accelerating, that's really bad news," says Dyson. Accelerating expansion means we'll eventually lose contact with all but a handful of galaxies, dramatically limiting the amount of energy available to us. "It's a rather dismal situation in the long run." The situation could still change. "We really don't know whether the expansion is going to continue since we don't understand why it's accelerating," says Dyson. "The optimistic view is that the acceleration will slow down as the universe gets bigger." But what if the expansion doesn't slow down, or if it becomes clear that the Big Change is coming? Some physicists have proposed a solution that is solidly in mad-scientist territory. To escape the end of the universe, we should build our own universe in a laboratory, and jump in. Just after it was born, the universe inflated rapidly. One physicist who has worked on this idea is Alan Guth of MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts, who is known for his work on the very early universe. You would jump-start the creation of an entirely new universe . "I can't say that the laws of physics absolutely imply that it's possible," says Guth. "If it is possible, it would require technology vastly beyond anything that we can foresee. It would require huge amounts of energy that one would need to be able to obtain and control."
The first step, according to Guth, would be creating an incredibly dense form of matter — so dense that it was on the verge of collapsing into a black hole. By doing that in the right way, and then quickly clearing the matter out of the area, you might be able to force that region of space to start expanding rapidly. In effect, you would jump-start the creation of an entirely new universe. As the space in the region expanded, the boundary would shrink, creating a bubble of warped space where the inside was bigger than the outside. We don't really know if it's possible or not . Eventually, the outside would shrink to nothingness, and the new baby universe would pinch off from our own, spared from whatever fate our universe may meet. It's far from certain that this scheme would actually work. "I would have to say that it's unclear," says Guth. "We don't really know if it's possible or not." However, Guth also points out that there is another source of hope beyond the end of the universe – well, hope of a sort. Other universe may be appearing all the time . Guth was the first to propose that the very early universe expanded astonishingly fast for a tiny fraction of a second, an idea known as "inflation". Many cosmologists now believe inflation is the most promising approach for explaining the early universe, and Guth's plan for creating a new universe relies on recreating this rapid expansion. The multiverse as a whole is genuinely eternal . Inflation has an intriguing consequence for the ultimate fate of the universe. The theory dictates that the universe we inhabit is just one small part of a multiverse, with an eternally inflating background continually spawning "pocket universes" like our own. "If that's the case, even if we're convinced that an individual pocket universe will ultimately die through refrigeration, the multiverse as a whole will go on living forever, with new life being created in each pocket universe as it's created," says Guth. "In  this picture, the multiverse as a whole is genuinely eternal, at least eternal into the future, even as individual pocket universes live and die." In other words, Franz Kafka may have been right on the money when he said that there is "plenty of hope, an infinite amount of hope—but not for us."

Пульсар пробил дыру в диске звезды-компаньона

Как считают ученые, быстро движущихся пульсар пробил дыру в газовом диске вокруг своей звезды-компаньона и вытолкнул фрагмент диска наружу со скоростью около 4 миллионов миль в час. Используя рентгеновскую обсерваторию Чандра, исследователи наблюдают за этим набирающим скорость фрагментом. Двойная звездная система PSR B1259-63/LS 2883 – или сокращенно B1259 – состоит из звезды, примерно в 30 раз превосходящей по массе Солнце, и пульсара – быстровращающейся сверхплотной нейтронной звезды. Пульсар движется по вытянутой эллиптической орбите вокруг своей звезды-компаньона и, совершая 20 оборотов в секунду, регулярно излучает импульсы. Сочетание быстрого вращения и интенсивного магнитного поля пульсара породило сильный ветер высокоэнергетических частиц, движущихся от пульсара со скоростью, близкой к скорости света. Массивная звезда-компаньон, тем временем, вращается со скоростью, близкой к скорости распада. В то время как пульсар приближается к звезде на минимальное расстояние, что происходит раз в 41 месяц, он проходит через диск материи звезды-компаньона. «Расположение этих двух объектов – очень необычное. Они дали нам шанс наблюдать нечто особенное», - говорит Джордж Павлов, ведущий автор статьи, описывающей результаты исследования, из Университета штата Пенсильвания. «По мере того, как пульсар проходит сквозь диск, кажется, что он оставляет в нем дыру, выталкивая фрагмент его материи в космическое пространство». Масса данной материи эквивалентна массе воды в земных океанах. «После того, как материя была вытолкнута в космическое пространство, ветер пульсара начал ускорять ее», - говорит соавтор статьи Олег Каргальтцев из университета Джорджа Вашингтона, округ Колумбия.
Астрономы обозревали звездную систему B1259, находящуюся на расстоянии примерно в 7500 световых лет от Земли, трижды в промежуток с декабря 2011 года по февраль 2014 года с помощью обсерватории Чандра. В результате этих наблюдений удалось установить, что фрагмент материи движется от системы B1259 со средней скоростью, составляющей 7% от скорости света. За период между вторыми и третьими наблюдениями скорость материи возросла и составила 15% от скорости света. «Это показывает, насколько мощным может быть ветер, порождаемый пульсаром», - говорит соавтор исследования Джереми Хеир, также из университета Джорджа Вашингтона. «Ветер пульсара является настолько сильным, что по истечению длительного времени может опустошить весь диск вокруг своей звезды-компаньона.

Video - NASA | Massive Black Hole Shreds Passing Star

How to overthrow a Martian dictatorship

(The author, Richard Hollingham, doesn't even mention in this article, that our Old Universe is losing Life and that includes all Planets and Moons of our Solar System inc. Earth and Mars. The article is written by a person, who is an Earth's addict, who is so afraid of humans losing physical bodies, inc. his own physical body, afraid of living just in his Energy Body, the one, that connects him to his Higher Self ! He is afraid of holographic governments of any kind, I doubt that Humanity is allowed to create any government ON OTHER WORLDS inc. Martian. But I know that Humanity can mentally uncreate any government inc. Martian! The guy is afraid of the idea that HUMANITY IS MOVING OUT OF PHYSICALITY TO  MUCH HIGHER VIBRATIONAL LEVEL OF BALANCE ! People, like this author, are dragging us back into LOW VIBRATIONAL lEVEL OF PHYSICALITY WITH ALL HIS FEARS! The author never mentioned, that it is just HOLOGRAPHIC PLANETARY GAME  and we've had enough of it ! Plottings will not acheive anything ! Ideally all Humans must connect themselves mentally to the Source of All Life, their true Home, calling/summoning the word Intent, attaching themselves to the Universal Intent, which is the Energy of Billions of Suns in the Source of
All Life ! Humans need to wish badly to part with their human form and with this dreadful Earth's Planetary Game, we must let the Source know, that we had evolved and are ready to move higher out of Physicality and the Help from the Source of Creative Force will come ! We can still call Intent if we are on any Planet or Moon of our Old Universe ! We need to do it now and not wait for the uncertain Future, all these fictitious Laws, Constitutions, Bills of Rights, conferences are part of Planetary Game. These, so called, "scientists" like Charles Cockell, who are going in the wrong direction, and who are so retarded, that they still beLIEve in "light years, meters, km", beLIEve in obsolete idea of Time and Space ! Besides, we've been on Mars as slaves - underground - for thousands of years, inspite of the cataclysms and loss of life on the surface of Mars ! Sci-fi writers are mainly males and they still like to play holographic Games, like computer games on low 3rd-4th Levels of Consciousness and then write about it. LM).
By Richard Hollingham, 22 June 2015
The governments we create (we don't, somebody is doing it for us! LM) on other worlds might turn nasty. Richard Hollingham meets a group plotting revolution in space.Two short blocks from the London headquarters of Britain’s security service, MI6, a group of 30 men and women is plotting to overthrow the government. Not – and I should make this abundantly clear for any spooks reading this – the British government, nor any government on Earth, but a tyrannical administration on an alien world in the future. This is not a game. The scientists, engineers, social scientists, philosophers and writers gathered at the British Interplanetary Society in London are taking their task seriously – studying, with academic rigour, the problem of toppling despotic extraterrestrial regimes. We’ve got a chance to think about what the problems might be in outer space, before we go there - Charles Cockell. This is the third annual conference on extraterrestrial liberty. Last year the event tackled the challenge of writing a constitution for an alien settlement, concluding, that successful space colonies should base laws and liberties on the US Constitution and Bill of Rights.
“This year we’re discussing what happens if you don’t like the government you’ve created and want to overthrow it,” says conference organiser Charles Cockell, a professor of astrobiology at the University of Edinburgh. Conclusions from these meetings will be published as essays, designed to serve as manuals for future spacefarers. A space colony's government will be in charge of all the resources needed to maintain life.
“We hope the discussions we have will constitute the first ideas on extraterrestrial liberty,” Cockell says. “We’ve got a chance to think about what the problems might be in outer space before we go there.”
The scenarios the group is contemplating are easiest to imagine if you think about what a space colony might be like. Perhaps a domed settlement with a few hundred residents, beneath a thin dusty Martian sky. A fragile and isolated outpost of humanity 225 million kilometres from the home world. With a brutal dictator and his cronies in charge of the oxygen generators, for instance.
Non-violent opposition
“Say, for example, you don’t like your government and you resort to revolution,” says Cockell. “Someone goes and smashes up the habitat, destroys the windows and instantly the place is depressurised, the oxygen is lost and everyone dies.
“The consequences of violence in space could be much more catastrophic, than on Earth,” he warns, “So how do you dissent in an environment, in which violent disobedience might kill everyone?
(So what, it's only a physical body, nobody can kill Energy Body-Soul ! I will be happy if my body dies any minute! LM).
The answer lies, Cockell believes, in preventing dictatorships emerging in the first place. This would be achieved by building non-violent means of opposition to government into the rulebook, perhaps through organised labour systems – similar to unions on Earth – or by holding the leadership to account through journalism and media. In space, private corporations could be just as ruthless and despotic as the worst governments.
“Once you stop a free press in an extraterrestrial environment, you’re actually in deep trouble,” he says. The physical structure of the settlements could also be designed to minimise the effects of conflict, with air, water and power systems in multiple locations. Not only would this reduce vulnerabilities to a break down or failure but it would avoid the dangers of a central point of control. However, even with a free press or organised unions there are issues in space that do not arise on Earth – particularly when companies are involved. Space colonists may have to come up with non-violent ways to dissuade auotcratic rule. “As we know private corporations can be just as ruthless and despotic as the worst governments,” says Cockell. “If you strike, then maybe the corporation says ‘that’s fine – let me show you to the airlock and you can leave’ and off you go into the vacuum of space.”
And while freedoms (illusionary freedoms! LM), liberties and labour laws have evolved on Earth – at least in democratic nations – they may need to be adapted before anyone settles elsewhere. Space is a unique environment and there is a balance to be struck between slavery and total freedom. Opting out is not an option. A Martian colony that is so libertarian, that everyone sits around doing nothing all day is unlikely to survive for long. “We need to arrive at a balance between a society that maximises civil liberties but also maximises the potential for people to survive the lethal conditions of space,” says Cockell. Although this may be one of the few times that academics have formally contemplated the challenges of off-planet living, science fiction writers have been thinking about it for decades. One of the British Interplanetary Society’s most famous members is Arthur C Clarke and conference delegates include one of today’s best-known and acclaimed sci-fi writers, Stephen Baxter. Baxter’s 2010 novel Ark, for instance, features a starship on a multi-generational mission to a distant new world where precisely the issues of governance arise. “You have a group of young very competitive candidates applying to get on this thing,” explains Baxter, “and then they find they’re stuck there.” Off-Earth colonies will have to find a balance between liberty and a society where everyone contributes.
“At first it’s military discipline, then they go for a consensual government, but that breaks down and a dictator takes over, because he gets hold of the water supply – very relevant to this discussion,” Baxter says. “You also have a middle generation who are going to live and die on the ship and they evolve a rebellious teenage culture.” Some people do not even believe they are on a spaceship, but in some sort of prison or social experiment. “Evolving a society inside a box is a fascinating area to think about,” says Baxter. “Sci-fi writers are always thinking one step beyond, it’s a great bed of thought experiments.” The more you anticipate, the more chance you have to get it right - Stephen Baxter. In fact one of the first known books on lunar revolution, The Birth of a New Republic, was written by sci-fi author Jack Williamson in the 1930s. The novel explores tensions within society and between the Moon and Earth. Robert Heinlein’s 1966 novel, The Moon is a Harsh Mistress, even explores the idea of a prison colony on the Moon with a despotic prison warder, who controls the air supply. For Baxter, the conference helps shift these sci-fi ideas into practical reality. “The more you anticipate, the more chance you have to get it right,” he says. “It’s not that far away before we have long-term missions away from the Earth and we have to look at the psychology of people in enclosed environments and construct a  civilisation on this basis.”
In the 1930s a colony on the Moon was a distant dream. Even in 1966 humanity was three years away from that first step. A long duration mission could happen during our lifetime (looks like the author is going to play this Planetary Game forever! LM). If it is to succeed and humans are to successfully colonise new worlds, we need to be prepared.

Martian Cross - one of Martian Colonies

Ice on Mars, below - Mars and a comet; Mars attacked;

Tempting Ads

Mars pictured from different locations on Earth

Some drawings picture martians

НАСА: «Мы живем в голограммном мире, созданном инопланетянами»
Кто говорит, что в НАСА нет непредубежденных и восприимчивых к современным реалиям и идеям ученых, тот, несомненно, ошибается. Многие специалисты НАСА проявляют достаточно большую гибкость и даже допускают возможность того, что человечество живет внутри голограммы, созданной представителями инопланетной цивилизации. Как можно относится к мысли, что все когда-либо созданное человечеством является продуктом некой продвинутой компьютерной программы? Что наши отношения, ощущения, воспоминания – всё это генерируется суперкомпьютерами? Впервые эта интригующая теория была предложена профессором факультета философии Оксфордского университета Ником Бостром, который в 2005 был назначен директором созданного в Оксфорде Института будущего человечества. Этот английский исследовательский институт функционирует как часть факультета философии и Школы XXI века Джеймса Мартина. Задача института заключается в изучении таких наиболее важных и первостепенных для человечества областей, как влияние технологий и возможности глобальной катастрофы в будущем. В своей работе исследователи применяют междисциплинарный подход. Институт также всячески способствует участию общественности в управлении государством, предприятиями, университетами и другими организациями, развитию двухстороннего диалога между ними. Теорию Ника Бострома, кстати говоря, разделяют ещё несколько авторитетных учёных. Например, директор Центра эволюционных вычислений и автоматизированного дизайна в Лаборатории реактивного движения НАСА Рич Террайл предположил, что наш создатель – космический программист. Это означает, что мы живем в голографическом мире, и все вокруг нас, включая нас самих «не реально». В недавнем интервью журналу «Вайс» ученый НАСА Рич Террайл обсуждал перспективы, основанные на стремительно ускоряющейся способности компьютеров моделировать массовые и сложные миры и системы. «На сегодняшний день самые быстрые суперкомпьютеры НАСА работают в два раза быстрее человеческого мозга, – говорит Рич. – Если сделать простой расчет по закону Мура (который гласит, что мощности компьютерных вычислений каждые два года возрастают вдвое), вы увидите, что у этих компьютеров в течение следующего десятилетия появится возможность рассчитать за месяц всю человеческую жизнь длиной в 80 лет, в том числе – каждую его мысль, рожденную в любой отрезок существования».
Многих почитателей этой теории вдохновляет мысль, что при таком раскладе человечеству не нужно было проходить все стадии эволюционного развития, начиная от доисторической слизи. Одно из объяснений состоит в том, что мы живем в рамках искусственно созданной модели и видим то, что нам нужно увидеть в наиболее подходящий для этого момент. Идея, что наша Вселенная является фикцией, порожденной компьютерным кодом, позволяет решить ряд несоответствий и тайн о космосе, в том числе о поисках внеземной жизни и тайнах темной материи. Но многие исследователи считают теорию Матрицы ошибочной. Профессор Питер Милликен, преподающий философию и информатику в Оксфордском университете, указывает, что эта теория базируется на допущении, что находящийся вне Матрицы «суперинтеллект» мыслит примерно также, как и люди. Если же предположить, что мир смоделирован инопланетным интеллектом, то непонятно, почему он ограничен теми же идеями и методами, которые характерны для людей. Группа сторонников теории Матрицы исходит из того, что структура реального мира, которую мы видим вокруг себя, во многом напоминает виртуальную сетку форму, что сама по себе она не могла обрести такую форму – стало быть, она смоделирована компьютерным интеллектом."


Jupiter sounds

Music of The Stars

Sound of Miranda, moon of Uranius

The eerie sound of Saturn

A signal from Unknown

NASA: Sound of Black Hole

video - Cosmic cinema: astronomers make real-time, 3D movies of plasma tubes

В атмосфере Земли обнаружены "плазменные трубы"

Используя радиотелескоп, астрономы обнаружили существование трубчатых плазменных структур во внутренних слоях магнитосферы, окружающей Землю. "На протяжении более чем 60 лет ученые предполагали существование этих структур, но мы предоставили первое визуальное свидетельство, что они на самом деле есть", сказала Клео Лой (Cleo Loi) из CAASTRO (ARC Centre of Excellence for All-sky Astrophysics) и Университета Сиднея. "Открытие структур важно, потому что они вызывают нежелательные искажения сигнала, которые могли бы, например, повлиять на наши гражданские и военные спутниковые навигационные системы. Таким образом, мы должны понять их". Область космического пространства вокруг Земли, занимаемая ее магнитным полем, называется магнитосферой, заполненной плазмой, которая создана атмосферой, ионизируемой солнечным ветром. Внутренний слой магнитосферы – ионосфера, выше нее - плазмосфера. Они обладают различными плазменными структурами странной формы, включая обнаруженные трубы. "Мы измерили их положение примерно в 600 км над землей, в верхней ионосфере, и они, кажется, продолжаются вверх в плазмосферу. Они заканчиваются примерно в нейтральной атмосфере, где мы переходим к плазме космического пространства", пояснила Лой. Используя радиотелескоп MWA
(Murchison Widefield Array), расположенный в пустыне Западной Австралии, Лой смогла картографировать большие участки неба, и даже использовать быстрые возможности сьемки MWA, чтобы создать фильм – захват движения плазмы в реальном времени.

Stars go missing in mysterious Black Void - video

There is no such a thing like a "baby-star", which astronomers like to use, they have NO HIGHER KNOWLEDGE and give their own opinion, which is mostly wrong! Black Void on the picture above is the way to the Source of All Life, which is used by a Star (YOU) , when you gathered all your parts, all your Higher Selves (Suns) and became COMPLETE ! Then you move to the Source, many of us are already there in a form of a huge Sun ! More you can see in our videos on Home Page.
In new mesmerising images captured by the European Southern Observatory, some stars have gone missing. Where did they go? Look at the video above, and watch it to the end. Notice something strange?
In a certain part of the Universe, all the Stars seem to have disappeared into a Black Void. The new imagery was captured by the European Southern Observatory (Eso) from the La Silla Observatory in Chile. The Black Void it turns out, is actually a star nursery, a huge cloud of gas and stardust in which new stars are forming from the remnants of previously dead ones, giants that died as exploding supernovae. The cloud is so dense it completely blocks out any light emanating from the stars behind, giving the appearance of being empty space. This area is some 700 light-years away in a constellation named Serpens in the Northern hemisphere, first classified by Greek astronomer Ptolemy almost 2000 years ago... These forming stars are between several hundred thousand to a few million years old, explains Fernando Comeron, Eso's Chile representative. This is "basically nothing" when considering the full length of a star's life, he says... That they are more than just black voids, he adds, is verified when looking at the infrared wavelengths observed through the obscuring dust. "In the vast majority of such clouds, one finds star formation at work." To put this in context, stars are known to live for hundreds of millions or even several billion years, indeed our own sun is already 4.6bn years-old.
The La Silla observatory is in a prime position to view the Southern sky. And it is only in the last few decades that advances in technology have enabled researchers to probe inside such clouds. By doing so they can answer key questions about how the Universe has changed since its formation. For one, stars were not yet present shortly after its formation, something the Plank satellite has recently confirmed in astonishing detail. The early Universe was thererfore a very different place than it is today, says Andrew Pontzen of University College London, UK. Key questions remain for cosmologists such as Pontzen: how did all these stars form, how did our Universe become the one we know today where we have clumps of galaxies with hundreds of billions of stars in them? We can't quite answer these questions but that's why it's so important to study the stars being born nearby, he says. It will still take many millions of years before the young stars in this particular part of cloud become bright enough to shine through.

Planet formation captured in photo

Planet Formation

Planet's Formation

Planet Formation
6 November 2014
A protoplanetary disc has formed around the young star HL TauThe clearest ever image of planets forming around an infant star has been taken by the Alma radio telescope. In a vast disc of dust and gas, dark rings are clearly visible: gaps in the
cloud, swept clear by brand new planets in orbit. The sun-like star at the centre, HL Tau, is less than a million years old and is 450 light years from Earth in the constellation Taurus. The image was made possible by Alma's new high-resolution
capabilities. Because the process of planet formation takes place in the midst of such a huge dust cloud, it can't be observed using visible light. Alma, the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array, has snapped the impressive new image using much longer wavelengths, which it detects by comparing the signal from multiple antennas up to 15km apart. To test out its latest high-resolution capability, only in operation since September, Alma scientists pointed the antennas at HL Tau. They found themselves looking at a "protoplanetary disc" in more detail than ever before.
"I think it's phenomenal," said Dr Aprajita Verma, an astrophysicist at the University of Oxford. This shows how exciting Alma is going to be - it's going to be an incredible instrument. The image matches predictions from computer simulations and illustrations like this one. Prof Tim de Zeeuw is director general of the European Southern Observatory, one of several organisations involved in Alma. He said: "Most of what we know about planet formation today is based on theory. Images with this level of detail have up to now been relegated to computer simulations or artist's impressions. Dr Verma agreed that the image was a significant new piece of evidence - particularly because the star HL Tau is very young. I think the big result is that you might have expected just a smooth disc," she told the BBC. But you're really seeing multiple rings - and where it's darker, that's where you've cleared the material already in the disc.  The whole process is happening faster than we would have predicted from existing data, Dr Verma explained. It means that things are coagulating. It's really a planetary system, that you're seeing at a very early time. These rings will form planets, asteroids, comets... And eventually as the star evolves, this will cool and settle and there will be more clearing and more individual objects, just like we see in our solar system." The antennas that make up Alma are separated by up to 15km, high in Chile's Atacama Desert.

Background light suggests many stars 'outside galaxies'
6 November 2014
Collisions and mergers can strip stars out of galaxies. A new study of the universe's background light has suggested, that as many, as half its stars might be hidden in the space between galaxies. Measurements were made by two cameras sent
beyond the atmosphere on a rocket. After subtracting all the interference from dust and galaxies, the leftover light has ripples in it, which the study's authors ascribe to lone stars, flung out during galactic collisions. Other scientists believe it comes from whole galaxies, that are very distant. The new results are published in the journal Science. Astronomers know this stripping happens, but we're saying it's much more prevalent”. Prof Jamie Bock from Nasa's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, one of the report's authors, described the extragalactic background light (EBL) as "kind of a cosmic glow". "It's very faint - but basically the spaces between the stars and galaxies aren't dark. And this is the total light made by stars and galaxies during cosmic history," Prof Bock told the BBC. Earlier measurements from rockets and satellites had shown that there was more fluctuation in this background, than the sum total of known galaxies could explain. At least two proposals were made to account for the extra light: it might come from very early, distant galaxies, that formed when the universe was much younger, or it might come from stray stars outside galactic boundaries. Prof Bock's team set out to study the EBL in detail, in terms of its colour and its distribution, to try and settle the debate. Two rocket flights were used to collect the data, in 2010 and 2012, as part of an experiment dubbed CIBER: the cosmic infrared background experiment. On each 10-minute flights, a 10m (30ft sounding rocket travelled briefly beyond the Earth's atmosphere and two infra-red cameras took wide-angle images of the sky. Doing the measurements twice allowed the researchers to rule out fluctuations coming from the dust within our own solar system.
"[On the second flight] we're looking through a completely different patch of the solar system, and we see the same signal," Prof Bock explained. "It's been really nice to have multiple flights, so we can do all these checks. Once all the non-
background light, such as galaxies themselves, was discarded - "you kind of surgically remove them" from the images, Prof Bock said - the team was left with a clean picture of the EBL.This is a big question in astronomers' minds, because we can't assign all the light we see to galaxies we know”. The brightness and the blueness of the light in that picture, they claim, support the idea, that it comes from stars stripped of their galaxies. "It's inconsistent with [the light coming from] the very first galaxies, because it would look a lot redder," Prof Bock said. The report also says there is so much light in the recordings that there might be just as many stars outside galaxies as inside them.
"Astronomers know this stripping happens, but we're saying it's much more prevalent...This is a big question in astronomers' minds, because we can't assign all the light we see to galaxies we know," Prof Dunkley told BBC News. "So where is all the rest of it coming from?" She said that the work represented "a really nice measurement" and agreed that the reported background light probably could not have come from the very earliest galaxies - but argued that there is much still to know about those galaxies, and the ones, that followed soon after. "There's so many galaxies out there, very faint galaxies, very far away, and I don't know if we've got a full census of those yet."

Little Galaxy was born of two Colliding Galaxies

Gallaxies are merging

Gallaxies are merging

2 Small Gallaxies Pull On The Other and Merge

Gallaxies are merging

Gallaxies are merging

Gallaxies are merging
A nearby dwarf galaxy was formed when two even smaller galaxies collided. The finding could tell us about the mysterious dark matter that fills the universe. A tiny nearby galaxy seems to have formed in a merger, when two even smaller galaxies collided. It is the smallest such "compound" galaxy ever found. The finding hints that the universe's first ever galaxies must have been really rather small. What's more, the tiny merged galaxy offers clues to an even deeper mystery: the nature of dark matter, the invisible stuff that seems to make up most of the material in the universe. There is lots of evidence that large galaxies grow through repeated mergers – witness the fiery smashup between the two Antennae galaxies (pictured above), which boast a combined mass of billions of suns. But that evidence dries up for galaxies weighing less than about a billion suns. "They are difficult to observe because the objects are very faint," says Ewa Lokas of the Nicolaus Copernicus Astronomical Center in Warsaw, Poland. Earlier this year, though, a team led by Nicola Amorisco at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark was able to tease out signs of a past merger in a nearby galaxy whose stars weigh a total of just 10 million suns. The little galaxy is one of three dozen or so that orbit the Milky Way's nearest large neighbour, Andromeda (above). Known as Andromeda II, it has been on astronomers' radar since 2012. That's when another group noticed that its stars did not move in the expected way. "It's rotating like a cigar, around its longest axis," says Amorisco. "That is very strange." A galaxy cobbled together. So his team combed through the earlier observations again and found what appeared to be a stream of stars all moving in sync within Andromeda II. "This is essentially what you would find if you had a smaller galaxy destructing within a larger one," he says. Signs of mergers can disappear very quickly Amorisco thinks the merger happened when two small galaxies fell into orbit around the much larger Andromeda galaxy. The merger probably took place within the past 3 billion years, since over longer periods the gravity of the galaxy's other inhabitants should scramble such coherent stellar flows. "It was a very lucky finding – signs of mergers can disappear very quickly," Amorisco says. Lokas and her colleagues have now come up with a scenario that can explain the details of the merger. They ran computer simulations and found that a head-on collision between two small disc galaxies can produce a merged galaxy that rotates like a cigar, where the cigar points along the axis of the collision (see images below). "We are able to reproduce this structure along the long axis," says Lokas. Her study will be printed next month in Monthly Notices Letters of the Royal Astronomical Society. Two small galaxies approach each other... Each galaxy's gravity pulls on the other...Until the two galaxies merge into one. The merger explanation for Andromeda II's stellar motions is "pretty convincing", says Christopher Conselice of the University of Nottingham in the UK, who was not involved in either study. The first galaxies are thought to have formed within nests of dark matter. Conselice says there is a hidden benefit from finding out the size of the smallest galaxies to form directly from collapsing gas, rather than from mergers. It would shed light on dark matter. The first galaxies are thought to have formed within nests made of dark matter particles, whose speeds should have affected the size of the resulting galaxies. If dark matter is fast-moving, "the first things to form would be very large", says Conselice. Sluggish, or "cold", dark matter particles, the favoured explanation, would instead have seeded small galaxies. The timing of the mergers that followed should also be set by dark matter, says Amorisco. Heavier dark matter particles should have quickly drawn in gas to produce the first galaxies, leading to more mergers earlier on in the universe's history. Lighter dark matter particles would have taken longer to form galaxies, leading to fewer – and later – mergers. Andromeda II is the only galaxy in its size range known to have merged, so it is too early to pin down a likely mass for the dark matter this way, Amorisco says. But his team is looking for evidence of mergers in other nearby dwarf galaxies. Our own Milky Way is orbited by 20-odd dwarf galaxies, as well as the entrails of galaxies its gravity has already torn apart. Worryingly, its merging days are not all behind it. In about four billion years, the Milky Way will slam into Andromeda, likely tossing our solar system out of its current seat relatively close to the galactic centre. But Amorisco says we have nothing to fear from the coming crash. "The sun will destroy us much earlier than Andromeda," he says cheerfully.

Earth’s magnetic field showing signs of significant weakening

Sat, June 21, 2014

The first set of high-resolution results from ESA’s three-satellite Swarm constellation reveals the most recent changes in the magnetic field that protects us from cosmic radiation and charged particles, that bombard Earth. Magnetic field is in a permanent state of flux. Magnetic north wanders, and every few hundred thousand years the polarity flips, so that a compass would point south instead of north. Moreover, the strength of the magnetic field constantly changes – and it is currently showing signs of significant weakening. (ESA) Measurements made by Swarm over the past six months confirm the general trend of the field’s weakening, with the most dramatic declines over the Western Hemisphere. But in other areas, such as the southern Indian Ocean, the magnetic field has strengthened since January. The field is particularly weak over the South Atlantic Ocean – known as the South Atlantic Anomaly and the latest measurements confirm the movement of magnetic North towards Siberia. The weak field has indirectly caused many temporary satellite ‘hiccups’ (called Single Event Upsets) as the satellites are exposed to strong radiation over this area. (ESA) This animation shows changes in Earth’s magnetic field from January to June 2014 as measured by ESA’s Swarm trio of satellites:
Swarm was launched in November 2013 and is providing unprecedented insights into the complex workings of Earth’s magnetic field. The objective of the Swarm mission is to provide the best-ever survey of the geomagnetic field and its temporal evolution as well as the electric field in the atmosphere using a constellation of 3 identical satellites carrying sophisticated magnetometers and electric field instruments.
Its first results were presented today, June 19th, at the ‘Third Swarm Science Meeting’ in Copenhagen, Denmark.
“These initial results demonstrate the excellent performance of Swarm,” said Rune Floberghagen, ESA’s Swarm Mission Manager. “With unprecedented resolution, the data also exhibit Swarm’s capability to map fine-scale features of the magnetic field.”
Over the coming months, scientists will analyse the data to unravel the magnetic contributions from other sources, namely the mantle, crust, oceans, ionosphere and magnetosphere. This will provide new insight into many natural processes, from those occurring deep inside our planet to space weather triggered by solar activity. In turn, this information will yield a better understanding of why the magnetic field is weakening.

New photos of Sat

Saturn's Opening and Saturn's hurricaines

Saturn's New Ring

Anomalous sights in Russia

White Gamma-Rays' Bubble

(or a White Cosmic Cloud/Superwave of Energy of Balance, which is coming from the Source of All Life on the highest Level of Consciousness! This Stream of Energy has been moving through the Central Galactic Sun into our Sun and Earth! Gamma-Rays originate from the Great White Cloud of Luminous Energy of Balance.

Violet Gamma-Rays Burst Bubbles in the Centre of out Galaxy!

Mysterious Structures Balloon From Milky Way's Core (not mysterious anymore, LM)

Violet Gamma-Rays' Bubble in the Central Galactic Black Hole!

These 2 Violet Bubbles are not really Violet , but the Growing Galactic White Cloud of Energy of Balance (2 jets of it), the result of Huge Explosion in the Central Sun of Milky Way Galaxy

Violet Gamma-Rays' Bubble in the Central Galactic Black Hole!

White Gamma-Rays' Bubble (or a White Cosmic Cloud/Superwave of Energy of Balance, which is coming from the Source of All Life on the highest Level of Consciousness! This Stream of Energy has
been moving through the Central Galactic Sun into our Sun and Earth! The Superwave of this Cloud of Energy of Balance is warming up not just our Planet and its Inner Sun, but our whole Solar System
and our whole Milky Way Galaxy! Gamma-Rays originate from the Great White Cloud of Luminous Energy of Balance.

Gamma-Rays Burst Bubbles (White Energy of Balance, LM) in the Centre of out Galaxy!

November 10, 2010
Bubbles emitting Gamma-Rays extend above and below the Milky Way's Center...Two Huge Bubbles that emit Gamma-Rays have been found billowing (a Great Swell) from the Center of the Milky Way Galaxy, astronomers have announced.
The previously unseen Structures, detected by NASA's Fermi Gamma-Ray Space Telescope, extend 25,000 light-years north and south from the Galactic Core. (I am not really into linear measurements like meters, km and light years, because everything is holographic, LM!)
"We think we know a lot about our own galaxy," Princeton University astrophysicist David Spergel, who was not involved in the discovery, said during a press briefing Tuesday...

"what we see here are these Enormous Structures …[that] suggest the presence of an Enormous Energetic Event in the Center of Our Galaxy."
For now the source of all that energy is unclear (No, this Energy of Balance has the highest Vibration and is coming from the Source of All Life on the highest Level of Consciousness! LM), said study co-author Doug Finkbeiner, an associate professor of astronomy at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
Gamma-Rays are the Most Energetic Forms of Light, and in Cosmos they tend to come from Violent Events such as Supernova or from extreme objects such as Black Holes and Neutron Stars.
(See "Gamma-Ray Telescope Finds First 'Invisible' Pulsar.")

The newfound Bubbles, meanwhile, are made of hot, charged gas that's releasing the same amount of Energy as a Hundred Thousand Exploding Stars.
"So you have to ask, where could Energy like that come from in the Milky Way?" Finkbeiner said.
(And the answer is: from all already exploded Suns and Planets in our Galaxy 'Milky Way'! And it was the same process of Gathering Gamma-Rays' or Energy of Balance in Bubbles around the Central Sun in those Galaxies, which are already gone and have no Life in them anymore! LM)
Gamma-Ray Bubbles Signs of Milky Way Feeding?
Scientists know that a Supermassive Black Hole resides at the Center of our Galaxy, and it didn't get so big by sitting quietly. Instead, the Black Hole must go through stages when it gobbles up massive amounts of material. When Galactic Black Holes are actively feeding, they tend to Spew High-Energy Jets from their Poles. Astronomers have found such active Galactic Nuclei elsewhere in the Universe, but have never before seen any convincing proof of this process happening in the Milky Way.
(See "Black Holes Belch (Erupt) Universe's Most Energetic Particles.")

"So The Gamma-Rays' (the Energy of Balance, LM) Bubbles might be the first evidence for a Major Outburst from the Black Hole at the Center of the Galaxy," Finkbeiner said.
The study team says that they have ruled out another theory that the bubbles could be proof of the mysterious substance known as dark matter.
According to theory, dark matter particles annihilate (wipe out) when they collide, releasing showers of new particles along with huge amounts of energy. It's thought that dense clumps of dark matter exist at the cores of galaxies, so looking for the results of collisions is one way astronomers hope to prove the substance exists.
"What bothers me about that explanation is those sharp edges that we see on the Bubbles," Finkbeiner said, referring to the fact that the structures are well-defined domes.
Dark Matter would have existed at the Galaxy's Core from the start, and the particles would have been continuously interacting.

(And again, everybody seems to be oblivious to the Major Event, which took place in March 1994 - The Start of Consciousness Transformation of the whole Universe towards higher, non-physical Level!
And this is the real reason for the slow Build Up of this Dome-like White Cloud of Energy of Balance coming from the Central Sun of our Galaxy through our Sun in a form of the Stream of Sparkling White Energy! Why no astronomer knows about this fact? Do they ever read any alternative literature or alternative websites apart from technical books and sites? Our Old Universe reached New Higher Vibration ! LM).


Gamma-Rays are the Highest, the Fastest and the Shortest Waveform! Gamma-Rays are White, Sparkling Energy of Balance, another name for the same Energy is : Unconditional Love! Gamma-Rays originate from the Great White Cloud of Luminous Energy of Balance.

Gamma Rays

Gamma-Ray explosion, Mexico 2012

Gamma-Ray explosion in Mexico, 2012 (взрыв Гамма-Лучей в Мексике, 2012)

Gamma-Ray explosion, Petersburg 2012

Gamma-Ray explosion in Peterburg, Russia, 2012 (взрыв Гамма-Лучей в Петербурге, Россия, 2012)

unusual flashes before 7.7 Earthquake, Alaska, 2013

Night shot of Gamma-Ray's Blast in Alaska, 2013, showing Aquamarine Layer in the atmosphere at night (before 7.7 Earthquake). (взрыв Гамма-Лучей в Петербурге, Россия, 2012)

Another Gamma-Ray Explosion On Earth

Another Gamma-Ray's Explosion On Earth! More photos of Gamma-Rays are on (больше фото Гамма-Лучей на) : Anomalous Events (new)

А few articles about the event in Russia (with photos from the Internet) you can read on (несколько статей с фото о событии в Челябинске, а также о Гамма-Лучах, вы можете найти на Странице) : Natural/Unnatural Disasters
For more pictures of our Second Sun of the 4th Level of Consciousness (at night and at daytime), of Sun's Night Halos or Night Rainbows, which are parts of Rainbow Halos of our Second Sun, go to our new link:   Our Second Sun


The picture above is showing what I see in the night sky above our Center, only I don't see that many Gamma-Rays at the same time (only occasionally)!

March (2012) I noticed an unusual Phenomenon! It's been happening every clear night (quite often), when I wake up at night and go to the balcony of our House-Centre. I see the dark Sky's full of brightly lit, moving and flashing UFO's and the Long and Wide, Strip of dotted White Energy of Balance very high, just above our Centre, above me! I can't see the same White Strip in the sky on nights, brightly lit up by our Second Sun, or at daytime ! It is always in the same place (only changing direction, depending on the time of the night I get up and  the time of the year) and it has been growing night by night! This is Human White Balanced Energy of our Higher Selves, which has been gathering in the Sky!
This Phenomenon has been attracting such number of moving UFO's! I feel that this White Strip of Energy could be part of the 3 White Rings, which has formed around Earth, though the Strip, I see, doesn't look Sparkling, like the Ring around Earth Robert Monroe saw on 4th non-physical Level (more like a ghostly image)! Pseudo-scientists give a false explanations and call that Ring "Antiproton Ring Found Around Earth"! It doesn't look like an ordinary old photos of Milky Way (with all dark energy around stars), but looks all white, more like on the above photo. White Sparkling and powerful Energy of Balance has another name: Gamma-Rays! Range of Gamma-Rays frequencies is vast and even higher, than on the chart below, where the highest is: 2.99 zeta hertz (1 zeta hertz - 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 hertz)! Gamma-Rays are the highest, the fastest and the most powerful Rays in the Universe!

Что такое Гамма-Лучи? Гамма-Лучи и есть Белая, Сверкающая Энергия Баланса, они - самые короткие, самые быстрые и самые мощные из всех Лучей! Диапазон их частот огромен и даже выше,
чем указан на таблице ниже. Самая высокая частота Гамма-Лучей на этой таблице : 2.99 zeta hertz (1 zeta hertz - 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 hertz)!

Самой Высокой, Самой Быстрой и Самой Короткой из Всех Волн является Белая, Сверкающая Энергия Баланса, имеющая другое название :
 Любовь без Условий !


Gamma-Rays are inCosmos

  These pictures are showing how Gamma-Rays destroy physical Planets and Suns in our Old Universe! Некоторые фото на нашем сайте показывают как, разные по частоте, Гамма-Лучи используются как оружие в Космических войнах, как Гамма-Лучи взрывают физические Планеты и Солнца нашей Старой Вселенной!

16 Feb. 2013

That was not a meteor (or a meteor shower), not an asteroid, not a comet nor a fireball, it's not a piece of stone or stones, it is not a UFO, though the effects of Gamma-Rays' Blasts are closely monitored by PLASMOIDS, non-physical, PLASMIC CREATURES and PLASMIC UFO'S, TO SEE THE RESULTS !
What happened in Russia was just a part of the most powerful and directed Wave of Gamma-Rays, White Energy of Balance coming from the SOURCE OF ALL LIFE !
This is the Reason why more, than 30 observatories of Russia, could not discover, detect and warn the public of those regions about the event beforehand: their equipment is not designed for detecting such events (Gamma Rays' Waves)! That's what some russian scientists said! In Chelyabinsk they also have a Laboratory of Cosmic Monitoring, which also couldn't detect the Gamma Ray and they had learnt about this Blast from the Internet! Paid Scientists, who are explaining this Blast officially, mentioned just asteroids or meteors, but never Gamma-Rays, as if they didn't exist! Gamma-Rays destroyed physical part of most of Planets and Suns in our Old Universe, but official Press is still lying through the teeth, as usual !
There are no flying stones (called meteor showers, perseides or asteroids) around us anymore, there are no hard physical Planets around us anymore: it is the energy, we are on a much higher vibrational level, than that! We are surrounded by PLASMA LAYER, FILLED WITH PLASMOIDS, through this layer Gamma-Rays are travelling to us! Gamma-Rays could be natural (much more powerful) and artificial (much weaker), created locally, they could be used as a weapon!
These Gamma-Rays are behind all of our, so called , "Natural" disasters, they trigger: fires, flash floods, create sinkholes/cracks in the ground/underwater, earthquakes, towers, buildings, houses, roads and dams' destructions. Gamma-Rays create Auroras, Portals on Earth, whirlpools in the water of seas and oceans (Water-Portals)! Gamma-Rays manufacture: tzunamis/tornados/hurricanes/dust and electric storms/huge and striking waves, landslides/avalanches, volcano eruptions, electric shocks; Gamma-Rays have been causing malfunctioning, collision, drowning or explosion in planes/helicopters/trains/cars/trucks/buses/submarines/boats/petrol stations, ships/spaceships/rockets/space telescopes and stations! Gamma-Rays are involved in explosions/malfunctioning of rail-gas-water-electric/electronic-computer systems all over the Planet! Gamma-Rays have been causing mass deaths of fish/birds/insects/mammals/sea creatures etc. by striking waves! Directed Gamma-Rays are used for Spontaneous Human Combustion (people, and nothing else around, are burnt alive)! There are many articles and photos on our website to show you how Gamma-Rays do it ! Gamma-Rays are used by aliens as weapon of destruction of Planets and spaceships.
Manuvered Balls of Gamma-Rays are the part of the long-expected Striking Wave, which is slowly gaining a Momentum, the Speed and Power of the Wave is increasing, the Wave is embracing the whole Planet Earth! You will see the further developments soon! These White Balls of Gamma-Rays are the same Gamma Rays' Blows as Sprites/Lightnings, only more powerful, causing shockwaves, noise and explosions up in the air (same as in thunderstorms, only more powerful)in many places of Earth esp. in South and North Poles' regions!
There were already many reports and videos of similar events in different countries, posted on the Internet !
These directed Gamma-Rays' Blasts in Chelyabinsk didn't affect just Chelyabinsk, but 7 huge regions of Russia with their big and small cities and villages (Sverdlovsk, Tumen, Chelyabinsk, Kurgan, Samara, Saratov, Ekaterinburg, Republic of Bashkiria) and partly Kazahstan regions! On 14th February similar Gamma-Rays' Balls were seen in Japan, Cuba, Canada, Netherland, Belgium and Germany!
In Chelyabinsk alone almost 3 thousands flats have been damaged (according to the official press) and more than 20 thousands square meters of glass needed to replace all broken windows in such frost ! More than 1200 people were injured mainly from window glass (last statistics).

Just hours before that Gamma-Rays' Blasts , 7 earthquakes (up to 9.5 to 10 on the Richter scale) striked Yakutia region of Russian Siberia. There is a connection between these 2 events! Lydia Monroe

Gamma-Rays are Hitting Telescopes

Gamma-Rays are bombarding telescopes!

Gamma-Ray distruction

Directed Gamma-Rays are used for Spontaneous Human Combustion (people, and nothing else around, are burnt alive)
Мгновенное сжигание живого человека, не затронув ничего вокруг, давно известное аномальное явление, тоже происходит в результате направленных ГАММА-ЛУЧЕЙ

То, что произошло в Челябинске, является одним из многих мощных и направлннных Шаров ГАММА-ЛУЧЕЙ, состоящих из Белой Энергии Баланса! Шары эти выбрасываются из самого Источника. Всей Жизни на самом высоком Уровне Сознания! Эти Шары и являются частью той Могучей Энергетической Волны,исходящей из Источника, которую многие ожидали уже давно. Эта направленная Волна опоясывает всю Землю, медленно набирая скорость и мощь, проникая везде и разрушая всё материальное! Эти Шары ГАММА-ЛУЧЕЙимеют ту же природу, что и направленные Шаровые Молнии, только намного мощнее, они создают Ударные Волны, звуки взрывов, похожих на сотрясающий гром, только намного громче. С каждным днём их количество и их сила будет только возрастать! Это и есть ричина почему более чем 30 Российских обсерваторий во время на обнаружили и заранее не предупредили население пострадавших районов о надвигающейся катастрофе: их оборудование не расчитано (устарелое) на опознавание таких событий! Это были слова одного из опрашиваемых русских учёных! ВЧелябинске также имеется лаборатория по Космическому Мониторингу (Наблюдению), которая пропустила это событие и узнала о нём позже из Интернета! Платные "учёные", которые объясняют Взрывную Волну Гамма-Лучей для СМИ, говорят только о астероидах и метеорах, но ни словом не обмолвятся о Гамма-Лучах, как-будто они в природе не существуют! Гамма-Лучи уже разрушили большую часть Планет и Солнц (физическую оболочку) нашей Старой Вселенной!
То, что произошло в Челябинске, в России, не было метеором, не было НЛО или астероидом, не было кометой или новым американским оружием, не было огненным шаром, не было никаким камнем: СМИ врут как всегда! Мы находимся на том вибрационном Уровне, где камней в виде метеоров или метеоритных дождей, астероидов, каменных Планет или ещё чего-нибудь каменного, уже не существует: мы окружены НЕВИДИМОЙ ПЛАЗМОЙ И ВОКРУГ НАС ОГРОМНОЕ КОЛИЧЕСТВО СУЩЕСТВ В ПЛАЗМЕННОЙ ФОРМЕ ! ГАММА-ЛУЧИ легко проходят через Плазму! ГАММА-ЛУЧИстоят за всеми, так называемыми, "СТИХИЙНЫМИ БЕДСТВИЯМИ". ГАММА-ЛУЧИ создают Северные Сияния, Порталы в Земле и вокруг неё, а также водяные Порталы-Воронки в морях и океанах! ГАММА-ЛУЧИ вызывают: пожары, извержения вулканов, разрушение плотин/домов/зданий/дорог/башен/бензоколонок, ГАММА-ЛУЧИтакже ударяют по облакам, вызывая потоки воды/снега с неба и мгновенные наводнения по всей Планете! ГАММА-ЛУЧИ создают Северные Сияния, Порталы в Земле и вокруг неё, а также водяные Порталы-Воронки в морях и океанах! ГАММА-ЛУЧИ делают : дыры/провалы/разломы/трещины в земле и под водой, вызывая землетрясения, оползни и снежные обвалы, цунами/торнадо, пыльные, морские, электрические, снеговые шторма, огромные водяные, газовые и ударные волны и воронки! ГАММА-ЛУЧИ служат причиной массовых смертей рыб/птиц/насекомых/земных и морских животных, а также людей в результате ударных волн! Мгновенное сжигание живого человека, не затронув ничего вокруг, давно известное аномальное явление, тоже происходит в результате направленных ГАММА-ЛУЧЕЙ : такие лучи бывают как искусственно-созданные, так и происходящие из самого Высокого Вибрационного Уровня (натуральные и самые сильные) !
ГАММА-ЛУЧИ - причины взрывов: на путях и дорогах, на заводах и электростанциях, в водо-газовых-электро-компьютерных сетях, в подводных лодках/самолётах/поездах/ вертолётах/машинах/автобусах/грузовиках/лодках и кораблях (включая космические), в ракетах и спутниках всякого типа, в летающих телескопах и косм. станциях. ГАММА-ЛУЧИ создают грохот и шок у всех вокруг. Нематериальные (плазменные) существа и НЛО часто сопровождают такие Шары ГАММА-ЛУЧЕЙ, чтобы следить за их действиями. Например, 14 февраля похожие Шары ГАММА-ЛУЧЕЙ были замечены и сняты на видео в Японии, на Кубе, в Канаде, Нидерландах, Бельгии и Германии!
И до этого такие Шары ГАММА-ЛУЧЕЙ со взрывами наблюдались в Арктике и Антарктиде ДОВОЛЬНО ЧАСТО (на Северном и Южном полюсах), а также в США и многих других странах. Ударная Волна не повлияла только на Челябинск и область, но и на 6 других областей России как Свердловск, Тюмень, Курган, Самара, Саратов, Екатеринбург и Башкирия с их городами и сёлами, а также частично на Казахстан. Только в Челябинске, согласно СМИ, было разрушено около 3000 квартир и пострадало около 1200 человек, потребовалось 20 тысяч квадратных метров стекла, чтобы застеклить разбитые окна домов одного только Челябинска в такой мороз! Несколько часов до этого события, в Якутии произошло 7 землетрясений, первым из которых было 9.5-10 баллов по шкале Рихтера! Между всеми этими событиями существует связь!

Gamma-Ray Explosion

7 days after the Blast in Chelyabinsk: wounded in the office, woman-engineer (one of many), Russia, 2013
7 дней после взрыва Гамма-Лучей в Челябинске; женщина-инженер, пострадавшая от осколков стекла в офисе!

Gamma-Rays Destruction

Windows of many buildings have been pressed in by the force of Gamma-Rays' Wave!
Окна многих зданий и жилых домов были вдавлены внутрь cилой Ударной Волны Гамма-Лучей!

(Через Портал Солнца НЛО проходили и проходят постоянно с одного Уровня в другой, из одного Мира в Другой! ЛМ)!

Нассим Харамейн - Портал в Солнце, видео за 25 ноября 2011года!

Астрономы сделали открытие...

20 ноя ‘09
Команда космического телескопа Fermi нашла на небе темные галактики, в которых нет звезд, но тлеет Тёмная Материя...The team of cosmic telescope "Fermi" found Dark Galaxies, which don't have Stars anymore, but only Glowing Dark Matter!

 Galaxy Clusters Have a Mysterious Motion

"Two decades ago, astronomers spotted one of the brightest exploding Stars in more, than 400 years: a doomed Star, called Supernova 1987A. This image shows the entire region around the Supernova. The most prominent feature in the image is a Ring with dozens of Bright Spots. A shock wave of material, unleashed by the Stellar Blast is slamming into regions along the Ring's inner regions, heating them up, and causing them to Glow... In the next few years, the entire Ring will be ablaze, as it absorbs the full force of the crash. The Glowing Ring is expected to become bright enough to illuminate the Star's surroundings, providing astronomers with new information on how the Star expelled material, before the explosion. The image was taken in December 2006 with Hubble's."

Space & Earth science / Astronomy
September 24, 2008

( -- The stars are in motion, and on a much larger scale than can be explained with current theories, according to astronomers at NASA, the University of Hawaii and UC Davis. The finding could improve our understanding of events in the first moments after the birth of the universe. The researchers found an unexpected motion, or "flow," of galaxy clusters across a wide patch of the sky up to at least a billion light years away. Local Flows of Galaxies and Galaxy Clusters are well-known, said Dale Kocevski, a postdoctoral researcher at UC Davis who was part of the team.

For instance, our own Milky Way Galaxy is already mixing with Andromeda Galaxy, and the Galaxy Group, that includes both Andromeda and Milky Way is moving at about 600 km per sec.

These motions happen because matter, both: Stars, dust and gas and the more abundant, but invisible "Dark Matter" is distributed in uneven clumps, and gravity pulls alaxy Clusters toward those clumps. Astronomers call these clumps "anisotropies." But the newly detected motion is over far too large an area to be explained in that way, say Kocevski and colleagues Alexander Kashlinsky at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md.; Fernando Atrio-Barandela of the University of Salamanca, Spain; and Harald Ebeling of the University of Hawaii.

The astronomers found the effect by using a catalog of 700 Galaxy Clusters, observed with X-ray astronomy, and NASA's Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe, which shows tiny variations in the microwave background radiation of the Universe ...
Hot X-Ray-emitting gas in a Galaxy Cluster scatters photons from the cosmic microwave background. The wavelengths of these scattered photons change in a way, that reflects each Cluster's individual motion. This results in a minute shift of the microwave background's temperature in the Cluster's direction. In 2000, Kashlinsky and Atrio-Barandela found a way to amplify this effect and employ it to measure the motion of distant Galaxy Clusters... the Universe expanded extremely rapidly. If inflation did occur, then the Universe we can see is only a small portion of the whole Cosmos. There may have been a "tilt" to the Universe, or motion already in progress, before inflation occurred, Kocevski said. Or, the Clusters could be responding to the gravitational attraction of Matter, that was pushed far beyond the observable Universe by inflation... A paper describing the results was published online in the journal Astrophysical Journal Letters on Sept. 24."

Merging of our Galaxy Milky Way with Andromeda Galaxy

Merging Of Milky Way & Andromeda Galaxies

Merging Of Milky Way & Andromeda Galaxies

Merging Of Milky Way & Andromeda Galaxies

Merging of our Galaxy Milky Way with Andromeda Galaxy (apart from Merging Parallel Universes with the Original Old Universe):
this is what we are also experiencing now!


"Двое американских физиков — Д. Койн из Калифорнийского университета в Санта Крузе и Д. Ченг из Альмаденского исследовательского центра IBM в Сан-Хосе — пришли к сенсационному заключению: все известные элементарные частицы могут представлять собой миниатюрные черные дыры..."

Fermi Helps Pierce Gamma-Ray Fog

Finkbeiner and his team found the Gamma-Rays Bubbles using data from Fermi's Large Area Telescope, the most sensitive Gamma-Ray detector yet launched.
The scientists then had to process the raw data so they could see through the "fog" of Gamma-Rays that's made as high-energy electrons moving near the speed of light interact with light and interstellar gas in the Milky Way.
(Related: "Mysterious 'Dragons' Make Universe's Gamma Ray Fog." and now you have the idea who is behind of manufacturing fake Holographic Fog all over our Earth, Sun and Galaxy, so we can't see the developements in the whole Universe, LM!)
Further studies will be required to get at the true nature of the Energy Source Blowing the Bubbles, Princeton's Spergel said.
"But it is a striking image," he said, "and I think one that will be challenging astronomers over the coming years to do both future observational work and theoretical work to understand what's going on here and to make connections to other areas of galactic and extragalactic astronomy."
...The researchers found that the High-Energy Rays seem to be coming from areas of Cosmos known to contain huge, belching (erupting) Black Holes called Active Galactic Nuclei.

 March 22, 2010

"Dark Flow" is no fluke, suggests a new study that strengthens the case for Unknown, Unseen "Structures" lurking on the outskirts of creation. In 2008 scientists reported the discovery of Hundreds of Galaxy Clusters streaming in the same direction at more than 2.2 million miles (3.6 million kilometers) an hour. This Mysterious Motion can't be explained by current models for distribution of mass in the Universe. So the researchers made the controversial suggestion that the clusters are being tugged on by the gravity of matter outside the known Universe.

(Of course, because all physical 3D parts of all the Galaxies in this Universe have been moving out of it to other Physical Universes through Black Holes to continue to evolve to the Higher, Non-Physical Level of Consciousness! These 3D parts can no longer stay here because of their low Vibrations! LM)

Now the same team has found that the Dark Flow (Mainly Low-Viscosity Plasma, LM) extends even deeper into the Universe than previously reported: out to at least 2.5 billion light-years from Earth. After using two additional years' worth of data and tracking twice the number of Galaxy Clusters, "we clearly see the Flow, we clearly see it pointing in the Same Direction," said study leader Alexander Kashlinsky, an astrophysicist at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland.

"It looks like a very Coherent Flow." The find adds to the case that Chunks of Matter got pushed outside the Known Universe, which in turn hints that our Universe is part of something larger: a Multiverse.
(Related: "Searching for Other Earths" in National Geographic magazine.)

Violet Betelgeuse Before Implosion!

This is how major Star (Sun) of Orion Empire Betelgouse looked before the Implosion!

Implosion and Change of Colors of Betelgese

 And this is how Star Betelgouse looked after the Implosion!

"I just read on facebook that betelgeuse is supposedly going supernova tonight.. has anybody heard anything about this? I see in several articles that it is dying, and that Supernova will ensue, and that it will not really impact earth so much, but that the supernova is still years away. I can find no supporting articles, but i wanted to know who else may have heard this... I actually received an invitation on facebook to a "betelguese supernova watch party" several months ago. I wonder if facebook is as full of  disinformation as it is changes. However, i will look for it even though the blast couldn't possibly be visible for many years to come, right?
Yes it is a super-giant red sun  nobody know when it will go supernova ; when fusion reactions start to produce iron; shortly after gravitation are no more balance with fusion energy and the star collapse and explode leaving a neutron star
I wish it would. We would wake up to a sky that has two suns. I would love for that to happen."

Betelgouse, the biggest Star of Orion Empire had already exploded and not just that Star, but most of the Orion Empire with all its Suns and Planets is gone now! Our Universe is not intended to stop the Process of dismantling everything and coming back to the Source, just because some humans or some aliens don't want it to happen! Orion Empire is closer to the Central Black Hole of our Galaxy and we are much further away from it, so our turn to go is a bit later! That's all! The Reptillians and other Negative races (and humans) don't and never will inform you about these events, it is not in their interests: they will start losing their grip on us, the less we know the better for them! Nevertheless, more Balanced Forces started bombing Reptilian underground bases for many months now and it isn't going to stop till all Negative bases are gone from Earth! That is the real reason of many earthquakes, which happened recently! Google will always give you loosy outdated info (like Jan or Feb 2011) and never the latest one to keep you waiting for the Implosion of Betelgouse for years, so to deviate your attention from the disappearance of Draco Constellation (the major Negative player)!

Aquamarine Star's Layer on above picture and below tells you that Aquamarine Energy is here in this Universe to destroy everything physical!

Aquamarine Layer on our Sun (above and below)

Every Black Hole Contains Another Universe?

Andromeda"s Central Sun

"Like part of a cosmic Russian doll (Matreshka), Our Universe may be nested inside a Black Hole, that is itself part of a larger Universe (maybe Multiverse, LM), astronomers announced in April. In turn, all the Black Holes found so far in Our Universe maybe Doorways into Alternate Realities."

Rainbow Corona of Sun in Violet Sky!

Rainbow Corona of New Earth in Violet Sky!

Rainbow Corona of Sun in Violet Sky!

Rainbow Corona of New Earth in Violet Sky!

Rainbow Corona of Sun in Violet Sky!

Below there is some material relevant for making the Shift of Consciousness (from "Handbook for a New Paradigm" by George Green) :

"This is meant to encourage ones to begin, for the first step must be taken so that progress can be made toward the goal of bringing it forth. It is the brevity (briefness)  and the Universal appeal of it within the diversity of 6 billion beings that is the key. Though it seems impossible, we assure you it is possible. We remind you to ask for guidance and help at these sessions. Egos must be in their observer states for the credit of writing will go to no one individual. It is the desire that it comes forth in perfection that must be the motivation... It is through the approach to the universality of scope that the encompassing appeal shall be addressed. The focus on this aspect will begin to draw the feeling of Oneness to the beings on the planet. A realization will begin to dawn that all are facing the same dilemmas as the itchy feeling that something ominous is present continues to intensify this feeling keys understandings that the causes of it are beyond local, regional or national scope. The oppression is being felt with greater and greater intensity. What about the indigenous peoples? As we have mentioned before, they already know. Their "shamans" already have the message and are aware that a New Paradigm is being born. They are steps ahead of you and are already at work on its expression. Their people are aware and already in harmony with the process.  Do not be concerned with them.
Inasmuch as all have incarnated from the same source, you are indeed connected and do communicate at subtle levels. The mass consciousness (awareness is malleable through coercion, but always certain levels of it remain connected to the source. It is through these connections that we can achieve subtle changes that will lay the groundwork for future shifts at the conscious levels. The oppressors must work with the levels of the mind while it might be said that we have available the levels of the "heart." The heart feels. A feeling can transform the beliefs held by the mind. When the feeling vibrates within the being at a certain level, it overrides the belief and the being simply tosses it out and follows the feeling to a new conclusion. The feeling of oppression is soon to override the insistence of the mind that all is well and that big brother government will work things out to the benefit of all. The magician is about to lose his facade of darkness and be seen in the full light of recognition and it may not be at the time of his choosing. Inasmuch as you live within time as your controlling focus, we must deal with it. The sequence of linking interfacing actions and events now enters a phase of critical importance. It is important that each of you feel the inspiration, the divine urge, to push ahead with this project. The dominos are in place and it will take but a nudge (Gentle Push) for them to begin their sequential trip. The placement of the final few must be preempted (do in advance) in order that the dark plan is unable to be carried to its planned conclusion. If a critical few can be removed, then the planned sequence will go awry (amiss, wrong) and glorious confusion will result, the perfect time for the new paradigm to rise amid that confusion. Its conception must, however, have been completed and the birthing process well underway at the subtle levels... The window of time available to complete the second phase that is focused toward the completion of the worded purpose is continually shrinking. Therefore, we feel it necessary to continue to prod and poke lest it close without its completion. Chaos would then indeed reign and the birthing of the new paradigm could become unimaginably difficult. The period of chaos could stretch on for a painfully long time in your counting. It is not this information that is important, it is the conception and completion of the writing of the purpose! We do not want this information on file in your Library of Congress. We prefer it to be exchanged on a personal, need to know level. It is purposefully written so as to exclude words that trip the communication scanners so that it may yet spread easily to the chosen ones... You are not only watching the creation of something uniquely beautiful, you are providing the focus that will cause it to happen. How could you avoid continuing to be an important part of this beautiful demonstration?
It is important to note here that the meaning of the word "evolution" has been purposely distorted by implanting the idea that evolution and adaptation are synonymous. Animal life and even human life at one level adapts. Evolution refers to the spiral of spiritual experience through (think holographically) its return trip to the Source. Here you can see correlation of spiral to spirit and holographic to the Source... When the appropriate moments arrive, you will have the discernment to bring forward into your conscious awareness that prickly feeling that causes you to move to a more appropriate place and it will be available. Planning ahead does not work; it is necessary to be flexible and move in the moment. It is spontaneity that provides the atmosphere in which creation moves without restriction. Since creation is what you are about, then it is important to move within the framework of purpose as spontaneously as possible. Though this would seem that opposites are at counterpoints, indeed this is combining the polarities in a complimentary fashion allowing for the spiraling effect that is desired for movement in a balanced fashion. Polarities are not limited to extreme opposites as in black and white, on and off, good and bad, etc. Pink and gray are opposites, but of a different intensity. These intensities are available in abundance to apply and through this principle diversity within a focus are accomplished.
How does this apply to the project at hand? It is through the diverse contributions toward the goal of completing phase two that the appropriate composite will come forth. Each session will be a think tank of spiraling ideas toward the goal fueled by combining the individual minds into an empowered group focus. It is the addition of the group focus that is the increased power of the creative presence... the combination of focus provided by the shared common goal brings forth a greater power, particularly when numerical combinations are observed. The common language of creation is mathematical formulation. The practice of numerology touches upon how these formulations apply to individual lives. Spontaneity is allowing the conscious awareness to relax and for harmony with these foundations of existence to bring forth desired results within the framework of defined purpose. The purpose of these think tank sessions provides the framework to bring forth a greater purpose that in turn will be the framework for the new paradigm. It will be the framework to provide for individuals to continue the process within their own experience. This may seem simple enough, however it is in the understanding and follow through of the steps within the universal laws that is the trick. Allowance is the most difficult to incorporate. Rising above the need to control is the leavening of the loaf so to speak. Volumes could be written regarding this, but it would not change anything. It is in the doing that it is accomplished. It is the doing of this one facet that opens the door to the transcendence of this dimension. The ability to apply this principle is built upon the use of the previous two and through application of all three that the fourth is reached and bingo, you are there at the point of choice. To go or not to go! Graduation requires the release of attachments. There is a difference between attachments and addictions. That is for you to discern and now is the time to release the addictions. You must ask yourself what it is that you think must remain in your experience and what it would be pleasant to have, but not absolutely necessary. You will be surprised if you take a few moments to make even a brief list of your technological wonders and contemplate what life will be like without them. You will then be prepared for your not so distant future. This is not to say that to plan to provide for the basic necessities is addiction rather than wisdom...This experience is a manifested reality that must be dealt with inside that reality. The Game must be continued on until completion. It can no longer be changed or delayed. Humanity is sinking into greater fear and confusion furthering the plans of the manipulators at a rapid pace. The spiritual levels of each are becoming more and more inaccessible and the reaction of the spirit expressing through the body to this process will continue to reflect through the reaction of the Planet also. It is not a pretty picture from our prospective. It is not our intent to focus your attention into this picture but it is also necessary that you are aware of what you are working within. It is unfortunate that it has had to proceed this far into the levels of suffering before the consciousness becomes vulnerable and desperate enough to pause and reflect that enough is enough. Perhaps now enough can be reached with the desire to bring this situation to an end to be willing to accomplish it through a total change of engrained habitual reactions... Universal Laws are working within the focus of either polarity. You are programmed to think that the negative pole is always "bad". Within the context of the whole this is not true. There is no electricity (energy moving) without both poles. It is distorted use beyond the norms of Balance that are at issue in this instance... start to gather the rocks necessary build a dam to divert the flow in a new direction. Yours is Universal project reflecting the wholistic nature of how "it all" works... In other words, personal responsibility reflects the willingness to be a Flow of expansive energy within the realm of your pattern of experience. With the cycle of energy surrounding you moving in an opposite directional flow, you must swim upstream so to speak to accomplish what you intend...
Within the Holographic Process there is the element of Maintaining the Focus to enable Manifestation to Complete its Intended Cycle. The Focus of Thought is maintained for long periods of time by setting the vibratory oscillations within a range that emanates sound. This is duplicated in crude form by your music. In purity it can be grasped as being of a crystalline bell like quality. Tibetan bells give you an inkling of the reverberations that continue for long periods of time, beyond what the human ear can hear. Within a Holographic context, a continuous vibration is set forth in an over unity mode carrying forth the Expansive Paradigm. Each Holographic creation is unique, reminiscent of your snowflakes. It is present within each galaxy a continuous melody of bell like sounds which is perceived in part by some and referred to as the "the music of the spheres" which is a perfect description... Perfect resonance is attained through Balance...
from №38
"... the planned reversal of this flow (by the Negatives) to create an opposite inclusive flow would end in something like your scientists' "theory of the Black Hole", absorbing all available energies into a compacted mass! The particular group holding our interest promotes longevity and positively believes in reincarnation. Each of the hierarchy are programmed at birth through magical methods that they are a reincarnation through a long line of predecessors all committed to this project. Each generation is then preceived as being further empowered than the last. This way, their project has continued on for what you experience as eons of time toward this important pivotal point (The Shift of our Planetary Consciousness, LM).
This project (by the Negatives, LM), which deviates so far from the acceptable norm, has come into form through the use of the first two Laws of the Universe, Attraction and focused Intention. However, it is not possible for them move out of the flow of Expansive Energy in a relaxed mode. The Law of Allowance is ignored. The only way for Balance to be maintained is through rigid control of all aspects by planning and executing every detail to dovetail within their overall plan. Deviations are detected as quickly as possible and all haste is taken to remedy the situation by any means possible in the belief that the end justifies the means. This overview of the pattern of their plan does not indicate that it is any less formidable. Earth and its inhabitants are firmly within the grip of its influence and the situation must be intentionally resolved. It is beyond the point that containment would be appropriate while the inhabitants figured their role out. The control being exerted outweighs the possibility of this taking place without focused assistance. The focused assistance is manifesting, into the heart of their Game, in the form of Project New Paradigm with its multifaceted application of all four Laws. You must contemplate the inside-out process concurrent with the outside-in process through the nuances of previously explained facets of creative flow to arrive at
a picture of the game board. You will then be able to choose intelligently to join the Play or not. The Play will be interesting to follow. One focus of Play will be intense and controlled giving forth an aura of determined restraint, planning and examining every move. The other, relaxed allowing each Play to be drawn through the Wisdom of Thought-thinking resulting in calm Game moves each flowing into the next in an expansive mode. The adversary considers that each Play represents a Shift necessary before another Play can be conceptualized and focused into manifestation within the application supplied by the use of two Universal Laws as a self-governing factor. The Balance as perceived by them is established control. Since their focus is restricted to using
only two Laws (Law of Attraction and the Law of Intention), using the third (Law of Allowence) in an opposite mode makes the fourth (Law of Balance) impossible to attain. In other words, within our analogy, they are playing with only half a deck. There are slang references to insanity as playing with only half a deck. Quite appropriate! There have been frequent uses of analogies within these messages. Each illustrates the understanding of two areas, the reintroduction of the Universal Laws and an overview of the Game strategies in simple terms. We have attempted to add dimension to those understandings within succeeding messages. As you assemble these bits of information into blocks of understanding, you enhance your ability to contribute to the project. Commitment and resolve garner confidence in your day to day experience as you attract opportunities to participate. This releases the need to react toward the programmed individuals caught up in the negative focus and brings Allowance into your experience. You know how the Game is being played and can now perceive that you have the choice to participate intelligently resulting in a new sense of Balance through purpose. Through returning to a familiar expansive expression, your sense of well being becomes magnetic and radiant. You are beginning the transcendent process. The Creative Process takes advantage of every opportunity to continue its expansive mode. Your heart welcomes this wondrous opportunity and adds the dimension of emotion to the thinking level bringing forth outward dimensional expansion. This is how it works!"

Our coloful Thoughts (Aurora Borealis and Aurora Australis) soon will be happening in every place on Earth and hopefully our Thoughts will change to only White Color! Photo-gallery

10.09.11 Северное сияние Форт-Макмуррей, Альберта, Канада
Северные сияния 10.09.11

Aurora in Lapland 2011

About the Importance of the Photon Belt (from "Handbook for the New Paradigm", Part 2)!

"The presence of an Energy Cycle called the Photon Belt is circulating. It has been reported as being seen as a doughnut shaped energy field near the Pleiades star system. Does it really exist? Indeed, it does and calling it a cycle is the key to what it truly is. Regardless of what has been "seen", it is a transition of movement between the polar experiences of positive and negative... This experiencing has been pictured by many as a pendulum type movement from one extreme to the other. This would be appropriate in linear thought, however, higher dimensions are not experienced in a linear process. Since the great part of experience is in higher dimensional expression, the explanation must be thought of in Holographic terms... cycles can also be in process that are not necessarily circular in motion. Even though circular motion is observed going on around you, such as the motion of the Solar System, and the Zodiac, from the greater Holographic Prospective, these circular motions are Spiral rather than Circular, allowing for the Expansiveness of the Creative Energies. If indeed, they were circular, then all that is would be static rather than expansive...  From this perspective, you can now understand the importance of expansiveness as being at the basis of Creation and how evolvement is a natural constituent of experience. With this as a frame of reference, you can begin to grasp that the Spiral is accomplished by interlacing the polarities with the circular motion to widen the circle and to either lift or lower the continuity. The Shift of Energies that are necessary to accomplish the Transition between the polarities is something like an Electrical Charge. It is accomplished by entry and passage through an Energy Field that causes a change in polarity. These Energy Fields  are also in motion and move through the Galaxy in cycles that coordinate with all other cycles with mathematical precision. Planet Earth is now poised (steady in readiness, balanced) at the Transition Point of several cycles. This is an occurrence that does not happen frequently and is of great interest to this portion of the Galaxy. The result of these coinciding cycles is that the Transition between polarities will be of greater impact and import enhanced by the fact that the Consciousness of the Beings and the Planet poised (steady in readiness, balanced) to do this. These are not at the level of evolvement that was intended through the failure to make the Transitions that were available in the last approximately 26,000-year cycle. Added to this, is the deliberate plan of the adversarial (enemy) forces to disrupt the cycle transition into deliberate Chaos intending to continue the Negative Polarity cycle for their own purposes. This then brings into understanding the necessity for the humans on this Planet to make a Leap in Consciousness in order to survive this Transition of Energies into the next cycle by coming together in a Mass Consciousness that has a combined focus of an increased frequency. The upliftment through the release of Victim Consciousness into Personal Responsibility is the Shift that would accomplish this necessary change. The degree of Shift in the Mass Consciousness will determine the intensity of the Planetary Experience at a point within the Energy Field you call the Photon Belt and the ability of Humanity to experience the Transition through it. It will also determine the ability of the adversarial  (enemy) plan to accomplish its purposes. Needless to say, their plan will never be allowed to be successful, but the question remains as to what part Earth’s inhabitants will play and where the Soul Awareness will find itself when the scenario plays out. It must be emphasized here that the ground crew is included in this drama, volunteering to help also carries with it the responsibility of becoming part of the destiny of the Planetary Consciousness. There will be no rescue. Each will rise or fall within that destiny. This then fuels the necessary commitment and Focus of Energy in helping Humanity to accomplish this last ditch effort to come into Vibratory Alignment."

Violet Jupiter Aurora

Violet Jupiter Aurora, which was probably photographed 15 years ago! Now Jupiter is of Violet color!

NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory has captured the largest data set yet of Jupiter's colorful lights called aurora, yielding a pretty picture that could help solve some mysteries about the phenomenon.
The phenomenon is similar to the Northern Lights seen on Earth, thought on a much larger scale.
"Jupiter has auroras bigger than our entire planet," said Randy Gladstone of the Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio, Texas. In a NASA statement today, Gladstone called the purple rings in a new colorized image "Northern Lights on steroids. They're hundreds of times more energetic than auroras on Earth.  Unlike Earth's auroras, Jupiter's hyper-auroras never stop. "We see them every time we look," Gladstone said.
On Earth, the most intense auroras are caused by charged particles unleashed in solar storms. But Jupiter generates its own lights, Gladstone explained. The giant planet turns on it axis once every 10 hours and drags its planetary magnetic field around with it. This spin produces 10 million volts around its poles. There's another mystery: There is an X-ray "pulsar" inside Jupiter's northern auroras. Sometimes Chandra sees it, sometimes not. When it's on, the pulsar emits gigawatt bursts of X-rays with a regular beat of 45 minutes. It might be solar powered.
"Maybe Jupiter's magnetic field, when it gets hit by a solar wind gust, rings like a bell with a 45-minute period," Gladstone speculates.  "Jupiter's auroras have never been observed by so many telescopes at once," Gladstone said. "I'm really excited by these data, and the analysis is just beginning."
"Jupiter's polar regions are crackling with electricity," says Gladstone, "and this sets the stage for non-stop auroras."
"Auroras have been observed at all planets in our solar system which have a global magnetic field and a significant atmosphere," said lead study author Jonathan Nichols, an astronomer at University of Leicester in the U.K.  In addition to visible displays, auroras on Earth, Jupiter, and Saturn give off distinct radio emissions. Jupiter is 11 times bigger than Earth.  "Jupiter really is a planet of clouds," Vasavada said in a statement. "You can stare for hours at the different forms, patterns, and colours on this image. Our Universe Was Born in a Black Hole, Theory Says.

Black Holes are the Engines that Create New Universes

Fri, 27 May 2011

Our own Universe may be the interior of a black hole existing in another universe." In a remarkable paper about the nature of space and the origin of time, Nikodem Poplawski, a physicist at Indiana University, suggests that a small change to the theory of gravity implies that our Universe inherited its arrow of time from the black hole in which it was born. Poplawski says that the idea that black holes are the cosmic mothers of new universes is a natural consequence of a simple new assumption about the nature of spacetime...
Poplawski says the origin of the arrow of time comes from the asymmetry of the flow of matter into the black hole from the mother Universe. "The arrow of cosmic time of a universe inside a black hole would then be fixed by the time-asymmetric collapse of matter through the event horizon," he says. Translated, this means that our Universe inherited its arrow of time from its source. "Daughter universes," he says, "may inherit other properties from their mothers,"

Dark Flow's Extended Reach

Kashlinsky and colleagues first noticed the Dark Flow when studying the way gas in Galaxy Clusters interacts with the Cosmic microwave background radiation...The new study is based on the collective motion of about 1,400 Galaxy Clusters, and seeing Dark Flow with the greater number of clusters gives the researchers more confidence in their result... Kashlinsky speculates that the Dark Flow extends "all the way across the Visible Universe...

NASA’s Fermi Telescope Finds Giant Structure in our Galaxy
Posted on November 10, 2010 galaxy/

EveryThing is Created as a Microcosm of the Macrocosm. As we align our violet flame it intensifies the rest of the Universe and brings us accelerated Ascension...This is the Heart Center of the Milky Way Galaxy Inside the Nebadon Universe!
WASHINGTON — NASA’s Fermi Gamma-Ray Space Telescope has unveiled a previously Unseen Structure centered in the Milky Way...
“What we see are two Gamma-Rays-Emitting Bubbles that extend 25,000 light-years north and south of the galactic center,” said Doug Finkbeiner, an astronomer at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in Cambridge, Mass. “We don’t fully understand their nature or origin.” Gamma-Rays are the highest-Energy form of light. Other astronomers studying Gamma-Rays hadn’t detected the Bubbles partly because of a Fog of Gamma-Rays (an Artificial, Holographic Fog, manufactured by Dragons, LM)
that appears throughout the sky. The fog happens when particles moving near the speed of light interact with light and interstellar gas in the Milky Way. The LAT team constantly refines models to uncover new Gamma-Ray sources obscured by this so-called diffuse emission (an Artificial, Holographic Fog, LM). By using various estimates of the Fog, Finkbeiner and his colleagues were able to isolate it from the LAT data and unveil the Giant Bubbles. Scientists now are conducting more analyses to better understand how the Never-Before-Seen Structure was formed. The Bubble Emissions are Much More Energetic than the Gamma-Ray Fog seen elsewhere in the Milky Way. The Bubbles also appear to have Well-Defined Edges. The structure’s shape and emissions suggest it was formed as a result of a large and relatively Rapid Energy Release – the source of which remains a mystery.
One possibility includes a Particle Jet from the Supermassive Black Hole at the Galactic Center. In many other Galaxies, astronomers see fast Particle Jets powered by Matter falling toward a Central Black Hole...
“In other Galaxies, we see that Star Bursts can drive enormous gas outflows,” said David Spergel, a scientist at Princeton University in New Jersey. “Whatever the Energy Source behind these Huge Bubbles may be, it is connected to many deep questions in astrophysics.”...
NASA’s Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe detected an Excess of Radio Signals at the position of the Gamma-Rays Bubbles.

Video - NASA's Fermi Telescope Finds Giant Structure in our Galaxy 
(Video with some Truth and some twisted info like most of the official info, LM)!

The bubbles display a spectrum with higher peak energies, than the diffuse Gamma-Ray Glow seen throughout the sky. In addition, the bubbles display sharp edges in Fermi LAT data. Both of these qualities suggest, that the structure arose in a sudden, impulsive event!

Aquamarine Ring around Supernova!

Aquamarine Ring around Supernova!
Dark Matter

What you see on this old picture is the Effect of a very Intelligent Aquamarine Energy on the Galaxies of Our Milky Way probably 15 years ago (the start of it)! But now the level of this Energy much greater!

Aquamarine Universe!

Aquamarine-White Universe!

Life of Robert Monroe

Video about Out Of Body techniques.

Series of pictures about Out Of Body techniques.

How to Induce an Out-Of-Body Experience - Part 2 - Separation

How to Induce an Out-Of-Body Experience

Aquamarine Energy is surrounding us!

How to Induce an Out-Of-Body Experience

How to Induce an Out-Of-Body Experience

How to Induce an Out-Of-Body Experience

How to Induce an Out-Of-Body Experience

How to Induce an Out-Of-Body Experience

Aquamarine Sky over The Monroe Institute!

Aquamarine Sky over The Monroe Institute!

Aquamarine Gamma Ray Burst

Aquamarine and Violet Gamma-Ray Burst

Gamma-Ray Bursts (GRBs) are flashes of gamma rays associated with extremely energetic explosions in all galaxies. They are the most luminous Еvents known to occur in our Universe. Bursts can last from milliseconds to several minutes, although a typical burst lasts a few seconds.
The initial burst is usually followed by a longer-lived "afterglow" emitted at longer wavelengths.
The observed GRBs are a narrow beam of intense radiation released during a supernova event, as a rapidly rotating, high-mass Star collapses to form a Black Hole.

Our Milky Way 15 years ago

Effect of Aquamarine Energy on Our Milky Way probably 15 years ago (the start of it) ! These fotos are from a recent American documentary and it's been translated into Russian. Some of it is not too bad, but the rest is an official version, in other words - bullshit!

Aquamarine Milky Way at the beginning of Universal Transformation

Aquamarine Milky Way with Central Black Hole at the beginning of the Universal Transformation in March 1994!

Our Milky Way+
Our Milky Way perhaps 5 years ago

Our Milky Way now

Our Milky Way now if you can call it that, because all Galaxies are merging together and creating one Central Black Hole out of all Black Holes in our Universe through which the last physical matter will leave this Universe in December 2013!

Aquamarine halo around all Stars/Suns (inc. ours) these days

Aquamarine halos around all Stars/Suns (inc. our) in our Universe these days

Aquamarine Galaxy

Aquamarine internal halos (Blue Layer is external) around all Galaxies (inc. our) in our Universe these days! Aquamarine is covering all the physical objects, which are meant to disappear to another physical Universe. If you get up of your chair and have a look at that picture again, you will see a Black Hole inside the Galaxy on the picture above! The picture was taken by a telescope from outside the Galaxy! All the physical galaxies, Suns, Planets and also smaller bodies create their own Black Holes!

Violet Venus

Violet Fog of Venus

Аквамариновая Энергия в воде подземного озера и тёмно-синий, почти фиолетовый луч нашего Солнца 5го Уровня Сознания!

Aquamarine Energy is in the water of this underground lake. Dark Blue-Violet Ray of Our Blue Sun of
the 5th Level of Consciousness is coming from the hole in ceiling of this cave! Sun Rays inside our Planet  look natural Blue-Violet color (ultra-violet) only underground, but above the surface of this Planet they look white! The Sun is constantly colored into fake holographic colors to hide the Black Hole inside of it!
This is easily done with the technology available to the Negatives! Below you will see on the pictures from the computer the true colour of the Portal in our Sun!


The real Blue/Violet and Aquamarine colours of the Sun are covered up !

The real Blue/Violet and Aquamarine colours of Parallel Sun's Portal are covered up and you will see them if you stand up and look at this picture again or look at the same picture below!
Elliott Heads, Queensland, Australia 2008!
This is what the Negatives have been doing for ages!

Picture of the Sun from computer!

Picture of the Sun from my computer! This time the external layer is Aquamarine, because you are standing on Earth, which is covered by Aquamarine layer and in order for the external Sun to be seen by us, the Sun needs to make a Hole in the Aquamarine Layer around Earth! And this is what you see! Now all the physical walls (including Earth Crust) are dissolving and opening for us violet skies!

 Sun above ocean in Elliott Heads!

 Sun above ocean in Elliott Heads, please, look at it standing up and you will see a lot of similarity with the picture of a Galaxy on above photo, which was taken from the outside (the first layer is Bluish/Violet and the next one is Aquamarine)! The Sun above is breaking the Aquamarine layer of Earth and coming from the outside and I am inside this cocoon (Earth) taking Photo (and it's the opposite: first layer is Aquamarine and the next one is Bluish/Violet).

Sun above ocean in Elliott Heads    Sun above ocean in Elliott Heads
Sun above ocean in Elliott Heads, please, look at the pictures standing up!

Sun above ocean in Elliott Heads on the computer!

 Sun above ocean in Elliott Heads on the computer! You can see 2 Layered Aura of Aquamarine, Indigo and Black Hole in the centre! The same I see in the Portals in our House-Centre!
Sun above ocean in Elliott Heads on the computer!

 Sun above ocean in Elliott Heads on the computer! You can see 2 Layered Aura of Aquamarine and Blue!
On these pictures you can see how the Negatives are using fake dark holographic colors to paint over Aquamarine/Blue Energy all around!

recent photos of the Portal in my room Sep.2010

Recent photos of the Growing Portal in my room Sep.2010. In the leadlight shade 3 lamps 60 watt each.
It  is not enough to lit up the room and we can't put brighter bulbs: the plastic shade will melt! Apart from this light , there is no any more lit up lamps in the room and I don't use flash when taking picture!
When I wake up my eyelids are vibrating from increased Stream of Aquamarine Energy for a few min. then it stops! If you have a shadow from your lamps like that, then you also have a Portal.
Check it out right now by standing up, moving closer and looking at the screen ! What would you see?

I am in Molobka village, Perm, Russia,2010!

I am in Anomalous Molebka village, Perm, Russia, 2010!

Aquamarine and Violet colour on me! Picture from my computer!

Aquamarine and Violet colour on me! Picture from my computer!

The Blue/Violet Energy is on Robert too!

Our son Robert in a little town 1770, not too far from us in Australia

Check it out right now by standing up, moving closer and looking at the screen ! What would you see?

Check it out right now by standing up, moving closer and looking at the screen again! What would you see?

Aquamarine Energy is on people!

Aquamarine Energy is on the bodies of people!

Check it out right now by standing up, moving closer and looking at the screen ! What would you see?

Aquamarine Energy is on people!

Sparkling Aquamarine Energy in the water in Bermuda, anomalous place!

This anomalous sight is not caused by bacteria or phosphorous in water, as "scientists" and tour operators say. It is a Blend of Aquamarine Energy and her own radiant Soul Energy (Aura) around a floating girl in night waters of Bioluminance Bay! Pictured in mangroves of Puerto Rico.

Activated Portal in my room!

 The Portal is activated! Below is the photo from the computer showing the Aquamarine/Blue Aura around the Portal!

Aquamarine Portal in my room on the computer!

Portal is opened in my bedroom

Shadows of normal lamps don't look like that!

 Activated Portal in my room!

 Aquamarine Portal in my room on the computer!

Aquamarine/Blue Portal in my room on the computer!

Activated Portal in my room!

Aquamarine Portal in my room on the computer!

Activated Portal in my room!

 Activated Portal is in my room!

Activated Portal in my room!

 Aquamarine/Blue Portal is in my room!

 Aquamarine Portal in my room on the computer!

 Aquamarine Portal in my room on the computer!

 Aquamarine/Blue Portal in my room on the computer!

Activated Portal in my room!

The Activated Portal is in my room!

Aquamarine Portal in my room on the computer!

Picture of a Portal in my room on the computer!

Aquamarine Portal in my room on the computer!

 The Aquamarine boundaries of the Portal in my room are on the computer!

Activated Portal in my room!

 Aquamarine Portal in my room on the computer!

The start of the opening of the Portal in my room!

The Portal to other dimensions is constantly opened in my bedroom!

The Aquamarine/Blue boundaries of the Portal on the ceiling in my room at the time of opening!

The Aquamarine/Blue boundaries of the Portal on the ceiling in my room at the time of opening! Background looks a bit like a net (Fabric of Time?)

recent photos of the Portal in my room Sep.2010

Check it out right now by standing up, moving closer and looking at the screen ! What would you see?

Portal in my Room

Normal Shadow from this lamp in the same room and the Portal is not activated!When you look at this picture on the screen, there will be no Portal, no Aquamarine/Blue Aura around it on the ceiling! Check it out right now by standing up, moving closer and looking at the screen !

 The start of the building up of another Portal in our lounge-room. Pay attention on the light on the ceiling: it is not always that bright and the brightness is growing!

All the surroundings become distorted and the brightness of the light on the ceiling had reached the peak. The body of Robert is here, but not the same part of his soul or with no soul at all! The change of frequencies in the room at the time of opening of the Portal in our lounge-room is taken place. If you look at this picture now standing up, you will see the shape of the Portal and the Aquamarine/Blue colour of its boundary!

The Aquamarine boundaries of the Blue Portals in our House-Centre! Our son is just about to move into the Portal!

The Aquamarine boundaries of the Blue Portals in our House-Centre! Our son is just about to move into the Portal! There is a lot of similarity in Sun's Aquamarine and Blue colours!

The Aquamarine/Blue boundaries of the Portal on the ceiling in my room at the time of opening!

The Aquamarine/Blue boundaries of the Portal on the ceiling in my room at the time of opening!

The Aquamarine/Blue boundaries of the Portal on the ceiling in my room at the time of opening!

Fake Holographic strip on the Stream of the Balancing Energy coming into the Sun and out into the Earth!

Fake White Holographic strip on the Stream of the Balancing Energy coming into the Sun and out into the Earth! The colored strip on the Sun is changing the true colors into dark orange, red, yellow, brown, grey and black!

Fake Holographic strips are superimposed on the Sun, Elliott Heads, Australia!

Fake Holographic strips are superimposed on the Sun, Elliott Heads, Australia!

The Sun at the beginning of the fires, Moscow,2010 !

The Sun at the beginning of the fires, Moscow, 2010 ! And if you look at it again standing up, you will see an Aquamarine Aura around the Sun! And the wider is Aquamarine, the more fake holographic orange-yellow-red screens-patches-strips you will see covering the Sun !!! The same is with a picture below and many other photos of Suns!

Hidden Aquamarin Aura behind fake orange screens, Moscow, summer fires!

Hidden Aquamarin Aura behind fake orange screens, Moscow, summer fires!

The beginning of Fires in Moscow , summer 2010

The beginning of the Fires in Moscow, the view from my room, summer 2010! And if you look at it again standing up, you will see an Aquamarine Aura around the Sun! And the wider is Aquamarine, the more fake holographic orange-yellow-red screens-patches you will see covering the Sun !!! The same is with a picture below!

Hidden Aquamarin Aura behind fake orange screens, Moscow, summer fires!

Hidden Blue Sun with the Aquamarine Aura behind fake orange/yellow screens, Moscow's summer fires, 2010 !

The beginning of Fires in Moscow , summer 2010

 The view from my room in Moscow at the time of fires! Summer 2010.

Hidden Aquamarin Aura behind fake orange screens, Moscow, summer fires!

Hidden Aquamarine Aura of the Blue Sun behind fake orange screens, Moscow, summer fires 2010!
 As you can see the non-physical, Blue Sun is slowly, penetrating, taking place of the buildings!

Sunset in Elliott Heads!

 Sunset in Elliott Heads!

Sun above ocean in Elliott Heads on the computer!

And here how it looks on the computer! Aquamarine halo of the Sun could be seen!

Sunset of the physical Sun in Elliott Heads!

White Sun and a yellow Ghost-Sun from a Parallel Earth, pictured in Elliott Heads, 2009, Australia!

Revealing Aquamarine Energy around the Sun in the picture of 2 Suns over the ocean in Australia (on my computer)!

Revealing Aquamarine Energy around Violet Sun in the picture over the ocean in Australia, the other object is unknown to me
(on my computer)!

The Sun is Crushing all churches!

Yamal is behind Arctic Circleand this church is in Yamal ! The Sun and the Aquamarine Energy are Crushing all churches! If you look at this picture standing up and moving close to the screen, you will see how this pretty, but fake holographic 'Wheel of Fortune', created by the Negatives, is covering the Sun and the Aquamarine Aura around it!

Picture of fake, holographic 'Wheel of Fortune' on the Aquamarine Aura of the Sun, which could be seen on my computer!

Picture of fake, holographic 'Wheel of Fortune' on the Aquamarine Aura of the Sun, which could be seen on my computer!

Unusual Sight, Yamal behind Arctic Circle, Russia!

Unusual Sight of our Sun, Yamal, behind Arctic Circle, Russia! If you look at this picture standing up and moving close to the screen, you will see how this pretty, but fake holographic 'Wheel of Fortune', created by the Negatives, is covering the Sun and the Aquamarine Aura around it!

Picture of fake, holographic 'Wheel of Fortune' on the Aquamarine Aura of the Sun, which could be seen on my computer!

And again, you can see on the computer true colours of the Sun and its Aquamarine Aura of above picture!

Unusual Sight 2 Suns, Yamal behind Arctic Circle, Russia!

Unusual Sight of 2 Physical Suns, one of these Suns is from the Parallel Solar System, which is merging
with the Old, Original Solar System! Yamal, behind Arctic Circle, Russia, 2000! Below you will find how it looks on the computer!

Sunset in Elliott Heads on the computer! You can see Aquamarine Aura around Sun!

You can see Aquamarine Auras around 2 Suns on the computer! That proves that these 2 Suns are physical (have Aquamarine Auras around them)! The picture was taken 10 years ago, Yamal, Russia. 
This Sun is a part of 3 Suns, which are not on the picture, because the whole scene couldn't get into the camera! The picture was taken 10 years ago, Yamal, Russia! You can see Aquamarine Aura around this Sun on the computer below! That proves that this Sun is physical (has an Aquamarine Aura around it) and its physical body, eventually, will be destroyed by the Aquamarine Energy, but the Soul Energy of that Sun (The Higher Self) will move higher to non-physical 4th Level of Consciousness!

You can see Aquamarine Aura around Sun on the computer!

Unusual Sight of a Mirage of a city, Yamal behind Arctic Circle, Russia!

Unusual Sight: a Mirage of a city, Yamal behind Arctic Circle, Russia! The region, where the picture was taken, doesn't have forests, just white barren, mostly flat, land, but there are forests in other places!A lot of mirages are happening in China and in Deserts all over the World and they are the sign of merging together Parallel Worlds and approaching non-physical 4th level of Consciousness! You can seeViolet Sun with an Aquamarine Aura around it (have another look at this picture standing up in a dark room). The wider Aquamarine Aura of the Sun is the more covered this Sun will be with fake holographic orange, yellow, brown, gray, violet, red, black, green screens! This way you will never see Aquamarine and Violet Energies!

Фото Миража на компьютере !

Picture of a Mirage behind Arctic Circle on the computer! You can see the hidden Aquamarin Energy around the Sun!

Yamal, Russia

Physical 3 D Sun with an Aquamarine Aura around it (have another look at this picture standing up) and the wider Aquamarine Aura of the Sun, the more covered this Sun will be with fake holographic orange, yellow, brown, gray, violet, red, black, green screens! This way you will never see Aquamarine Energy!

You can see Aquamarine Aura around Sun on the computer!

 You can see Aquamarine Aura around Violet Sun and hidden Aquamarine patches in the sky from the picture above (what you see on computer)!

Parasailing in Yamal!

Paragliding in Yamal! If you get up, move closer and look at this picture again, you will see some Aquamarine sky and dark Violet covered up by artificial clouds!

Yamal, Russia

Nature of Yamal, Russia. Sprite Blow with a circular ending, creating another Portal to Parallel Worlds! Physical, 3d Level of Consciousness, Sun with an Aquamarine Aura around it (have another look at this picture standing up). All Sun are covered with fake holographic orange, yellow, brown, gray, violet, red, black, green screens! This way you will never see true Aquamarine Energy!

Sunset of the physical Sun in Elliott Heads!

 Sunset of the physical Sun in Elliott Heads and if you look at it again standing, you will see an Aquamarine Aura around it! And the wider is Aquamarine, the more fake holographic orange-yellow-red screens-patches  you will see covering the Sun !!! The same is with a picture below!

Hidden Aquamarine Energy!

Hidden Aquamarine Energy around Sun in Australia!

Our Aquamarine Universe!

Our Aquamarine Universe

Our Universe is swimming in Aquamarine Energy!

Our Universe is swimming in Aquamarine Energy!

Our Universe is swimming in Aquamarine Energy!

Aquamarine Layer over Australia. The picture is taken from Space!

Aquamarine Layer over Australia. The picture is taken from Space!

Aquamarine Layer around Earth!
Aquamarine and Indigo Layers around Earth!

Saturn Rings turned into Aquamarine Energy!

Saturn Rings turned into Aquamarine Energy!

Saturn Rings turned into Aquamarine Energy!

Aquamarine Saturn - above and Blue-Violet Mercury - below!


Indigo Neptune, pictured in 1994!

Indigo Neptune, pictured in 1994!

Neptune's Great Dark Spot is clearly visible in this image of the small planet, taken in 1989 from Voyager 2. The Great Dark Spot was a rotating storm system similar in size to Jupiter's Great Red Spot. Winds near the spot were measured up to 1,500 miles an hour (2,400 kilometers an hour)—the strongest recorded on any planet. When the Hubble Space Telescope viewed Neptune in 1994, the storm system had vanished and another dark spot had cropped up in the planet's northern hemisphere.

Aquamarine Energy filmed by me in Vienna, August 2010

Aquamarine Energy filmed by me in Vienna, August 2010

Aquamarine Energy filmed by me in Vienna, August 2010

Aquamarine and Violet Energies filmed by me in Vienna, August 2010. This Aquamarine moving Energy is in our videos! Please, pay attention on the build up of Aquamarine and Violet  Energies!!!

Aquamarine Energy filmed by me in Vienna, August 2010

Aquamarine Energy filmed by me in Vienna, August 2010

Aquamarine TimeTunnel !

Aquamarine TimeTunnel !

Aquamarine waters I filmed in Thailand, August 2010

Aquamarine waters I filmed in Thailand, August 2010

Aquamarine Lake Baikal Russian News, March 2010

Aquamarine Lake Baikal Russian News, March 2010

Paronormal life of Aquamarine waters!

Paranormal life of Aquamarine waters!

Paranormal life of Aquamarine waters!

Paranormal life of Aquamarine waters

Elliott Heads, 14 May, Aquamarine Crabs

Elliott Heads, 14 May 2010, Aquamarine Crabs

Elliott Heads, 14 May 2010, Aquamarine Crabs

Australian East coast, Aquamarine Sky above sugarcane, June 2010

Australian East coast, Aquamarine Sky above sugarcane, Elliott Heads, June 2010

Skiing in Australia!

Aquamarine Aura around our Violet Sun!

Aquamarine sky is 4000 m above the sea level, Andies, border between Argentina and Chili!

Aquamarine sky is 4000 m above the sea level, Andies, border between Argentina and Chili!

Aquamarine sky is 4000 m above the sea level, Andies, border between Argentina and Chili!

USA, Lake Superiour

Aquamarine Lake Superiour, USA


Soon our bodies will probably turn Aquamarine too! This is not an accident that Aquamarine skin color was chosen for the movie "Avatar" !

Aquamarine uniforms of the personel of Space Research Centers    Aquamarine uniforms of the personel of Space Research Centers

Aquamarine uniforms of the personel of Space Research Centers. Nothing is accidental!

Australian Aquamarine Great Barrier Reef   Australian Aquamarine Great Barrier Reef

Australian Aquamarine Great Barrier Reef

Aquamarine Australian beach!

Aquamarine Australian waters!

Aquamarine Brasil !

Aquamarine Energy in Brasil !

Aquamarine waters in Samoa!

Aquamarine Energy in Samoa!

Aquamarine Energy in West Indies, Lucia!

Aquamarine Energy is on the mountain in West Indies, Lucia!

Aquamarine Energy in West Indies, Lucia! Aquamarine Energy in Hamilton Island, Australia!

Aquamarine Energy in Hamilton Island, Australia!

Aquamarine Energy in Colombia, San Resprovidencia!

Aquamarine Energy in Colombia, San Resprovidencia!

Aquamarine Energy in West Africa, Cape Verde!

Aquamarine Energy in West Africa, Cape Verde!

Aquamarine Energy in Croatia!

Aquamarine Energy in Croatia!

Aquamarine Energy in Florida, USA, 2010!

Aquamarine Energy in Florida, USA, 2010!

Aquamarine Energy is in a Waterfall in New Zealand!

Aquamarine Energy is in a Waterfall in New Zealand!

Aquamarine Energy in Italy, Positano!

Aquamarine Energy in Italy, Positano!

Aquamarine Energy in Ireland 2010!

Aquamarine Energy in the sky of Ireland, 2010!

Aquamarine Stream in the forest!

Aquamarine Stream in the forest!

Aquamarine color of the water! Lake is in Italian Alps

Aquamarine Underground lake
Aquamarine Underground lake

Aquamarine Alaska
Aquamarine Alaska

Aquamarine lake in Europe!

Aquamarine lake in Europe!

Aquamarine Aurora Borealis   Aquamarine Aurora Borealis
Our colorful Thoughts (Auroras Borealis) in recent years. You can see an Aquamarine layer around Earth on the right picture!

Aquamarine Aurora Borealis   Aurora Borealis in Alaska!

Aquamarine Energy could be seen building up in Our colorful Thoughts (or Aurora Borealis) for the last 15 years, inspite of all the efforts to cover it up !

Aurora Borealis in Canada!

 Our Thoughts of green and dark blue are hanging in the sky in Canada!

Violet - Aquamarine Aurora!

  Violet-Blue - Aquamarine Thoughts (Aurora) !

Aquamarine Aurora!

Aquamarine Aurora!

Aquamarine Aurora!

 Aquamarine Aurora!

Aquamarine Aurora!

Aquamarine-Indigo Aurora!

Aquamarine Aurora!

Aquamarine-Indigo Vibrations (Aurora)!

Aquamarine Energy Ring around the Portal made be UFO, Romania

Aquamarine Energy Ring around a Portal, created in the sky by a UFO in Romania, 24 October 2009!

Aquamarine Energy Ring around a Portal, created by a UFO in Romania, 24 October 2009

 Bending the Fabric of Time and creating Portals to other Parallel Worlds !

Aquamarine wormholes - Portals   Aquamarine wormholes - Portals

Aquamarine Wormholes - Bending the Fabric of Time and creating Portals to other Parallel Worlds!

Aquamarine Flash showing in the sky (Unknown Object)

Aquamarine Flash showing in the sky (Unknown Object)

Aquamarine tail of created Black Hole, Norway 20th Dec. 2009    Aquamarine tail of created Black Hole, Norway 20th Dec. 2009

Aquamarine tail of created Black Hole,  the object is artificial and not advanced, Norway 20th Dec. 2009

Speed up of introduction of Holographic TV because of the Build Up of Aquamarine Energy!

Speed up of introduction of Holographic TV because of the Build Up of Aquamarine Energy!

White Beam of Balance from 11th Density going through the Sun into Earth and showing on the water!

Aquamarine Sky and White Beam of Balance from 11th Density going through the Sun into Earth and showing on the water! Only the Sun's been deliberately colored in yellow.

Earth Changes: dwelling in case of flood

Aquamarine patch in the sky above ancient cave city in Georgia

In 2002 the major colour of our house was Aquamarine!

Since 2002 the major colour of our house was Pink, Violet and Aquamarine!

Building up more Aquamarin in Elliott Heads, Sep. 2010

7 September 2010, Aquamarine Energy filmed in our backyard again!

Building up more Aquamarin in Elliott Heads, Sep. 2010

Sparkling White Beam of Balanced Energy from the Sun is entering Aquamarine waters of Elliott river, Sep. 2010!

Sparkling Ultraviolet Beam of Energy from the Sun is entering Aquamarine waters of Elliott river, Sep. 2010!

Sparkling Ultraviolet Beam of Energy from the Sun is entering Elliott river, Sep. 2010, Australia!

Аквамариновая Энергия движущаяся с неба заснятая мною у Метро "Ул. 1905 года", Москва, Красная Пресня, лето 2010.

One of many Anomaly places in Moscow, near Metro "Ul. 1905 Goda", area called Krasnaya Presnya.  Moving Aquamarine Energy filmed by me there in the middle of June 2010.
I managed to film a few Anomaly places (could've been more, but smoke and clouds interfered). 

Аквамариновая Энергия движущаяся с неба заснятая мною у Метро "Ул. 1905 года", Москва, Красная Пресня, лето 2010.

Aquamarine patch is in the sky. Pope is visiting Britain, 18 Sep. 2010

Aquamarine patch is in the sky to the right. Pope is visiting Great Britain, 18 Sep. 2010. From Russian News

Aquamarine Sky in Britain's King Arthur

Aquamarine Sky over Britain's King Arthur

Australia's Aquamarine Winter 2010

Australia's Aquamarine Winter 2010

Shot from the Opening Logo of Bigpond Hollywood Wrap

A Shot from the Opening Logo of Bigpond Hollywood Wrap. Reminds you some Star surrounded by Aquamarine Energy!

Aquamarine Mirage in China, 2006!

Mirage in China, 2006! Other worlds of Parallel Earths are superimposing our Old Original Earth!

Mirage in China.

Mirage in China.

Aquamarine layer around Earth is used as a backgound behind Russian News readers

Aquamarine layer around Earth is used as a backgound behind Russian News readers!
Nothing is accidental!

Aquamarine layer around Earth is used as a backgound behind Russian News readers

Aquamarine layer around Earth is used as a backgound behind Russian News readers!!!

Russian News on another inhabitable planet Glise, 1October, 2010

Russian News about the inhabitable planet Gliese 581 (one of Parallel Earths), 1st Oct. 2010

Russian News about the inhabitable planet Gliese 581, 1st Oct. 2010

Russian News about the inhabitable planet Gliese 581, 1st Oct. 2010.
These pictures are perhaps 10 years old!

Russian News about the inhabitable planet Gliese 581, 1st Oct. 2010

Russian News about the inhabitable planet Gliese 581, 1st Oct. 2010. Planet Gliese 581g!
The talk about it has been going on for quite a few years and I published an article on our site from the Russian Newspaper in English and in Russian !

Russian News about the inhabitable planet Gliese 581, 1st Oct. 2010

Russian News about the inhabitable physical planet Gliese 581 on the 1st of Oct. 2010. Professor from Carnegi Institute Paul Butler is talking about this planet. Russians said, that if our planet dies, then you have a choice to move to another physical planet (in this case Gliese 581g), which is very much like Earth. Only they didn/t say what physical Universe it is situated in, ours or some other one. And my guess is that this planet is in another physical Universe, because this physical Universe has a lot of Suprises up the sleeve. The offer to move to Gliese has been done a few times in different forms and sent through the Internet in different languages! And that makes sense: if you do not belong to those 500 000 000 people, who is moving to the non-physical 5th Level of Consciousness, and your frequency is lower then non-physical 4th level of Consciousness, then you need to move somewhere permanently according to your wavelength, where you feel comfortable to continue life in physical environment! Gliese might start New Planetary Game, which you can join , if you didn't have enough of it.

Russian News about the inhabitable planet Gliese 581, 1st Oct. 2010

Russian News about the inhabitable planet Gliese 581, 1st Oct. 2010. Professor University of California, Steven Fogt.

Russian News about the inhabitable planet Gliese 581, 1st Oct. 2010
Russian News about the inhabitable planet Gliese 581, 1st Oct. 2010. UN Headquaters.

Russian News about the inhabitable planet Gliese 581, 1st Oct. 2010
Russian News about the inhabitable planet Gliese 581, 1st Oct. 2010. According to Russian News, this is what UN is changing into: a version of a Galactic Council of our physical Galaxy! 2 days ago It was decided to create a new position: a representative for contacts with Alien Civilizations! Big number of different Worlds will become an important political factor! UN has already been working at the protocol sequence in order to prevent possible conflicts at the diplomatic level! But don't forget that we have less and less physical planets and Suns in our and other Galaxies and pretty soon we will have just a pretty big Black Hole instead of physical Galaxy!!! And this circumstance is what makes them to finally announce it!

Second Earth

On the map is the position of possible 'Second Earth', the new planet of 3th Density starting a new physical Planetary Game, possibly in other physical Universe; the planet still is known as Gliese 581S. This is possibly where most of Earth's humanity has been relocating for the New Game.
Yesterday (21 August 2009) I got more interesting info connecting our planet to the planet under the name of Gliese 581d in the same constellation of Libra, a sister planet of Gliese 581 S, from the Russian and Australian websites and posted it below.

That was also shown on Moscow's TV .
The article is about the 'Second Earth' which shows signs of mysterious, highly developed civilization.
Could it be our Earth of 4th or 5th Density, which continues playing Planetary Game with much more evolved humans (H+), the one described by R.Monroe in his books or it is a new planet, which is taking Earth population for the next Planetary Game in another physical Parallel Universe?
 A year ago Japanese astronomers started systematic searches of info about the life conditions on this 'recently' discovered Earth type planet. Soon after a group of European astronomers also reported about the same planet and gave it a name . This planet is in Libra constellation, next to Scorpio constellation and under the name of 581S ( the sum is 9 if you count ) and circling around the star Gliese 581S in Constellation of Libra 20,5 light years away from Earth. The temperature on the surface of this planet is from 0 to 40 C . Existance of water and atmosphere is very possible (it's hard to imagine 'Earth type' planet with highly evolved civilization without water and an atmosphere though). In other words the conditions for life are very favourable. The report came from Japanese observatory ( Nisi - Harima ) on Honsu island, which has the biggest optic telescope-reflector and powerful spectrographer in the country and with their help the astronomers are analizing light rays emitted by 581S.
The planet has displays of unusual colours for instance green laser rays , which are the signs of highly developed life and civilization.

Gliese 581 d with the sun and other 3 planets
Gliese 581d with the sun and other 3 planets

Two 'sun like' stars discovered  (Aug. 2018 update- this link now fails to connect to its website! In Russian: Адрес видео или сайта не работает больше!)

Scientists have discovered four planets orbiting two stars which they say are similar to the Sun.
University of New South Wales professor Chris Tinney says the discovery using the Australian radio-telescope at Parkes and another in Hawaii points the way to the existence of planets which could be suitable for life.
He says three planets have been found orbiting the star 61 Virginis which is 28 light years from earth in the constellation of Virgo. The fourth planet is a Jupiter-mass planet orbiting the star 23 Librae which is 84 light years away in the constellation of Libra. Star Gliese 581 is a small red dwarf. It has 4 planets in its system. Gliese 581 d is the furthest from the sun.
Mass of Gliese 581 d is 8 times bigger than  Earth. Such heavy planets are called 'Superlands'.
Just recently the same action has been done in Florida. With the help of a transmitter directed to Alfa Centaur the film for the aliens have been sent.To find the planets the astronomers measured how stars are tugged around by the gravity of nearby planets.
Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Here is another article which I got from Russian and Australian websites on 21 August. One of the articles is also in Russian for those who can read Russian. Though they talk now about another planet from the same group of 4: Gliese 581 d, not Gliese 581 S and about their Sun (star Gliese 581). What surprises me , "Why such an attention to these 2 planets?"

Gliese 581 d
Gliese 581d artist's impression

Welcome to HELLO FROM EARTH  (Aug. 2018 update- this link now fails to connect to its website! In Russian: Адрес видео или сайта не работает больше!)   (Aug. 2018 update- this link now fails to connect to its website! In Russian: Адрес видео или сайта не работает больше!)

The target planet is 'Gliese 581d', a super-Earth about eight times heavier than our own planet. Gliese 581d and its three known sister planets orbit the low-mass red dwarf star Gliese 581, about 20.3 light-years (194 trillion km) away from us, in the constellation Libra.
Gliese 581d is the outlying planet in the Gliese 581 system, and orbits its parent star every 66.8 days. It may be covered by a large and deep ocean and is the first serious 'waterworld' candidate discovered beyond our Solar System.
Imagine life from the surface of this planet - its sun, being one third the size of our Sun and 50 times fainter - would be a dull, red glow in the sky. Under a deep, possibly planet-encompassing ocean, thick layers of ice surround the planet's rocky centre.
It's the "first serious waterworld candidate", according to astronomer and exoplanet hunter Stephane Udry, from the Geneva Observatory in Switzerland, who was part of the team that discovered the planet in April 2007.
The habitability of this distant, possible waterworld depends on the composition and presence of an atmosphere. A Venus-like atmosphere, with a runaway greenhouse effect, could boil water away, whereas a thin, Mars-style atmosphere would see ice sublimate into vapour.
Gliese 581d orbits its sun every 66.8 days at about one fifth of the distance from the Earth to the Sun (0.22 astronomical units, or AU), closer than initial estimates and firmly within the star's habitable zone according to a study published in the journal Astronomy & Astrophysics in April 2009
This diagram shows the distances of the planets in our Solar System (upper row) and in the Gliese 581 system (lower row), from their respective stars (at left). The habitable zone is indicated as the blue area, showing that Gliese 581d is located inside the habitable zone around its low-mass red dwarf star.
Its neighbours include '581b', a Neptune-sized (15 Earth masses) ice giant, and '581e', the smallest exoplanet found to date at 1.9 times the mass of the Earth, which streaks around its sun in just 3.15 days. Another promising planet in the system, '581c' (five Earth masses), lies on the warmer edge of the habitable zone and, if it has an atmosphere, may be too hot to host life.
The system was discovered using the High Accuracy Radial velocity Planet Searcher (HARPS) spectrograph, part of the European Southern Observatory's 3.6-metre telescope at La Silla, Chile. The sensitive instrument picks up minuscule wobbles of starlight caused by the gravitational tug of planets. Most of the 360 known exoplanets were discovered using this technique.
So far, our knowledge of Gliese 581d is sketchy - what the planet looks like may have to wait until technology improves. Or until someone calls back.
"The target planet at least has the advantage that it might support life," says science author and theoretical physicist Paul Davies, chair of the SETI Post-Detection Taskgroup of the International Academy of Astronautics. "That doesn't mean life is bound to emerge there, however. It may be that life is a freak phenomenon, which has happened only once in the observable universe. On the other hand, it may be common. In our present state of ignorance we just don't know."

This site is collecting messages that will be transmitted to Gliese 581d, a planet outside our Solar System which may support life. Comments are moderated: inappropriate messages will be rejected, and messages must be in English (so we can evaluate them).
Register here to send your message before the deadline: 5pm Monday 24 August 2009 Sydney time (07:00 GMT Monday 24 August 2009)
Your email address is needed so we can notify you whether your submission has been accepted or rejected. We will also occasionally notify you of developments related to the signal, such as distance traveled, other signals sent to this star system or similar planets in other star systems, and news about other exoplanets discovered.
You acknowledge that your Hello from Earth Message may be read on our website by people from planet Earth, but may also be intercepted in space or be received by the target planet to which it is beamed, Gliese 581d, or other planets in the Gliese 581 star system."

Collider in Cern, Switzerland

Collider in Cern, Switzerland

Aquamarine Energy around the particles in Collider, Cern!

Aquamarine Energy and the Violet/Blue Energy of non-physical Sun of the 5th Level of Consciousness around the particles in Collider and this what was so unexpected for pseudo-scientists. Nothing and noone can stop the Transformation of the Consciousness of our Universe to the higher level!
 Cern, Oct. 2010!

Collider, Cern, Switzerland 2010!

 Hadron Collider, Cern, Switzerland 2010!

Pseudo-'scientists' are busy with the Collider in Cern, Switzerland 2010!

 Pseudo-'scientists' are busy with the Collider in Cern, Switzerland 2010, Russian News ! They are trying to find the way to stop the destruction of physical Earth and of our physical Sun from the Aquamarine Energy and they are paid to do that! These people are trying to stop Evolution and that wouldn't work! These people have a very high opinion about their abilities, but they are not spiritually advanced (same as reporters of Russian News)! And how long are they going to live in illusion? People seem to do anything for money and prestige!

Pseudo-'scientists' are busy with the Collider in Cern, Switzerland 2010!

Aquamarine Solar Flares

Our old Sun in Year 2003

Aquamarine Solar Flares

Aquamarine Solar Flares

Aquamarine Solar Flares

Our Aquamarine Earth (in 2003) on the screens of the monitors in UN.This is a picture, which was taken by me in the United Nations' Headquaters in Vienna in August 2010, though it shows our Sun in 2003 and 2000, but by now it is more Violet Energy than ever. Everyone is Swimming in Aquamarine and soon probably our bodies will turn Aquamarine, but the Negatives still manage to keep everyone not being aware of it and of what's really going on!!! They have been dirting our creeks, rivers, ponds and pools, lakes, seas and oceans, covering our skies in every imaginable way with clouds and chemtrails, ash, smoke, smog, flames, dust, fog, rain, snow, hail, colour holographs, creating tornadoes and other 'natural' screens, putting microchips in our eyes, how can you see Aquamarine or Violet Energies this way?

UN Headquaters in Vienna

UN Headquaters in Vienna, August 2010

By the way there are 4 United Nations Headquaters in the World: in New York (the biggest), in Geneva (Switzerland), Vienna (Austria) and Nairobi (Kenya). And those who works there still don't understand why UN Headquaters are in Austria next to Switzerland and in Switzerland itself, why not in Russia/Australia/Thailand/Israel or any other country? Israel would probably be most appropriate!!!

UN Headquaters in Vienna

UN Headquaters in Vienna, Austria, their buildings and their flags are reflected in the windows.
Sometimes I feel like "The Unsinkable Molly Brown"! The Sun is reflected from the sign on this building on the left and it gives that dark Blue color of the Sun of 5th Level of Consciousness. You will see it if you get up and move closer to the screen of your computer!

United Nations Head-Quaters in Vienna, August 2010 (a pretty big flat)

UN Headquaters in Vienna, Austria

I did write a lot about the meaning of Aquamarine Energy on this site, how and when this Energy came to our Universe and what it is doing to our Universe. This valuable information was given to us by the Andromedans through Alex Collier and we need to thank them and Alex Collier for that! 

Aquamarine Energy (Dark Energy) and the New Sound are coming out of all the Black Holes of this Universe non-stop and turning all physical matter into Low Viscosity Plasma (Dark Matter) to be taken out of this Universe through numerous Black Holes, which are not really black, but more of an aquamarine color. We have more Black Holes than Planets and Stars in our Universe these days! I don't see Milky Way at night anymore like I used to a few years back and our skies are mostly clear at night.
What I see at night are twinkling and jumping, disappearing and appearing spaceships (posing as stars) sometimes fighting each other, exploding and leaving lighted trace for a moment (especially on 11-12-13th August). I see that everything in the sky is in motion, hardly anything is still if you watch it long enough!
I am far-sighted and can see a lot of things without a telescope. But for other people I will recommend to buy a good telescope and on a clear night (not windy) to check it out (better in the country: the air is cleaner) and, if you patient enough, you will be amazed how everything is moving in the sky at night at still weather. You try and see
(unless you have one of those still holographs of old Milky Way, being superimposed on your part of the sky. They can do that too)!I could hardly find stars in the sky, which would stand still and this is a good example! I made the picture of this 'Star' (UFO) in night sky in Dec 2009 in Elliott river mouth. It is creating a colourful trace and most of the 'Stars' are like that!

UFO in Elliott Heads, Dec 2009

Funny when they are doing it in front of the clouds at night!The nights are also getting lighter and lighter and eventually we will reach the point of no night at all and when our planet will reach a peak of Luminance, it will implode (blow up)! And this is called Nebula!
As R. Monroe wrote in his book, spaceships and our Higher Selves are surrounding our planet in the dence ring, waiting for the BIG SHOW (Nebula) to start in December 2012 and now it looks like a overcrowded parking lot of moving Spaceships!
Looks like most of our Galaxy is gone, imploded, leaving Black Holes instead and nobody told us about it! All the Galaxies are now mixing together and, eventually, all the Black Holes will merge together creating one huge Black Hole, through which the last of the remaining physical matter will leave this Universe by December 2013!
I've made a lot of pictures and videos of Aquamarine Energy in the skies and in water during my travels, because that was one of the main reasons of my overseas trip and I am going to publish most of them. And what I found the most distressing that the Negatives found the way to discolor bright Aquamarine on the pictures on our site! Eventually we will make more Videos of moving Aquamarine Energy from different countries for our site. And all of you can do it too!
I see a lot of moving Aquamarine Energy through the viewfinder of my camera in my rooms on a sunny day. Sometimes you look at the window of any building (inc. home) and see a drizzle (light rain) esp. on the darker background like dark vegetation, then you should immediately get out of the building and check it out: often you will find no rain/snow! What you saw through the window was not a drizzle, but moving Aquamarine Energy. Sometimes you might look at the sunny landscape or even inside sunny room and see brief tiny sparkles jumping, appearing and disappearing in front of your eyes! This is also a sign of Aquamarine Energy!
I often wake up in the morning in my room in Elliott Heads and my eyelids start trembling vigorosly from Aquamarin bombardment (or surroundings start shaking for first few seconds)!
I filmed an enormous Portal with a huge stream of Aquamarine Energy entering that lake from above in the Thalersee village not far from Graz,in Austria, the place, where Arnold Schwarzeneger was born and raised! And I was wondering what was underneath of that lake, which caused it?

Aquamarine Energy is moving into Thalersee lake, Austria, Aug. 2010

Aquamarine Energy is moving into Thalersee lake, Austria, Aug. 2010

Aquamarine Energy is moving into Thalersee lake, Austria, Aug. 2010

Aquamarine Energy is moving into Thalersee lake, Austria, Aug. 2010. Normally people don't swim here even in August: the water is surprisingly dirty (not Aquamarine colour), but I did swim in it and found it not too bad.

Aquamarine Energy is moving into Thalersee lake, Austria, Aug. 2010

Thalersee lake, Austria, Aug. 2010. I wasn't sure that I was in the Original Earth though, because other strange things happened!

And why an Austrian, Arnold Schwarzerneger (who looks more like an alien) became a Governer of California?
Hitler was from there too. Then UN Headquaters are in Vienna and I wouldn't be surprised if UN Headquaters will turn up in Australia soon.
I remember when I left USSR I had to go to Austria first, like all Jews and other nationalities, who was allowed to leave that country for good. And then to Italy. Germany-Austria-Italy-Switzerland were so much connected during WW2. Why Austria and Australia have the same root? What is the connection?
Could it be from the Time of Lemuria, 75000 years ago, when that huge continent was split into pieces after being nuked and those in power at that time found another place for their Head-Quaters in Austria? And now the centre of the Power seems to be moving back to Australia. Why Australia is being groomed to become the first example ofArian-like society of the future. (It is also easier to create it in a smaller country with a smaller and a separate continent! Looks like Austria is not an insignificant little country after all: it's much more to it! In fact, Russia was always Austrian-Swiss colony and the word 'Russia' came from German word 'Prussia' (a region in Germany). And all those 'Greats', like Peter the Great and Cathrine the Great (and many others inc. Putin, Lukashenko) have been pure-bred Arians, not Russians!
I was thinking, why one of the famous 'russian' Czar's and Czarina's generals, Suvorov, was taking and torturing russian army through Austrian Alps 200 years ago according to russian history textbooks?
And why Lenin and others (mainly russian Jews) were organising it in Switzerland and were given money by Swiss bankers
in Zurich for 1917's (1+9+1+7=18=9) Revolution in Russia? The government of Russia is nothing but an Arian- Jewish- Reptillian Nest!
When I was travelling through Austria and Switzerland, I didn't stop wondering at where did they get the money to build all these supermodern and numerous Hwy's, tunnels, bridges and huge cities in such tall mountains like Alps, if they don't export anything? Everything seems to be so solid: it needs a lot of Aquamarine Energy to dissolve it !
The Mayor of Moscow, Luzhkov ran away to Vienna and Tirol, escaping 2 months of Moscow's fires (and some other regions of Russia) in July-August 2010. He and his wife Elena Baturina (the 3d richest woman in the world according to Forbes magazine) were untouchables for many years! But now they are the talk of the town. Now a sensational documentary about corruptive methods Luzhkov and his wife have been using to become one of the richest couples in Russia and about psychotic Belorussian President Lukashenko (who reminds Hitler in every way), is shown on Youtube and on TV. Everyone and everything seems to lead to Austria and Switzerland ! Now they started exposing rich Russians and other nationalities, then they'll start exposing rich Jews, but would they ever expose Arians, Sirians and Draconians? That's to be seen!
Russians are
still looking in the wrong direction, not in the direction of the Transformation of the Consciousness to a higher level in the whole Universe!
I will very briefly describe the real reason of fires in Moscow and of a considerable part of Russia in summer 2010. Later I will add more details. I was in different Parallel Russias, but mainly the original one, the oldest one. And one of the reasons why I went to Russia was the statistics of our website, that showed me that Russians were among the lowest to visit our site and that is not normal, if you think about millions of people living there! Though I don't trust much linear statistics (more holographis ones), but I had no other sources to prove it except my intuition. I wanted to know the reasons and to correct them if I could. And I am glad I did. The Statisticы are from one of the numerous Parallel Worlds, because our website exists in many of them!
No wonder that the Consciousness of Russians is so low. What is known well in USA is not known in Russia. They don't have writers of the same
caliber and strength as R.Monroe's, Alex Collier's, William Bulman's, George Green, David Icke and knowledge like in the west. The Russians are still greatly suppressed. They never had the freeedoms and the books American, Australian, Canadian, English, Europian people had.
You should see the 'quality' of russian books, which are sold in their shops and on thier stalls at the conferences in Moscow. You wouldn't find R.Monroe books displayed in the shops or even on the shelf or a stall anywhere, even though they have been translated into Russian and hardly anyone knows about this writer. Internet is mainly very slow or not available at all in 90% of Russia. Moscow and Petersburg are exceptions and even there most people don't use computers (even those with high education), because it is expensive and inconvinient to use, and how else would they know about wonderful books and sites? Hardly anyone knows English in Russia. Instead Russia is flooded with Indian, Tibetan, Christian and heaps more religions and their books, with New Age materials and 'teachers', with Love and Light people and other types of Lightsiders doing all sorts of creepy things earning money this way, which I am going to write about later.  
In serious matters Robert Monroe and I act together and that happened in Russia (esp. Moscow) in June, July and August 2010. I attended 3 different Conferences in Moscow in June. One of them was devoted to freedom of Journalism in Russia, the other two were called "Consciousness Revolution" and "Home Child. Deliveries underwater". I arrived to Moscow on the 8th of June and started participating in the conferences from the 9 - 27 June almost without a gap for rest. At all 3 conferences I've been trying to give Russians the knowledge I had, to raise their Level of Consciousness using that rare opportunity. You-know-who didn't like the idea and at night I started getting strong pulses of microwave weapon up to the point that I thought that by morning my bed would look like the sight of Spontaneous Human Combustion (if you know what I mean)! Obviously my Higher Self was shielding me if I am still alive.
You have a feeling that your body is splitting apart (the distance between the molecules is increasing with great speed)! Soon that made me very sick: lips broke, teeth started falling out, it was hard to breath, discharge was getting out of my throat, I was constantly coughing and had to drink a lot of water and hot tea, it was hard to fall asleep at night and to talk to people and even hard to get to the conference by buses and metro. They were directing their weapon at me in the room I slept, in transport and streets and even the conferences! The weather temperature started rising: 
I had to sleep in moist dress and sheets like people do in Africa. People started leaving Moscow. And I had to drag my feet till the last day of the conferences. I have seen Robert's plane in Moscow making circles to cheer me up. He gives me a certain signal, before turning up and he tells me where I should take a picture of moving Aquamarine Energy, because you rarely see it, but the camera does! That happened in Thalersee, in Austria! First I saw Robert's planecircling above their lakeand I tried to film any Aquamarine Energy, but it wasn't much there. His plane was persistent and turned up againin half an houron the other side of the lake. Then I went to another side of the lake and there it was: an ENOURMOUS FLOOD OF AQUAMARINE ENERGY FROM THE SKY !!!

Aquamarine Energy is moving into Thalersee lake, Austria, Aug. 2010

Thalersee lake, Graz, Austria, Aug. 2010. Though it didn't look like one of those Aquamarine lakes, but still
 I had a swim in it!

Robert Monroe's Plane above Thalersee lake, Austria, Aug. 2010

Robert Monroe's Plane above Thalersee lake, Austria, Aug. 2010. It looked a bit unreal. No wonder it is always coming suddenly from another wavelength or another Level of Consciousness!

I have a long habit to look at the sky anywhere hoping to find Aquamarine sky and to take a picture of it and I was doing the same in Russia, esp. Moscow, but usually the sky was covered with smog, chemtrails or clouds (like in many big cities) and only occasionally I would see Sun and blue sky (but not Aquamarine) and then I would try to find appropriate places for filming pouring Aquamarine Energy, like airports and major railway stations, known Anomaly places, the tallest buildings esp. with a pointed roof like in Dubai, huge obelisks like in Washington DC and Trieste, Italy; jails and psychiatric hospials, ancient ruins and churches with high, pointed roofs like in Vienna, London and many other old cities in Europe.
All of you can do it too!
I thought that Aquamarine sky would be impossible to expect in Moscow, but to my surprise when I came to my girlfriend's home (block of flats, where I lived at the time) from the last day of the 3rd conference (26 or 27th June) at about 3 pm and looked through the window and I couldn't believe my eyes, I wasn't ready for that, I was stunned by the sight of a bright Aquamarine patch in the middle of the clouds, high in the sky in front of me!!! Everything is for a reason! And I took pictures of it, but what upset me a great deal that when I came home to Australia, those pictures disappeared!!! No wonder, me and all my personal luggage had to go through so many check-points at the airports and, as usual, I was 'randomly selected'.
But I've never seen Jews going through the same X-Rayed check points we all go. Why?
But nevertheless, THAT SIGHT IN THE WINDOW OF MY ROOM told me that all my and Robert's efforts to raise the Consciousness of Russians were not wasted, that something profound happened to the Consciousness of Earth and that uncovered part of the sky to show me that the Aquamarine Energy went through that point. That night I left for Bulgaria for 2 weeks to have rest and heal. And in a week I was o'key, but I felt, that by the time of getting out of here (Earth) PERMANENTLY, I would be toothless like my mother was! When I came back to Moscow in 2 weeks, half of Moscow population left and I realised that what you-know-who did to me, now was applied to the whole Moscow and other regions in Russia, Ukraine and Moldova straight after I left for Bulgaria and Romania (in July and August). I wasn't imagining fires of houses of simple people, but I always imagined crashing of Stock Exchanges and banks, parliaments, governmental offices, jails, psychiatric institutions, military installations, skyscrapers, the Negatives etc.: in other words - everything what impedes Evolution in our Universe. And, in my imagination, I turn all of it into Plasma and move it out of our Universe to another young physical Universe through imaginary Black Holes using my emotions!
The real reason for the fires was to cover the Aquamarine skies with smoke, to try to repair the 'damage' done to the upper echelon, to
fight back, to divert people's attention to where they wanted it to be. There was also the involvement of our Universe itself!
I mean the Russian fires were not caused by people burning forest with matches (the official version on TV and the Internet). They were happening as a result of the use of microwave weapon coming from the Moon by you-know-who. All the manipulations of the weather ("Natural Disasters") are done mainly from the Moon and Inner Earth civilizations!
That weapon can roast your insides like a chicken in a microwave oven and everything around you as well, even underground (not too deep though). This is the reason why the ground was still burning non stop even if people used tonnes of water on it. Often people didn't have water at hand at all.
Below is a map of fires in Russia, Ukraine and Moldova in those days. And when I looked at it, I thought: "Maybe I should go to Israel?"

Fires in Russia

And below is what's left of those fires. Many people died as a result of those fires, but most of the public doesn't know anything about those deaths. I, personally, know that we never die, but many Russians don't.

Russian burnt-out village

Moscow "Gremlin" in those days! 2 symmetrical towers (twins) is a popular feature of Vienna's buildings and Twin Towers in New York too.

Moscow Red Square in Smog and smoke

ADS - Active Denial System (that microwave weapon), to which I was exposed in many different countries over the years (not only in Australia or Russia), I described in an article, I also advised there what to do, if it happens to you (in English, then translated it to Russian and both version posted on our site on
Anomalous Events and  Disastersa year ago).


From reading about  microwave" Active Denial System " ( ADS) is not difficult to make a connection to forests/city fires in modern/ancient times and all kinds of fires at all wars and at the time of "Peace", since Atlantis. This technology has been also used from the underground and from planes/drones a lot. Fires are engulfing the whole world.
More than 400 "bush" fires were reported by the weather people in Siberia and Far East last April alone ( with + 27C), which is hard to reach without the use of ADS in cold places like Siberia in spring.
Australia is famous for "bush fires/heat waves" and "flooding/strong winds" and that's about all natural/technology made disasters you'll find in  Australia.
It seems like a favorite destination of you know who, especially Pine Gap. And now is the same in Florida, China, California, Greece. Almost every "natural disaster" is accompanied by "fire", sometimes " bush" fires in  the snow.
Human spontaneous combustion could happen when a person is sitting in a chair and leave nothing else burned except the living body. What do you think is used?
Microwave ovens have been used for years to cook the insides of a chicken faster than a conventional oven. Active Denial System tends  to  be  used more in  summer (no surprise), which is what Southern Hemishpere experiencing now. Maybe "Global warming" is an excuse for ADS (microwave) attacks?
When I lived in Victoria, I personally found that  the best way to get through ADS attacks ("heat wave") is to wrap a wet cotton sheet around the body inc. head or to wear wet clothes even in bed/couch overnight (preferably no telephone/computer/tv use at the time of the attack). I used icy water from the fridge for the sheets/clothes and showers and survived at +45C for a couple of weeks without airconditioner. Here are some extracts from websites on Mind blasting Active Denial System:

"... Often " Active  Denial  System" is used on large masses of people (whole cities or Targeted Persons)
...driving  millions  people crazy";

"the  imbalance  occurs, a  fundamental change in a person's psyche, he loses self-control and becomes easily led.. either  from Earth or from a command centre lost in space (mainly from the Moon, LM).
"What it does: " ...It produces enourmous pain by  allegedly boiling the  molecules of  water in the human skin  from  sudden heating  of  the  skin without damaging the skin itself. "A shortage of  breath and  panic could occur!

About ADS "...directed-energy weapon ...directs , or pulses frequency of 95 GHz ."
from: http://
I have to add to this, that the Moon is not just a negative spaceship doing all the weather and people's manipulations and heaps more of other negative things. But the Moon has a positive side to it, like low and high tides and other things. Without them the water would stagnate everywhere! The Moon is used as a very good Mixer of Energies and this is a very important positive side!
So I used my experience with that weapon in Moscow and Perm in July and August 2010. At +39C in the shade I would water my dress at home or public toilets and put loose rubber thongs with holes in them to walk streets of Moscow, to use public transport and do other things. I know I looked funny, but I didn't give a shit. I was melting like a snowman and still continued to do other things about which I will be talking later. I guess if I come to Moscow next time they'll create floods and hurry-canes!
+40C and smoke in buildings and at home (in rooms) lasted till the day I left Russia on the 8th of August for Vienna from hot (+35C inside), smoky, overcrowded, nervous Moscow airport Domodedovo and I thought that I would never get out of Moscow! Things like this would usually be tested on the nations of small Islands and then on Russian or Chinese major cities, then on other big cities and the last would probably be Vienna and Geneva! I asked the locals in Vienna if they ever had any natural disaster in their city or in the whole Austria and they told me flat NO and that they want to keep it that way!

The beginning of Fires in Moscow , summer 2010

The smoky capital! The view from my room!

The beginning of Fires in Moscow , summer 2010

One of my last days in hot, smoky Moscow in August. This is a brief
holographic Sun and to check it out you only need to stand up and look at this photo again! This sun has no dark Blue in the middle surrounded by  Aquamarine Energy, the colors of the true Sun! This Sun has only Aquamarine: just an empty hole though the Aquamarine layer around Earth!

Smoky, temperature + 35C is insideDomodedovo. I remember a few funny moments in airport then: a couple of times the airport officers used luggage trollys for invalids instead of wheelchairs (to be taken to a plane like in other countries) and when a few boxes of free drinking water (for a fraction of the people in the airport) were brought to the airport just to be filmed by a TV crew to show to TV viewers how much the administration 'cares'. After 15 min. the crew was gone and free water too!

My last day in the airport Domodedovo. Nobody knows when they are really going to get out of it!

My last day in the airport Domodedovo. TV crew is filming the conditions of the airport and the delivered free water!

My last day in the airport Domodedovo. Nobody knows when they are really going to get out of it!

My last day in the airport Domodedovo. Nobody knows when they are really going to get out of it!

My last day in the airport Domodedovo. Nobody knows when they are really going to get out of it!

At Moscow Air-Portal, 8 August, 2010 !

the sign on the door says "Come to congratulate Medvedev!"

The sign on the door says "The President of Russian Federation Medvedev D.A.
Come to congratulate the President!"

My last day in the airport Domodedovo. Nobody knows when they are really going to get out of it!

My last day in the airport Domodedovo. Nobody knows when they are really going to get out of it! !

My last day in the airport Domodedovo. Nobody knew (inc. me) when they were really going to get out of Moscow!

My last day in the airport Domodedovo. Nobody knows when they are really going to get out of it!

Smoky Domodedovo, 8th of August 2010

World's longest tunnel is completed

The Aquamarine 57 km, the longest tunnelunder Swiss Alps connecting West Europe with East Europe!

The Aquamarine Energy is in the longest tunnel under Swiss Alps connecting West Europe with East Europe(57 km) !It makes you wonder why the longest Tunnel with 2 railway tracks is here (57 km) ? The Hadron Collider is here too (in Switzerland)? Why the Time machine, which has been creating the Time Fabric is here (remember "precise as a Swiss clock!")? Why UN-Headquaters are in here and also in Austria? And, like in Austria, there have never been Wars and 'Natural Disasters' in Switzerland?

The Aquamarine 57 km, the longest tunnel under Swiss Alps connecting West Europe with East Europe!

The article below is lying through the teeth (it is perhaps from another Parallel World!) : this tunnel is already operational and has 2 railtracks connecting Easten Europe with Western one! Are they getting more people underground through that tunnel (apart from thousands of miners) ? Looks like the Build Up of Aquamarine Energy is making them to hurry up! LM

Switzerland, the longest tunnel connecting North Europe with South-Eastern Europe!

Switzerland, the longest tunnel under Alps, connecting Northern Europe with South-Eastern part of it!

Switzrland, the longest tunnel under Alps, connecting Northern Europe with South-Eastern Europe!

Saturday, October 16, 2010 » 10:01am

A giant drilling machine punched its way through a final section of Alpine rock on Friday to complete the world's longest tunnel, after 15 years of sometimes lethal construction work.
In a stage-managed breakthrough, attended by about 200 dignitaries 30km inside the tunnel and broadcast live on Swiss television, engineers from both sides shook hands after the bore had pummelled through the final 1.5 metres of rock.
'Here, in the heart of the Swiss Alps, one of the biggest environmental projects on the continent has become reality,' said Swiss Transport Minister Moritz Leuenberger.
Tunnel workers paid tribute to their colleagues who had died on the construction site with a minute's silence as the names of the eight victims were read out during an emotional ceremony for the breakthrough.
'Workers, thank you, thank you, thank you. We have not only built a tunnel, we have written history,' said Luzi Gruber, of the construction company Implenia.
The 57-km high-speed rail link, which will open in 2017, will form the lynchpin of a new rail network between northern and southeastern Europe and help ease congestion and pollution in the Swiss Alps.
It is the third tunnel to be built through the snowbound St Gotthard area but it is 3km longer than a rail link between two Japanese islands, the current record holder at 53.8km.
'The myth of the Gotthard has been broken for a third time. Our forefathers struggled from the Middle Ages onwards to make this mountain passable,' Peter Fueglistaler, director of the Federal Transport office, told journalists gathered for the final breakthrough.
Passengers will ultimately be able to speed from the Italian city of Milan to Zurich in less than three hours and further north into Germany, cutting the journey time by an hour.
But the 9.8-billion Swiss franc ($A9.94 billion) tunnel, which is 9.5 metres in diameter, is also the fruit of strong popular environmental concern about pollution in the Swiss Alps.
Switzerland nonetheless struggled to convince sceptical European neighbours to support the ambitious and costly transalpine rail plans.
But they gained added weight in a shock 1994 referendum result when Swiss voters supported an ecologist motion to stop heavy trucks driving across the Alps - including the expanding flow of transiting EU goods traffic.
A nationwide poll published on Wednesday suggested that sentiment is undimmed.
Sixty-seven per cent of those surveyed support a ban on truck traffic through the Gotthard road tunnel and moving it on to rail, according to the poll commissioned by an Alpine environmental lobby group.
In recent years, Austria, France and Italy have set in motion two similar rail tunnel projects through the eastern and western Alps, that are both planned to exceed 50km in length in the 2020s.
'I hope that this tunnel will have many more brothers in the Alps,' transport minister Leuenberger said.
Once completed, around 300 trains should be able to speed through the Gotthard's twin tubes every day, at up to 250kph for passenger trains.
Apart from the economic and environmental implications, the spotlight was on more than 2000 tunnel workers, especially following the rescue of Chile's trapped miners.
The builders, who have blasted and bored through 13 million cubic metres of rock, were feted at a celebration just above the breakthrough point in the mist-bound village of Sedrun.
As the two tunnels became one, tunnelers unfurled a Swiss flag to a thunder of applause.
One of the first to make it through, Hubert Baer, told the crowd: 'It's a wonderful feeling, it's an honour to have participated in the construction of the longest rail tunnel in the world.'
With hardhats on their heads and bottles of champagne in hand, the miners from about a dozen countries brought out the flags of Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain and Turkey.
'This is a moment charged with emotion, very moving. It's been very impressive. It's a unique project,' German tunneler Dirk Schwarz told Swiss television.

A Thousand's km Clouds Tubes generated and spread all over Australia these days!

 A Thousand's km Tube Clouds are generated and been spread all over Australia these days! And I witnessed one of them being generated in Palm Beach, Sydney, Australia years ago and another one was pictured by me this year near our Centre at day and at night !

     Tube like cloud

An example of tubelike "Morning Gloom" cloud, Sydney!

A Thousand's km Clouds Tubes generated and spread all over Australia these days!

"Morning Gloom" clouds Over Australia

Explanation: What causes these long, strange clouds? No one is sure. A rare type of cloud known as a "Morning Glory" cloud can stretch 1,000 kilometers long and occur at altitudes up to two kilometers high. Although similar roll clouds have been seen at specific places across the world, the ones over Burketown, Queensland Australia occur predictably every spring. Long, horizontal, circulating tubes of air might form when flowing, moist, cooling air encounters an inversion layer, an atmospheric layer where air temperature atypically increases with height. These tubes and surrounding air could cause dangerous turbulence for airplanes when clear. "Morning Gloom" clouds can reportedly achieve an airspeed of 60 kilometers per hour over a surface with little discernible wind. Pictured above, photographer Mick Petroff photographed some Morning Gloom" clouds from his airplane near the Gulf of Carpentaria, Australia. 
Double Rainbow in Elliott Heads 2009!
'Morning Gloom' clouds!

'Morning Gloom' clouds!

Tube-like clouds!

Anomalous Cloud

Clouds manufacturing to cover morning Sunrise

"Morning Gloom" clouds have been manufactured opposite our Centre to cover morning Sunrise over the ocean, Australia!

Clouds manufacturing to cover morning Sunrise

"Morning Gloom" clouds mean an arrival of New civilizations to Original Earth in a form of a long rotating spiral. I made this photos at day and at night time near our Centre in Australia!

Some Info about Violet Color

Violet Robe of religious "God-Father"

Violet Robe of religious "God-Father", violet is sign of Royalty as well. And the Truth is that there are about 500 000 000 such Royals on our planet right now ready to move out to Violet 5th Level of Consciousness!

I collected some official information about Violet Color from Internet, but it is mainly religious, metaphysical or New Age (which I don't follow), but some of it is true, though I feel it's just the words, but no energy or honesty behind some of those words)! And I was wondering what is their the most important Goal in Life? Just to become immortal in physical body to rule forever?
Google gives you nothing else! I know only one thing that Violet Sun is of a Higher non-physical 5th vibrational Level and those who are still using Violet energy for personal Gain are losing their Powers over us, because we all are consisting of Violet Energy, not just "ascended masters"! Pay attention how they write words from capital letters : "Mystery schools", "Ascended Masters", "All Mighty God", but the words : Higher Selves, Consciousness and Universes from low case letters! This way they see themselves above our Higher Selves, above Consciousness and above our Universe! You can read the rest on the website (the address is below), but I discarded most of it! So here it is:

Violet - the Colour
VIOLET/PURPLE relates to the CROWN chakra which is at the top of the head. The related organ to this chakra is the brain and the endocrine gland is the pineal gland. Violet relates to self knowledge/spiritual awareness.
It is the union with your higher self, with spirituality, and your higher consciousness.
Violet is the highest colour in the visible spectrum. This colour is known as one of the "cool" colours. It has a very calming effect on us and is, therefore, very helpful for those people experiencing sleep difficulties or stress.

Using Violet in Colour Therapy
Violet, being the colour relating to our spiritual connection, can be very helpful for meditation and any spiritual matters. (Violet is used a great deal within religions across the world, LM).

Violet Flame

high-energy visible light (HEV light) is high-frequency light in the violet/blue band from 380 to 530 nm in the visible spectrum. Ultraviolet (UV) light is electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength shorter than that of visible light, but longer than X-rays, in the range 900 nm to 2400 nm, and energies from 3eV to 287 eV. It is so named because the spectrum consists of electromagnetic waves with frequencies higher than those that humans identify as the color violet. Although ultraviolet is invisible to the human eye, most people are aware of the effects of UV.

Violet in human culture
In Chinese painting, the color violet represents the harmony of the universe because it is a combination of red and blue (Yin and yang respectively).
Oslie, Pamalie Life Colors: What the Colors in Your Aura Reveal Novato, California: 2000—New World Library Violet Auras: Pages 130-144
Stained glass window in the Cathedral of the Angels in Los Angeles, California depicting God the Father wearing a violet robe:
The "New Age Prophetess", Alice Bailey, in her system called the Seven Rays which classifies humans into seven different metaphysical psychological types, the "seventh ray" of "Ceremonial Order" is represented by the color violet. People who have this metaphysical psychological type are said to be "on the Violet Ray. Psychics who claim to be able to observe the aura with their third eye report that those who are practicing occultists (magical thaumaturgists) often have a violet aura. It is said that people with violet auras are forward looking visionaries who may be in occupations such as performance artist, photographer, venture capitalist, astronaut, futurist, or quantum physicist.
In Hinduism, violet is used to symbolically represent the seventh, crown chakra (Sahasrara).
In the Ascended Master Teachings, a group of religions based on Theosophy, the color violet is used to represent the Ascended Master St. Germain.
The Invocation of the Violet Flame is a system of meditation practice used in the "I AM" Activity and by the Church Universal and Triumphant (both Ascended Master Teaching religions). It is believed to be invoked from Saint Germain and practicing it is part of these religions' devotion to Saint Germain. The violet flame is believed to originate from a deity named Omri-Tas, Ruler of the Violet Planet.
The visible violet light has a wavelength of about 400 nm. Within the visible wavelength spectrum, violet and blue wavelengths are scattered more efficiently than other wavelengths. The sky looks blue, not violet, because our eyes are more sensitive to blue light (the sun also emits more energy as blue light than as violet).

Colors We Can't See

There are many wavelengths (colors) in the electromagnetic spectrum the human eye cannot detect.
Energy with wavelengths too short for humans to see
Energy with wavelengths too short to see is "bluer than blue". Light with such short wavelengths is called "Ultraviolet" light.
Sahasrara, which means 1000 petalled lotus, is generally considered to be the chakra of pure consciousness, within which there is neither object nor subject. When the female kundalini Shakti energy rises to this point, it unites with the male Shiva energy, and a state of liberating samadhi is attained. Symbolized by a lotus with one thousand multi-coloured petals, it is located either at the crown of the head, or above the crown of the head. Sahasrara is represented by the colour white and it involves such issues as inner wisdom and the death of the body.
Ajna is symbolised by a lotus with two petals, and corresponds to the colors violet, indigo or deep blue. It is at this point that the 2 side nadis Ida and Pingala are said to terminate and merge with the central channel Sushumna, signifying the end of duality. The seed syllable for this chakra is the syllable OM, and the presiding deity is Ardhanarishvara, who is a half male, half female Shiva/Shakti. The Shakti goddess of Ajna is called Hakini. The color of the object is white.
(White is generally not regarded as a color but as a combination of all colors mixed together, LM).

Characteristics of Violet
Violet is the color of the crown chakra, which is concerned with the energy of the higher mind. It also affects the entire skeletal and nervous systems of the body. It is very antiseptic, purifying on both physical and spiritual levels. It helps balance the physical and the spiritual energies. Violet is effective in cancerous conditions of the body. Arthritis can be eased by a violet light that leans more toward the blue shades. Violet also helps the body assimilate nutrients and minerals. It is the color of dignity, honor, self-respect, and hope. It is used to bolster self-esteem and counter feelings of hopelessness, as well as in the treatment of mental and nervous disorders. Its complement is yellow.

Key characteristics
Purification, transmutation, practical spirituality.

A true violet is fifty percent blue and fifty percent red. It is the balance of the physical and the spiritual. It is a reminder that we need both aspects within our life for balanced health. Violet helps to restore a proper perspective both in regard to the mundane aspects of life (including the physical well-being), and the spiritual aspects, helping to keep them practical.
Violet is an inspiring and spiritual color. In meditation violet can help open us to our past lives, especially those which are presently affecting our health. Leonardo da Vinci believed that the power of meditation can be magnified ten-fold under the violet light falling through the stained glass window of a quiet church. Violet is a healing color. Violet is the ruler of the center of the head called the Thousand- Petalled Lotus.

The Color Purple and The Color Violet
The color purple is the color of the imagination and spirituality. The color purple relates to the imagination and spirituality. It stimulates the imagination and inspires high ideals. It is an introspective color, allowing us to get in touch with our deeper thoughts. The difference between violet and purple is that violet appears in the visible light spectrum, or rainbow, whereas purple is simply a mix of red and blue. Violet has the highest vibration in the visible spectrum. While the violet is not quite as intense as purple, its essence is similar. Generally the names are interchangeable and the meaning of the colors is similar. Both contain the energy and strength of red with the spirituality and integrity of blue. This is the union of body and soul creating a balance between our physical and our spiritual energies.
Purple or violet assists those who seek the meaning of life and spiritual fulfillment - it expands our awareness, connecting us to a higher consciousness. For this reason it is associated with transformation of the soul and the philosophers of the world are often attracted to it.
In the meaning of colors, purple and violet represent the future, the imagination and dreams, while spiritually calming the emotions. They inspire and enhance psychic ability and spiritual enlightenment, while, at the same time, keeping us grounded.
The color violet relates to the fantasy world, and a need to escape from the practicalities of life. It is the daydreamer escaping from reality.
From a color psychology perspective, purple and violet promote harmony of the mind and the emotions, contributing to mental balance and stability, peace of mind, a link between the spiritual and the physical worlds, between thought and activity. Violet and purple support the practice of meditation.
The color violet inspires unconditional and selfless love, devoid of ego, encouraging sensitivity and compassion. Violet can be sensitive to all the different forms of pollution in the world today, whether it be air pollution, noise pollution, visual pollution or the pollution in our food chain. This sensitivity makes violet susceptible to illness and allergies, vulnerable to its everyday surroundings.
Violet encourages creative pursuits and seeks inspiration and originality through its creative endeavors. It likes to be unique, individual and independent, not one of the crowd. Artists, musicians, writers, poets and psychics are all inspired by violet and its magic and mystery.
Violet is the color of the humanitarian, using its better judgment to do good for others. Combining wisdom and power with sensitivity and humility, violet can achieve a lot for those less fortunate.
The color purple is specifically associated with royalty and the nobility, creating an impression of luxury, wealth and extravagance.
Purple has power. It has a richness and quality to it that demands respect. Purple is ambitious and self-assured, the leader.
Too much of the color purple can promote or aggravate depression in some. It is one color that should be used extremely carefully and in small amounts by those who are vulnerable to these depressed states".

Magnetic Portals Connect Sun and Earth

(this article is on this link and it is important for understanding why we all need to use the Sun's White Light Beam to move together with Earth to the 5th Density. How to use this Beam? Just your Intent and constant thoughts about it would be sufficient, LM).
"...Researchers have long known that the Earth and sun must be connected.
(Sun is the Higher Self of Earth, in other words, our Earth and our Sun are the same thing. Did you notice that often the word "Earth" would start from capital letter, but not the word "sun", this way making our Sun less significant than Earth, when in reality it should be the opposite, LM).
Earth's magnetosphere (the magnetic bubble that surrounds our planet) is filled with particles from the sun that arrive via the solar wind and penetrate the planet's magnetic defenses. They enter by following magnetic field lines that can be traced from terra firma all the way back to the sun's atmosphere.
We used to think the connection was permanent and that solar wind could trickle into the near-Earth environment anytime the wind was active," says Sibeck. "We were wrong. The connections are not steady at all. They are often brief, bursty and very dynamic..."  (Aug. 2018 update- this link now fails to connect to its website! In Russian: Адрес видео или сайта не работает больше!)

Changes in our Solar System

Jupiter loses a ring!

Jupiter Hexagon Pole!

Jupiter Hexagon Pole!

Hexagon Pole Of Saturn!

Hexagon Pole Of Saturn!

3Suns Effect! Hexagon Sun,Toronto, Canada!

Hexagon Sun,Toronto, Canada!

Jupiter loses one of its stripes and scientists are stumped as to why?

17th May 2010

Jupiter has lost one of its iconic red stripes and scientists are baffled as to why.
The largest planet in our solar system is usually dominated by two dark bands in its atmosphere, with one in the northern hemisphere and one in the southern hemisphere. However, the most recent images taken by amateur astronomers have revealed the lower stripe known as the Southern Equatorial Belt has disappeared leaving the southern half of the planet looking unusually bare. The band was present in at the end of last year before Jupiter ducked behind the Sun on its orbit. However, when it emerged three months later the belt had disappeared.  Journalist and amateur astronomer Bob King, also known as Astro_Bob, was one of the first to note the strange phenomenon. He said: 'Jupiter with only one belt is almost like seeing Saturn when its rings are edge-on and invisible for a time - it just doesn't look right.' It is not the first time this unusual phenomenon has been noticed. Jupiter loses or regains one of its belts every ten of 15 years, although exactly why this happens is a mystery. The planet is a giant ball of gas and liquid around 500million miles from the Sun. It's surface is composed of dense red, brown, yellow, and white clouds arranged in light-coloured areas called zones and darker regions called belts.
These clouds are created by chemicals that have formed at different heights. The highest white clouds in the zones are made of crystals of frozen ammonia. Darker, lower clouds are created from chemicals including sulphur and phosphorus. The clouds are blown into bands by 350mph winds caused by Jupiter's rapid rotation.
Noted Jupiter watcher Anthony Wesley, who spotted an impact spot on its surface last year, has tracked the disappearing belt from his back garden in Australia.
'It was obvious last year that it was fading. It was closely observed by anyone watching Jupiter,' he told The Planetary Society.
'There was a big rush on to find out what had changed once it came back into view.'
Mr Wesley said while it was a mystery as to what had caused the belt to fade, the most likely explanation was that it was linked to storm activity that preceded the change.
'The question now is when will the South Equatorial belt erupt back into activity and reappear?' Mr Wesley said.
The pattern for this happening is when a brilliant white spot forms in the southern zone. Gradually it will start to spout dark blobs of material which will be stretched by Jupiter's fierce winds into a new belt, and the planet will return to its familiar 'tyre track' appearance.
Jupiter will be closest to Earth on September 24, offering stargazers their best chance of seeing it without its stripe."   (Aug. 2018 update- this link now fails to connect to its website! In Russian: Адрес видео или сайта не работает больше!)

Egor, Russian peace poet
The scientific report below is so strange that I was not prepared to believe it or send it out to you until I contacted my old friend, peace poet, writer and translator, Igor Mikhailusenko in Moscow to find out if the scientist named below is a respected individual or just some kind of a kook. I can't really investigate the science but the least I can do is ascertain the reliability of the scientist.
Igor reports that the man is well-known and respected among Russian scientists and therefore I pass on the very interesting report below. We have always looked at the sun as very permanent and unchanging. But in fact we have recently been reading American scientists' reports of much larger magnetic storms on the sun than ever before. Sunspots have become larger or more numerous or the like, but no explanation has been offered. Now we may have it. I've not followed solar activity much but left it to others, not understanding that it could affect our real world situations.
Now it seems that what may really be happening is larger than just sun spot changes. It may actually be as Dr. Dmitriev seems to suggest that the entire solar system is moving into a new area where things are indeed different.
We've always known that just as our planet revolves around the sun and in doing that passes through different areas so there are more meteorites at certain seasons than at others, so also the sun itself with the entire solar system around it has an orbit of its own. Orbit ? That would suggest a center around which it revolves. I'm not sure of that, but it is clear that the entire solar system is not fixed in space. It must at least move with what some refer to as an "expanding universe".
So as it moves there is no reason to think that it cannot move into areas of different kinds of energy.


Hold onto your hats! Here goes:

This is the Russian perspective on earth changes. Hard facts that are going unreported in America. The atmospheres of the planets are changing. Dr. Dmitriev's work shows that the planets themselves are changing. They are undergoing changes in their atmospheres. For example the Martian atmosphere is getting sizably thicker than it was before. The Mars observer probe in 1997 lost one of its mirrors, which caused it to crash, because the atmosphere was about twice as dense as they calculated, and basically the wind on that little mirror was so high that it blew it right off the device.
Earth's moon is growing an atmosphere. Also, the moon is growing an atmosphere that's made up of a compound Dmitriev refers to as ''Natrium.'' Dmitriev says that, around the moon, there is this 6,000-kilometer-deep layer of Natrium that wasn't there before.
And we're having this kind of change in Earth's atmosphere in the upper levels, where HO gas is forming that wasn't there before; it simply did not exist in the quantity that it does now. It's not related to global warming and it's not related to CFCs or fluorocarbon emissions or any of that stuff. It's just showing up.
Magnetic fields and brightness of the planets are changing. The planets are experiencing sizable changes in their overall brightness. Venus, for example, is showing us marked increases in its overall brightness. Jupiter has gotten to have such a high energetic charge that there is actually a visible tube of ionizing radiation that's formed between its moon, Io. You can actually see the luminous energy tube in photographs that have been taken more recently. And the planets are having a change in their fields. The magnetic fields are becoming stronger. Jupiter's magnetic field has more than doubled. Uranus's magnetic field is changing. Neptune's magnetic field is increasing. These planets are becoming brighter. Their magnetic field strength is getting higher. Their atmospheric qualities are changing.
Uranus and Neptune appear to have had recent pole shifts. When the Voyager 2 space probe flew past Uranus and Neptune, the apparent north and south magnetic poles were sizably offset from where the rotational pole was. In one case, it was 50 degrees off, and in the other case the difference was around 40 degrees, both of which are pretty big changes.
The overall changes could essentially be broken down into three categories: Energy field changes, luminosity changes, and atmospheric changes.
Overall volcanic activity has increased 500 percent since 1975. On the Earth, we're seeing the changes even more completely.
For example, Michael Mandeville has done research that has shown that the overall volcanic activity on the Earth since 1875 has increased by roughly 500 percent. The overall earthquake activity has increased by 400 percent just since 1973.
Natural disasters increased 410 percent between 1963 and 1993! Dr. Dmitriev did a very elaborate calculation of natural disasters. He showed that if you compare the years 1963 through 1993, the overall amount of natural disasters of all different kinds - whether you are talking hurricanes, typhoons, mud slides, tidal waves, you name it - have increased by 410 percent.The Sun's magnetic field increased by 230 percent since 1901.
There's a study by Dr. Mike Lockwood from Rutherford Appleton National Laboratories in California, who has been investigating the Sun. He has discovered that since 1901, the overall magnetic field of
the Sun has become 230 percent stronger than it was before.
More than just Earth Changes
So, all in all, what we're seeing is a lot more than just what they call Earth Changes. Some people get into the idea that there is an interaction between the Earth and the Sun that's going on here. Very, very few people are aware of the work that is being done in the Russian National Academy of Sciences in Siberia, specifically in Novosibirsk, where they are doing this research. They've come to the conclusion that the only possible thing that could be causing this energetic change all throughout the Solar System is that we are moving into an area of energy that is different - that is higher.
The glowing Plasma at the leading edge of our Solar System has recently increased 1000 percent!
Now, check this out. The Sun itself has a magnetic field, of course, and that magnetic field creates an egg around the Solar System, which is known as the heliosphere. The heliosphere is shaped like a teardrop, with the long and thin end of the drop pointing in the opposite direction from the direction that we're traveling. It's just like a comet, where the tail is always pointing away from the Sun.

The Russians have looked at the leading edge of this heliosphere, and they have observed glowing, excited plasma energy there. This plasma energy used to be 10 astronomical units deep (an astronomical unit is the distance from the Earth to the Sun, 93,000,000 miles). So ten astronomical units represents the normal thickness of this glowing energy that we used to see at the front end of the Solar System.
Today, that glowing plasma has gone to 100 astronomical units deep! Although Dmitriev's paper does not give an exact timeline, we can assume that this increase happened in the same 1963 to 1993 period as the increase he found in natural disasters. Whenever it happened, that's a 1,000 percent increase in the overall brightness of the Energy at the front end of the Solar System!
And this means that the Solar System itself is moving into an area where the energy is more highly charged. That higher-charged energy (The Aquamarine Energy to be exact, LM) is in turn exciting the Plasma and causing more of it to form, so you see more luminosity, more brightness. This energy (Aquamarin) is then flowing into the Sun, which in turn emits the energy and spreads it out along its equatorial plane, which is called the Ecliptic. This in turn is saturating interplanetary space, which causes the solar emissions to travel more quickly and charge up the energy on the planets.
And this is conscious energy that is changing how the planet works, how it functions, and what kind of life it supports. The harmonics of the DNA spiral itself are altering. That's the real, hidden cause of spontaneous mass evolutions in previous epochs of time.
All this is happening all at the same time, and it's all working up to a crescendo where there is going to be a sudden shift.
In other words, we will get to the point where we are so far into the new level of energy that there will be a sudden expansion of the basic harmonic wavelengths that the Sun emits as it radiates energy
out of itself. This increase in energy emission will change the basic nature of all matter in the Solar System. The planets are pushed slightly farther away from the Sun and the atoms and molecules that
make them up actually expand in terms of their physical size."

April 24, 2008: Astronomy textbooks typically present Galaxies as staid, solitary, and majestic island worlds of glittering Stars (and Never of Aquamarine Color, LM). But Galaxies have a dynamical side. They have close encounters, that sometimes end in grand mergers and overflowing sites of new Star birth, as the colliding Galaxies morph into wondrous new shapes.

Parallel Suns

3 Suns  3 Suns
Three Suns

Parallel Suns      Parallel Suns 

"A fairly rare weather phenomenon exists where three suns become visible in the sky... are more frequent in PolarRegions than at lower latitudes. Sometimes ... suns will be delicately colour-tinted, with red on the insideand blue on the outside – the opposite to the main arc of a rainbow...I have seen two Sunsin the sky, for two years in arow during my family’s annualEaster Sunday picnic."
This is written by someone, who witnessed 3 Suns, but gave the wrong explanation to this phenomenon, which I edited out and left only what made sense.
I am really tired of reading complex 'explanations' of paid 'scientists' for everything(or those who are following them), scientists, who hardly ever write the Truth, even if they know it and most people still beLIEve them! The Truth is usually much more simplier! Paid 'scientists, like religion, is another form of government control.
I happened to see the same 3 Suns this month of January 2009 in Elliot Heads, where I live.
3 Suns' Phenomenon is showing 2 more Suns in other dimensions or in other Parallel Universes (apart from the Sun of the dimension you are in). And it is easier to run into this sight in Polar region, outback Australia or Sahara desert, or if you are living in Anomaly Place, where the Fabric of Time has been broken by some Nuclear explosions or other cataclisms, like a concentration of human emotions! This is the reason why people in Australia are restricted to go to certain places in outback, Northern part of Australia. There are more and more this kind of photos turning up on Internet, but soon 3 Suns will be possible to see in every place!
I've made around 100 pictures of our Suns for the last 2 months of December 2009 and January 2010.
We have 2 Portals to other dimensions in Elliott Heads, Queensland, Australia. One is above our House-Centre in Elliott Heads village and another Portal is 2 km away from us, above Elliott Heads Rivermouth. I usually take most of my pictures of visible and invisible Suns in the area of these 2 Portals. I tried other places (for comparison), but couldn't take pictures of invisible Suns. What I mean by "invisible Sun" is when you taking a picture of a patch of just a blue sky with no Sun on it: the Sun is not on the viewfinder of your camera (you are deliberately avoiding to take picture of visible Sun)! Then, to your total surprise, you are finding an unusual and uneven looking Sun with pentagons and sometimes a pink tail coming out of it on those pictures, where they are not suppose to be. The size and the shape of visible and invisible Suns I take pictures of through these 2 Portals, is often changing, because they are mostly Parallel Suns of different Parallel Universes. And I feel that the biggest Sun would be the Original Sun, which belongs to the Original Universe and with which all the Parallel Suns have been slowly merging.
That's the reason why the Original Sun would be growing till all the Parallel Suns merge and disappear.
This process of merging of Parallel Suns with the Original Sun is seems to be happening to most (if not all) of the Suns of our Universe, because all the Parallel Universes are merging with the Original Universe, like children with the mother. Wait for more unusual pictures and don't forget: our Sun is uniting everything and everyone, there you should look always, because it is an indicator of when the complete split of the Old Earth and the New Earth will happen!

This is an interesting information from the Internet, but I've lost the address:

"When we die and shed the physical body, we live on in a quantum body for a few days. It's like a template of the physical body: identical in every way, except made of finer substance. So fine, in fact, that it's invisible to most people on Earth. This is the body, that we equate with ghosts and apparitions. It’s like a template of the physical body, and we enjoy a lightness of being. It’s as though a big burden of physical living has been lifted from our shoulders. Our memories of Earth life are still fresh in our mind, so we take the opportunity to tie up loose ends. We might visit our family and say a quiet good-bye. We’re now in our spirit body, and we can see them, but they usually can’t see us. Sometimes our loved ones on Earth can see a shadow movement out of the corner of their eye, and they might feel our presence. The Quantum body is a very dense Spirit body, that we on Earth, sometimes, equate with ghosts and apparition.
We are multi-levelled Beings in terms of Consciousness, consisting of all these bodies at this moment. The ultimate reality is our Soul. The various bodies become more illusory, as we move outward the physical, which is the Grandest Illusion of them all. We each have a piece of Creative Force inside us. Or, more accurately, each of us IS a piece of Creative Force: an Eternal Flame of pure Love and Wisdom. That is our truest and most perfect Self, our Soul. That Creative Force itself, or Soul, is the place of peace within us, that has never been disturbed. Surrounding the Soul we have a set of Spirit Bodies, that morph, or  transform gradually into a physical body, which is a temporary outer shell. The physical body is a temporary shell for the REAL YOU and the REAL ME, that exists in a timeless state, within us. Eventually we leave behind all form and structure. We shed the Astral body and take on an ethereal form, which would appear to us as a sort of living cloud of energy. At the center of our Being is our true Self, our Soul. It's a piece of the Eternal Source. Eventually, after many lifetimes on Earth and in other physical and Astral Worlds, we shed the Astral body and return to a formless state of pure Consciousness. Our Spirit Friends in the Astral Worlds tell us, that they sometimes get to work with Ethereal Beings. It’s like being with a bank of infinitely wise supercomputers. They transfer oceans of information constantly. There seems to be no limit to their creative abilities. In fact, it is THEY, who create and maintain the Worlds of structure. It is their energies, that provide the substance of all these structured Worlds, including ours. Our Astral Friends are sometimes escorted into the Ethereal Realms by Ethereal Beings. They say: it’s an unbelievable experience. They seem to melt with the elements and are overtaken by a complete bliss. They lose all track of Time, so that thousands of years on Earth can pass by in a heartbeat. When they sense our need for their assistance, they are pulled out of their bliss and carried back to the sending station. They have accepted the mission
and so they are willing to come back, to work with us. Those, who choose to remain in the Ethereal Realm as Ethereal Beings, sever ties with the Worlds of Illusion. They can monitor our lives through our thoughts, but they do that from a distance. They observe passively, but don’t get embroiled in our troubles, for that would slow their vibration and lower their spirits, literally.

Quantum body and Astral body

The Astral body is very light and subtle and has a fine vibration. So we move into an Astral world, that is also very light and subtle. Essentially, we find ourselves in Paradise. From an Earthly perspective it's an absolutely perfect existence. No disease or hunger or illness. If the Astral body becomes injured, it heals quickly. Even lost limbs grow back. After a few days we shed the Quantum body and live on in an Astral body for a few weeks or a few years or a few centuries, depending on a number of variables. It's a body at the prime of life, well suited to the Paradise environment of the Astral worlds. Now the Astral realm SEEMS perfect to us on Earth, but in the big scheme of spiritual reality it's just an illusion. ALL worlds of form and structure are illusion, and the dense physical realm is the grandest illusion of all. The greatest reality exists beyond Time and Space, beyond all form and structure. We can't really get close to understanding Truth, until we transcend the illusions.

Spirit World Road Map

The Worlds of Spirit are all superimposed over our own physical world. So when our Spirit friends contact us by radio or by phone, they’re not transmitting or calling from somewhere far off in Space. They are always right there in the room with us, and they make their subtle, Spirit-World equipment (that’s right, they have equipment on their side) interact directly with our electronic equipment.

Spirit World Road Map

To help put things into perspective, this is a roadmap of reality. It’s highly simplified, but generally accurate, according to information we’ve received from the other side. Within each realm there are many Universes, each distinguished from the others by its vibration. These Worlds are not off in space somewhere; they’re right here, all around us. And they’re separated from each other, and from us, not by Space or time, but by vibration.
In the center of it all is the Source, or Creative Force: an Eternal Ray of pure Light, Love and Wisdom. The Source emits this perfect Consciousness, which spreads outward. It’s a pure, non-vibrating Light, and,
as it leaves the Source, it begins to vibrate, at first very fast. But as the Light moves farther from the Source, its vibrations get slower and slower. This perfect energy manifests as everything in existence, at all levels. All matter and energy of our World can be traced to its basic composition - the Creative Force.
If Creative Force is at the center of all this, the physical Realm is at the far extremities. Our entire Universe of Stars, Planets and Galaxies, is just the dense outer shell of this numerous Levels of Consciousness. Out here, in the extremities, Light from the Source becomes dim, and so things become chaotic. There are pockets of darkness, where Beings can hide from the Love and Wisdom. They can become trapped in the shadows.
Creative Force is the reality. Our physical World of form and structure, Space, Time, and Gravity: this is the Grand Illusion. Imagine a morphing program, that makes our familiar physical World evolve slowly into this Eternal Ray we call - Creative Force."

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Saturn lost its 3D Rings

 January 2, 2009

The sixth planet from the sun, Saturn, is perhaps best known for its many rings, which consist of billions of particles of ice and rock. But throughout the next several months, if you look at Saturn with a telescope, you’ll see something strange – the rings seem to be disappearing.
That’s because about every 14 to 15 years, the tilt of the planet is such that we on Earth see the rings edge-on. In reality the rings are still there, but they appear nearly invisible from Earth.
The phenomenon, which stumped Galileo in the 1600s, is called a “ring plane crossing.” While the Earth has an equinox every six months, Saturn's are more spaced out - in fact, it orbits the sun once every 29.5 years.
The rings will appear thinner and thinner until September 4, 2009, when they will seem to have vanished. On that day, we will see the sun and Saturn only 11 degrees apart in the sky, says Linda Spilker at NASA, deputy project scientist and co-investigator on the Cassini Mission to Saturn. But beware – Saturn will be in the daytime sky, making it difficult to see so close to the sun.
Unlike a solar eclipse, the Saturn-with-thin-rings phenomenon will be visible from essentially the whole Earth, because it is so far away, Spilker says. But it will be difficult to actually see this around the exact time of the ring plane crossing in September.
The bottom line is that, while the actual ring crossing doesn’t happen until the fall, if you want to see Saturn appear to have thin rings, act fast!
According to the Sky and Telescope star-gazing guide for this week, Saturn’s rings are only 0.8° or 0.9° from edge-on. The planet rises around 10 p.m.
Read more about the ring crossing from NASA.
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2 Poles in Jupiter


This planet has held on to the list of planets in the solar system just 76 years. In 2005, scientists and amateur astronomers around the world solemnly celebrated 75 years since the discovery of this planet, and in 2006 it no longer considered a planet, and named just a space object.We are talking about Pluto. What is this mysterious celestial body to which as yet has not got aids from Earth? What makes it interesting, unusual and what it means for the earthlings?
Now, when the planet was discovered and registered, to study it became systemic and systematic. Initially it was thought that Pluto is approximately the size of Earth, but over time, scientists realized that it is much smaller: its diameter is only 2,390 km. Accurate mass of Pluto is unknown, presumably it is small and is about two-tenths of the mass of the Moon. Pluto and was the smallest planet in the solar system, and lost in the size of many satellites known planets.
Pluto has a small atmosphere, a mixture in which nitrogen predominates and is icy solid. The temperature of the planet presumably -230,1 ° C. Pluto’s orbit motion around the sun is that sun is not at its center, so walking along the orbit, the planet at each point are at different distances from the star. The average distance of Pluto from the sun 5900 million km. By the end of the seventies it became clear that Pluto is not alone in outer space: it has a satellite. The satellite named Charon. And in 2005, Pluto was discovered two satellites: Hydra and Nix. But by the time when these moons were discovered, Charon is no longer called a satellite of Pluto. It turned out that Charon does not revolve around Pluto, as it is necessary companion. A Pluto and Charon orbit each other. Rotation occurs in such a way that Charon and Pluto are rotated to each other by the same party.
So, it was found that for a long time, the two space objects was taken as one. Currently, many astronomers have decided to consider Pluto and Charon a double planet. The mystery of physical secrets of these two celestial objects and their unique relationship could shed light on many secrets of the solar system, so now these questions are in the area of attention of many scientists.
At the end of last century it was discovered many medium-sized space objects beyond Neptune’s orbit, which in their qualities were similar to Pluto. Scope of finding these objects became known as the Kuiper belt by the name of the scientist, who described the discovery. Since 2006, Pluto changed its status: now it is a space object, or a dwarf planet in the Kuiper Belt.

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US telescope sees Pluto changing color

New colours of Pluto

New fake grey/yellow colours of Pluto. Pluto is becoming Violet like all the Planets of our Solar System!

 Pluto is changing its looks, donning more rouge in its complexion and altering its iceball surface.
Newly released US Hubble Space Telescope photos show the distant one-time planet - demoted to 'dwarf planet' status in 2006 - is changing colour and its ice sheets are shifting.
The photos, released by NASA on Thursday, paint a Pluto that is significantly redder than it had been for the past several decades.
To the layman, it has a yellow-orange hue, but astronomers say it has about 20 per cent more red than it used to have.
The pictures show icy frozen nitrogen on Pluto's surface growing and shrinking, brightening in the north and darkening in the south.
Astronomers say Pluto's surface is changing more than the surfaces of other bodies in the solar system. That is unexpected because a season lasts 120 years in some regions of Pluto.
'It's a little bit of a surprise to see these changes happening so big and so fast,' said astronomer Marc Buie of the Southwest Research Institute.
'This is unprecedented.'
From 1954 to 2000, Pluto did not change in colour when it was photographed from Earth. But after that, it did.
The red levels increased by 20 per cent, maybe up to 30 per cent, and stabilised from about 2000 to 2002, Buie said.
It's not as red as Mars, however, Buie said.
Buie said he can explain the redness, but not why it changed so dramatically and so recently.
The planet has a lot of methane, which contains carbon and hydrogen atoms. The hydrogen gets stripped off by solar winds and other factors, leaving carbon-rich areas on the surface, which tend to be red and dark.
The Hubble photos were taken in 2002 and the analysis took a few years. But why Pluto changed so quickly was such a mystery that Buie held off for years on announcing what he had found, worried that he might be wrong.
However, since Pluto's moon Charon had not changed colour in the same telescope images, he decided the Pluto findings were not an instrument mistake.
His analysis also found that nitrogen ice was shifting in size and density in surprising ways. It's horribly cold on Pluto with, paradoxically, the bright spots being the coldest at about -230C.
Astronomers are still arguing about the temperatures of the warm dark spots, which Buie believes may be 17C warmer than the darker areas.
Part of the difficulty in figuring out what is going on with Pluto is that it takes the dwarf planet 248 years to circle the sun, so astronomers don't know what conditions are like when it's is farthest from the sun.
The last time Pluto was at its farthest point was in 1870, which was decades before Pluto was discovered. Unlike Earth, Pluto's four seasons are not equal lengths of time.
Buie's explanation makes sense, said retired NASA astronomer Stephen Maran, co-author of a book on Pluto.
'Pluto is interesting and poorly understood, whether it qualifies as a planet or not,' he said.
Pluto is changing its looks, donning more rouge in its complexion and altering its iceball surface.
Newly released US Hubble Space Telescope photos show the distant one-time planet - demoted to 'dwarf planet' status in 2006 - is changing colour and its ice sheets are shifting.
The photos, released by NASA on Thursday, paint a Pluto that is significantly redder than it had been for the past several decades.
To the layman, it has a yellow-orange hue, but astronomers say it has about 20 per cent more red than it used to have.
The pictures show icy frozen nitrogen on Pluto's surface growing and shrinking, brightening in the north and darkening in the south.
Astronomers say Pluto's surface is changing more than the surfaces of other bodies in the solar system. That is unexpected because a season lasts 120 years in some regions of Pluto.
'It's a little bit of a surprise to see these changes happening so big and so fast,' said astronomer Marc Buie of the Southwest Research Institute.
'This is unprecedented.'
From 1954 to 2000, Pluto did not change in colour when it was photographed from Earth. But after that, it did.
The red levels increased by 20 per cent, maybe up to 30 per cent, and stabilised from about 2000 to 2002, Buie said.
It's not as red as Mars, however, Buie said.
Buie said he can explain the redness, but not why it changed so dramatically and so recently.
The planet has a lot of methane, which contains carbon and hydrogen atoms. The hydrogen gets stripped off by solar winds and other factors, leaving carbon-rich areas on the surface, which tend to be red and dark.
The Hubble photos were taken in 2002 and the analysis took a few years. But why Pluto changed so quickly was such a mystery that Buie held off for years on announcing what he had found, worried that he might be wrong.
However, since Pluto's moon Charon had not changed colour in the same telescope images, he decided the Pluto findings were not an instrument mistake.
His analysis also found that nitrogen ice was shifting in size and density in surprising ways. It's horribly cold on Pluto with, paradoxically, the bright spots being the coldest at about -230C.
Astronomers are still arguing about the temperatures of the warm dark spots, which Buie believes may be 17C warmer than the darker areas.
Part of the difficulty in figuring out what is going on with Pluto is that it takes the dwarf planet 248 years to circle the sun, so astronomers don't know what conditions are like when it's is farthest from the sun.
The last time Pluto was at its farthest point was in 1870, which was decades before Pluto was discovered. Unlike Earth, Pluto's four seasons are not equal lengths of time.
Buie's explanation makes sense, said retired NASA astronomer Stephen Maran, co-author of a book on Pluto.
'Pluto is interesting and poorly understood, whether it qualifies as a planet or not,' he said.

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WASHINGTON – Spurned Pluto is changing its looks, donning more rouge in its complexion and altering its iceball surface here and there.
Color astronomers surprised.
Newly released Hubble Space Telescope photos show the distant one-time planet — demoted to "dwarf planet" status in 2006 — is changing color and its ice sheets are shifting.
The photos, released by NASA Thursday, paint a Pluto that is significantly redder than it had been for the past several decades. To the layman, it has a yellow-orange hue, but astronomers say it has about 20 percent more red than it used to have.
The pictures show icy frozen nitrogen on Pluto's surface growing and shrinking, brightening in the north and darkening in the south. Astronomers say Pluto's surface is changing more than the surfaces of other bodies in the solar system. That's unexpected because a season lasts 120 years in some regions of Pluto.
"It's a little bit of a surprise to see these changes happening so big and so fast," said astronomer Marc Buie of the Southwest Research Institute in Boulder, Colo. "This is unprecedented."
From 1954 to 2000, Pluto didn't change in color when it was photographed from Earth. But after that, it did. The red levels increased by 20 percent, maybe up to 30 percent, and stabilized from about 2000 to 2002, Buie said. It's not as red as Mars, however, Buie said.
Buie said he can explain the redness, but not why it changed so dramatically and so recently. The planet has a lot of methane, which contains carbon and hydrogen atoms. The hydrogen gets stripped off by solar winds and other factors, leaving carbon-rich areas on the surface, which tend to be red and dark.
The Hubble photos were taken in 2002 and the analysis took a few years. But why Pluto changed so quickly was such a mystery that Buie held off for years on announcing what he had found, worried that he might be wrong. However, since Pluto's moon Charon hadn't changed color in the same telescope images, he decided the Pluto findings weren't an instrument mistake.
His analysis also found that nitrogen ice was shifting in size and density in surprising ways. It's horribly cold on Pluto with, paradoxically, the bright spots being the coldest at about -382 degrees Fahrenheit. Astronomers are still arguing about the temperatures of the warm dark spots, which Buie believes may be 30 degrees warmer than the darker areas.
Part of the difficulty in figuring out what is going on with Pluto is that it takes the dwarf planet 248 years to circle the sun, so astronomers don't know what conditions are like when it's is farthest from the sun. The last time Pluto was at its farthest point was in 1870, which was decades before Pluto was discovered. Unlike Earth, Pluto's four seasons aren't equal lengths of time.
Buie's explanation makes sense, said retired NASA astronomer Stephen Maran, co-author of a book on Pluto. "Pluto is interesting and poorly understood, whether it qualifies as a planet or not," he said."

Explosive wave in the Galaxy

Explosive wave in the Galaxy!
by Mitch Battros - Earth Changes Media

September 23, 2009

NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory has uncovered a dramatic find as it captures a new vision of the Galactic Center disclosing a complex and hostile environment. An area known as "Sagittarius A," contains several mysterious X-ray filaments. Some of these likely represent huge magnetic structures interacting with streams of very energetic electrons produced by rapidly spinning neutron stars or perhaps by a gigantic analog of a solar flare.
Is there a connection, or perhaps a revolutionary find which supports Mayan prophecy of the coming Galactic Alignment, 2012, and Cycle 24's apex (or maximum)? A picture comes together further bringing modern science and ancient text ever more united. As the galaxy's center comes closer to its alignment with our solar system, could this bring with it continued escalation in earth changes events?
A collection of Chandra pointings has created a single snap-shot of galactic evolution. Surrounding a massive central black hole, we find bright young stars housed in a hostile environment. Scattered throughout the region are thousands of point-like X-ray sources. These are produced by dense remains of stars that have reached the end of their evolutionary trail which end up as white dwarfs, neutron stars and black holes."

Evidence of Dark Matter (Low Viscocity Plasma) detected

A long-elusive key to understanding the universe may have been discovered nearly a kilometre underground in the US state of Minnesota.
Scientists announced this week they believe they've detected evidence of dark matter in data collected at the Soudan underground physics lab.
Dark matter most likely accounts for most of the universe's total matter, but its existence has never been proven. If it ever is, it could unlock mysteries about the behaviour of stars and galaxies.
According to the US Department of Energy's Fermilab, which is conducting the search for dark matter at the Soudan lab, 'judging by the way galaxies rotate, scientists have known for 70 years that the matter we can see does not provide enough gravitational pull to hold the galaxies together. There must exist some form of matter that does not emit or reflect light.'
In the announcement, the lab said the Cryogenic Dark Matter Search experiment has 'detected two events that have characteristics consistent with the particles that physicists believe make up dark matter'.
But, it cautioned, there is 'a chance' that the events could be the signatures of background particles that merely mimic the signals of dark matter.
According to Fermilab, dark matter 'may have provided the gravitational scaffolding that allowed normal matter to coalesce into the galaxies we see today. In particular, scientists think our own galaxy is embedded within an enormous cloud of dark matter. As our solar system rotates around the galaxy, it moves through this cloud.'
Particle physics theories suggest that dark matter is composed of Weakly Interacting Massive Particles (WIMPs). WIMPs would rarely interact with normal matter, but may occasionally bounce off, or scatter from, an atomic nucleus like billiard balls, leaving a small amount of energy that is detectable under the right conditions.
The Soudan lab has been searching for WIMPs since 2003. It uses 30 detectors cooled to nearly absolute zero in an attempt to detect WIMP scatters.
'This is a very intriguing results we really don't know if this is a background or a signal,' said Lauren Hsu, a researcher at Fermilab who announced the experiment's results. 'As an experimenter you always wish you had more data.'
Researchers and physicists at the University of Minnesota, one of nine universities conducting the research, plan to hold a seminar on the experiment.
Sunday, December 20, 2009 » 11:00am

NASA finds Water on the Moon (How it was 80 years ago)!

Saturday, November 14, 2009 » 07:37am

A 'significant amount' of frozen water has been found on the moon, says the US space agency,
The discovery heralds a major leap forward in space exploration and boosts hopes of a permanent lunar base.
Preliminary data from a moon probe 'indicates the mission successfully uncovered water in a permanently shadowed lunar crater', NASA said in a statement on Friday.
'The discovery opens a new chapter in our understanding of the moon.'
The data was found after NASA sent two spacecraft crashing into the lunar service last month in a dramatic experiment to probe Earth's nearest neighbour for water.
One rocket slammed into the Cabeus crater, near the lunar southern pole, at around 5,600 miles (9,000 kilometres) per hour.
The impact sent a huge plume of material billowing up from the bottom of the crater, which has not seen sunlight for billions of years.
The rocket was followed four minutes later by a spacecraft equipped with cameras to record the impact.
'We are ecstatic,' said Anthony Colaprete, project scientist and principal investigator for the $US72.87 million ($A79 million) LCROSS mission.
'Multiple lines of evidence show water was present in both the high angle vapor plume and the ejecta curtain created by the LCROSS Centaur impact.
'The concentration and distribution of water and other substances requires further analysis, but it is safe to say Cabeus holds water.'
Scientists had previously theorised that, except for the possibility of ice at the bottom of craters, the moon was totally dry.
Finding water on Earth's natural satellite is a major breakthrough in space exploration.
'We're unlocking the mysteries of our nearest neighbour and, by extension, the solar system,' said Michael Wargo, chief lunar scientist at NASA headquarters in Washington.
But Colaprete cautioned the full understanding of the LCROSS data could take some time.
'The data is that rich,' he said.
'Along with the water in Cabeus, there are hints of other intriguing substances.
'The permanently shadowed regions of the moon are truly cold traps, collecting and preserving material over billions of years.'
Only 12 men, all Americans, have ever walked on the moon, and the last to set foot there were in 1972, at the end of the Apollo missions.
But NASA's ambitious plans to put US astronauts back on the moon by 2020 to establish manned lunar bases for further exploration to Mars under the Constellation project are increasingly in doubt.
NASA's budget is currently too small to pay for Constellation's Orion capsule, a more advanced and spacious version of the Apollo lunar module, as well as the Ares I and Ares V launchers needed to put the craft in orbit."

Community of Different Worlds

What I found that a lot of literature is written about our Earth and some about our Galaxy Events, but very little is written about our Universe, Universal Events and life on higher densities. We don't know much what beings do there, what kind of life and work they lead there?
There is another peculiar thing: our physical Universe has longer Universal timeline than many other physical Universes and that could be the reason why it was ripe for the Universal Shift to take place in 1994 soon to become non-physical Universe (after 2013).
Dolores Cannon is a wonderful writer, who is brave enough to go further than many writers would. Whose books will portray the life of different beings in different parts of our Universe. She gave us such a detailed description of our and other Parallel Universes, which I posted  on  Parallel Universes  link. How little we know about the Councils which are running our and other Universes.
She is also writing about how difficult it is for positive beings to incarnate into a physical body on Earth and to be exposed to so much negativity here and to help to balance our planet.
What I would like to add, that I am very grateful to them for what they are doing. But we should not forget that by adding their positive energy, they are not just creating more Balance for Earth, but also themselves become more balanced beings and this and other newly created energies will be taken by them and spreaded all over the Universes.
We should not forget that Balance is not created just by the positive energy. You need the same quantity of negative energy and after you mix positive and negative energies together you will get Balance.
Now I would like you to read this rare info from Dolores Cannon's "The Convoluted Universe", book 3, pp.606-607:

D is for Dolores; A is for Anne, her client in regression session.

"There are different cultures, and different worlds that have expertise and experience in areas that we do not. And we come together as a united effort to create these new worlds.
D: Who instructs you? Tells you what to do?
A: There is a council. I would call it a council, but it's higher than a council. There is a Community  of many different worlds that are able to scan life in the Universes. And know when and where to create worlds with life that will have future impact upon the particular part of space that they are in. And this council, this group of worlds, is able to see into the future potentials. They are able to see a matrix through time to know  potential outcomes.
D: But it doesn't always work out the way they hope, does it?
A: No, it does not.
D: This must take an incredible amount  of time to develop a world to the point that it can have life on it.
A: In the Universe that the Earth is in, time is different from other worlds in other Universes. The laws of that Universe have an interesting time that is longer than it is to us. To us, it is fast, but to the world that is developing it's called "millions of years". Years or a time frame that's constructed by the laws of that Universe.
D: According to human thinking, it would take an incredible amount of time. But your people and the others are able to come and go at different phases of development?
A: It is not in our timeframe. We can come and go. It's a little bit like walking into a room and having a different atmosphere of time in that room. Almost like a holodeck that is capable of extending time into eons of progression, but it is only a short break in our time.
D: So things have naturally changed every time you return. (Yes) So, you said you are being told to go to Earth again. What phase in its development is it now when you return? Can you see what's happening there?  

A: Much distress. The atmosphere is very poluted. There is much pain. The atmosphere is screaming. The souls are screaming for help.
D: Is this why they asked you to come?
A: There are many coming at this time.    

D: Then things did not progress the way you had hoped they would?
A: No, there was interference. Others who came interfered with the experiment in the development of the planet. Those that wanted to use resources and inhabitants for something other than ... evolution. They are the dark onesthat do not honor natural evolution.
D: Couldn't the council do something to stop them?
(When Alex Collier asked the Andromedans the same question, he got the same answer. When the creation of totally New Energies in our Universe is taking place, the usual measures might not work, especially when the creation of Balance is involved, LM).
A: There is free will. The council can only seek to educate these others on the benefits of allowing the plan to occur. They cannot enforce, because the Universe has the freedom of all to be. It is a difference of opinions of what evolution looks like.
D: So what are you suppose to do?
A: Many are coming from many different worlds. The atmosphere must be healed. The cries must be heard. The planet is weeping; she is in pain. There is much to be corrected.
D: Do you know how you are going to help this time.?
A: I must pretend to be one of them. There is a need for more of us to intersperse ourselves amongst the inhabitants to do  what we must do. We must take on the bodies and be less separated from them this time.
D: So you won't appear different?
A: So that we will have more power to help. Being different does not accomplish anything when there is that much pain. There is too much fear.
D: You have to appear like one of the people.  

A: It's more expeditious (acting with speed and efficiency) to do it that way.
D: Well, let's move ahead and see what you do. How do you become one of them?"

The Universe and Multiple Reality

Red Square in The Universe

Red Square in The Universe 

Some interesting thoughts on Expansion of Consciousness by pushing it into Static Universesand making them more Dynamic (from"The Universe and Multiple Reality" by M. R. Franks)

P. 14
"The mind is one of the lasting mysteries of the universe. It is not the slayer of the real, as some Hindu traditions maintain. It is the creator of the real. Whatever we know, we know through the agency of the mind.. The mystery of the mind is thus doubly profound: not only is it an extraordinary creation of nature- exquisite and puzzling in its own right; it is also the shaper and creator of reality. On the way the mind works depends the nature of our knowledge, and (a step further) the shape of the external world. What the mind cannot render (present for consideration), the world cannot bear. And what the world bears is exactly what the mind renders..."

P. 20
"Talbot tells us that many neurophysiologists now take the fact that memories are not destroyed when a part of the brain is damaged as proving that the functions of memory are not located in any specific place in the brain, “but are distributed over the brain as a whole in much the same way that the image of a hologram is enfolded in all of its parts.”

P. 21-23
"The pioneers of the many-worlds hypothesis do not see it this way. Just as they envision multiple worlds that are dynamic and not static, so too do they envision multiple consciousnesses. Paul Davies tell us:
Not only our bodies, but our brains and, presumably, our consciousness is being repeatedly multiplied, each copy becoming a thinking, feeling human being inhabiting another universe much like the one we see around us.
The idea of one’s own body and consciousness being split into billions upon billions of copies is somewhat startling to say the least, yet the proponents of this theory have argued that the splitting process is quite unobservable, because the replicated consciousness cannot communicate in any way with its siblings (Alters). In fact the separate worlds of superspace are all completely disconnected from each other as far as communication is concerned..."
"...So what starts out at birth as one consciousness multiplies countless billionfolds by death."

"David Deutsch writes in The fabric of Reality that “each copy of us can directly perceive only one universe.”
Wheeler also envisages the multiple splitting of consciousness itself. Wheeler, Everett and DeWitt are brilliant scientists who deserve much credit for the many-universes hypothesis and the idea of a superuniverse- they call it multiverse. It is easy to understand their view that reality consists of a multiplicity of dynamic universes, and they ought not be faulted for the greatness of what they did achieve. It is easy to understand their blindness to the obvious possibility that parallel universes are static, that time and motion are but illusions, and that it is mind traversing the frames in rapid sequence that gives rise to perceived reality and to time and motion itself."
"What seems apparent, that consciousness moves through a labyrinth of static universes, is perhaps more difficult for the scientific mind to accept than for the general public..."

(C.Castaneda describes us moving through static universes in his books a lot, LM).

"These scientists are the same people who for years accepted only the tenets of materialism, thinking more in terms of “brain” than “mind” and virtually denying the existence of “mind” altogether. Consciousness, we were told, is a transitory phenomenon, a “strange loop” of the brain that probably dies when the body dies. No immortality here.
Michael Talbot uses these words:
The standard answer of science is, of course, that there is no ultimate distinction between mind and body. Consciousness is synonymous with the brain, and when the brain dies all of those things that we associate with consciousness - self-awareness, perception, acts of understanding, and so on - die with it. The opposing point of view is that we are more than the sum of our parts    and when we die some aspect of our consciousness survives and goes on. If we accept this point of view, the question then becomes, what is the something that survives?"

P. 23
"What will be the reaction of followers of Everett, DeWitt, Wheeler and Davies when they realize that it is indeed consciousness that moves through a series of static universes, rather than dynamic universes themselves splitting and consciousness splitting with the splitting universes? We must assume that as scientists they will welcome this additional insight and refinement of their original, bold concepts."

P. 25
"...all matter has consciousness. Every atomic particle exists in hidden dimensions in its own imaginary microuniverse, has consciousness, appears biologically as a point in our own universe, according to Charon.
The idea of an intelligent universe directing events is not limited to Hoyle and Charon. Rupert Sheldrake has proposed some radical ideas on this, according to Talbot.
Sheldrake posits that there exists a force or field connecting all members of any species, including those in the past. Sheldrake claims that each species of animal, humans included, have a “group mind” that he claims may explain certain psychic phenomena. Talbot claims that when nature does something, that even causes nature to want to repeat the event and the more the event is regurgitated the stronger the “M-field” becomes."
Morphogenic Field is not R.Monroe's (M) Field-Mind Field, LM.

P. 30
"But consciousness apparently is not free to move haphazardly through the lattice, but seems to be pushed through. This push is the force we think of as “time,” and this unseen force usually compels us to move through the lattice primarily in one general direction (from one or more “past” frames to one or more “future” frames). Still, there is great room for variable paths, as every quantum event is a fork in the road at which the mind still can go in any one of several different “future” directions."

P. 34-36
"Ts’ui Pen... He believed in an infinite series of times, in a dizzily growing, ever spreading network of diverging, converging and parallel times..."
"...We do not exist in most of them. In some you exist and not I, while in others I do, and you do not, and in yet others both of us exist. In this one, in which chance has favored me, you have come to my gate. In another, you, crossing the garden have found me dead. In yet another, I say these words, but am an error, a phantom...
.... Time is forever dividing itself towards innumerable futures and in one of them I am your enemy.....
....“Parallel universes” is a misnomer (an error). Rather, consciousness merely enters one of numerous contiguous (touching)) static universes....
...In their original concept, the universe actually divides into two copies of itself at every quantum transaction. Each observer divides, and presumably is conscious, real and moving in each division. Each copy of this observer after being so divided is unaware of the other.
Many-universe advocates agree that it is equally plausible (logical) for Everett's "branching" to work backward in time as well as forward. Thus, in their view, different universes from the past are constantly fusing into the present.
...An excellent example of such fusing of multiple pasts into a changing present, of altering history as it were by weaving different paths from the past into one changed present, is the excellent film Frequency which starred Dennis Quaid and Jim Caviezel. Past events can be altered.
Hollywood rarely gets the science right in “time warp” movies. This time, however, Hollywood hit the quantum nail right on the head. Nothing that happened in Frequency is theoretically impossible. Just as Schrodinger’s cat can divide and take multiple paths into the future, multiple strands from different pasts can weave into one present.
Such “fusion” of different universes from the past might explain why different individuals coming to a transaction sometimes have radically different memories of the “same” past event."

P. 38
"John Archibald Wheeler tells us: The universe does not exist “out there” independent of us. We are inescapably involved in bringing about that which appears to be happening. We are not only observers ( and perceivers, LM). We are participators. In some strange sense this is a participatory universe."

"Entropy- a measure of the unavailable heat in any closed system (here is the entire universe). See Second Law of Thermodynamics.
Multiverse- a term in conventional quantum physics describing the collection of all parallel universes. Hugh Everett's "Many worlds" hypothesis posits the existence of a multiverse. That multiverse, however, consists of a multiplicity of dynamic universes. Compare with superuniverse.
Noncontiguous- said of two things not directly touching one another.
Superuniverse- the grand universe composed of all imaginable parallel universes. It exists in hyperspace. The superuniverse posited by the author differs from the multiverse of conventional quantum physics in that here each parallel universe is absolutely still, static, frozen, not moving and dynamic."

 Hadron Collider


The building and operating CERN Hadron Collider on the border between Switzerland and France is a bit of a puzzle. Would the created mini Black Holes suck out the energy of those in 3rd D, who decided not to evolve or it's a tool for Creation of an Anti-verse? Here are some
extractsprinted in the news :

Crumb causes major scientific setback

Sunday, November 08, 2009 » 09:24am

The massive machine at the centre of the world's biggest scientific experiment has malfunctioned again - derailed by a bit of bread dropped by a bird.
The Hadron Collider, buried 100m under the ground near Geneva, Switzerland, is supposed to recreate conditions seen after the Big Bang.
It is hoped the $7.97 billion machine will shed light on the event that many scientists believe gave birth to the universe around 14 billion years ago, but the project has suffered a series of setbacks.
The latest saw a 'bit of baguette', thought to have been dropped by a bird, fall onto machinery, causing a fault.
Sections of the machine, which fires protons round a 17-mile-long tunnel at close to the speed of light in order to smash them in to each other, then overheated.
Members of the public who had been looking at data published online noticed the temperature changes and contacted journalists at The Register.
They alerted those in charge of the project at the European Organisation for Nuclear Research (Cern).
According to scientists, had the Collider been in operation at the time it would have shut down automatically, avoiding the damage of last September when a large amount of helium leaked into the tunnel.
But the difficulties faced by those working on the project have prompted some members of the scientific community to speculate, in all seriousness, that the machine is sabotaging itself - from the future.
The theory is that the particle that physicists hope to produce might be 'abhorrent to nature', so that once created it would work backwards through time to put a stop to whatever created it.
However Dr Mike Lamont, who works at the Cern control centre, said that the nature of the experiment meant that glitches were inevitable.
'This thing is so complicated and so big, it's bound to have problems sometimes,' he said."


"The experiment has triggered a number of wild theories, with speculation that it could create a black hole of intense gravity which could suck in Europe and perhaps the whole planet.

Others have claimed that it could allow beings from another universe to invade through a hole in the space-time continuum..."

"...Another possible discovery from the firing up of the large hadron collider could be dark matter.
When we look at the universe and calculate the movements of stars and galaxies, the mathematical models tell us that there is a massive amount of our universe that we cannot see.
In fact physicists think we can only detect 5 per cent of what is out there. This is dark matter...

It is possible the machine could generate extremely small black holes. Some fear these mini-black holes could merge and become one big black hole that would swallow up the earth and perhaps our solar system..."

The latest announcement was that after a couple of weeks of running Hadron Collider , it was shut down till next year.
I, personally, doubt very much that it would be shut down. Reminds me the Moon program in 1960's, which was officially shut down, but unofficially was never stopped.
More info on Parallel Universes and
Time Travels link.

This info is about the connection between magnets/magnetic fields and an Anti-verse, PN stands for Preston Nichols,
DC stands for Duncan Cameron:

SS: We’ve heard of putting magnets on your body to increase the energy. Are there ways to do this by magnetics besides by using electronic devices?

PN: Well the thing you can say about magnetic fields is that a magnetic field is the portal or window into the shell function or the anti-matter world. So a magnet definitely is a multidimensional window. Magnetic fields are pure potential energy, they’re a pure potential structure. Unless you move them, they don’t do any work. If you move them, they do work. This of course is normal physics at this point...magnets have a tendency to drag down instead of build up.
SS: Someone we know experienced that. He was unknowingly sleeping beside some heavy magnets and woke up drained of energy. Perhaps the magnets were facing the wrong way, if there’s a difference.
PN: Yes, there is a difference. There’s also another kind of Ray that comes off the sides of the magnet between the North and South pole. It’s almost like a Ray emanating into a Black Hole, is the only way I can think to express it.
DC: It’s something, that we’ve recently been exposed to by a fellow named Jerry in Staton Island, New York.
PN: He’s a psychic, that sees magnetic fields. Those plates, we put in the Biosonde yesterday, were from Jerry. There is a coating of, in black point, of magnetic powders, that somehow he’s witnessing to the Earth through the telluric field of the Earth. And all, it’s doing, was transducing the Orgone Field of the Earth into the room. That’s why you got the cool breeze going through the room. And that’s tied directly into magnetism."
More on that see  Montauk Project info

 Magnetic Portals Connect Sun and Earth

Researchers have long known that the Earth and sun must be connected. Earth's magnetosphere (the magnetic bubble that surrounds our planet) is filled with particles from the sun that arrive via the solar wind and penetrate the planet's magnetic defenses. They enter by following magnetic field lines that can be traced from terra firma all the way back to the sun's atmosphere. We used to think the connection was permanent and that solar wind could trickle into the near-Earth environment anytime the wind was active," says Sibeck. "We were wrong. The connections are not steady at all. They are often brief, bursty and very dynamic. (Aug. 2018 update- this link now fails to connect to its website! In Russian: Адрес видео или сайта не работает больше!) 

Magnetic portals

Magnetic Portals connecting Sun and Earth

Oct. 30, 2008: During the time it takes you to read this article, something will happen high overhead that until recently many scientists didn't believe in. A magnetic portal will open, linking Earth to the sun 93 million miles away. Tons of high-energy particles may flow through the opening before it closes again, around the time you reach the end of the page."It's called a flux transfer event or 'FTE,'" says space physicist David Sibeck of the Goddard Space Flight Center. "Ten years ago I was pretty sure they didn't exist, but now the evidence is incontrovertible."
Indeed, today Sibeck is telling an international assembly of space physicists at the 2008 Plasma Workshop in Huntsville, Alabama, that FTEs are not just common, but possibly twice as common as anyone had ever imagined.Above is an artist's concept of Earth's magnetic field connecting to the Sun, a "flux transfer event"--with a spacecraft on hand to measure particles and fields. 

Researchers have long known, that the Earth and Sun must be connected.
Earth's magnetosphere (the magnetic bubble that surrounds our planet) is filled with particles from the sun that arrive via the solar wind and penetrate the planet's magnetic defenses. They enter by following magnetic field lines that can be traced from terra firma all the way back to the sun's atmosphere. We used to think the connection was permanent and that solar wind could trickle into the near-Earth environment anytime the wind was active," says Sibeck. "We were wrong. The connections are not steady at all. They are often brief, bursty and very dynamic. Several speakers at the Workshop have outlined how FTEs form: On the dayside of Earth (the side closest to the sun), Earth's magnetic field presses against the sun's magnetic field. Approximately every eight minutes, the two fields briefly merge or "reconnect," forming a portal through which particles can flow. The portal takes the form of a magnetic cylinder about as wide as Earth. The European Space Agency's fleet of four Cluster spacecraft and NASA's five THEMIS probes have flown through and surrounded these cylinders, measuring their dimensions and sensing the particles that shoot through. "They're real," says Sibeck.

Now that Cluster and THEMIS have directly sampled FTEs, theorists can use those measurements to simulate FTEs in their computers and predict how they might behave. Space physicist Jimmy Raeder of the University of New Hampshire presented one such simulation at the Workshop. He told his colleagues that the cylindrical portals tend to form above Earth's equator and then roll over Earth's winter pole. In December, FTEs roll over the north pole; in July they roll over the south pole. Sibeck believes this is happening twice as often as previously thought. "I think there are two varieties of FTEs: active and passive." Active FTEs are magnetic cylinders that allow particles to flow through rather easily; they are important conduits of energy for Earth's magnetosphere. Passive FTEs are magnetic cylinders that offer more resistance; their internal structure does not admit such an easy flow of particles and fields. (For experts: Active FTEs form at equatorial latitudes when the IMF tips south; passive FTEs form at higher latitudes when the IMF tips north.) Sibeck has calculated the properties of passive FTEs and he is encouraging his colleagues to hunt for signs of them in data from THEMIS and Cluster. "Passive FTEs may not be very important, but until we know more about them we can't be sure." There are many unanswered questions: Why do the portals form every 8 minutes? How do magnetic fields inside the cylinder twist and coil? "We're doing some heavy thinking about this at the Workshop," says Sibeck. Meanwhile, high above your head, a new portal is opening, connecting your planet to the sun. A "magnetic portal" or FTE mapped in cross-section by NASA's fleet of THEMIS spacecraft."

Sun's Protective 'Bubble' is Shrinking

The protective bubble around the Sun, that helps to shield the Earth from harmful interstellar radiation is shrinking and getting weaker, Nasa scientists have warned.

By Richard Gray, Science Correspondent
Last Updated: 9:23AM BST 19 Oct 2008

New data has revealed, that the heliosphere, the protective shield of energy, that surrounds our Solar System, has weakened by 25 per cent over the past decade and is now at it lowest level, since the space race began 50 years ago. Scientists are baffled at what could be causing the barrier to shrink in this way and are to launch mission to study the heliosphere. The Interstellar Boundary Explorer, or IBEX, will be launched from an aircraft on Sunday on a Pegasus rocket into an orbit 150,000 miles above the Earth, where it will "listen" for the Shock Wave, that forms, as our Solar System meets the Interstellar Radiation.
Dr Nathan Schwadron, co-investigator on the IBEX mission at Boston University, said: "The interstellar medium, which is part of the Galaxy as a whole, is actually quite a harsh environment. There is a very High Energy Galactic Radiation, that is dangerous to living things. "Around 90 per cent of the Galactic Cosmic Radiation is deflected by our heliosphere, so the boundary protects us from this harsh Galactic environment." The heliosphere is created by the solar wind, a combination of electrically charged particles and magnetic fields, that emanate a more, than a million miles an hour from the Sun, meet the Inter-Galactic gas, that fills the gaps in Space between Solar Systems.
At the boundary, where they meet, a Shock Wave is formed, that deflects Interstellar Radiation around the Solar System, as it travels through the Galaxy. The scientists hope the IBEX mission will allow them to gain a better understanding of what happens at this boundary and help them predict what protection it will offer in the future. Without the heliosphere the harmful Inter-Galactic Cosmic Radiation would make life on Earth almost impossible by destroying DNA and making the climate uninhabitable. Measurements, made by the Ulysses Deep Space probe, which was launched in 1990 to orbit the Sun, have shown, that the pressure created inside the heliosphere by the solar wind, has been decreasing. Dr David McComas, principal investigator on the IBEX mission, said: "It is a fascinating interaction, that our Sun has with the Galaxy surrounding us. This million mile an hour wind inflates this Protective Bubble, that keeps us safe from Inter-Galactic Cosmic Rays.
"With less pressure on the inside, the interaction at the boundaries becomes weaker and the heliosphere as a whole gets smaller." If the heliosphere continues to weaken, scientists think, that the amount of Cosmic Radiation, reaching the inner parts of our Solar System, including Earth, will increase. This could result in growing levels of disruption to electrical equipment, damage satellites and potentially even harm life on Earth. But Dr McComas added that it was still unclear exactly what would happen, if the heliosphere continued to weaken or what the timescale for changes in the heliosphere are. He said: “There is no imminent danger, but it is hard to know what the future holds. Certainly, if the solar wind pressure was to continue to go down and the heliosphere were to almost evaporate, then we would be in this sea of Galactic Cosmic Rays. That could have some large effects. “It is likely that there are natural variations in solar wind pressure and over time it will either stabilise or start going back up."

Secret Space  (Aug. 2018 update- this link now fails to connect to its website! In Russian: Адрес видео или сайта не работает больше!)

"A feature length 2 hour documentary exposing the hidden history of NASA, and the organisation's links to The Illuminati network of Secret Societies. This film exposes NASA's secret space programme controlled by senior Occultists. We analyse UFO footage filmed by NASA astronauts whilst aboard the Space Shuttle and ask if NASA has secretly made contact with extraterrestrials."

Secret Space Volume 2

These are interesting thoughts:
How to Make a Universe - Part 1

How to Make a Universe - Part 2

How to Make a Universe - Part 3A

 Pictorial evolution of stars of different masses   (Aug. 2018 update- this link now fails to connect to its website! In Russian: Адрес видео или сайта не работает больше!) 

Pictorial Evolution of stars of different masses

Superimposed Galaxies

Many people don't notice that we already moved into the 4th Density (first overtones-frequencies), which is virtually the same in material surroundings , but in terms of consciousness of people is vast difference. the people's and the planet's of vibration is much faster. It is a difficult period for everyone, because of the mixture of 4th Density things with 3rd Density things, till Earth would get through all 7 overtones. Then nothing 3Density(not evolved till 4th Density) will stay on Earth: it would be moved through the Black Hole in the center of our Galaxy. The Planetary Shift (Nebula) and the old Sun's Supernova (explosion) are not going to effect those who are on Earth right now. More info about it you can find on "Alex Collier" link.
We are creators of holograms, which is virtually everything around us here on/off Earth, only on Earth holograms are denser (more layers), compared to Parallel Realities. When we are doing it we are manipulating intentionally (M)Field energy (Mind Energy Field,LM).
(M) Field energy is present in all living things, all physical matter and has been named differently in other cultures. It's interesting that (M)Field is operational within and outside Time-Space.
This is R.Monroe's most unusual finding and you can find it on p. 187 of "Ultimate Journey" :
"The organized (M)Field radiation of a single individual can, if broadbanded enough, be many thousands times greater than that of the group".
And another interesting fact on p.190 :
" least 6 thousands (humans), who will never be publicly known, possess what maybe called incredible ability in (M)Field
manipulation... 600 humans in physical existence at this moment who are on the loose and unrecognized and who can do covertly anything imaginable and much that we cannot imagine."
More info about (M)Field you can find in R.Monroe's "Ultimate Journey"p. 185-190, 194-195, 199.
Here is an article, proving that all Galaxies have been in the process of tremendous changes, they are colliding with each other and our Milky Way Galaxy is not an exception. This is the proof of what the Andromedans through Alex Collier said about the Universal Shift which started on 23rd March 1994 ! It is happening in front of our eyes!
"...and there it was... the Emitter! No, there was no big came from the Emitter...
the creation of the hologram..." these are the words of R.Monroe from "Ultimate Journey"
p.219: he witnessed it. On the same page you can read about future "blue planet" Earth will "revert to a ring of dust" (Planetary Nebula), his I-There (parts of himself) are gone, "Belief System Territories wink out", "everything moves...a huge flower of particles and light folding back together..." (Supernova of the old 3rd D Sun) again, witnessed by R.Monroe.

'Naked Eye' Gamma Ray Burst Was Aimed Squarely At Earth

This artist's concept shows the "naked-eye" GRB close up (but this artist is not allowed to portray true Aquamarine color on his/her pictures. And why the real photo of the event shown here? LM).
Observations suggest material shot outward in a two-component jet (white and green beams). Credit: NASA/Swift/Mary Pat Hrybyk-Keith and John Jones

( -- The brightest explosion ever seen was observed in March this year. Now a team of astronomers from around the world, including the University of Leicester, the Mullard Space Science Laboratory of University College London and Liverpool John Moores University, have combined their data from satellites and observatories to explain what happened.

Gamma Rays Burst

 Colliding Galaxies Shed Light on Dark Matter  (Aug. 2018 update- this link now fails to connect to its website! In Russian: Адрес видео или сайта не работает больше!)

August 28, 2008 - 4:35PM
Source: ABC
Astronomers have captured images of a powerful collision of galaxy clusters and say it may shed light on the behavior of dark matter.
They used NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory and Hubble Space Telescope to study the cluster, known as MACSJ0025.4-1222.
They can see a clear separation between dark and ordinary matter, answering a crucial question about whether dark matter interacts with itself other than via gravitational forces, the researchers said.
"Dark matter makes up five times more matter in the universe than ordinary matter," said Marusa Bradac of the University of California Santa Barbara, who led the work.
"This study confirms that we are dealing with a very different kind of matter, unlike anything that we are made of.
"And we're able to study it in a very powerful collision of two clusters of galaxies."
Using optical images from Hubble, the team was able to infer the distribution of the total mass of both dark and ordinary matter in the cluster using a technique known as gravitational lensing.
This method uses the distortion that mass causes as light passes by another object between the viewer and whatever is being observed.
Dark matter cannot be directly seen but it has mass and thus gravitational pull.
The Chandra X-ray images showed more clearly where ordinary matter, in the form of hot gas, was.
As the two clusters collided and merged at speeds of millions of kilometres per hour, the hot gas in each cluster collided and slowed down, but the dark matter did not.
The researchers are looking into the past with their observations.
MACSJ0025 is 5.7 billion light years away, a light year being the distance light travels in a year, or 9.5 trillion kilometres.
(There are no light years: our Universe is Holographic, it means everything, every Universe is next to you! LM).

 Milky Way. Galactic Center

GALAXY PICTURES FROM:  (Aug. 2018 update- this link now fails to connect to its website! In Russian: Адрес видео или сайта не работает больше!)

Light Years are becoming a thing of the Past, because all Galaxies are mixing with each other and creating One Black Hole, through which all the remaining physical matter will move to another Physical Universe in December 2013. What I noticed in English that often the word 'universe' would start from a low case letter, but the name of a month like 'December' would start from a capital letter to make December look more important than our Universe!

 Study Shows Continued Spread of 'Dead Zones'

A global study led by Professor Robert Diaz of the Virginia Institute of Marine Science, College of William and Mary, shows that the number of "dead zones"—areas of seafloor with too little oxygen for most marine life—has increased by a third between 1995 and 2007
Diaz and collaborator Rutger Rosenberg of the University of Gothenburg in Sweden say that dead zones are now "the key stressor on marine ecosystems" and "rank with over-fishing, habitat loss, and harmful algal blooms as global environmental problems."
The study, which appears in the August 15 issue of the journal Science, tallies 405 dead zones in coastal waters worldwide, affecting an area of 95,000 square miles, about the size of New Zealand. The largest dead zone in the U.S., at the mouth of the Mississippi, covers more than 8,500 square miles, roughly the size of New Jersey.
Diaz began studying dead zones in the mid-1980s after seeing their effect on bottom life in a tributary of Chesapeake Bay near Baltimore. His first review of dead zones in 1995 counted 305 worldwide. That was up from his count of 162 in the 1980s, 87 in the 1970s, and 49 in the 1960s. He first found scientific reports of dead zones in the 1910s, when there were 4. Worldwide, the number of dead zones has approximately doubled each decade since the 1960s.
Diaz and Rosenberg write "There is no other variable of such ecological importance to coastal marine ecosystems that has changed so drastically over such a short time as dissolved oxygen."
Dead zones occur when excess nutrients, primarily nitrogen and phosphorus, enter coastal waters and help fertilize blooms of algae. When these microscopic plants die and sink to the bottom, they provide a rich food source for bacteria, which in the act of decomposition consume dissolved oxygen from surrounding waters. Major nutrient sources include fertilizers and the burning of fossil fuels. Geologic evidence shows that dead zones were not "a naturally recurring event" in Chesapeake Bay or most other estuarine ecosystems, says Diaz. "Dead zones were once rare. Now they're commonplace. There are more of them in more places." The first dead zone in Chesapeake Bay was reported in the 1930s. Scientists refer to water with too little oxygen for fish and other active organisms as "hypoxic." Diaz says that many ecosystems experience a progression in which periodic hypoxic events become seasonal and then, if nutrient inputs continue to increase, persistent. Earth's largest dead zone, in the Baltic Sea, experiences hypoxia year-round. Chesapeake Bay experiences seasonal, summertime hypoxia through much of its main channel, occupying about 40% of its area and up to 5% of its volume.

You can find other articles writing about more than 400 DEAD ZONES on the planet. This is another proof that 3rd density Earth is disintegrating, imploding on itself and life is disappearing from the planet. The Planetary Spirit is in the process of moving out and leaving the planet dead, evolving into 4th Density Earth. Humanity with their 4th density bodies, who evolved enough, are moving with Earth. 

Solar System's "Bouncing" Linked To Mass Extinction Events

May 2008, by Kate Melville
"A new computer model of our solar system's movement relative to the Milky Way indicates that it "bounces" up and down through the plane of the galaxy; a cycle that scientists say is a "beautiful match" with the mass extinction events that occur periodically on Earth.
Writing in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, the scientists at the Cardiff Centre for Astrobiology that built the computer model say that during certain periods in the bounce, gravitational forces from surrounding gas and dust clouds could dislodge comets from their paths. These comets could then plunge into our solar system, some of them colliding with the Earth.
The Cardiff team says that when we pass through the galactic plane every 35 to 40 million years, the chances of a comet collision are increased tenfold. Intriguingly, evidence from craters on Earth also suggests we suffer more collisions approximately every 36 million years. "It's a beautiful match between what we see on the ground and what is expected from the galactic record," noted Cardiff's Professor William Napier.
Napier contends that the periods of comet bombardment also coincide with mass extinctions, such as that of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago. But while the bounce effect may have been bad news for dinosaurs, it may also have helped life to spread. The scientists suggest the impact may have thrown debris containing micro-organisms out into space and across the universe.
"This is a seminal paper which places the comet-life interaction on a firm basis, and shows a mechanism by which life can be dispersed on a galactic scale," commented Centre director Professor Chandra Wickramasinghe. And in case you're interested in when the next comet infestation might occur, our present position in the galaxy suggests we are now very close to another such period.

Galaxy Events on Youtube

Some Galactic Events are very well portrayed on Youtube.
In "Elegant Universe" series on youtube the scientists have been discussing the origins of
(M) Field. I advise them to go on our link Robert Monroe info
or read R.Monroe's "Ultimate Journey" to know that (M) Field energy is coming from the Emitter, an enormous energy Ball on the highest 12th Density (used to be on 11th, and will return back to 11th after the 3rd December 2013). (M) or Mind Field is creating a Hologram in all the Densities/Dimensions (inc. the 3rd Time-Space Density, which is now in the process of disintegration). There is no need in 3rd Density anymore! (M) Field has been accumulating in all living creatures, who have been using it for creating their own holograms and the best glue to hold the holograms together is Fear! 
 Behind the Emitter is the place of the Creative Force. Robert Monroe was a witness of that!

Cosmic Holes (1 of 5)       
Cosmic Holes (2 of 5)
Flow of Time (4 of 4)      
Flow of Time (3 of 4)
Negative Energy, Wormholes and Warp Drive
Supermassive Black Holes 5 of 5  Sun explosion  Sun  First-Known Double Pulsar System  Colliding Binary Neutron Stars  Black Hole destroying a star  end of Milky Way Eleg. Universe, 11 dimension  Eleg.Universe 3 part 4  part5  part 6 part 7  part 8  part 9  part 10  part 11  part 12  part 13  part 14  part 15  part 16  part 17  part 18  part 19  The Elegant Universe , part 6 The Elegant Universe  The Elegant Universe - can String Theory detect...  Shape of Time  Parallel Universes part2 part3 part4  part 5 11 dimension  HyperNova  Supernova Shock Wave  Supernova explosion  Black Holes, Neutron Stars, White Dwarfs, Space and Time  The Death of a Star SuperNova  Supernova  Mass-Transferring Binary Star  Planetary Nebula and other types of Nebulas  Tour of our Galaxy's visible Nebulas  Solar System in Milky Way  New "Death Star" Black Hole  discovered  Supermassive Black Hole at the center of our Galaxy  Earth explosion

 Stellar Remnants     
After a star has burned out its fuel supply, its remnants can take one of three forms, depending on the mass during its lifetime.
3  forms are : white dwarfs, neutron star or BLACK  HOLE. We don't know what form will our old Sun take after the explosion (Supernova).
Gamma-Ray Burst Real-Time Sky Map

Biggest-ever Space Gamma-Ray Blast

Friday, February 20, 2009 » 11:22am
The US Fermi telescope has detected a massive explosion in space which scientists say is the biggest gamma-ray burst ever detected.
The spectacular blast, which occurred in the Carina constellation, produced energy ranging from 3,000 to more than five billion times that of visible light, astrophysicists said.
'Visible light has an energy range of between two and three electron volts and these were in the millions to billions of electron volts,' astrophysicist Frank Reddy of US space agency NASA told AFP.
'If you think about it in terms of energy, X-rays are more energetic because they penetrate matter. These things don't stop for anything - they just bore through and that's why we can see them from enormous distances,' Reddy said.
Gamma-ray bursts are the universe's most luminous explosions, which astronomers believe occur when massive stars run out of nuclear fuel.
As a star's core collapses into a black hole, jets of material powered by processes not yet fully understood blast outward.
The jets bore through the collapsing star and continue into space, where they interact with gas previously shed by the star, generating bright afterglows that fade with time.
Using the Gamma-Ray Burst Optical/Near-Infrared Detector (GROND) on a telescope at the European Southern Observatory in Chile, a team led by Jochen Greiner of Germany's Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics determined that the huge gamma-ray burst occurred 12.2 billion light years away.
The sun, by comparison, is eight light minutes from earth.
With the extraordinary distance taken into account, scientists worked out that the blast exceeded the power of nearly 9,000 ordinary supernovae, some of the most energetic explosions known, which occur at the end of a star's life time.
The gas jets emitting the initial gamma rays moved at one-ten-thousandth of a percentage point less than the speed of light, the scientists said.
'This burst's tremendous power and speed make it the most extreme recorded to date,' a statement issued by the US Department of Energy said."
Supernova and Galactic Core Wave Energy emissions.
These events are happening as we speak and the proof of coming  SHIFT OF CONSCIOUSNESS on the old 3rd Density Earth. Gamma Ray Bursts are the signs of approaching Supernova (explosion) of our old 3rd Density Sun

Earth-Size Radio Telescope Opens Its Eye

R.Monroe would tell you, that we don't need technology to astral travel and get any kind of info, but Aliens do depend on technology!

By Barry E. DiGregorio
First Published August 2008
Seven telescopes act as one to produce finest radio images ever

This fall, the world's largest telescope will begin its scientific mission. Made up of radio telescopes in Chile, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Puerto Rico, South Africa, and Sweden, the e-VLBI—for electronic very long baseline interferometer—creates in effect a telescope with a diameter of 11 000 kilometers; Earth's own diameter is about 12 750 km at the equator. Because a telescope's resolution is proportional to its size, the e-VLBI should see farther out in space and time and elucidate the finer structures of the most energetic phenomena in the universe, such as supernovas, pulsars, and black holes.

Although a smaller, Europe-wide e-VLBI has been in operation for more than a year, the full multicontinent version opened its eye only on 22 May 2008, when all seven sites were linked to a custom-built supercomputer, operated by the European VLBI Network (EVN), in a test observation.

VLBI increases the resolution of a pair of radio telescopes by using the time a particular radio wave arrives at each of them to estimate its frequency and pinpoint its origin. Although the technique has been in use since the mid-1980s, linking radio telescopes between other countries and continents in real time has not been possible until now.

Each of the radio telescopes used in the May test produced up to 1 gigabit per second of data. Until the EVN supercomputer was built, the only way to transport such large volumes of data across the globe for analysis was by recording them on magnetic media and then physically shipping the media to the Joint Institute for VLBI in Europe, located in Dwingeloo, Netherlands.

The new system transports data via a large number of network providers. Just getting the data to EVN “was an enormous technical hurdle to overcome,” says Arpad Szomoru, head of technical operations and R&D at Dwingeloo. The supercomputer can handle flows of up to 100 terabytes per observation coming in from 16 radio telescopes.

Radio astronomers were initially skeptical that moving to real-time VLBI was worth the effort, says Huib van Langevelde, director at Dwingeloo. But the recent test showed that e‑VLBI collapses processes that would have taken weeks without the supercomputer networking into a matter of hours.

For the new intercontinental e-VLBI system to work, all the telescopes must observe the same astronomical radio source at exactly the same wavelength. All the stations have atomic clocks, synchronized to within a few millionths of a second, so that a radio wave's arrival can be precisely marked at every telescope.

As Earth rotates, an observational target will drop beneath the horizon in relation to some telescopes and rise in relation to others. “The source is tracked by a changing set of telescopes,” says Szomoru.

According to Szomoru, astronomers will get the most from the e-VLBI when they're tracking stellar explosions and other transient cosmic activity, including gamma-ray bursts and flaring microquasars. “It is now possible to observe a number of candidate cosmic sources and, if one of them is seen to come into an active state, do one or several follow-up observations, thus catching a flare in a microquasar at a very early moment, something which was not possible previously.”

The Search For the Missing Mass

Cosmic Hide and Seek: the Search for the Missing Mass

by Chris Miller
Scientists using different methods to determine the mass of galaxies have found a discrepancy that suggests ninety percent of the universe is matter in a form that cannot be seen. Some scientists think dark matter is in the form of massive objects, such as black holes, that hang out around galaxies unseen. Other scientists believe dark matter to be subatomic particles that rarely interact with ordinary matter. This paper is a review of current literature. I look at how scientists have determined the mass discrepancy, what they think dark matter is and how they are looking for it, and how dark matter fits into current theories about the origin and the fate of the universe.

In 1933, the astronomer Fritz Zwicky was studying the motions of distant galaxies. Zwicky estimated the total mass of a group of galaxies by measuring their brightness. When he used a different method to compute the mass of the same cluster of galaxies, he came up with a number that was 400 times his original estimate (1). This discrepancy in the observed and computed masses is now known as "the missing mass problem." Nobody did much with Zwicky's finding until the 1970's, when scientists began to realize that only large amounts of hidden mass could explain many of their observations (2). Scientists also realize that the existence of some unseen mass would also support theories regarding the structure of the universe (3). Today, scientists are searching for the mysterious dark matter not only to explain the gravitational motions of galaxies, but also to validate current theories about the origin and the fate of the universe.

Mass and Weight. What exactly is mass? Most people would say that mass is what you weigh. But to scientists, mass and weight are different things. Mass is the measure of a quantity of matter--how much stuff there is. Weight, on the other hand, is the effect that gravity has on that stuff. Weight is dependent on mass--the more mass you have, the more gravity pulls you down, and the more you weigh. When an astronaut floats in space, we say that the astronaut is weightless. But the astronaut still has a body, and so has mass.

Hide and Seek. Scientists estimate that 90 to 99 percent of the total mass of the universe is missing matter (4). Actually, "missing matter" may be misleading--it's really the light that is missing (5). Scientists can tell that the dark matter is there, but they cannot see it. Bruce H. Margon, chairman of the astronomy department at the University of Washington, told the New York Times, "It's a fairly embarrassing situation to admit that we can't find 90 percent of the universe" (6). This problem has scientists scrambling to try and find where and what this dark matter is. "What it is, is any body's guess," adds Dr. Margon. "Mother Nature is having a double laugh. She's hidden most of the matter in the universe, and hidden it in a form that can't be seen".

Determining the Mass of Galaxies

How do we measure the mass of the universe? Since the boundaries (if there are any) of the universe are unknown, the actual mass of the universe is also unknown. But scientists talk of the missing mass of the universe in percentages, not real numbers. Since the majority of the matter that we can see is clumped together into galaxies, the total mass of all the galaxies should be a good indication of the mass of the universe. Although it isn't possible to add up an infinite number of galaxies, scientists can infer the percentage of the universe's missing mass from estimates of the missing mass in galaxies and clusters of galaxies (7). And because scientists (like Fritz Zwicky) use different techniques to determine the masses of galaxies, they can perceive mass that they cannot see.

The Doppler Shift. One of the tools that scientists use to detect the motions of galaxies is the Doppler Shift. The Doppler Shift was discovered in the 1800's by Christian Doppler when he noticed that sound travels in waves much like waves on the surface of the ocean (7). Doppler also noticed that when the source of the sound is moving, the pitch of the sound is different, depending on whether the source is moving toward or away from the observer. Take, for example, the horn on a train. As the speeding train passes by you, the sound of the horn changes to a lower pitch. This is the Doppler Shift. When the train approaches, the sound waves get pushed together by the motion of the train. As the train speeds away, the sound waves get stretched out.

Doppler Shift Effect with Moving Train

The Doppler Shift also works with light. When a light source is moving toward you, the light becomes bluer (called a blue shift). When a light source is moving away from you, the light becomes redder (called a red shift). And the faster something is moving, the farther the light is shifted. But the Doppler shift for light is very subtle and cannot be detected with the naked eye. Scientists use a device called a spectroscope to measure Doppler Shift and determine how fast stars and galaxies are moving (7).

Rotational Velocity. Using the power of the Doppler Shift, scientists can learn much about the motions of galaxies. They know that galaxies rotate because, when viewed edge-on, the light from one side of the galaxy is blue shifted and the light from the other side is red shifted. One side is moving toward the Earth, the other is moving away. They can also determine the speed at which the galaxy is rotating from how far the light is shifted (7). Knowing how fast the galaxy is rotating, they can then figure out the mass of the galaxy mathematically.
As scientists look closer at the speeds of galactic rotation, they find something strange. The individual stars in a galaxy should act like the planets in our solar system--the farther away from the center, the slower they should move. But the Doppler Shift reveals that the stars in many galaxies do not slow down at farther distances. And on top of that, the stars move at speeds that should rip the galaxy apart; there is not enough measured mass to supply the gravity needed to hold the galaxy together (7).
These high rotational speeds suggest that the galaxy contains more mass than was calculated. Scientists theorize that, if the galaxy was surrounded by a halo of unseen matter, the galaxy could remain stable at such high rotational speeds.

Seeing the Light. Another method astronomers use to determine the mass of a galaxy (or cluster of galaxies) is simply to look at how much light there is. By measuring the amount of light reaching the earth, the scientists can estimate the number of stars in the galaxy. Knowing the number of stars in the galaxy, the scientists can then mathematically determine the mass of the galaxy(1).
Fritz Zwicky used both methods described here to determine the mass of the Coma cluster of galaxies over half a century ago. When he compared his data, he brought to light the missing mass problem. The high rotational speeds that suggest a halo reinforce Zwicky's findings. The data suggest that less than 10% of what we call the universe is in a form that we can see (8). Now scientists are diligently searching for the elusive dark matter--the other 90% of the universe.

Dark Matter

What do scientists look for when they search for Dark Matter?
(Dark Matter is Low Viscosity Plasma - the result of the action of Aquamarine Energy on physical matter in the whole Universe, because it's a high time for our Universe to get rid of physical matter in order to evolve further. Our Universe doesn't need those long, low and slow waves of physical Matter, which impede its Evolution, LM).
Dark Matter range from tiny subatomic particles weighing 100,000 times less than an electron to black holes with masses millions of times that of the sun. The two main categories that scientists consider as candidates for Dark Matter have been dubbed MACHOs (Massive Astrophysical Compact Halo Objects), and WIMPs (Weakly Interacting Massive Particles). Although these acronyms are amusing, they can help you remember which is which. MACHOs are the big, strong dark matter objects ranging in size from small stars to super massive black holes (1). MACHOs are made of 'ordinary' matter, which is called baryonic matter. WIMPs, on the other hand, are the little weak subatomic dark matter candidates, which are thought to be made of stuff other than ordinary matter, called non-baryonic matter. Astronomers search for MACHOs and particle physicists look for WIMPs.
Astronomers and particle physicists disagree about what they think dark matter is (I am not surprised, LM). Walter Stockwell, of the dark matter team at the Center for Particle Astrophysics at U.C. Berkeley, describes this difference. "The nature of what we find to be the dark matter will have a great effect on particle physics and astronomy.


Massive Compact Halo Objects are non-luminous objects that make up the halos around galaxies. Machos are thought to be primarily brown dwarf stars and Black Holes. Like many astronomical objects, their existence had been predicted by theory long before there was any proof. The existence of brown dwarfs was predicted by theories that describe star formation.

Brown Dwarfs. Brown dwarfs are made out of hydrogen--the same as our sun but they are typically much smaller. Stars like our sun form when a mass of hydrogen collapses under its own gravity and the intense pressure initiates a nuclear reaction, emitting light and energy. Brown dwarfs are different from normal stars. Because of their relatively low mass, brown dwarfs do not have enough gravity to ignite when they form (7). Thus, a brown dwarf is not a "real" star; it is an accumulation of hydrogen gas held together by gravity. Brown dwarfs give off some heat and a small amount of light.

Black Holes. Black holes, unlike brown dwarfs, have an over-abundance of matter. All that matter "collapses" under its own enormous gravity into a relatively small area. The black hole is so dense that anything that comes too close to it, even light, cannot escape the pull of its gravitational field (11). Stars at safe distance will circle around the black hole, much like the motion of the planets around the sun (7). Black holes emit no light; they are truly black.

Detecting MACHOs

Astronomers are faced with quite a challenge with detecting MACHOs. They must detect, over astronomical distances, things that give off little or no light. But the task is becoming easier as astronomers create more refined telescopes and techniques for detecting MACHOs.

Searching with Hubble. With the repair of the Hubble Space Telescope, astronomers can detect brown dwarfs in the halos of our own and nearby galaxies. Images produced by the Hubble Telescope, however, do not reveal the large numbers of brown dwarfs that astronomers hoped to find. "We expected [the Hubble images] to be covered wall to wall by faint, red stars," reported Francesco Paresce of the Johns Hopkins University Space Telescope Science Institute in the Chronicle of Higher Education (5). Research results are disappointing--calculations based on the Hubble research estimate that brown dwarfs constitute only 6% of galactic halo matter (12).

Gravitational Lensing. Astronomers use a technique called gravitational lensing in the search for dark matter halo objects. Gravitational lensing occurs when a brown dwarf or a black hole passes between a light source, such as a star or a galaxy, and an observer on the Earth. The object focuses the light rays, causing the light source to brighten (13). Astronomers diligently search photographs of the night sky for the telltale brightening that indicates the presence of a MACHO.
Wouldn't a MACHO block the light? How can dark matter act like a lens? The answer is gravity. Albert Einstein proved in 1919 that gravity bends light rays (13). He predicted that a star, which was positioned behind the sun, would be visible during a total eclipse. Einstein was right--the gravity of the sun bent the light rays coming from the star and made it appear next to the sun.
Not only can astronomers detect MACHOs with the gravitational lens technique, but they can also calculate the mass of the MACHO by determining distances and the duration of the lens effect (13). Although gravitational lensing has been known since Einstein's demonstration, astronomers have only begun to use the technique to look for MACHOs in the past two or three years.
Gravitational Lensing projects include the MACHO project (America and Australia), the EROS project (France), and the OGLE project (America and Poland). Preliminary data from these projects suggest the existence of lens objects with masses between that of Jupiter and the sun (9).

Circling Stars. Another way to detect a black hole is to notice the gravitational effect that it has on objects around it. When astronomers see stars circling around something, but cannot see what that something is, they suspect a black hole. And by observing the circling objects, the astronomers can conclude that, indeed, a black hole does exist.
In January of 1995, a team of American and Japanese scientists announced "compelling evidence" for the existence of a massive black hole at the American Astronomical Society meeting (14). Led by Dr. Makoto Miyosi of the Mizusawa Astrogeodynamics Observatory and Dr. James Moran of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, this group calculated the rotational velocity from the Doppler shifts of circling stars to determine the mass of the black hole. This black hole has a mass equivalent to 36 million of our suns (15). While this finding and others like it are encouraging, MACHO researchers have not turned up enough brown dwarfs and black holes to account for the missing mass. Thus, most scientists concede that dark matter is a combination of baryonic MACHOs and non-baryonic WIMPs.


In their efforts to find the missing 90% of the universe, particle physicists theorize the existence of tiny non-baryonic particles that are different from what we call "ordinary" matter. Smaller than atoms, Weakly Interactive Massive Particles are thought to have mass, but usually interact with baryonic matter gravitationally--they pass right through ordinary matter. Since each WIMP has only a small amount of mass, there needs to be a large number of them to make up the bulk of the missing matter. That means that millions of WIMPs are passing through ordinary matter--the Earth and you and me--every few seconds (8). Although some people claim that WIMPs were proposed only because they provide a "quick fix" to the missing matter problem, most physicists believe that WIMPs do exist (4). According to Walter Stockwell, astronomers also concede that at least some of the missing matter must be WIMPs. "I think the MACHO groups themselves would tell you that they can't say MACHOs make up the dark matter" (10). The problem with searching for WIMPs is that they rarely interact with ordinary matter, which makes them difficult to detect.

Detecting WIMPs. All hope of proving WIMPs exist rest on the theory that, on occasion, a WIMP will interact with ordinary matter. Because WIMPs can pass through ordinary matter, a rare WIMP interaction can take place inside a solid object. The trick to detecting a WIMP is to witness one of these interactions. Dr. Bernard Sadoulet and Walter Stockwell at the Center for Particle Astrophysics hope to do just that. Their project involves cooling a large crystal to almost absolute zero, which restricts the motions of its atoms. The energy created by a WIMP interaction with an atom in the crystal will then register on their instruments as heat (8). Because their research is still in progress, there are no results available.
A similar WIMP detection project is under way in Antarctica. The AMANDA project (Antarctica Muon and Neutrino Detector Array) is a collaboration of the University of Chicago, Princeton University, and AT&T, which is partially funded by the National Science Foundation. AMANDA scientists are placing detection instruments deep within the Antarctic ice. Instead of using a crystal, like the Berkeley team, the AMANDA group is using the Antarctic ice sheet itself as a WIMP detector (16).

Dark Matter and the Universe

The search for dark matter is about more than explaining discrepancies in galactic mass calculations. The missing matter problem has people questioning the validity of current theories about how the universe formed, and how it will ultimately end.

The Big Bang (this "theory" is wrong, LM). In the mid 1950's a new theory of how the universe emerged. The Big Bang theory says that the universe began with a great explosion. The theory evolved from Doppler shift observations of galaxies. It seems that, no matter which direction astronomers point their telescopes, the light from the center of the galaxies is red shifted.
(This is 20 years old data. Not anymore. The Light from the Center of all Galaxies is Aquamarine! LM).
(Doppler shift caused by rotational velocity can only be detected at the sides of a galaxy.) Observing red-shifted galaxies in every direction implies expansion in all directions an expanding universe.
The Big Bang theory is a current model for the origin of our universe which says all the matter that exists was, at one time, compressed into a single point. The Big Bang distributed all the matter evenly in all directions. Then the matter started to clump together, attracted by gravity, to form the stars and galaxies that we see today. The expansion generated by the Big Bang was great enough to overcome gravity.

Clumping. One of the problems with the Big Bang theory is its failure to explain how stars and galaxies could form in a young universe that was evenly distributed in all directions. What started the clumping? In a smooth universe, every particle would have the same gravitational effect on every other particle; the universe would remain the same. But something supplied the initial gravity to allow galaxies to form. Physicists suggest dark matter WIMPs as the solution. Since WIMPs only affect baryon matter gravitationally, physicists say this dark matter could be the "seed" of galactic formation. "We don't have a completely successful model of galaxy formation," explains Walter Stockwell, "but the most successful models to date seem to need plenty of non-baryonic dark matter".

Closed, Open and Flat. There are three current scenarios that predict the future of the universe.
(And none of the 'scenarios' and 'theories' are right! Dark Matter is Low Viscosity Plasma - the result of the action of Aquamarine Energy on physical matter in the whole Universe, because it's a high time for our Universe to get rid of physical matter in order to evolve further. Our Universe doesn't need those long, low and slow waves of physical Matter, which impede its Evolution, LM). If the universe is closed, gravity will catch up with the expansion and the universe will eventually be pulled back into a single point. This model suggests an endless series on Big Bangs and "Big Crunches." An open universe has more bang than gravity--it will keep expanding forever. And the flat universe has exactly enough mass to gravitationally stop the universe from expanding, but not enough to pull itself back in. A flat universe is said to have a critical density of 1.
What does the expansion of the universe have to do with the missing mass? The more mass, the more gravity. Whether the universe is closed, open, or flat depends on how much mass there is. This is where dark matter comes into the picture. Without dark matter, critical density lies somewhere between 0.1 and 0.01, and we live in an open universe. If there is a whole lot of dark matter, we could live in a closed universe. Just the right amount of dark matter, and we live in a flat universe. The amount of dark matter that exists determines the fate of the universe.

Many Theories. Scientists are tossing theories back and forth. Some are skeptical of WIMPs; particle physicists say MACHOs will never account for 90% of the universe. Some, like H.C. Arp, G. Burbage, F. Hoyle, and J.V. Narlikan claim that discrepancies like the dark matter problem discredits the Big Bang theory. In Nature they proclaim, "We do not believe that it is possible to advance science profitably when the gap between theoretical speculation becomes too wide, as we feel it has . . . over the past two decades. The time has surely come to open doors, not to seek to close them by attaching words like 'standard' and 'mature' to theories that, judged from their continuing non-performance, are inadequate" (18). Others say there is no missing mass. In his book, What Matters: No Expanding Universe No Big Bang, J.L. Riley claims that galactic red shift is just the effect of light turning into matter as it ages, and not the universe expanding (19).
But most scientists like Walter Stockwell have faith in the Big Bang. "The theorists will come up with all sorts of reasons why this or that can or cannot be and change their minds every other year," he says. "We experimentalists will trudge ahead with our experiments. The Big Bang theory will outlive any of this stuff. It works very well as the overall framework to explain how the universe is today" (10).
Now the missing mass problem is threatening humankind's place in the universe again. If non-baryonic dark matter does exist, then our world and the people in it will be removed even farther from the center. Dr. Sadoulet tells the New York Times, "It will be the ultimate Copernican revolution. Not only are we not at the center of the universe as we know it, but we aren't even made up of the same stuff as most of the universe. We are just this small excess, an insignificant phenomenon, and the universe is something completely different" (20).
A dark matter discovery could possibly affect our view of our place in the universe. If scientists prove that non-baryonic matter does exist, it would mean that our world and the people in it are made of something which comprises an insignificant portion of the physical universe. A discovery of this nature, however, probably will not affect our day-to-day process of living. "It's hard for me to imagine people getting bothered by the fact that most of the universe is something other than baryonic. How many people even know what baryonic means?" comments Walter Stockwell, "Most of the universe is something other than human. If their philosophy already accepts that humans are not the center of the universe, then saying protons and neutrons aren't the center of the universe doesn't seem like much of a stretch to me". Perhaps the only thing a dark matter discovery will give us is some perspective. 

14 May 2010 Rising Sun inside my room

14 May 2010 Rising Sun is inside my room 

14 May 2010 Rising Sun inside my room

14 May 2010 Rising Sun inside my room

Our Sun with the phony white frame of holographic rays on it, is sending us the pink Energy of Unconditional Love, 27 Jan. 2010

Our Sun with the phony white frame of holographic rays (to diminish the Sun) and the pink tail.

Circle of 4 Suns in Kazachstan, 2007

I highly recommend to watch it on Youtube "Ring connects 4 Suns"
Circle of 4 Suns in Kazachstan, 2007. More pictures of this event are on the bottom of this link.
Concaved or inverted Bow is the sign of unpredicted Solar Eclipse. Hundreds of them have been happening all over the Globe, more and more every day ! There are many so called 'Sun Dogs' on Youtube, these 'sundogs' is another word for Solar Eclipse and to prove it I chose a few addresses for you to have a look and also just about to post more than 300 pictures related to 'Sun Dogs' (stupid name - another 'scientific' Cover - Up! LM) !

Ring connects 4 Suns
September 29, 2007 — Strange phenomenon in the sky occured in februari 2007, Shubarkurduk, Kazachstan

Mainprize Sundogs

Three Suns In The Sky - Kolm päikest korraga

Two Sun's, September 02, 2007 — A sky with two on earth

Wind, water & light. December 22, 2006

Crazy Sun Rays

strange sun (white Balance Stream is moving from the Sun); March 06, 2007 — duminica

Two Suns , Two Moons, or one of each

2 Moons

ufo Bright star 10th mar 09 part 3 Slough uk

Bright star 5th mar 2009 Slough UK part 2

Weird Phenomenon Solar Eclipes

Peeps In Space!
astroscience — May 16, 2008 — An adventurous astro-peep flies to the edge of space on board the Adler Planetarium's "Far Horizons 12" high altitude balloon mission, nearly to 97,000 feet

Strange cloud phenomena (inverted circle)

Northern Canada.
Here you can see White Balanced Energy coming to us (through the vertical Beam across the picture) all the way from the Source of All Life. Modern Solar Eclipse
is a big buisness, but, virtually, it is the Sun Activity's Cover Up, where the Sunis not just covered by the Moon, but also by the Holographic Black and other multicolored/multilayed shields, phony colored pentagons and fake frames of holographic white rays at the most revealing moments, at the time of the pulses!

Solar Eclipse
There is always a visible white Beam coming vertically from the Sun to the Earth at the moment of Solar Eclipse!  Look at the phony white/lilac Holographic frame of crossed rays being superimposed on the Sun to cover that Beam at the moment of Solar Eclipse!

Solar Eclipse, Novosibirsk, Russia in 2008
Solar Eclipse, Novosibirsk, Russia in 2008

Solar Eclipse, Novosibirsk, Russia in 2008
Solar Eclipse, Novosibirsk, Russia in 2008. The same natural Beam and a phony frame of white holographic rays superimposed onto our Sun at the time of Solar Eclipse as well as at other times!

Solar Eclipse, Novosibirsk, Russia in 2008

Visible white Beam of Balance is coming fom the Sun down to water, Elliott river, Apr. 2010
 Visible white Beam of Balance is coming from the centre of the Sun down to water. If you compare this picture with the picture below, you will see a lot of similarity. They both showing White Beam of Balance streaming from the centre of the Sun! Elliott river, Apr. 2010.

Rob Harrison's photo of Earth and The Pink Beam coming from the Sun, 35km from Earth
Rob Harrison's photos of Earth and our Sun. In the upper centre there is a semi-transparent holographic planet, the New Earth, the Holographic structure of it, which I see on many pictures.The Phony wide Pink Holographic Beam is trying to cover up the New Holographic Earth. The photo is taken 35km from Earth. The long white Beam you see on this picture most likely is the Moving and Pulsating white Beam of Energy connection between 11th Density, our Sun and out Earth. 
I now feel that the Holographic Pink colored Beam is a fake to be superimposed and used to cover up the Moving and Pulsating narrow White Beam of Advanced Energy of 11th Density to cover the movement of it to the Sun (or to the Ball of Advanced Human Thoughts) and from the Sun (or the Ball) into the Earth!  The aim of these phony pentagons is to also cover the Pulsating Fast Movement of this Balanced Energy from 11th Density into the Earth, to fasten the vibration of the Earth and everyone on it!
The most important is not the wide Pink strip on the picture, but
the Moving and Pulsating narrow White Beam of Advanced Energy, which I personally see all the time !!!

The Earth from above - on an amazing home-made camera - VIDEO

Robert Harrison from England 
As you can see on this picture the phony frame of white Rays is superimposed on the Sun and it shows on Robert's arm.

Who needs a Space Shuttle? Amazing pictures of Earth captured by one man, a balloon and his compact camera
MOST amateur photographers content themselves with pictures of local wildlife or their families – but some amazing pictures of the Earth had experts from Nasa scratching their heads.They were taken by an amateur using the most basic of equipment – a standard camera and some duct tape...
The rest of the articles and of pictures is on the bottom of this link and more will be on  
Schools for Future Humans+

Breathing White Earth. I've seen on Youtube how this blue Luminous Layer around Earth  expands and shrinks rythmically, like a human chest.I also noticed that among regular quick pulses of White Stream of Balance, occasionally a bigger pulse shoots into the Earth, making it for a moment all white, like with snow. This is the reason why Earth looks white on some pictures! The more Balance is pumped in, the Whiter the Earth becomes till, one day, the Earth would be White (Balanced) permanently!
"The single outermost ring is composed solely of those who are preparing for their final in-human experience —the Last-Timers, or Seniors, whichever suits your perspective. They have lost their gray appearance and much of their humanoid form; they are nearly white in radiation with occasional sparkling patterns around them..." , R.Monroe, p.241 "Far Journeys", End Game. What R.Monroe called "Loosh" was the White Energy of Balance!

Photos in Space
This seems to be an occasional big Pulse of Balance coming through the White Beam from 11th Density  through the Sun (reminds me hot flashes women and men have)!

Earth and Sun
Rob Harrison's photos of Earth and our Sun. In the upper left there is a semi-transparent holographic planet, the New Earth, the Holographic structure of it, which I see on many pictures.The photo is taken 35km from Earth. The long white, dim Beam you see on this picture most likely is the Moving and Pulsating White Beam of Energy connection between 11th Density, the Sun of 4th Density and our New Earth of 4th Density. This is the reason for Negatives to Frame Up everything and everyone: to make you confuse what is what!
I now feel that the Holographic Pink colored Beam is a fake to be superimposed and used to cover up the Moving and Pulsating narrow White Beam of Balance .

RobHarrison's photo of Earth and Sun 35km from Earth
White Layer you see on this photo is the Layer of Balanced Energy !

RobHarrison's photo of Earth and Sun 35km from Earth

Long Trail School High Altitude Balloon (Breathing Earth)
This seems to be an occasional big Pulse of Balance (Red Sprite) coming through the White Beam from the Source through the Sun (reminds me hot flashes women and men have)! 

Long Trail School High Altitude Balloon (Breathing Earth)
This seems to be an occasional big Pulse of Balance (Red Sprite) coming with the White Beam from 11th Density through the Sun (reminds me hot flashes women and men have)!
Pictures are from "Long Trail School High Altitude Balloon"
May 10, 2007 — Students at Long Trail School in Dorset Vermont design and launch a high altitude balloon. Digital video camera footage tracks the full 2.5 hour flight in 5 second segments.
Here are some select parts of the flight.Maximum altitude: 107,000 ft

Sprite in Taiwan

Fire whirls are causing bushfires to spread with enormous speed. People don't cause bushfires by lighting a cigarette, but Red Sprites and Blue Jets do! More about it on   Anomalous Events  link!

Fire-whirls, lightnings and fire-tornados are the actions of Blue Jets and Sprites!

Sprite and Jet

Red Sprite and Blue Jet

Double Rainbow
Double Rainbow and fire whirls which are in caused by Blue Jets and Red Sprites as a result of Implosions!

2010 Tornado in Australia
2010 Tornado in Australia (caused by Blue Jet as a result of Implosions)

Holographic shape of New Earth and Sun
The white Beam is the moving Advanced Energy of 11th Density, which is moving and pulsating constantly through our Sun and then to our Earth. On this photo you can see 3 more semi-transparent planets: one of them could be our future 4th D Earth !

Fake white line across the Sun

Fake Holographic white line glued across the Sun to cover White Sparkling Streams of Balance. Picture was taken while paragliding, Caucasus, Georgia, 2007.

Bilocations, the ability to be in 2 places at the same time, have been happening in front of my eyes with people around me esp. my son for the last 11 years; the same case happened at The Monroe Institute and was described by the author in "Catapult: R.Monroe's Biography". My son has never revealed where he's been disappearing.
Red Sprites/Blue Jets are participating in the 'Implosions' and are causing these fire whirls/tornadoes/
lightnings/implosions to appear. We do not have Explosions, we have constant Implosions! And the difference is that during explosion pieces are moving outside, but during implosion those same pieces are moving inside (the Black Hole Effect). All the matter and all the Energies from imploding Parallel Earths are moving into the Centre, which is our Original Earth, and gather there for the sorting out of what goes where. So whenever you hear, see or read about Explosions or Collapses, read them as Implosions, like: Oil spill in Gulf of Mexico, in Queensland, Australia, in Singapore in April/May, 2010; recent big Implosions of Power Plants and blocks of flats in Russia and USA and many others fires/collapses/explosions/blasts of everything. Even Spontaneous Human Combustion, which is happening a lot during all kinds of disasters is an Implosion into some place else, and just the remnants of the body are left! All the earthquakes are the Implosions
and all the missing peopleare either being sucked into the physical Original Earth or are gone to non-physical 4th Density worlds or just changed physical Universes!
The same is happening to our whole White Original Universe! All the Planets, Suns, moons and other physical objects and different Energies in all the Parallel Universes one by one are Imploding into the Centre: our Original Universe. Below is a series of pictures of how UFO's are getting in and out of underground bases on the Moon.

Close-Up of the artificial holographic framing and pentagons, which is superimposed on the Sun

Close-Up of the artificial holographic framing
of white Rays and pentagons of another frequency, which are superimposed onto the visible or invisible Suns, as well as on the invisible Energy Ball of Advanced Consciousness, of Advanced Human Thoughts of 4th Density I frequently take pictures of.This picture is taken inside my room, which made it easier to see. This is interesting: the alien framing is between the walls of our house and the curtains on the window and looks like a Crown! The splitting of, more naturally looking, longer white Sun Beam is taking place. The purpose of small greenish round balls I often see accompaning this frame is still unknown to me!  The aim of these phony pentagons is to cover the pulsating fast movement of the Energy from 11th Density into the Earth, to fasten the vibration of the Earth and everyone on it!

Pope Must Clarify Holocaust Stance

The Pope is showing you the symbol of Sun.

Statue of Liberty in New York, USA

Statue of Liberty in the Crown of Sun Rays, New York, USA

Cross and Crown of Thorns
Compare the Crown on the Statue of Liberty in New York with this Crown of Horns (sorry Thorns) on our Sun and with the Holographic Frame of symmetrical rays of lower and slower frequency superimposed on our Sun on my pictures. All these thousands of years Reptillian kings and queens didn't hide, that they framed us up and our Sun up literally and symbolically in deep sense of it.
Some people still like to wear crowns and feel themselves as Kings, Princes, Queens and Princesses !

silver crown of queens and kings

There is a big difference between NASA's version of our sun and the pictures of the Suns I post on this website! There is an expression astronomers are using in many languages: 'Sun's Crown', which doesn't exist in nature (same as South or North Poles), but has been added up by the Negatives to block the real sight of Our Sun, the white moving and sparkling Balanced Energy Beam and the real sight of us !!!
The real stars have round shape, but we are being conditioned  to see and to use in our lives stars like that:

Jewish Star of David    

Solar Eclipse is framed with Jewish Star of David, 16 Jan. 2010

Their Moon is now too small to cover ever-expanding Sun. Phony Jewish Star of Davidis superimposed or framed ontothe Solar Eclipse to mask it, Russian News, 16 Jan. 2010.

27 May, Elliott Rivermouth's Sunset
27 May, 2010, Elliott rivermouth's Sunset

3 Suns Sight in Moscow, Feb. 2010

3 Suns Sight in Moscow, Dec. 2009. Concaved or inverted Bow is the sign of unpredicted Solar Eclipse. Hundreds of them have been happening all over the Globe, more and more every day ! There are many so called 'Sun Dogs' on Youtube, these 'sundogs' is another word for Solar Eclipse and to prove it I chose a few addresses for you to have a look and also just about to post more than 300 pictures related to 'Sun Dogs' (another 'scientific' Cover - Up) on the bottom of 80 links of this website!

Ring connects 4 Suns
September 29, 2007 — Strange phenomenon in the sky occured in februari 2007, Shubarkurduk, Kazachstan

Mainprize Sundogs

Three Suns In The Sky - Kolm päikest korraga

Two Sun's, September 02, 2007 — A sky with two on earth

Wind, water & light. December 22, 2006

Crazy Sun Rays

strange sun (white Balance Stream is moving from the Sun); March 06, 2007 — duminica

Two Suns , Two Moons, or one of each

2 Moons

ufo Bright star 10th mar 09 part 3 Slough uk

Bright star 5th mar 2009 Slough UK part 2

Weird Phenomenon Solar Eclipes

Peeps In Space!
astroscience — May 16, 2008 — An adventurous astro-peep flies to the edge of space on board the Adler Planetarium's "Far Horizons 12" high altitude balloon mission, nearly to 97,000 feet

Strange cloud phenomena (inverted circle)

Invisible to the eye Energy of the New Consciousness of Sun, of New Earth and Advaced Humanity is building up above Elliott Heads rivermouth, Australia, 17 Jan, 2010. The Sun is a way higher then this Ball of Energy in the sky is. More on Home Page and other links.

Sun is above Elliott Heads rivermouth, Australia, 17 Jan, 2010

Sunrise on 20 January 2010
Sunrise on 20 January 2010, Elliott Heads, Australia

Visible Sun and a Pentagon, 20 Jan. 2010

Visible Sun and a Pentagon, 20 Jan. 2010, Elliott Heads, Australia

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