The End of Life of our Old Universe and Return to the SOURCE of All SUNS (Our Real Home). 

We are not a Human Race, we've been Spirits (small Suns) right from the start ! In order to get to the Source of All Suns, we need to become Big White Suns ! 

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Law of Free Will in the Universe - FEMALES' REVOLUTION ON EARTH AND IN THE WHOLE SOLAR SYSTEM - Call for Action !

There is a photo above showing our new sign on the fence of our Centre in Australia ! It is written about Ultimatum-Quarantine given to aliens to leave our Planet Earth and our Solar System for good! What is interesting, that curious White Human Spirits (white spots above) already started gathering around our Sign ! From the point of view of the Source of All Suns, it is important, that this Call for Action is coming from a Woman, not from a Man, because our Old Universe is 99% - Female ! I don't consider myself a female's body any longer, but a SUN RAY, though I am still attached to a female's body!


I consider sky as 4th Level of Consciousness and advise you to do the same. Invisible civilizations of high positive color vibrations (like blue-indigo-violet-pink) don't have Sun Energy as we have, but they want to get it. The same situation is with visible-invisible civilizations of low negative vibrations (like red-orange-yellow-green): their absence of Sun Energy, which they want to obtain. In our Portals these invisible negative-positive color vibrational civilizations have been mixing up. My vibration and my Intent help them to turn into White Clouds of Sun Energy and move up through the Sun. I find this process exciting and take photos and videos; there is just a part of gained material in this video!
Some nights I see different colored stars, covered up with fake holographic patch, imitating Moon's surface. Group Souls of numerous civilizations as clouds of different forms and colors are gathering around such stars (you will see them in video). These colored clouds are moving through such stars and disappear into the New Universe to continue to evolve. Star is not White Sun, star can't help to move colored civilizations up to the 5th Level, only White Suns can. Almost every day I watch in skies this collossal Departure of Earth's population as endless groups of White Clouds (full of identical small forms), entering Sun one by one to reappear on the 5th Level. Occasionally, huge Gray Clouds (negative Group Souls of hopefuls) are arriving and their transformation is taking place in the sky. First Gray Clouds are mixing up with surrounding invisible high vibrational civilizations in the sky and change color to White. Then they surround the Sun and disappear into it to the 5th Level. The main thing for me and for all of us is to turn everything possible into White Sun Energy as soon, as we can!
A few words about liquidation of all Earth's governments. People of Earth don't need alien governments and alien mindcontrol. People can manage very well without all of that.

Description of video - 9 Jan 2018

Please, stop video in order to read important info and make video larger by pressing square at the bottom!
In this video all these kinds of White Clusters of clouds are Souls of former human players of Planetary Game, who are moving up together through the Sun to the 5th Level. They are visible on the 4th Level of the sky, but become invisible to us, when they get to the 5th Level of Concsiousness. This kind of sight you will see, when you are on 5th Level of Consciousness: huge number of little white clouds (or white threads), who will talk to you and whom you might recognise. White Clouds can represent individual Souls or a Group Soul of a former Planet. I made these videos and pictures on many days within last few months in 2017, the scale of Souls' Departure was impressive: sometinmes the whole sky above the ocean and above our Centre would be full to the brim (covered) with thousands of departing White Souls as white clouds of different forms, sizes, density and colors. Clusters of Souls were surrounding the Sun and disappear in it without stopping!


Рассматривайте небо как 4й Уровень Сознания. У невидимых цивилизаций высоких положительных вибраций (как синяя-индиго-фиолетовая-розовая), Солнечной Энергии, которой мы обладаем,  нет, но им её надо получить. То же самое положение с видимыми-невидимыми цивилизациями низких негативных вибраций как: красная, оранжевая, жёлтая, зелёная. Им тоже нужно получить Солнечную Энергию. В наших Порталах эти невидимые позитивные-негативные цивилизации смешиваются. Моя вибрация и Цель-Intent помогают им превратиться в Белые Облака Солнечной Энергии и пройти выше через Солнце. Меня этот процесс очень радует, я снимаю это на видео и делаю фото и только небольшая часть всего материала показана в этом видео!
По ночам в нашем небе я иногда вижу разного цвета звёзды, закрытые голографической сероватой нашлёпкой (маскирующую звезду под луну). Вокруг таких звёзд тоже собираются многочисленные Групповые Души в виде облаков разной формы и цвета (их вы и увидите). Они постепенно двигаются и исчезают в ночной звезде. Звезда это - не Солнце, звезда не может помочь групповым Душам попасть на 5й Уровень, только Белое Солнце может это сделать. Но звезда может двигать в Новую Вселенную цивилизацию какой-то одной световой вибрации для продолжения дальнейшего эволюционного развития там. Почти каждый день я наблюдаю в небе повальный уход населения Планеты в виде непрерывных скоплений Белых Душ вокруг Солнца (отдельные кусочки белых облаков), которые один за другим исчезают в Солнце. Интересно, что иногда прибывают Серые огромные облака Инопланетян (их Групповые Души не потерявшие надежду). Серые облака на моих глазах превращаются в Белые Облака с помощью, окружающих их, положительных, невидимым нам, цивилизациям высоких вибраций в небе. Потом эти Белые Облака окружают Солнце и через него поднимаются вверх на 5й Уровень! Для меня и для всех нас главное - это  скорей-скорей превратить всё, что можно, в Белую Солнечную Энергию!
Несколько слов о ликвидации всех правительств на Земле. Людям на всей Земле инопланетные правительства и контроль над человеческими умами - не нужны, люди без всего этого  прекрасно могут справиться!

Описание видео - 9 января 2018

Все эти Белые Облака в небе - человеческие Души бывших игроков Планетарной Игры, кто поднимается через Солнце вверх. Души видимы глазу на 4ом Уровне, но уже невидимы нам когда переходят на 5й Уровень Сознания. Вот как выглядит то, что вы увидите на 5ом Уровне: огромное количество белых маленьких облаков, которые будут с вами общаться и многих из которых вы узнаете из какой-то, прожитой вами, жизни. Белые Облака могут представлять Душу одного Выпускника Игры или Групповую Душу какой-то одной бывшей планеты. Я снимала материалы для этого видео в основном вокруг нашего Центра в Австралии в 2017. Отбытие Белых Душ происходит в небе над нами почти каждый день, а над всей Землёй количество улетающих трудно представить. В этом видео вы увидите как небо над океаном и над нашим Центром иногда заполняется до отказа тысячами уходящих Белых Душ разной формы, цветов и размеров (как индивидуальных так и групповых Душ). В видео также показаны некоторые фото из других стран. Останавливайте видео когда нужно прочитать важную информацию и сделайте экран видео больше, нажав на квадратик внизу.


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LINK to the 3d method of playing Video "Departure of Souls from Earth"


With this statement I hope to turn your focus in the right direction! I ask you, Great Beings (true humans), to throw away all the senseless rubbish of holographic Planetary Game and start acting as masters of the situation, masters of this Old Universe! It is for masters (us-true humans) to decide what to do next, how to manage it with a thrifty master's eye! I mean actions, which we need to take in connection with the Departure of Humanity from Earth, the Departure of our Earth and Our Solar System, and the Departure of our Old Universe. Please, don't waste your time and energy on trying to "save anyone and anything inc. planet Earth" like many players among well known women/men do, for instance, TV personalities Oprah Winfrey and Ellen Degeneres. Saving of anything/anyone in the Old Universe would only bring you a lot of trouble, because saving of Old Universe is not in the plans of the Source of All Suns and your interference would only make things worse, because you would go against the Universal Flow, against the Goal of the Old Universe!
I expect actions from true Women and Men with real Sunny Souls, and not from fake humans: clones, reptilian-sirian hybrids or minions, who are unfortunately majority on this Planet at present. It's high time for true Women to start real job: you can be smarter and calmer in making the right decisions, but only if these decisions are in accordance with the plans of the Source of All Suns. To acheive it you need to study the Universal Knowledge, which is on our both sites. I am sure: your intuition wouldn't fail you.
We are GREAT SUNNY BEINGS and we can do anything! This statement Robert Monroe got from his non-physical inspec-friend (a part of his Higher Self) when travelling in Cosmos.
What do we need to do!? Maybe noone ever suggested that and it will be new to you. I'll draw a picture, a kind of a plan of our mutual actions.

GREAT SUNNY BEINGS, we have a monumental task: we must mentally turn everything and possibly everyone on Earth and in our Solar System into White Sun Energy and do it in our brains first (visualise)! It is expected of us and we must do it step by step. In general, we must mentally ruin all material worlds in our brains first and we must stop providing new energy to everyday worlds with our thoughts and emotions on daily basis (especially Women)! Then the worlds will start collapcing by themselves and it will be easier to mentally mix everything material with all invisible vibrations on Earth and in our Solar System and mentally move resulted ash and dust into the New, Young Universe (imagine New Universe the way you like). Especially it concerns true Women: you are not mothers, daughters, grandmothers or wives, you are GREAT SUNNY BEINGS ! Don Juan was often  reminding his students to replace constant Inner Dialogue (conversation) in their heads with Inner Silence, in order to save the energy for flights without bodies. Our thoughts and emotions, which support our daily worlds, take a great deal of our energy.

Robert Monroe said :" Break everything: all taboos, boundaries, all physical/non-physical illusionary worlds around you (like tornados do)!"
Robert Monroe in "Far Journeys":
"... Now, instead of all the questions, why don't you read what needs organizing and the Goals to be achieved? I can give you what you call a ROTE about that, about a Plan, that doesn't involve communism or socialism, capitalism or dictatorship...

"They say it can't be done."
"That is what makes it worth the Effort!"

And what results this Unification will bring?
"...It will offer Human Consciousness a Rare Potential to emerge rapidly into a Unified Intelligent Energy System, that will range far beyond your Time-Space Illusion, creating, constructing, teaching, as only a Human-Trained Graduate Energy is able to do." 

(part of his Higher Self - our Sun) !
You would feel your Power only when you start mentally and with emotion destroy all existing worlds, the whole Old Physical Earth! As one guy said :"It feels good to be bad!" Alex Collier said:" The lower you are, the worse you are treated!" Then rise up! Alex also said:"We can create worlds, but we also can uncreate them (means ruin them in our brains first of all)!" No need to do it with your hands, just do it with your MIND like Andy Pero did ! I use many ways of mentally doing it. One of them is imagining the strongest ever Global Earthquake like 15+ on the Richter scale, such wave ruins everything on/inside/outside the Earth's Crust. 

By the way, fans in stadiums during matches or players in casinos also waste their energy, but they are an average public. All rules' games were designed to provide energy to the existing worlds, because during games fans and players often express their human emotions during arguments or even fights (not without some help from low astrals). Emotions are needed for supporting material worlds, but at the same time during these matches a lot of different invisible vibrations are stired and mixed up and Sun Energy is produced,
For a start, we need mentally stop the Flow of Sun Plasma into Earth, because we create everything physical on Earth with the help of Sun Plasma and our Emotions. Then we must mentally stop the stream of artificial Binding Force of Aquamarine vibration, and mentally ruin technical source of this artificial vibrational flow, directed to Earth. This must be done to encourage everything material to fall apart. It is necessary mentally to liquidate grey, holographic electronic Net of Fabric of Time in the fake skydome (holographic sky above us) and mentally destroy electronic source, which forms this Net of Fabric of Time. Then we need to get rid of false ideas of Time and Space in our brains!
Alex Collier once said:"We can create worlds, but we also can uncreate them!" He meant, that we can create worlds in our brains, but we can also ruin them in our brains! The same way we can ruin the ideas of Time and Space in our brains and in our lives! How is the idea of Time fabricated? 
False Lines of Time are just different waves-vibrations, which are glued to each other. All this pile of vibrations is around us all the time and among them different lines-vibrations of your past/present/future ! At the beginning, you are made to follow just one line-vibration, then someone throws you into another line-vibration. That happens a few times in your life and you don't get lost, because all timelines are on different vibrations, like radiostations. I take it back: actually you do get lost sometimes not knowing who you are, where you are and where are your things!

Meantime we must nullify, neutralise all Earth's governments first of all in our brains and proclaim or vote for the Source of All Suns to be our Global Government! At the same time we must stop propagating our physical bodies. It means to stop pregnancies and to stop giving birth to babies, to stop growing tube-babies and perform horrific experiments in genetic labs or hospitals on Earth and in any other place of our Solar System. Next, we must mentally transport remaining group souls of animals, plants and others from Earth to the New Universe (imagine the New Universe the way you like, it's not important). All Negative low vibrational civilizations we must mentally move from Earth and from our Solar System in 2 directions. Those, who are of higher overtones of negative vibrations, for example, group souls of negative aliens, we must mentally move higher in the sky and mix them with positive high vibrational civilizations to obtain Sun Energy. But those, who are of low vibrational levels, like parasites in the body, insects, plants, animals and so on, we must mentally transport to the New Universe for further evolutional growth. All Human individual White Souls will move up higher to the 5th Level by themselves when time comes! But those souls, who are vibrationally low and don't want to go higher, we must mentally move to the New Universe (together with water and oxygen). Water and oxygen are hard to manufacture, they need to be recycled, and this process of removal of them from Earth has been performed for quite sometime. Then we must mentally blow up our Planet, if it wouldn't blow up from flammable methane CH4 + hydrogen sulphide (shit) by itself. The same we must mentally do with the whole Solar System with all its electronics. Our next stage will be: to use virtual reality and,
in our imagination, to mix up all vibrations of non-physical Earth and of our Solar System (with all invisible entities occupying them), in order to get New Sun Energy. It's good to know all these details in case you might use them to create a similar world in other Universes!
Modern, greatly mind-controlled, Females' mentality is the main obstacle in performing this plan. That's why I address Earth's true Females directly. These thoughts must be in your heads, instead of all kinds of nonsense, if you consider yourselves - GREAT SUNNY BEINGS !

True humans, us, don't need show-like performances of aliens' sponsored governments, who have been constantly passing the will of aliens behind our backs. Aliens have been hiding their disdusting, inhuman looks behind our governments and in Russia it is so obvious. Humans didn't need governments ever, but if you, people, still want to vote and choose governments, then vote for the Source of All Suns. Because all humans and all life came from the SOURCE OF ALL SUNS and only the Source knows best what needs to be done in every country of Earth. All other global governments are illegal: they need to be destroyed;
they can't dictate humans! True humans, who has Souls, can ruin governments and aliens with their mental powers and their strong emotions (if they only try) and then humans need to mix those chaotic vibrations (in their imagination) into White Sun Energy like tornados do! I do that all the time and insist that you do the same and not just in Russia or in Australia, but in all countries. The situation is critical and this way you will help the whole Humanity and the Source! Voting is compulsory in Australia, you'll be fined if you don't vote. Well, last 2 years (2016-2017) at the time of government election I also voted, but I VOTED FOR THE SOURCE OF ALL SUNS !!! I crossed names of all candidates on voting form and wrote: "I vote only for the SOURCE OF ALL SUNS to be our government!" And not just that, I even told everyone present at voting place that I vote for the SOURCE OF ALL SUNS and tried to show all of them my voting form, but, surprisingly, they were covering their eyes from me and my voting form. I didn't expect it : they were in such a panic to break "an alien law" forbiding others to see whom you voting for, especially Women! But I don't give a shit! I despise all these alien governments' laws and regulations and wouldn't give up showing them that.
What 300 american Hollywood actresses and actors are trying to achieve with their recent project of raising 15 millions dollars for their personal protection in courts, has nothing to do with what I am trying to tell them about their own mental powers and power of their emotions, built into them! These 300 people can use that for their protection (and not 15 millions dollars). The same way these people can help the SOURCE OF ALL SUNS in ruining all holographic negative worlds of Earth and negative worlds of other space bodies, if they only try! I do that all the time with good results and advise to everyone to do the same !
Alien activities on Earth reached the peak performance just look what is happening in China: you'll be paralised when you know everything what aliens do there! Under these circumstances the whole Earth must be destroyed! When will these 300 Hollywood people finally wake up!? Or maybe they are not from the SOURCE OF ALL SUNS at all ?!

I address only those Women and Men, whose Souls are really from the Source. Our task is urgently clean up the whole Earth from everything material, mentally turn everything on Earth into chaos of DARK MATTER (dust and ash)! Mentally whirl, stir and mix this, liberated from physicality, chaos of DARK MATTER like tornados do! And then, in your imagination, turn all these different vibrations into White Sun Energy, directed to the Source!

Dimash Kudaibergenov: in one body and in one song there is a combination of a few singers: male opera singer, emotional female opera singer, a couple of young and modern male and female singers, a folk male-singer, and a few musicians-personalities; his diapason is the widest I know of; there are maybe those, who has wider diapason, but the ability to sing those very high notes with emotion, often and for a long time, is extremely rare; listen to his singing without mixing him with other singers; his emotional "Adagio" and "All by Myself" is : A CALL TO OUR SUNS IN THE SOURCE OF ALL SUNS - DIMASH IS THEIR IDEA OF ANDROGYNOUS SINGING, MIX OF BOTH GENDERS ! NEW ERA IN SINGING (only if Negatives don't change Dimash's singing their way)!

THE SINGER 2017 Dimash 《All by Myself》

6 тур "I'm a singer". 1-МЕСТО!!! Dimash Kudaibergenov - Adagio (Lara Fabian). 1st place!

Dimash Singer (nonstop 1,2,3,4,5.6,7,8,9,10,12,14)

Dimash Singer - КИТАЙ В ШОКЕ! КАЗАХ ПЕРЕПЕЛ ВИТАСА! Димаш Кудайбергенов. Jan 28, 2017

ДИМАШ / DIMASH - Джамайка / Jamaica (vs Амир Кайсар)

(the same article is in russian) 
Этим заявлением мне необходимо повернуть ваше мышление в правильную сторону! Я обращаюсь к Великим Существам: отбросьте всю мишуру голографической Планетарной Игры и подойдите ко всему по-хозяйски, как Хозяева Вселенной. Я имею ввиду вопросы, касающиеся Ухода ввысь Человеческих Душ с Планеты Земля и из нашей Солнечной Системы! Не тратьте попусту время на "СПАСЕНИЕ ЧЕЛОВЕЧЕСТВА И ПЛАНЕТЫ ЗЕМЛЯ", что делают все известные женщины-политики, актрисы и телеведущие вроде американок Oprah Winfrey and Ellen Degeneres (Опра Уинфри и Элен Дедженерес), да и мужчины тоже. Это не входит в планы Источника Всех Солнц, это в планах Негативов. Спасая что-то или кого-то в Планетарной Игре, вы тем самым будете мешать и только накличите бед на свою голову, потому что вы будете идти против Течения Вселенной, против желания и цели Старой Вселенной!
В основном я ожидаю действий от настоящих Женщин и Мужчин с настоящей Солнечной Душой, а не от поддельных гибридных женщин/мужчин (смесь человека и рептоида или волко-подобного Sirian), от minions или от клонов, которых не переделаешь. Уже давно пора настоящим Женщинам взяться за настоящую работу! Нужно быть умнее, спокойнее принимать решения и главное, чтобы эти решения шли в соответствии с планами Источника Всех Солнц, а для этого нужно вооружиться Высшими Знаниями Вселенной и они у нас на сайтах. Я знаю, что это - сложно, но уверена: интуиция вас не обманет. Мы - Великие Солнечные Существа, мы можем сделать всё! Это Роберту Монро сказал его нефизический друг-интеллигент (часть его Высшего Существа) во время его путешествий по Космосу! Роберт Монро написал что мы будем стоять перед лицом Общей Необходимости покинуть Планету и эта Необходимость: не только медленное восхождение нашей Планеты на более высокий и более жаркий Уровень Вибрации-Сознания, но и РАЗРУШЕНИЕ СТАРОЙ ЗЕМЛИ И ВСЕЙ СТАРОЙ ВСЕЛЕННОЙ С ЕЁ ВЕТВЯМИ (Параллельные Вселенные)! Ниже, переведённый мною, отрывок из книги Роберта "Далёкие Путешествия":

"А сейчас вместо всех этих вопросов, почему бы вам не прочесть то, что нужно было бы организовать и цели, которые нужно было бы достичь? Я мог бы дать вам то, что вы называете rote на эту тему (rote - шар/сгусток мыслей, чувств, эмоций, образов, ЛМ), План, который не связан с коммунизмом или социализмом, капитализмом или диктатурой. Необходимо  Всемирное, Объединённое, Человеческое Стремление. Это произойдёт в силу, всем ясной, НЕОБХОДИМОСТИ, не с помощью Религии, или с помощью отдельных рас, или политических мирвозрений, или с помощью оружия.""
"Говорят, что это невозможно сделать."
"Это и делает его стоящим усилий!"
"А какие результаты это Сплочение, эта одна Цель принесёт?"
"Необходимость - это серьёзное дело. В таком случае Мир должен находиться в плачевном состоянии."
"... Время придёт!"

Что же мы должны сделать? А вот что. Может никто об этом не задумывался, но пора задуматься. Набросаю основную канву и это нам под силу.
Великие Солнечные Существа, задачи у нас грандиозные, это: превратить всё на Земле и в нашей Солнечной Системе в Белую Солнечную Энергию и прежде всего сделать это в наших мозгах (visualise), от нас это ожидают и мы должны делать это шаг за шагом. В общем, мы должны мысленно развалить и смешать 3й физический Уровень прежде всего в наших мозгах, мысленно смешать всё, все полученные вибрации для производства Солнечной Энергии, а потом вывести полученные пепел и пыль в Новую Вселенную (представьте себе Новую Вселенную как хотите)! Мы должны прекратить подпитывать все миры своей энергией, своими эмоциями и своими мыслями изо дня в день и миры начнут разрушиваться сами по себе! Особенно это касается Женщин: вы никакие ни матери, ни бабушки, ни дочери и не жёны, вы - Великие Солнечные Существа! Дон Хуан всё время твердил своим студентам заглушить постоянный диалог-разговор в своём мозгу ВНУТРЕННИМ МОЛЧАНИЕМ, это чтобы не тратить попусту свою энергию на поддержку искусственного окружающего мира своими мыслями и эмоциями; это чтобы сохранить достаточно своей энергии для полётов без тела! Кстати все миры помешаны на играх: болельшики и игроки тоже попусту тратят свою энергию на матчах (таких Высшие Знания Вселенной не интересуют). Все правила к играм как футбол, теннис, карты и т.д. были придумали с целью: подпитывать миры человеческой энергией, так как из-за правил во время игры часто происходят всякие споры вплоть до драк, вызывающие бурные эмоции как у участников, так и у зрителей (не без помощи невидимых Негативов). Эмоции как раз и нужны для поддержки миров. В то же время во время больших матчей происходит смешение разных вибраций людей и их эмоций с вибрациями невидимых Негативов. Но это ничто по сравнению с ГЛОБАЛЬНЫМ СМЕШЕНИЕМ ВСЕХ ВИБРАЦИЙ !

Для начала, нужно мысленно остановить Поток Солнечной Плазмы на Землю, так как с помощью Плазмы и наших Эмоций создаётся всё физическое на Земле. Затем мысленно остановить Поток Связующей Силы Аквамариновой Вибрации, искусственно направляемый на Землю, и мысленно разрушить тот источник, из которого этот поток исходит. Это чтобы всё физическое начало распадаться на все части. Необходимо мысленно разломать серую электронную Сетку Материи Времени над голографическим куполом Земли и уничтожить тот электронный источник, который создаёт эту фальшивую сетку Материи Времени искусственно. Затем добиться разрушения ложных идей Времени и Пространства в наших мозгах! Алех Коллие однажды сказал:"Мы можем создавать миры, но мы можем и разрушать их!" Он имел ввиду, что мы можем создавать миры в наших мозгах, но также и разрушать миры в наших мозгах прежде всего! Точно также мы можем как создавать, так и разрушать фальшивые идеи Времени и Пространства в наших мозгах и в нашей жизни!
Как идея Времени фабрикуется. Фальшивые "Линии Времени" разной вибрации наслаиваются одна на другую и кто-то кидает нас с одной волны на другую и даёт нашим мозгам абсурдные идеи прошлого/настоящего/будущего; и вся эта куча вибраций существует вокруг нас одновременно! Мы не запутываемся только потому, что каждая Линия Времени - на разной волне, как радиостанции ! Беру свои слова назад: бывает что нас запутывают и мы не знаем куда мы попали и где наши вещи!

Сначала мы обязаны анулировать все земные (инопланетные) правительства в наших мозгах и голосовать только за Источник Всех Солнц в качестве нашего Глобального Правительства. Параллельно с этим, мы обязаны остановить производство физических тел, то есть прекратить беременности и деторождение, а также выращивание детей в пробирках и другие опыты в генетических лабораториях на Земле и в любом другом месте нашей Солнечной Системы. Затем мысленно мы должны перевести остатки групповых душ животных,  растений и остальных с Земли в Новую Вселенную (представьте её себе как найдёте нужным, это не имеет значения). Все негативные инопланетные цивилизации мы мысленно должны убрать с Планеты и из нашей Солнечной Системы в 2х направлениях. Те, что повыше вибрацией (как например, групповые Души Негативных Инопланетян) мы должны смешать с положительными высокими, невидимыми нам, сине-розо-фиолетовые вибрациями (цивилизациями) в небе и получить Солнечную Энергию. А тех, кто пониже вибрацией, как паразиты в теле, насекомые, растения, животные и т.д., мы мысленно должны транспортировать в Новую Вселенную для дальнейшего эволюциионного роста. Все Человеческие индивидуальные Белые Души поднимутся сами в небо к Солнцу на 5й Уровень когда им придёт время, а тех, кто вибрационно низок и не хочет эволюционировать выше, мы должны мысленно направить в Новую Вселенную. Одновременно мы должны разрушить все материальные миры в первую очередь в наших мозгах, а образовавшуюся пыль и пепел мысленно переправить в Новую Вселенную (вместе с водой и кислородом). Вода и кислород, эти оба элемента очень ценны для распространения там жизни и их трудно создавать, они должны быть recycled - использованы снова. Этот процесс уже давно происходит на Планете. Завершающий Удар: мы должны мысленно взорвать нашу физическую Планету (если она к тому времени сама не взорвётся от накопленного метана и сероводорода- животного газа - попросту - говна).  Следующее : мысленно разрушить всю нашу Солнечную Систему со всей её электроникой. Последующей нашей стадией будет виртуальное Смешение вибраций нефизической части всего в 4м Уровне : мысленное смешение всех вибраций голографической Планеты Земля и всей нашей Солнечной Системы для получения Солнечной Энергии, а также смешение всех, доселе невидимых нам, сущностей, которые находятся в ней. Все эти детали хорошо знать если вдруг вам в будущем придётся создать подобный мир в каких-то других Вселенных: вы уже будете знать, как в песне, с чего начинается "Родина"!
Женский менталитет под жутким влиянием электроники это - главное препятствие в выполнении этого плана, поэтому я обращаюсь именно к настоящим Женщинам и Мужчинам! Вот этими мыслями ваши головы должны быть заняты, а не всяким барахлом, если вы претендуете на звание ВЕЛИКИХ СОЛНЕЧНЫХ СУЩЕСТВ !
Советую послушать этого певца и убедиться в том, что мы действительно ВЕЛИКИЕ СОЛНЕЧНЫЕ СУЩЕСТВА !

Димаш Кудайберген - в одном теле и в одной песне поют его несколько личностей: мужской оперный певец, эмоциональная женская оперная певица, а также пара более современных молодых эстрадных певца и певицы, форклорная певица и несколько личностей-музыкантов; диапазон голоса: шире - пока небыло, а если и есть с большим диапазоном, то у них способность передать высочайшие ноты долго, часто и с эмоцией пока ограничена! Послушайте его видео.  Димаша нужно слушать отдельно от всех других певцов и певиц; его эмоциональные "Adagio" и "All by Myself" это - ПРИЗЫВ К НАШИМ СОЛНЦАМ В ИСТОЧНИКЕ ВСЕХ СОЛНЦ - ДИМАШ - ЭТО ИХ ИДЕЯ ПОЮЩЕГО БЕСПОЛОГО СУЩЕСТВА, СМЕШЕНИЕ ОБОИХ ПОЛОВ, НОВАЯ ЭРА В ПЕНИИ (если только Негативы Димаша не переделают на свой лад)!

THE SINGER 2017 Dimash 《All by Myself》

Dimash Kudaibergenov - Adagio (Lara Fabian). 1st place!

ДИМАШ - DIMASH - Беловежская пуща (с Нагимой Ескалиевой). Nov 11, 2017

ДИМАШ / DIMASH - Джамайка / Jamaica (vs Амир Кайсар)

КИТАЙ В ШОКЕ! КАЗАХ ПЕРЕПЕЛ ВИТАСА! Димаш Кудайбергенов. Jan 28, 2017

Перемены не только в России, но и во всём мире происходят в результате ОБЪЯВЛЕНИЯ УЛЬТИМАТУМА ВСЕМ ИНОПЛАНЕТЯНАМ ПОКИНУТЬ НАШУ ПЛАНЕТУ И НАШУ СОЛНЕЧНУЮ СИСТЕМУ И СОЗДАНИЯ ГЛОБАЛЬНОГО ПРАВИТЕЛЬСТВА, название которому - ИСТОЧНИК ВСЕХ СОЛНЦ ! И за выполнение этого Ультиматума нам нужно бороться всем миром! Признание этого Ультиматума (Уход Инопланетян) всем Человечеством, а также признание всеми Источника Всех Солнц нашим Глобальным Правительством - вот этого нужно добиться! Интересно, что такое Правительство невозможно заменить клоном, как это делается во всех земных правительствах.
Переход к Старому Советскому Союзу, что похоже задумала королева английская, означает продолжение Планетарной Игры, но это также означает уничтожение всех религий и сэкса с борделями, а также прекращение всяких войн и СВОБОДУ ЧЕЛОВЕЧЕСТВУ (а главное Свободу Женщинам) и Свободу ВСЕМ ВЫСШИМ ЗНАНИЯМ ВСЕЛЕННОЙ ! Если Россия хочет вернуться обратно в Союз Советских Социалистических Республик, то не в том Драконовом виде, в котором этот Союз просуществовал столько лет. Это должен быть обновлённый Социалистический Союз Народов Всего Мира и должен быть в первую очередь в наших головах, в наших мыслях (один Intent)! Должен быть без Драконового скрытого фундамента, то есть настоящий Социализм с учётом ошибок прошлого! Если вы уж так хотите флаг этого Социалистического Союза, то он должен быть белым как Солнце, потому что белое Солнце находится в наших Душах и в нашей крови (белые кровяные тельца), которые содержат все вибрации существующих цивилизаций Вселенной! И пожалуйста, без всяких красных Драконовых звёзд и другой красной негативной мишуры/бижутерии/перафиналии. Неплохо было бы привлечь все другие страны мира к этому Социалистическому Союзу, чтобы вся Планета была если уж не КОММУНИСТИЧЕСКОЙ, то хотя бы Социалистической для Перехода выше вибрацией!

Вопрос только в том: как много будет производиться Солнечной Энергии народом нашей физической Планеты при таком раскладе вещей?!
Бизнесмэнов обычно интересует сколько она-он заработают денег от каждой сделки, а меня интересует сколько Солнечной Энергии и как быстро Источник Всех Солнц получит от преобразования России в Советский Союз !
На мой взгляд: овчинка выделки не стоит! Я думаю не следует нам тратить энергию на преобразования старых миров в какие-то другие, менять шило на мыло! А лучше без промедления продолжать мысленно атаковывать, ломать в своих мозгах все миры когда-либо созданные нами, особенно всеми Женщинами, которые до сих пор не понимают, что это освободит их от вечной кабалы-каторги и даст им возможность улететь высоко как птицам! Если все перестанут подпитывать энергией своего мозга все эти гнусные миры: то они просто сами по себе развалятся без нашей поддержки и здесь не нужно таких физических усилий как взрывать или сжигать их! А английской "королеве" я бы посоветовала драпать отсюда со всей своей рептоидной семейкой в Новую Вселенную и продолжать свои планы там если они этого хотят!

Земные правительства вообще не нужны, ниже видео на английском посвящается теме изгнания всех земных правительств :

Video: Do nations really need a government? Looking at how countries, or less defined areas, can function without an elected government. How Belgium, Germany, Iraq, Somalia, US and Antarctica cope. It's been a year since the devolved government in Northern Ireland collapsed, leaving most of its functions to be carried out by civil servants under the supervision of Westminster. Daily Politics reporter Elizabeth Glinka looks into how that is not the only example of countries, or less defined areas, functioning without an elected government. 16 Jan 2018.

Идеально было бы хотя бы для всех иметь Коммунистические мысли в головах. А то что получается?
Современные СМИ (особенно в форме электроники) как Телевидение, Интернет, Радио до сих пор всеми силами стараются понизить сознание Человечества и естественно качество их мыслей, чтобы продолжать Планетарную Игру, а Газеты/Журналы и многие книги добавляют. В то же время Негативные часто обрубают электричество, чтобы читатели не могли изучать наши сайты. Снижается вибрация всего Человечества не только с помощью СМИ и электроники, но и с помощью ещё 3х Глобальных Наркотиков: Политика, Религия и Сэкс! С помощью этих 4х наркотиков Негативные заставляют большинство людей фокусировать своё внимание и создавать мысли/эмоции на темы, проталкивамые этими 4мя наркотиками. Единственный способ освободить из рабства все наши Параллельные личности и присоединить их к нам это - мысленно разрушить все миры: физические и нефизические.

Where and why will women be marching? A year after millions of people took to the streets across the US and countries around the world, women's marches are being held in lots of cities this weekend. Here's what you need to know about where they are and what these protests are about. 21 Jan 2018
(Миллионы Женщин 20-21 января 2018 вышли на улицы Америки и Канады с протестами против мужского доминирования! Женская Революция - Women's Revolution!
Когда, интересно, русские Женщины миллионами начнут демонстрации против мужского засилья в России? ЛМ)!

Инопланетяне маневрирует всю "святую" троицу: Жириновский-Соловьёв-Трамп (шут гороховый) и подобных им вроде еврея-сатаниста Киркорова (во многих видео обратите внимание на их гнусное отношение к Женщинам) ! В выходные 20-21 января 2018 миллионы Женщин в Америке и Канаде выходят на демонстрации Протеста против мужского доминирования - давно пора скинуть это иго, видео выше.
Как я уже говорила: уединитесь где-нибудь в кресле, на диване, на кровати и разрушайте (с эмоцией) всё что вы вспомните, все, окружающие вас, голографические миры в ваших мозгах, в вашем воображении (особенно Женщины и особенно когда ваш компьютер или мобильный не работают по каким-то причинам). Не подпитывайте существование этих дрянных миров своей энергией изо дня в день! Вдумайтесь в это! И уверяю вас после ваших усилий Глобальные положительные события начнут происходить с умо-помрачительной скоростью!

Снижение вибрации всего Человечества также делается с помощью знакомых нам, так называемых, "стихийных бедствий" например: супер-высокими или супер-низкими температурами, да ещё и выключая электричество! Ну кто, задыхаясь от жары или обледенев от холода, будет способен изучать что-либо или воображать что-либо в голове!?
"Протесты в Иране. Внутренняя политика и протест в Иране. Dec 29, 2017 (отрывок из статьи)
"Реформаторы и консерваторы, игра (планетарная игра, имеется ввиду! ЛМ) окончена" - этот лозунг особенно популярен у студентов Тегеранского университета. Участники протестов дают понять, что все политические силы, за которые людям предлагается голосовать на парламентских выборах, вызывают у них лишь недовольство и раздражение. Студенты в Тегеране выступают с лозунгами против всех политических сил"...  видео:

И ещё раз о правительствах. Любое земное правительство означает продолжение всей этой несчастливой бессмысленной жизни на Планете и продолжение жесточайшей Планетарной Игры !
РАЗ МЫ ПРОИЗОШЛИ ИЗ ИСТОЧНИКА ВСЕХ СОЛНЦ, ТО НАШИМ ГЛОБАЛЬНЫМ ПРАВИТЕЛЬСТВОМ МОЖЕТ ЯВЛЯТЬСЯ ТОЛЬКО ИСТОЧНИК ВСЕХ СОЛНЦ И БОЛЬШЕ НИКТО ! ЗА НЕГО И ГОЛОСУЙТЕ ВО ВСЕХ СТРАНАХ ! Людям на всей Земле инопланетные правительства не нужны, люди и без них прекрасно могут справиться! Человеко-образные, или скорее дико-образные правительства нужны и будут как обычно выбраны негативными инопланетянами, чтобы прятать свой устрашающий нечеловеческий вид за правительствами и в России это видно как нигде лучше. Уж если вы все так хотите голосовать за правительство, то голосуйте во весь голос за: ИСТОЧНИК ВСЕХ СОЛНЦ, который как никто лучше знает положение вещей не только в России, но и на всей Планете и может помочь ситуации в любой стране. Я настаиваю на этом не только в отношении избирателей России, но и избирателей во всех странах на Земле! Я лично это уже сделала в прошлом 2016 году и в ноябре 2017 года когда в Австралии были выборы. Я всех кандидатов в австралийское правительство перечеркнула и написала что избираю правительством Австралии: ИСТОЧНИК ВСЕХ СОЛНЦ. Потом я стала об этом говорить и тыкать эту бумагу (voting form) в нос всем присуствующим на выборах ! Они в страхе закрывали глаза руками, особенно Женщины, так как видеть кого выбирают - не положено (ещё один "инопланетный закон")! А мне плевать на все эти идиотские правила, не я их выдумала, а aliens, я всё равно от своего не отступлюсь !
Вы только поглядите чем занимаются в данный момент в Америке (статья ниже)! Эти 300 глупцов (в основном актрисы) тратят своё время и энергию на собирание 15 миллионов долларов для судебных тяжб "жертв сексуального домогательства" со своими обидчиками, то есть на продолжение Агонии Планетарной Игры (вроде кандидатов в президенты России). Эти женщины-актрисы только заняты своей личной судьбой, только бы получить моральную и денежную компенсацию для себя! Когда же они проснутся наконец, иногда мне кажется что все эти люди не из Источника Всех Солнц, а откуда-то ещё !

В США основали движение по борьбе с домогательствами - 2 Jan 2018

This is not just a GLOBAL FEMALES' REVOLUTION, it is FEMALES' REVOLUTION in THE WHOLE SOLAR SYSTEM (for a start). We didn't come here just to create and support numerous physical/non-physical worlds for thousands of years, but we came also to ruin these worlds, when the Time Comes! AND THE TIME CAME NOW: MENTALLY TURN EVERYTHING INTO DUST AND ASH EVERYWHERE (like tornados do), the dust and ash will be carried away to the New Young Daughter Universe for New Stars to make Crusts around themselves and create new Planets there ! Our Spirits-Souls are indestructible, no explosions or any disaster can break them, because a Soul-Spirit is not physical. It's the body, which is scared of everytning, because it's physical!


Men themselves write about deals males' governments made with aliens as early as 1950s. Those deals were about using Earth's humans (90% Females) for genetic atrocities in exchange for alien technology. This technology is mostly about controlling Earth's Females, because aliens and men are scared of Power of Human Females. To get this information from our sites is harder for Women, because men in families are using computers more than, Women. Women are too busy to feed and provide for children and other family members. As one of well known Females in Russia said, that Russia mainly consists of SINGLE MOTHERS, controlled by not very bright males in governments! We don't need alien and males goverments or any Earth's government, we can do without them. Because we are Great Sun Creatures, who came from the Source of All Suns, our true Government must be the Source of All Suns! Below is a video covering this subject to watch:

Video: Do nations really need a government? Looking at how countries, or less defined areas, can function without an elected government. How Belgium, Germany, Iraq, Somalia, US and Antarctica cope. It's been a year since the devolved government in Northern Ireland collapsed, leaving most of its functions to be carried out by civil servants under the supervision of Westminster. Daily Politics reporter Elizabeth Glinka looks into how that is not the only example of countries, or less defined areas, functioning without an elected government. 16 Jan 2018.

This video is showing dish made out of human babies and served in elite's restaurants in China and in many other countries (just stop the video on 31:36 to see it, LM) :
Скоро России не будет. Даже на карте! ФАКТЫ и 100% Гарантии - Суп из младенцев
(остановить видео на 31:36 минуте, чтобы это увидеть). Oct 5, 2017


en of Earth and ALIENS don't have PERIODS, they don't know that PAIN in the womb, that total devastation, loss of body balance and emotional explosions FEMALES and little girls  FEEL as a result of SUCTION OF foetuses or the ENERGY OUT OF FEMALES' BODIES during MONTHLY PERIODS once or twice a month most of their lives! Males and ALIENS (even positive aliens like Tall Whites-females) don't experience that (you need to go through that personally to comprehend). They often criticise Earth's Females for being sometimes rough with their children or with Males. Periods mean a lot of blood: monthly artificial impregnations of Women and removal of foetuses by alien or their robots. Every Woman and every teenage Girl on Earth go through that, when they detach themselves from their bodies (falling asleep). For thousands of years Females went through Pain, Loss of Blood/Flesh Pieces and Body Balance as a result of been scooped of energy from 9 years of age (till majority of Women/Girls die)! Periods stop temporarily only when a Woman has a tremendous physical and emotional load like: during training in dancing, in sports, in a military service or when she is heavily pregnant. Just count how many foetuses have been scooped out of trillions of females during periods, abortions, miscarriges, still births, missing or sacrificed people to feed aliens through the history of Earth! Then add up millions of menstruating human Females, who were taken from Earth to thousands physical planets, moons, asteroids, UFOs of our Solar System through the history - again to feed aliens with their foetuses! And you will come to an astronomical number, you will see alien and Dero's insatiable appetite. Humans, who braggs, that they enjoyed eating human flesh, are not real humans, but First-Timers or former aliens. We, Earth's Women, must put an end to it, because it's not right at all! I'll tell you what!

If you, Males and you, ALIENS, start experiencing everything what has been done and is still done to Women of Earth (apart from periods), you will turn into vicious wild animals and start fighting back! You must thank Women of Earth, that they still behave like normal humans (at least most of them), Women still work and supply their families with essential things. Why Females have to give birth to babies this shocking barbarian way, when we created tube babies in labs? I know why! So Females will experience a long agonising Pain and become dumb slaves of aliens and their own children for life! For thousands of years till now in most countries Women are called names, despised, regarded with contempt and thrown out of their dwellings by relatives and their cruel customs during their periods, males consider Females unclean! Human Females of most countries are still being tortured with countless inhuman rituals by males and (alien) females in human form. Globally, rapes of Women by groups of men is considered 'normal' these days! Inhuman rituals have been invented by Dragons, Reptoids, Satanas, wolfish Sirians, Greys to dominate Human Females. I'll give you my personal example. Sexually I was terrorised since childhood and apart from periods, I was impregnated so many times, that I lost account of my abortions. I didn't want to have a child then, wanted to have some education first. As a result of these numerous intrusions into my body, part of my womb dropped out of my body and I have to constantly push it back! But I don't trust doctors at all and avoid them.
There are many males-critics, who like to write good-for-nothing or even insulting articles and make similar videos about Females. It makes me sick to watch them and read their articles. No man (except Richard Shaver in his "Lemuria" and one or two brave americans, who worked in area 51 years ago) would talk in their videos about brothels and horrific genetic labs on Earth and on many places in our Solar System even if they know about it. But males-satanists, involved in politics, when they are given a chance, would always use those sophisticated brothels of our Solar System to experience Nirvana from enslaved Females. Usually majority of males talk about politics, UFOs, their experience on cosmic stations, on Moon and Mars, about archeological findings on various planets, on moons, asteroids; talk about all kind of alien technology, criticizing everyone and everything. Even after reading this article, I am sure most males wouldn't give a damn about global situation with Women ! Males are still looking for Nirvana, but faint at the sight of blood or worse: treat Women with disgust when she is menstruating. Women of Earth never had a physical or moral support, just the opposite: humiliation, rapes and beatings, and global churches, religions and prists/popes/clergy persuaded them to tolerate this abuse for years! The impregnation of Women with all kinds of animal life and forcing Women to deliver these monsters, is simply shocking (like the one on the picture below):

I want to give a valueable advice to brave Women and Men. You need to learn visualisation and you don't have to be an artist, a sculptor or an achitect, learn how to imagine anything and that will be in great demand on higher Levels, when you graduate from the Planetary Game. I see many Earth's Addicts, who still want to play the Game; they can play it, but not here, but in the New Universe.
Physical and Astral attacks we have from 2 Levels: the 3d physical and the 4th non-physical (lower octaves of it), where our Spirits fly when the bodies are asleep. Negative invisible Low Astrals (Don Juan called them differently) are the ones, who are giving us a lot of troubles. Low Astrals are scared of our thoughts and of our emotions, because it  can kill them (Women have more of powerful emotions). When I experience any Pain, unpleasant touch, emotional stress, any discomfort or feel their negative presence, I paint a picture of my body, surrounded by flames in my imagination; mentally burn my body down with emotion that is. I might even leave mentally just a pile of black ash! That stops any physica/non-physical attack. Train yourself to visualise, repeat, do it many times, till perfection. If you have difficulty to imagine yourself in fire, then find some other way of imaginary self-destruction, or use a picture of a girl, surrounded by flames. Just mentally insert your own image into it and your emotion:

Be alert at all times, low astrals will test you time and time again, like they did it with me. If you do that, noone will ever rape, bash or humiliate you, not physically, not any other way, because invisible low astrals are behind all of this torture. You will prove them, that you are not your body, that you can live without it. Low Astrals and physical abusers are scared of your thoughts and emotions, scared of being burnt, scared of death of their bodies. I've done it so many times and still very much alive (unfortunately), so I can write for you this message. Not just Earth, but the whole Universe exists, because of Women (99% are females in every civilization). If you eliminate all Women, the whole Universe will collapse. Earth's Women in their physica/non-physical form have been going through these nightmares on all planets, moons, comets, asteroids, UFOs in our Solar System for all their lives. And you - Males must shut up and you - ALIENS must immediately leave Earth! All ALIENS live in fear on their planets and they want us to live in FEAR on our Planet Earth ! NO WAY, GET LOST ! Earth has been quaranteened from alien invasion!
Andromedans have been trying to establish Quarantine from aliens on Earth long time ago, but it failed ! Alex Collier talked about that at his conferences in 90's. It's high Time for that: only Human Females - all together - can release Earth from alien invasion! 
ALIENS, ALL OF YOU -  GET OUT OF EARTH AND OUT OF OUR SOLAR SYSTEM AT ONCE ! OR ELSE, WE - WOMEN-LITTLE SUNS, WILL MENTALLY AND WITH EMOTION BURN ALL OF YOU DOWN! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH ! I personally will make sure of that! The Earth needs to evolve higher without aliens, instead of standing on one spot and stagnate.
Sun is shining for everyone, but not to everyone Sun is telling the Truth, only to those, who are of higher vibration, who can comprehend it and sensibly use it. Perhaps I wasn't allowed to leave the Planet earlier, so I could tell you all that. And maybe that will help to turn Women from victims into Freedom Fighters!  

The root of the word 'SOLAR' is the word 'SOUL'. WE HAVE SOLAR ENERGY IN OUR SOULS, BUT WE ALSO GENERATE NEW SOLAR ENERGY WITH THE HELP OF OUR 7 CHAKRAS - vortexes for mixing civilizations of different vibrations and creating new Solar Energy. George and I created a video devoted to this subject, which you can find on this and other Pages.
Usually it's Women, who generate more Solar Energy, then men, but there are exceptions.
The word 'a son' really means a brilliant SUN (they just changed one letter); and in many countries girls' names are often a brilliant SUN in their native languages.
And we pay for electricity, when electricity should be free for us (same as land and water)! But alien governments show us OUR DEBTS TO BANKS IN TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS.
How do you like that?

Below is a picture of numerous huge round fields of solar panels (one after another) in Saudi Arabia, which generate electricity for alien usage and for castles of saudi emirates. 

SUN ENERGY OF OUR SOULS WARMS OUR BODIES UP. DRAGONS AND OTHER NEGATIVES DON'T HAVE SUNNY SOULS, THAT'S WHY THEY ARE COLD. THEY HAVE TO BE AWAY FROM SUN: SUN KILLS THEM. THEY  EAT US TO WARM THEMSELVES UP and mix with us and our energy. Negatives LIVE ON MOTHERSHIPS or CHOOSE HOTTER CLIMATES on Earth to live UNDERGROUND. THEY NEED ELECTRICAL SOLAR PANEL HEATING them OR BIG FIRES NEAR THEM (volcanic lava and ash originates from their and human slaves' activities)! Our Parallel Personalities are among those millions of slaves and we need to release and join them with ourselves.

There is a misunderstanding : most of us (if not all) have jews or mind-controlled by force prostututes (females/males/children) or both (jews and prostitutes), as our PARALLEL PERSONALITIES in this Planetary Game. The sooner we release our parallel  personalities from wherever they are, the sooner we will get to the 5th Level!
There is no other way.
Just avoiding to play the Planetary Game is not enough! We need to mentally break the foundations of it : everything material everywhere in old worlds (even new skyscripers) must be broken into pieces! Highscripers, technology, mobiles, robotics, computers etc. - it's not a progress, it's enslavement!

By demolishing mentally everything material on Earth and in all our Solar System (including UFOs and all technology, we releasing our Souls to evolve further up the ladder !
I advise Women of Earth to do what I do myself.  WOMEN, YOU ARE FREE and instead of suffering and complaining about raping, beatings, emotional tortures and other maltreatment from men, from children and from aliens, mentally  with emotion ruin the worlds around you, turn them into DUST and ASH in your imagination (like tornados do), whatever way you-Women choose, and rise your strong Souls up (without bodies) as high, as you possibly can. And when you move out of Earth, the Knowledge on this site will help you to orient yourself and to know what to do next !
Think only about yourselves, not about your children and other dependants, pets, gardens, about volunteering for any organization like school or church or any other job
, send all jobs to HELL ! Children's time to rise up will come too, but separately from you: they are not the bodies (same as you are). Break mentally all materialism, all money systems, stock-markets, loans, debts, taxation obligations, White House, parliaments, pentagon, military installations, banks, courts and prisons - release all prisoners, stop being a migrant searching for better life on Earth; stop propagating (having children); break all churches, religious beliefs like Christmas or Thanksgivings for HELLISH LIVES we have here; mentally with emotion demolish numerous brothels on Earth and on all UFOs', on moons, and other planets, comets, asteroids, brown dwarfs etc.; erase all genetic laboratories into a powder with emotion in your imagination and let imprisoned people out of them! Break Haarp, mobile phone Towers and other mind-controlling installations; throw away your fears of alien government's laws, their rules and regulations, mentally annulate alien police forces! Break your CHAINS (means your bodies too), join THE MUTUAL WOMEN'S MOVEMENT FROM EARTH, it's already started! I see and hear above my head thousands WHITE FEMALES' SPIRITS IN THE FORM OF BIG GROUPS OF SMALL WHITE ROUNDISH CLOUDS IN THE SKY (without material bodies), MOVING TOWARDS the SUN AND VANISH INTO THE 5TH LEVEL!

9 December 2017

Here are a few videos (out of hundreds) about Global treatment of females and about eating human meat :

'I will never be cut': Kenyan girls fight back against genital mutilation | Guardian Investigations Apr 18, 2011.

This Is What Muslim Men Really Think About Western Women (part 1 of 2)  Jul 11, 2017

The Shocking Truth About Sweden. Feb 22, 2017

10 Most Terrifying Rites of Womanhood from Around the World

First Human Meat Restaurant in the World, Dec 4, 2017

SHOCKING & HORRIBLE: Human Meat Found in McDonald’s Meat Factory.

Human baby meat served in 90% of American fast food places, Dec 12, 2016

'I will never be cut': Kenyan girls fight back against genital mutilation | Guardian Investigations Apr 18, 2011.

Katy Perry Admits to Eating Human Flesh: 'In Hollywood, We Eat the Best Meat', Nov 5, 2017. Pop star
claims elites eat human meat during 'special dinner parties'. Katy Perry admits to eating human flesh during an interview. (If pop star Katy Perry is a reptoid, then it's not surprising! LM).

Those women, who started the movement 'Happy to Bleed' are either not in their right mind or not saying the truth. They do feel pain and unpleasant feelings from people during periods like being treated as unclean females everywhere in India, not just in their churches. I don't quite understand why they want to visit their shrines or churches at all with periods or without them? Nothing good about being religious slave anyway: the lower you are, the worse you are treated! And religions are the bottom of the ladder. If it's a taboo topic in India, obviously all these women don't know, that periods are not natural, that aliens monthly impregnating all women of Earth; that aliens scoop the foetuses out of their wombs when women's bodies are asleep and that aliens have been eating those human foetuses for thousands of years, leaving women bleeding in pain, devastated, unbalanced, stupid, emotionally unstable, because a lot of energy was taking from them. But when women know the truth, I don't think they would still be 'Happy to Bleed'. And then again, this is only a small group of 'Happy to Bleed'  women and not all women of India. Here is an extract from this article:

Why are Indian women 'Happy to Bleed'?
23 November 2015
"...women between the 10-50 age group are not allowed to enter the temple Sabarimala". The website adds, rather threateningly, that "such women who try to enter Sabarimala will be prevented by (the) authorities" from doing so. Ms Azad says "we don't believe in religion that considers half the world impure" and that theirs is "not a temple-entry campaign" - it's "a protest against patriarchy and gender discriminatory practices prevalent in our society" and that they are fighting against sexism and age-old taboos...Some, however, have also wondered how women can be "happy" to bleed since periods can often be pretty painful!?  "We are using happy as a word to express sarcasm - as a satire, to taunt the authorities, the patriarchal forces which attach impurity with menstruation," Ms Azad explains. It may be painful, but it's perfectly normal to bleed and it does not make me impure," she adds."
Some, however, have also wondered how women can be "happy" to bleed since periods can often be pretty painful?  
"We are using happy as a word to express sarcasm - as a satire, to taunt the authorities, the patriarchal forces, which attach impurity with menstruation," Ms Azad explains. "It may be painful, but it's perfectly normal to bleed and it does not make me impure," she adds..."

What a stupid explanation, no wonder: India is still so patriarchal, such a Draconian country (like China), no real wars were staged there for a long time for that reason. Just look at 'idols-gods' Indians worship: pure Draconian monsters or human-alien hybrids, that's how they've been trained over thousands of years.

These photos are showing how clusters of our White Souls are moving up to the higher overtones of 4th and to the 5th Level through numerous Portals and Cracks in artificial Fabric of Time (everywhere on Earth)! Our Sun and Universal Flow help in this process ! Something unusual is happening to our Sun: 4th December - a huge Sun's Double Rainbow turned up in Taipei, Taiwan, and was there for 9 hours like never before (thousands of people made pictures); 3d December - a huge Sun's Rainbow turned up in frosty Laplandia, Finland (locals have never seen a rainbow in winter before); on 4th and 5th December we saw a huge Sun's rainbow over the ocean from the balcony of our Centre at 5pm two days in a row (that never happened before)! An extract from an article:"Antarctica, 2017 - The sun suddenly appears during the long Polar winter (from April till October 2017) several days before it is expected to first show itself in spring. Or, later on, sunrises are unusually early and sunsets late. The "sun" is a flickering rectangular stack of thin pancakes spaced by darkness."
Huge Sun Rainbows are signs of a presence of a huge invisible Sun on higher vibrational Level. Looks like all these recent Sun's anomalies are signs of approaching Mixing of our Sun with this 
huge invisible Sun on higher vibrational Level ! In our village in Australia this morning the Sun looked really huge, the temperature already was +35C, all airconditioners are on full speed. I expect temperatures will start rising way above +40C !

На фото видно как скопления наших Белых Душ двигаются вверх в верхнии вибрации 4го и в 5й Уровни через многочисленные Порталы и Трещины в искусственной
Материи Времени (по всей Земле) ! Наше Солнце и Течение Вселенной помогают этому процессу!
В этом году с Солнцем происходит что-то необычное: 4 декабря - двойная Радуга Солнца держалась 9 часов в столице Тайпэй (как никогда до этого), Тайвань; Радуга Солнца появилась 3 декабря в морозной Лапландии, Финляндия (Радугу зимой жители никогда не видели); огромная Радуга Солнца появилась над океаном в нашей австралийской деревне в 5 вечера 4го и 5го декабря (два дня подряд), такого никогда не было! В Антарктике в этом году восходы Солнца начинаются намного раньше обычного, а закаты Солнца наоборот - не происходят дольше обычного ! Солнце дольше находится в небе и похоже на мигающую стопку тонких блинов, отделённых друг от друга полосками темноты ! Большая Радуга означает присуствие невидимого Солнца более высокого Уровня и , естественно, более большего размера и силы. Похоже что все эти недавние аномалии с Солнцем не что иное как ЗНАКИ СКОРОГО СМЕШЕНИЯ НАШЕГО СОЛНЦА С ЭТИМ СОЛНЦЕМ БОЛЕЕ ВЫСОКОГО УРОВНЯ (с его Высшим Существом)! У нас здесь сегодня Солнце - огромное и жарит вовсю, с утра +35С!

Ниже фото нескольких огромных полей солнечных батарей в Саудовской Аравии, построенных для негативных инопланетян, их генетических лабораторий, их публичных домов, заполненных  рабами (женщины, мужчины, дети), являющихся пищей для негативов или обслуживающих их (в том числе и сексуально)! Солнечных батарей, вырабатывающих электричество для местного населения, ничтожное количество. Больше фото таких полей Солнечных батарей во многих странах вы найдёте на Странице 
(more photos of such fields in other countries are on) :  
Our Solar System

Explanation of similarities between Parallel Human Personalities and Parallel: Suns, Galaxies, Universes

When you work with a computer you do a lot of glueing/superimposing one program on top of another one on the same screen of your monitor. You may start checking your emails, then, without removing them, on top of emails you may superimpose another program like: page of notepad; or some browser with an interesting website; or open a composer page of your own site or google to find some info; or open your photo or video albums and other stored programs in your computer. You can glue all of them on top of each other on the same screen like a bunch of pancakes or russian matreschka. Such layers in Planetary Game are called Parallel Human Personalities, Parallel Earths, Parallel parts of our Sun you can see in Sun's Rainbow, in its numerous layers of different colors and different vibrations). Parallel Layers of Galaxies and Universes look basically the same way, only they are more complex.

Stars (or Parallel parts of Sun) do have bows-auras, but only of one colour, like pink star would have a pink aura-bow around it (there is a photo below). This is not really a rainbow, but just a pink colored bow; only White Suns and true Humans have real multi-coloured Rainbows-Auras around themselves. Below there are photos of MULTIPLE MULTICOLORED RAINBOWS around a SUN, around a PERSON and around PEOPLE IN THE PLANE ! Colored Stars are Parallel Personalities of White Suns and shown in colors of Sun rainbows after stars merge with Sun!

Below is a photo of a bow of a positive pink star (one of Parallel Personalities of our Sun) during its merging with our Sun. Can you see the difference between Sun's Aura, human Aura and star's aura?
На фото ниже видна дуга одного цвета (розового) или аура позитивной розовой звезды (одна из Параллельных Личностей нашего Солнца) во время её слияния с нашим Солнцем. Звёзды - Параллельные Личности Солнц и при слиянии с Солнцем содержимое звёзд (одна из цивилизаций) попадает в один из цветовых поясов Солнца согласно вибрации звезды. Например розовая звезда при слиянии с Солнцем попала в розовый пояс радуги Белого Солнца. Радуга Белого Солнца и человеческая Радуга-Аура состоят из многих цветов (цветных световых поясов) как на фото выше. Видите разницу между аурой звезды, аурой одного человека и аурой Солнца? На фото выше даже видно скопление многоцветных аур многочисленных пассажиров в самолёте!

All substances and gases originated from vibrations of Sun Energy, the difference is only in: what kind of vibrations, what quantity and their order.
Destruction of physicality in our Solar System (the Law of Free Will) will speed up the Mixing Process of All Vibrations in the whole Old Universe! More information on this subject is on Home Page of our new site :

You would feel your Power only when you start mentally and with emotion destroy all existing worlds, the whole Old Physical Earth! As one guy said :"It feels good to be bad!"
Alex Collier said:" The lower you are, the worse you are treated!" Then rise up! And Alex also said:"We can create worlds, but we also can uncreate them (means ruin them)!"
Robert Monroe said :" Break everything: all taboos, boundaries, all physical/non-physical illusionary worlds around you (like tornados do)!" Only don't do it with your hands, but do it with your MIND like Andy Pero did ! I constantly do it with a great satisfaction! Any kinds of disasters don't destroy our Souls-Spirits, because they are not physical; it's our bodies, they are scared of any destruction, because they are physical.

For a start, we need to speed up the Liquidation Process on our Old Earth. It is necessary to mentally (with emotion) destroy all physical/non-physical Levels of Time and Space and free millions of human slaves on and underground Earth. We can do it with the Force of our MINDS (especially Men), our Power is in mutual Intent !
As soon, as each one of us finish mentally (with emotion) ruining our physical Planet (the Earth is our trap as Robert Monroe said), then finish with other numerous physical/non-physical
planets/stars/moons/asteroids/comets/brown dwarfs/UFO's in our Solar System! All these physical/non-physical bodies are in there for just one purpose: to use and torment a human
(esp. Females) in every which way possible (alien way of mixing with us)! They are terraformed disgusting brothels and horrific genetic labs, a picture of one of them - Pallas is below (один из таких жутких публичных домов и страшных генетических лабораторий внутри астероида Паллас, фото - ниже) :

Then start mentally destroying the physical Content of our Old Universe: mentally burn up or blow up (with emotion) everything (like tornados do), what comes your way (except White Suns), your Soul will be relieved from anxiety! To refresh your memory to know what kind of moons/asteroids/planets etc. are
in our Solar System (a great deal)read books/articles about stars/planets etc. in our Universe or go on astronomical/astrophysical sites or find Pages of our sites like :   Our Solar System    or  Our Universe

Start mentally with emotion eliminating all old physical stars and star systems, numerous: comets, planets, moons, brown dwarfs, planetoids, UFO's and aliens (Saturn alone has 62 moons with horrific genetic labs and inhuman brothels on them!)
First mentally turn into dust: all physical bodies around Earth and in our Solar System, and then in our whole physical Galaxy - Milky Way. I do it with a great success and advise you to attack the physical Level instead of sitting and waiting for some Miracle to occur ! Remember how Richard Shaver finally broke his chains and released himself and 4 of his warriors from Satanic Trap, and how he caught the Satan?
Read his  "I remember Lemuria"  , the book is on our new site : it'll give you Power !

All civilizations had enough Time to leave physical Time and Space and get to the 4th non-physical Level or to move to the New 3D physical Daughter Universe, if they couln't or didn't want to reach the 4th and 5th Levels. There is no Need in physical Space and Time any more! Remember what Robert Monroe said :"We can do absolutely EVERYTHING (if we do it together)", including the Destruction of Time and Space in our Old Universe ! The Sun is on our side!

There is a tide out
in oceans (when the water moves from the shore into the ocean) and also a tide in, when the water flows opposite way: from the ocean to cover the shores.
But how the water starts moving the opposite way?
To do that a small Standing Wave is introduced closer to the shore, which starts resisting the flow of water like a wall. Then this Wave starts slowly move forward, pushing water towards the shore and you see other small waves behind the first one, which are helping to move the flow of water to the shore (tide in). This first
STANDING WAVE is ME ! I don't feel like a leader, who is at the front (Robert Monroe was the same); looks more like I am a pusher, who is at the back, trying to push everyone up! I would have to stay on the Planet till we ruin everything on it !

Below are a video and articles about Meryl Streep's not very bright response to Earth's Women situation and about a marriage proposal of gay Member of the Parliament in Australian Parliament. Gay couples (females or males) without children could do more for : dismantling of Old and Vicious Planetary Game, for ruining physical/non-physical Old Earth and our physical/non-physical Solar System, than ordinary female/male couples with children. The best example of humans, when they show female and male features 50/50% - Androgenous! Below is a horrible video of a Woman, who was impregnated with up to 17 babies. Aliens dream, that all Earth's Women will start delivering this or more number of babies for their dinners :


Strangest birth in the world 17 babies at once unbelievable ! Sep 12, 2017

Meryl Streep says boardroom inequality contributed to Hollywood sex scandal, 13 December 2017
"Right now, I'm getting together with a bunch of actresses that you know very well, and we're all sort of going to make a set of non-negotiable demands," she said, according to People. "We're after 50/50 by 2020."

These type of females' plans are too shallow, the direction is wrong. Neither Meryl Streep, nor any other female in the entertainment industry got it right, because they are too spoilt by fame (nirvana), by material things, by Oscars and by bloody Red Carpets in Cannes Festivals! These actresses just want more multimillion dollar homes and other luxuries! They don't want to lose any of what they already have! They are not interested in all Women of Earth and in the situation with other inhabitants. These females are illiterate in Higher Knowledge and they are not interested to learn it, even if it is available on our sites! The entertainment industry is full of Draconians, this form of art was dead for a long time, among movies: there've never been a real masterpiece with a deep cosmic meaning; just medioca, stupid or negative movies have been produced, there was no need for them at all! There are other priorities. When I say all these things to men, they become agitated, their reptilian part of the brain protest violently!

Australia same-sex marriage: MP (Member of the Parliament) proposes in Parliament - 4 Dec 2017
"Tim Wilson reaches for a tear during his speech in parliament. An Australian MP has proposed to his partner during a parliamentary debate on legalising same-sex marriage. Tim Wilson's moving proposal to Ryan Bolger, who was sitting in the public gallery, was a reaffirmation. The pair have been engaged for nine years. The bill to legalise same-sex marriage was introduced into the House of Representatives on Monday, after sailing through the Senate last week. It may be the first proposal during an official sitting, local media said. "In my first speech, I defined our bond by the ring that sits on both of our left hands. They [the rings] are the answer to the question we cannot ask," said an emotional Mr Wilson. "So there is only one thing left to do. Ryan Patrick Bolger, will you marry me?" The question drew cheers and applause, before Mr Bolger responded with a resounding "yes" - a reply noted in the parliamentary transcript..."

 Video: They Are Here: Huge Alien Craft In Our Solar System. Sep 6, 2017. Strong pictorial evidence of alien spacecraft from the 1972 Apollo16 Mission to the moon as well as from the Cassini probe images of Saturn's moons. Saturn alone has 62 moons!


Наверху фото нашего Центра с новой надписью УЛЬТИМАТУМА ИНОПЛАНЕТЯНАМ (на русском и на английском)! Интересно, что народ со всего мира, в виде белых кусочков Душ (Spirits), стал собираться вокруг наших надписей!


Сейчас происходит не только ЖЕНСКАЯ ГЛОБАЛЬНАЯ РЕВОЛЮЦИЯ, это - ЖЕНСКАЯ РЕВОЛЮЦИЯ ВО ВСЕЙ НАШЕЙ СОЛНЕЧНОЙ СИСТЕМЕ (для начала). Мы не пришли сюда только за тем, чтобы создавать и поддерживать миры тысячи лет. Мы также пришли сюда, чтобы разрушить эти миры, когда наступит время! ЭТО ВРЕМЯ НАСТУПИЛО, МЫСЛЕННО ПРЕВРАЩАЙТЕ ВСЁ И ВЕЗДЕ В ПЫЛЬ И ПЕПЕЛ (как торнадо делают), и всё это унесёт в Новую Молодую Вселенную для построения Коры Новых Звёзд и превращения их в новые Планеты ! На наши Души это никак не отразится, они не физические, их сломать нельзя, они не боятся взрывов, пожаров, ветров и других стихийных бедствий, это тело боится, потому что оно материальное!


Сами мужчины пишут о том, что мужчины-президенты подписывали в прошлом (и подписывают до сих пор) соглашения с нечеловеческими расами об обмене Земных Женщин на инопланетную технологию (пострадавших мужчин по сравнению с Женщинами - единицы)! Попросту говоря это - коммерческая сделка между мужчинами и инопланетянами, была направлена на ещё большее женское рабство; и те и другие боятся Земных Женщин и с помощью технологий контролируют и подчиняют Земных Женщин тысячи лет! Женщинам намного сложнее купить, установить, следить за работой и работать с компьютерами. Такого технического образования у Женщин мало (они всё платят за обучение этому своих детей, особенно мальчиков). А если компьютер в семье есть, то на нём скорее будет работать мужчина, чем Женщина: у неё нескончаемый список работ по уходу за членами семьи или муж не разрешит. Таким образом Женщине труднее познакомиться с нашими сайтами. Как одна известная Женщина в России сказала:"Россия в основном состоит из матерей-одиночек, управляемыми недалёкими мужчинами!" Да вы возьмите одного кретина-Жириновского, кто до сих пор с жиру бесится и никто его не может остановить! Мне это говорит о падении Уровня Сознания народа или об очень низкой негативной вибрации всей страны, которая создалась в России!

Самый распространённый, контролирующий и отупляющий Женщин, device (инопланетная фигня) это - мобильный телефон, ноутбук и др. "новшества", созданные мужчинами и инопланетянами. А японские мужчины без ума от роботов и всё не устают совершенствовать их, чтобы потом этими роботами подавить Женщин ещё больше! Учёные-генетики в основном мужчины, мозги которых только и заняты мыслями: что можно было бы ещё чудовищней протестировать на Женщине!? Я это говорю из своего собственного опыта: я не знаю как ещё осталась жива после того как на мне проделали все эти жуткие опыты с детства! Все ожидают от Женщины материнские чувства и обязанности по отношению к детям, особенно мужчины, а их - нет! Дети, которые она родила, в большинстве, не её дети. Её дети уже давно были съедены и заменены клонами. Если Женщина устала и не может ухаживать за ребёнком правительственные платные соцработники тут как тут со своими угрозами. Как часто Женщин отправляли в тюрьму, называя её плохой матерью, а ребёнка просто съедали?! Таких случаев не счесть. 


У мужчин  Земли и aliens (инопланетяне) кровавой месячной менструации не бывает, им не знакома эта жуткая Боль в матке и состояние полной опустошённости, которое Женщины и девочки Земли (а их за всю историю были триллионы) испытывают 1-2 раза в месяц большую часть своей жизни. Испытывают потерю баланса и энергии в теле, ведущее к эмоциональным взрывам.
Всё это мужчинам и даже позитивным женщинам-aliens - непонятно, потому что через это нужно пройти самому, чтобы понять, а желания разобраться в этом у мужчин нет. Многие мужчины и даже позитивные женщины-aliens часто критикуют Земных Женщин и девочек, что они часто грубы со своими детьми или со своими мужчинами. Да если бы тоже самое происходило с мужчинами или с инопланетными женщинами, они бы уже давно озверели и подняли восстание (вроде восстания рабов Спартака). Мужчины и инопланетяне, вы должны благодарить Земных Женщин, что они от такой жизни ещё не свихнулись и продолжают работать, обеспечивая свои семьи.
Месячные Менструации означают ежемесячное искусственное оплодотворение Женщин и девочек пока их тело спит ночью, а они (их Души) летают на более высоком уровне. Выскабливание созревшего плода из женской матки делается инопланетянами или их роботами - и так тыщи лет. В результате Женщины проходят ужасающие боли, потерю крови и тканей, потерю своей солнечной энергии и баланса тела. Во многих странах женщин во время менструации презирают и выгоняют из дома, считая её нечистой. Такие нечеловеческие обряды ввели Рептилии. Вытаскивание зародышей (менструация) прекращается на время когда Женщина испытывает непомерную нагрузку на тело как например во время спортивных тренировок или на военной службе, но менструации возвращаются когда нагрузка снижается. И начинается вся эта пытка с 9-10 лет от роду, а то и раньше, многие женщины/девочки умирают так и не дождавшись menopause (освобождения, то есть прекращения менструации из-за старости). Вот и подсчитайте сколько зародышей от менструаций получили aliens от всех Земных Женщин и девочек за тысячи и тысячи лет, и это не считая выкидышей, детей родившимися мёртвыми и зародышей полученных после абортов. А также живых, но исчезнувших детей. Цифра получается астрономическая. И всё это потребляется как пища прожорливыми aliens и Деро; они - прорва! Да вы их аппетит никогда не утолите! Кончать с этим надо, гнать их всех с Земли надо и это должны сделать сами Женщины, а критиканам-мужикам нужно заткнуть глотку, от ихних статей на Интернете меня уже воротит! Как не посмотришь видео то видишь как мужики говорят только об инопланетных железках (НЛО) и другой хреновой технологии, о своей службе на марсианских-лунных базах, об археологических раскопках там-сям, только редкие американцы-смельчаки говорят об ужасах генетических лабораторий, но никогда и никто не говорит о публичных домах на Земле, Луне, Марсе, Венере, Меркурии и на других планетах, на всех лунах-кометах-
астероидах (кроме Richard Shaver, написавшего это в своей книге). Как раз в этих усовершенствованных борделях все мужики сатанисты-масоны, мафиоза и даже некоторые космонавты получали и до сих пор получают наслаждение. Мужики всю жизнь Нирвану ищут, а при виде крови падают в обморок и к Женщинам во время менструации относятся с отвращением! То есть у большинства Женщин никогда ни моральной, ни физической поддержки не было, а наоборот - надругательства и мат со всех сторон,
а церкви и попы внушали Женщинам терпеть всё это! Доходит до того, что Женщин оплодотворяют рептоидами, ставят в безвыходное положение и заставляют рожать монстров вроде того как на картинке ниже!

Хочу дать бесценный Совет и смелым Женщинам и смелым Мужчинам. Облава Негативных на нас идёт с 2х Уровней: с 3го-физического, где наши физические тела сейчас находятся; и с 4го-нефизического, куда мы летаем когда тело засыпает. Негативные на 4м Уровне существуют только на самых низких вибрациях этого Уровня, их называют Low Astrals (низкие астралы, Дон Хуан называл их по другому). Вот они как раз мучают нас больше всех, пользуясь тем, что мы их не видим (я тоже)! Когда в моём теле появляется боль или какой-то другой эмоциональный/физический дискомфорт то, я знаю, что астралы рядом и создают эту ситуацию. Тогда я мысленно в своём воображении взрываю или сжигаю своё тело, рисую этакую красочную картину и всё приходит в норму: астралы отстают от меня и тело приходит в нормальное состояние комфорта.
Астралы боятся наших мыслей, нашего воображения, так что тренируйте его каждый день, эта способность мысленно представить любую картину пригодится вам как сейчас, так и в будущем. Для этого не надо быть ни художником, ни скульптором, ни ещё каким-нибудь дизайнером. Для начала можете мысленно вставить в эту картинку свой образ вместо этого человека когда астральная атака на вас начнётся:

Бить, оскорблять или насиловать вас уже никто не посмеет, потому что вы не цепляетесь за тело, вы доказали астралам, что можете прекрасно обходиться без тела! Попробуйте этот способ и не один раз, не забывайте о нём! Я делала это много раз и, как видите, тело ещё не потеряла, таким образом могу писать инфо на наших сайтах. Приезжайте к нам в деревню и увидите меня живой, вот адрес: Corolla street, дом № 8, деревня Elliott Heads, штат - Queensland, Австралия.

В русском языке такие важные слова как : Вселенная, Галактика, Звезда, Планета, Энергия, Солнечная Система и Солнечная батарея, Вода, Почва, Земля, Нация, Страна, Революция и т.д. - женского рода! А Солнце - среднего рода т.к. вмещает в себя все вибрации и все энергии (женскую и мужскую - в том числе).
Корнем английского слова SOLAR (Сола - Солнечный) является слово SOUL (Сол - Душа) и в слове Сол-нце тот же самый корень Сол. В английском языке слово "сын" будет "son" (сан) и слово "Солнце" будет "sun" (сан). Оба слова в английском звучат одинаково, только в письме они заменили одну букву (u) на другую (о). Русское слово "сын" - искажённое - сан - Солнце, одну букву тоже заменили). Значение этих слов: "son", "sun" и "сын" - одинаковое! В слове Сан Франциско и вообще во всех религиозных английских словах как например : Saint (святой от слова свет Солнца), San Antonio (Сан Антонио) Сан - означает Солнце . В русском языке есть слово сан - положение в обществе - означает Солнце, но часто сан (высокое положение в обществе) даётся не настоящим людям, а рептоидам в человеческой форме. Во многих странах девичьи имена означают Солнце на их языках. Это только доказывает то, что разные народы издавна знали о нашей связи с Солнцем, знали что мы - части Солнца.

Помимо того, что наша Душа состоит из Солнечной Энергии, мы ещё и вырабатываем дополнительную Солнечную Энергию с помощью наших 7ми Чакр (центры смешения цивилизаций разных вибраций) в Солнечную Энергию. Обычно женщины вырабатывают больше Солнечной Энергии, чем мужчины, хотя есть исключения. Мы с Юрой создали видео на эту тему и вы можете его найти на этой и других Страницах. Солнечная Энергия, Любовь без условий, Гармония и Баланс означают одно и то же. 

Искусственные Солнечные Батареи забирают Солнечную Энергию, производимую нашими ТЕЛАМИ т.е. лишают нас нашей Энергии, чтобы, прежде всего, обслужить этой энергией инопланетян, их генетические базы и бордели, и крохи достаются самим людям (в смысле электроэнергии от Солнечных Батарей). И в любом случае мы за электричество платим огромные деньги, когда мы вообще за это платить не должны (да и за землю и воду тоже), потому что мы вырабатываем новую Солнечную Энергию!
Вроде как получается, У "РОДИНЫ" И У БАНКА ТЫ ВЕЧНО В ДОЛГУ (как в песне поётся)! 

СОЛНЕЧНАЯ ЭНЕРГИЯ НАШИХ ДУШ ОБОГРЕВАЕТ НАШИ ТЕЛА (без неё наши тела бы просто замёрзли насмерть). ДРАКОНЫ И ДРУГИЕ НЕГАТИВЫ ДУШ НЕ ИМЕЮТ ВООБЩЕ. ОНИ - ХОЛОДНЫЕ, ПОЭТОМУ ОНИ ЕДЯТ НАС, ЧТОБЫ СОГРЕТЬСЯ и смешать свою энергию с нашей. ОНИ БОЯТСЯ СОЛНЦА: ОНО ИХ УБИВАЕТ; ОНИ ВЫБИРАЮТ БОЛЕЕ ЖАРКИЕ СТРАНЫ, НО ЖИВУТ В СВОИХ КОСМИЧЕСКИХ КОРАБЛЯХ ИЛИ ПОД ЗЕМЛЁЙ, ОБОГРЕВАЕМЫЕ ЭЛЕКТРИЧЕСКИМИ СОЛНЕЧНЫМИ БАТАРЕЯМИ ИЛИ ОГРОМНЫМИ КОСТРАМИ (вулканическая огненная лава и пепел - результат их жизнедеятельности и жизни миллионов подземных рабов (женщин, мужчин, детей), которые обслуживают Негативных (и в смысле сэкса тоже) и также приготавливают для нас пищу и всякие товары ширпотреба для супермаркетов и других магазинов на нашей Планете).

Все вещества и газы происходят от разных вибраций Солнечной Энергии, зависит от того, какие вибрации, в каком количестве, сочетании (порядке) и пропорции.
Больше инфо на эти темы на нашем новом сайте :  SOURCE OF ALL SUNS - Источник Всех Солнц

Другая трагедия в том, что многие из нас (если не все) имеют в числе своих Параллельных Личностей: запрограмированных проституток (женщин, мужчин, детей) или евреев (это ведь Планетарная Игра)! Все свои Параллельные Личности мы должны найти, присоединить к себе, где бы они не находились, и стать полными (вроде лука со всеми его слоями). Только тогда мы сможем быть в полном составе (Выпускники) и выйти из Игры ! Освободить все наши Параллельные Личности можно только разрушив 3й и 4й Уровни и Планетарную Игру в них (как торнадо делают). Другого выхода - нет; просто не играть в Планетарную Игру - недостаточно!

Разрушая всё материальное на Земле и во всей Солнечной Системе мы освобождаем наши Души для эволюционного продвижения на высокие вибрационные Уровни!
До сих пор у многих я наблюдаю желание продолжать строить и поддерживать миры, играть в Планетарную Игру на Старой Земле. Да кто вам не даёт? Играйте, но только не здесь на Старой Земле в Старой Вселенной. Отправляйтесь в Новую Молодую Вселенную и там продолжайте, зачем же Старушку-Землю заставлять работать сверх плана?!
Приведу пример из своей жизни. Сексуально меня терзали с детства и помимо месячных менструаций, меня искусственно  оплодотворяли большую часть моей жизни, но сначала я не хотела иметь детей и потеряла счёт абортам, в результате моя матка стала вылезать наружу. Но к докторам-мясникам я не хожу, сама справляюсь.
Все aliens живут в страхе на своих планетах и хотят чтобы мы тоже на Земле жили в страхе! Ничего не выйдет ! ALIENS должны немедленно покинуть и Землю и всю нашу Солнечную Систему! Земля - на карантине, это значит, что никаким инопланетянам ходу сюда больше нет! Это пытались сделать люди с Андромеды много лет назад, но всё провалилось! Алех Коллие ещё тогда говорил на своих выступлениях, что все aliens и позитивные и негативные должны покинуть Землю и дать Планете возможность эволюционировать без их вмешательства ! 
На триллионах Женщин держится вся Вселенная, убери Женщин и Вселенная развалится в два счёта!
Так вот: сейчас это не провалится, я уж об этом позабочусь ! Иначе Мы-Женщины просто сожгём вас-инопланетяне ментально и вообще всё на Земле, хватит пить нашу кровь! Наверно поэтому мне не разрешили покинуть Землю раньше времени, чтобы вам всё это высказать и превратить Женщин Земли из жертв в борцов за Свободу!
Ниже отрывки из статей о Домашнем Насилии над Женщинами !

Домашнее насилие в Армении: защитит ли жертв новый закон? - Нина Ахметели, Русская служба Би-би-си, Ереван, 14 декабря 2017
"Коалиция против насилия в отношении женщин", с 2010 года в Армении по меньшей мере 50 женщин были убиты в результате домашнего насилия...В ту ночь, когда он меня избил, я думала, что не доживу до утра… Я помню, что утром, когда я очнулась на полу, моя дочка меня гладила, а я открываю глаза и удивляюсь, что еще жива… Тогда ей было шесть лет", - говорит Асмик, делая длинные паузы. Асмик - одна из немногих женщин, открыто рассказывающих о побоях и унижениях от бывшего мужа. Ей пришлось терпеть их на протяжении девяти лет семейной жизни. Ее история и длительное судебное разбирательство с бывшим мужем, который не признавал вины, попали на страницы СМИ. Его обвинили в пытках, но позднее обвинение переквалифицировали в умышленное нанесение легкого вреда здоровью. В итоге мужчину освободили в зале суда по амнистии."
Без рук и с тремя детьми: история жертвы домашнего насилия, 22 октября 2017
Жительница Уганды Нинсиима осталась без кистей обеих рук в результате нападения мужа: он отрубил их мачете. Ей помогли британские студенты-медики из Солфордского университета: они сделали для нее протезы и отправили их в Уганду. Когда Нинсиима осталась без рук, она была беременна. Теперь она снова может ухаживать за своими детьми сама.

В Пакистане женщин рекомендуют бить не очень сильно, 3 июня 2016
Региональный парламент Пенджаба в Пакистане принял закон о защите женщин. Он ввел наказания за такие преступления, как домашнее насилие, а также психологическое издевательство и материальные притеснения женщин. Однако Совет по исламской идеологии не одобрил закон, признав его неисламским. По собственной версии Совета, женщин бить можно, не очень сильно – так, чтобы не было переломов или не пошла кровь. По данным правозащитников из Human Rights Watch, от 70% до 90% женщин в Пакистане сталкиваются с домашним насилием.

Солнце светит всем, но не всем оно открывает истину, а только тем, кто более высокой вибрации, кто сможет это понять и применить по назначению.

Женщины Земли, для меня вы все - Солнечные Лучи, советую вам то, что делаю сама. ЖЕНЩИНЫ - ВЫ ПОЛНОСТЬЮ СВОБОДНЫ ОТ ВСЕГО И ОТ ВСЕХ ! Вместо того, чтобы страдать, жаловаться и судить мужчин и инопланетян за изнасилования, побои и эмоциональные пытки, будет намного лучше если вы просто мысленно и с эмоцией начнёте разрушать всё материальное в окружающих мирах (вкл. ваше тело) в своём воображении. Женщины, выберите любой способ какой по душе, чтобы разрушить вашу клетку: пожарами, землетрясениями, взрывами, ветрами, так чтобы от всего остался только пепел и пыль (как торнадо это делают); бросайте свои тела: вы - не тело, вы - вечные лёгкие Солнечные Существа, маленькие Солнца, когда уйдёте из этого мира, то знания на этом сайте помогут вам лучше сорентироваться и знать что делать дальше! Думайте только о себе и ни о ком/ни о чём больше: ни о детях или о мужьях/любовниках/других членах семьи или ещё о ком-то, зависящим от вас   (вроде кошек/собак и др. питомцах или о саде). Не думайте ни о какой работе ни дома, нигде больше, ни даже как волонтёром (в церкви или школе). Любой ценой поднимайтесь вверх чем выше, тем лучше! Вы к детям не привязаны, вы - свободны как птицы! У детей будет своё время когда покинуть Планету: дети - не тело, так же как и вы, они - маленькие Солнца. Покинув Землю вы избавитесь от холода, голода и неуплаченных счетов. Ментально сотрите в порошок весь материализм: вам не нужны ни дома, ни машины, ни земельные участки, ни сады и огороды. Взрывайте Кремль, Думу, полицию, военную технику и орудия; мысленно с эмоцией превратите все деньги и денежные карточные системы в пепел (как торнадо это делают), а также биржи с их акциями, заёмы, долги, подоходные налоги - всё превратите в прах силой своего воображения; вам не нужны, ломайте своим Разумом все  психбольницы, исправительные колонии и госпиталя, банки, суды, тюрьмы, генетические лаборатории и публичные дома (находящиеся также на всех физических небесных телах нашей Солнечной Системы, а их - тысячи); мысленно освобождайте из них всех заключённых: женщин, мужчин и детей; громите все башни (телевидения, мобильные и другие), Хаарп и всю технику (вроде мобильных) для програмирования рабов (вас); ментально стирайте в порошок все церкви, всех попов и все религии (вроде аллаха и исуса) с их Рождеством и Днём Благодарности
(Thanksgivings) - что ещё, и благодарить надо за Адские Жизни, которые мы прожили здесь?
Уничтожайте все бесчеловечные (alien) правительственные "законы, правила и инструкции"; избавьтесь от всех страхов, порождаемых Планетарной Игрой !
Бросайте свои тела: вы - не тело, вы - вечные Солнечные Существа, маленькие Солнца, когда уйдёте из этого мира вверх - знания на этом сайте помогут вам лучше сорентироваться и знать что делать дальше!

Женские Души настолько горячие, температура на берегу подскочила так, что стоять там уже невозможно (приходится наблюдать за происходящим из дома в Австралии).
В нашем Центре - никого, а гул ОТ ВСЕМИРНОГО ЖЕНСКОГО ДВИЖЕНИЯ ВВЕРХ - как пчелиный рой: пол дрожит и стены тоже, а я - на подъёме! Для меня ничего милее - нет как видеть это МОНУМЕНТАЛЬНОЕ ЖЕНСКОЕ ДВИЖЕНИЕ ! НАКОНЕЦ-ТО !
Я готовлю видео этого
МОНУМЕНТАЛЬНОГО ЖЕНСКОГО ДВИЖЕНИЯ в небе, через пару недель будет готово. 14 декабря 2017

Объяснение Схожести Человеческих Параллельных Личностей с Параллельными: Солнцами, Галактиками, Вселенными

Во время работы с компьютером вы часто вынуждены наслаивать на тот же самый экран компьютера разные программы. Вы можете начать с проверки вашей электронной почты и, не убирая её с экрана, наклеить сверху на emails, скажем, страницу notepad или работаете со своим собственным сайтом, наклеенным сверху notepad. Затем, сверх этого, вы, например, накладываете google, чтобы найти какую-то информацию для себя или открываете и наклеиваете сверху альбом фото, видео, аудио или какую-нибудь другую программу, хранящуюся в вашем компьютере. И вся эта стопка слоёв (програм) на одном экране выглядит как стопка оладей или как русская матрёшка. Все эти слои и будут называться параллельными по отношению к сердцевине лука, к сердцевине ствола дерева со слоями вокруг, матрёшки или тела человека. То же самое относится к Солнцам и вы видите в Радуге параллельные слои Солнца разного цвета-разной вибрации. То же самое происходит с Галактиками и Вселенными, только в этом случае всё намного сложнее!

Это - ЗАКОЛДОВАННЫЙ КРУГ, ИЗ КОТОРОГО МОЖНО ВЫБРАТЬСЯ ТОЛЬКО РАЗРУШИВ ЕГО! Вы почувствуете свою Силу только тогда, когда начнёте мысленно разрушать все старые миры! Для начала, нам надо ускорить общий Процесс Ликвидации Планетарной Игры в нашем сознании! Необходимо разрушить мысленно (и с эмоцией) физический Уровень Пространства и Времени, то есть физический 3й Уровень Сознания и мы это можем сделать силой нашего Разума согласно ВСЕЛЕНСКОМУ ЗАКОНУ СВОБОДНОЙ ВОЛИ (особенно Мужчины и особенно Русские Мужчины, живущие вдалеке от России)! Как только каждый из нас покончит мысленно и с эмоциями разрушать нашу физическую Планету (Земля - наш капкан, как сказал Роберт Монро), разрушайте все остальные физические планеты/экзопланеты/звёзды/луны/астероиды/кометы/НЛО/
коричневые карлики и т.д. в нашей Солнечной Системе. Потом переходите на содержимое всей нашей Галактики, а затем займитесь Старой физической Вселенной.
Мысленно с эмоцией взрывайте или сжигайте всё физическое (как торнадо делают), что попадается на вашем пути - на Душе полегчает; как говорится: люби меня как Душу, тряси меня как грушу. Для ознакомления с содержанием нашей Солнечной Системы, идите на сайты астрономов и астрофизиков: вы будете удивлены количеством всех этих налетевших "небесных тел" или найдите книги/статьи о Звёздных Системах и т.д. (освежите свою память).
Или идите на Страницы нашего нового и старого сайтов как :  Galaxy-Галактика
Наша Вселенная
Наша Солнечная Система во Вселенной

Разрушайте мысленно и с эмоцией все старые физические звёзды и звёздные системы, планеты и экзопланеты и .т.п. вплоть до физических Галактик. Нужно ускорить процесс ликвидации всей Планетарной Игры, в итоге вся Старая Вселенная должна превратиться в Белые Солнца и двигаться вверх в Источник Всех Солнц !
Я это делаю с большим успехом и вам советую идти в атаку, а не сидеть сложа руки и ждать Чуда! Вспомните как Ричард Шэйвэ разбил свои цепи и освободился из капкана Сатаны, в который он и его друзья попали, а потом Ричард поймал самого Сатану.  Читайте  "Я помню Лемурию" - "I remember Lemuria
или найдите переведённые
мной отрывки из этой книги на Главной Странице нашего нового сайта :   Источник Всех Солнц

Это даст вам силу, вы почувствуете своё могущество.
Никакое небесное тело не прибывает в нашу Солнечную Систему без всякой цели, а цель одна: смешаться с нами любой ценой даже если нами нужно отобедать! Расплодилось такое огромное количество жутких генетических лабораторий и борделей (публичных домов), для смешения нас с aliens. Они находятся не только под землёй и на motherships (космические корабли огромных размеров), но и на многочисленных кометах, астероидах, лунах, планетах, планетоидах, экзопланетах, коричневых карликах, scout-ships (НЛО меньшего размера). Только один Сатурн имеет 62 луны вокруг себя и это только одна наша Солнечная Система!

Смешиваться с инопланетянами надо , но не такими свирепыми способами как это делают Негативные расы. У всех цивилизаций было достаточно времени, чтобы выйти из физических Пространства и Времени на 4й нефизический Уровень и выше - на 5й, или вообще уйти в Новую физическую Дочернюю Вселенную продолжать эволюционировать, если они не могут или не хотят двигаться выше. Так что нужда в физическом Пространстве и Времени в нашей Старой Вселенной уже давно отпала !

Помните что Роберт Монро сказал:"Мы способны сделать абсолютно всё (если будем это делать вместе)", в том числе и разрушить Пространство и Время во Всей Старой Вселенной (если поднатужимся)! Роберт Монро всегда путешествовал без тела и без всяких ракет или НЛО
по всему Космосу и смеялся над доморощенными инопланетными кораблями и инопланетянами, которым НЛО нужны для передвижения по Космосу. Так все люди летают по Космосу без всяких НЛО, как только засыпают и отделяются от тела, но на утро память их полётов стирается.
Алекс Коллие как-то сказал:" Чем ниже Уровнем вы находитесь, тем хуже к вам относятся!" Вывод: поднимайтесь выше!
И ещё Алекс Коллие сказал :"Мы можем создавать миры, но мы также можем их разрушать
!" "We can create worlds, but we also can uncreate them (means ruin them)!" 
Сила нашего Разума - вот где собака зарыта, вот как мы можем избавиться от рабства, если у всех один INTENT !

Существуют приливы и отливы. Отлив: это когда вода с берегов сливается в океан. Прилив: это когда вода из океана двигается на берег (то есть в противоположном направлении). Но как вода начинает двигаться в обратном направлении?
Для этого посылается небольшая Стоячая Волна ближе к берегу, которая начинает сопротивляться течению воды с берега как стена. Вскоре эта Стоячая Волна начинает медленно двигаться вперёд, толкая воду на берег, а за ней вы видите как следуют другие маленькие волны, которые тоже сопротивляются течению воды и помогают поворачивать её вспять, на берег (прилив). Стоячая Волна это - я, но лидером, который впереди всех, я себя не чувствую (как и Роберт Монро не чувствовал), скорее я - толкач, который находится сзади всех и толкает всех вверх. Похоже мне придётся здесь остаться пока мы всё в этих мирах не разрушим, а жо-па-делаешь!?

Интересные видео хотя из высказываний некоторых мужчин видно, что они не прошли всей боли, настолько они наивны, глупо верящие в "спасение планеты".

Почему-то некоторые мужчины в видео всё ещё носятся с идеей (obssessed), что летательный аппарат это - единственный способ передвижения по Космосу! Почему все эти "знатоки" такие тупые?
Роберт Монро всегда путешествовал без тела и без всяких ракет или НЛО по всему Космосу и смеялся над доморощенными инопланетными кораблями и пилотами-
инопланетянами, многим из которых только НЛО нужны для передвижения по Космосу. Роберт скептически относился ко многим наукам, в особенности к астрономии, к астрофизике и к учёным занятых этими науками.  Роберт поражался баснословным суммам, которые тратила НАСА на все эти, нам не нужные космические "программы", где ни слова о их настоящей цели: борделях и генетических лабораториях (и такое происходит до сих пор и уже во многих странах - аппетиты у aliens разгораются). Только мы не знали, что все эти астрономические суммы из нашего кармана, шли на построение отвратительных публичных домов (борделей) и ужасающих генетических лабораторий, где с нами до сих пор делают что хотят, на тысячах планет/комет/астероидов/лун/НЛО и т.д. нашей Солнечной Системы (это помимо нашей Планеты). Вот об этом эти видео не говорят, а это - самое главное; это и есть наше скрытое РАБСТВО !

Помню я как дура радовалась вместе со всеми когда полетели Гагарин и Терешкова. Мол, первые люди в Космосе, ну как же не радоваться?! Не зная, что я с рождения, как и все остальные, летаю по Космосу каждую ночь без тела как засыпаю, то есть мы-все космонавты! Ни Терешкова, ни Гагарин, ни остальные космонавты наверно не догадывались о настоящей цели их полётов: побольше затащить народу с Земли (особенно Женщин) в эти бордели и генетические лаборатории. Нас дурачили тыщи лет!
Как я уже говорила : у всех инопланетян цель одна, это - смешаться с нами любой жуткой ценой! Для этого Драко заставили нас же понастроить везде, где можно, эти бордели и генетические лаборатории и молчать. Окружили всё полной засекреченностью вплоть до смертной казни, если проговоришься! И мужчины и женщины - все в страхе!
На что это похоже? Да ломать мысленно с полной силой все миры надо, а не верить Драко и болтать языком, вот что !!!

Просто смешно, как инопланетные расы стараются произвести на нас сногсшибательное впечатление своими внушительными летательными аппаратами неприятного вида!
Когда давно известно, что все люди на Земле летают по всему Космосу без тела и без всяких НЛО (на хрен они нужны если мы и без них можем?!), как только люди засыпают и отделяются от тела, но на утро память их полётов стирается. Нам эту возможность летать без тела даёт Солнечная Энергия в нашей Душе и наше Белое Солнце. Вот как раз Солнца и Земли, во времена Лемурии, Ричард Шэйвэ избегал (как и многие другие расы) и жил внутри планет без Солнца в Империи Elders. Он, как и многие Elders, считал, что Солнце на Земле запутывает их, даёт им неправильные решения в жизни. Это было ошибкой: рептоиды на расстоянии посылают неправильные решения в наш мозг, а негативных драконов и других присмыкающихся на Земле всегда полно было. К Солнцу на Земле нужно уметь приспособиться и на это ушла не одна тысяча лет; в результате человека "приспособили" и усовершенствовали (но не без труда и боли: кнутом и пряником).
Во времена Лемурии Ричард не был способен жить и путешествовать на обоих Уровнях Сознания (3й физический и 4й не-физический) как мы с вами сейчас это делаем. Поэтому в те времена Ричард полностью полагался только на космические летательные аппараты, а нам, в наше время, этого делать не следует! В полётах полагайтесь только на свою Душу и на своё Высшее Существо - Солнце :

(1) ! Nov 14, 2017

(не еврей ли?) - ИНОПЛАНЕТЯНЕ КАК ЛЮДИ: ЕСТЬ ХОРОШИЕ, ЕСТЬ ПЛОХИЕ (2) . Nov 14, 2017

Video: ПРОБУЖДЕНИЕ 2017. ТАЙНЫЕ ПРОГРАММЫ фильм про инопланетян, пришельцы НЛО NASA космос Луна Марс
. Nov 17, 2017

In our videos we show a Sun rising up to the 5th Level, this Sun is us all from Earth, and we are expected there by crowds of White Beings of different intensity (bigger part of me is there too, waiting for us to arrive). Sun of Earth is symbolic: it is us Human Sunny Spirits of Earth! I know, that we can't create a Sun from all of our Souls, because each of us belongs to a different Sun on higher Level.
BUT WE CAN FORM CLUSTER of OUR SOULS and move up to the 5th Level together. We tried it in our location and some of us succeded on 11th November early morning (watch our last video below), but not all ! The reason is, that many of us are still not complete, our other parts-personalities are lost somewhere and we need to find them and join them to ourselves. Then each one of us will be complete.
We gather our lost parts only on 3d and 4th Levels. When one of my parts-parallel personalities is joining me, I first hear unusual frequency in my left ear, get hot flash and heart arythmia (heart is loosing usual rhythm as a result of merging of 2 different vibrations). What I saw later on 11th November in the night sky above our Centre in Australia, was a lot white fog - our Spirits, not COMPLETE SOULS! Huge roundish forms of fog of different sizes, many of them were standing above me and above the coast line. Those foggy forms were clusters of you - human Spirits, gathered on the 4th Level and visible to the eye, but we need complete Souls, not uncomplete Spirits! That night wasn't dark at all: you could see everything without a torch.
For many months in our village in Australia I've been watching how clusters of white human Souls were leaving Earth through Sun! Millions of them! I've made so many photos of them on different days. The Universal Flow is moving through the Sun and the Graduates are moving up within it. Usually it takes a сouple of hours for the whole cluster of White Human Souls to move up and disappear from the sky of 4th, visible to us Level, to the 5th, non-visible to us Level in the sky. And it gives me such pleasure to see it. Watch the skies and you'll see the 4th Level of Consciousness! All sorts of clouds/auroras/gamma rays/fire and light balls/stars/comets etc. are living Beings of different civilizations, but our White Souls and White Suns are not other civilizations of different vibrations! Humans are balanced Sunny Beings!
In order to free ourselves from the Prison-Planet we need to destroy it first, to ruin mentally our numerous holographic worlds of every country, which you might see or remember. Blow up with emotion your night dreams (travels to inorganic worlds) esp. nightmares; eliminate mentally dreadful images, memories, movies, sights, articles, videos, that you don't agree with; blow up the whole bloody history of Humankind - empire after empire; burn all satanic gatherings of all governments (like summits), their headquaters and all their members; taxation offices and banks, the whole money system; nuke world's police, military of all kinds, Pentagon, White House, all Parliaments and the like; Cern; psychiatric institutions, jails, detention centers and hospitals; castles and churches. If we are really going to have 2 weeks of darkness (no Sun) from 15th November till the end of this month (maybe open arrival of aliens), then you will have a good opportunity to make yourself comfortable and start mentally the process of destroying your previous years of life. And you will see how new events start unwrapping up and change the reality faster, how many people will start disappear (or "die") and your lost parts start joining you. Robert Monroe told us to break everything, he said, that we can do everything possible, well then ! This is what I mentally do with emotions and advise all Men and Women to do the same.
I mentally nuke with imaginary atomic bombs the whole Earth's Crust into pieces (like in our videos): all holographic Antarctica, Australia, Arab Countries, Asia - China, Russia, both Americas, Africa, Europe; the underground/underwater bases with their genetic labs; Planets/Planetoids/moons/asteroids/UFOs (Moon, Mars, Phobos, Enzelada, Pandora, Ganimede, Nibiru and all the rest of them); the Haarp and all Mobile Phone and other mind-controlling Towers; blow up Human Sex-Pile Robert Monroe was writing about; all brothels, Sathanas (halfmen-halfgoat), described by Richard Shaver, and other negative aliens on Earth! You will realease lots of humans from hell this way. Just mentally blow up with emotion all the worlds you ever been to, or the place you are now (I did it many times)! Blow up the tunnels of Inorganic Worlds Carlos Castaneda was writing about, where so many human Men (your other parts) are imprisoned, release them and visualise how their White Sunny Spirits are rising up and meet you! Inorganic Worlds are the most difficult to visualise and blow up.
I mentally blow up all the holographic worlds around me not to let them drag me back to Earth! Men can do this job better, than Women ! Unfortunately, Female Energy creates and protects holographic worlds, but Male Energy destroys these same worlds! Though there are many males (esp. in governments and police), who go against their nature by trying to protect our old, good for nothing, worlds, instead of ruining these prisons. 
Most women are still busy with their personal life, their problems, their families, with elections to get into governments. Men, you need mentally go against such men and women, who is trying to protect the Planetary Game. No wonder, that Internet is now flooded with articles about women, who are exposing males, who have been sexually harassing females and males in entertainment industry and among politicians for years! All these accusations are printed in order to prevent us from focusing on our Departure from Earth! They have been trying to replace men in all governments and in other key places with women, in order to continue the Game. And women fall for it!
We should've been departing Earth long time ago, but the timeline was artificially prolonged: they have that technology! Only on balanced 5th Level, where real Communism is, we can be teachers of what we know (according to R. Monroe), but on this level we can be only slaves of all kinds! Communism is Balance in everything, these words were never written in "Capital" by Jews - Marx and Engels, who wrote this thick last century.
It doesn't help just to know, that our Universe is holographic: we need to do something about our release from this HOLOGRAM ! I see, hear and feel a tremendous Advance of high vibrational forces in our Old Universe and their victories. Singing "The Internationale" will help to unite our Souls: it's a Signal for Departure, you will hear the voices of others, if you start singing it yourself ! "The Internationale" is constantly on my mind !

А couple of lines about the POWER OF OUR MIND from Andy Pero, Project Superman, Part 6 :
"...At the meeting one of Grays was trying to gain access to my mind in order to control me. He kept trying to implant the suggestion "You will obey me, You will obey me". I warned him to stop three times. He had no way of knowing my abilities and after warning him the third time I crushed his throat with my mind and then hurled him against the wall with such force that his head splattered open like a ripe melon."

Recommended video:
'They sold me three times'. Hundreds of Nigerians, who became stranded in Libya after attempting to reach Europe, have returned home on government sponsored flights in recent weeks. Here are some of their stories of slavery and torture.

Nasa’s ambitious plan to save Earth from a supervolcano

(first, they were scaring everyone with supervolcanos, with atomic bombs and with other stuff; but now, after us ruining Earth mentally, they stopped scare tactics and started writing these kinds of articles about saving Earth! Human Race and Earth don't need to be saved. Human Race accomplished its purpose on Earth and moving to the next Old Universe at the End of its Life to do the same as it did here on Earth! LM).
"With an eruption brewing, it may be the only way to prevent the extinction of the human race..."

Breaking Up of Tectonic Plates

Charles Hall -
Sep 1, 2017. The Tall Whites, an extraterrestrial race coming from an unknown planet is a really recent phenomenon. They were discovered when researchers learned of the existence of a retired airman, Charles Hall who lived with those alien on Nellis range, Nevada. This race could be as important for the human destiny as the Short Greys popularized by the abduction literature except that they don't abduct humans. Hall could catch a glimpse of one of their UFOs, and could understand he technology somewhat, which was based on super coiled fibre optics and many more complicated tools. As a result the crafts were weightless and could fly against gravity easily. There are many more evidences, recording, and facts which have been revealed in the writings of Charles Hall, and the humans have a lot to know and understand about the tall Whites who are now present in between us, but in disguise.

In Your Face: China’s all-seeing state, 10 Dec 2017
China has been building what it calls "the world's biggest camera surveillance network". Across the country, 170 million CCTV cameras are already in place and an estimated 400 million new ones will be installed in the next three years. Many of the cameras are fitted with artificial intelligence, including facial recognition technology. The BBC's John Sudworth has been given rare access to one of the new hi-tech police control rooms.

Weapons Of Mass Surveillance. Middle Eastern governments are using high tech mass surveillance tools to monitor their citizens. 7 July 2017

This is how I understand our Earth evolved to become a field of activities for generating new Sun Energy (in a very simple form). I came to this conclusion myself
(ниже та же самая статья на русском)

Planet Earth started from being a brown terraformed shell first (a brown dwarf - physical 1st brown Layer) without a star or a Sun (brown stars don't exist) and had no name. After mixing with planets, stars and creatures of red vibration for X number of years, Earth joined to itself a new physical red Layer (2d) on top of the 1st brown Layer). Then terra-formed Earth had a negative red Star inside and red low vibrational creatures lived inside Earth. After another X number of years and mixing with orange and yellow vibrational races (not without a struggle), our Earth evolved higher and could join to itself a 3d physical orange Layer with red and orange stars and vibrational beings living inside of it. Over thousands of years of struggles the vibration of Earth became even higher as a result of constant mixing with Yellow and Green vibrational civilizations. That allowed Earth to join to itself a new higher physical vibrational Layer - Yellow (4th) and have stars and beings of red, orange and yellow vibrations to exist inside/outside Earth. When water and oxygen turned up on the Planet, the Earth could join to itself physical green vibration (5th Layer on top of all the others), with stars and beings of red-orange-yellow-green vibrations, mixing inside/outside Earth. Now vegetation could grow and civilizations of red/orange/yellow/green vibrations could live on Earth.
R. Monroe got a Rote (info) about the history of our Planet and about the way we-humans create new Sun Energy, from a representative of his Higher Self (Inspec friend). Then, in a veiled fashion, Robert interpreted the content of the Rote in his books. He mentioned physical creatures of red/orange/yellow/green vibrations living on Earth, which he called kind of experimental 'garden'.
After another X numbers of years and a lot of mixing of civilizations with low red/orange/yellow/green vibrations, Earth evolved higher in vibration and could mix with space bodies of Blue vibration and their populations invisible to eyes (non-physical), who could only exist outside Earth. This way the Earth joined to itself Blue (6th) vibrational Layer. Formation of non-physical (invisible) Indigo, Violet, Pink Layers of Earth followed the same way.
Aquamarine vibration became a border between low color vibrations (physical) and high color vibratons (non-physical). Aquamarine vibration became also a Binding Force for everything and everyone physical (of low vibrations) on Earth and in our Old 3D Universal Level. Many photos on our both sites show this Aquamarine  Binding Force, deliberately glued to everything material around us (to prevent worlds from falling apart). When Earth developed fully: had Layers of all Color vibrations, a White Sun appeared, which was a combination of stars of all color vibrations, introduced to Earth. Now Earth needed Beings, who consisted of not one, but all color vibrations, like the Sun. They were Humans, whose Souls were composed of Sun Energy! And it took a lot of time to train humans to generate new Sun Energy.
Below is a picture of a Brown Dwarf, the beginning of Earth (ниже фото коричневого карлика): 

Моё понимание как наша Земля эволюционировала, чтобы стать полем деятельности разных существ, производящих новую Солнечную Энергию (в очень простой форме).
К этим выводам я пришла самостоятельно.

Планета Земля начала своё развитие с коричневого карлика самой низкой вибрации (1й коричневый физический слой Планеты) без всякой звезды (коричневых звёзд не бывает) или Солнца; Земля тогда не имела имени. После н-го количества лет смешения с планетами и их населением, и со звёздами низкой красной вибрации, Земля эволюционировала и добавила к себе 2й Красный физический слой - сверху коричневого, низкой вибрации. Красная звезда и негативные существа красной вибрации находились во внутренней части нашей Планеты (и до сих пор красные звёзды негативных цивилизаций прибывают внутрь нашей Земли, а негативная Красная звезда на Кремле и на военных погонах, до сих пор является символом России, Сов. Союза и Китая, но я надеюсь уже недолго).
Тогда наша Планета носила другое имя. И опять, после н-го количества лет и смешения с разными цивилизациями красной и даже оранжевой вибраций наша Планета эволюционировала и присоединила к себе 3й Оранжевый слой сверху коричневого и красного слоёв, но не без борьбы. Внутри Планеты могли уже находиться оранжевые и красные звёзды и обитать существа этих вибраций. После тысяч лет борьбы разных физических цивилизаций низких вибраций (красной, оранжевой и жёлтой) на Земле, её вибрация повысилась и она присоединила к себе 4й Жёлтый слой сверху красного, оранжевого и коричневого. Эти негативные цивилизации могли обходиться без кислорода и воды, но в процессе постоянной борьбы между негативными цивилизациями разной вибрации Земля эволюционировала ещё выше, тогда на Земле появился кислород и вода. Это дало возможность Земле присоединить к себе 5й Зелёный физический слой сверху других 4х слоёв. Внутрь Земли могли уже прилетать цивилизации 4 низких вибраций с их звёздами и населением. Сначала в основном растительность, грибки и плесени представляли цивилизации зелёной более высокой негативной вибрации, но потом рептоиды стали смешиваться с зелёной и даже аквамариновой
вибрацией (что ещё выше), чтобы повысить свою низкую красную вибрацию. Доказательством этого служат зелёные крокодилы, лягушки, змеи, жуки, птицы и т.д. Много потребовалось труда и терпения, чтобы они могли ужиться и смешаться друг с другом.

Aquamarine Snake

Роберт Монро как-то получил от своего друга-интеллигента инфо (rote) из Космоса об истории нашей Планеты и о том, как животные и люди вырабатывают новую Солнечную Энергию (люди конечно намного больше и более высокого качества). Потом Роберт в заувалированной форме описал это в своей книге, упомянув представителей физических цивилизаций низких красной, оранжевой, жёлтой и зелёной вибраций, живущих в то время на Земле, которую он называл экспериментальный сад.
После ещё какого-то длительного периода эволюции Земли (борьбы и смешения разных видов), Планета достигает более высокой вибрации. Это даёт ей возможность присоединить к себе следующий 6й Синий вибрационный не-физический слой сверху всех низких негативных слоёв. Это было начало присоединения к Земле высоких световых вибраций, население которых было невидимым для глаз, а их звёзды находились высоко над Землёй, а не внутри её. Появилась граница Аквамариновой вибрации, отделяющая низкие вибрационные слои от высоких. За этим слоем последовали остальные не-физические слои Земли : Индиго, Фиолетовый, Розовый и Белый - объединяющий все цвета.

(продолжение следует). 

Our video "Original Intent"

These white vertical waves on the above picture are coming from the Suns (our Higher Selves) on the 11th Level. The waves are connecting Suns to every Level of Our Old Universe and allow Suns to pull the Levels up. These Suns are also connected to Our Spirits on Earth. This connection never breaks down, our Higher Selves always help us!
On the picture below you can see how our White Spirits are moving up
through Our Sun's Black Hole to join the Gathering on the 5th Level !

Above there are 2 snap shots from improved version of our symbolic video "ORIGINAL INTENT", which we finished today (1 July 2017). In this version you will see how Human Spirits move up through the Black Hole of Our White Sun. You will understand it better after watching all our videos esp. "Going Home" and "Eternal Wheel of Balance". Russian improved version of this video is on Russian Home Page already.


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Click to play Animation "Original Intent" on Adobe Flash Player

LINK to the 3d method of playing Video "Original Intent". You need to press on the address, then a message will turn up below left side of the screen, press on the arrow and on "open" and video will appear:

Description of our new video "Original Intent" - General Picture (13 April 2017).

It shows the Universal Events in a compact and symbolic form. The video is accompanied by a Chinese orchestra playing "The Internationale". The music by Belgian composer-socialist Pierre De Geyter, written in 1888, and me singing the new words, written by me in english and in russian, which have more sense. I hope, after watching this video, you'll start singing it too, because it is important step towards Unification of all Individual Spirits and Group Souls on Earth, and our Mutual Departure from physical Earth ! This new video adding more details to our previous videos: it has 3 segments (duration of video - 4min 22sec). You can make the format of the video larger by stretching it or clicking on a sign below, and, for better effect, listen to it with loud sound level. The 3d method of playing our videos takes time to download (if you follow all the instructions).

The 1st segment shows the Sparkling Source of All White Suns on the Highest Level of Consciousness. You will see how some Suns jumped from the Source to a lower (than the Source) 11th Level. But most Suns were gathering on 11th Level after completing all Universal Games on lower Levels (before 23 March 1994 and after). All these Suns hooked themselves to each of the 11 Levels of Consciousness and made impression (holographic hook) on them with their moving white waveforms, in order to drag each Level up. As a result, the 1st Level of Old Universe merged with and disappeared into the 2nd Level, and gave way to temporary creation of 12ht Level of Old Universe. Then the Suns lifted up the 2nd Level and merged it with the 3d Level, which later also disappeared. The video shows how many of us detached themselves from these White Suns and started our journey down to Earth on the low 3d physical Level (there is no Time on those Levels); how we left our parts on each Level and how, after our participation in Earth's Planetary Game, we are climbing up towards the Source, and gathering all our lost parts from each Level. There is the Beam of 2 ways-Universal Flow at the centre of the picture, which connects the Source with the Inner Sun of Earth. The Wheel of our evolution soon disappears, because there is no need in it in disappearing Universe anymore, and it doesn't show in the 2nd and the 3rd segments.

In 2nd segment you will see how millions of our Spirits, as little Suns (parts of our Soul) together with Group Souls, are leaving Earth through our Sun's Black Hole at the same time. Some wil reach and stay on the 4th Level (not for long), but some (more advanced) are moving straight to the 5th Level and join the Gathering there. All 3 segments show how Levels 2, 3 and 4 are moved up by Suns and slowly disappear.
The 3rd segment shows the Earth's Implosion: the pieces of Earth's Crust are moving through the Black Hole of the Inner Sun of Old Earth. Inner Sun is finally released and rapidly moving up to merge with the Central Sun on the 4th Level. Soon after, the 3rd Level of Old Universe is moving up, merging with the 4th Level and disappears. We only leave the Gathering on the 5th Level and the new words of 'The Internationale' to sing along with us ! Our Original Intent was to move Old Earth's Inner Sun to the Source of All Suns! We will do it and then join our individual Suns on the 12 Level, with whom we always had constant connections, and then we will move to the Source! But now we need to unite at least 10% of Earth's population with the same Goal and things start happening ! To move up quicker, we all need to create
globally faster thoughtforms in our heads, based on HIGHER KNOWLEDGE !

On the pictures below, 1st one, to the right: shores of our village in Australia. Sun and Universal Flow moving through the ocean and connecting our visible White Sun! The Universal Flow is moving from the Source to the Inner Sun through Central Suns on each Level and through the Portal of our Centre ! To the left: photos of George and I - while making this video. George and I have been  living together for 40 years in Australia ! The 2nd photo below: Rays of the Inner Sun are visible on the ceiling of my bedroom (in our Centre) in the evening (I had to lie down on the floor to take this photo) !

ИСТОЧНИК ВСЕХ СОЛНЦ - Новое Название нашего Центра в Австралии;
SOURCE OF ALL SUNS - New Name of our Centre in Australia

Адрес нашего нового сайта :

Our New Website SOURCE OF ALL SUNS is in action :
ANNOUNCEMENT: This page has been modified to be viewable on Mobile devices and another thing:
I don't make mistakes in spelling, but invisible entities, who is always interfering with my work, I have to correct mistakes later !

Важное Сообщение - все Страницы можно просмотреть на мобильных телефон
ах и других приспособлениях и другая вещь:
я не делаю грамматических ошибок, невидимые негативы делают их за моей спиной и мне приходится их потом исправлять!

Когда я первый раз это увидела 10 лет назад, я обалдела, а сейчас уже примирилась со своей участью: Солнце на потолке моей спальни каждый вечер, днём не видно. Как вам это нравится?
 Below is a new photo I made last night on 21 April 2017. More of our Portal's photos are on :  Old Home Page

I advise you to listen to The Internationale singing by a thousand of people at Soviet Union National Congress Communist Party in USSR - 1978. 
Советую посмотреть и послушать Интернационал, поёт весь зал русских на Конгрессе коммунистической партии в России, 1978. Вся мощь СССР в одной песне.

"The New Internationale"

Music was written by Belgian composer-socialist Pierre De Geyter, written in 1888; new words in english and in russian are written by me, Lydia Monroe. This new video is in english and soon will be in russian.

With Internationale our Spirits join our Suns!

Unite Whole World of Souls together and leave Illusions and Unjust !
The Time is right to break our hard chains, which held us so long - at last !
This World of Struggles We Will Ruin to Nothing and
We Will Create a Universe of our Future,
Who had no rights, will have them then!

This Intent is our Power and the Last Step for us. With Internationale our Spirits join our Suns! (Sing this frase twice).

This Goal fulfills our Dreams, but only
When matches Universe Intent.
Ascending is not easy Problem,
But leads us in the Source and that
Will cause Great Peal of Thunder Rolling,
The Earth will Break its Crust and then,
The Sun of Freedom Opens wider
To Blast a Fire of its Rays !

This Intent is our Power and the Last Step for us. With Internationale our Spirits join our Suns! (Sing this frase twice).

Accompany these words with this music:
The Internationale (Instrumental) Dec 13, 2011. Instrumental version of the international socialist/communist anthem "the Internationale" performed by a Chinese orchestra.

The Wheel of White Sparkling Sun Energy of Balance ! This old video with explanations is on this Page (below). We are Luminous Beings, we are a Cocoons of Luminous Layers. We are Transfomers of different colored vibrational Energies into White Balanced Sun Energy. Each one of our Total Selves is a Cluster of White Suns of different sizes; the smallest Sun is our Spirit, attached to the body, and the biggest one is our Spakling Total Self ! All our Higher Selves on every Level are White Suns of different sizes, they all represent our individual Clusters and you will see it in this video! In order to get back Home to the Source of All Life (or the Source of All Sun Energy), we need to raise and fasten our Vibration from 3rd Level of Consciousness to the higher Levels, but it can't be done without experiencing physical and emotional Pains ! No Pain - No Gain ! That's the reason why our Higher Selves constantly arrange hardships and pain for us (esp. at the end of live
s of our human bodies - Spirits are eternal) !

Multiverse = Never Ending Evolution! The Real Power of Humanity, of our Planet-Sun, of our Universe and of the whole Multiverse is based on White Balanced Sun Energy! The real are only White Suns, the Rest is illusions, holograms and the time came to destroy these illusions in the Old Universe, not to create new ones! Every Human on this Planet, whether it is a woman or a man, has this White Sunny sparkling Energy of Balance (Soul-Spirit)! It doesn't matter if now you live in one of Parallel Universes or in our Old Original Universe, still you turned up on this Planet in order to create Balance not only with your physical body, but also with your presence, with your thoughts and actions, with your emotions and your Sunny Soul Energy ! I will act on your brain drop by drop, till we, all TRILLIONS OF SUNS IN THE SOURCE, turn you into Suns as well ! We must mix All Vibrational Energies of Old and Young Universes (Original and Parallel ones) together! We are not a human race, not a female or a male! We are White Sun Energy of Balance and, in order to get to Non-physical 5th Level for a start, we all need to agree to give up our Human Form! LIFE CAME TO THIS PLANET WITH WATER - WITH WATER LIFE WILL LEAVE THE PLANET EARTH !

"The Internationale" by North Korean Military Choir & Moranbong Band [Feb 6, 2013]

The Internationale on Modern Chinese TV 2016 (in Chinese and French)

Die Internationale - DDR Ost Berlin 1986 , Parade der Arbeiterkampfgruppen

Die Internationale - 40. Jahrestag der DDR - 1989 



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Great Shining Universal Cloud (9) has been spreading Waves Of White Balanced Sun Energy, squeezing out of Old Universe all other vibrations and replacing them with One and Only Vibration of Unconditional Love!


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The Description of our New Video (27 Oct 2017)

Now you know the real meaning of an expression 'Cloud 9'. This Video is in 2 languages (russian & english), it is showing the situation in our whole Old Universe at the End of  Universal/
Galactic/Planetary Games. 10 Levels of Consciousness of our Old Universe are indicated by numbers; the Source of All Suns is on the Highest Level; the Spiral Movement up of All ascending Suns' Cosmic Cloud is indicated by a Spiral moving up (on the left). This Enormous Cloud is moving up, Level after Level and pushing us up vibrationally. This Cloud was growing, only we couldn't reach it before (our vibration was too low), but we will reach it soon! Wide, Powerful Stream of White Sun Energy of Balance has been coming through Universal Central Suns in 2 ways: the Stream moves down from the Source of All Suns through the Portal, called Emitter into the Earth, but on the border between 4th and 3rd Level Sun rays are changing into Sun Plasma (needed for building our physical bodies and low-vibrational stars' physical bodies). 
Occasional Flashes in the Major Sun of our Solar System are caused by merging our Sun with our Parallel Suns of higher vibrations! This Way our Major Sun is growing and getting hotter!
The downward movement of this Stream of Balance is indicated by arrows forming a Spiral (on the right). The Video starts the circular movement of expanding White Cloud of Ascending Suns. This Wave has been squeezing out of Old Universe all lower vibrations and replacing them with One and Only - Vibration of Suns' Unconditional Love! That Wave will move us to the 5th Level and higher!
The music, which is accompaning this Video, was wriiten by а russian composer Dmitry Shostakovich, and is called "Balance the Conflicts - Reconciliation" from a highly recommended old soviet movie "Ovod".



"Far Journeys", Robert Monroe, p. 88:
"I felt like I was being taken back in time and could feel a bombardment of particles . . . of matter . . . and actually seeing the bombardment of particles. Some particles, that fused together, actually, became a Working Mechanism. I guess the only thing, that we can understand and relate it to, would be like a computer. And as a Fusion of these particles occurred, they actually started communicating with one another by the Heat of the Light or Sun Energy, that they were Radiating."

An extract from the book "Plutonia", written by Vladimir Obruchev (in russian). Symmes was right: it is not a Sun, who creates a planet's shell.
Symmes inspired russian researchers, like Truchanov, who formed a polar expedition of scientists-explorers to Hollow Earth in 1913 (with his own money), for whom I have a great respect :
"A fellow by the name of Symmes (fearless captain), postulated, that inside the Earth was another Earth and another (5 or 8 like an onion). But Symmes was somewhat different.
The Earth is Hollow and has a few concentric firm spheres inside each other and 2 huge Openings at the Poles...Ed explains, that when a Planet is formed it is first just gas, which is rotating... the heavy particles eventually expand out and create the Planet's surface..."



These photos I took from some site and used them on our site, but they - wrong! Sun can't exist inside low vibrational Crust of Earth or any other Planet, but low vibrational stars can !
For many years I believed the books I read about Hollow Earth, where they wrote about Inner Sun in our Hollow Earth. And just recently I realised, that that wsan't true ! Unfortunately,  most of our videos are based on this mistake. There is no sun or stars in Hollow Earth right now: it's empty and ready to be blown up !

Original Humans (O) could be in 4 locations (we didn't have a choice):
1. Stay in physical body on physical Old Earth
2. Be moved in physical body underground into one of physical Low Vibrational Negative Parallel Earths
3. Be moved without physical body to one of outer Positive High Vibrational non-physical Parallel Earths
4. Be moved without physical body outside Earth to one of alien (both positive or negative) Planets of Cosmos

Коренные люди (О-оригиналы) могли находиться в 4х местах (у нас не было выбора):
1. Оставаться  в физическом теле на поверхности Старой Земли
2. Попасть в физическом теле под землю в одну из физических Параллельных Земель негативной низкой вибрации
3. Оказаться без тела в одной из не-физических Параллельных Земель Высокой Положительной Вибрации
4. Оказаться без тела на одной из alien чужеродных Планет Космоса

Clones (C) or our parallel personalities are of low vibrations and could be moved only to 2 locations (they don't have a choice):
1. Stay in physical body on Old Earth's Crust
2. Be moved in physical body inside Hollow Earth into one of Low Negative Vibrational Parallel Earths

Клоны (С) или наши параллельные личности обычно низких вибраций и могли быть посланы только в 2 места (у них не было выбора):
1. Оставаться в физическом теле на Старой Земле
2. Попасть в физическом теле в Полую Землю на одну из её физических Параллельных Планет Низкой Негативной Вибрации

Red vibrational star
Orange vibrational star
Yellow vibrational star
Green vibrational star

Звезда Негативной Красной Вибрации
Звезда Негативной Оранжевой Вибрации
Звезда Негативной жёлтой Вибрации
Звезда Негативной Зелёной Вибрации

Blue Vibrational star
Indigo Vibrational star
Violet Vibrational star
Pink Vibrational star

Звезда Синей Вибрации
Звезда Индиго Вибрации
Звезда Фиолетовой Вибрации
Звезда Розовой Вибрации

A Layer of Aquamarine Vibration (BINDING FORCE), is covering Old Earth's Crust. Before it was a Boundary between Parallel Earths of Low Negative and High Positive Vibrations, but when the Boundary was broken, it allowed All Parallel Earths to mix on Old Earth !

Слой Аквамариновой Вибрации (СВЯЗУЮЩАЯ СИЛА) лежит на поверхности Старой Земли и когда-то Границей разделял Параллельные Земли Позитивных и Негативных Вибраций. Но когда Аквамариновую Границу сломали, все Параллельные Земли со своими жителями стали смешиваться на Старой Земле, создавая новую Солнечную Энергию!

Brown Old Earth's Crust
Коричневая поверхность Старой Земли

Our visible White Sun - Наше Белое Солнце

4 Parallel Negative Stars were inside Earth (apart from other alien Negative Stars), but they all are gone by now. The Hollow Earth is empty, but Earth's Crust is not. There are still a lot negative bases there, which can be only destroyed by atomic explosions! Robert Monroe was writing, that we can do everything possible, well then !
This is what I mentally do : I blow them up with atomic bombs in their places and advise you to do the same mentally! Reptilians are even among us, pretending to be humans.

4 Негативные Параллельные Звезды были внутри Полой Земли (помимо других инопланетных Звёзд), но сейчас ни одной из них там нет. Полая Земля пуста, хотя Кора Земли пока нет, в ней множество баз негативных цивилизаций, которые можно только уничтожить атомными бомбами! Я лично ментально взрываю их атомными бомбами и вам советую! Роберт Монро не раз говорил, что мы - всё можем, вот я и взрываю их в ихних же дворцах, в Кремле, в Букингемском дворце Лондона и т.д. I also mentally blow up the World of Inorganic Beings, where they have been taking me for many years when I fall asleep (to release human males captured there). Inorganic Beings are interested more in males-

11:11 means 11 Laws of the Universe and 11 Levels of Consciousness (the 12th Level was temporary created at the end of life of our Old Univrse and it doesn't exist in the New Universe). 11 November in USA means Rememberance Day to recall all dead people, but not to remember, that we are Sun Beings and came here to help our Old Universe to wrap up, and then move back to the Source of All Suns! I hope this coming 11:11 will become the Day of our Departure from Earth, so we would be able to join others at the Gathering on the 5th Level !

Focus your attention on our Centre and on my vibration (it fits 5th Level)! Everyone on 5th Level is waiting for us and I will be waiting for all of you ! Then we will leave Earth and fly up through our Sun! According to the Law of Attraction, only those of a higher vibration will be attracted to this Gathering. My advice: try to spend all your available time on studing our sites, then you will raise your vibration and the Earth's vibration ! On the 11th of November 2017 fly here even if computers don't work: we now have solar panels and have our computers working till last. You can start training yourself now and whenever you can turn up above our Сentre! Our Success will depend only on the number of gathered Spirits of similar high vibration. If we reach 10% of population 'A 100 monkey syndrom' will take place and the number will reach 500 millions Spirits ! Millions of us must gather and create a Sun high above and move up the Universal Flow on 11:11 !
I rely more on men to spread the message of our Departure (especially russian men), than on women, because most of them will be still busy with themselves, with their families, with next elections in governments, busy with Planetery Game till last ! 

What is COMMUNISM? It is an absolute BALANCE in all its forms and can only exist on the 5th and higher vibrational levels! And what was called "communist regime", in fact, is Dragon's regime!

Who is a true COMMUNIST? It is a Sunny Being or a human, a volunteer, who is willingly, with full consciousness helps the Source of All Suns to do whatever needs to be done without expecting any rewards! On 5th Level, where we are heading, is absolute White BALANCE, means COMMUNISM and everyone there works for the Source of All Suns without expecting any rewards, they are all true COMMUNISTS ! If you are not ready to work under those conditions, then you would have to repeat your experience on the 3d level on the New Earth in the New Universe. I've been working for the Source of All Suns voluntarily for many years without expecting any rewards, and consider myself a true COMMUNIST, though I never belonged to any communist or any other party or comsomol. I know, that many Dragons and other Negatives are desperate to get to the 5th level at any cost (they have no desire to repeat their lives on the New Earth in the New Universe). But they can't get higher, because of their low vibration, that's why they are trying to mix with the most advanced humans by eating them! Dragons and other Negatives eat humans !

Unfortunately, in this life I never met true COMMUNISTS neither in Soviet Union/Russia, nor in China, no anywhere else. Maybe some of them exist somewhere, I don't know, know only, that Lenin worked for the Source of All Suns without asking for rewards, he was a true COMMUNIST ! Those, who now call themselves "communists", are not COMMUNISTS at all, they are chamelions ! But there is still some time left before 11:11 to prove to yourselves, that you can become true COMMUNISTS ! But if you still afraid of death of your physical body, afraid of discomfort or problems in your life, then forget the whole thing: you are not ready for the 5th level, not ready to become a true COMMUNIST ! 

COMMUNISM is BALANCE, which is of highest White Sunny Vibration, but Dragons distorted the whole idea of COMMUNISM and gave COMMUNISM as symbol their red color of the lowest negative  vibration in forms of red : flags/stars/placards/tableclothes/books/passports/postcards/pioneer ties/medals/decorations/badges/clothing and other insignia. Yellow vibration is also low negative, flag of Spain is red/yellow: lots of Dragons are still hiding there; flag of Germany is worse - black-red-yellow. That is the reason why there are such confrontation in Spain right now ! Flag of Russia and France has 3 colors: red, blue, white; it means red (negative civilizations) and blue (positive civilizations), these vibrations are mixing together and produce White Sun Energy (but not in Spain)!

Many countries, including Russia, China and USA, have a Dragons' possession symbol of 2-headed Eagle on State Emblems, on buildings, churches, castles, weapon and on many other things, but it's not really an eagle, it's 2-headed Dragon ! In "communist" China, in India, Indonesia and other Asian, South American and African countries people are forced to worship Dragons, Snakes and other low vibrational negative creatures.

11:11 Universal Gateway

11-11 Phenomenon

Andromedans say through Alex Collier : "...the 11 Universal Laws and the 11 Spiritual Laws of the Cosmos..." , which are leading to the phenomenon 11 : 11. Below is an interesting statement from  and a few thoughts from Alex Collier's book "Defending Sacred Ground":

"Fortunately for Earth, we have been contacted by member societies of the Star Nations, a broad coalition all of whose members subscribe to the metaphysical, spiritual and moral principles of the 11 Universal
Laws and the 11 Spiritual Laws of the Cosmos."

Alex Collier

Alex Collier

"Defending Sacred Ground", Chapter 1 - The ET Global Connection: A Lecture (and the book) by Alex Collier (1995)

"This scenario is apparently what is beginning to happen now in our Universe, 21 trillion years after its Creation. Everything in our Universe, including us, came from a Black Hole. The Andromedans say there is NO AGE to us. We truly are INFINITE. You can take that any way you want. According to Vasais and Moraney, on March 23rd of 1993 a specific (Aquamarine) colour and sound frequency began to emanate from all the Black Holes in the known (this Old) Universe.
In terms of their science, which goes back along way, this is the first time this has ever happened. What this energy and frequency is doing is that it is creating a holographic impression throughout all dimensional levels, of which they say there are ELEVEN CREATIONAL DENSITIES. This new holographic impression has become a 12th density 
(the 12th LEVEL OF CONSCIOUSNESS is PURE White Sun Energy of BALANCE OR UNCONDITIONAL LOVE! LM). They say, that this new holographic impression has one frequency - that it does not carry a Duality within it
(It is White Sparkling Sun Energy of Balance! LM). What this frequency is doing is that it is pulling up all the dimensional levels below it. They say, that by December 2013, third density, as we know it here, will cease to exist - it is imploding in on itself, as everything is being drawn up. Those on the 11th are going to 12th. We are supposed to go to 4th and then to 5th density. From the Andromedan perspective, 4th density is a Consciousness. It is where an entire race is telepathic with each other, they are aware of each other, they feel each other - they are of one mind, separate individuals, but still one. Fifth density is where we would be considered from the third density as being White Light (the Energy Of Balance, LM). They say, that this is what is going to happen to us, no later than 2013, based on their science.
Now, there are individual consciousness', which have appeared in this 12th density Holographic Consciousness. They apparently are like nothing, that has ever been seen before.
The Andromedans don't know who they are, what they are, and don't know even how to describe them. But, apparently, these 12th dimensional Beings have the capability to gaze down through all of the dimensions and see everything, what is going on there.
As all this is happening, certain essences (or beings, LM) are starting to "gain weight",  because the frequency shifting is "pulling everything up." Those energies (or beings, LM), that are regressive are starting to "freak out". According to the Andromedans, every single one of us on Planet Earth and 21 other Star Systems in our Galaxy, apparently, consist of a group of Beings, individual consciousness', that apparently evolved some trillions of years ago to the 11th density.
An experiment was conceived, where Beings would drop down into the concept of time and experiment with our thoughts, creating physical matter. They say, that apparently, a large group of us dropped down into 3rd density and found a specific race already there with a very specific genetic coding involving 22 different extraterrestrial races. All life on Earth was brought here by traders (Earth lies along a Galactic trade route), explorers, miners, joy-riders - all different people..."

To move higher up (vibrationally) to the 5th Level, we need a support of a bit more, than 10% of Global population (meaning Advanced Earth's Humans). The idea of 10% of population was mentioned in Alex Collier's "Defending Sacred Ground", written in 1995, chapter 12: "...I am told (by Andromedans), that it requires at least 10% of the population to request it.
We each have to individually ask and it has to be at least 10% of the population. They said "by the time you finish your prayer, we will be here." They want to help, but we have free will.
 If they just come in without being asked, then they are violating our Free Will the same way the Greys and Draconians have. They will not do it. It is not the standard they live by...
We understand 'space' to be a multi-dimensional mirror of Consciousness, and the concepts of 'Time' and 'Motion' as illusions. What does this mean to you of your world? What appears to be 'time' and 'motion' are in reality only the movement of consciousness upon a higher space or dimension... the Whole Universe is Changing, because Thought is Changing. They are One and the Same... All Matter is changing, because all Thought is Changing."

The idea of 10% of the population is also researched in an article, written by a distinguished professor Roland Schmitt about the influence, which can be made on the whole population by just a bit over 10% of population. Here are just a couple of sentences from this article, but at the bottom of this Page there is a full article (highly recommended), published in July 26, 2011:
"Minority Rules: Scientists Discover Tipping Point for the Spread of Ideas"
"When the number of committed opinion holders is below 10 percent, there is no visible progress in the spread of ideas. It would literally take the amount of time comparable to the age of the universe for this size group to reach the majority," said SCNARC Director Boleslaw Szymanski, the Claire and Roland Schmitt Distinguished Professor at Rensselaer.
"Once that number grows above 10 percent, the idea spreads like flame."


If you see 11-11 Phenomenon around you, then you belong to those people, who will make the Leap to the 5th Level of Consciousness!

"The official beginning of the infusion of 4D, fourth dimensional, energy, will begin to affect Earth's Solar System on 11.11.11  as it begins to encounter energy from the Galactic equatorial plane region - as a Universe & Galactic wide harmonic frequency will open and affect this whole area of Space. Whether people call this Phenomenon a Stargate or Portal, this area of faster Higher fourth dimensional energy is real. This historic date of 11.11.11 begins the infusion of 4D dimensional energy onto your Planet. It will affect Earth & its people in a positive, uplifting way like never before experienced in your Planet's history.

Below you will find some interesting Thoughts (highlights) from Mythi's Videos on Info about Alien Races :
"Question: When the Earth will actually go through this Transformation?
The Planet will officially go to the New Age at 21.12.2012 at 11:11am (Time of what country?), as widely reported during the Zero - Alignment with the Centre of the Galaxy. Many commented, that the Alignment is only the View of Earth, that has no greater importance, when viewed from the outside, but do not forget, that a line has 2 points and that means in terms of the Galaxy's Centre, it will be changing the Line, that divides the two Hemispheres of the Magnetic Spin of the Galaxy, completely reversing the Flow of Forces, that interacting with the Planet. The biggest Changes will start happening in 2011 and will actually finish the course of 2013. This is a Cyclical Change and expected. Nothing can stop it. This does not mean, that everything will fall apart, however, we will have the help of Beings, interested in the welfare of the Galaxy as a whole... An elite of your governments made an agreement (which will not be long-lasting) with the Reptilians. This breed comes from Galaxy, that you call NGC300. They intend to use the Earth together with Humans. An elite group of humans would be responsible for master (plan?) and maintain full control over all citizens (humans remnants). But there is no room for the two civilizations on the Planet, vast majority of humans would have to be considered disposable and eliminated according to their plans. Your current governments have been preparing for this for 20 years... We are from Andromeda Galaxy, it is 2,9 million light years away from the Milky Way, as you call your Galaxy. We are very interested in Milky Way Galaxy, as we are going to unite to be one big Galaxy in the near Future."

11-11 Phenomenon


What we all need to do with Earth's Planetary Game !

Global catastrophes are only happen in the places of low and slow (negative) vibration, but not in the places of high and fast (BALANCED) vibration. Newly arrived negative low vibrational alien civilizations can't penetrate higher vibrational places of Old Earth! The best example I can give you is our Centre in Elliott Heads , Australia, where we moved from Sydney in 2000. Before that, this village experienced vicious cyclones, but since we moved there, there were no cyclones or any other disaster of a significant proportion anymore and it's not going to happen! We raised the vibration of this village (esp. by creating our 2 websites), but not of other villages or towns around us! If you don't want to experience global disasters, raise your vibration with learning Higher Knowledge, which our sites are loaded with!

Parallel personalities of Men like: husbands, boyfriends, sons, fathers and other males relatives,
friends, collaborators, pupils, students and children of both sexes have been deliberatory placed in almost every family with true Women: in workplaces, in kindergardens and schools, colleges and universities on Old Earth for thousands of years with the same goal: not to let true Women (not their parallel personalities) to wake up spiritually, not to raise true Females' Consciousness and to learn Universal Higher Knowledge. True Earth's Women (not clones) don't know, that they are White Suns ! True Women have been always forced or programmed against their will to raise children, care about their males and obey all of them! That was the reason for changing 'girls only' schools/kindergardens and other females' institutions into institutions for both sexes worldwide (except some religious and secret societies' establishments - they are still 100% males dominated)! In politics there are still 90% males for the same reason: not to let true Women to wake up to their real role on Earth ! Governments and religions of all countries and at all times have been prosecuting true Females for not wanting to be mothers or wives or sex-slaves! There are of course not true women, they are either clones-parallel personalities or alien women.
For thousands of years we've been whipped into playing the Planetary Game! Aliens taught us how to whip each other and how to belt our children into playing the Game. We became addicted to it, as Robert Monroe said.
Do we have to be whipped again to stop playing the Game?

True Women, you are individual Souls, you don't belong to families and you are not obliged to do anything for anyone. It's enough of being prostitutes for males and get offended by them or play roles of prostitutes in movies; enough of being dictated and beaten up by males and aliens or going through incredible pains during pregnancies/births/abortions/periods/hibred programmes and upbringing of children !

Women, haven't you experience enough of Pain in this Planetaty Game? To get rid of Pains and Tortures, Women need to stop the Planetary Game, start mentally ruining all the worlds around, even in your dreams. Get out of these invisible prisons by not doing whatever you were doing before! GO ON PERMANENT STRIKE AND UNITE IN MUTUAL EFFORT-INTENT ! We need to get rid of our bodies and fly free without them ! Your future is much brighter, than a lousy life you are living here on Earth ! Don't be afraid of criticism from anyone, don't let men to dominate you (most men are not humans anyway: they are aliens in disguise). It's Women, who must lead everyone up out of all physical/material and holographic worlds and men must follow ! Masculine force is only half of Feminine Force, LIKE IN THE WORD: WO-MEN !
Learn Universal Higher Knowledge - Higher Knowledge is Women's Power
(not higher education)! I constantly spread Higher Knowledge around the Planet telepatically and you can do that too !
et Men take care of themselves like in an army! Higher education belongs to the Planetary Game and now you don't need it, better spend time on learning Higher Knowledge!

It is a well known fact, that raping (esp. group raping of Women, Men and little children) took gigantic proportions in recent years. But hardly anyone knows, that, as a result of such physical and emotional tortures, our other, parallel personalities have been created for DEVIOUS purposes.

NOW IS THE HIGH TIME FOR EARTH'S WOMEN (your Spirits) TO UNITE your FORCES AND MOVE UP WITH MEN (their Spirits) THROUGH THE BLACK HOLE OF OUR SUN TO THE GATHER-RING OF ALL SOULS AROUND OUR CENTRAL SUN ! THERE WE ALL WILL BE WAITING FOR THE RELEASE OF THE INNER SUN OF EARTH, MOVING UP AND ENTERING THE CENTRAL SUN OF OUR OLD UNIVERSE ! Our Sun gave all Higher Knowledge to me and I pass it on to all of you, use it ! Our Old Universe originated from the Source of All Suns (from their Sun Energy) and at the Departure of this Old Universe, everything, every type of energy will turn back into White Sun Energy !

To help it, I personally have been mentally turning the Planetary Game into a pile of ashes. I mentally burn all Reptilian Flyers, who eat the fringe of our Awareness on our feet every day to make us stupid. I watch how their black dead remains fall down on the ground with a thud - a blow, a fall with a dull sound. For those, who are not familiar with the description of Flyers in the books of Castaneda, here is an explanation and an advice to read his books. I hope, that everyone is familiar with campfires or huge metal smelters for melting metals. If you noticed yellow sparks coming from these huge fire stoves or flying above campfires. These same sparks are also coming out of your eyes, when you hit the ground or someone/something gives you a heavy blow. You are not seeing stars, you are seeing tiny yellow vibrational spirits of Reptilian Flyers, who eats your Awareness, your Consciousness! I also see these flying sparks when I just about to open my eyes after sleep or when I work with computers. The only way to get rid of millions of Flyers is to mentally burn them and you, people, can do it!

I also burn all my bad memories, all bad holographic scenes coming to my mind, to relieve myself from this burden, I mentally burn senseless or ugly articles, robots and holographic artificial intelligence on the Internet, burn all kinds of bad images or images of governors, presidents, military chiefs and all kinds of weapons, various kings/queens worldwide and I advise everyone to do the same ! I mentally destroy all mindcontrolling Towers, microchips/implants, all genetic laboratories, prisons, concentration camps (migrants camps) and psychiatric institutions! The time came for everyone to release our Souls and to vacate the Game!

A White Ring of nonphysical humans and aliens on upper picture is around Earth, part of which I see almost every night over our Centre. A White Aura around White Sun on lower photo is another Gathering only on a higher vibration! I took this photo above our Centre in Australia in November 2012. The Earth will turn into White Sun when the crust will blow up. On the lower picture White Sun doesn't have physical crust or multicolored/gray aura around Sun ! What kind of photos of Sun we usually get from news? Red-orange-yellow ball of plasma with some dark spots or without them and it is not the reality! I don't know where they get such pictures, maybe from Parallel Universes?
Below is a photo of Universal Gathering around Earth in a form of White Belt (representatives are in there not just from Milky Way Galaxy).

Two photos below showing the Gathering, part of which as a White Belt I see almost every night over our Centre ! More photos of Gathering are on : Auroras or Northern Lights

 A part of White GATHER-RING is shown on 2 photos (above and below), that's how I see it above our Centre at night ! The Gather-Ring includes not just separate Sun-Beings (Planetary Game Graduates), but also whole Clusters of Beings of Higher, Faster Vibration!

Robert Monroe's the most important message for the World is from "Far Journeys", chapter 16, "The Gathering", p.229-232. Some of us have already GATHERED in the Ring around Earth, described by Robert Monroe. Robert Monroe in his Energy Body not just visited this White Belt of the Future (with the help of his Inspec Friends), but he also took human explorers in their Energy Bodies with him to see it.
Former humans like Robert Monroe and Nancy, Michael Talbot and Nicola Tesla, Uri Gagarin and Tziolkovsky, Carlos Castaneda and Don Juan with their teams and many others are waiting there in that Belt and preparing for the Big Show ! I see a lot of activity through the Portal in the night sky, when I am on the balcony of our Centre! The Strip of White Suns, of our Higher Selves and of white plasmic UFO’s over my head has been growing! The Portal looks like a window to the "Gathering" ! Some of us are still here waiting till the Vibration of the Planet will reach a certain Point! Then, with the Help of the Wave of the Great White Cloud of Balanced Energy from the Centre of our Galaxy, the remaining portion of us will make a Leap, a Jump to the "Gathering" to join the others! That’s why it is called “The Gathering” of the Beings of the right Vibration ! The BIG SHOW is the Beginning of our Movement towards Our Home, the Source of All Sun Energy !

"The human aspect (a person) can be adjusted in Focus to a much more Concentrated Point, offering Potentials of Power and Action too Immense and Unfathomable (too deep to be measured) to be considered lightly!  Second, the other, Non-Human Forms (Aliens/Animals) of the same energy system might be drawn upon, if the need arises (and the Need will be in Future Event, LM)! With the above tucked away, it is possible to get to the "hands on" Phase (to get direct experience)...The Organized (M) Field Radiation of a Single Individual, if broad-banded enough, can be Many Thousands Times Greater, than that of the Group! " R. Monroe

Robert Monroe "Far Journeys", EndGame, p.p. 241 and 229:
"The Single Outermost Ring (around Earth) is composed solely of those, who are preparing for their Final in-Human experience —the Last-Timers, or Seniors, whichever suits your perspective. They have lost their Gray Appearance and much of their Humanoid Form; they are nearly White in Radiation with occasional Sparkling Patterns around them..."

"The Gathering"

"...( Not out of this world. You need no longer stay closed for the SHIFT).
 I managed to stay calm, but expectant."

We were on the far rim of the Outermost Ring (around Earth). I could recognize it from the very thin ambience (atmosphere) of haze. The soft white forms (our Higher Selves', HS) were all around us. I could perceive my INSPEC friend was with me, but there was no Glowing Form.
(There is no need to distract their attention.)
I reached for any percept of Bill, then Lou. I couldn't find either.
(They have, Graduated, as you put it.)
That was to be expected , and I had a percept of their new address, as it were, but there was some factor involved that disturbed me, and I couldn't bring it out. Then I became aware of the Intent of Inward Focus of the Entire Outermost Ring (around Earth), the Inhabitants thereof. There was a Strong Radiation of Expectancy, not Concern, as if the Star of the Show was about to make an Entrance! I followed the line of their Focus. It was the Physical Planet Earth, Indistinct and Nebulous (misty) from the Prospective.
(Let us take another viewpoint.)
By all means, and the phrase does fit it!

Click (to another frequency/vibration)!
We were out in space somewhere between the Earth and the Moon, indeterminate distance, fifty thousands miles plus from the surface of Earth. It was clear and detailed, not as it was before. I turned to look 
at the Moon and blanked. No more than a thousand feet away, or so it seemed, was an immense, solid-appearing object, gray in color, long and slender, conical-shaped with a hemispheric dome at the widest end - the other end was somewhere in the distance, at least several miles. It appeared motionless, but I had a definite percept of M - BAND Radiation from it. A spaceship, a physical spaceship?

(In your terms, that is correct. It is not a human construct. There are many of such around the physical Earth at this point. Their origins are of your physical Universe, but not necessarily of your Time Reference.)
"Many" could be five or five thousand. There was no point in trying to find out . But why around our Earth, was it...
(They are focused on the Planet Earth and Humans  just as you observed the others, and for the same purpose...)
My immediate percept of the Earth  was a pinpoint of reflected light in the distance, no larger than a small star. From it came Regular Waves of Energy, Multidimensional, Pulsing, Intermittently Broken by Occasional Quick Flares, a Complex Unorganized Pattern Composed not of Light or Electromagnetic or Gravitic Structure, but of some other Energy, that I could't define (the Sun Energy of Balance! By braking the Crust the Earth is turning into a Sun! LM) ! I was so completely fascinated by the display, that I did not at first notice the background.
As far, as I could perceive in all directions, with the Earth in the Center, was a host of forms, countless numbers, it seemed. Some had shape, others appeared as no more, than a wisp of cloud vapor, all glowed in various degrees of intensity.

From those nearest to us, I had the same percept of EXPECTANCY, of WAITING for the SHOW to begin. It must be some BIG SHOW to attract all of these.
(It is what we call the GATHERING. These have manifested from other nearby energy systems only to witness The BIG SHOW  as you call it, just as those within the physical Spacecraft and your Final-Processed humans. This Big Show, which is about to occur is actually a Very Rare Event - the conflux (merging) of several different and intense energy fields arriving at the same point at your Time-Space. It is this Rarity, that has attracted so much attention. In terms, that you can perceive, it may occur once every eighty-seven millions of your Earth years.)
Very long odds, and a long time to wait.
(This does not warrant, that it will be produced at that Frequency. There are random elements and variables in the format, which cannot be predicted).
So random, that the Event might not take place, perhaps. There would be a lot of disappointed...
(It is long past such point. It will occur. The interest lies in the Result. It is best symbolized to you as a Convergence (an approach of the same point from different directions) of a Great Number of Possibilities, which emerge as several probabilities and a few possibilities. One of such probabilities may alter not only your Time-Space, but all adjoining Energy Systems as well. Therefore the wide interest. In human terms, still symbolized, the Gathering is here to observe the Possible Birth of a New Energy. Will it survive the Birth Process, and if so, what are the Potentials Inherent in such Energy, that will predict accurately the same at maturity? Or will the Energy arrive stillborn, and all the possibilities remain no more, than that - weak uncoordinated possibilities?...There is a Human Oriental Symbol for Crisis, which is composed of two Sub-symbols, indicating Danger and Opportunity. The Event in Human and Physical Earth terms is definitely a point of Crisis. It is quite valid, that as to human existence both Danger and Opportunity will be present in extreme degrees"
"Danger? Physical danger? Mental? The...
(Those are the possibilities, the exact nature of which will be determined by the EVENT itself. Whatever your percept may be is one of the possibilities. One or several will occur. 
The other side: the Opportunity. That is the KEY to the understanding of the EVENT.

Earth's Inner Sun (the Soul) is getting ready for Transition to the 5th, non-physical Level of Consciousness !

This extract is the experience of Robert Monroe, when he was taken to the Future to observe our Earth's Transition, "Far Journeys", chapter 16, "The Gathering" p. 229-232 :

They are focused on the Planet Earth and Humans just as you observed the others, and for the same purpose...)
My immediate percept of the Earth was a pinpoint of reflected light in the distance, no larger than a small star. From it came Regular Waves of Energy, Multidimensional, Pulsing, Intermittently Broken by Occasional Quick Flares, a Complex Unorganized Pattern Composed not of Light or Electromagnetic or Gravitic Structure, but of some other Energy, that I could't define (the Energy of Balance! The Earth is turning into a Sun! LM) ! I was so completely fascinated by the display, that I did not at first notice the background.  As far as I could perceive in all directions, with the Earth in the Center, was a host of forms, countless numbers, it seemed. Some had shape, others appeared as no more, than a wisp of cloud vapor, all glowed in various degrees of intensity.
From those nearest to us, I had the same percept of EXPECTANCY, of WAITING for the SHOW to begin. It must be some BIG SHOW to attract all of these


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 Астрономы заметили тени в протопланетном облаке далекой звезды
 Star Is Forming Crust From Dust Cloud To Become a Planet. Suns don't create Planets, only colored stars do.
Длинные тени, движущиеся по внешним областям протопланетного диска звезды HD 135344B, ученые связывают с процессами рождения новых планет во внутренних областях.

Video - Как звезда создаёт Кору вокруг себя и становится Планетой - Moving shadows on the dust disk around the star HD 135344B, Nov 8, 2017

At the time of Atlantis and Lemuria  
synthetic nerve impulse generators were called Stim-Generators or shortly 'Stim' (now they are called stimulators), which have been used in brothels for thousands of years till now and not just on Earth, Moon, Mars, Venus, but on many planets, moons, asteroids, comets of our Old Universe. These generators have been producing  artificial positive high fast vibrations of bliss, exalted great delight, trance, frenzy, rapture, exaltation, euphoria, wild excitement or ecstasy for clients of expensive brothels and women of these brothels and in other satanic places.
Alternate Current is electric current, which goes in a form of wave: from the highest peak of Positive fast Vibrations (+) dropping to the lowest peak of Negative slow Vibrations (-);
going through 0 (black horizontal line in the middle). Then the flow moves the bottom up to the peak of Positive fast Vibrations. The whole process is repeating many time like in  movement of a pendilum, the frequency of the process can be changed. When a person is exposed to the peak of Positive Vibrations he/she is experiencing bliss of Nirvana; at the peak of Negative Vibrations - excruciating Pain!
Epilepsy is caused by exposure to such generator of Alternate Current, Dero do that often to Earth's people. Richard Shaver wrote about it in his book "I remember Lemuria".
Sizzling Energy of Inorganic Beings Carlos Castaneda wrote about, is also Alternate Current only of another frequency. What is useful to remember from the books of Robert Monroe is, that those, whose bodies die, get a treatment in sanatoriums/hospitals
on focus 27 after this violent Planetary Game. Focus 27 is roughly the last overtone of the 4th Level of Consciousness.

Positive Vibrations are called - Nirvana and can be extremely addictive, they are naturally coming from audiences watching and listening their favorite entertainers or sports' performers on stage, at home on TV/Internet, in a movie theatre/concert hall/stadium and the like ! So called "stars" performers are usually getting hooked on positive vibrations of Nirvana for life. 
But there are also generators of Alternating Current, which can emit positive high vibrations of Nirvana as well, as negative low vibrations of Pain. Here is an extract showing how little Robert Monroe in his childhood experienced these artificial high positive vibrations of Nirvana and low negative vibrations of Pain coming from a generator of Alternate Current. But this test needed to be done to check if little Robert Monroe was capable to reach the highest and the lowest vibrations of Cosmoc in the future! These kinds of test have been done to all of us in various forms for the same reason. "Far Journeys" p. 110: 
"...the music starts coming out of the Victrola and I feel real quiet, so I close my eyes . . . it is blank for a long time as I listen to the music, but then I feel a surge way down at the bottom of me, and it feels like tingling when my foot goes to sleep, but it doesn't hurt, it feels good, and with it I hear raining, just like rain on the roof, but it comes and goes . . . and the music gets so soft I can't hear it anymore . . . then it's quiet and I can't hear or feel anything . . . there it is again, coming up from the bottom of me more, the tingle and the rain surge, and it feels better than anything I ever felt . . . and I wait for it to happen again . . . here it comes again, stronger and bigger, and it feels so good it starts to hurt, but I don't mind the hurt because it feels so good . . . then it fades away again . . . I know it's coming back, and it does . . . much, much stronger and bigger, up through me, the best and happiest feeling I could ever have, so happy I want to cry, and the hurt is so strong it's cutting me right up the middle in two pieces . . . then it goes back again, down out the bottom of me, and I know that there is nothing, nothing nicer I will ever feel than what just was, no hurt could hurt more than what I just felt . . . and I feel it rising again and I don't think I could stand it if it was any stronger, but there it is getting bigger and stronger, the good, good, good tingle and the rain roar and the hurt so hard, coming right up to my head, terrible, terrible sharp hurt . . . this is so good and so hurting there can't ever be anything that feels so good and hurts so much, never never . . . then it starts to go away and I know that I will always remember this bright, bright good and the big, big hurt and nothing will ever be as good or hurt so much . . . but there it comes again, no, no! . . . I can't stand it again, I can't, I can't! The good makes me cry, it's so good, and the hurt makes me cry, it hurts so much, it can't be more than the one before, it was the biggest there is, it can't be any bigger, the good and the hurt . . . but it is, and I scream with joy and pain and I know this is the greatest of all there is, the exquisite joy, beauty, that transcends any thought or consciousness . . . that the pain is merely the anguish of physical structure attempting to contain energy beyond the ability to do so, that one day I will experience it again without the pain because I will understand better, one day it will take place, the great glory of . . . I feel hands picking me up and I am crying a little, not too much, and I open my eyes and raise my head. The music in the Victrola has stopped and she, my mother, is looking at me and saying something..."

There is an excellent book by Eve Lorgen "The Alien Love Bite: Alien Interference in Human Love Relationships", which I found appropriate to the subject of
generators of Alternating Current. What happened to Eve, happened to me and to millions of us. These types of generators have been used on us to artificially ignite in us "Love at first sight", "True Love" or "Love Obsession' with high vibrations of Nirvana or to give us incredible Pains with low vibrations! I must say that Eve Lorgen as bit religious and metaphysical to me, but her info is useful. More on: Eve Lorgen "The Alien Love Bite"
Eve Lorgen's main Website:

"Ultimate Journey", p.85-88 : 
"...I was in a city, or what appeared to be a city. There were buildings in all directions, fairly uniform, none over three or four stories high. They were not particularly attractive or unusual, had openings in the sides that my percept took as windows and doors. The streets or spaces between buildings were not unusually wide, but contained only people, percept beings like me or what I was temporarily. No cars, trucks, vehicles of any type. No utility poles or overhead wires, no sidewalks. It was bright daylight, but I couldn't find a Sun overhead. As I walked and mingled with the population, people noticed me but didn't seem to react as if I were an alien. With each step, I felt more at ease and the population seemed more human. Each inhabitant was very purposeful and closed, as if preoccupied on a job to be done with not much nonsense in the process. If there was any body language present, no percept showed. Point of fact was I couldn't tell the males from the females, which was unusual for me, so I assumed there was no such difference. Unable to attract the attention of those moving on the street, I entered one of the buildings and found myself in a large room which greatly resembled the lobby of a medium-sized hotel. There were people standing around, apparently in conversation. I approached a man (?) who appeared to be standing behind a desk. He looked at me expectantly. I knew I needed a reason.
"Do you, uh, do you have a restaurant here?" I tried to make it casual, but as he blanked I knew I had done it wrong.
I turned to my rudimentary NVC. (Do you have the means for me to recharge?)
The man lighted brightly, waved me off to the right. As I walked in the indicated direction, I felt smug. I had passed one test. They didn't vocalize but they understood me. Even my weak, nonverbal communication. From here on, it would be easy. I began to speculate as to the food they consumed. It was sure to be unusual. An archway, rounded, was in front of me, and it appeared dark beyond—no, not dark, just lit differently in a mixture of colors. I strode confidently through the archway and into the colors. Just inside, the radiation hit me like a sheet of hot flame and I staggered back.
This wasn't the restaurant, the man got it all wrong. From all sides came the overwhelming attraction of female sexuality, inviting, asking, offering, promising—it was too much. With great effort, I backed out through the archway, breathing heavily and trying to calm down.

I had just about smoothed out when I looked up and the room clerk (?) was in front of me, accompanied by two other men—percept police, authority, KGB, etc. One KGB moved in.
(Your ident, please?)
I began fumbling in my pockets for my wallet, only there were no pockets in the one-piece cover I was wearing. But there was a belt on me with a small pouch attached to it.
I reached in the pouch and there was a card in it. I pulled it out and it resembled nothing so much as a typical credit card. KGB took it from me, examined it carefully, then looked up.
(From Earth, huh? Never heard of that city. Over on the other side of the ocean?)
I smoothed. (Why, uh, yes, you see . . .)
KGB waved the card at me. (Well, we don't particularly like you visiting here, but you got to obey the rules.)
I brightened. (Sure, I understand.)
(Here, we don't go into private space and take without paying first. Always pay first.) KGB turned to the desk clerk, handing him my card. (How much of it do you want? He hasn’t got very much.)
The desk clerk dropped the card into the pouch on his belt. (That ought to about cover it.)
I started to protest. (But that's all I got, I can't . . .)
(In that case we'II have to flag you.) The second KGB stepped forward and took my hands. (Can't have you walking around upsetting things without any ident.)
I flickered. (What are you going to do?)
The second KGB pulled a small flat box out of his pouch and opened it. (Hold still, this won't hurt.)
He took one hand and pressed my fingertips into the box. I thought, fingerprints, they're taking my fingerprints. But I was wrong. A black dye spread quickly up my fingers until it covered my entire hand. As I stared at it, bewildered, they stuck the fingers of my other hand into the box and I had two black hands. I tried to rub it off, but it had penetrated the skin.
The first KGB looked at my hands, satisfied. (That ought to do it. At least the people will see you coming.) (And be warned,) the second KGB added. (I'd advise you to go back home. Not much action for you here, the way you are. No ident to play with.) The first KGB looked at me hard. (We'll be keeping an eye on you.)
Then the two turned and walked across the room and out into the street. I smoothed at the desk clerk. (Sorry, I didn’t know it was a private space.)
The desk clerk vibrated. (What other kind is there!)
I flickered. (You mean all of these buildings are private?)
The desk clerk dulled.
(Then what are all these people doing here? There must be a hundred!) I hit it strong enough to catch his attention.
(It's their private space, naturally.)
(All one hundred?)
The desk clerk waved me over to the desk and I followed. He pointed to the drawing on the wall behind him. It showed some five rows of large black dots that looked like holes, twenty to a row.
(That's our personal space.) He gestured proudly. (Best in the city.)
I stared at the drawing. (You go into those?)
He nodded. (Only when the surge takes place. They’re this big across the middle.) He indicated a width of about two feet with his arms. He was about to continue when there was a sound like thunder in the distance and the floor began to rock. Immediately, everyone in the room turned and hurried out through exits in the back. The room clerk ran to join them.
(That's the surge starting up,) he called over his shoulder. (I suppose that's what you came to witness, but you better get to your personal space fast.)
Then the room was empty and I tried to keep my footing as the floor heaved rhythmically. I staggered over to the entrance as the roar grew louder. In the distance and approaching fast was a mighty wave, not water but in the ground itself, lifting buildings and streets into (looks like modern earthquakes in Chile, Mexico or Nepal - preparing us ! LM)..."


Nirvana is a bunch of positive vibrations, which we may naturally experience once in a lifetime, if we are lucky. Reptoids, like Sathanas, used on people rays of synthetic, artificial  positive high vibrations of bliss, exalted great delight, trance, frenzy, rapture, exaltation, euphoria, wild excitement or ecstasy for thousands of years, to enslave people, to make them to be depended on this experience, esp. men. When people were hooked on Nirvana
(it's like a narcotic), Santhanas could make people to do anything, people voluntarily became Reptoids' slaves.
At present the same is done with the Internet. Many people send their videos on Youtube, expecting some gratification from viewers and as a result they often are hooked on Nirvana!
It is not difficult to arrange. To achieve that it is enough just to write false statistics, that your video had a few thousands or even a few millions of viewers (or "likes"). Then,
at a distance,
to expose you to synthetic positive rays from a generator for a few days, to create an effect of "love and gratitude the viewers are sending to you", and you are hooked on Nirvana for life. Self-importance and a sense of personal Greatness already starts growing in you, which Don Juan called the biggest problem of Humankind (reptilian part of our brain is at work).
You want to experience more of Nirvana, but it doesn't come your way anymore, you try to make another video and expect the same effect. You are trying to build a group of followers around you, who would tell you how talanted you are.
It may happen, may not. It can make you miserable if your group dissipates, but that is a part of Planetary Game. Carlos Castaneda wrote a lot about that and so did Richard Shaver in his book "I remember Lemuria" (below is a big extract from this valueable book). 

Statistics never told me the Truth! These same synthetic, artificial positive vibrations of Nirvana together with mind-controlled girls-entertainers
have been always used on masonic members in expensive satanic places or on clients in luxury brothels. Robert Monroe described in his book such a satanic brothel on one of the planets in Cosmos, where he was taken to by chance. Cathie O'Brien and Brice Taylor in their books also described in details their personal ordeal in these satanic places (their books in full electronic form are on this site).
There are quite a few victims of exposure to
synthetic positive rays of Nirvana in the history of Humankind, esp. those, who easily and in a very short time, obtained wealth and popularity in entertaining industry or politics up to the point, that that turned them into Shape-Shifters (Reptoids). Watch the videos below:

"...One thing I knew. If it were usual for Sathanas to meet the Boss of this glorified den in some of the rooms in the immediate vicinity, then I could keep the girl who brought us here with us without arousing any suspicion—keep her here where we could watch that she didn't repeat those thoughts of wonder that could have ruined our little plan. So, as she showed us into a large chamber off the great hall, I grasped her arm. "Little Dark Flower, stay with us. We have been far and your smile is pleasant. Will you dance for us?" The poor creature looked up into my eyes with her's wet with gratitude that someone had noticed her among all the beautiful women from a score of strange planets. She was a pretty thing, about half my own height, alive with the lush dark beauty of the women from Bohan. Her natural charms had been enhanced and stimulated with the life influence that had been grown in her making her an instrument for men's pleasure. She couldn't speak for the rare pleasure of being noticed. but I read her thoughts. Again wonder. 'A kind face among Sathanas’ friends? Now, perhaps, I shall get a little stim. Everyone around here is so tight with me. They begrudge even the breath I draw.'
She glanced at me, and at my reassuring nod she pressed a wall stud that flooded the room with a strong vibrant ray of intense pleasure. Her face relaxed under it like one denied something a long time and then receiving it in abundance . . . something that was like the breath of life itself to her. I realized that stim replaced natural love with these maltreated creatures, that she loved those who gave her stim and had no emotions otherwise. Swiftly she shed her uniform, and donned a few slight spangles from a closet of female trappings in the wall. Then, adjusting a spot of stim ray, she placed it in my hand, telling me to keep it on her. I turned it up to full power, and her body writhed slowly, hands outstretched, as she warmed herself beautifully at the spot ray in my hands, begged and begged with her motions for a little indulgence, a little kindness. She was a master of the art of expressing her thoughts with her motions, and knowing her thoughts, I interpreted her motions correctly...
...The armed guards looked us over curiously. I made Sathanas talk: "I must see these new mechanisms for the conversion of character you have built. I must see their results in the living person, for I intend to buy a great many of them.
 I am building anew in a secret place."
My lieutenant made Harald answer: "Yes, you shall see many new things we have devised for the entertainment of the customers or victims, whichever they happen to be. We have created several new character types—several different fixed-idea mentalities which are extremely appealing to the desirous male."
...Servants of evil men can be fiends. These were. In the growth caverns, many things that no man should see were going on. Little girls were being trained by ro-mech to be faultless dancers—automatons of rhythm. The process was designed to develop those muscles and thoughts needed by a dancer to the exclusion of other growth within her body. To attain this, she was wired to a thought record taken from some famous dancer's brain, and day after day, her little body mechanically repeated the motions and her brain mechanically repeated the thoughts of the dancer until the whole dance became automatism. A thing was produced which would never be human and a thing hard to describe to those who have not seen it. These creatures were slaves. They had nothing whatever to say about their fate in any way. Much of the treatment was very beneficial; the slavers adopted the best medical science of the immortal races to gain their own ends. It was the unbalance of the character aimed at by such men as Harald and Sathanas, that was evil.

There were hundreds of liquid nutrient tanks, in which females of all sizes and races were suspended. Upon their brains telerays played, impressing repeatedly hypnotic commands as well, as the whole gamut of erotic thoughts culled from millions of years of the development of the science of pleasure in just such gilded palaces of slavery. All this was extremely pleasant to the recipient, so much, so as to crowd all other tendencies from their minds. They were given such treatment from the earliest childhood, if they fell into the hands of the slavers at that age. They received no other education. Thus, the art of pleasure was burned into their brains until they knew no other objective. Through every pleasure nerve of the body ran nutrient and growth stimulating flows introduced directly into the nerves by tiny needles. The whole body immersed in the nutrient liquid, evolved a covering flesh more alive, more soft, more reactive to sensation than is the case in the normally developed human being. Such women had many men passionately enslaved to them, giving them every penny of their income. All this went directly into the pockets of such as Harald. Naturally he never released any of these profitable slaves from his bondage.

Thus all the growth and life science of the vast races of immortals was here perverted in this evil world of Pandral to the ends of the master—power and gold. No one but Harald had a will in any matter on all Pandral but for the profit of the master. The growth rays, if concentrated on those nerves which cause pleasure sensations, can give a person infinitely greater capacity for pleasure than in the normal person. But, when this is done, the ability to resist such pleasure does not grow normally and the creature becomes a servant to the will to pleasure. And, since the greatest pleasure comes from synthetic nerve impulse generators, they become a servant of the machine. While this could be a means of enhancing the joy of life in the proper hands, such men as Harald were certainly not the proper hands. At last I found and released my beloved. I cannot tell you what had been done to her, but I have hopes of repairing the damage. She would have become a delectable morsel for some mad master, for what had been designed for her was not a choice future. We herded the heterae, the drunken customers, the whole crew of unnatural servants aboard the captive vessels and dispatched them toward the courts of the Nor Empire. I will be there when their cases come up, and I will have plenty to say. Some of those child victims of his will yet grace Mandark after Vanue's laboratories are through with their reconstruction. Vanue's reward system will shake evil thought out of their beautiful young heads..."

Why did all this campaign with sex-mogul Harvey Weinstein and others rape-oriented males start now, when we are just about to take off from the Planet, and not before?
Because this is
Dracos' favorite number: to bash us against each other, to prevent us from rising up ! Just look at some videos of pop-stars-shapeshifters and at  some content of the articles on :

Sexual harassment: More stars facing accusations, 1 Nov 2017
"Actors Dustin Hoffman (L) and Kevin Spacey (R) have been accused of sexual misconduct. Two Oscar-winning actors, a Hollywood filmmaker and a senior US news editor are the latest high-profile figures to be accused of sexual harassment...six women have accused Brett Ratner, director of the Rush Hour film series and X-Men: The Last Stand...multiple women speaking out against the Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein...a number of men accusing Kevin Spacey of sexual misconduct...US filmmaker Tony Montana claims he was groped by the actor
Kevin Spacey and left him with PTSD for six months after Spacey "forcefully" grabbed his crotch in a Los Angeles Coronet Bar in 2003... an allegation made by Anthony Rapp, that the House of Cards actor tried to "seduce" him when he was 14 years old...Mexican actor Roberto Cavazos, who acted in several plays at the theatre, claims Spacey "routinely preyed"
on young male actors...Six women have accused Hollywood filmmaker Brett Ratner of sexual harassment or misconduct
..." and on and on and on in growing numbers of such articles! LM.


Justin Bieber Caught ‘Shapeshifting’ By Hundreds Of Fans. Jun 26, 2017. Justin Bieber “shapeshifted into a reptilian” while greeting fans who had waited for him to arrive at Perth Airport, Australia, according to hundreds of witnesses who took to social media and were interviewed by local press after the incident.

Video of Justin Bieber's Latest Reptilian Shapeshifting Meltdown Goes Viral. Jul 12, 2017. Shocking footage has emerged of Justin Bieber that appears to show the usually-pint-sized pop star transform into a "giant lizard".

Robert Monroe, "Ultimate Journey", p. 216: 

Take this ROTE. It may help you to be patient, you and the sum of you.
I am sure it will. But I . . . we . . . need so much to know what it is to become complete. Can you say?
We know this well. It can be said in your words:

There is no beginning, there is no end, There is only change.
There is no teacher, there is no student, There is only remembering.
There is no good, there is no evil, There is only expression.
There is no union, there is no sharing, There is only One (Law of One means: you gather all your parts into One Big Sun and at the end you enter the Source! LM).
There is no joy, there is no sadness, There is only love (Sun energy, LM).
There is no greater, there is no lesser, There is only Balance.
There is no stasis, there is no entropy, 
There is only Motion.  (stasis is a condition of balance among various forces; entropy - measure of chaos, LM)
There is no wakefulness, there is no sleep, There is only being.
There is no limit, there is no chance, There is only a plan. This is as we know it to be.
Thank you. I accept this.
You need to move through the other half of the circle (up) to complete your journey!
The other half of the circle?
It is much easier. Goodbye, little one."



Причиной такой одуряющей жары и пожаров, такого огромного количества проливных дождей, неожиданного снега/града/наводнений и сильных ветров (чтобы охладить Планету), недавние мощные землетрясения в Китае и других странах в августе этого года (особенно в Северном Полушарии и на Экваторе) является СЛИЯНИЕ СТАРОЙ ПЛАНЕТЫ ЗЕМЛЯ с её 2мя горячими белыми СОЛНЦАМИ и с параллельной Планетой Земля очень высокой, горячей, розовой вибрации и с её розовой звездой (но белая Солнечная вибрация ещё выше и горячее)! Аура этой розовой звезды на фото выше, это фото было сделано недавно в Англии. Microwaves (микроволны) - это вибрация  розового цвета разных оттенков, вибрация которая выше и быстрее фиолетовой вибрации. Неудивительно, что последние 15 лет нас всё ещё облучают pink мicrowaves со всех сторон: с вышек, телевизорами, микроволновкам и т.д. Чем выше вибрационно мы поднимаемся, тем меньше нужно ожидать кислорода в воздухе и выше температура. Это как на очень высоких горах 7- 8 км высотой (наз. разряжённый воздух) или в кабинах летящих самолётов. Чем выше горы, тем должно быть теплее, но там холоднее и делается это - искусственно, также как в Арктике-Ант-Арктике, чтобы у людей не было интереса там поселяться и повышать свою вибрацию.

Недавние пожары, землетрясения и затмение Солнца/луны произошли по той же причине и результат были скрыты фальшивыми голографическими чёрными нашлёпками, наклеенными на Солнце и луну ! Недавние сильные землетрясения в Китае и других странах особенно чувствовались на верхних этажах многоэтажек, где более высокая вибрация и естественно жарче. Это и причина почему горячий воздух всегда стремится вверх: он более высокой вибрации, хороший пример: HOT AIR BALLOONS - воздушные шары наполненные горячим воздухом, переносящие людей (физики вам этого никогда не скажут). Роберт Монро жил на горе (выше вибрация), которая называлась Robert's mountain, а я всегда жила в низинах, в городах или деревнях низкой вибрации - это конечно не помогает.

Согласно нашей статистике на Интернете наши сайты всячески скрываются
от Российской Федерации ! Больше информации о клонах на Странице нашего нового сайта :
Источник Всех Солнц - Домашняя Страница на русском

Тhe reason why it was/is so hot and so many fires esp. in all Northern Hemisphere and the Equator like in Europe, Southern Russia, Arab countries, Africa and USA this month (in August 2017) and before that, is Merging of our Old Earth and its 2 Suns with a Parallel Earth and its Sun of High Hot Pink vibration. Pink vibration is very high and fast, but White is still the highest, White is Sun's vibration. Pink vibrational Aura of that pink Sun (or rather pink star) is on the photo above, which was just made in England. Microwave is of pink color (of various hues), which is vibrationally higher, than violet. No wonder that we have been exposed substantially to microwave pink rays from towers, TV's, microwave ovens etc. for the last 15 years ! The higher in vibration our Planet rise, the less oxygen we have to expect in the air and the hotter it will become. It's like on very high mountains 7-8 km tall or in flying planes. The taller the mountain, the hotter it is supposed to be, but it's the opposite, it is colder. It is done deliberately: to prevent physical people to settle there and raise their vibration. Freezing of Arctica-Ant-Arctica is done for the same reason.

Since the beginning of August the temperatures everywhere went so high, that many parts of the Northern Hemisphere had to be cooled down by numerous floods, hails, snow, rains and winds! Fires and earthquakes are still happening for the same reason: Merging of two Earths and their Suns. Recent Sun/Moon eclipses also happened for the same reason. Someone didn't want us to see this Merging of Suns and covered the Sun with black holographic patch, called 'sun eclipse'. Numerous fires and strong earthquakes in China and in many other parts of the Old Earth happened and been felt esp. on higher stories of skyscripers or tall buildings, where vibration is higher and hotter. Hot Air is of a higher vibration it rises higher, good example is HOT AIR BALLOONS for transporting people (physicists would never tell you that). Robert Monroe lived on Robert's mountain for the last 30 years of his life, mountains are always of higher vibration, than flat places. I never lived in mountains, always on flat, low vibrational cities of villages.

According to our statistics on the Internet (if we can believe them), there is no access (or very limited) to our websites in Russian Federation.

Больше информации о клонах на Страницах (more about clones is on 2 links) : Source of All Suns Home Page in russian

Source of All Suns Home Page in english

В США пройдут учения на случай «широкомасштабных отключений электроэнергии»
23 августа в США запланировано проведение широкомасштабных учений "EarthEX2017" связанных с действиями специальных служб и различных ведомств для выработки взаимодествия при «широкомасштабных отключених электроэнергии». По сценарию учений сбой энергосистемы будет иметь «субконтинентный масштаб, длительный перерыв в электропитании с каскадными отказами всех других инфраструктур». Учения "EarthEX2017", будут проведены для выработки действий на случай мега землетрясения, кибер-терроризма или больших электромагнитных импульсных атак. Интересно, что незадолго до учений 21 августа территории 14 штатов США погрузятся в кромешную темноту во время полного солнечного затмения.

Human Souls Luminosity

OUR PARALLEL PERSONALITIES, WHO ARE CREATED DURING RAPING, HAVE BEEN SENT UNDERGROUND AS SEX-SLAVES. THE ENERGY for YOUR PARALLEL PERSONALITY IS COMING FROM YOU, NO WONDER, THAT WE FEEL ALWAYS TIRED ! Beams of White Sunlight are coming up from the crown chakras of our heads and from our eyes, the same as White Beams coming up from Suns! These Beams are connecting us to our Major Higher Selves: White Suns in the Source of All Suns on the Highest Level of Consciousness, from which all of us originated! These Beams are going through a chain of smaller Suns, situated on each Higher Level (our Higher Selves). It is easy for aliens to select those, who have stronger Beams or stronger Spirits, because they can see these Beams (like on an old picture above).

Below are some videos from One is about a young Kurdish girl from Iraq, who was captured and raped every day for 6 months by a stinking alien reptilian or sirian or grey male,
who only looked like a human. Looks like he whole Middle East is fool of them and constant wars there, have been created by them with the same result: to kill men and to make women sex-slaves! When this young girl was finally liberated and taken out of the country, she decided (after such experience) to study to become a 
lawyer (means to play the Game again). And the same happened to 300 school-girls in Nigeria, who were abducted and sexually attacked for 3 years (80 of them died, others were returned) !
To overcome raping experiences I advise both Women and Men to burn those images of rapists, those negative emotions and experiences, the whole scenes and you will be released of all nightmares, connected to these experiences. Women are especially good at it. I do that every day: I burn all negative aliens and their establishments. It would be good if we all roast them mentally : aliens think they have a right to do it to us, no, they don't ! Go back in your memories and roast the offenders in big bonfires, you will feel so muuuuch better !

I also advise to learn Universal Higher Knowledge and never forget, that none of us is a physical body, but a Sunny non-physical Spirit! And unless all Women's Spirits UNITE, we would not be able to move out of physical worlds ! Men, please, don't interfere with this Unification, but join in!

Don't be deceived by the video below - it is only a drop in the ocean, all-women police is a part of the Planetary Game, it is not going to save all Women from tortures! But there is a possibility, that in the near future, we will merge (for a short time) with a Parallel Earth of a Higher vibration, run entirely by Women! That explains why now Women are learning men's professions and many men are turning into Women! When I am in the calm Higher vibrational world (the world of Silence), I see more Women, than Men. But when I am back in the noisy low vibrational world,
I see more men, than women.

Video : India's all-women police fighting sexual harassment. Female officers trained in martial arts patrol the streets of Jaipur to rein in sexual violence. Nearly 40,000 rapes are recorded in India each year, but many more are thought to go unreported. Widespread anger over the death of a student who was gang raped on a bus in Delhi in 2012 has driven some progress towards change. 25 Jul 2017.

This video below is soooo strange. Why do men have to teach Women not to wear veils?  What, again men? Women are not capable to take veils off their heads without men dictating them? This video is also a part of the Game!
Video: The Indian women taking off the veil. A group of women in northern India are leading a campaign against wearing the veil, breaking centuries of tradition. A group of women in the northern Indian state of Haryana are campaigning to stop wearing the veil. The "ghungat" covers the whole face and has traditionally been worn as a sign of respect for men. 20 October 2016

Video: Yazidi survivor: 'I was raped every day for six months'. In 2014, so-called Islamic State fighters targeted the Yazidis, an ethnic Kurdish group in northern Iraq, killing the men and capturing the women and children. Ekhlas, who was 14 at the time, tried to escape up Mount Sinjar but was not fast enough. She was captured and held as a sex slave for six months. 25 July 2017

Video : 'I still have nightmares about the abuse'. An Australian court is to hold a preliminary hearing on sexual abuse charges against Cardinal George Pell, the Vatican's finance chief, on Wednesday. The case is being keenly watched by those who have questioned the Church's response to victims of abuse. One man told the BBC that he still had nightmares about abuse he underwent at the hands of a now-jailed member of a Catholic order. 25 July 2017


The main reason for Global Warming is The Great Cosmic Cloud of Hot White Sun Energy, it is not an 'acid cloud' approaching Earth in order to destroy Humanity, as media likes saying or writing! This Great Cosmic Cloud has been penetrating Inner Earth through South and North huge Openings for quite sometime.  Apart from other reasons, this is also the reason for Heat Waves, Volcano Eruptions, Fires from heated land, Droughts, Water leaving oceans and other disasters, this Cloud is the reason for the gradual loss of human, plant and animal life on Old Earth ! Below, you will find the video, showing this Cloud in animated form, which George and I created !

There are a few interesting thoughts about Women's Power, compare to men's abilities, from C. Castaneda's "THE SECOND RING OF POWER", p. 262 . And this is the reason why men dominated Women on Earth for so long :
"By the time Benigno and Nestor were cured, they were also hooked (by Genaro, their future teacher-sorcerer, LM). Men have to be hooked. Women don't need that. Women go freely into anything. That's their Power and at the same time their drawback. Men have to be led and Women  have to be contained (enclosed, prevented from expansion of power)."
There is also another thing I must say. C. Castaneda and R. Monroe both said in their books, that there is and there was no Big Bang, that there is no beginning and no end, that the process of Evolution is a continuous, never ending process! One Universe will always be replaced by another New One, long before the Old Universe vanish ! I posted this info from R. Monroe's book on this site, and advise you to read C. Castaneda's "The Active Side of Infinity", where he wrote about it, on : Castaneda Books 5 - "The Active Side of Infinity"

Below is an interesting video about White Beams all around Earth. More info about this phenomenon way below on this Page.


Your Voice is stronger, than electronic Internet ! The more you call-summon Intent the faster GRAVITATIONAL COLLAPSE WILL OCCUR !
I AM TALKING FROM PERSONAL EXPERIENCE ( EVEN MY 2 DOGS ARE CALLING INTENT WITH ME BY HOWLING, because they can't express the word Intent any other way).
(Aliens are not very bright part of us, I taught them Higher Knowledge a few times, but not sure if they got the message). ALIEN AND HUMAN ENERGIES NEED TO MERGE, BUT IT DOESN'T MEAN TO ALLOW THEM TO DICTATE HIGHLY CONSCIOUS HUMANS.

Here is a few of lines about THE SOURCE OF ALL LIFE from "Being in Dreaming" by Florinda Donner, p. 123, you can find this book on our link :  "Being - in - Dreaming"

"...Florinda said, "Never mind, child, where you get these thoughts. Obviously you're plugging into The Source itself (THE SOURCE OF ALL LIFE! LM). Everybody does that: plugs into The Source itself, but it takes a Sorcerer to be aware of it...Women are able to open themselves directly to the Source (the Source of All Suns, All Creative Force, LM), or rather, the Source reaches them directly (THROUGH WOMBS, LM)..."


"Being in Dreaming" by Florinda Donner, p. 169.
"A Sorcerer is not only aware of different Realities," he (Carlos Castaneda) went on, "but SHE/HE uses that knowledge in practicalities. Sorcerers know- not only intellectually, but also practically- that Reality, or the Everyday World, as we know it, consists only of an Agreement extracted out of Every One of Us. That Agreement could be made to collapse, since it's only a Social Phenomenon. And when Agreement collapses, the whole World collapses with it (GRAVITATIONAL COLLAPSE THAT IS, LM)... the Everyday World is held together by everybody's tenacious (persistent, stubborn) will."

SUN IS THE BEST OMEN, SUN SHOWS ME SIGNS MANY TIMES ! STRANGE BEHAVIOUR OF BIRDS ALSO CAN SHOW YOU THE BEGINNING OF THE WORLD'S COLLAPSE (CHAIN REACTION). BIRDS ARE AN OMEN TOO (from Universal Dictionary - by Reader's Digest: the word Auspice means a protection-support-patronage-augury-divination-portent-sign-
indication-OMEN, especially when observed in the actions of birds; the word Portent is an OMEN, an indication of something calamitous about to occur of prophetic or threatening or miraculous significance)!





This video is about  us, about our Centre, it is showing Beauty of Earth and Sun. This video is our gift to our Suns, who are gathering around our Planet, and waiting for the Big Show to start (Supernova or Breaking of the Earth's Crust and letting the Inner Sun out) ! This video is also devoted to All Suns in the Source of All Life !
There are a few important messages in it, but don't watch this video on full screen: these messages will not be visible. You can also find these thoughts on this Home Page (in english). We think, that every body can make some kind of non material gift to our Higher Selves (like a video or a photo or write a poem) and let them know, that we appreciate their job. We hope everyone will like this video !

ПО-РУССКИ - Это видео о нас, o нашем Центре, о красоте Земли и Солнца! Это видео - наш Новогодний Подарок нашим Солнечным Существам, которые собираются вокруг нашей Планеты. 
Они ожидают Начало Великого Шоу когда Внутреннее Солнце сломает Кору Земли и вылетит на свободу (Сверхновая) ! Это видео также посвящено всем Солнцам Источника Всей Жизни! 
В этом видео вы увидите несколько важных мыслей (на английском), которые можно также найти на Главной Домашней Странице. В видео включены важные мысли (на английском), не расширяйте экран чтобы их прочесть, их просто не будет видно. Смотрите на маленьком экране. 
Мы уверены, что каждый может сделать Подарок (не материальный) нашим Солнечным Существам (как стихи, интересное фото или видео), не подарок важен, а внимание к ним и оценить их усилия! Надеемся, что видео вам понравится.


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Click to Video "Gift to our Suns" on Adobe Flash Player

LINK to the third method of playing Video "Gift to our Suns". You need to press on the address, then a message will turn up below left side of the screen, press on the arrow and on "open" and video will appear : Gift to our Suns Video (mov)

Global Heating and Cooling of Our Old Multicolored Original Earth

Humanity Needs to Unite as One with Aliens and other forms of Life, the sooner, the better, because we all must leave Planet and rise up !
Человечество и Представители других форм жизни - Обьединяйтесь в Одно Целое, чем б
ыстрей, тем лучше! Мы все должны покинуть старую Планету Земля и подняться вверх !

I recommend to read all my articles again, because I often add to them later. My main attention now on Russian Main Page, so I mainly will be writing in russian.

Теперь моё основное внимание на Главной Русской Странице, там я начала больше писать по-русски и сейчас там кое-что новое; мою переписку с Сергеем я тоже перенесла туда :

Главная Русская Страница

Robert Monroe, "Far Journeys":

"Organizing, naturally. Introducing a Variable, just as you do. Such as this book, or the mind-altering programs you (Robert) disseminate - all add a Variable into the lives of those, who encounter them. Now, instead of all the questions, why don't you read what needs organizing and the Goals to be achieved? I can give you what you call a ROTE about that, about a Plan, that doesn't involve communism or socialism, capitalism or dictatorship...

"They say it can't be done."
"That is what makes it worth the Effort!"

And what results this Unification will bring?
"...It will offer Human Consciousness a Rare Potential to emerge rapidly into a Unified Intelligent Energy System, that will range far beyond your Time-Space Illusion, creating, constructing, teaching, as only a Human-Trained Graduate Energy is able to do."

RECOGNIZED NECESSITY  as a result of Old Universe Binding Force, its boundaries and everything inside has been breaking down for more, than 20 years. The same has been happening to all its Branches - Parallel Universes. That will force us out of this Earth, to leave it and rise higher !
Globalization is also a part of Universal Mixing Process, whether you like it or not ! 
UNIFIED WORLDWIDE HUMAN NATIONS (or physical bodies of people) are represented by United Nations , but in the above case of RECOGNIZED NECESSITY , all humans must unite their Spirits and join them to the energies of other lifeforms of Old Earth. It doesn't matter which countries the bodies are in as long, as their Souls (Spirits) have the same idea. To achieve that, something or someone can just move our mutual Perception Point (assemblage point) to another position at certain time.

Some sentences Alex Collier used in his book
"Defending Sacred Ground" are foggy, difficult to understand the meaning. What kind of Beings? What kind of Impression? The only Beings on 12th Level of Consciousness I know of could be: White Suns from the Source of All Suns. And what kind of Impression can White Suns leave on Levels of Consciousness?
An Impression is a kind of a Layer, a Wave. A Wave of White Sun Energy, which doesn't carry duality, was superimposed on every Level of Consciousness except the 1st one!

That Impression (White Suns' vibration) helped White Suns to drag all Levels of this Old Universe one step higher: 1st became 2nd; 2nd became 3rd; 3rd is becoming 4th and so on (on 4th Level there are no relatives or neighbours, just friends of enemies). These Suns have been pulling the Old Earth and us up all the time, so it's high Time for Humanity to help them,
to unite with Suns from the Source and to unite between each other, then use Intent to move forcefully ourselves (our Spirits) up to the 5th Level.

Only those millions of Suns, who had players in the Universal Game (meaning Our Old Universe), stepped from the Source  (one Level down) to organise that extra temporary 12th Level. Those millions of Suns also inserted a Wave of the purest White Sun Energy (an expression) in each Level (except the 1st one: it became the 2d Level). That enabled them to pull all those Levels one step up: 11th Level became 12th; 10th became 11th; 9th became 10th and so on. This White Wave on each Level represents the Great Cosmic White Hot Luminous Cloud everybody is talking about and we see its parts in places behind Arctic Circle and in Ant-Arctica (Sweden, Norway, Finland, Alaska, Canada, Russia, New Zealand, Tasmania).
But last few years these Luminous Clouds started spreading wider and wider around Planet (there are many photos of them on our site).
No wonder, that  nobody had seen those Beings, those millions of Suns in our Old Universe before, because they were in the Source and came out of the Source only on the 23 of March, 1994 (to perform this task). Those millions of Suns still have energy connection with those players, who separated from them at the very beginning (like Robert Monroe). It doesn't mean, that there are no Suns left in the Source right now: there are still trillions of Suns there, connected to other Universes.

Alex Collier

Ниже интересная инфа из книги Алекса Колие "Защищая Священную Землю"
(мой перевод). Некоторые предложения в книге, в видео и в выступлениях Алекса Колие для меня годами были не всегда понятны. Например, он писал что Новые Существа, которых никто , никогда не видел раньше, появились и создали ещё один 12й Уровень Сознания, добавленный к уже существующим 11 Уровням. Но на самом высоком Уровне могут только существовать Солнца и никто больше. Этого Алекс Колие не знал, а может и знал, но не написал и не говорил об этом. Затем он пишет, что Новые Существа наложили свой отпечаток  (Impression) или скорее свою Волну на каждый Уровень Сознания кроме 1го. Но Алекс не написал что представляет из себя этот отпечаток. Эта Волна имела только одну вибрацию, была в балансе и не несла в себе противоположности. Это только может быть чистейшая Белая Солнечная Энергия из Источника. И только благодаря этому Новые Существа (Солнца из Источника) могли тащить вверх все 11 Уровней Сознания (включая нас и нашу Планету) уже больше 20 лет : 1й стал 2м; 2й стал 3м; 3й становится 4м и так далее. Так вот, пора уже помочь Солнцам, объединить наши Spirits и самим мысленно двигаться вверх в виртуальный 4й Уровень. На 4м Уровне нет родственников или соседей, но есть друзья и есть враги.
Intent! Мы должны оставить 3й физический Уровень. Не забывайте, что вы всё ещё связаны с тем Солнцем в Источнике, от которого вы когда-то отпочковались (смотрите внимательно наши видео). И вы только станете самостоятельным и отпочкуетесь напостоянно когда сами дойдёте до того же размера Солнца, собрав все свои разбросанные части:

"Возможно это и есть сценарий того, что начинает происходить в нашей Вселенной 21 триллионов лет после её создания. Всё в нашей Вселенной, включая нас, вышло из Чёрной Дыры.
(Что противоречит теории относительности Эйнштейна, утверждающей что ничего не может выйти из Чёрной Дыры. Связующая Сила, Binding Forcе Аквамаринового цвета тоже уже 22 года выбрасывается из всех Чёрных Дыр нашей Старой Вселенной! ЛМ).
Представители с Андромеды говорят: что у нас возраста - нет, мы в полном смысле - вечны! Вы можете понимать это как хотите. Согласно Vasais и Moraney (представители) 23 марта 1994 энергия особенного цвета и звуковая частота (Binding Force Аквамаринового цвета, ЛМ) начали выбрасываться из всех Чёрных Дыр в знакомой вам Вселенной. В отношении их наук, что проделали долгий путь, это Событие произошло впервые. И что эта Энергия и Волна делают: они формируют Голографический Слой с добавкой Солнечной Энергии на каждый Уровень Сознания, Уровней имеется 11 (их было 11, стало 12, ЛМ). Этот Новый Голографический Слой стал 12ым Уровнем Сознания (временно) и имеет только одну Волну, которая не несёт в себе противоположностей
(как плюс и минус, ЛМ). Эта Волна тащит наверх все 11 Уровней Сознания, находящихся ниже (Волны Великого Белого Светящегося Космического Облака Горячей Солнечной Энергии, ЛМ). Говорят, что к декабрю 2013 года 3й физический Уровень Сознания перестанет существовать - он взрывается изнутри, так как весь 3й Уровень подтягивается наверх (а нас заставляют этот процесс тормозить всякой фигнёй и поэтому мы до сих пор здесь! ЛМ). Те, кто на 11ом Уровне, передвигаются на 12й, те, кто на 3ем, передвигаются на 4й и т.д. Мы должны перейти на 4й и затем на 5й Уровень. С точки зрения представителей Андромеды, 4й Уровень - это уже только Сознание (нет ничего физического, ЛМ). Это когда вся раса - телепатически общается друг с другом (нет речи), они чувствуют и осознают друг друга - они - один Разум, хотя и разные существа, но всё равно Одно Целое. 5й Уровень это где нас будут видеть как Существа Белого Света. Они говорят, что это и должно с нами произойти, не позже чем 2013 согласно их наукам. Правда это или нет, я не знаю, когда вы об этом узнаете, тогда и я, хотя я ещё не видел, чтобы они не были правы.
Итак, присуствуют индивидуальные Существа, которые появились на 12ом Уровне Голографического Сознания. Они ни на кого не похожи, никто их никогда не видел. Представители не знают кто они и даже не знают как их описать (Белые Солнца, ЛМ). Но похоже эти Существа 12го Уровня имеют способность видеть всё, что происходит на всех Уровнях ниже, видеть всех..."

Portal to 5th Level

We'll leave everything behind!
I extracted interesting thoughts about Incredible Powers of Human Emotions from "Defending Sacred Ground" by Alex Collier.
Good read, explains a lot.
Not Hormones, not Genetics, not mixture of extraterrestrial races with Primate/Monkey race hold Emotions , but the one and only White Creative Sun Energy can do it and we have it in our Spirits. Because of that we can hold huge range of Emotions (R. Monroe wrote about the connection between Sun and our Emotions).
Emotions encourage constant Internal Dialogue in our heads, Emotions and Internal Dialogue (esp. from Women) support this lousy holographic physical world from collapsing.
There are numerous and quickest ways to squeeze plenty of negative Emotions from us worldwide and create more Portals for new negative civilizations to enter, like 'Natural Disasters' of all kinds (some of them are staged, but most are the result of 2 Planets Merging: Parallel with the Old Original Earth). I will just name a few more artificial ways to extract Powerful Emotions from us and post them through TV, Internet, Newspapers, Magazines, videos globally:
elections, demonstrations/protests and fist fightings everywhere; making horror or about wars movies/videos/books/photos; the idea of 'terrorists are everywhere' (examples: staged Boston shooting runners, shootings at schools, streets, airports, stadiums in Brussel, in France, in Russia and Ukraine; in Turkey cafe on New Years Eve, shootings on beaches like in Tunis; staged shootings and fires in night clubs/discos etc.); staged 'Migrants Crisis'; many years of global epidemic of rape and bashing of Women, Children and Men with posting it in media; staged single and mass abductions like missing 400 students in Mexico and 300 schoolgirls in Nigeria; mass stampedes-killing during religious festivals/celebrations; staged planes/buses/ships/ferries/multiple cars crashes; wars of all kinds and we had them all over the world (like in Siria, Afganistan, Iraq, Vietnam, Bolivia, Spain, in all African countries, in Ukraine, WW 1 and 2 to name a few). And this is what have been happening for so many years and in so many countries. Our own Emotions are preventing this holographic world from collapse! That is the reason why we are still in the 3d physical Level, instead of the 5th Level!

The Internationale

George and I are making a new video called  "Original Intent" (it will be ready in a week), which will be accompanied by famous russian revolutionary 'The Internationale' with new , more appropriate, lyrics, written and sang by me in russian and in english. And I hope, that you all will learn and sing "The New Internationale". The new lyrics in english and in russian are below. First listen to the music, which is on the video below, then sing new words with the music, like I do!
Singing "The New Internationale" will help to unite everybody in this world for Ascention! "The New Internationale" doesn't confirm, that we are human bodies, but states, that we are Suns, who are ready to rise:

"The New Internationale" in english

With Internationale our Spirits join our Suns!

Unite Whole World of Souls together and leave Illusions and Unjust ! The Time is right to break our hard chains, which held us so long at last !
This World of Struggles We Will Ruin to Nothing and We Will Create a Universe of our Future, who had no rights, will have them then!

This Intent is our Power and the Last Step for us, with Internationale our Spirits join our Suns!
This Intent is our Power and the Last Step for us, with Internationale our Spirits join our Suns!

This Goal fulfills our Dreams, but only - when matches Universe Intent, Ascending is not easy Problem, but leads us in the Source and that
Will cause Great Peal of Thunder Rolling, the Earth will Break its Crust and then, the Sun of Freedom Opens wider to Blast a Fire of its Rays !

Video: The Internationale (Instrumental), just the music

Немецкий журналист о неблагодарности немцев к русскому народу! Jun 22, 2015. Независимый немецкий журналист Кен Йебсен (Ken Jebsen): о праздновании падения Берлинской стены и о том что, роль русских в воссоединении Германии целенаправленно умалчивается и не без помощи США. Смелый журналист. На фоне русофобской истерики по всей Европе опасно говорить вещи не угодные правящим в ЕС режимах.
В некоторых странах ЕС запрещают российские каналы (Литва, Латвия). Такая свобода слова. Ведутся дискуссии о создании русскоязычного пропагандистского антироссийского канала. Всеми силами пытаются навязать свою подчас ложную точку зрения. Сколько лжи выливает на Россию европейская пресса.

Oбращение немцев к русскому народу. 9 мая 2016 года. May 9, 2016. Голос Германии опубликовал обращение немцев к русскому народу из семи пунктов.


The photo below looks very similar to the photo above, which I made over our Centre in Elliott Heads in Australia in 2012.
The photo below supposedly is one of mysterious numbered galactics, but to me it is not!

Both photos are our Old Universe's Central White Sun, surrounded by White Gathering of Souls, which Robert Monroe described in his books. Part of this Gathering I often see at night above our Centre. The Inner Sun of Earth must get into this Central White Sun, after breaking Earth's Crust ! This Gather-Ring is the very place we all need to get first !
Sometimes before falling asleep, I merge my Energy Body with our White Sun (in my imagination) and as a Sun I fly through my personal Portal-Black Hole in my bedroom straight to the Source of All Suns (our Real Home), in the morning I am back on Earth! You can create your own big group (Cluster) of Highly Aware Individuals (of fast and high vibration) and fly together (first in your imagination) to the Source to meet White Suns and participate in discussions with them! You also need to find a suitable Portal-Black Hole to get through AND NOTHING COULD BE BETTER
as a Portal like the Black Hole of OUR WHITE SUN : go with it ! It can be done at day or at night, at any weather and any mood. You might think it is not possible, but it is, if the vibration of such Cluster of your Sun Energy is high enough, and if you all are persistent in this Intent !
Don't forget: the Major part of your Higher Self is a Sun in the Source of All Suns. It is that White Sun, from which you detached yourself to start this long journey. There is a connection between this Sun and you, it is helping you till you become an independent Huge Sun. As you know thoughts and emotions are important, we create our worlds and moods with them (especially Women)! Bad feelings/thoughts create bad atmosphere around you even if you are rich. Well then, if you imagine yourself as a White Sun, like the one in the sky (which is what you really are), and fly to and back from the Source of All Creative Sun Energy regularly (find your Higher Self there), your life will not be as boring or as difficult, as it is now (esp. if you are/were a migrant and I was a migrant at some stage) ! Whatever you imagine, will become real with time and effort ! Intent yourselves to shuttle between the Earth and the Source of All Suns or the Source of All Creative Force, shout the word INTENT, do Magical Passes, that'll help ! Another expression for Intent is the Active Side of Infinity.

The next day after I printed this, I had such a response from you , that I thought the roof of our house will fly off, it became so hot inside, it was hard to fall asleep, most of the night I was talking to all of you telepatically! I must add, that most of us on this Planet and at this time represent their home-planets; we are leaders, who now have temporarily human experience on Earth. When you complete it, you will return to your group-minded races, change, speed up their vibration and as a cluster (a Sun) return to the Source. Some races are here on Earth in human form in their total number with their leaders, who are constantly in close contact with them. I met one such leader. To become a true Leader you need to express loudly your wish to work for the Source of All Sun Energy, you need to INTENT IT!

A very useful Page to visit is :  Visible and Invisible Players of Earth's Planetary Game

(It will offer Human Consciousness a Rare Potential to emerge rapidly into a Unified Intelligent Energy System, that will range far beyond your Time-Space Illusion, creating, constructing, teaching, as only a  Human -  Trained Graduate Energy is able to do.)"

Merging of Suns and their Black Holes

On the photo above what some people call a new and strange phenomenon (not new). But to me it is still another form of Great White Hot Plasmic Cosmic Cloud (just like White Luminous Clouds at night) ! Below are articles in russian and english: one says, that it looks like an arch (but the whole photo is curved, it is really a straight White Beam) 25km to 30 km wide, the length of which is thousands km. The direction is from east to west above Earth and it turns up only in Northern Hemisphere , moving 6-10 km/sec and can stay  visible for an hour or more and only from March to September. More than 50 times observed since 2015 and reported in Calgary, Alberta, Canada in US and other places on the same parallel. One of devices got through it at the height of 300 m and measured the temperature rise of this white Beam up to + 3000C ! The other article says, that streams of (this white) plasma reach speeds faster than sound, and above 460km to 530 km the temperature of these streams heats to almost +10000C and directed towards Planets' Poles.


And in ALBERTA, in BRITISH COLUMBIA - Canada and in US: in Alaska, Montana, Minnesota, in Oroville , Washington in 2015, where there is a Crack in the net of the Fabric of Time, through which you can see the Gathering, not Milky Way. The same you see on the photo from Minnesota, people made many photos of this phenomenon, 3 of them I posted here! 200000 people were evacuated from Oroville, because of Dam's damage ! Is there any connection between this phenomenon and the damage of the Dam?

Video of it is on :
STEVE, video - IN MOTION: On May 19th and 20th, a solar wind stream hit Earth's magnetic field. The impact summoned "Steve"--a mysterious form of filamentary aurora that researchers do not fully understand. "I saw 'Steve' through the window even though the lights were still on in the house, so it must have been quite bright," reports Matthew Wheeler of Robson Valley, BC, Canada. Grabbing his camera, he rushed outside for a better view, and captured a rare movie of Steve in motion:"I have seen Steve here a few times in the past decades," says Wheeler. "This was a dramatic apparition, especially overhead where fine fingers of color moved very fast almost at right angles to Steve, quite finely detailed at times. The 10 second exposures I stitched together to make the animation don't do it justice." For years, northern sky watchers have occasionally spotted a mysterious ribbon of purple light dancing among the aurora borealis. It was widely called a "proton arc" until researchers pointed out that protons probably had nothing to do with it. So members of the Alberta Aurora Chasers group gave it a new name: "Steve." Recent widespread reporting about Steve has led to even more sightings--and indeed he appeared just this week over Calgary:"Steve hung out with me for about 15 minutes on May 17th," reports photographer Harlan Thomas, who witnessed a spectacular display of auroras over Twisted Ponds. The lights appeared as Earth moved through a stream of fast-moving solar wind that briefly interacted with our planet two days ago. Steve is still a mystery. No one fully understands the underlying physics of the ribbon.  However, one of the European Space Agency's SWARM satellites recently flew overhead while Steve was active, providing some clues. "As the satellite flew straight though Steve, data from the electric field instrument showed very clear changes" reports Eric Donovan from the University of Calgary. "The temperature 300 km above Earth's surface jumped by 3000°C and the data revealed a 25 km-wide ribbon of gas flowing westwards at about 6 km/s compared to a speed of about 10 m/s either side of the ribbon."

Стив - новое атмосферное явление!

(Что-то здесь не так: явление не ново и я вижу Белую Полосу на фото, а не фиолетово-зелёную. Похоже на Белую Солнечную Плазменную Энергию Баланса, раз температура доходит до +3000С.
И хорошо что тянется на тыщи км, быстрее всё растает! ЛМ)
Встречайте Стива — новое атмосферное явление! Стив настолько странный, что до сих пор не имеет официального научного описания, поэтому и имя у него временное. Благодаря любителям полярных сияний и ученых, изучающих атмосферу, мы узнали о Стиве больше, но осталось еще много вопросов. Восхитительный феномен был впервые задокументирован группой «Охотники за аврорами Альберты» на «Фейсбуке». С тех пор о Стиве сообщили еще более 50 раз. Эта лента из фиолетовых и зеленых огней не похожа на любое другое полярное сияние, и мы до сих пор не знаем, почему она образуется. Работа энтузиастов привлекла внимание ученых НАСА, ЕКА и Университета Калгари (Канада), которые активно пытаются выяснить, что на самом деле представляет из себя этот неустойчивый объект. Стив — это арка шириной 25–30 км, которая тянется на сотни, тысячи километров с востока на запад. Феномен может оставаться на небе час или дольше, и имеет сезонный характер, исчезая с октября по февраль. Стив обычно состоит из фиолетовых оттенков и часто сопровождается зелеными кратковременными образованиями в виде частокола. Явление возникает в Северном полушарии вдоль тех же широт, что и Калгари в Альберте. Недавно один из спутников Swarm пролетел прямо через Стива. На высоте 300 км датчики зафиксировали повышение температуры на 3 тысячи градусов Цельсия, а данные показали 25-километровую ленту газа, плывущую на запад на скорости 6–10 км/с.

SOLAR RADIO BURSTS (highly recommended listening)

After listening to this audio recording, I realised, that this exact sound from the White Sun I hear with my ears most of the time, day and night (and when there is no Sun in the sky), for many years and without a radio-telescope! It doesn't remind me a hiss, but the sound of rain or a waterfall, sometimes becoming unbearably loud! I was writing about it before. And maybe someone else is hearing it too?
This sound is of Universal Flow, which is moving constantly through the Chain of Suns inc. our visible White Sun and our Inner Sun. 
The sound of the Universal Flow often accompanies storms, cyclones, heavy rains, tornados even though the Sun is not always visible! We have many photos of Universal Flow on this site: it looks and sounds like rain, the photos are full of tiny blue or gray dots of Universal Flow, like on the photo above! There is another annoying Sound, coming from a Belt around Earth, which has a hissing sound in combination with other sounds like verbal communication (speech in different languages), noise of cars etc! R. Monroe described it in his book. This sound wakes me up in the middle of the night and I see in the sky (from the balcony) the White Layer of the GATHERING. It seems that this sound is coming from there, and not just at night, but any time of the day! There are other Sounds from the sky, which people find disturbing. They are the sounds of flying UFOs from Parallel Earths, Alex Collier mentioned it in his book.
Yesterday's M4.4 solar flare from sunspot AR2644 flare caused a shortwave radio blackout. It also produced the opposite - a loud burst of radio static. In rural New Mexico, amateur radio astronomer Thomas Ashcraft recorded the hiss and crackle emerging from the loudspeaker of his receiver. Click to listen to this audio recording.

В атмосфере Земли обнаружены сверхзвуковые потоки плазмы

(это то что называется Великое Космическое Белое Плазменное Облако, только небольшая часть его! ЛМ)
Сверхзвуковые скорости и температура до 10000 °С именно такие экстремальные показатели зарегистрировали ученые, которым удалось зафиксировать ионосферные плазменные потоки.
Сегодня их исследуют с помощью трех европейских спутников, которые летают на  высотах от 460 до 530 км и изучают магнитные явления, происходящие как в атмосфере, так и в недрах Земли. Недавно именно эти спутники зафиксировали потоки плазмы, которая вовлекается в движение ионосферными токами. Под воздействием мощных электромагнитных полей плазма разгоняется до сверхзвуковых скоростей и раскаляется почти до 10000 °С. Устремляясь к полюсам планет...

Bсе черные дыры сливаются по одному сценарию (все Чёрные Дыры сливаются в одну! ЛМ)

On the picture below: colored vibrations or multiple Rainbows of Parallel Earths with their Suns are merging with the Old Original Earth and its Suns. The White Gathering is visible through the Crack in the Net of Fabric of Time. Great Hot Luminous White Cosmic Cloud's photos are on:  Auroras or Northern Lights

25 May 2017
And again - a FAILURE to rise to the 5th Level all together, like it was on the 3rd December 2013. I can't do it alone, not many people joined me. They probably busy their minds with summer or winter holidays.
The Gateway is opened and now it's up to us to get to the Gathering!

The Law of Attraction (Закон Притяжения)

You can't deceive the LAW OF ATTRACTION when it comes to ascending to the 5th Level of Consciousness! You need to raise your vibration up to that Level while you are here on Earth like Don Juan, Carlos Castaneda, Robert Monroe and others did. That means going through hardships, pain, various experiences, self-discipline, doing Magical Passes, learning Higher Knowledge (our site is very helpful in this regard) and winning the battle between your True Mind and Draconian Foreign Installation in your brain: the gray matter. A good example of active Foreign installation in human brain is a popular reptillian comment people say to migrants (which never fails at all times - worldwide) : "Go to your country: you are so and so..."!). I've already won this battle and ready to rise to the 5th Level without stopping in the 4th non-physical Level, but many will have to move to the 4th Level first, because of their low vibration (and work their way up)!
At certain moment the Law of Attraction will attract to me those, who are ready for the 5th Level
(cream of the cream), and we all move to the Gathering, where everyone (of that vibration) is moving. I don't know exactly when this moment is due, but feel, that it is going to happen soon.

We constantly forget, that we are the ones, who make decisions/moves in our evolution and cause a Ripple Effect in all vibrations, inspite of constant resistance from you know who. It is expected of us, if we are considered 'Royalty' in our Old Universe! We are making our history, and noone else! Things in the Universe don't happen by themselves, we need to make them happen, we need to INTENT THEM ! What I noticed, that people don't visualise anything when they shout the word 'Intent'. I would like to add new important ideas for Magical Passes, which are not in Castaneda's materials. For example, the current INTENT is to visualise ourselves as little white suns moving away from Earth to Cosmos, then visualise breaking the Earth's Crust, releasing the Inner Sun to move up and merge with our visible Sun in the sky (like in our last video "Original Intent"). When you do Magical Passes and need to shout INTENT, you better reduce your visualisation to just Merging of 2 Suns (the Inner/lower one and our visible Outer/upper one).
Funny, when I shout the word INTENT, our 2 dogs are howling this word too. There are other INTENTS (higher goals), but we need to do one thing at a time, go step by step. What I also noticed, that practitioners of Magical Passes are often didn't do a thorough reading, they have no good understanding of all Castaneda's books or of relevant workshops/seminars, esp. if they don't know english or spanish. Castaneda wrote his books in these 2 languages (translated versions, people read, are usually missing or misinterpreting some vital info). For many practitioners worldwide Magical Passes are just another form of Martial Arts.
It would be more effective if they do it with understanding of a wider Universal Goal (INTENT). Over the years Cleargreen Incorporated made Magical Passes more popular worldwide with the initial help from Carlos Castaneda and his group of sorceresses. But when they all left Earth, gradually the whole enterprise became too commercialised and a bit away from Don Juan's knowledge: for years no new knowledge was added or discussed to what Castaneda had written.
Why to rent sports/conference expensive halls or pay big fees for just joining a seminar? Many people can't afford it, if they have to also pay for air-train-bus tickets and for a few days of accomodation. Don Juan never rented a hall to do Magical Passes: he was doing them mostly out-of-doors like in the forests/mountains/deserts/on grass, near/inside his house. He never had huge groups of participants, who paid him (Don Juan) for doing Magical Passes or for private lessons with him. George and I will do the same with our forthcoming seminar, which we are planning to organize. This Magical Passes' free 3 days workshop will take place in early/mid-November (our late spring) this 2017 year in our village Elliott Heads in Australia (if we all are still here on Earth). For that event I will need a couple of experienced, knowledgable and patient volunteers-instructors, who speak either english or russian (females or males). The sequences of Magical Passes are going to be from Carlos Castaneda's book "Magical Passes" (it's plenty of Passes there already, no need for something else). This event will not be run by Cleargreen Incorporated, but by me physically, because I am not guite satisfied with how Cleargreen presents Don Juan's Knowledge (a bit boring). Cleargreen Incorporated is the 4th Level of Consciousness, but I am the 5th one and much higher, than that: I represent our both Suns (the Inner one and the Outer one) ! There are others of similar kind, but I don't know who or where they are (except one). I rely on our Suns' (not on Alex Collier's "great spirit") decision whether this event should take place or not: the Suns are better judges, than me. If everything's OK, we'll do the Passes on the shore under the Sun barefoot (on firm sand at low tide), that's how I often do them. The Sun will select the right people and will supervise this event in its own way. I'll just read the signs, visualise the event and say the word INTENT. The major INTENT is to leave nothing in this Old Universe, everything needs to merge with each other and move out of it through Cracks in the Fabric of Time and Black Holes (I hope this explanation is simple enough)! We also forget, that Sun is a GREAT BEING, who can watch and analyse our actions/thoughts; can sense, hear, love and express other feelings, act, when there is a need for that.
All the details of this event and how to get to Bundaberg will be posted closer to November. The instructors would need to come earlier to our Centre and rehearse sequences of Magical Passes for the upcoming seminar. We can't pay them, but two rooms, food, necessary transportation and invitations (if necessary) will be provided by us, they only need to buy a return airticket, we will meet them (and later see them off) in Brisbane airport by our car. Our Centre is on the shore of Pacific ocean, Bundaberg is our major city, which is 20 km from us. In the centre of Bundaberg there is a piece of Australian Rainforest with hunreds of flying foxes, hanging from huge eucaliptus trees, and the city circles the forest (one of the pictures of the rainforest is below, the rest of photos is on our link : Australia ).

Every participant will have to get to Brisbane airport first and from there by a modern train to Bundaberg (takes 4-5 hours travelling) or by 1 hour flight to Bundaberg from Brisbane, where you will be met by George at the airport or Bundaberg train station and driven by car to our Centre on the coast. We can even accomodate about 10 participants on the grounds of our Centre in tents for free (if you are early and have your own bedding and a tent, food is not provided, but there are 2 cafes in our village). There is also a caravan park in our village on the shore (and caravan parks in other coastal villages nearby), where you can stay in a tent, a van or in a villa. Bus to and back from Bundaberg for supermarkets stops at our Centre twice a day. Plenty of sandy beaches to swim. Every participant need to let me know beforehand about their individual arrival (if another cyber attack doesn't happen). Participants need to be familiar with our site, understand books of C. Castaneda and do his Magical Passes regularly (not beginners). If there is a need for visa invitations to our free seminar, George and I can provide participants with them, if they write their details to my email address :  - or call our home number or my skype number,
our address: 8 Corolla St., Elliott Heads, Queensland, 2154, Australia, skype - monroe999 - home telephone - 61741596019 - Lydia Monroe and George Polkorn.
Warning: anything unusual can happen here in our Centre, if you are not afraid then get ready for that too. If you can't make it and still want to come, then join us in your non-physical form.

4 September 2017
Because of recent global disasters worldwide, I wouldn't advise anyone to travel to us in your physical body: your personal field can disrupt electronics in any type of transport, causing its malfunctioning, but you can come to us in your Spirit form and we will have a nice Gathering! There will be no people in our Centre on that day, except me, George and maybe Robert. I'll post the date of this Gathering in November later!

17 May 2017
This morning the whole sky above our village was in these fluffy white Beings, who was moving and disappearing into the CRACK IN FABRIC OF TIME (huge Portal) above our Centre ! Here are 2 photos of it. Every night white spaceships moving into the same Crack. Through this Crack I watch the Gathering on 5th Level!

A QUAKE IN EARTH'S MAGNETIC FIELD: When a CME from the sun struck Earth on April 22nd, our planet's magnetic field reverberated from the impact. A day later, a stream of solar wind arrived, hit, and had the same effect. In Lancashire, England, a magnetometer operated by Stuart Green captured the quaking of Earth's magnetic field...

11 June 2017
Below there are 2 photos of today: a group of White Clouds with yet another pattern over our Centre in Elliott Heads, Australia!
These Clouds are vibrationally higher civilizations. I made these photos in the mid-day (other photos together with similar photos of other people in other places are on our link : Intent  ).

30 June 2017
Here is other photos of a big group of White Spirits moving higher through our Sun, which I made above our Centre in Elliott Heads today. Such groups of White Souls could also be White Spirits of Dolphins, Whales, Mer-People and other humanoid/non-humanoid higher vibrational civilizations.

The same thing is happening over Africa and other places

Video - People Jumping through a Ring of Fire

One day we , as Spirits, will move up together through the Black Hole in the Crown of the Sun! Don't be afraid of heat: Robert Monroe wrote, that we, as little Suns, can go through anything. Below are a couple of symbolic pictures, which slightly resemble that Crown.

From the balcony of our Centre I see with my eyes our White Sun as a White Ring of Rays, like a Crown, with a huge Black Hole inside of it (which is usually covered on photos with an off-white holographic patch, when I take pictures of the Sun) ! The Sun is in the centre of this big White group of former Humans without their bodies, which is going through the Black Hole to the 5th Level ! The Black Hole is covered with a fake holographic off-white colored patch. Now such civilizations appear in our area day or night 2-3 times a week, especially after Our Old Universe merges with one of its Parallel Universes and our old Earth with its Suns with Parallel Earths and their Suns. The Law of Attraction is in full force here: it is attracting such civilizations to the 5th Level. When you see similar complex patterns of White Clouds over your head, then you are in a higher vibrational place at that moment! Such patterns of White Clouds never appear in the sky in low vibrational places. Our White Sun's Black Hole is helping these White Beings to move higher.
Law of Allowence means no nagging inteference from anyone into human, alien, animal lives, in order to let them to make their own choices. Unfortunately , we, ourselves, often brake this Law without being aware of it, esp. parents, when they want to make lives of their offsprings much easier, than their own lives.

6 July 2017

I am observing heaps of WHITE HOT LUMINOUS CLOUDS IN OUR AREAS, they are above ocean and sugar cane fields, in and around our village. What negatives do to cover these cloud up is: they encourage local farmers to burn sugar cane fields after harvesting them and our winter is the right time for that. The grey smoke partially covers these clouds up. That was the reason why I felt smell of burning early evening and at night last couple of weeks, without seeing any fires around!
All explanations of these videos below are wrong! They are Luminous White Hot Cosmic Clouds of Balance, which are covered by different civilizations of various color vibrations! If women paint their nails red,
it doesn't mean that natural color of their nails is red! Why can't people get used to the idea, that it is another colored layer on a white shining cloud? LM)

Nacreous clouds timelapse

BREATHTAKING STRUCTURE OF NOCTILUCENT CLOUDS - 01/04.07.17, Alberta, Canada, Jul 6, 2017

2017 Noctilucent cloud chasing season teaser - 4K (UHD) time-lapse, Denmark, May 4, 2017


Luminous Clouds are parts of Great White Hot Cosmic Cloud - NIGHTSKY ICE OCEAN

From 17 to 25 June 2017, the Sun is all over the sky; it's +21C in our village
, warm for winter, but in Bundaberg is even much hotter +25C. Moscow summer this year in June is much cooler (the first half of it); looks like I need to go to Moscow to make it hotter there, like in 2010 when I was there !

This morning I was late to make another similar photo of White Beings gathered in waves and moving through the Black Hole of Our Sun to the 5th Level ! Most of this gathering was already gone. You have to be real quick. And, as usual, I was abducted by this thing on the photo below. Looks like a negative UFO (a scout) with an inner entrance. These regular abductions have been happening for so many years til now!
Where do they take me and what I do there I can only guess !? They don't bother even to hide when I see them through the window each time I wake up to go to the toilet at night. A few times I have seen this UFO  next to the Moon, maybe the Moon is that place ?
For years I couldn't understand who was electricuting me almost every night! Just when I was about to fall asleep I would get a heavy loud strike on my head.
What was their purpose in my losing Consciousness? I couldn't see them, but I could feel their hands. I even protested, shouted at them. Or maybe by electricuting me, they were systematically pushing my Perception Point (my Spirit) out of my Luminous Egg to send me to the worlds of Non-Human Domain and to make me to mix my vibration with the locals! I am absolutely sure, that apart from me, this procedure is performed on many humans esp. at the very End of Universal Life.
I made a short video of that UFO and posted it below:

Video of UFO, which has been abducting me.


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LINK to the third method of playing Video "My Abductions by this UFO". You need to press on the address, then a message will turn up below left side of the screen, press on the arrow and on "open" and video will appear : "My Abductions by this UFO" Video (mov)

Global Vortex

I've been living in vortexes for all my life. Our house-centre, I hope, is the last vortex-place for me on Earth. Right inside the house when I go from the toilet to the kitchen, the vibration changes and I am in another world similar to the original, but not the same! Our garden changes, people around me are not the same: George and Robert (our son), our neighbours, I myself might change too. And I hear the same click in my head, like Robert Monroe did when he was moving from one vibration to another changing one world for another one. It's the same what you might hear when you flying by plane: you changing vibrations, changing worlds. Change of the worlds also happens when I am in our garden or in our pool. Everything here indicates vortex: branches of trees grow very long curly, twisted spirals, sometimes with 2 tops like pines for instance (искривлённые длинные ёлки с 2мя верхушками). The same is happening to leaves of flowers and other plants: some of them would grow like very long spirals (like snakes). Sand on our beaches has been constantly turning into curls: small sandy balls and you see huge spaces of small balls. In the garden I was observing how vortexes were turning clay into stones. All lifeforms come to and go from our Earth with the help of vortexes. Some, more advanced, dogs can indicate places of vortexes by turning their heads round and round. One of our dogs is pointing to me were there are the strongest vortexes in our garden or elsewhere. Dods' or cats' tails do create vortexes as well by circling round and round.

I find it extremely difficult to live in a vortex (George and Robert feel even worse). There was a time when people everywhere were singing, laughing, playing instruments inside/outside their houses and not just in villages, but also in the cities. Old movies show it. But now in our village I hear only noise of cars/buses passing by, roar of grass-cutting mowers or electric building instruments: drills, saws and so on. No singing, no laughter any more! With all those negative noisy vibrations the number of houses in the village is increasing (now is about 200), but half of those houses are empty: noone lives in them anymore. What's the point of building them if people disappear? At one stage we wanted to sell this place and go some place else, but the police forced me to sign the papers, saying that I never move out of Elliott Heads, though
I could travel to other countries for not more than 3 months. And now I see the same in London: a lot of noisy negative vibrations were spreaded around while building those 27 highscrapes to negatively effect people. And now people have to leave those blocks of flats, because of fire danger and it is real: fire can easily start in a vortex! Many bush fires start in multiple vortexes simultaneously and you can't do anything!

Each one of us are little vortexes, Robert Monroe called himself and everyone else CURLS. Now on Earth we have the size of the hail growing, because the whole Planet becomes ONE BIG VORTEX ! The water freezes and  curls into balls of different sizes depending on the force of a vortex in that place. And, artificially introduced, Aquamarine Vibration - Binding Force, just helps the process. Everyone noticed how many hurricanes, storms, dust tornados, water tornados, fire tornados and whirlpools increased for the last 10 years and it will be more and more, till most of the crust will be gone with the wind! The water is coming from or going into land/water surfaces or air in moving funnels-vortexes.

I would like to add to what I wrote before : our White Sun is our Leader, only the Sun is not yellow like on the picture above, but White. The idea is right: the Sun was always the Leader and the Planets used to follow the Sun in a spiral fashion till they stopped being Planets! Every Planet of Old Solar System had a Sun inside a crust, otherwise without crust and a Sun it would not be considered a Planet: there would be no life on/in it. But even at the time of writing his books, while flying without his body Robert Monroe found all Planets of our Old Solar System dead, without life, just shells without Inner Suns. The Inner Suns merged with our Old Earth's Inner Sun long ago. The Planets' crusts were turned into terraformed spaceships or flying genetic laboratories and not just the crusts of the Planets, but also the crusts of all Moons of our Old Solar System. Well, what we see in our skies is just spaceships , not planets/moons any more! Alex Collier said the same in his talks and his book. Get used to the idea, that everything is not what we are told it is! The Sun is moving up in a spiral movement through vibrational Levels towards the Source of All Suns. The Sun is moving up along the Universal Flow, which Robert Monroe called a Highway. From this end our Sun, the Universal Flow and the Hot White Cosmic Cloud push our Spirits up through our White Sun's Black Hole in spiral motion. From the other end our Suns (our Higher Selves) on 11th Level have been pulling us up and continue to do so till we finally reach them!

Recommended old video:

The helical model - our solar system is a vortex

29 June 2017

For brave people I'll give a good advice how to get rid of the alien negative influences on your bodies and minds. This is what I do in the case like this. If I feel a splitting headache or a pain in my body or I am losing consciousness, I visualise burning my body, cutting the energy cord and releasing my Spirit from it. I see how my Spirit moves up through the Black Hole of our White Sun! After such visualisation any pain or discomfort (like constipation or something else) disappears! All such unexpected pains are caused by outside/inside mind/body manipulating devices, which are invisible to us, they are constantly floating above or around our bodies and doing their, damaging to us, job. These devices are controlled by negative aliens/humans and robots, who are placed in underground/underwater installations, surface bases, the Moon or spaceships/UFOs aroud Earth. I mentally blow and burn all of them and recommend all of you to do the same: their time is up and they interfere with joining our Spirits together and moving up through the Black Hole of our Sun !
I respect all people, who are dealing with fires, enormous heat or flames like firemen, fire performers, people living in constantly burning or equator regions etc. - they are more prepared for future!
A good movie to watch their mind/body manipulating techniques on humans (for those, who hasn't seen it) is "They Live". I also mentally ruin our holographic worlds to speed up our Return to the Source of All Suns and advise you to do the same if you want to be free from this Prison-Planet, prison-worlds and your prison-bodies! Below are 3 interesting articles (two are in russian) with maps, describing how unnatural, well orchestrated heatwave in most of Russia esp. in Siberia is quickly artificially turned into a miserable wet, cold and stormy weather to stop the spread of fires! One map has both: heatwave temperatures and cold ones to counteract the +40C heat, but still more fires turn up (on another picture pay attention at the size of these 296 fires in Russia, 28 June 2017). Another article is about revealing how aliens have been mind/body manipulating us through michrochips for thousands of years! Who needs such robotic bodies?

7 July 2017 - None of you simply knows what is happening now all over the World. Videos of impressive World's floods are below. More videos and articles of catastrophes for June/July 2017 you can find on our new site Source of All Suns  :

Amazing Monster Flash Flood Caught On Camera ✔P140 - Jul 7, 2017
Amazing Monster Flash Flood Caught On Camera ✔P139 - Jul 6, 2017
Amazing Monster Flash Flood Caught On Camera ✔P135 - Jul 4, 2017
Amazing Monster Flash Flood Caught On Camera ✔P127 - Jun 30, 2017

Worldwide Flooding on July 6 - 7, 2017 l flood наводнение
Worldwide Flooding on July 5, 2017 l flood -   Мировое наводнение
Worldwide Flooding on July 4, 2017 l flood наводнение
Worldwide Flooding on July 3, 2017 l flood наводнение
Worldwide Flooding on July 1, 2017 l flood наводнение
Worldwide Flooding on June 30, 2017 l flood наводнение
Worldwide Flooding on June 29, 2017 l flood наводнение
Worldwide Flooding on June 28, 2017 l flood наводнение
Worldwide Flooding on June 27, 2017 l flood наводнение
Worldwide Flooding on June 26, 2017 l flood наводнение
Worldwide Flooding on June 25, 2017 l flood наводнение
Worldwide Flooding on June 24, 2017 l flood наводнение
Worldwide Flooding on June 23, 2017 l flood наводнение
Worldwide Flooding on June 22, 2017 l flood наводнение
Worldwide Flooding on June 21, 2017 l flood наводнение

Аномальная жара и резкое падение температуры в Сибири - 27 June 2017
Одной из главных сенсаций минувших выходных стала 30-градусная жара в Норильске. Это — самая высокая температура в районе 70-й параллели во всем Северном полушарии. Любопытно, что уже на следующий день резко похолодало до +8...

These 2 pictures are showing how plastic is melting when around +50C, June 2017, Arizona, US

This australian man had the chip from his travel card implanted under his skin - 29 June 2017 (типичный робот! ЛМ)
This Australian can now tap in and out at train stations with a travel card chip implanted in his left hand..

Videos about how electronic holograms and robots are gradually entering our life:

The dawn of the age of holograms. Apr 18, 2016. Alex Kipman wants to create a new reality — one that puts people, not devices, at the center of everything. With HoloLens, the first fully untethered holographic computer, Kipman brings 3D holograms into the real world, enhancing our perceptions so that we can touch and feel digital content. In this magical demo, explore a future without screens, where technology has the power to transport us to worlds beyond our own. (Featuring Q&A with TED's Helen Walters). TEDTalks is a daily video podcast of the best talks and performances from the TED Conference, where the world's leading thinkers and doers give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes (or less). Look for talks on Technology, Entertainment and Design -- plus science, business, global issues, the arts and much more.

Mixed Reality - THEORIZ - RnD test 002 - Jun 8, 2017. Second test of our currently in research and development technology for audiovisual production, using in house tracking system (Augmenta) and VR tracking technologies with real time video and projection mapping in space.

Video - Five robots that are changing everything. From robot simians that can clean up nuclear accidents, to powered exoskeletons that enable you to lift huge objects, robotic technologies are developing incredibly quickly. Ashitey Trebi-Ollennu, chief engineer at Nasa’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, talks us through five robots that are changing the world. 18 Jun 2017

12 June 2017
Around 8 morning the Sun was flashing into my eyes a few times again, while I was still in bed ! Then I didn't know what it meant, but now I know. It was the Merging with another Parallel Universe with Parallel Earth and its Suns.
Artificial regulation of temperatures, winds, rains, hails, sunrises/sunsets etc. on Earth always depended on what kind of vibrations of new civilizations were penetrating Earth at that moment, how dense they were, how many types of them entering at the same time, where - what places on Earth: on land , in water or in air . Such regulations have been done for thousands of years !
There are some videos about holographically creating our environment these days on our link : Fun and Entertainment
Robert Monroe was describing in his books how holographic images were done by former humans on non-physical Level without technology. He was also exposed to some places on Earth, which were done with technology, but felt so real (like rain on the skin)! On physical Earth holographic images are done mainly with technology, but not by the players of the Planetary Game. Though now this technology has been gradually developed and used by humans more and more. Here is a good example, the article about artificially lowing the temperature till -81C on 20 June 2017 in Ant-Arctica to prevent melting it too soon
(in russian):

В Антарктиде зафиксированы рекордные минус 81,1°С
Впервые за зимний сезон 2017 года в Антарктиде на станции Конкордия (Франция/Италия) температура воздуха достигла отметки в -81,1°С. 

The Crack in the netty Fabric of Time

On the pictures above you can see a part of a Crack in the Net of the Fabric of Time in Atacama Desert, Chile (2016), through which the White Gathering is showing! But the Gathering is covered by a fake holographic dirty gray layer! This Crack is the Door for reddish colored Beings to move to the 4th Level of the New Daughter-Universe without their physical bodies!

On the photo it's not Milky Way, as they call it, because it doesn't include just our Milky Way Galaxy, but all Galaxies of our Old Universe; there are no boundaries between them any more; all Galaxies are mixed up together; the Galaxies lost their names long ago, the boundaries between Galaxies are lost! But 'scientists' are stubbornly propagating the same coded bullshit all over again and call this whole Process - 'enlarging of our universe'. It's not really enlarging because of all Parallel Universes are merging with our Old Universe, but reducing of our Old Mother-Universe, because most of the content of Parallel Universes is quickly moving out to the New Daughter-Universe to continue to evolve after the process of Merging with Old Mother-Universe is completed. Most of star systems of all Galaxies of not just of Our Old Universe, but of all its Parallel Universes, have been ruined, mixed with others during their confrontations with each other and gone out of our Old Mother-Universe after thourough Mixing with everyone else!

The Crack and Waves on presented photos are  wrongly called Gravity Waves.
The Spiral of waves of reddish/orange/grey/brown low colored vibrations of different negative civilizations in Atacama Desert, is moving to the New Daughter-Universe through the Crack in the Net of Fabric of Time. Atacama Desert's Crack attracts new lower vibrational civilizations to itself (the Law of Attraction). This Crack in the Fabric of Time is getting longer and longer, till it will turn into a Belt in the sky around Earth, like the Crack in the Fabric of Time above our Centre in Australia is turning into a Belt only vibrations higher ! Our Crack, which I usually see at night, attracts only White Beings of different intensity or of great power (not gloomy colored negative civilizations), who move to the 5th Level of Our Old Universe. All such Cracks are constantly enlarged in width and length by Lightnings Storms: electric storms are also speeding up the vibration of the place. That's how our part of the Crack was enlarged over the years of Lightning Storms hitting ground of our village (especially in and around our Centre). I made a short video of one of those storms more than 2 years ago, which you can watch below, if you didn't see it.
It is getting harder for ordinary people to live in the zone of such Cracks (or Belts): that's why such people are moved from their habitat and their houses are usually destroyed by natural disasters or by other means in the zone of such a Crack (or the zone of the Gathering: we have a lot of such photos on this site). That explains why demonstrations of protests of all kind are currently happening in many parts of the world. Such Crack in the Fabric of Time (or Belt around Earth) is passing over such cities like Moscow, where demonstrations of protests against demolitions of hundreds of blocks of units in the Central Moscow are taking place right now! New negative civilizations are using those negative human Emotions
, accompaning the protests, to move into Earth in such places, and mix their vibrations with our Higher frequencies in order to move themselves higher. And this is only natural at the End of Life of our Old Universe.

Выше фото сделанное в пустыне Атакама, Чили. Эту Спираль Волн неправильно называют "гравитационными волнами". Спираль Волн окрашена серыми, оранжевыми, красными и коричневыми вибрациями  цивилизаций низкого уровня Сознания!
Сквозь Трещину в Сети Материи Времени видна часть Общего Сбора на 5ом Уровне (белого цвета, с фальшивой голографической наклейкой грязного серого цвета
вдоль неё), которую неправильно называют Млечный Путь, т.к. Общий Сбор на 5ом Уровне не включает только одну нашу Галактику , а все Галактики Старой Вселенной! Они все уже давно смешались так и так - границ между ними уже давно нет. Это учОные неправильно называют "расширением вселенной", Старая Вселенная не расширяется за счёт присоединения всех Параллельных Вселенных к ней, а сокращается, теряя звёздные и Солнечные системы в результате борьбы между ними и их ухода в Новую Дочернюю Вселенную через Порталы или Трещины в Сети Материи Времени. Трещины в Материи Времени находятся на каждой вибрации и опоясывают весь Земной Шар, они расширяются, удлиняются и углубляются с каждым днём с помощью искусственно  созданных стихийных бедствий (особенно электрических штормов). Трещина над нашим Центром в Австралии с годами тоже расширилась и удлинилась с помощью электрических штормов,
а также повысилась в вибрации. Один такой шторм я засняла над нашим Центром на видео, правда не весь, а только несколько минут, т.к.он продолжался много часов, вы можете посмотреть это видео ниже, если не видели.

В зоне таких Трещин в Материи Времени трудно выжить обычным людям, и такая Трещина находится над центральной Москвой! Как раз поэтому недавно объявили снос 5ти-этажек в центре Москвы. Туда же, в центр Москвы и метят новые негативные цивилизации, чтобы смешать свою частоту/волну (Энергию) с местными Земными , более высокими вибрациями (попросту говоря, со сборной солянкой разных вибраций). Для того, чтобы легче войти в Землю, негативным цивилизациям нужно много негативных человеческих Эмоций, нужно создать негативную атмосферу и им её постоянно создают! Отсюда и многочисленные демонстрации с разного рода протестами (вкл. протесты разрушения старой Москвы или протесты против Путина и коррупции), которые прошли не только в Москве, но и во многих странах мира !
Но так и должно быть: как же ещё, оставшимся позади, новым негативным цивилизациям смешаться с Планетой Земля, что абсолютно необходимо?
После мощной грозы над Бангладеш, над Тибетом, в Китае появились запечатленные здесь огромные круглые волны светящегося воздуха... до высоты почти в 90 километров.

Photo above: it is very similar to what I saw at night not long time ago above our Centre in Elliott Heads! Multiple rows of Beadlike White Beings in a spiral with a night Sun as their Leader in a spiral, moving through the Crack in the Net of Fabric of Time. Then on 30 May I saw these kind of Clouds (White Beings) at daytime above Bundaberg! More of these anomalous photos from many parts of the world are on the bottom of our Page : Intent

On the photo below is another Crack in the Fabric of Time, which reminds an illusion of a waterfall underwater, the island of Mauritius.

Our Video of Electric Storm around our Centre in Elliott Heads, Queensland, Australia on 18-19 November 2014

Below is a short video of Electric storm in our village (similar to one in Florida on the above photo). If you didn't experience something like that yet, the time will come and that will happen! On 18th and 19th November 2014 (straight after G20 Summit on 16-17 November in Brisbane) we had one of numerous Electrical Storms, which started at 6pm till morning and the next day everything was repeated (and not just in our place, but it covered most of North-East Coast of Australia). Lightnings with thunder were flashing up almost without a break around our Centre, it was so loud, but I still managed to fall asleep. Play this video with a maximum sound volume to feel the atmosphere! I filmed just 4 minutes, to film all hours of this storm would be too monotonous, but that gives you a pretty good idea of Energies in our Centre, you can enlarge the screen, if you play this video on Adobe (below there is a choice of 3: Apple, Adobe and straight forward). 
I can imagine how many new representatives of other civilizations entered our Earth-Sun at our place! That makes me happy, I experience great enthusiasm, excitement! Ozone turned up in the air after so many days of heat and drought. International and Australian News hardly ever show what happens in our areas, as if we never existed, they briefly show what happens in major cities (and not always). But such climatic events are covering not just the whole Australia (from time to time), but the whole World ! Pictures of heatwaves, fires and electric storms in Australia in 2014 you can find on : Australia
I posted some pictures of Australian
storms (and in other countries) for you to see also on another link :  New Earth



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LINK to the third method of playing Video "Electrical Storm". You need to press on the address, then a message will turn up below left side of the screen, press on the arrow and on "open" and video will appear:

Non-Human Domain is the worlds, where a Human never has been (my new article)!

Luminous Ball

3 July 2017

New Countries

As you can see on the photo above: Sun Rays have more or less White Sun Balanced Energy, it depends on the Force of each Ray-Personality of the Sun. Some Personalities are much stronger than others! Robert Monroe is one of the strongest Personalities of our White Sun!

At different times USSR, Ireland, Yugoslavia,
Czechoslovakia, Korea, Sudan, South Africa and some other countries split into smaller countries. Then Georgia and Ukraine split again and new countries turned up: South Ocetia , Crimea and Donezk Republic, which also have their own flags. Colors of flags show dominant color vibrations of the nation (or newly arrived aliens) of that country. For instance, red is very negative low/slow vibration; blue is positive higher vibration; white is highest balanced color vibration of such a fine wave, that it looks more like line/strip, than wave (like on the above photo). By looking at flags' colors you will know what kind of vibrations are dominant in that region. More developed countries seem to have 3 colors: red/blue/white, which means that positive and negative vibrations constantly mix up and , as a result, White Balanced Sun Energy turns up! Earth's countries have never been pieces of dirt; they've always been various holographic worlds of different vibrations! Suns, which are serving 3d and 4th Levels, look white, but they are still not 100% white. There are some other color vibrational Rays in them; we didn't see real White Suns yet: they are in the Source of All Suns or close to it. Well, on the above picture you can see , that our Sun has some dominant personalities, which look like White Beams of various density and width. Some are whiter, means stronger and of even higher vibration, than others.

26 May 2017:

The most difficult for both sides (humans and aliens) is the penetration of Earth by new civilizations, those, who are not familiar with humans! They have unusual for us frequencies (vibrations), which make them first to enter through the crusts of former Planets/Moons of our Solar System, and later through our waters : water makes it easier for them to get accustomed to Earth's vibrations and mix with us. That explains why numerous atomic explosions in the Pacific took place for 70 years starting from Hiroschima and Nagasaki in Japan till recent ones! It is to create a long Crack in the Net of the Fabric of Time over the Pacific ocean! That huge Crack you can see in
 videos about humming noise and strange frequency coming from Pacific ocean, covers the distance between North and South Poles (esp. from a small island close to Ant-Arctica)! A lot of earthquakes and volcano eruptions have been happening along this Crack over the years to this day. It is a long Crack in the Fabric of Time over the Pacific ocean from Ant-Arctica to Arctics for more new negative civilizations to enter Earth :

Strange "humming signal" detected near North & South Poles of Earth! | Simultaneously. May 16, 2017: Unusual 'energy waves' are appearing on seismograms simultaneously at the North & South Poles. These patterns resemble nothing of the norm as defined at Another strange signal was detected on MIMIC just prior to these showing up. The MIMIC signal spanned the entire Pacific Ocean.

Massive FREQUENCY PULSE SH00TS-0UT From Antarctica To Hawaii Over PACIFIC OCEAN. May 16, 2017. At this time, it has been hypothesized that the anomalous wave was coming from a mysterious Bεlgian base called Princess Elisabeth Station. One thing is for sure, something in Antarctica is causing this anomaly and it is shooting out into the Pacific Ocean. The MIMIC Map fails to show anything over both poles. This leaves us to guess which BASES the massive wave anomaly is coming from.

What's Really Going On? Another Huge Wave Anomaly Caught Coming from Antarctica. May 26, 2017. We have yet another massive wave Anomaly coming from Antarctica. I have caught several of these in the past few months, with point of origin hidden on all of them. All We know is that it must be coming from one of the dozens of Mystery Bases in this area.

Robert Monroe once described on his journeys without physical body a meeting with a rather aggressive negative alien, who had not been familiar with Earth, never seen a human! That negative scout came from Non-Human Domain to explore our worlds. And there were/are many such scouts from both Domains doing the same thing: initial exploring in order for different civilizations to mix later with Earth's worlds (according to the Law of Merging). Robert Monroe met some Humans capable to freely, at their will go in and out of Time-Space Earth and visit worlds of other esp. of negative vibrations without a memory loss. Bob's rough estimation was about 6000 of them, he called such people "Slippery Eels" or intermediaries between Earth' human worlds and alien worlds (as Carlos Castaneda called them). Carlos Castaneda also writes about his own journeys to the Unknown Worlds with and without groups of sorcerers. I remember reading his "The Art of Dreaming", chapters 11&12 , pp 199-241, where he mentioned, that Women don't need a help of a scout (non-physical alien) to take them to Inorganic (Non-Physical) Worlds, but Men do and they often make deals with allies (non physical aliens of those worlds) to have more power to get to that Domain. Then Carlos described a Female-sorcerer (former Male), who was called Death-Defier, because of his age (thousands of years) and the ability to turn himself into a Female. That is another reason for more Men turning themselves into Women: to visit the worlds of Non-Physical Domain without knowing it! Here is an extract from the book, which you can find in full electronic form on our link:
"The Art of Dreaming" by Carlos Castaneda

"Death Defier took me into another facet of her Intent. She made me see how she actually escaped her captors, how every sorcerer (a Male) of antiquity fell pray to Inorganic Beings, who, after capturing them, gave them power to be intermediaries between our World and their Realms (Worlds)...Death Defier spent thousands of years as a captive Male (together with other Males, but not Females. LM), until the moment he was able to transform himself into a Woman."

On the above picture of a Human Luminous Ball you can see our Brightest Sunny Perception Point (our Spirit), wrongly called an Assemblage Point, which gives White Aura around itself, called a Luminous Egg or Ball ! According to C. Castaneda, the usual position of the Perception Point of Earth's Human is inside the Luminous Ball. And white shining threads, which penetrate the whole Universe (Mind-Field), are moving through our Perception Point and create worlds in Human Domain, where humans feel comfortable. But if something drastic happens to a human (terrible accident, sudden attack, electricution, lightning strike,  an operation, coma etc.) Perception Point loses its usual position and jumps out of the Luminous Sphere into Non-Human Domain. Then white shining threads in the Universe will pass through our Perception Point and create worlds, where humans never were. Human behaviour becomes abnormal, that is another reason why we have more and more abnormal people: such people are moved to Non-Human Domain and mix their Earth's energies with those worlds. Castaneda described how Nagual Ilias was collecting unusual objects, which he brought with him from journeys to Unknown worlds.

With arrival of more alien negative civilizations it was not enough for just ships/boats to take us in full physical form to the Worlds of other low vibrational Levels. So, the technology was improved and they decided to give us planes, helicopters, cars and rockets, which do the same, only the range of vibrations of other worlds became wider. Remember, when you travel by ship/plane/car/helicopter/air balloon you will definitely end up in one of Earth's worlds only of a different vibration (sometimes even bike or walking can do the same).

Robert Monroe knew, that 'Human existence on Earth is an interesting anomaly' as he wrote! It is not natural for us to live in a physical body. Humans in physical form appear in any Universe only at the near End of Life of every Universe (10-15 thousands years before)! Humans don't live in Universes for millions of years, as some scientists claim, it's not what Humans were designed for. Here is an article in english and in russian from, which shows how common these days to change worlds between Inner and Outer Earths or between our Old Earth and one of Parallel Earths or between our Old Earth and our New Earth in the New Daughter-Universe! That is the reason why we are considered Royalty by positive aliens. Similar worlds with forests, mountains, rivers and oceans existed on both sides of the Globe: Inner and Outer
only of different vibrations (mirrored each other like a reflection). Different types of humans and aliens lived on both sides. And we were constantly sent from one side to another to do different things there (apart from other duties). But Inner and Parallel Worlds are crumbling first to release the Inner Sun for its Ascention and to merge with the Outer Sun. That's the reason why the flood water is coming fast from under our feet or from nowhere with a lot of black debries, and instantly filling up cities and villages. It is the water of our Inner and Parallel Earths :

Такие разные сосиски: из Восточной Европы за едой на Запад

(Чехи, не зная того, меняют мир одной вибрации на мир другой вибрации когда переезжают через границу (часто это - реки). На обоих сторонах границы находятся супермаркеты и те же самые продукты, но по вкусу разные, потому что миры разной вибрации . Я с этим тоже сталкивалась особенно в супермаркетах Южной Африки. ЛМ).
18 мая 2017

Melting Ant-Arctica - map for 2017

Video - A new refugee 'every three seconds'. The number of people who are refugees, seeking asylum or internally displaced, reached 65.6m in 2016 - the highest on record (it's much more now, LM), the UN refugee agency says (21 June 2017).
(Misplaced homeless migrants are raising their vibration real fast because of harsh conditions they are in. That is needed for moving to the 5th Level of Consciousness! The number of migrants soon will  double. This is the only way to wean humans from the Planetary Game, to ruin these holographic worlds and to prepare us for Ascention out of Physicality! LM).

In summer 2016, before the coup (forced attempt to change the government) and after sacking more, than 100000 government workers in Turkey, russian president Putin warned Russians not to go to Turkey. Turkey was the cheapest and the most popular holiday destination for Russians. And it's going to happen again. A week ago Putin warned Russians not to go to United Kingdom. The day before yesterday a computers failure in the major airport in London, which held people in many other airports, apart from Heathrow in London, for a couple of days. Governors know things before they occur and prepare for them. And on 29 May Putin didn't warn Russians about approaching devastating hurricaine not just in Moscow,  but also in most cities, surrounding Moscow ! Just recently there was a staged bomb suspect in Melbourne airport, which made a lot of mess in australian airports.
It seems, that most of Earth is already (under aliens and) under water, according to what I watch on videos. The water is also coming from Inner Earth: there are oceans there, which need to be emptied ! I advise everyone not to leave the place where you live (just in case)! We all might start participating in something big! You see, during Russian 1917 Revolution people were desporate: the conditions of life were so bad (couldn't be any worse)! Men were not afraid to fight and even die for Freedom and for bettering living conditions and they won the battle! At the beginning they achieved power for people
instead of having a tsar and achieved equal rights for women ! Though later negative aliens penetrated all governments of Earth and changed people's way of thinking with their Foreign Installation in our brains. Aliens don't need oxygen and they hate our White bright Sun. They can live with artificial fake suns, sometimes articles about artificial suns turn up in our press and on the Internet. Negative aliens don't really want to learn from us how to be a human, all they want is to dominate us and suck our energies out, but we are a Royalty among all physical lifeforms (never forget that)! What I do (and recommend everyone to do that) is visualizing negative aliens all dead, masses of their corpses covering Earth! And just their tiny yellow sparks, that's all what's left of them, flying away from Earth ! When you had a blow on the head you might lose consciousness but before that you' might 'see stars' - yellow sparks (in russian it wouuld be 'искры из глаз посыпались'). These yellow sparks are the Flyers - reptillian flying non physical creatures-beings, who are constantly around us, doing nasty things to us! According to Carlos Castaneda, the worst thing they do is eating the Fringe of our Awareness, which is growing daily from our feet up. When the Fringe reaches the knee, it makes us to wake up and know all the secrets of the Universe; to know how we came to Earth and where we are going after having experience on Earth; to know that we are Sun Beings.

It seems to me, that now we have a similar situation, only globally. Aliens are making our living conditions so bad, that we will become so desporate to make another Revolution and not to be afraid to die in this struggle! This Revolution is our Departure from Earth! We have an advantage: we are not afraid to lose our physical bodies, because we are not physical bodies, we are Sun Rays and in this form we live forever! But all negative aliens are scared to death to lose their physical bodies and afraid to lose us! Maybe the time came for our White Brilliant Sun to move to the 5th Level and for us to follow it? This Sun is OUR REAL LEADER !!!

Some entertainment: a funny girl on video, watch how powerful human emotions are, negative aliens don't have them !

К сожалению я годами наблюдаю сколько мерзкой грязи накопилось на сценах этого голографического мира, особенно на русских сценах! Во всём подражают Европе, США и т.д. все просто помешались на титулах: примадонны, короли-королевы, императоры-императрицы, принцы-принцессы и т.д. , забывая, что все титулы произошли от рептоидов-драконов, которые едят людей. Нашли чему подражать, начинаешь сомневаться все ли исполнители - настоящие Солнечные Лучи ! More performers are on our Page : Fun and Entertainment

Wild Is the Wind 1957 Anthony Quinn, Anna Magnani (Anna Magnani has so much Sun energy, that she could've been a Nagual Woman! Very powerful, old movie! LM)

Flyng in a dance! - Самое красивое выступление Русской пары на талантах. Это просто шедевр!!!

Darci Lynne: 12-Year-Old Singing Ventriloquist Gets Golden Buzzer - America's Got Talent 2017

This girl is 3 years old and look how she plays piano! - Человеку три года ! Интересно кем она была в прошлой жизни

Such a strong Spirit of this girl! Very Moving performance, Jun 9, 2017 - До слез!!! Не суди по внешности. Невероятный талант.

Bioluminescence Bay: Searching for bioluminescent plankton near Cape Town, South Africa. Feb 3, 2017. We discovered bioluminescence for the first time a few nights ago in Cape Town. A friend of ours posted that they had been out to Kogel Bay in search of a glowing sea. We decided that we had to make the trip out there as well and see it for ourselves. Chemical reactions that emit cold light in plankton creates an ocean of neon glows - something we've never experienced before.

Mesmerising bioluminescent plankton -rare footage. Jun 19, 2017. A remote bay in South Australia turned on a dazzling nighttime light show as billions of microscopic bioluminescent algae (Noctiluca scintillans) shone bright blue.

9 June 2017 - winter started , it's very cold in our place for the whole week +12C to +14C, but today is +20C in the Sun!

Disasters are happening only in POCKETS OF NEGATIVITY, which our Old Earth still have plenty of ! These Pockets of Negativity are the favorite places for Negative Civilizations to penetrate Earth, someone, but not the Players of the Planetary Game, are creating a bunch of different disasters to make their penetration and merging with Earth easier! Earth's Crust needs to be softer and the floods everywhere are doing a good job
, though all kinds of holes and cracks turn up everywhere. Next stage is smoothing the surface of the Crust by filling the bottom of the oceans and the seas with sand, stones, dirt, but all mountains will fall down by themselves. That's already happening.
Our Centre in Elliott Heads (Australia) is on a higher vibrational Level and no disasters are happening here any more (the same is in Bundaberg, our closest city).
It took years to achieve. We don't see low vibrational colored clouds in the sky (like others do), except white and occasional pink of a higher vibration! Sometimes I see grey clouds with  a smell of burning from invisible fires.
I often hear in movies and songs such words and usually it means their bodies, not Souls or Spirits :"You belong to me and I belong to you." We need to get rid of this ownership habits now, because it doesn't exist on higher Levels. As for me, I belong to everyone and to the Source of All Suns and I don't mean my material body, but my Soul ! The same situation is with everyone.

There is a group of 3 Universal Laws closely connected to each other like 3 sisters: Law of Change (like Arrival of New Civilizations to Earth), Law of Merging (when everything in a Universe is Merging Together) and the Law of Balance (when, as a result of Merging of different vibrational energies or civilizations, the Balance is achieved and White Sun Energy is created)!

I highly recommend to read a powerful article about Love between a French woman and an Iranian migrant (on you'll learn that True Love is still taking place on Earth ;
and also to watch the latest superstorm in Cape Town, the city, which I found very negative with so many aliens in human form, when I travelled in South Africa (below are the addresses)!

Recommended recent videos of world's events

The National Front member who fell in love with Calais Jungle migrant
5 June 2017

Below is a good video in russian about new modern unfinished ghost parts of Greater Moscow, their multi-storied blocks of flats. Houses, where thousands of people, who paid for them, will never live. This kind of  situation is not just in China, USA or Africa, but also in Moscow and other russian cities. And also below there is a very impressive series of floods on videos worldwide (more than 100), more on our link :  COLLAPSING OF PHYSICAL WORLDS : INFO ABOUT CURRENT DISASTERS ON OUR NEW SITE  - SOURCE OF ALL SUNS

Мертвый город в Подмосковье. Здесь даже бомжи не живут. Apr 1, 2016. Владимир Путин высказался за сокращение крупнопанельного строительства в России. Президент уверен, что идея жилых высоток себя не оправдала и вылилась в финансовые пирамиды и грандиозные долгострои. Тысячи обманутых дольщиков годами ожидают квартиры. Еще совсем недавно отечественный монстр в области жилищного строительства "СУ-155" рекламировал свое очередное детище: в 2013-м должны были сдать первые высотки в микрорайоне Южное Домодедово. Людям предлагали доступные квартиры в 20 километрах от МКАД. Очень скоро дольщики оказались обманутыми. "СУ-155" еще не объявлен банкротом, но в прошлом году иски подали ряд банков и Главстрой Московской области. Жители соседней деревни Редькино сообщили о мертвом городе, который заслоняет им солнце. Строительство здесь остановилось, рабочие уехали, и даже бомжи избегают этих мест. "Это памятник прошлому веку, девелоперской жадности, когда из одного квадратного метра земли нужно выдавить как можно больше квадратных метров жилья. Это не для людей – для денег", - считает Петр Панухин, профессор. Строительство негуманное, несоразмерное человеку, микрорайон априори депрессивен. С точки зрения градостроительства дома без разбора понаставлены на территории. Композиционно квартал никак не связан со средой, не сформированы улицы. Помимо всего, нарушены права жителей соседнего поселка — они лишены права на инсоляцию, иными словами, в их домах темно. В довершении здесь вырублены все деревья, ведь самое главное – выгода для застройщика. На 27 гектарах земли — 17 высоток в 12 ,17 и 22 этажа. В 1974 году в американском Сент-Луисе взорвали квартал "Приют Игоу", построенный как доступное жилье для бедных .Он себя не оправдал. Автор проекта Ямасаки Минори вычеркнул его из своего резюме. Когда в СССР начали строить панельные дома, сначала в 5, потом в 12 и выше этажей, Европа и Америка отказалась от такого строительства. Не из гуманизма - из-за рациональности. Дешевизна оборачивается целым рядом проблем. Канализация, которая тянется вверх на много этажей, быстро выходит из строя. Батареи в квартирах начинают отапливать улицы. Но случай Южного Домодедова – вопиющий . В "СУ-155" рассказывали: бетонные плиты здесь не такие, как в советские времена, а легкие, причем трехслойные – один слой гидроизоляции. В результате это черный рваный пластик, который отошел от плит фундамента. Швы сильно расходятся, металлические пластины, которые закрепляют панели, проржавели. 

Amazing Monster Flash Flood Caught On Camera. P86. Mar 14, 2017;  P88 - Mar 18, 2017;  P89 - Mar 20, 2017;  P81 - Mar 5, 2017;  P82 - Mar 6, 2017. P83 - Mar 8, 2017. P84 - Mar 10, 2017. P71 - Feb 12, 2017. P76 - Feb 17, 2017. P132 - Jul 2, 2017. 

16 June : + 21C in our place and it's winter!

British Airways' computer system recent collapse happened as a result of ARRIVAL OF EVEN A BIGGER NUMBER OF NEW CIVILIZATIONS TO EARTH (the result of Merging with one of Parallel Universes)!
2 days ago I watched the morning Sun flashing, then yesterday (15 June) I saw a Multiple Rainbow above ocean opposite our Centre (in front of my nose) and now I know what it was. They are the signs of 2 Universes' Merging ! Last 60 days till 16 June we experienced a gradual 2 Universes' Merging: Our Old One and one of Parallel Universes. Naturally 2 Earths with their Suns have been merging too. They had to cool the Earth in many places for the Event and create lots of tornados/rainy storms to mix thoroughly new arrivals with the locals. On 26-27-28-29 May United Kingdom, France, Netherland, Denmark, Germany, Belgium experienced a lot of silent Lighting displays and noisy heavy rainy Thunderstorms. They had to shut down the activity of most of the airports in those places for a few days. In future you need to expect similar situations to happen more often, than before. It is risky to travel these days. The hurricaine with rains in Moscow on 29 May happened for the same reason: the ARRIVAL OF HUGE NUMBER OF NEW CIVILIZATIONS TO EARTH ! More sand and rocks came from Parallel Earth to the Old Earth as well. This sand is filling our oceans and seas, changing the depth and the color of the water from deep blue to aquamarine, when they become shallow. And not just Black Sea changed color to aquamarine because of more sand and closer to the shores, but I also noticed, that our beaches got much more new sand recently, covering black rocks of our shores, which is more pleasant. Here are 2 articles about this event in russian :

NASA заявило об изменении цвета Черного моря
Американский военный спутник зафиксировал изменение цвета Черного моря. Информацию об этом распространило NASA. Для подтверждения своего заявления агентство предоставило фотографию, сделанную со спутника Земли, на котором видно, что море приобрело бирюзовый (аквамариновый) цвет, в конце мая 2017-го года самое синее море в мире, Черное море, изменило свой цвет. В некоторых местах вместо темно-синего они увидели бирюзовый.

Пролив Босфор (connected to Black Sea, LM) резко поменял цвет

 (потому что завален новым песком: обмелел и стал аквамариновым! У нас в Австралии такая же история. ЛМ)
Внезапное изменение цвета пролива Босфор, который разделяет Европу и Азию, удивил жителей Стамбула. 

Life came to Earth with WATER; with WATER life will leave the Planet! Current enormous Floods, Hail and Fires cover huge territories of Siberia and Caucasus in Russia, Asia and the scale/number of these events will only increase over summer 2017! Cold May and June 2017 with lots of rain, hail, strong winds in many countries of Northern Hemisphere is the result of deliberate artificial dropping of temperatures, artificial Cooling of Hot Planet Earth! It is not another Ice Age! And because the Vibration of the Planet is getting higher and faster, the surface is becoming hoter and hoter: they have to cool it by big hail, plenty of rain and strong winds, otherwise the whole Earth will be on Fire! It's like when you are very hot, what do you do? You try to have a cold shower or a swim somewhere; you drink water or other drinks with ice; you use airconditioner or a fan, the same is with Earth ! I wouldn't be surprised if the whole summer in Northern Hemisphere will be cold, but not likely near equator in countries like India, Latin America, Indonesia or Arab countries. There was a need of a lot of negative human emotions for this Merging, so protests demonstrations were organised in many world cities, like on 12 June in Moscow and many other cities of Russia ! Negative emotions are squeezed from us for the sake of Merging and we see constant wars in Africa and Middle East, "terrorists attacks" in big cities, huge fires, like recently in Russia, in Cape Town, South Africa and in London's Tower (24 stories block of flats, emotions of people). Yesterday we also had a collision of a train and a car in Kyogle in NSW, Australia (the result of Merging), not to mention hundreds of similar cases all over the globe. Missing Luminous Clouds in some places in the first 2 weeks of June 2017 are also the result of Merging. But Luminous White Clouds will turn up later (after a bit of settling down) !
Everything is connected to each other, it is not humans to be blamed, but the End of Life of Our Old Universe !
Above and below there are addresses of some videos on these subjects. Videos of many collapsed dams and lakes/rivers disappeared in Russia over the years, more on our 3 links - have fun - all our worlds have been collapsing - Good. The whole world is run artificially, it is an illusion. News links:  Global Catastrophies , Disasters   and   Global Disasters

Combined bunch of disasters in one day. Many Injured At Cape Town Superstorm, South Africa, Jun 7 - 8  2017. Tornado in the centre of Cape Town. Fire leaves Knysna in devastation. Eight people have been killed when a storm lashed the South African city of Cape Town following months of drought. Among the dead is a family of four killed in a fire started by lightning, officials say. Thousands of people have been left homeless. The storm comes two weeks after the region declared a drought disaster. Our correspondent adds that the storm was anticipated and warnings have been made by the local authorities for the last week. It is the worst winter storm for 30 years, according to the South African Weather Service, while local media have dubbed it "the mother of all storms". 'Worst yet to come'. Schools and universities have shut, roofs were blown off and shelters have been opened for those left destitute. Many people have been injured by flying debris. Residents of the city's many shanty towns have been worst hit as their fragile homes have been unable to resist the strong winds and heavy rain. Onele Ndesi from Western Cape Disaster Management predicts that "the worst is yet to come". President Jacob Zuma has cancelled a trip to Cape Town to open the World News Media Congress because it is not possible to fly there. BBC weather forecaster Philip Avery warns that Wednesday could bring in excess of 50mm of rain to some western areas of South Africa, accompanied by winds of 60-90km/h. Coastal areas face the additional hazard of high tides, reinforced by storm waves, some of which may reach 10m. Thursday should see conditions easing but a passing cold front will introduce much cooler weather in all areas. He also warns that the strong winds could lead to wildfires because the countryside is so dry. In May, the Western Cape province declared a drought disaster after two reservoirs had completely dried up. It was said to have been the region's worst drought in more than a century. Several other southern African nations were also affected by the two-year drought, however, many parts of the region are now experiencing bumper maize harvests. The raging fire that started in Knysna yesterday, has left the town and surrounding areas in devastation. The Western Cape are under attack by a storm. Cape Town , Saldanha Bay , LambersBay and many more experiencing the cold and wild storm. At least four people have been killed in Cape Town after their shack in Kraaifontein caught alight during the massive storm which has been lashing the Cape Peninsula. Cavendish Square shopping centre has been closed and the building housing a Mr Price shop outside Somerset Mall has been evacuated after part of the roof collapsed. UPDATE: More heavy rain and winds expected in the Cape. Everything that could go wrong has gone wrong in Knysna - Clive, South Africa. Jun 8, 2017. The Aftermath: Drone captures the devastating fire damage in the Garden Route. Jun 11, 2017. Firefighters have been battling to put out fires in the Southern Cape region since early this week. Many residents were evacuated and have lost their homes as the blazes raged through the areas. Watch drone footage capture the devastating aftermath of the fires in Plettenberg Bay and Knysna.

This happened on our Earth 4-5-6-7-8-9 June 2017

This site seems to be color-blind: they are constantly showing our Sun as yellow, not white:

Floods in many cities and villages of Russia. Simferopol, Jun 10, 2017. Симферополь ушёл под воду 10.06.2017г. Стихия в России продолжается. Сильнейший субботний ливень в Симферополе смыл с дорог асфальт, а машины сносило потоком воды. Ж/д вокзал ушел под воду.

Lightning Hits London Crystal Palace Tower 2 . WOW  May 29, 2017

Floods, Taiwan, Jun 1-2, 2017

Severe weather leads to homes struck by lightning in Corpus Christi. Texas. US,  May 29, 2017. Corpus Christi had such a severe storm overnight that 2 homes were struck by lightning, then caught on fire. Thunder sounded like gunshots or explosions, and now flooding is a concern with our local creeks and rivers. Luckily no injuries were reported.

Lightning Storm in Jersey Channel Islands. BIGGEST UK THUNDER/LIGHTINGSTORM EVER (maybe) !! 27TH MAY 2017 PLYMOUTH. Quick Video of what I could see of the Sheet Lightning Storm last night over Plymouth! Intense Lightning Storm Viewed From Mill Hill Shoreham by Sea May 31, 2017. One of the most intense lightning storms for years, moved up from France with great views of lightning seen from Mill Hill Shoreham by Sea. UK Thunderstorm footage 27/05/2017 . A Short & Amazing Thunderstorm In London. A short but amazing storm in London with some nice lightning from a Thunderstorm that came up from france just after 1am on the 29th May 2017. Storm in Folkestone. LIVE STREAM LIGHTNING STORM SOUTH COAST OF UK. May 28, 2017. This was a live stream of a large storm that approached the south coast of the UK. I included additional media for you, so you could see the current lightning strikes as well as additional streams. Essex Thunderstorm 29th May 2017. A storm passes a short distance to the south of Tilbury in Essex. This was a small storm which erupted north of a huge storm system moving out of France and just skirting the coast of Sussex and Kent as it moved along the English Channel. A thunderstorm the size of Wales hits south east England. May 29, 2017. A thunderstorm the size of Wales formed over northern France on Sunday 28th May 2017, before drifting across south east England. At the thunderstorm's peak, 500 lightning strikes were being recorded every minute. Dover Thunderstorm 29 May 2017. There's a lot of cloud in the way and my phone was nearly destroyed in the process, but it was worth it, decided last night never going to a club ever again only Raven, somethings what fun. South coast lightning storm 29 may 2017. Huge Lightning Storm in Cornwall & Devon 27th May 2017. Damn guys! I saw some flashes around midnight and 30 minutes later the sky was fill with lightning and the thunder was roaring. As well as frequent lightning, the thunderstorm produced heavy rain, hail and thunder. Unusually Frequent Lightning in Exeter, Devon UK. 27th May 2017. After a very warm couple of days leading up to the bank holiday weekend, explosive mid-level ascent took place over Devon and Cornwall during the midnight hours of 27th May. Although this Cell didn't hit Exeter square, it is a demonstration of the biggest lightshow Devon has seen in years. Most, if not all the lightning was upper level, and the environment was relatively dry enabling you to see the towers and lightning otherwise obscured if you were directly beneath. Thunder was relatively quiet due to the upper-level nature of it. Only time I've seen lightning like his was in Oklahoma. The cell that grew close to Exeter was only about 20 minutes old. Too much CAPE for this part of the world. South Devon had far stronger lightning than this an hour before (see epic footage from Plymouth). Plymouth Thunderstorm 27th May 2017, the severe thunderstorm over Plymouth UK. May 27th Thunderstorm from Caradon Hill. Some contest. I first saw this storm brewing from my living room window at about 12:40am, and within about five minutes I was in my car (in my pyjamas still), racing up to Caradon Hill. Several people were already up there, but left before it had really picked up. Overall, this storm lasted for a good two hours, although I only saw few actual forks. Thunderstorm in Weston-super-Mare - 27th May 2017. I have never seen anything like this before in my life, and this sort of weather never normally happens in this part of the world. In the UK, on Thursday 25th May and Friday 26th May 2017, we has a brief heatwave and saw temperatures up to 30°C (86°F) with high humidity. This hot weather and high humidity created the thunderstorm caught on this camera on Saturday 27th May 2017. The thunderstorm lasted about an hour, and was accompanied by torrential rain and frequent lightning. Insane Thunder And Lightning! Plymouth UK, Insane thunder and lightning. 27/05/2017. Thunderstorms strike South Coast bank holiday weekend. UK Thunderstorm footage 27/05/2017. Probably the biggest Thunderstorm I have seen in the UK, that's for sure! May 28, 2017, storm on the isle of wight uk lightning storm british summer, big thunderstorm hits the Isle of Wight UK. Hammock In A Thunder Storm May 29, 2017. I forgot one vital piece of kit this time out, especially as a storm is forecast. Clacton pier 330am this lighting Thunder Rain is insane as thunderstorm as big as Wales south coast has arrived - it's a beast. May 28, 2017. England.

Onweer Limburg 27-29 May 2017. (Thunderstorm, Belgium) Part 2/2 & 1/3

Severe thunderstorm hit Zwolle - May 28th, 2017. After a pretty hot day for the month of may (Temperatures up to +33C / 90F) the night cooled down with some severe thunderstorms. Filmed in Zwolle - The Netherlands. May 29, 2017. A cluster of large thunderstorms formed over northweat France overnight and organised together forming a MCS, it moved NE just scraping my location but manage to get plenty of action from it. Thunder Storm over Northern France Flying to London 28th May 2017 I saw this storm over Northern France and this is what I filmed. Normandy storm, France.

7 cases of animal suicide

Map of considerable earthquakes around the world in 2017 from . As you can see a lot of them happened in the Ring of Fire or in the middle of Pacific ocean. Australia doesn't seem to have them much, but New Zealand, Arctic Circle and AntArctica are not on the map and I am positive: there are a lot of quakes happening there.

Storm in Kiev and burst of water pipes in Kiev, the pipe just got tired ! 30 May 2017. 30.05.17. Ураган в Киеве. Опубликовано видео момента прорыва трубы в Киеве. Прорыв трубопровода в Киеве, 29 мая 2017. Асфальт взлетел в воздух до седьмого этажа: в Киеве прорвало водопровод.

Hurricaine in Moscow and many cities around Moscow on 29 May 2017 - Последствия разрушительного урагана в Рузском районе, Московская обл. - вид с высоты. Дождь с градом и ураган обрушились на Москву. May 29, 2017. Ураган повалил деревья на детской площадке! 29.05.17. Ураган в Подмосковье, Красногорск, Ул.Игоря Мироушкина, 12. Ураган г.Жуковский. Ураган в Домодедово. Ураган и его последствия в Одинцовском районе. Бардак на Рублевке после урагана. Дима Билан снял страшный ураган на Рублевке.

Мобильный репортер от 31 мая 2017 (ГРАД В МАЙКОПЕ, СУРГУТЕ и многих других городах, СМЕРЧ НА АЛТАЕ). ХОРОШО В СУРГУТЕ ЛЕТОМ - ЦЕЛЫЙ МЕСЯЦ СНЕГА НЕТУ!

Burst of water pipes in Kiev and other cities, the pipes just got tired! Прорыв трубы на Прорезной в Киеве 23.05.2016 (полное видео, момент прорыва). Взрыв теплосети перед ТРЦ Ocean Plaza на Лыбедской площади. May 18, 2016. Во время съемок с квадрокоптера рекламного ролика на медиафасаде ТРЦ Ocean Plaza, удалось запечатлить аварию теплосети на Лыбедской площади. В результате прорыва трубопровода с горячей водой провалился асфальт...Как в Абакане дали отопление. Sep 21, 2015. В столице Хакасии — Абакане произошел прорыв трубы центрального отопления. Огромный столб кипятка, высотой с многоэтажку, бил прямо в окна и подкидывал припаркованные автомобили. Фонтан из кирпичей или дали горячую воду. Гейзер из канализации.

Floods in Brazil in 14 states, May 29, 2017

Первые жертвы наводнения в Минеральных Водах. May 28 2017. Ставрополье. Подъем реки Подкумок в Пятигорске. Наводнение 2017 года После продолжительных ливневых дождей поднялся уровень воды в Реках приведший к затоплению. В Пятигорске прошел сильный дождь с градом! Потоп произошёл из-за непрерывного дождя на протяжении нескольких дней.

Град на Алтае в Немецком районе. May 30, 2017. По Алтаю пронесся ураган с грозой. В Немецком районе выпал крупный град.

Ураган в Барнауле 30.05.2017. ЛИВЕНЬ В БАРНАУЛЕ 30 МАЯ. ВОТ ЭТО КЛАСС!

Вот это ливень. Дождь с градом , настоящий потоп!!!Геленджик. Ночь. Молнии. Ливень. Гроза. Сирены. Гул. Снимал с крыльца гостинице на ул. Морская. 30-31 мая 2017. Сильная гроза и тропический ливень. Снято из окошка дома.

May 30, 2017. Непрекращающиеся ливни привели к переполнению водохранилища. Непрекращающиеся больше недели ливни на Ставрополье привели к стихийным бедствиям. Реки выходят из берегов, затоплены дома, целые поселки, идет эвакуация населения. Особенно сложной обстановка остаётся в Минераловодском городском округе. В поселке Подкумок рушится дамба.
Срочно! Наводнение в Ставрополье. Ситуация ухудшается. В эпицентр наводнения на Ставрополье перебрасывают все новые отряды спасателей и добровольцев – откачивать воду и расчищать завалы. В ближайшие дни синоптики прогнозируют дожди и град. Прорыв дамбы грозит затопить территорию, где проживают 40 тыс. человек. Для предотвращения критической ситуации конструкцию и берега реки укрепляют. В ход идут тысячи мешков с песком, землей и стройматериалы. Жителей населенного пункта Отказный и ближайших сел экстренно эвакуируют. Пострадавших, маленьких детей и пожилых людей направляют в больницы. Врачи и психологи оказывают первую помощь. Министр здравоохранения Ставропольского края Виктор Мажаров рассказал, что сейчас организованы медпункты, тяжелых больных отправили в медучреждения, также проводится вакцинация. В школах, санаториях, детсадах военные организовали пункты временного пребывания, помогают налаживать быт и обеспечивают всем необходимым. На Ставрополье из за yгpoзы прорыва дамбы объявили эвakyaцию 60 тысяч человек. Наводнение с Солдато Александровское. Зеленокумск, Карамык 28.05.2017. Ставрополь и Кубань превратились в зону бедствия. Из-за дождевых паводков на реках в зону бедствия превратились Кубань и Ставрополье. В Адыгее в результате прорыва защитной дамбы на реке Фарс вода зашла в один из аулов. Всего в республике от стихии пострадали 14 населенных пунктов. В Ставропольском крае в зоне подтоплений оставались более 300 домов. 3,5 тысячи человек эвакуированы.

Наводнение. Ессентуки. 29.05.2017 произошел прорыв дамбы в городе Ессентуки Ставропольского края.

СТИХИЙНОЕ БЕДСТВИЕ по огромной территории, 23-24 мая 2017! May 24, 2017 - Минеральные Воды наводнение - р.Кума и п.Первомайский. Разлилось Озеро Провал в Пятигорске. Затопило улицу в Минераловодском районе. Наводнение Ставропольский край Орбельяновка. Затопило подъезд к хутору Слявянский. Недели полторы идут дожди. Вода, собираясь с больших площадей гористой местности, стекает к нам в низину. Но Сама Кума не опасна. Опасна вода которую сбрасывают с Кубанского (Черкесского) водохранилища. Вода с БСК попадает в реку Суркуль перед Минеральными Водами. А вот когда две речки соединяются получается "большая вода". Непрекращающийся дождь на Ставрополье привел к затоплениям. Более ста жителей села Левокумка Минераловодского городского округа эвакуированы минувшей ночью из опасной зоны. Уровень воды в реке Кума превысил критические отметки. В половине второго ночи спасатели включили сирены. К утру река вышла из берегов уже в трех населенных пунктах, в 9 часов был введен режим ЧС. Сегодня в Ставрополе губернатор проведет экстренное совещание по ситуации с затоплениями. Корреспондент ГТРК "Ставрополье" всю ночь работал в населенных пунктах, первыми принявших удар стихииВ селе Донская Балка введён режим ЧС. Сегодня основное внимание краевых властей сосредоточено на аварийно-восстановительных работах в селе Донская Балка. Введен режим ЧС. Здесь идёт ликвидация последствий оползня. Мы приехали на съемку именно этих работ. И совершенно случайно попали на встречу жителей поселка с главой региона Владимиром Владимировым. Он лично контролирует и ход восстановительных работ, и обеспечение пострадавших семей предметами первой необходимости. Губернатор также заверил, что те, кто лишился жилья в результате разгула стихии, получат от краевого Правительства помощь, в том числе, средства для решения жилищного вопроса. Жителей из 6 домов уже расселили. Сегодня специалисты занимались восстановлением систем водоснабжения, газоснабжения и других инженерных коммуникаций. Каждое домовладение «обходит» специальная комиссия. Задача - выяснить и взять на карандаш проблемы и вопросы. Владимир Владимиров подчеркнул, что эта точечная работа сегодня особенно важна. А жители соседнего Светлограда тем временем следят за уровнем воды в реке Калаус. Сегодня он превысил весьма опасную отметку - 9 м. Это пока не критический уровень – сообщают специалисты. При достижении «проблемных» величин оперативно будет осуществляться эвакуация жильцов из зоны риска в пункты временного размещения - гостиницы и школы. На Ставрополье открыта горячая линия для оказания помощи пострадавшим от водной стихии, сообщили в краевом управлении МЧС. По телефону (8652) 55-65-89, который работает круглосуточно, люди могут получить психологическую помощь и информацию об аварийно-спасательных работах. Напомним, из-за проливных дождей уровень воды в реке Кума поднялся выше критической отметки. Подтопленными оказались два населенных пункта - село Левокумка и поселок Первомайский Минераловодского округа. Прорыв пруда в хуторе Сухозёрный May 24, 2017. Вода по дороге на Ставрополь. В станице Суворовская прорвало плотину. Прорыв плотины и моста на Ставрополье.

Videos of dam collapses in Russia in 2012-2013-2014-2015: Прорыв плотины пруда в деревне Грязная. Шестого сентября из-за проливных дождей прорвались дамба и плотина сразу на двух прудах. Пруда в д. Грязная больше нет. Sep 6, 2013. 8 мая 2014. Орловский пруд. Спуск. Cлив озера. Гибель озера Мaашей - Прорыв плотины. Как паводок рушит дамбы. Наводнение в Караганде, р. Кокпекты 2015. Речка Солонка, она же Кокпекты, 12 апреля 2015 год. Заранее извиняюсь за лексикон, это адреналин.

This news is unusual: these Siberian fires cover almost 1000 km, move very fast; started in April and still burning till the end of May; presented on this map as a wide burning coridor; involves more than
20 villages, town Kansk and a big city - Bratsk !

Burning Wide Stretch is about 1000km from Lesocibirsk till Bratsk in Russia, May 25, 2017
Лесные пожары в Красноярском крае перекинулись на Иркутскую область и сожжённая широкая полоса почти 1000км от Лесосибирска до Братска!

Интересная деталь: это в СССР, а не где-то, впервые стали ломаться миры без всяких войн и это было ещё в 90х годах, хотя многие это критиковали ! Незадолго до этого меня кто-то спросил в Австралии, чтобы я хотела произошло в СССР. Я ответила: "Хорошо бы чтобы он развалился!" Так и получилось, только я не ожидала, что в России и остальных республиках наступит капиталистический строй. Даааа... дали русским капитализм, который они так хотели, теперь русских не узнать! Интересная деталь: это в СССР, а не где-то, впервые стали ломаться миры без всяких войн и это было ещё в 90х годах, хотя многие это критиковали ! Незадолго до этого меня кто-то спросил в Австралии, чтобы я хотела произошло в СССР. Я ответила: "Хорошо бы чтобы он развалился!" Так и получилось, только я не ожидала, что в России и остальных республиках наступит капиталистический строй. Даааа... дали русским капитализм, который они так хотели, теперь русских не узнать!Огненный смерч выжигает сибирские деревни до последнего дома. Apr 27-28-29-30, 2017. МЧС усилило группировку по тушению пожаров в Сибири. В Иркутскую область, где дотла выгорели целые деревни, прибыли самолеты Ил-76 и Бе-200. Туда же, а также в Бурятию, Забайкалье и Красноярский край переброшены и 26 тысяч военных. Пожары в Сибири: дома уходят под землю. Почти пять десятков населенных пунктов в Бурятии удалось отстоять от огня. Об этом сообщил сегодня глава МЧС Владимир Пучков. Группировку спасателей к праздничным дням планируют усилить. В Сибирском федеральном округе с пятницы действует режим чрезвычайной ситуации из-за пожаров. Огонь в Сибири пожирает деревни и предприятия целиком. В ночь с субботы на воскресенье площадь лесных пожаров в Бурятии удвоилась. Вообще по всей Сибири пылают тысячи гектаров леса и десятки поселков. Опасность возникновения новых пожаров серьезная настолько, что режим чрезвычайной ситуации введен на всей территории федерального округа. В Сибири начались пожары уже сгорела целая деревня. Сибирский региональный центр МЧС России в экстренном порядке перебрасывает авиацию и спасателей в районы, где сложилась наиболее сложная обстановка с пожарами. Это Новосибирская и Иркутская области, Красноярский край. Как говорят спасатели, во многих случаях причина - человеческий фактор, поджог сухой травы. Лесные пожары в Зиминском районе в Иркутской области и г. Зима. Братск, пожары 27.04.2017. Эти фотографии - всё, что осталось от 10-квартирного дома в Усть-Илимском районе. Здание загорелось сегодня ночью. Эвакуированы были 25 человек, восемь из которых дети. Сразу после начала тушения выяснилось, что ближайший пожарный гидрант не работает. Именно из-за этого двухэтажный дом спасти не удалось. Сейчас решается вопрос о временном размещении погорельцев. Горят сегодня не только дома. В Братском районе лесные пожары бушуют прямо в черте города. Всю последнюю информацию собрала Ангелина Селина. Пропитанные креозотом шпалы горят, как спички! В Вихоревке верховой пожар из леса перешёл на железнодорожный склад. Из-за масштаба возгорания тушить его пришлось с помощью специализированных поездов. Чтобы ликвидировать пожар, потребовалось несколько часов. Окапывают сейчас и один из жилых районов Братска. Там пожар вплотную подошёл к домам и дачам. Горит трава. Из-за сильного ветра в некоторых очаги переходят в верховые пожары. Город с населением более 200 тысяч человек задыхается от угарного газа. Из-за сложной обстановки сегодня в Иркутске была созвана комиссия по чрезвычайным ситуациям. ВАЛЕНТИН НЕЛЮБОВ, начальник ГУ МЧС России по Иркутской области: "Сегодня мы получили три жалобы от населения - мы в дыму, дышать нечем, никто ничего не делает. У меня подразделения Братска переведены на двухсменный режим. Перекинуты дополнительные силы". Специалисты Роспотребнадзор раз в 4 часа берут пробы воздуха. Сегодня днём в центре Братска предельно допустимая концентрация взвешенных веществ была превышена в 3 раза. Усугубляет ситуацию сухая и безветренная погода. В данный момент на территории города продолжают бушевать три пожара. Аналогичная ситуация складывается и в других районах Иркутской области. Недалеко от Заларей лесной пожар перешёл на деревню. Сгорело два жилых дома. Каждый из таких случаев в правительстве региона берут на особый контроль. СЕРГЕЙ ЛЕВЧЕНКО, губернатор Иркутской области: "По данным космического мониторинга, наибольшее количество термических аномалий зафиксировано в Нижнеудинском, Куйтунском, Тайшетском, Чуйском и Братском районах. Прошу руководителей межведомственных штабов проинформировать комиссию о причинах возгораний". Основные причины возгораний уже известны - это человеческий фактор. Люди жгут мусор около придомовых территорий. За вчерашний день в регионе выявлено 32 лесных пожара. И это только начало пожароопасного периода. СЕРГЕЙ ШЕВЕРДА, руководитель министерство лесного комплекса Иркутской области: "На территории Иркутской области зарегистрировано 126 лесных пожаров, из них 99 пожаров ликвидировано в день обнаружения, остальные - в течение суток. Покрытая лесом выгоревшая площадь составила почти 1500 гектаров".

ЧРЕЗВЫЧАЙНАЯ СИТУАЦИЯ. ОГНЕННАЯ СТИХИЯ. May 17- 24, 2017. Пожары в Красноярском крае: огонь уничтожает целые улицы, есть жертвы. Огонь уничтожил более ста домов в Красноярском крае. Пострадали четыре населенных пункта . горели целые улицы. Для пострадавших подготовлены пункты временного размещения. А МЧС направило в Красноярский край спецавиацию. Из Подмосковья в Сибирь уже вылетел самолет Ил-76. Пожар в п. Стрелка Красноярский край - комментарий местной жительницы. Три посёлка сгорели сразу в двух регионах Сибири! Три посёлка — Тайшет в Иркутской области, Стрелка и район Канска в Красноярском крае загорелись из-за того, что неизвестные подожгли сухую траву в поле. Посёлок из пятисот домов едва не сгорел в Иркутском районе.  Посёлок из пятисот домов едва не сгорел в Иркутском районе! Пожар начался на пилораме. Но из-за разыгравшейся непогоды огонь подобрался к домам. Ситуация усугубилась тем, что в посёлке не работали колонки! Как справлялись с нашествием стихии - узнала Ангелина Селина. Она побывала на месте происшествия и пообщалась со свидетелями. Грановщина обесточена и обезвожена - нет электричества, значит не могут работать моторы в колонках. Тушить пожар нечем. Тем временем ураган перекидывает огонь с постройки на постройку. Те, у кого есть техника, бросаются в самый очаг и опахивают территорию, чтобы остановить стихию. Все остальные - в поисках любого доступного источника воды. ЕЛЕНА ЧЕРНИГОВА, жительница пос. Грановщина: "Я беру с дому два ведра и бегу тушить, прямо что было, все мы туда, и флягами подвозили воду". МАКСИМ КОРЯГИН, участник тушения: "Вытаскивали газовые баллоны ближайшие хаты, где были, окна ломали, где могли, что смогли, то и вытащили". Пожар на здания перешёл с частной пилорамы. Именно здесь началось возгорание. Более чем в ста метрах от домов. Но ветер был такой силы, что с лёгкостью перекинул огонь через целую улицу. Усугубил ситуацию взрыв баллона в одном из строений пилорамы. Только общими усилиями местные жители и пожарные не дали сгореть всему посёлку, а это около 500 домов. Причины пожара сейчас устанавливают. Версий несколько. ВАХОБ РАХИМОВ, рабочий: "Вот здесь столб был, ветер дул сильно, и кабель замкнуло, и начало гореть всё". Такую версию пожара рассказывают на пилораме. У жителей она другая. Они уже готовят жалобы в районную администрацию, чтобы предприятие закрыли. Ведь от возгораний, которые там возникают, люди страдают не первый раз. АНДРЕЙ БЕСМЕНОВ, житель пос. Грановщина: "Горит эта пилорама третий раз, чтоб не утилизировать отходы производства, они их просто сжигают, это всё несёт на деревню, и дышать невозможно. Надо прекращать это дело, потому что это случилось вчера, это может случиться завтра и в любое время, если там порядок не навести противопожарный". Всё, что пока остаётся жителям, - подсчитывать урон, заново отстраивать заборы, вставлять окна и надеяться, что делать это не придётся вновь. Крупные пожары бушуют сразу в нескольких районах края. Cтрашные пожары в лесах севера края: горят деревни, на трассах из-за дыма перекрывают движение. Пожары в разных районах Красноярского края: анонс крупные пожары охватили два города и несколько населенных пунктов.  Самый сильный удар стихии пришелся на Канск, где огонь уничтожил полсотни домов. Известно о двоих погибших. Большой пожар г.Канск (24.05.2017).

INCREDIBLE Upward Lightning (Ground to Cloud) - Oklahoma City, May 18, 2017

Amazing Upward Lightning! Jul 9, 2010. Watch the footage that astounded the world of lightning science as bolts of light grow upward from the ground.

Floods in Peru:

In Peru, the strongest flooding, Mar 18, 2017. В начале недели мы уже писали о наводнениях в Перу и эвакуации туристов. Время идет, а стихия продолжает терзать эту южноамериканскую страну. Дожди, продолжающиеся уже несколько недель в восьми регионах Перу, вызвали выход из берегов рек, наводнения и сход оползней. Смертоносные наводнения продолжают сеять хаос в Перу.

Спокойствие женщины можно только позавидовать. Смеялась до слез. I laughed to tears.Ich lachte Tränen. Dec 5, 2016. Подборка отличных комедий для тех, кто хочет посмеяться от души. Когда начинаю от души смеяться мой смех переходит в слезы.

Excess of Aquamarine Binding Force (not natural, but manufactured to keep everything on Earth from falling apart, LM) is visible in the video about flooding in city Ischim, Tumen, Russia on 14 May 2017

Floods in Tumen, city Ischim, 13, 14 May 2017 - Страшное наводнение в Ишиме. Плавают диваны, книги и холодильники. Паводок в Ишиме в этом году стал настоящим бедствием. За несколько дней уровень воды в реке вырос до критической отметки. Накануне, 11 мая, вода прорвала дамбу. В результате жителей микрорайона Серебрянка пришлось экстренно эвакуировать.

Fires, in all Siberia is the state of emergency. May 14, 2017 - Шок и ужас. Пожары по всей Сибири и на Урале . К сожалению не обошлось без жертв. За минувшей месяц произошли масштабные пожары. Во всей Сибири ввели режим чрезвычайной ситуации из-за пожаров ГОРЯТ ЦЕЛЫЕ ДЕРЕВНИ, ЛЕСА. В деревне Бубновка сгорели только 59 домов, "осталось 29" И Т.Д. 28 апреля из-за резкого осложнения пожарной обстановки и угрозы населенным пунктам. Как сообщали тогда в ведомстве, установившаяся сухая ветреная погода поспособствовала резко возросшему числу очагов пожаров в природной среде.

В Китае произошло землетрясение. In China, there was a powerful earthquake. May 14, 2017

Video series: What is happening to this world !? TODAY! 1-4 (avalanche - Mt Elbrus - Russia), 6-8, 10-13, 14, 16, 18 May 2017. Creepy Strange weakly events.

Terrifying !! What's happening in Japan? Catastrophic events 2017. Hi guys today we can see this Amazing Video unreleased never published before - What is happening in Japan ? Catastrophic events Hitting the Nippon islands !!



3 April 2017, an unusually hot day!

Help from the Cosmic Cloud for us
to ascend (Помощь Белого Космического Облака в нашем продвижении на 5й Уровень!)

There are Portals (Windows) on every Level of Concsiousness and on every Overtone of each Level. Here is a good example of what I mean.
Yesterday evening (2 April 2017) I looked up at black sky at our Portal from our balcony and saw a huge White Spiral of round even white pieces of fog, row after row, glued to each other (resembling multiple rows of gigantic beads) with a thin crescent of a small night Sun in the centre of that Spiral. Law of Attraction attracted thousands of Spirits of the same vibration to each other and that Spiral practically covered the whole sky. Reminded me the chain of little Suns (the sorcerers) in the sky, lead by Don Juan' s Spirit (a bigger Sun) in a form of a Spiral, when they, as a group, were leaving Earth for good! I never seen such a thing before and tried to make a photo of it with no results. Usual photocameras/movie cameras can't take photos of things higher, than physical 3d Level of Consciousness, cameras don't even exist on higher, than the 3d Level.

The night from 2 to 3 April was unnaturally still: not a movement in the garden for 3 hours while I was trying to fall asleep (only swimming in cold pool eventually helped to fall asleep).
It was a hell night for me:
my Spirit wanted to join that White
Spiral in the sky, but a few invisibles were pushing me down back to Earth, I felt their hands on my body. They were trying to prevent my Energy Cord (like Umbilical Cord) from snapping and releasing my Spirit from the body. I was in prolonged painful agony of dying from being torn between 2 Levels (like that guy on the picture below)! Looks like it wasn't my time yet, I am still not dead. That torture lasted for 3 hours, till I fell asleep. 

Endgame Emotions

After sleep I am physically - all right (never had a choice anyway but to sing a couple of songs like "Please, release me, let me go..." and "Don't fence me in...") !
I know, that these white beads of fog were more advanced Spirits from different countries of Earth and they need a Portal on higher vibrational Level! The easiest way to gather them in such big groups for departing Earth is when people fall asleep at night or dead humans after huge battles/natural disasters. Such Spirits leaving their bodies and gather with a leader (a bigger Spirit) on one of higher overtones of the 4th Level. And with the Help of Great Cosmic Cloud, move up to the 5th Level through appropriate Portal. This is another function of Cosmic Cloud: to help it to happen. Somehow that night I was used as a human factor to speed this process! The White Gathering
I could also see: it was higher, than the Spiral ! The same is being performed in so many different places on Earth, but mainly to move non-physical low vibrational civilizations, mixed with White Cosmic Cloud, through Portals (windows) on low 3d Level first to the 4th Level, but, after a thorough mixing with White Sun Energy of the Cosmic Cloud, to the 5th Level.
The colors of Spirals on 2 photos prove it: they are not white, but brown, reddish, orange, green, one made in Atacama Desert, Chile (Portals of low Level) and in Tibet (Portals of a bit higher Level). There are also
photos, made in other places and you can find them on our site. This site has photos of Colored Wavy Glowing Spirals above Tibet, Bangladesh, Chile, Latvia, Carribbean and China, which mixed with a part of the Great Cosmic Cloud of White Sun Energy of Balance, because they are low green, orange and brown vibrations of some civilizations. It shows above the Earth surface! This is how millions of people and aliens have been vacating Old Earth over the years.

Дырявое облако в штате Западная Австралия

Sky Portals for new civilizations to enter Earth and for old civilizations to leave Earth, 2016-2017 - in Western Australia, in California, in UK

Chaotic Weather Intensifies-Strange Sky Manifestations. Jan 20, 2017. Something is creating a state of chaos across the world, not only are we seeing a significant climate influx, but the earth is beginning to open up creating giant fissures. While at the same time there are bizarre cloud formations and peculair sky anomalies appearing in many places. 

Above photo: 2 Suns' Merging is a sign of 2 Planets Earth are Merging together (the Old one and a Parallel one). Double or more rainbows together is a sign of imminent (about to occur) Merging of our Planets. Sand/dust/snow/rain storms are also more likely to happen at the time of 2 Planets Merging, because their Crusts, Water (oceans/seas/lakes/rivers/dams), their Atmospheres and Suns, Cities/Villages/Deserts, Humans (our Parallel Personalities), Aliens, Plant/Animal Lives, even Media, which is present on both Planets (esp. Internet) and our technologies are Mixing together ! Then we experiencing more problems with the Internet and other types of technology. Then we experiencing more disasters, more collisions on roads and malfunctioning of everything, more problems with the Internet, electricity and other types of technology.

The Universal Flow - Течение Вселенной (моя статья) - April 2017
(all last week of April was very cold + 16C early morning)!

The most difficult part of my life is to withstand the deafening Noise of Chaotic Universal Flow of different vibrations, moving in both directions through our Portal, through our Visible White Sun, through new  civilizations coming to Earth and through me into the Sun inside Earth !
I try to distract myself from focusing on that Noise by doing mental work like thinking, reading or writing; garderning, doing house chores,
playing table tennis (we invite table tennis players worldwide to play tennis with us), but the hardest time for me is to fall asleep because of that Noise.
These low 3d and 4th Levels are difficult for all of us ! You can't run away from it: the excruciating Sound of Universal Flow with all the rest of it, is following and going through me 24 hours every day, it feels and sounds like a heavy rain, no matter where I stay or go, even in another counrtry. My eyes become watery when I look at it for long periods of time, I can see this Flow, it drops on my head, it's all around me! I filmed it and took pictures of it many times. When I see tiny black dots, like on the photo above, that is the movement of Universal Flow through a Portal in that place (looks like rain, but it is the Energy Flow). There are so many places like that on Earth and I posted many photos of them on this site. There is a good video on vimeo, which is showing some of these Portals. In these Portals the Universal Flow moving and alien civilizations are coming to these points to merge with the the Energy of Earth and with the Universal Flow to get up to the 4th-5th Level. That black Energy on the picture below is showing low vibrational civilizations, which are mixing with higher vibrational civilizations (White) and move up with Universal Flow! What also helps the process is people, their high vibration, their high consciousness and thoughts, living in that Portal. This is exactly what is happening to me: I live in such a Portal, my vibration is higher, than of an average person. Law of Attraction attracts readers of Higher Vibration to our site and our place, attracts also Higher Vibrational  civilizations
to our Portal to merge with Earth Energies and the Universal Flow to move up straight to the White Gathering on the 5th Level. That's why I didn't see such black spots in night sky mixed with White Balanced Energy before (like on the picture below). But last couple of days (29-30 April) some black spots appeared among white: means arrival negative civilizations to our Portal too. Harder to fall asleep, pains and heavy body when I am getting up in the morning, they went through my body when I (my Spirit that is) wasn't at home at night! Below is an article in russian, explaining 'elaborately' in their own language the cold wave (cold fronts as they say), affecting Russia, Europe, US (and even us in our village in Australia). There are no cold fronts, but merging with another low vibrational Parallel Earth with a dull star (not Sun), which is very cold. That brought cold windy wave to the whole Earth for the last week of April and brought more new negative civilizations (those black spots in the night sky on the picture below).

FlightLapse #01 - MilkyWay

Огромный циклон "Reiner" над Европой

Свежо предание, но верится с трудами. За кого они нас принимают, за дураков что ли? Сколько можно кормить нас атмосферными фронтами? Носятся с ними как с писаной торбой. Как обычно нагородили чепухи! Холод вызван слиянием Старой Земли с ещё одной Параллельной Землёй cо своей тусклой звездой, наверно красного цвета (это - не как наше Белое Сверкающее Солнце). Означает, что это - холодная планета, мало жизни на ней. В результате появились новые негативные цивилизации и холодные ветры по всей Земле (которые называют циклонами), не только в России, США и Европе, но и у нас в Австралии. Вся последняя неделя апреля 2017 - очень холодная для нашей деревни: +16С рано утром! ЛМ.
Огромный атмосферный фронт циклона "Reiner" на границе холодного и теплого воздуха пересекает Европу и Европейскую часть России ( ЕТР). Длина атмосферного фронта от Москвы до границ Испании ~ 2,8 тыс. км. Именно пересечение холодного фронта стало причиной резкого похолодания в Москве сегодня в послеполуденное время. Облачная система из кучевых облаков в С-З Европе за атмосферным фронтом - результат вторжения холодного воздуха с севера, ясное небо в Ю-В Европе - зона теплого сектора циклона. Тут в ближайшие дни продолжится заток очень теплого воздуха с юга, что в совокупности с ясной погодой обеспечит дальнейший рост температуры.

Highly recommended article with twists to read about an african woman, who worked in mines and was better worker, than men:
'I disguised myself as a man to work in a mine'
15 May 2017

Aquamarine Binding Force Breaks down, ground is unstable: Signs to stop building anything! Aquamarine Binding Force has aquamarine color vibration, has been coming from all Black Holes in our Universe for more than 20 years and causing panic and destruction of everything physical. Scientists call this vibration: Dark Matter (Тёмная Материя)! Below are more, than enough videos showing how cranes fall down around the world!

Ship Hits Massive Crane Causing It To Fall -  May 8, 2017. Ten people were injured when a container vessel hit the harbor wall and then hit a crane on May 4 at Jebel Ali Port in Dubai, Terminal 1, DP World said on Monday. There were no fatalities in the incident. Construction crane collapses onto highway in Dubai. NEW DUBAI CRANE SMASHED TO THE GROUND! May 7, 2017. CONTAINER CRANE KNOCKED TO THE GROUND AT DUBAI.

Top Ten Crane & Truck Accidents Crane & Truck Accidents Caught On Tape, videos in February 2017 and in 7 Sep 2016

Aquamarine Binding Force Breaks down - Crane's Fall, Russia, Krasnoyarsk - May 8, 2017. В Красноярске на улице Киренского упал кран по ул. Киренского - Маркса.

Знаки прекратить стройки! Подъемные краны падают! Подборка аварий с участием подъемного крана. 3 марта 2017. 
Mar 3, 2017. Катастрофы, крушения, аварии и падения "Кранов" № 13,  Jan 18, 2015

Most of my attention is on self-disciplined practitioners of Magical Passes! They are the real GLOBAL FORCE and it doesn't matter what countries they live in ! I respect them a great deal ! Such seminars are organized in different countries every year. More about Magical Passes of Carlos Castaneda group is on:  Castaneda Books 5

И всё-таки моё предпочтение тем, кто достаточно само-дисциплин и постоянно делает Магические Пассы и Recapitulation ! Они и есть ГЛОБАЛЬНАЯ ГРУППА высокой вибрации, неважно в какой стране они живут! Я к ним испытываю особое чувство! Ниже карты стран, где Магические Пассы практикуются.
Больше информации о Магических Пассах группы К. Кастанэда на Странице :  
Castaneda Books 5

2 Maps: Existing Tensegrity Groups worldwide (above), 2016 and Groups interested in forming (below)

website :

20 to 22 June 1997. Tensegrity workshop of Barcelona

Florinda: "Castaneda is empty, he's here and not here, most of the time in the Second Attention (the 4th non-physical Level, LM). He's acting like a channel. 30 years ago, when we were under Don Juan influences we witnessed the same emptiness of the Nagual. He was an Illusion, not existing in the daily life. For some of us, it was likewise a ghost. We were afraid of this reality. It was above our comprehension. Nowadays, we do experience it, and realize and experiment what Don Juan has accomplished. It took us 30 years...
A woman asked about how to breathe for the Recapitulation. Florinda said it is not that important.
"Do not attach at details. Do it ! Recapitulation can be done at every moment, everywhere. It's a huge task, which never end. The Recapitulation is mandatory. Another good point is that it forces the assemblage point to move slightly, to the place where it was in the moment you are recapitulating. It's a good exercise to dislodge the assemblage point. Recapitulation is a way to attack self-importance. The Recapitulation and Tensegrity sorcerer passes are practices we can use to enhance our Awareness, our Energy level. The Recapitulation trains us to remember more and more about our past interactions with people. We then see our old familiar patterns, our behaviors, which are endless, repeated throughout our life. Being aware of these patterns help us to remove the Me, to be more fluid and free. Recapitulation does as well recapture all the energy we spent in past interactions. When practiced together with Tensegrity passes, which are body manoeuvers intended to move energy, we begin to realign our energy and reduce our self-concerns, then we will be able to attain inner silence, and see how the energy flow through the universe...Punch or shot with hand, motion's style breaks the outside energy. Massage or incoming movement to the body release freeing up energy to our center. The six vital centers are:
-- The womb, only for woman. (The man's sexual organ is not a vital center)
-- Around the pancreas and the spleen
-- The liver
-- Around the kidney and adrenals
-- The V-spot which is the small indentation at the base of the throat
-- And the top of the head "
We are no longer evolving. They decided to give us Tensegrity and Recapitulation to give a chance to the humanity to evolve. Humanity will disappear, because we do not evolve anymore. One of the reasons for humanity not evolving anymore is that we are bored fucks and because woman has lost the second function of her womb. By bored fuck they mean that most of the humanity was born during annoyed conception. Our parents, we, all humans, do not take love as a magical act. The mother should have an orgasm during the love act, in order to conceive high-energy children...Florinda then talked about the Eagle, these Universal Forces (Draconian Forces, LM), which lead everything and specifically life. Florinda continued, that the Eagle is only a Representation (of these Forces, LM). 

Robert Monroe also experienced the Universal Flow, but on Higher, more balanced, Level like 5th, which is a Pleasure, as he described it. George is lucky: he can't hear it, because he lost his hearing. First, his head was deformed during birth: no left ear; then 10 operations followed to restore his left ear (with no results, but a lot of pain). He lost hearing in his right ear (as well) during operation on his tonsils at the age of 12 in Hong Kong. He became totally deaf wearing hearing aid. As a child, George, together with his parents, survived 5 years of starvation in China (during their revolution), but they won the permission to move to  Australia, where I met him. How would you like to have a life like that and would you still crave for longivity in life? When I was travelling in New Zealand last year

I had a terrible childhood in Russia, where for 16 years I was placed in government care from birth: starting from institutions for newborns to kindergardens, orphanages, internats-schools, summer pioneers' camps; every year a new one in another area of Moscow, to be exposed to and to be able to survive among hundreds of different children and teachers. I learnt to rely on myself real early: I was happier in the streets of Moscow, than at home. My mother was very abusive with her fists, belts and her big mouth to 3 of her children (including me) and everyone feared her. But her childhood was even worse, than mine.
She spent 18 years of her childhood and youth in
the orphanage in Yalta, Crimea, after been found as newborn baby on a market in Blagoveschensk, the city of Amur region in Far East of Russia. All those years she was helping to create even bigger Portals in Yalta (without knowing it). The time was difficult for many in Russia then: incredible poverty, starvation, hard labour, depression, no political freedom, diseases, jails or exiles/deportations to the coldest regions of Russia.
All that caused 2 Revolutions (1905 and 1917) to happen and to change state governing system into socialist's one. Then again civil war of many years and more jails and disappearance of people to Parallel Earths took place in USSR. All these events happened to cover up the arrival to Earth of more negatively charged civilizations (kind of to prepare us for the worst scenario in future - WW2). You can't expect positive aliens of higher vibrations to enter Earth on low vibration of 3d Level of Consciousness, it's impossible: they can only go to the highest floors of 4th and into the 5th Level. But eventually all negative civilizations need to mix their vibrations with Earth and us.
Why was my mother sent to warm Yalta, Crimea from cold Far East?
Because Crimea's and Caucasus' shoreline of Black Sea has been dotted with Portals and underground/underwater alien bases since the time immemorial (the address of a good documentary in russian about Black Sea is below)! It is no coincidence, that Yalta (Crimea) was chosen by aliens for the Conference held in Livadia Palace, Soviet Union from February 7 to 11, 1945. It was the World War II meeting of the heads of governments of the United States, the United Kingdom and the Soviet Union for the purpose of discussing Europe's postwar reorganization (Stalin, Roosvelt and Churchille). There is a connection between my mother's spending her childhood and youth in Yalta and
that meeting of the heads of governments. 

There was also a war between Russia and Ukraine for possession of Crimea not long time ago and Ukranian Crimea became part of again Russia. New low vibrational civilizations needed a lot of negative Emotions from humans to be able to enter those regions and they got them during that war. Organising for a few years Winter Olympics in Sochi on Black Sea (Russia) and staging Olympics happened for the same reason: to gather crowds of people to ignite negative Emotions! Sochi near Black Sea was the most popular resort-city in USSR, visited by millions of people for 100 years. There were/are 2 international pioneers' camps ("Artek" and "Little Eagle") on the shores of Crimea for privileged children of high ranking politicians and for children-achievers, whose Spirits were bigger (without their knowledge of it), than Spirits of ordinary children. With a help of watchful eyes of aliens, who always monitored life of such children/adults in USSR for further use of them, higher authorities (politicians) employed thousands of agents to spy on such children/people. That happened to me personally and not just in USSR, but in every country I visited or lived in. Now in Australia police people don't torment me anymore, they use planes, helicopters or drones to watch my whereabouts, esp. when I travel overseas.
At the age of 12 in summer my mother took 3 of us-children to Gagra area, Abhasia, Black Sea to avoid the 1st Moscow International Festival in 1957. 4 of us spent the whole summer on the shore, creating Portals for aliens to enter and create their bases there (without us knowing it). No wonder, that later region of Abhasia with major city of Gagra was at war with Georgia, then became a forbidden separate zone for many years till now. A few years ago I was travelling on that shoreline and visited Batumi, Kobuletty (where a day before they had a huge cyclone) and other cities. But when I finally reached Gagra, I wasn't allowed to visit it without special written visa.
At the age of 13 I was "awarded" a trip to the pioneer camp "Little Eagle", officially it was for school results, but now I know the real reason was for more abductions, more experiments on me, for more Emotions and mindcontrol and for creating more Portals).

As 20 years old my mother managed to meet and have a talk to N. Krupskaya, the wife of Lenin and join the Army at the beginning of the WW2 till almost the end of it and was decorated many times. Near the end of the war she became pregnant with my brother, then married my father and had me and my sister (all of them passed away by now). She kicked my father out when I was still little and was divorcing him through courts for 10 years, which ignited negative Emotions in all of us, but helped to create a bigger Portal in our flat. That was mainly the reason why we, as children, couldn't stay there!

My mother wasn't an ordinary woman: she would've been a Nagual Woman, if Don Juan found and teacht her then. She had Spirit twice as big, as of an ordinary person. She wasn't religious (big plus) and often showed males' features as well, as females' ones. Her Emotions were used mercilessly by agents and her abductors to create new Portals in different places of Russia before, during and after the WW2 (she was fighting that war for 4 years). The same happened to me. But what she never learnt was to love anyone, because she wasn't given it as a child or as an adult. She never knew when her birthday was and who were her parents. She never won the battle between the foreign draconian installation in her brain and her true mind. And there were/are so many people like her in the world, who was never given love in their childhoods. How then can they pass love on to their children ?
That's why we often see (but not always), that at least one member of a family can give love to children and usually it is either mothers/grandmothers or grandfathers and not many fathers. Robert Monroe found it with himself to his surprise: he didn't generate love at all at the beginning, but not at the end of his life (after what he was shown by his Inspec friends in Cosmos and after many years of living with Nancy).
In that regard George was lucky: he was loved and supported by mother, father and uncle for all their lives. George could pass Love on to me and I finally learnt what Love was.

As a child and a teenager I didn't even know when my birthday was, noone wished me happy birthday or gave me any presents: it was a norm in USSR
those days (not like now in Russia). I didn't have anyone to complain to or who would simpathise with me. It's unreal how stupid I was at the beginning (thanks to the foreign installation in my brain), compare to what I am now (after winning this battle). A gigantic difference! I was never really interested in living on Earth, but didn't know where else to go (like many of us). I was abducted for all my life till today and lost count of my abortions. For years I cried, protested, tried to suicide and even bargain with non-phisical presence, but no tears, protests or pleads helped. Robert Monroe described a similar experience in one of his lives, when he broke down in tears and begged on his knees to let him to leave Earth (with no results)!
I never in my life experienced ecstasy or flying without my body like Robert Monroe did and described it in his books. I know, that most of us didn't experienced ecstasy or such flights either. But what I experienced for years was my LONGING TO RETURN HOME , but I didn't know where it was ! Only after reading R. Monroe books I realised were my real Home was. It was not on Earth, but way up, in the Source of All Suns ! For more than 10 years I developed a special relationship with our visible White Sun. We understand each other pretty well. It is still so unusual for me to see occasionally how the Sun is making a small window in a gloomy grey sky with no Sun, to make itself visible to me even for a short time and then quickly hiding back again! And I'll joke:" Are you spying on me too?" Sometimes I think, maybe, it is Robert Monroe making such small round white shiny windows in grey sky, since he joined the Sun after giving up human form? Or how on a lousy hopeless day with no trace of the Sun, it suddenly turns up as a Shining White Ball in front of my eyes and stays for the rest of the day! How the Sun approves my thoughts by a sudden flash ! It's amazing, I never imagine it could be like that ! Don't know, maybe the same is happening to other people ?
After 15 years of trying, I alone finally left USSR for good, hoping, that my life would change for better, but it didn't. It cost me all my money to bribe certain people. I knew nobody outside USSR, no relatives or friends, not a soul. Abroad I had to lose the previous citizenship and was without any documents for a few years. At the beginning I felt like I was nobody called a migrant: no job, no money, no country, nowhere to sleep, no friends or relations, no documents, but a lot of depression. And I know I was not the only one in such situation, that's why I understand migrants a great deal. Things started getting better and finally I was allowed to move to Australia, where I met George on a tennis court. A russian guy, who had russian parents and could speak russian, as well as english.

For 40 years
he's been my farther-mother-brother-sister-friend-husband-tennis partner-consultant-adviser-provider-jack of all trades, my student on Higher Knowledge, my supporter, my teacher on technical subjects, whom I taught many things I knew and someone, whom I could finally complain to, when I felt like it. I had no such priviledge before, but now I have an unlimited opportunity: deaf people are good  listeners! I've noticed over the years: people (players) concentrate on their problems, then complain to each other about them and call it friendship, understanding, sympathy, humanity, help and a bunch of other similar words (the influence of foreign installation in our brains). I taught him facts of life, he taught me patience, which he had in abundance (that helped him to survive 40 years with me).

Even when George and I created our website, I never saw on the Internet or in modern literature any reference to our site, to our videos, to my articles and information we present or even my name would never be mentioned (inspite of my posted approval to take anything from our site, but not for personal financial gain). Val Valerian (first couple of years I was a reader of his site) and the author of "Matrix" never recognised my connection to Robert Monroe, the same happened at the Monroe Institute in USA, which I visited twice at different times. They told me, that there was another woman in Russia, but I never met her (if she really exists). I feel they mislead me: I would've known such a person, if she is doing what I am doing. The one I know of is a young, 20 year old girl in Russia, who is not interested in doing what I am doing, though she also belongs to our Inner Sun's Cluster.

Years ago I wanted to know more about life and work of Robert Monroe from those, who knew him, and wrote a letter to Bayard Stockton, the author of the book "Catapult: The Biography of Robert A. Monroe", but I got a reply, that this man had died. I made other such attempts with different people and they mostly failed. I was never officially invited to participate in a conference, meeting, symposium, summit or any big gathering in any country, where I could give a speech on Higher Knowledge in english or in russian for a few hours for free! I myself had to look for someone to share what I know about Higher Knowledge with
(to raise their vibration), but often it caused either their aggression or indifference. I never received a really interesting letter from anyone or met any interesting human/non-human to talk to (like Robert Monroe did)! My real Teacher of Higher Knowledge was/is our White Sun!

My email correspondence was blocked for years, except the usual, for everyone, bills and good for nothing, junk mail, which often irritates and is done to squeeze negative Emotions out of players of Earth's Planetary Game. Personally, I don't play the Earth's Planetary Game for many years, and in life never met someone who also doesn't (inc. George and our son Robert).
The impression George and I have is like: officially we and our site don't exist, no public recognition like Google or Youtube have. Looks like I virtually write all into infinity and all our efforts have been useless: we see no physical results except figures in statistics of our site, which I don't believe. Something similar already happened in Castle Hill in Sydney, Australia before year 2000. George and I paid enormous Council yearly rates for our block of land for 20 years, but this block of land with a house, built by our hands and where we lived, never existed on their maps, which we discovered later! Looks like I am still  considered - non-existent.
I remember before leaving USSR for good, we both were mindcontrolled to go from Moscow to Yalta, Crimea by our car. But when we reached it, we were mindcontrol to quarrel and part. What aliens did to us and how we got back to Moscow I don't know: all memories were eraised, we never talked about it. But I am pretty sure aliens used us for genetic experiments. This is done to many people worldwide. Soon after the 1917 (number 9) Revolution, a monkeys sanctuary was created in Suhumi (Black Sea), where genetisists crossed not only humans with monkeys
in their labs till now, but also humans with all kinds of aliens and with other civilizations. Last year (2016) I went to New Zealand and Antarctica (by plane), I was driving in NZ alone all together - 3 months. UFOs have been following me there too. I made a few photos of them in different places. Below there are 2 photos showing them as lanticular (oval) clouds over water and land in Kaikora (where there were heavy floods and landslides recenty).

More about my mother's impacts. My mother flew to
Australia to see us in Castle Hill in Sydney for the first and last time, when our son Robertino was only 6 years of age (now he is 33). Castle Hill area is about 1 hour drive to ocean beaches and I took her to Dee Why Beach, where George worked, through northern surburbs of Sydney, through the forests of Mona Vale. On the way she was mindcontrolled to become irritable and that effected me as well (aliens needed strong negative Emotions from a human factor for what they were planning), but I didn't know it then. They used the opportunity (the energies of both of us: my mother and myself) to create more Portals in those areas for new negative civilizations to enter. They also used our bodies for creation of their hybrids all these years.

We reached the beach, spent time there, but the next day huge cyclone with heavy rain started from Castle Hill all the way to Dee Why for a few hours. The water was running down the walls INSIDE our beautiful house, which never happened before or after! I gave a call to George at work to come home as soon, as possible and help me with the situation. And he did travel the same way back, but instead of usual hour, it took him 3 hours during that cyclone, which affected only those areas, were my mother and I were the day before. The wind was shocking, pouring rain, hundreds of uprooted trees on the roads, built up traffic and plenty of strong negative Emotions from everyone ! George had to find other ways to return and when he finally arrived, we had flood inside the house inspite of us living on the high edge of a creek. It took us many days to dry everything up. That's what can happen if 2 genetically and spiritually strong women get together!

The whole Planetary Game is based on how to invent more absurd ways to squeeze from us more negative Emotions! Then it would be easier for low vibrational civilizations to enter Earth and merge with us.
The Truth is: unfortunately, it must be that way and we are here to balance Earth at critical moments! I already gave you quite a few examples of
absurd ways, and here is another one. For a hundred years smoking was advertised in most movies. Every year 'scientists' have been counting how many smokers we have. Then a 'war' was declared on smoking: cigarettes' prices has gone up and in many places it became forbidden to smoke, not from health's point of view, but to get more negative Emotions from smokers. 

Загадки истории. Глубоководные тайны Черного м

A bit of entertainment, one movie is about what we do after our body dies; another movie is just to watch good musical numbers, what humans achieved inspite of all the troubles they went through :

Beyond Tomorrow (1940)

The Dummy Talks (1943)

Sun goes crazy! Stationary camera shows multiple intense bright pulsations! April 21, 2017: I am sharing with you what was shared with me. A viewer was observing a Spain skycam, when all of the sudden the Sun appears to go into this intense huge flaring mode. Rapidly pulsating in the monitor of the camera. The viewer who watches the cameras often was VERY surprised by this. She grabbed the phone and began recording her iPad that was displaying the Spain skycam, in hopes of this event happening did, a few more times that you will see in the video.

All Fish of Russia is dying from lack of oxygen, and not just fish, but all animal life! They offer us to eat insects instead, thousands of locust themselves invade fields in many countries, maybe they want us to  eat them instead of growing food, read articles! On photo below: flooded and still busy restaurant in China, where they perhaps eat insects and nobody pays any attention on flood. May 2017.

Can eating insects save the world?
Are we already eating bugs? You may be surprised to find out that bugs are already used in some of our food products. You may have eaten creepy crawlies without even realising!

How eating insects could help climate change

Dead fish in Moscow, Himki, Kurgan, Magadan and other places in Russia. Массовый замор рыбы в Кургане на озере Карасинское Юргамышского районе. Apr 30, 2017. Химкинское водохранилище превратилось в рыбье кладбище. Сельдь в Ольском лимане, Магадан, Россия. 11 May 2017.

Visit to Antarctica confirms The discovery of frozen Alien Civilization, May 2, 2017

Highly recommended video of flooding of airport in Ischim, Tumen, Russia, May 10, 2017 !
Разлившийся Ишим поглотил местный аэродром ДОСААФ с самолетами. На реке Ишим в Тюменской области ждут пика паводка: по прогнозам гидрологов, он придется на ближайшие часы. Это если не пойдут дожди. Вода в реке поднялась до самого высокого уровня за всю историю наблюдений. Затоплены более тысячи садовых участков, а также аэродром ДОСААФ вместе с 9-ю самолетами.

Worldwide Record Breaking Floods in China and Canada. May 10, 2017. Rainfall broke several records. Jiulongzhen broke the daily rainfall record for Guangzhou, while Xintangzhen broke the three-hour rainfall record for the province. Rivers in Huadu district saw the biggest flood in 20 years. Water overflew three dikes, damaging one of them

Firenado -  Australia.  If ever you go down in the woods near Curtin Springs in the Northern Territory of're in for a big surprise.....Pillars of fire!

Fire Tornado
. How does a bushfire turn into a fire tornado? Researchers now have proof that a devastating fire tornado carved a path of destruction during the Canberra bushfires of 2003, Australia.
(This firetornado broke down into thousand fires! No wonder, that a lot of aliens entered down the Earth in all kinds of spirals, inc. firetornado, in the year of a 20 years Earth's Cycle: 1943, 1963, 1983, 2003. Next one in 2023, if we are still here, but if not, we alsomove in a Spiral, only up! LM).


Tornado de fogo no Brazil fire hurricane como na Austrália storm. Sep 20, 2012. A rare fire tornado has been filmed in the city of Araçatuba in Sao Paulo. The phenomenon was caused by strong winds and dry causing the wildfires that are ravaging the country. The tornado of flames strolled through fields before entering a highway, causing traffic problems, and then disappeared.

Floods, Russia, Vladikavkaz - Во Владикавказе дожди превратили дороги в реки, а машины - в субмарины. May 3, 2017. На Северном Кавказе . проливные дожди. Из-за ливней в пробках встала столица Северной Осетии. Дороги Владикавказа превратились в реки, а машины . скорее, в подводные лодки. Как пытались укротить стихию? Последние новости России и мира, политика, экономика, бизнес, курсы валют, культура, технологии, спорт, интервью, специальные репортажи, происшествия и многое другое. НАВОДНЕНИЕ ВОДИЧКА ПРИБЫЛА ЕЩЁ НА 1.5М . 03.05.2017Г.

Floods, Russia, Petropavlovsk, Kamchatka - Петропавловск. Река Ишим 2017.05.03. Утро 2017. В Мичурино прорвало дамбу. Потоп в Мичурино. Apr 25, 2017.
3.05.17. В районе Косогора затоплено 15 домов, May 2, 2017

By the way, an expression 'Green Fingers', meaning the ability of a person to grow plants real well or even to cure people from diseases, is wrong! It should be called 'WHITE FINGERS'. Only White Sun Energy, coming from our fingers, can cure people and trees/plants love it ! I would say about 2 explosions in Peterburg's metro on 2 April 2017, Russia : that was the reply of establishment for recent protests and to cause extra negative Emotions.Negative Emotions are preventing Planetary Game on Earth from falling apart. They are the same Emotions as in, artificially ignited, epidemic of Global Protests like the recent ones in USA, Venezuela, Russia, Belorussia, Turkey etc. The demands of any protests on Earth never matched the Old Universe Intent, that's why such protests have been useless ! The same is with negative Emotions in elections campaignes: these Emotions only  support the Planetary Game. Voting under guns, like the one in France now, makes me laugh! They all go far-right or far-left in the spectrum of the Planetary Game, but never UP IN VIBRATION ! A few examples :

Earth Changes: Signs!

France prepares to vote for new president amid high security. France presidential election 2017
23 Apr 2017
France is preparing to vote in presidential elections on Sunday, amid high security after a fatal assault on a Paris policeman three days ago. About 50,000 police and 7,000 soldiers are being deployed around the country...Eleven candidates are vying to be the country's next president, with leading candidates spanning the political spectrum from far-left to far-right.

Germany AfD: Right-wingers set to move further right
23 April 2017
Delegates to the conference had to be escorted by police officers in riot gear. The populist, anti-immigrant Alternative for Germany (AfD) has rejected a bid by its co-leader to move the party closer to the mainstream (and other nonsense! LM).

March for Science: Rallies worldwide to protest against political interference
People marched in Washington DC against President Trump, who is cutting funding for scientific research. Thousands of scientists have taken part in demonstrations around the world in protest against what they see as a global political assault on facts (and other nonsense! LM)

Protests in SOUTH AMERICA! CRAZY! VENEZUELA? Apr 19, 2017

New shocking claims from a contractor from Denver airport. Apr 20, 2017

Breaking news! This is no joke! A double huge explosion occurred on our Sun - April 1, 2017.

NEW RAW FOOTAGE !! HAILSTONES SHOULDN'T BE DOING THAT! (though the videos are with religious preaching, which I don't like, but highly recommended. LM). Apr 7, 2017!

Snow again in Germany - Schnee in Grünberg, Hessen, Deutschland, Germany 17.04.2017

Central Europe shivers as snow covers spring blossoms. Apr 19, 2017. A cold spell "sweeping across central Europe": has brought snow back to some countries including Germany, Poland and "Slovakia"

Abrupt cooling over the North Atlantic. Apr 17, 2017. Compiled recent findings on the interconnection of warming trends, and possible implications for ocean currents and what it could mean.

Methane (from underground civilizations, LM) seeps in the Canadian high Arctic - Apr 15, 2017

Greenland In Trouble! Glaciers Melting Much Faster Than Previously Predicted. Apr 12, 2017. Greenland has always been known for its glaciers. Currently the glaciers in Greenland are in trouble and are melting unprecedentedly fast. aerial footage as well as research experiments clearly show that the ice is disappearing far too quickly to be any sort of normal climatic change.

Arctic Death Spiral, METHANE TIMEBOMB and the Silence of the Media in IRELAND

Tsunami IRAN: 1 dead & 5 missing, March 19, 2017. Unexpected tsunami hits Iran leaving one person dead and five missing. Huge waves hits the coastline of Dayyer in southern Iran on Sunday morning and killed a 51-year-old man. A group of tourists have gone missing and a man has died after an unexpected tsunami hit Iran this morning. Huge waves battered the coastline of Dayyer in southern Iran, IRIB news agency reports. An eight-year-old boy from the local area, as well as four Iranian tourists in a car went missing after they were hit by waves. Another 17 people were injured, with the freak weather event causing cars to capsize as trees and canopies fell down. A number of fishing boats also sank as heavy rain and strong winds caused dangerous conditions in the sea, while nearby homes were flooded. Rescue teams, who earlier rescued 10 people from drowning, are now searching for the missing people. One local government official said the incident was 'never anticipated' and 'quite surprised travelers who had set up their tents on the coast'. Video footage taken by locals show the rising waves washing ashore and ripping through properties on the coast.

Shocking!! Tsunami Hits Madagascar / Live / Caught on Cam / Cyclone Enowa / March 2017

Iran. Another BIG Flood | 50 Villages-Cars-Washed Away-Landslides. April 15, 2017: An unbelievable flood is underway in NW  Iran that has swept away 50 villages, overwhelming roads dramatically sweeping cars away as if they were toys. Yet another "Atmospheric River" has apparently caused the intense flooding. Very dramatic footage coming out of Azerbaijan.

Below is a
Somali woman raises 6 children in such conditions alone ! Good example for women, who are addicts, who only like collecting material things in life and nothing else.

Why do you think the Election campaign lasted half a year before the actual Election in USA and only 2 candidates (man and woman) were nominated ?
Why were heated debates transmitted over TV, Internet in most world countries and why Trump (stupid male) was chosen? Because our world is falling apart and only negative human Emotions can 
temporarily stabilize it, especially those, which are coming from millions Females worldwide. So they did stir human moods, extracted desirable Emotions, saved the world from collapse and opened wider road for Arrival of more extraterrestrial civilizations to Earth.
Why US, Canada, Mexico, China, USSR (or Russia) and many other countries never had Females as presidents? This situation only increases the flow of negative Emotions from frustrated Females. They always  find one absurd subject after another to boil human Emotions with for the same purpose. It seems endless. We need to redirect our powerful Emotions from stupid goals to the most important one - Intent 
to get out of physicality, to get to higher vibration : 

"According to the Andromedans, it is the male aspect of ourselves, that creates the thought and the feminine aspect of ourselves, that makes things manifest through emotion...Orion was and is most interested in the females of your (human) race. Because of the pro-creation (reproductive) and genetic strengths...Stop looking to your physicality to bring you enlightenment. Your bodies are the effect of the cause, which is Intent, moved by emotion, which creates physicality.
(Men have also female energy, which helps them to create, but not to the same degree/extent as Women can create physical worlds. That is the reason why females have more hardships, more Emotions, than males. It is to make Women create and keep these physical worlds from falling apart ! LM).
Our physically is a combination of the human extraterrestrial and the primate race (monkey). This melding is what has given us our incredible extremes of emotion, which is why we can hold so much creative energy inside of us. This is why the Andromedans are in awe of our Creative Energy and why they are so concerned. They have to use technology to create some of their physicality. We don't. They are amazed, that when you leave your house everything is still there when you come back. It doesn't disintegrate. Now, if you live in south of Los Angeles, perhaps you have to worry about your stuff not being there. They are amazed at that.
Val: Of course, emotion is the basis for creation.
AC: Yes it is, but a lot of the races are very technical, and we are in our infancy when it comes to that. Yet, look at what we have created without the technology, that they have...the Andromedans are extremely awed by our ability to create things. You know, when you leave the house how everything stays there - it doesn't dematerialize. Our Intent to create. All the detail in life. They are in awe of this. Third density is like jello to those above. The Intent and the energy it takes to create all the little things, that you have on your shelf. They are amazed. They don't have all the little "stuff" that we have. According to the Andromedans, and other races who have discovered this, in our Holographic Universe, there are 11 layers or densities, and now apparently there is a 12th. This is their perspective. They say, that we fell into time and physicality, they and many other extraterrestrial races are fascinated by what it is that we know, locked up inside of us. Because, we have already evolved to that level and came back to start over again. They don't have access to what they think we know, which is apparently locked up inside of us. Not only that, but apparently we specifically chose this physicality and its vibration, because it is able to hold such an extreme of emotions. When you couple idea with the idea, that this physicality is also made up of 22 races (now more than that, LM), including the Andromedan race, they say, that every single one of you is "Royalty" on this Planet. They say, that many of the other extraterrestrial races, particularly the benevolent ones, acknowledge this, because of the fact, that we are Spirit and we have these genetics inside of the bodies we are using. Going back to the genetic information I was sharing with you concerning the primate race, and because of our apparent essences deciding to 'come back' and start this thing all over again, what is happening is apparently our DNA can vibrate, because of our ability to hold the extremes of emotion inside of us, at such a frequency...All it would really take would be one of you to go in and change one of these (negative, LM) systems - just your frequency alone. So, you truly are royalty. You guys are just awesome, and the "war" that's coming is about all of that. It is because there are benevolent races, that want our experience and our DNA. They want our emotions. They want us to be teachers, because many of the benevolent races have lost their passion... I don't know that it is so much our minds as it is our extremes of emotions and our essence. They have always stressed, that the containment of emotion in physical form is what is most attractive, because they want this due to their loss of passion, and as a result they have become more dependent on technology. Here we are, getting deeper and deeper into physicality, when in fact we have the ability to just leave all of this behind. So, we are not correctly using our power as a race.

The Greys clone their own race into a caste system, just like insects. They all basically think the same things at the same time. [ Editor note: As I pointed out in Matrix II in 1990, this is the reason that the Greys have a hard time when you "throw them a curve". They don't do well with the unexpected]. Their minds are like 'radios'. If there are no 'radio waves', they don't do anything. In other words, the Greys themselves have computers, which put out a vibratory wave (carrying information), instructing them what to do. If somebody shut off the computers, they would stop in their tracks, because they don't think for themselves. They are part of a group mind. They are not individualized intelligence, like we are. They would very much like to create us to be like them. Now, this is not the case exactly with the aliens from Zeta Reticuli 1, who have the same technology, but use it to heal, not to control...The Grey Group Mind Conceives of the Creator as a Mind. The Greys originally thought emotion was a 'weakness', so they literally bred it out, and now they, as species, are dying, and they are totally stuck on technology. They are not having children any more, because of the lack of passion in the body, the spirit cannot attach to the physical form. There are also other races like this with the same problem. There are other races, the Pleaidians for example, that in 982 years will start to show genetic breakdown, because of so much interbreeding. We are seen as a "booster", because we have their genetics within us as well, as the passion, and the ability to hold passion, which is an awesome creative force...Well, how the Orion (Dracos) group found out who we were was through our extreme span of emotions. We are very very different, than all the other races. Even the Andromedans do not understand how we could hate one minute and five minutes later be loving and snuggling....The Andromedans really love us, and I think their interaction with our planet has caused a shift within them. I know that Moraney and Vasais have both become more emotional and expressive I know that they're trying to learn about us. Many of the ET's hold us in awe, and they are fascinated by us. The thing that fascinates them the most about us is our extreme range of emotion. They are awed because emotion is such an incredible Creative Force...the Andromedans themselves are not very emotional. In other words, you can feel their emotion, but when it comes to expressing it, they all appear to be very stoic...I mean, they are very straight-faced. It's like they are "all business" even though you can sense the emotions...They are very much like us, except that there is always absolute silence. This process puts the idea, the Intent and the Emotion outside of themselves (in humans), as opposed to the process of turning that creativity inward to create better selves. That is something that the Andromedans teach their young, is to better the self. The children are not real expressive. They don't run and jump around all the time. They have a lot of self-control. When they do run, they don't bend their knees, like the Japanese or Chinese. There is a lot of smiling, but there is not deep laughter. It is as if you were going to a "mute class...
Val: What is the pairing like in relationships (of Zenetians, LM)?
Alex Collier: Well, there are three sexes. Male, Female and Androgynous. What is interesting is that the Androgynous Beings tend to be teachers.

Humans Have The Ability to Create Without Technology...We have the ability - each one of us - even though we may not feel like it, on a spiritual level, to time travel, to create anything without technology. The reason we can do that is because of who we are and because of our extremes of emotions.... they wanted to control us. We have things that they want. We have the benefit of having been on 11th density, which means that we have covered a very large area of spiritual evolvement - which is why our range of emotion is so large. They want that information. Not only that, but with the new frequency coming in and third density beginning to implode on itself, the Greys are trying to save their race. According to Moraney, there are only 2000 real Greys left -- all the rest are clones - organic robots. They do not carry a spiritual essence...
The first projection of fear is denial - an emotion of incredible restriction. Fear is based, from our perspective, on a misunderstanding of ones own worth, and security... We have observed that you build, create and plan in a space of fear, not in a consciousness of love, so your defensive position of institutions that create and employ are always then in a state of unraveling and disintegration. We share this with you, because they drain you and your earth of energy, both the spiritual and materially physical. Fear always has to feed. Fear does not create itself. The fear we observe is difficult for us to understand. It depletes you of the focus on the original Intent....It is elusive. It's a very secretive energy. Fear withholds love. This is most saddening to see and feel."
The quarantine around our solar system has been broken, and there are skirmishes going on all over the place. Things are heating up. The regressives are reacting big time because their fear is becoming compressed as their density is compressing. All of their emotions are mirroring back to them. We are doing that on Earth as well. Many people are starting to get "buggy". It's the energy, which is compressing on itself. If you are restrictive inside of yourself with the energy, it's going to react and come out of you, and you are going to lash out. The Earth is going to be doing this. When we have the real earthquakes, where the whole earth will shudder - and it's going to happen. This is the earth releasing the negativity that it has been holding on to. The earth cannot take that low frequency with it into 5th density, so it is going to release it... As long as there is no soul, you don't have true emotion. If I were to go over there and do something that would scare the hell out of you, you would have a very serious emotional rush. The reptilians are addicted to the peaking of that emotional rush. It's like a narcotic to them, because they don't have it. They're numb. They are "all in their head", in self-imposed isolation...
Alex: The average life span of the Draconians extends from 1,800 to 4,100 years of age. The ones that live as long as 4,100 years are the royal line of the Draconians.
Val: The winged Ciakars...
Val: One of the recent themes in orthodox media, especially movies, is that reptilian species have a penchant for pituitary and adrenal type substances, and that they try and get these substances any way they can, even to the extent of ripping somebody's brain out of their head in order to acquire these hormones.
Alex: Well, these hormones, in essence, hold emotion. The brain and spinal fluids hold emotion. It is what nourishes the nervous system and the brain.
(Not Hormones, not Genetics, not mixture of extraterrestrial races with Primate/Monkey race hold Emotions, but the one and only White Creative Sun Energy, which is in those hormones, can hold Emotions! LM).

Alex: Well, they don't make the same type of spinal fluid as humans do. As far as their physical needs, I don't know. I do know that they get a "rush" from hormones from other species, that have been in terror. For example, if they capture a human being, they will not usually kill the person right away. What they usually do is terrify them as much, as possible in order to jack up the level of emotion and hormones. Then, when they consume the physical body of that psychologically terrorized being, not only are they feeding themselves but the hormones impart a physiological and psychological "rush", which they enjoy. It's essentially a "drug high" for them.

Grey Matter of our brain is Draconian Foreign Installation, but the White Matter in our brain are Hormones from pituitary gland, which releases White Sun Energy loaded with Emotions in it !
Серое вещество нашего мозга и есть Драконовое Инородное Внедрение, а Белое Вещество в нашем мозгу - Гормоны из гипофиза, которые выделяют Белую Солнечную Энергию со всем арсеналом человеческих Эмоций!

Holographic world of Andromedans.

The very first time I was taken to a mother ship, I was nervous and scared. I walked on board, and on these ships there are many different levels. The ships are spherical and 900 miles in diameter. On each level there are park areas. Because they are very astute in holographic technology, you think you are on earth. There are trees and sunshine, and it is all created holographically. It's all real. When I walked in, a group of children literally moved away from me. I got very hurt, and Moraney picked up on my emotions..The first time I was brought on an Andromedan mother ship, which was 900 miles in diameter and completely self-contained worlds, I had to wear a belt that would keep my physicality together, so that I could spend this time with them. The craft I was on had 24 different levels, and in the middle of this craft is a park that is 21 miles on each side, with trees and everything. They use extensive technology in holographs, and they can literally create their sunrise and sunset (like what R. Monroe described in his book, LM).  The trees and plants grow, because it is a holograph, but it is real, even though they are creating it with technology... I had a contact and I went up there with an attitude. You know, I'm a Terran, I have extremes of emotions, and I am really frustrated by a lot of things. I don't understand how the planet is supposed to evolve when nobody wants to hear the truth, and most of the truth isn't even available. I am extremely frustrated by that, and then I hear metaphysicians try to justify this by saying "we're teaching the wrong thing but it's all we have". I have a difficult time justifying that. Why propagate something we know isn't real? That's another whole issue, and when we get to the subject of religions I really want to share with you what I have been told...
"We will focus tonight on your Terran physical form... The last grave conflict was very harmful to your physical form. Many weapons of destruction, many of atom-splitting (nuclear weapons) have been used. This is the reason for most of your Terran skin tones...We have discovered in our own galaxy the ruins of vast races, having achieved recognition, that have ceased to exist. They destroyed themselves, simply because they withheld love and drained the very life force out of their Intent, and imploded and destroyed their self-creation. Fear is the opposing projection to original Intent."
(I would like to add/ that the village Elliott Heads, where we live in Australia, is a part of that Atomic destruction of former coastal cities and fortresses of Lemuria more, than 10000 years ago. Melted, glued together by the blow and heat of these weapons, 
rocks of foundations of Lemuria. Coastal ruins are still visible from Bundaberg to Cannes. Great Barrier Reef with numerous islands around is a part of them. This Nuclear War created a lot of Portals, through which a lot of alien civilizations have entered over number of years. This process is not over yet. LM).

"We live in a color spectrum of 72 frequencies. When you get to fifth density, there are 223 color frequencies. You will see colors that you have never seen before and it will be (snap!) just like that."
(These 223 color frequencies/vibrations of the 5th Level of Consciousness would be the colors of old and new to us civilizations! LM).

I respect Alex Collier a great deal, but I don't agree with some things written in his book "Defending Sacred Ground" published in 1997, the same applies to articles, written by other authors, which I post on our site: they are not always 100% true! Here are a few examples. I am surprised , that Andromedans, with all their Knowledge, didn't know, that what they called Creator is the Source of All Sun Energy or the Source of All Creative Force. But they called it 'Isness'. The full book in electronic form is available on our link : "Defending Sacred Ground"
p. 131-132:
"The Andromedan Concept of the Creator

Val: How do the Andromedans view the concept of the creator?
Alex Collier: Their conception of God is, that they really don't know what it is. Even those on 11th density going through this shift to 12th don't know. They are having a hard time explaining what is happening to them, because their current mode of communication doesn't explain the experience they have just gone through. The Andromedans have always referred to it as the Isness, which is an essence, that holds everything together.
Val: And it is coincident with love as a frequency.
AC: Yes it is, and this whole space was created in a space of love. It is the primal creative force."

p.  66-67 :
"Between 2003 and 2007, the benevolent races are supposedly going to be all around us. We will see them, but they will not interfere. The Andromedan Council, a group of representatives from 143 planetary systems made declaration, that by August 12, 2003 all extraterrestrial presence, both good and bad, off our planet. They want to see how we interact with each other when we are not being manipulated. It's a test, and they have every intention on carrying it out. It's going to be interesting."
I disagree with that! It could never be done, because it is contrary to All Universal Laws! Law of Balance: you can't produce Sun (Love) Energy without mixing both: positive and negative Vibrations! Negatives have to participate in Planetary Game all the time. And what about the most important Universal Law - Law of Merging of All Known Vibrations of our Old Universe (inc. Draconians)?
That is the reason why the declaration didn't have any results. We are not just talking about one Old Earth, but also about all Parallel Earths, which are merging one by one with the Old Earth. Did that decision apply to all Earths with all their Human populations or to just one Old Earth?

p. 88. And here is another thing Alex Collier writes I disagree with : we can't take any physicality with us to the 5th Level of Consciousness :
"...we can literally take our experiences from here, and part of our physicality, into the fifth plane (5th Level of Consciousness, LM)."

p. 87 :

" What they (Andromedans) say happened was, is that the Big Bang theory is basically correct in its simplicity, but the physical part that we know was the last of the realms created in what we call our universe. When I refer to the term 'universe', I want you to know that I am talking about all of the 11 creational densities, or planes. What they say happened was that all the black holes were created because wherever we were, that universe began to evolve and as it evolved those of us, who were not ready to evolve literally 'gained weight' in mass. In 'gaining weight', we started to fill black holes, and at some point when this other universe evolved to a certain frequency, those of us that did it broke out of those black holes and created this space, which we now call our universe."
His explanation doesn't explain the Creation of our Old Original Universe from the first branch (Parallel) of that Grandmother-Universe. That Branch became our Original Old Mother-Universe, from which later its first branch also became the Daughter-Universe. Daughter-Universe inherits everyone and everything, which didn't evolve or didn't wish to evolve.

p. 106: 

"AC: Our race, the Earth human race, was literally created by a group, that came down from a dimensional realm, and these were the Paa Tal. This verbal expression called Paa Tal is actually of Draconian origin.
Val: So in actuality the genetics comprising the human body are a composite from around the galaxy, but the spiritual entities, occupying human bodies, are literally the Paa Tal?
AC: Right."
Val's question and Alex's answer here are wrong, because what he called Paa Tal, are Sun Beings of Great Luminosity. Spiritual entities in human bodies are not Paa Tal, far from it, they are different types: some are average luminous Sun Beings; some would have just a spark of Sun Energy; some are mind-controlled physiacal robots, who just have human bodies.

p. 103. Robert Monroe would never use metaphysical words (and me too). Alex was often using words like 'density', 'plane', god, mankind (instead of humankind) or 'karma' and a bunch of other Lightsiders' or metaphysical words, which are wrong, though he also wrote:

"The space, in which our universe is in, which is only one layer in many dimensions, which they (Andromedans) call "consciousness... In their perspective, fourth density is a consciousness...The color and sound literally, in its unified effect, is attaching to all of the densities, or planes. What is happening is that it is raising all the frequencies, pulling everything up 'from the bootstraps'. It is literally creating another holograph above the existing 11 creational densities. They are calling this newly generated holograph 'the 12th', and the reason is because it is both unified and separate from the others. They have been told by other races, that there are Beings of a type of consciousness never seen before inside this '12th' plane, and that these Beings literally have the ability to look straight 'down' through all the dimensional levels. What's happening is that third density is beginning to implode, because as the frequency of third density matter starts to rise, those, that choose to evolve will pass out of here. There is a greater number, that are in fear of this, that will not evolve. Because we are spirit, nothing ever dies. What is happening is that there are black holes being created, literal 'dips' in physicality being created, where souls will be gathering in these spaces, so that they can continue to evolve by literally creating another 'space'. Unfortunately, one of these areas ('dips') is between us and the Sirian system, which is why there is so much "crap" coming our way."

Recommended videos:


Very impressive Wave destroys coast in Mozambique! Africa,
Feb 17, 2017. Очень впечатляет Большая Волна в Африке, Мозамбик, 17 фев. 2017. Mozambique floods. CYCLONE DINEO HITS MOZAMBIQUE

Tornado in football field -  Dec 19, 2016

1 April 2017

Two things I'd like to say. Strange sounds many people hear in the skies are the sounds of Parallel Earth (one of many), which is about to merge with our old Earth. Here are some videos.
You know, that in autumn leaves become brown. Brown is the lowest vibration. Our soils are also brown (with variations), because dirt is made out of dead leaves, trees and other organic material. In other words, the Earth's Crust is made out of remains of numerous civilizations, which populated Earth for thousands of years:

Huge man-eating shark found on road as Australia is battered by Cyclone Debbie. Mar 30, 2017

Floods in Argentina, Mar 30, 2017

Strange 'alien' noises heard over the skies of Nottingham (sounds from Parallel Earths. LM)

Strange Alien Sounds from the sky with weird clouds and light heard worldwide, Mar 20, 2017 (sounds from Parallel Earths. LM)

Sky Trumpets! 8 Horrific Strange Sounds Heard From The Sky Around The World With Weird Cloud Pattern , Mar 2, 2017 (sounds from Parallel Earths. LM)

14 March 2017

There are quite a few Pink Lakes in different parts of Australia. Photos of 3 of them. Above - near Port Melbourne, Victoria; below - lake Kalbarri in Western Australia; lake Hiller in South Australia 

Pink Port Melbourne lake: Westgate Park’s salt lake changes colour
March 9, 2017
A MELBOURNE lake has diverted from its naturally blue state, and turned a fabulous shade of pink. Westgate Park’s salt lake in Port Melbourne a vivid pink colour. According to Parks Victoria chief conservation scientist Mark Norman, algae growing “in the salt crust at the bottom of the lake” caused the red pigments, which turned the lake pink. But despite the curious sight, Parks Victoria is urging all to steer clear of the water.
“Pink Lake in Port Gregory near Kalbarri”. The water is pink as there are micro organisms that produce carotenoids, and locals use them for their huge fish and lobster(crayfish). Address: Port Gregory, 65 Kms South of Kalbarri, Kalbarri, Kalbarri National Park, Western Australia.

'Sea sparkle' algae lights up Tasmanian beach, Australia
15 March 2017
Bioluminescence spotted off Tasmania's Preservation Bay. The spectacle has drawn photographers to a Tasmanian bay. A large algal bloom has transformed an Australian beach into a glowing bright blue. The bioluminescent algae, commonly called sea sparkle, has delighted locals at Tasmania's Preservation Bay. The natural phenomenon occurs when the tiny organisms emit light as a defence mechanism, according to an expert.

Luminous blue other civilizations in our waters. Above - in Tasmania, Australia; below - in Hong Kong

More than a week huge fires with tornados have been devastating some parts of 11 States of USA:  Texas, Colorado, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Kansas, Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska, Florida...And snow storms are in other States. More videos about these events are on :  Disasters

Videos - USA. Wildfires in 4 states kill 5, force thousands from homes. Mar 7, 2017.

Major Winter Storm slams the US Southeast, NY Preparing for Monday Blizzard. Mar 12, 2017.

3 March  2017

Frozen Ocean Waves in Massachusetts, US

And now, Sergei, I will answer your question why our Old Earth still didn't implode on itself and we are still here, inspite of what Robert Monroe thought in 1980's (another 10 years); inspite of what Andromedans said to Alex Collier (in 2013); and inspite of numerous books and other materials, written by various authors over the years, predicting the End of our Old Universe and of our Old Earth last century.
Highly recommended our new link : Sun Anomalies - Signs of Merging Parallel Earths

For more than 20 years Parallel Planets Earths (from Parallel Universes) have been merging with our Old Earth from time to time. These Earths brought with them their Crusts, Atmospheres, Water, their Suns, their Humans (Migrants for us), which are our Parallel Personalities, their Aliens, their Animal/Plants Life and numerous other civilizations. These Earths brought with them also their layer of Aquamarine Energy (Binding Force) to our Old Planet and created an extra thick layer to prevent our Old Planet from falling apart. Naturally everything and everyone was covered with this extra layer. If you look at old colored pictures/videos/films, you will not see Aquamarine layer on people or objects. But from the beginning of this century, colored photos/videos/films occasionally show Aquamarine layer in water and air, on ground and buildings, on trees and on skin of people/animal/fish etc. I have hundreds of such photos and some of them you can see on our link : Photos of Aquamarine Binding Force

As I wrote before, another example of Increased Binding Force is, so called, phenomenon of "Ice Rain" and of huge pieces of hail (the size of tennis ball) falling from the sky, such things we have never seen  previously. In case of ice rain, excess of Binding Force in falling rain is quickly freezed on surfaces of cars, roads, buildings, grass, trees, roofs, glass etc. and even on sleeping homeless people, birds or animals. The same is happening to small pieces of hail: excess of Binding Force is glueing them together into huge pieces, that can damage not just crops, but houses and kill people. Even ocean waves can now be freezed with the excess of Binding Force (the photo above). Small plants, insects like locust or cockroaches, animals like: frogs, crabs, worms; fish and jelly fish and numerous other sea animals, even a bunch of chairs, coins or sand is transported from one Earth to another one with the help of the excess of Binding Force on Earth. This phenomenon is called "Fish, Frog or Crab Rain".

More to come.

А теперь, Сергей, я отвечу на ваш вопрос почему Старая Земля никак не взорвётся и мы все ещё здесь, несмотря на слова Роберта Монро, несмотря на предсказания Расы с Андромеды через Алекса Колие, несмотря на множество книг и других материалов, написанных разными авторами, предсказывающих скорый Конец Старой Земли и вообще всей Старой Вселенной!
Уже больше 20 лет время от времени Параллельные Планеты Земля (из Параллельных Вселенных) сливаются со старой Землёй. Эти Планеты приносят с собой свою Кору, Атмосферу, Воду, свои Солнца, своих людей (мы их называем имигрантами) и инопланетян, свой Животный/Растительный Мир и огромное количество, новых для нас, цивилизаций. Естественно эти Планеты Земли также принесли свой слой Связующей Аквамариновой Энергии (Binding Force) вокруг них и добавили Аквамариновому Слою Старой Земли, сделав его намного толще. Естественно всё на Старой Земле и внутри неё тоже покрыто дополнительным слоем Аквамарина. Если посмотреть на старые фото, видео, цветные фильмы, то на них Аквамариновый слой не виден, но если вы посмотрите на видео, фото , фильмы этого столетия, то в некоторых случаях слой Аквамарина будет ясно виден в воде, в воздухе, в небе,  на земле, на зданиях/деревьях, на коже людей/животных/рыб и т.д. У меня скопились сотни таких фото, часть которых вы можете увидеть на Странице : Многочисленые Фото Слоя Аквамариновой Вибрации (Binding Force)

я уже писала, другим примером увеличенной Связующей Силы является до сих пор невиданный, так называемый, феноменон "Ледяного Дождя" и необычно крупных размеров града (с теннисный мяч). В таких случаях толстенный слой Аквамарина в падающем дожде быстро замораживается и покрывает всё вокруг (машины, деревья и т.д.), а также скрепляет небольшие градинки в огромные куски. Раньше тоже был град, но маленький, но сейчас он достигает огромных размеров, чтобы разрушить всё что мы выращиваем или создаём (посевы, дороги, мосты, машины, стёкла, крыши домов и т.д.) и иногда убивает людей и животных. Даже океанские волны сейчас замораживаются таким же путём (фото выше). Небольшие растения или животные как лягушки, рыба, насекомые, черви, медузы и другие морские обитатели, даже песок и т.д. тоже перебрасываются с места на место с помощью Связующей Силы Аквамариновой Вибрации (Binding Force) и называется этот феноменон "Рыбный или Крабный Дождь".
 Континент, который показывается в районе Новой Зеландии, не что иное как, принесённая Параллельными Планетами (Земля), вода перемешанная с песком , грязью, камнями, пылью, с их растительным и животным миром . Я это наблюдала побывав в Новой Зеландии несколько раз за многие годы. Некогда многочисленные, красивые заливы высохли, дно плоское, по глубине не отличается от высоты берега, люди потеряли рыбный и других морепродуктов бизнес и бегут в другие страны, особенно в Австралию (японцы большую часть нашего штата уже давно купили, они время не теряют). А в Австралии тоже самое: везде дно со временем было засыпано и поднялось, стало ровным как огромные аэропорты. Скоро весь Тихий Океан с его островами и континентами пересохнет и будет похож на огромную плоскую песчанную пустыню, соединённую с Антарктидой.
Корабли уже давно часто натыкаются на мели, корабли/лодки уже не нужны, множество новых островов с государствами на заполненном океанском дне были уже созданы, но на картах их нет (знакомые примеры: Дубай - Эмираты; Япония увеличивает прибрежную площадь). И ещё больше государств на территории океанов будет создано, чтобы поместить все цивилизации Старой Вселенной. Появится смесь людей и aliens (как в фильме "Men in Black") на улицах городов/деревень, и все привыкнут, никто не будет обращать внимания.

В нашей деревне Elliott Heads в Австралии на моих глазах в течении 16 лет исчезла огромная часть океана и сейчас здесь пески как в пустыне Сахара, идёшь и ни конца, ни края. Такая же участь постигнет другие океаны (собственно это уже давно происходит). Да и не только океаны, но и моря, озёра, реки, дамбы высыхают (а потом вдруг неожиданно за один день наполняются и рушатся, не выдерживая напора воды). Не на каждой Параллельной Земле существуют те страны, материки, океаны и т.д., которые существуют на Старой Земле, и наоборот. При их слиянии со Старой Землёй смешивается Кора 2х Планет и всё, что обитает на ней или в её глубинах. На Старой Земле может происходить исчезновение или появление стран/материков/океанов/озёр/гор/дорог/пустынь/городов и то есть постоянные изменения. Дамба может получить дополнительное количество воды при Слиянии 2х Планет (если эта дамба существует на обоих Планетах). Другой признак Слияния 2х Планет когда озеро/река вдруг меняют цвет и становятся розовыми или красными, а воздух зелёным, жёлтым, коричневым, оранжевым или чёрным. Это прибывшие новые, невидимые нам, цивилизации окрашивают воду или воздух своей цветной вибрацией. Всё аномальное  как дыры в земле, воде, в небе можно смело причислить к моменту Слияния 2х Планет.
При Слиянии Параллельной Планеты со Старой Землёй наши Параллельные Личности переходят оттуда к нам на Старую Землю и сливаются с нами. Процесс не особенно приятный т.к. физическое тело Параллельной Личности имеет другую вибрацию и при слиянии вызывает в Главной Личности аритмию (это когда ритм сердца то ускоряется, то замедляется, т.е. теряет свой равномерный ритм, не хватает воздуха, голова кружится, вы испытываете phasing, как говорил Р. Монро, то есть вы то переходите в одну вибрацию, то в другую). Может продлиться всю ночь или весь день. Я раньше думала, что аритмия вызвана облучением лазером или более мощным низкочастотным оружием, но это - не так.

20 с лишним лет Слияния Параллельных Планет со Старой Землёй выражается в, знакомых нам,  спонтанных наводнениях (Flash Floods), в возникновении неожиданных грязевых потоках камней, льющихся с гор или по выжженой местности на населённые пункты, сметающие всё на своём пути; в появлении светящихся вспышек или объектов. Землетрясения, Oбвалы, Аvalanches и Извержения Вулканов, а также появление 2х и больше Солнц на небе или Солнечное Затмение тоже знаки Слияния 2х Планет, их внутренние и внешние Солнца тоже сливаются в это время. Это можно видеть на многочисленных фото сложно пересекающихся нескольких Солнц и Солнечных Аур, опубликованных на Страницах нашего сайта. При Слиянии 2х Планет смешиваются их атмосферы и все цивилизации находящиеся в них. Похоже что этот процесс ещё не закончен. В течении нескольких лет я натыкалась на статьи, описывающие Планеты где-то очень далеко, но похожие на Землю по условиям жизни. Это и есть Параллельные Планеты Земля, но они не далеко, они рядом по вибрации.

This Crop Circle below looks like a Jelly Fish with tentacles: a symbolic picture of the S
ource of All Sun Energy (the top of crop circle) with extending/protruding Beams of Balanced Energy with the most important Chains of  Suns for each, currently established, Universe on different stages of Evolution. This Crop Circle is not only the Sign of Multiverse, but also the sign of each of us, where the Top of Jelly Fish is symbolically represent one of the Sun in the Source, from which you detached yourself at the very beginning of your journey, and to which you are still attached (in spite of playing the Game on the low 3rd Level of Consciousness). The tentacle with Suns is symbolically your and your Higher Parts' connection to the Source. These parts (small pieces of Sun) your had left on the way down to act and to grow.

These Suns you will gradually collect on the way up. Watch our videos again.

Important Announcement

It dawned on me (on 4 Feb 2017), that I was making a mistake all along thinking, that Aquamarine Energy was destructive. It is completely the opposite: Aquamarine Vibration is that Binding Force of Everything, about which C. Castaneda was writing in books and was talking at seminars together with 4 females-sorcereses, though they didn't mention the connection with Aquamarine Energy at all, which is a pity.
They were saying, that Binding Force doesn't let the content of galaxies to fly away from each other. That same Binding Force (Aquamarine Vibration) makes sure, that our body or animal/plants' bodies will stay in one piece, in order our cells-atoms wouldn't disperse all over the Old Universe.
I am going to correct this mistake on our site gradually, but you need to bear with me: the site is huge and it will take some time to check and correct it. I also wrote before, that what scientists call 'DARK ENERGY' is, in fact, AQUAMARINE ENERGY or BINDING FORCE, which is still coming from all known BLACK HOLES of OUR OLD UNIVERSE  and filling all Galaxies with it , inc. ours. Can you imagine how much of loose Binding Force (Aquamarine Energy) has been deposited on our Milky Way and on our Old Earth since 23 March 1994 ?
Breaking Binding Force leads to destruction of any Universe inc. our Old Universe and its Branches - Parallel Universes . I was writing about the border of Aquamarine Vibration (The Binding Force) between Low (negative) and High (positive) Colour Vibrations of our Old Universe, which was broken on 23 March 1994. You can't build a Universe without a Binding Force, otherwise nothing would stay glued in one piece. There are so many examples on these  2 Pages of numerous ruined places on Earth as a result of inability to stay in one piece, they are falling apart, no Binding Force is holding these objects anymore. Somebody is using Aquamarine Vibration (Binding Force) to glue and freeze water drops of rain to make ice rain falling on cars and trees, and huge hail pieces :

World News

A photo of Mardi Grass Festival (200000 participants) in Sydney, Australia on  4th March 2017

Glitter and glamour at Sydney's Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, 4 March 2017

A funny song about Sinkholes on video :

Sinkhole Blues

South Africa. Mar 6, 2017. That sinking feeling: Khutsong residents live in fear of sinkholes. Multiple houses in Khutsong have been damaged by sinkholes in the area. The community is frustrated by local government's lack of service delivery.

Aquamarine Binding Force is visible in videos of Florida fires on 5th March 2017, it's just a beginning of a fire season:

Florida fires. Low Visibility, Road Closures Follow West Miami Brush Fire. Mar 5, 2017. Burn Thousand+ Acres (this 1st video is full of shots of Aquamarine Smoke of Florida fires, LM)

Afew impressive videos to watch about 3 m high snow in villages of Kazachstan and possible evacuations, because of fear of breaking of their small dams by melting snow:

Kазахстан - Село Буркутты накрыло трехметровыми сугробами. Feb 28, 2017. Выше крыши. Жители села Буркутты Карагандинской области в буквальном смысле ходят по крышам своих домов. В жилища им удается попасть только через снежные тоннели. Высота сугробов в поселке доходит до трех метров.

Казахстан - В Павлодарской обл. 500-Жителей Аула От Внешнего Мира После Метели!  Feb 23, 2017



Занесённые снегом сёла ВКО/East Kazakhstan village in the snow. Feb 24, 2017. Посёлок Приречный. ВКО. Казахстан

Жители села Приречное вынуждены жить под снегомю  Mar 1, 2017. Уже больше месяца жители почти двадцати домов в селе Приречном, в двадцати километрах от Семея, вынуждены жить под… снегом. Заложники невиданных заносов прокопали под снегом тоннели, чтобы выбраться из своих жилищ. В любой момент может произойти обвал. И нет никакой гарантии, что обойдется без человеческих жертв. А на носу паводки и реальная угроза небывалого потопа! Улица Октябрьская соседствует с открытым полем. Во время сильных буранов именно она приняла основной удар, фактически став для всего села оградительной полосой от снежных заносов.

The end of February 2017 is finally cool (end of summer) in our village (Australia) . Now is your turn, Northern Hemisphere, to experience such hot summer !
I used to 
play lawn tennis, later became a table tennis player, but I do it for fun like the players on videos below:

Most Outrageous Table Tennis Match EVER

The Funniest Table Tennis Match in HISTORY

Aquamarine Energy Layer (Binding Force) is on the whole surface and inside Earth (photo is below). Space photo of Aquamarine Layer of Great Lakes in USA is above

The Andromedans told Alex Collier about this  Event, when on that day Aquamarine Energy started breaking down and emitting from all known Black Holes of our Old Universe till now, this Event marked the beginning of our Universe's destruction. I am grateful to Andromedans
for all what they did for us, only they didn't mentioned a connection of Aquamarine Vibration to the Binding Force and about importance of Binding Force and  its destruction. Many had been waiting for this Event for so long. After that Event, the Binding Force of all Galaxies (their Borders of Aquamarine Vibration) started breaking down one by one, allowing all Galaxies to merge with each other. But what has been destroying or dissolving the Aquamarine Border (the Binding Force) was/is the Great White Hot Balanced Wavy Cosmic Luminous Cloud, which you see in night skies as Luminous White or luminous Colored Clouds. This Great Cloud is destroying our worlds, our and aliens' bodies and illusions. This Binding Force (Aquamarine Vibration) is a layer on our skin, on our houses and on our computer monitors , when this Aquamarine Layer (Binding Force) gets broken, human/alien physical body weakens and dies. It looks like a lot of Binding Force (Aquamarine Vibration) has been deliberately attracted to Old Earth to cover it and to glue more  things together. Because old photos/films/video don't show Aquamarine Energy, only more recent ones show.

AQUAMARINE ENERGY (Binding Force, the Border) COVERS EVERYTHING WITH ITS OUTER LAYER to keep everything together ! YOUR PHISICAL BODIES ARE eventually die as well as the EARTH'S CRUST, because the Binding Force is gradually being destroyed by the Great White Cosmic Cloud! Everything and everyone in this Universe is covered with an Aquamarine Layer (Binding Force). I can take a photo of anyone, I mean to film his/her naked skin in the Sun with my digital camera and prove, that your skin is covered with the layer of Aquamarine Energy! I have done that before, below are some photos, there are more photos (somewhere in the middle of this Page). The Great Universal Cloud of White Sun Energy of Balance is penetrating inside and outside Earth! It is Penetrating the whole Solar System and the Whole Milky Way Galaxy, It is Penetrating the whole Old Mother-Universe, but it doesn't go into The New and Young Daughter-Universe. The Aquamarine Energy is binding the New Universe and  everything/everyone in it !

Aquamarine & VioletEnergy on George

Upper photo of George (Юрий) on the balcony of our Centre, as you can see Aquamarine energy is on his exposed chest! Photo below I took in 2010 on the beach in city Perm in Russia. If you stand up and look at the 1st photo of 2 guys, you will see Aquamarine Energy is also on their chests and on the back of the girl (exactly like on the 2nd photo below). In order to see it don't use mobiles, i-pads or similar. Just modern type of computer with a big LCD flat monitor.

Check it out right now by standing up, moving closer and looking at the screen ! What would you see?

Aquamarine Energy is on people!

Aquamarine Energy Layer is around Earth's Crust and there is also the Layer of White Sun Energy of Balance around Earth. We created a new link-Page with mainly photos of Binding Force
(Aquamarine Vibration) layered on everything and everyone in our Old Universe, to hold the atoms or particles of everything and everyone together, to prevent them from Chaotic spreading everywhere, but now things changed. The Binding Force has been breaking down and everything is collapcing: roads, dams, buildings, trees, planes, cars, buses, ships, people, aliens, birds, whales/dolphins and so on :
Binding Force-Aquamarine Energy

Videos of Breaking Dams and Floods in California in Feb 2017:

California Flooding Being Under Reported!  Feb 20, 2017

California Dam breaking. Levee Breach Sends Residents Near Manteca Fleeing. Feb 21, 2017. While crews say they've stopped the flow from the breach, a flash flood warning remained in effect. Residents evacuate after levee breach in Northern California. Creeks and rivers topped their banks, hundreds of homes were evacuated and several thousand people found themselves trapped in a rural hamlet as Northern California emerged Tuesday from yet another winter storm. The atmospheric river of moisture that has saturated drought-parched ground with a series of drenching storms in recent weeks returned with a vengeance to the north on Monday after briefly focusing its fury on Southern California. The downpours swelled watercourses that already teetered near or above flood levels and left about half the state under flood, wind and snow advisories. However, the storm system began to weaken late Monday night and was moving away after dumping 1.86 inches of rain in San Francisco, around 2 inches in much of the Central Valley and more than 7 inches in the mountains above Big Sur, the National Weather Service reported. CALIFORNIA DAMS ABOUT TO COLLAPSE - First Oroville & Now Morgan Hill & Anderson Reservoir. Residents near Manteca evacuate due to levee breach.

Levee break in the San Joaquin / sacramento delta. Mokolumne river south of Franklin Blvd today.

Levee Break In San Joaquin County Soaks Vineyard. There are actually two breaks happening along the north Mokelumne River, one not too far from Highway 12. The other one was a little farther north near Clarksdale Road.

Don Pedro Spillway Opens For First Time Since 1997. Feb 21, 2017.Residents downstream were urged to prepare for rising waters not seen in 20 years.

California Dams in Trouble!? Don Pedro Reservoir Near Maximum!?

California flooding: Anderson Dam spills over for first time in 11 years. Feb 20, 2017. Potentially dangerous rains are hitting California. Three people were killed in storms in Southern California last week. Another powerful weather system is bringing rain, wind and snow to Northern California. John Blackstone reports from Morgan Hill where a major reservoir is overflowing. Anderson Reservoir reached maximum capacity early Saturday morning and began spilling over for the first time since 2006, the latest sign of this year’s enormously wet winter. Normally that would be a cause for celebration after years of devastating drought. But the development is worrisome because state and federal regulators have directed the Santa Clara Valley Water District to cap storage at 68 percent, or 61,810 acre-feet of water, to avoid a catastrophic flood in the event a major earthquake causes Anderson’s dam to fail. District officials, though, say the chances of that happening are extremely low. This year’s winter is one of the wettest in 20 years. And the rain keeps coming. A powerful storm on Friday bludgeoned the Bay Area, and more rain is expected to fall throughout the holiday weekend. “We expect it to rise a little bit more today, and with the storms on Sunday and Monday it will rise pretty significantly,” Marty Grimes, a spokesman for the water district, said Saturday morning. “That’s where he have some concern that it could be enough to cause some flooding issues on Coyote Creek.” On Saturday, several hundred people flocked to the dam to watch water cascade from the reservoir.

Большую часть лета в нашей прибрежной деревне или около +40С или больше +40С.
Most of the summer we had near
+40С or over it even in such cool states like Victoria and South Australia. Below is a temperatures map for 11 Feb, some articles and some videos about Heatwaves, Fires, Hails and Floods in Australia and New Zealand in Feb 2017. Last days of physicality we will all live like in a  permanent warzone!

Australia, state NSW weather: Brace for a third day of storm activity, Bureau of Meteorology warns
videos - Homes destroyed by the Carwoola fire. At least 15 properties have been destroyed by the Carwoola fire to the east of Queanbeyan in NSW
19 Feb 2017

In our areas is very dry for months, no rain. It sounds  funny, but Bagged Hail is used in Sydney, Australia. 19 Feb 2017

Live updates: Strongest storm in years moves through Los Angeles area
Feb. 18, 2017

New Zealand - Christchurch Wild Fires @ Night Day 3 - Huge Flames. Feb 15, 2017. The fires in Christchurch are still burning and still not controlled yet. Emergency services are trying hard to get it under controll but the winds are making it hard. Here we have some video from the night with some amazing big flames almost taking a house out. Be safe everyone and if you need help then contact the emergency services.

New Zealand -
Christchurch Wild Fires - Aftermath. The rain has come and the fires are under control almost out. You can also see how much damage was done to the Christchurch Adventure Park with the fire going straight through it. Christchurch Port Hills Fire - 1 News | 16 February 2017

Australia's Horrifying Heatwave: Heat records broken in Sydney. Feb 10, 2017. A monster heatwave is gripping Australia and if you’re expecting quick relief tomorrow, sadly you’re in for a rude and sweaty shock. Temperatures today soared to 44.5C in Penrith and other parts of Sydney’s west and as high as 46.9C at Ivanhoe Airport, in lower western NSW. The Bureau of Meteorology has reported the hottest February day on record at Sydney Airport today. Parts of Australia are facing “catastrophic” fire conditions over the weekend as a heatwave sweeps across the country and threatens power outages in NSW and South Australia. NSW, Queensland and Victoria expect extremely hot conditions on Saturday and Sunday with the mercury to climb well beyond 40C in many locations. The heat is expected to continue throughout the weekend before things cool off early next week. A state-wide fire ban has been declared for NSW with catastrophic conditions expected on Sunday in the state’s central west, across the tablelands to the Hunter region and out to the coast. The Hunter region will cop the brunt of the extreme heat with Singleton and Cessnock topping the predicted temperatures with 46C on Saturday and 43C on Sunday. Western Sydney reached 44C on Friday with the city forecast for a cooler 38C. The western Riverina town of Hay reached 47C.

Australia: NSW fires out of control and the temperatures nears 50C. Feb 12, 2017. Eighty-two blazes continue to burn on a day that fire chiefs had warned would see catastrophic...

Recommended videos:

Floods, Saudi Arabia. Feb 14, 2017

9 Feb 2017

Australia. Sydney sinkhole close to 15×10×10 м opens up near Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull's home in Point Piper -
8 Feb 2017 (Good example of Destruction of Binding Force! LM)

Recommended videos:

United Kingdom. Landslip at Oddicombe beach turns sea red - video
(Binding Force is no longer holding rocks and clay together, this situation has been creating landslides, sinkholes, cracks on Old Earth's surface! LM)
4 Apr 2013

Heavy rainfall causes flash flooding, transport chaos across Sydney. Australia - 3 videos
FEBRUARY 8, 2017

PHOTOS: Sydney got hammered by heavy rain and flooding

Recommended article:

Is Sweden's deputy PM trolling Donald Trump in Facebook photo?
3 February 2017

Sweden's climate minister
and deputy Prime Minister Isabella Lovin in a photo posted on Facebook of her signing the country's new climate law, 3 February 2017. Isabella Lovin's photo posted on Facebook is being compared to an image of President Trump. Sweden's deputy PM is causing a stir after posting an image appearing to parody Donald Trump's signing of an anti-abortion executive order. Isabella Lovin,
who is also the country's climate minister, published a photo that shows her signing a new law surrounded by female colleagues. The image has drawn comparisons with Mr Trump's photo, in which no women were present. Within hours the post was shared and liked thousands of times on Facebook...The Swedish government, which claims to be "the first feminist government in the world", has also issued a statement affirming that gender equality is "central" to its priorities..."Why is it so difficult to see a picture with just women and not difficult to see a picture with only men?" she questioned.

6 Jan 2017

More about Prostitution or Universal Energies' Mixing Process

(I recommend to read all my articles again, because I often add to them later. Articles, videos, photos on Universal Mixing Process you will find on  :  Human-Alien Merger )

As I wrote before: the higher our Old Planet Earth goes in vibration, the hotter Earth will become and the sooner Arctic/Antarctic ice/snow will melt (yesterday it was unthinkable zero C or +32 F at night in Yamal, behind Artic Circle, 25 January 2017)! The hottest place in Multiverse is on the highest and fastest vibration, at the very top, where the Source of all Sun Energy or the Source of All Life is. Nothing is real or permanent and eventually breaks down, because Everything is ILLUSION, the real is only White Sun. Everything, every energy originated from Balanced White Sun Energy (like electricity from solar panels) and at the end Everything will turn back into White Sun, if it didn't leave the Old Universe for the New One! Below are videos (in russian) of one of the places in India, where land is burning under your feet, but people still live and work there. Another video (and an artcle) is showing how in russian lake Baikal methane is burning (the biggest freshwater lake in the world). There is a video of burning (methane) in river in Australia somewhere on this site. Last few years there was a lot of talk in the media about methane building up on Earth. But what do you expect if plant/animal life is dying in big numbers, end up underground/underwater and a flammable methane is released from underneath as a result of decay? All our food stuffs have been prepared by humans and robots underground/underwater for so many years till now. Huge schools of marine life are lured to the production plants underwater, where they are cleaned up, prepared, canned or frozen. Then all these products have been delivered to the global surface's supermarkets and people buy them. Huge amounts of white froth on the shores of oceans with smell of methane are the result of dead fish, whales, dolphins decaying internal organs. There are a few such photos of froth on this and other Pages of this site. A lot of Methane is also coming from decaying rubbish tips worldwide. The danger of Methane is the real reason for deliberately lit up fires and smoking bans, for forcing everyone to cut the grass on their properties
in Australia. Over the years I collected a lot of photos of herds of dead domestic and wild animals and birds, dead schools of fish and other dead marine animals worldwide, but not all of them are on this site. Food Chain on Earth is also Part of Universal Mixing Process.
Below is a
video about enormous rubbish tip in Guatemala, the place of negative civizations' gathering and mixing with humans and local energies (methane and other obnoxious smells are suffocating).
This is where the Universal Mixing Process at its best. There are many such cities on Earth and inside Earth :

Гватемала-Сити. Зона зверя. Feb 9, 2017. В столице Гватемалы есть так называемая Зона 3. Местные жители называют её Майна (шахта). Это граничащий со старым городским кладбищем гигантский овраг, в который каждый день сваливают тонны мусора. Сюда стекаются тысячи людей, которые зарабатывают на жизнь сортировкой отходов: ведь металл, картон, стекло можно продать перекупщикам. Редкие счастливчики находят монеты и даже серебро или золото. Но и риск велик – то могильная плита упадёт на людей, то оползень увлечёт вниз несколько человек. Никто не будет искать их тела – кажется, что они просто растворяются в этой агрессивной среде.

Город инферно-City Inferno - Jan 26, 2017

Lake Baikal is burning, Russia, Jan 31, 2017

На Байкале зафиксированы выбросы горючего газа (methane is coming from the biggest lake Baikal, Russia) - video

These videos are examples of Universal Mixing Process :

Predators Attack Fish Bait Ball - Blue Planet - BBC Earth. Feb 3, 2017. Small school of fish swim at phenomenal speed and form a daunting bait ball in a desperate attempt to ward off hungry predators.

This Shark Comes To Cuddle With Him Whenever He Goes Diving For The Last 7 Years. Jan 15, 2017. Meet Rick Anderson, an Australian man who calls a female Port Jackson (NSW, Australia) shark his friend, saying she comes to cuddle with him whenever she sees him. “I started playing with her about seven years ago when she was just a pup about 6 inches long,” Anderson told The Dodo. “I approached her carefully so as not to spook her, then began to gently pat her. Once she got used to me, I would cradle her in my hand and talk soothingly to her through my regulator.” The man, who has been scuba diving for 27 years and runs a dive school, added: “Over the following seasons, she’d recognize me and would swim up to me for a pat and cuddle. She soon got used to me — to the point where she will swim up to me when I’m going past, and tap me on the legs until I hold my arms out for her to lay on for a cuddle. Most divers seeing this for the first time can’t believe it,” he added. “I don’t feed her or any of the other sharks I play with — I basically treat them like I would a dog.” It's an adorable friendship and, if you look past her rows of razor-like teeth, this friendly shark is almost cute.

Story Of Encounter With The Candiru – The Fish That Can Swim Up Inside The Penis. Jul 14, 2015. A horror story that will make you think twice about urinating in the river, as one man recounts his experience of a Candiru fish swimming up his urine stream and into his penis. Jeremy meets with him to look at images of the medical procedure to remove the fish, and then reunites him with the actual fish!

Many, who already left physicality for good, are still playing the Planetary Game in our non-physical, virtual reality world (4th Level of Consciousness). We are all part-time players of this virtial reality, holographic Planetary Game, when we fall asleep or losing consciousness somehow. At the End of Life of our Old Universe everything and everyone, all different energies must mix up together. Parallel Universes have been Mixing Up with each other and with our Old Universe. All Galaxies in them have been colliding with each other and with our Old Milky Way and Mixing Up not without a Pain, meaning the Mixing Up of all their lifeforms and it is a very violent painful process. The same Mixing Up has been happening on our Planet for so long. Our Planet and our physical bodies are the Centerpoint of the Mixing Process, though there are other Planets where the same is happening, but not to such degree. Now you are able to watch on videos hybrids of humans with aliens, humans or aliens with animals, humans or aliens with vegetation, though it's not a very pleasant sight. But we should not forget, that it is not really physical bodies have been Mixing Up, but their various energies or vibrations. In our garden I plant various trees, flowers, schrubs in the ground or huge pots, a few different species in each one in order to mix their different vibrations. I insert my own energy in them and into our dogs, they all get accustomed to it and grow. This is another example of the Mixing Process. 
All through the history of Humanity on Earth the Mixing of different energies was mainly done through sex with women, men and children of both sexes esp. during alien arrivals to Earth (in forms of wars, epidemics, so called 'natural disasters', causing forced human migrations, human abductions, human slavery). Humans also were incouraged to have sex with animals. It's only relatively recently these facts became widely known, printed and talked about in media, but it existed for thousands of years. The books of Cathie O'Brien and Brice Taylor can give you a lot of info on this subject (these books are on our site in full electronic version, so you can read them just go to sitemap).

USA was the first country created for that specific reason: to mix up all Earth's Human races! Then other countries followed. Now the Mixing Up Process has reached the crescendo, the peak, because we are losing physicality, we came that close to the 4th Level. But the Game will still continue on non-physical Level (the 4th) and many would still play there! We are getting prepared for virtual reality life while still having physical bodies. Holographic shows, conferences, concerts are not novelty, people already buying tickets and participate in them. I paricipated in one such event without realising that it was holographic at the beginning. That happened at Women Power's (or someting like that) conference in Toronto, Canada a few years ago (the details of it is on one of the links of this site, don't remember which one)!
Doctors use equipment producing holographic human bodies for their work; engineers of all kinds, designers, architectors, even hairdressers and taylors started using virtual reality for their work. TV's and Mobile phones are available, which have virtual reality function. In some places you can go by plane, bus or train (like superfast maglev train - magnetic levitation) to some destinations and what you'll see in windows is not real: holographic images of people, cars, streets, landscapes, houses, bridges, skies, clouds etc.
Speeches of holographic politicians or holographic queen Elisabeth are now more and more translated through media. I wouldn't be surprised if you've been watching on your monitors not real Trump and his family, but their holographic images (like that holographic appearance of Turkish prime-minister on TV after he was hit by someone from the public, the same also happened to former Italian prime-minister Berlusconi and to George Bush). That would persuade any politician to appear in front of an audience holographically.

Prostitution has always been the fastest way to mix energies through sex between humans and often between humans and aliens (though aliens prefer abductions more for the same reason). During sex with human females, human or alien men get extra energies from females permanently till she dies, making female constantly depleted of energy and becoming tired and unbalanced. The same is happening among animals: animal females not just provide energy for their males-partners during sex, but also to their offsprings (litter). Like human females, animal females breastfeed them, means supplying them with their energy and depleting themselves of energy. This is a part of Mixing Up Process. Here is a good example of it. It's not rare these days to see how females dogs, rabbits etc. would breastfeed little ones of other species and becoming their mothers (this is exactly what has been done to human females breastfeeding alien babies). On Youtube you can find numerous videos showing how dogs breastfeed little tigers or lepards. Pets, like dogs, cats and other animals or birds are mixing their energies with humans. Aliens eat Humans or amimals, Humans eat other Humans or aliens. Animals eat humans or other animals, aliens in all kinds of forms arrive to Earth and blend with us: all of this is also Universal Mixing Process. Once Credo Matua from Africa consumed a piece of meat of an alien, when he was initiated, got very sick, but recovered and acquired incredible new features as a result. More details on our link: Credo Mutwa

Many black women in USA, Pacific islands, South America or Africa give birth to white babies or redheads (and they go through hell with other people prejudices against the Mixing Process). That is showing the forced Merging different races together.
What does Trump get when having sex with the most beautiful and sexually most energetic females of the world ? These females supply him with their energies till the day they die (or Trump kicks the bucket), because each time a man has sex with a woman, he leaves a white thread in the womb of a female
, which looks like a worm. That thread is a connection, which supplies a man with female's sexual energy for life. If a prostitute had sex with a thousands men, she mix her vibration with all of them and continues to supply those men with extra energy till she dies and, instead of being grateful, men often bash Women up and take their money (like pimps). I still can't comprehend it and put up with it !!!
FEMALES' WOMBS are the major TRANSFORMERS OF ALIEN ENERGY INTO BALANCED WHITE SUN ENERGY. And because of that Earth's Women are sexually used mercilessly esp. prostitutes, who are the biggest TRANSFORMERS. PROSTITUTES MUST BE RESPECTED, NOT BEATEN UP !
Females' Menstruations or Periods are not natural: they are the result of monthly (or twice a month) abortions, means taking unborn fetuses out of the wombs
surgically (usually while she is asleep). There are many invisible human/nonhuman agents, who are doing it when they materialise in bedrooms. And again, all this was/is Universal Merging Process. Prostitution is an extremely violent way of MIXING various ENERGIES/VIBRATIONS! Women-prostitutes become relatevely free from the horrors of physical Earth's life only when they detach themselves from their physical bodies for good. More of what is done to Women on Earth you can read further down on this Page and on : Women

There is an excellent
article on this subject on BBC. com :

The former sex worker, who set up a retirement home in Mexico City, 31 January 2017

"After years of working the streets of Mexico City, Carmen Munoz wondered what happened to sex workers like her when they got old - so she campaigned to set up a retirement home. It was on the historic Plaza Loreto in Mexico City - surrounded by buildings that date back to the 16th Century - that Carmen Munoz set out on her path as a sex worker. She had come to the city looking for work and had been told that the priest at the Santa Teresa la Nueva Church sometimes found jobs for domestic workers. She was 22, illiterate, and had Seven Children to Feed - including one whom she carried in her arms. For four days she anxiously waited to see the priest, but when she finally succeeded he gave her no help and sent her away. "He only told me that there was tons of work, and to look for it around the area," she recalls.
"I left crying because it hurt me deeply to hear the priest talk that way." At that moment a woman approached Munoz to console her. "She said to me: 'That man over there says he'll give you 1,000 pesos if you go with him,'" Munoz remembers. At the time it seemed a fortune, although at today's exchange rate - taking into account a 1993 revaluation when one new peso was valued at 1,000 old pesos - it is barely five
US cents. "I said: 'I've never seen 1,000 pesos all in one place - where am I going with him?' "She said: 'To a room.' And I said: 'A room? How will I know what work to do?'
"No!' she said: 'You don't understand, to a hotel.' "I asked: 'What is a hotel?"
The woman told her bluntly what she would have to do. When Munoz understood, she was shocked. "Oh senorita no, no, not that!" she said. But the woman replied: "You prefer to give it to your husband ,
who doesn't even provide enough money for soap to wash, than to give it to others, who will provide for your children?" Feeling desperate, she went with the man. He gave her the 1,000 pesos as promised,
but said he wanted nothing in return. He didn't want to exploit her desperation, he said, and, as she cried, he pressed the money into her hand. Perhaps he knew she would be back. The following day, Munoz's despair had turned into defiance. She returned to the same corner in Plaza Loreto thinking to herself: "From now on, my children won't go hungry any more..."

Trump had sex with many and not just females (like most males presidents, prime-ministers, kings or sultans of Middle East with their harems of numerous women). I dislike Trump and others like him, but what we see here? The Mixing Up process is also taking place. Trump is a collector of females' energies, he buys females' sexual energies and humiliates them instead. In contrast, Robert Monroe never bought, beaten or humiliated any woman! Women loved him and many were willing to merge their energies with him esp. on 4th non-physical level, he writes it all in his books. What a difference with Trump!
Trump was in Russia a few times before becoming a president and first thing he did, was to find Russian prostitutes in Moscow, pay and have sex with them. Vladimir Putin is describing it on some videos in Russian, Putin found it odd and funny (the videos are below)! Why do you think famous Russian actress Anastasia Vertinsky and well known French actress of Russian origin Marina Vladi were so popular? Not because they were extremely talanted, but because they had slanted eyes (the result of Mongolian invasion).
To encourage Mixing Up with Asians worldwide, a fashion of having slated eyes with the help of a make up was designed in 60s-70s-80s and even now many women still draw their eyes slightly slanted.
To become prostitutes females need to become obedient robots by force, must be incredibly mindcontrolled desporate humans. Otherwise, females wouldn't have sex with anyone, particularly with red vibrational aliens. But Universal Mixing Process must take place no matter what! That's why we would always have prostitution: I don't approve it, but it helps the Mixing Process and noone can stop it, till we move higher and out of the physical Game! There are so many articles on the Internet about forced prostitution accompanied by violence and death of females, males and children, written by various authors. You can go on one of our links to read them:  More Truth about Women

On the picture above Meryl Streep (3 times Oscar-winner) is skillfully portraying D. Trump, even his voice full of arrogance, stupidity and self-importance. Here are addresses of videos:

Meryl Streep – Hey Look! I’m Donald Trump! Jun 9, 2016. Meryl spoofed Donald Trump at a theater event and she looks just like him!

Meryl Streep Played Donald Trump Onstage And It Was A Must See. Jun 7, 2016. Monday, Meryl Streep gave a stellar performance as Donald Trump for the annual Shakespeare in the Park Public Theater Gala in New York. The three-time Oscar winner nailed Trump’s signature look, donning a padded suit and red tie and orange make up. Streep, along with actress Christine Baranski playing Hillary Clinton, performed a duet of “Brush Up Your Shakespeare” from the Broadway musical, Kiss Me, Kate at New York’s Delacorte Theater. In the musical, the song is performed by gangsters who advise men that the way to woo women is by reciting Shakespeare. She really went all out to get the “presidential look” down to the small hands.

Meryl Streep Transforms Into Donald Trump

But why was Trump interested in Russian Women? Because after 300 years of Tataro-Mongolian invasion of Russia, Russian Women became a cross between white and asian races + all the wars and inhospitable climate of most of Russia. The results were so good: that made Women stronger! Before that and later asian races like Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indonesian, Mongolian etc. were artificially spreaded worldwide and mixed with other races. In many cities of USA, Canada, Great Britain, Europe, some Middle Eastern countries and even Moscow you can find China-Towns, all for the sake of the Universal Mixing Process.
My advice to those men and women, who didn't have enough sex in physicality, is to merge your non-physical bodies with whoever you find attractive and willing on 4th non-physical level after detaching yourself from the body when falling asleep. You will only help the Universal Mixing Process. This is what R. Monroe did and described, but I am not interested in sex. I probably already have all civilizations of our Old Universe holographically stored in my body (or close to it).
Violent Mixing Process in our Old Universe creates more White Suns out of colored stars and results in destruction of populated Planets. Good example I can give is blue-skinned Moraney and Vasais (because of their blue-vibrational Star), Zenetians from Andromeda, friends of Alex Collier. For many years all their race had to move (migrate, escape from) in a big spaceship, because their native Planet was destroyed by Draconians, who was following them. Again the Mixing Process with Draconians was occuring. And only Andromeda Galaxy took them and they could settle down there. As you can see, it might be violent out there, esp. now. Galactic wars are constantly happening in our Old Universe, only we have no information about them. Then again, these wars are a part of Universal Mixing Process.
Trump election took place for the same reason: Mixing Up Energies, to make some people migrate from USA to other countries and to mix up with locals of those countries; to make USA less appealing, less appetising for others; to create more negative emotions and to break what had been established . That's exactly what last couple of Turkish prime-ministers (Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Ahmet Davutoğlu) are still doing to their country. The money problems in India and Venesuela (others will follow) are designed to create negative emotions for Negative Civilizations to enter and to merge with the rest.
You will probably understand all of this better after detaching yourself from the physical body for good. Below is an interesting photo of current Women's demonstrations in some cities worldwide, including Sydney, Australia. The more inhuman will be Trump's actions, the faster World Women unite.  If Women of the World finally unite, they will wake up the restand we'll all get out of physicality quick smart.

I wonder why do I never come across articles on Internet, written about necessity of Universal Mixing Process? Why is it so secretive?
Mixing Process physically or non-physically is happening on every Planet and on numerous Moons of our Solar System as well. R. Monroe and C. Castaneda mentioned it in their books. And what 'scientists' call 'AN EXPANTION OF OUR OLD UNIVERSE'  is also the Universal Mixing Process, because, as a result of  breaking Binding Force,  BOUNDARIES OF EACH GALAXY IN OUR UNIVERSE ARE BROKEN, THE GALAXIES MERGE WITH EACH OTHER AND FORM AN OCEAN  OF GALAXIES (galaxies are no longer separate from each other, not what we are shown on NASA pictures). GALAXIES OF PARALLEL UNIVERSES ARE ADDING TO THE OCEAN OF GALAXIES, WHERE EVERYONE IS MERGING WITH EACH OTHER! Below info is for those, who are familiar with Castaneda's books.
What Don Juan and Carlos Castaneda called 'Eagle Force' is virtually Draconian, Reptilian Force. Its functions was always to gather our Awareness and our Experiences, and this process is also a part of Universal Mixing Process, because your Energy, your Awareness is merged with Drakonian to produce higher Vibration, more Balanced Sun Energy. Males badly need females' sexual energy to be able to travel in Cosmos. If you remember that after permanent departure of Don Juan and his team of sorcerers, Carlos Castaneda became the Nagual to those sorcerers, who still remained on Earth. But between males and females of his team there was no unity: they hated each other. Only after Carlos paired a male with a female and made sure, that couples would be sexually living away from each other, the team's goals were united. It brought peace to all of them, helped their flights and they could achieve what they were supposed to achieve.
I remember Don Juan used to hit Carlos between shoulders with a force to move his Perception Point to another location. Men often give each other friendly slaps on a shoulder or on a back, but it doesn't happen often these days: laws frightened people. It's a pity, because people don't know, that slaps with the hand break the Crust (or thick Membrane) of our White Luminous Balls and move our stored energy from the Crust to our 6 most vital organs in the body (Magical Passes and a good massage do the same). This info was given to the parcipants by Florinda at the Magical Passes' seminar in Barcelona, in 1997.

Владимир Путин о Дональде Трампе и проститутках. Jan 17, 2017.

Путин о компромате на Трампа и проститутках. Jan 17, 2017. Владимир Путин на пресс-конференции ответил на вопрос журналиста из "Life News": "Он (Трамп) общался с самыми красивыми женщинами мира. Я с трудом могу себе представить, что он побежал в отель встречаться с нашими девушками с пониженной социальной ответственностью", — добавил Владимир Путин..

Here is also an article in russian about the use of virtual reality technology with patients to overcome the fear of death. University of Barcelona, Spain. And 4 videos on history of fire-tornados in Australia :

Виртуальная реальность поможет преодолеть страх смерти
Университет Барселоны предлагает бороться со страхом смерти с помощью технологий виртуальной реальности. Ученые отталкивались в своей работе от опыта пациентов, переживших клиническую смерть. Многие из пациентов испытали ощущение отделения от собственного тела. И впоследствии у них уменьшился страх смерти. Используя технологии виртуальной реальности, эксперты сымитировали у группы из 32 добровольцев аналогичное ощущение. Сначала добровольцев заставили поверить в то, что им принадлежит виртуальное тело (движения физического тела синхронизировали с виртуальным аватаром). Потом добровольцев разбили на две группы и позволили им посмотреть на себя с высокой точки (с потолка виртуальной комнаты). Отличие двух групп: у членов первой группы движения аватара и физического тела не синхронизировались. Далее следовал этап заполнения вопросников, касавшихся страха смерти. Оказалось, именно у людей из первой группы, полностью испытавших ощущение отделения от тела, появлялась уверенность в том, что жить можно и после смерти. Уверенность опиралась на ощущение, что сознание продолжает существовать и вне физического тела.

"Firenado" Australia in HD- at actual speed. Jun 6, 2013. Wild footage at actual speed of this "pillar of fire" event recorded on September 11 2012 near Mt. Conner Australia (details below) © Chris Tangey 2012

Terrifying Flaming TORNADO out from a bushfire. Jan 25, 2017. Terrifying moment a flaming TORNADO breaks out from a bushfire in the Australian Outback. Footage has surfaced of a 'fire tornado' in the Outback of Western Australia. The column of fire was spinning at more than 150km/h for over a minute. Occurs when a column of warm, rising air comes into contact with a fire. It is one of nature's rarest phenomenons – a towering tornado made of flames. Astonishing footage has surfaced of a 'fire tornado' scorching the Outback in Western Australia's Watheroo, around 230km north of Perth, last month. Spinning at more than 150km/h, the twisting inferno was ignited during a bush fire and lasted over a minute before dying down in fields. Dr Neil Burrows, from Department of Parks and Wildlife WA, said the dramatic inferno usually breaks out in dry, windy conditions. 'What we are seeing here is a fire tornado which is quite commonly associated with bush fires, particularly those that are burning in long unburnt vegetation under warm, windy, dry conditions. A fire tornado, also know as a fire whirl, occurs when a column of warm, rising air comes into contact with a fire on the ground.

A couple of videos for a bit of entertainment , more on : Fun and Entertainment

Wartime Dancing (WWII)

Soundies: Black Music from the 1940s (watch how a guy plays grandpiano and sings standing, and a girl plays jazz on harp at the end of video)

Jan 2017

We need to remember, that presidents, prime-ministers, kings or queens etc. do not have power, but just front men/women. People vote for someone and then when that someone gets illusionary power, they are disllusioned when that someone doesn't fulfill his/her promices. No wonder!
Only the Source of All Sun Energy has the ultimate Power. It was decided to make a president someone like Trump, before making a real Robot (artificial intelligence), as a president of US
and as presidents of other countries. Just look at primitive mentality of that man, listen to his speeches, which lack intellect, Trump has the lowest level of consciosness imaginable. I doubt that a Robot will be any better.

Recommended videos:


Unseen footage of Japan tsunami-shocking Video - Earthquake JAPAN. Jan 24, 2016

Amazing Earthquake Footage from around the world (Prt2). Jan 16, 2017.

8.0 Earthquake felt in Kokopo, Papua New Guinea | 22 01 2017

Earthquake strikes 8.4 magnitude North Solomons, 36km west of Arawa, Papua New Guinea. Jan 21, 2017

Floods, Landslides - Tahiti, Jan 22, 2017

Jan 2017

Now is the time for examining how from White Sun Rays (which are various Personalities) musical sounds and chemical elements with different smells in forms of gas/dust/liquid were created. Smell sometimes tells us what kind of invisible civilizations are present around us. Examine how Sun Rays became civilizations of different colour vibrations . Examine the whole process of Creation and not just of our Old Universe, examine but not from a very confusing alien point of view (I mean modern 'scientists'), because they can't properly answer these questions whatever they say or write. Every article or video is full of contradictions. For example, below there are videos and articles, produced in March 2014 about death of Galaxies by stripping them of their vital energies, which scientists call 'RAM PRESSURE STRIPPING' (RAM stands for Robert Allen Monroe - a joke).
What's the point to create Blue (even Red) colored galaxy from White Galaxy at the End Life of Old Universe, when everything must turn into White Sun Energy anyway? It doesn't make sense.
To cause dissolving (death) of a G alaxy, the Binding Force needs to be ruined first (that shows in pictures), then mixing process needs to take place to create more White Sun Energy. That can be done by the Power of Intent and by the presence of Waves of Great White Hot Cosmic Cloud of Balanced Energy. This Cloud is destroying Galaxies (not what the articles say: 'by a galaxy moving fast through fluid, dust or moving through cluster of galaxies' and so on).

Why NASA doesn't show real photos, but gives us an artist's impression (a middleman,s view)? It's not cold gases or dust are essential for stars formation, but clusters of civilizations of different colour vibrations create stars of various colours (White Suns form differently).

We have WAVY Energy, but Negatives have SIZZLING Energy (like burning oil on a frying pan). I (and others) was exposed to Sizzling Energy many times and it is a dreadful state: the insides of the body are all shaking and you feel like being roasted from inside out. Heart is losing rhythm and starts pounding inside the chest. This way Negatives have been mixing with us. Many people have gone from Planet because of it: couldn't withstand their unnatural SIZZLING ENERGY. Doctors call it HEART ARITHMIA or HEART PALPITATION. And that is not the only thing they do to me and others. That's why I don't want to be here, but on a much higher level of Consciousness. Humanity will never die out from Multiverse. Humanity just moving from one Universe to another one. Our role as humans in this Old Universe is coming to an End !
By the way, that's interesting : ozone/oxygen rises temperature, but CO2 diminishes temperature.

Article - NASA Observes Galaxy Being Torn Apart by Ram Pressure Stripping

Что-то неизвестное в буквальном смысле высасывает жизнь из галактик - 2 videos

19 Jan 2017

This video - ESO 137-001 - Mar 4, 2014 -  zooms in on spiral galaxy ESO 137-001, which is undergoing ram pressure stripping. The sequence begins with a view of the night sky near the constellation of Triangulum Australe (The Southern Triangle). It then zooms through observations from the Digitized Sky Survey 2, and ends with a view of the galaxy obtained by Hubble. This delicate and beautiful spiral galaxy is undergoing ram pressure stripping, where streaks of bright gas are being dragged out into space by the cluster it is moving through. The artist's illustration shows spiral galaxy ESO 137-001 in 3D. The last image begins with a Hubble-only view of spiral galaxy ESO 137-001. It then fades to show the image with Chandra observations overlaid. This image combines NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope observations with data from the Chandra X-ray Observatory. As well as the electric blue ram pressure stripping streaks seen emanating from ESO 137-001, a giant gas stream can be seen extending towards the bottom of the frame, only visible in the X-ray part of the spectrum.

Video - Animation of Ram Pressure Stripping ESO 137 001 (galaxy) - Mar 5, 2014. This artist's illustration shows a spiral galaxy as it moves through a massive cluster of galaxies. The galaxy is undergoing a process known as ram pressure stripping, where streaks of bright gas are being dragged out into space by the cluster it is passing through.

Video - Beautiful galaxy stripping images from Hubble - This Is Real Genius. Mar 5, 2014. The Hubble Space Telescope has taken images of a process called ram pressure stripping going on in the Norma cluster - about 200 million light years from the Milky Way. It's happening as the spiral galaxy ESO 137-001 passes through an area of superheated gas, stripping away gas from it's own formation. And it looks absolutely amazingly beautiful!

Video - Ram Stripping of Galaxies. An animation showing how ram-pressure stripping removes gas from galaxies, sending them to an early death

People have been leaving our old Planet and replaced by clones and robots in big numbers to continue the Game and it must be done, because nobody knows exactly when the Planet will implode on itself !

Recommended Video: NASA: The End Of Mankind "Leaked Document". Jun 26, 2013 (as for me: I would only be happy to lose physical form quick smart and to get to a higher level ! LM) 

22/11/2016, Fukushima tsunami, the most shocking videos. Japan earthquake: small tsunami strike Fukushima coastline after 7.8 magnitude quake.

Jan 2017

And now I would like to talk about everybodiy's friends, relatives and neighbours or rather about why relationships with them have been destroyed over the years. For many years I couldn't understand this phenomenon till finally it dawned on me. Because we, humans, considered the most gifted in the Universe (if we are free from reptilian brain foreign installation in us), we are creators of life (thanks to the Sun Energy in our Spirits). Because of our abilities (R. Monroe described them in his books), it is expected of us, that when each one of us travelling in the Universe alone (with/without the body), he or she is supposed to find a solution to any problem without help of a neighbour, a friend or a relative! That is one of the reasons for physically isolating us from each other. That's why people can live in the same block of flats or a village for years and still not knowing each other, like us in our village in Australia. We hardly know anyone there after more than 15 years living there. Our Higher Selves train us to be independent from each other, not to wait for help. When neighbours give each other tools (or something else they need), or they complain to each other : they consider that a friendship.
Reptilian Foreign installation in our brains is telling us, that we don't travel without our bodies in the Universe, but Robert Monroe and Carlos Castaneda say, that we do! True Friendship is not : I do it for you - you do it for me 'business' to continue playing the Game. Friendship is not solving someone else's personal problems, but to go together through dangers and hardships to achieve something, not-personal, something high for the whole Universe, like raising personal Consciousness-Higher Knowledge and Consciousness of others,
 regardless where they are. A good example is Robert Monroe and his wife Nancy. They created the Monroe Institute in USA not for their personal gain, but to raise Consciousness of Humanity worldwide. They went through real hardships for many years to make it serve the purpose. In the book "Catapult: The Biography of Robert A. Monroe" by Bayard Stockton, the author described how Robert and Nancy (his wife) were frustrated with human stupidity and people's using them for their personal gain: to help them to buy a block of land and join community on Robert's Mountain or to get a job or to give them money for something else. Many were not really interested in Robert's ideas.
I am not repeating this mistake: our Centre is not for people who would like to use us for their personal material gain. That is the reason why I am trying to be away from people: they all are still playing Planetary Game and I am not. My advice to everyone: learn to live by yourself without waiting for any help from other people like Don Juan did. I practice this myself.
According to R. Monroe and Andomedans' info, which was given to us more than 20 years ago, we are not suppose to be here on this planet now, that we don't have much time left! But we are still here and the Planet still didn't blow up ! I wonder why? Here is some info from the book "Catapult: The Biography of Robert A. Monroe" by late Bayard Stockton, written in 1989, p. 271- 273 :

"Bob talks quietly of the consensus (collective opinion) of reputable Seers, Channelers, People of Insight, that grave times are ahead as the millennium wanes (passes).
Bob: "My Non-Physical Friends tell me practically every day: 'Don't you see it? It's coming. The Wave of Change is building. It's visible now, and it's going to get a lot bigger.'
Is Bob, at root, talking about Earth Changes, such as those channeled by Edgar Cayce, in the sense of massive geological upheaval?
Bob: "It doesn't look like it, as it's presented to me. I see empty cities. Economic collapse. My (non-physical) Friends tell me, 'If you believe anything less, you're kidding yourself.'
Our economy is based on the fact that if we don't buy more in 1990, than we did in 1989, the country's in trouble. We're conned into unnecessary buying. Our "democracy" allows the predators to work, because 'that's the way it always has been. 'All men (and women, LM) are not created equal. One Man, One Vote is a concept we have been sold emotionally. How much pressure can our civilization take? When too many pots boil over...I think we have 10 years, maximum...We're a domino system. The message is: 'Enjoy what you have now'. Now is the time. Soon enough there won't be any.' "
Is the Supra-Conscious issuing a license to be escapist, hedonistic (desire for pleasure and avoidence of pain), thus encouraging the Decline and Fall? That, of course, was not the Intent. It was a purely personal message for Bob Monroe. Why did Monroe not go public with warnings?  Others have been saying the same.
Bob: "Consciousness can help, 'But I don't know of any single event, that would cause even an appreciable segment of the population to achieve Conscious Awareness'..."
Those are the words of someone, who might be called the rankest (complete) cynic. Yet Bob Monroe's statement merits examination. Serious people are convinced he does voyage to There and come back with information, which is arguably not solely of his own imagining.
Bob: "The only way you can superimpose another reality on humans is to hit them repeatedly with that two-by-four (brick) between the eyes."

15 Jan

Manipulation of our Weather

Robert Monroe in his books described how, departed from Earth and staying on higher vibrational level, Humans naturally creating anything they want: ocean, beach, forest, sunset etc., how they increase/
decrease winds, design sunrise/sunset , manipulate temperatures and so on. Exactly the same way everything on Earth (and some other Planets) has been manipulated by higher leveled humans/aliens to  create the ILLUSION OF PLANETARY GAME by using technology. Like the weather everywhere, the seasons of the year (winter/spring/summer/autumn), tides, temperatures, natural disasters to make the arrival to Earth of new civilizations or departure of old civilizations from Earth easier. Some civilizations require hail or rain, some prefer winds or
stillness, some choose heat or cold, some humidity or fog/smog, some clouds of any color or shape. Then hurricanes/tornados/floods/tzunamies/volcano eruptions/quakes/drought/fires/fogs/hails/rains/ice rains/whirlpools/heatwaves etc. are planned and manufactured.
These things have been happening not at once and everywhere, but locations and timing are planned in advance. That explains the appearance of a FORECAST for weather and for tides. A Forcast gives you an  information in advance, so people would be mentally and physically more prepared. Numerous operators monitor the Earth's surface and decide where and how the surface needs to be cooled down or heated up or left without change. Good example is the severe colds the Northern Hemisphere this year: in Canada, US, UK, Europe, Russia, China, Japan, Kazachstan etc. , but
at the same time it is always opposite in the Southern Hemisphere. For instance, now in Australia (Southern Hemisphere) is very hot. Sydney already experienced +45 C (115 F) heat and on Thirsday (19 Jan) the Forecast says it's going to be hotter!
In our village on the shore of the ocean the temperature now (15 Jan) is +40 C (105 F). From 15 January for the whole next week it is going to be even hotter than before especially on 19th, it's connected to the 20th January, the time of planned Trump's inaguration. After a long world media advertising people are informed and most are not happy about it, the rise of negative emotions, will help low vibrational (negative) civilizations to enter the Earth (which is necessary). The drop in temperatures in Northern Hemisphere might occur too.
And if the Earth would't blow up on the 20th Jan, then get ready for more frost and more heat this year. Cooling, long, full of rain thunderstorms in many parts of Australia have been following the heat. Below is a chart of the hottest ever September (2016) and a photo of a guy, made in Palm Springs, US last June (+122F is +49C).

Personally, George and I respect Barak and Michelle Obama, they have carisma, they are more human, then other white american presidents (except John Kennedy). No wonder, mixed races are usually showing better results in terms of humanity: Barak had white mother and black father, this combination is a warmer human, he understands and sympathise with both races. USSR, USA, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, New Zealand etc. were formed to mix human races and then to mix them with alien races. 200 years ago Africans have been moved to both Americas for the same reason. Now Africans themselves (and many other races) are moving to Americas, Europe, Australia and other continents, because conditions in their native countries are not favourable (it was done deliberately, to mix races).

Heatwave to send temperatures past +45C in western NSW, Australia - 9 Jan 2017

10 Jan 2017

Fedor Konyukhov fascinates me. To achieve so much and remain so humble, he is a true Human+. He is 65 years old. What surprises me that he is religious: he still thinks, that Saint Nicolas helped him in this endeavour. But in reality this, like all the other of his projects, was Intent and Energy of many people of different nationalities, esp. the Energy of his wife. His Higher Self was also helping a great deal.
Recommended video and info in russian
about World's record of Fedor Konyukhov (Human+) on the balloon around the World in 11 days. Jan 7, 2017.

Федор Конюхов. Повелитель ветра. Док. Фильм. Фильм «Повелитель ветра» о кругосветном полете на воздушном шаре Федора Конюхова. 23 июля 2016 года Конюхов установил мировой рекорд, облетев вокруг земли на воздушном шаре за 11 дней. Уникальный проект — шар высотой с двадцатиэтажный дом. Весом более 10 тонн, а Конюхов единственный человек в мире, который сумел пересечь на гребной лодке Тихий и Атлантический океаны, поднялся на все самые высокие горы в мире, обойти вокруг света на яхте и облететь на воздушном шаре.
В фильме использованы уникальные кадры, снятые самим путешественником на высоте более 10 км. Это было путешествие на грани выживания. Конюхов даже успел попрощаться со своими родными. Температура внутри гондолы упала до минус 40, ветер едва не унес шар в Антарктиду, а сам путешественник чуть не разбился при посадке. По признанию 65-летнего путешественника, это было самым сложным его путешествием.

Fedor Konyukhov, a Russian, has been crossing Pacific ocean, rowing for 3 months from Chile to Brisbane, Australia! He found Pacific ocean without signs of life. More about him on : Human +

Федор Конюхов: Тихий океан стал пустыней (Fedor Konyukhov: "Pacific ocean became a desert!")

Fedor Konuhov, Crossing Pacific Ocean, 2014

13 февраля 2014 ИТАР-ТАСС
Путешественник Федор Конюхов, который на весельной лодке пересекает Тихий океан, считает, что эти воды за последние полвека превратились в пустыню. Шкипер находится в настоящее время в одной тысячи миль от острова Фату-Хива (Маркизские острова). Состояние здешней фауны он сравнивает с тем, что было во времена путешествия знаменитого норвежского ученого Тура Хейердала на плоту "Кон-Тики", передает ИТАР-ТАСС. " В 1947 году на плот Тура Хейердала выпрыгивали тунцы, а летучих рыб его команда собирала корзинами и жарила на сковородке, мне об этом изобилии можно только мечтать", — сказал Федор во время сеанса связи с Москвой. Самому российскому путешественнику, по его словам, удалось поймать только маленького кальмара. За минувшие сутки Конюхов прошел 70 миль. Ветер в районе плавания стабильный, с востока, 15 узлов, высота волн 2-2.5 метра, лодка идет очень быстро. Шкипер все время пристегнут к своему судну страховочным поясом, так как боится выпасть за борт. "Догнать легкую лодку, гонимую течением, очень сложно даже хорошему пловцу, лучше не искушать судьбу", — поясняет он.

7 Jan

Our Similarities with the Sun

From "The Eagle's Gift" by Carlos Castaneda we know, that our Luminous Balls are much bigger, than our physical bodies. Can you imagine how big is Luminous Ball (Aura/Halo) of our visible White Sun?
Like in the Luminous Ball of a Human, there are also hundreds of Universal Points on the periphery of Sun's Luminous Ball .
On the photo of Sun Luminous Balls/Halos'Auras (above) there is a white line in parallel to the Earth's surface, which is coming to the Sun Aura's outer edge at the centre, like at the equator. These 2 points in Sun Aura are often used by civilizations of different colour vibrations to mix with Sun Personalities (Sun Rays of different colours). Red vibrations are using these 2 points a great deal. I have a lot of such photos from different countries. Sometimes the points of Sun Beam/Graduation Key crossing the Luminous Ball of our White Sun are also used by differently colored stars or other White Suns to enter and mix with our Sun and move higher along the 'interstate' (Sun Beam) towards the Source, like on the photo above.

Our 3 Suns and the Central Sun has 2 Violet Energy Bulges on the left and on the right from the centre!

Below there are photos of vibrationally opposite civilizations: violet, blue, orange, red and yellow (positive and negative or lower and higher), which are mixing with the Sun Energy at these points. This White Line in Sun's Aura/Luminous Ball goes through these important points and have the same function as the shooting straight line from Human's stomach. A Human stomach is roughly in the middle of the body :

"To me (to Carlos Castaneda, LM) the most fascinating was his (Juan Tuma - a sorcerer, LM) description of some Beams of Light or Energy, that allegedly Criss-Cross the Earth. He said, that these Beams do not fluctuate, as Everything else in the Universe does, but are fixed into a Pattern. This Pattern coincides with Hundreds of Points in the Luminous Body (of a Human, LM). Hermelinda had understood, that all these Points were in our Physical Body, but Juan Tuma explained that, since the Luminous Body (of a Human) is quite big, some of the Points are as much, as three feet away from the Physical Body. In a sense they are outside of us, and yet they are not; they are on the periphery (edge) of our Luminosity (Ball) and thus still belong to the Total Body. The most important of those Points is located a foot away from the stomach, 40 degrees to the right of an imaginary line, shooting straight forward. Juan Tuma told us, that that was a Center of Assembling (Center for our Perception, LM) for the Second Attention, and that it is possible to manipulate it by gently stroking the air (in that point) with the palms of the hands."

5 Jan 2017

Deja-vu. We would've had a permanent deja-vu or remembered everything: where we were or what we did in life, if only we had enough personal Energy/Awareness to remmeber (thanks to Flyers robbing us of it). On top of that the memory of our dreams is constantly erased as soon, as we open our eyes after sleep. Don Juan's team of experienced sorcerers didn't have to have deja-vus, because they were constantly recapitulating their lives (returning the memory of their lives).
Seniors (near Graduates) will understand me better.

Reflection of 8 Suns

This is a genuine photo of 8 Suns, merging into each other. The reflection of them from the surface of a lake in small village in Russia on a hot sunny May Day 2012! Many people saw this surprising 
anomalous sight: there was only one visible Sun in the sky! It just tells us, that there are many suns in our skies, but we don't see them, that is one more reason for heatwaves. Suns and colored Stars come from Parallel  Universes to merge with our visible White Sun and move along the Sun Beam (the Interstate) towards the Source.
Watch for similar sights in your areas.

What people call Sun Pillar is not a pillar, but 2 ways White SunStream/Graduation Key from the Source of All Sun Energy
to the Earth's Inner Sun through the chain of White Suns on higher levels of vibration.
In this case this White Sunbeam is colored by negative low vibrational civilizations of brownish-red, orange and yellow.

2 Jan 2017

On New Year's Eve, 31 December 2016, evening and night from 8 pm till 3 in the morning, I was watching the skies around our Centre. Black but clear sky: easy to see. First I saw very high above lots of UFOs all over the sky. Then noticed an accurate flat formation of white fog below UFOs, but high above our house-Centre. It was remarkable to see that as a foreground were lumps (clustered mass) of the same white fog, which were glued to the whole house, esp. the wrap-around balcony and the roof, with black sky as a background. Familiar high volume hissing sound was coming from the fog (sounds like letter - SSSSSSSS). Humans (the white fog) were penetrating our garden, when the rest of the sky was clear.
This white fog is clusters of humans without physical bodies. Now you know how highly vibrational humans without physical bodies look like in mass.
Later the picture changed a few times during night, fog formations were changing places. I saw similar hissing white fog formation over the ocean opposite our centre. Could they be water humans (mer-people)?
Then we hanged multiclored lights all around the house and the garden. For us differently colored lights is an invitation for civilizations of different vibrations to visit us! The house didn't explode.
Later rain cooled down the heat of the day. Here is some entertainment for those, who didn't see it: an old video of music and dancing, pay attention on a dancing girl with swaying rotating limbs:

1920s Hot Hot Hot Dance

31 Dec 2016

Whatever George and I achieved, belongs to everyone, belongs to our Source of All Suns. Whatever you achieved also belongs to all of us, belongs to the Source !
Today is +40 C, hot like hell. And now we invite everyone without your physical bodies (меньше мороки) for New Year's Eve Party at 12 night (щгк local time) to our Centre in Elliott Heads, Australia.
Now our Local Time is 17.30 late afternoon. Let's see what's gonna happen here, maybe our Centre will blow up, because of what I already see in night skies. I like to risk, though it is not always pleasant for the body. I'll keep you posted.

26 Dec 2016

Here is a very impressive old video of 9.0
earthquake in Japan (for those, who hasn't seen it). Unfortunatelly, future earthquakes are going to become much stronger, than before (more of alien penetration):

Землятресение в Японии 9 баллов  - Feb 6, 2013. В Японии показали новые видеозаписи, которые сделали очевидцы катастрофы 11 марта 2011 года. Землетрясение магнитудой 9 стало одним из самых мощных за всю историю наблюдений и вызвало цунами - высота волн достигала 40 метров. Жертвами стихии стали около 16 тысяч человек, еще больше 3 тысяч пропали без вести. Но самым страшным из последствий была авария на АЭС "Фукусима-1".

26 Dec 2016

They talk about solar powered planes, but never about SOLAR POWERED HUMAN BODIES (WE HAVE SUN ENERGY IN OUR SPIRITS, which makes us to exist). In fact, all animals/plants physical bodies are also
SOLAR POWERED; the whole Planet is run on Solar Power (that's why we need constantly make more of new Sun Energy). That's why to the eye of a sorcerer everything on Old Earth and in the whole Old Universe is fluctuating, waving, shimmering with Bright White Light; not like what we are shown on boring pictures of Earth, made by some satelites!

I read in russian article, that huge UFOs come up close to the Sun to get Sun Energy as fuel for them. What a Rubbish!

Sun Energy or better Sun Rays, which are Sun's Personalities of different wavelength, are needed by those, who are inside of those UFOs, to mix with them, which helps them to raise their vibration.

I am sick of it, from reading their articles I get a picture, that most Russians are stupid, esp. those, who write articles or make videos for the Internet ! They either invent something ridiculous or translate
something from another language without thinking (thanks to foreign reptilian installations in their brains). Their opinion about themselves is blown out of all proportions (SELF-IMPORTANCE). SELF-IMPORTANCE has crashed the whole russian society. The whole social system, is overloaded with stupidity, their politicians and entertainers, their business women/men, farmers and even their poor.
The situation in Australia is not better. I know that, because I lived long enough in these countries. Here is a video with a good describtion of russian mentality by an Irish:
Ирландец жжёт про русских. Я рыдал!

Some russian videos (out of thousands), one says 'What aliens forgot on planet Earth?' :

День сенсационных материалов. Они имеют нас - Учёные утверждают: на нашей планете жили пришельцы из космоса; - Древние люди считали их Богами; - Как выглядят пришельцы из далёкого космоса и что они забыли на планете Земля.

Гигантские НЛО заправляются энергией Солнца

We, Earth's Humans, not just simultaneously playing 3 Games (Universal, Galactic and Planetary), but also playing other Games. Every Parallel Universe, Galaxy or Planet has their own Games, and when we get there, even for a short time, we are playing their Games. And most of us travel to Parallel Worlds a great deal with or without our physical attachments.
Here is the story about another Human+ or Sun Being, her name is Agafia, she belongs to our 2 White Suns. She is religious, works and lives in Siberian taiga (Russia) for more than 70 years, mostly alone. There are many videos about her (I posted some addresses). Below there is a picture of the place, where she lives in taiga , Ural mountains, Siberia. As you can see on the picture, that a powerful Stream of Sun Energy  (Graduation Key) from the Source is pointing to her place. It is also called Universal Flow, and connecting her place to the Earth's Inner Sun. It is an important point on Earth, where a strong, unspoilt Woman, who are not interested in sex, needs to live. That simple Woman is Agafia, more and more people become familiar with her through videos.

Agafia. In 1978, in the remote Russian Republic of Khakassia, Siberia, a group of geologists discovered a family of Old Believers, the Lykovs. They had fled to the wilderness to avoid religious persecution first from the Orthodox Church and then from the Soviets. Now RTD’s film crew goes deep into the taiga to meet the only remaining member of the family, Agafia. She is almost 70 years old and is in desperate need of a helper. The film crew also interviews Erofey Sedov, a former drilling geologist. He was one of those who discovered the Lykovs and told the world about them. He got to know them well and is now ready to share information that will make us see the familiar story of this family of hermits in a different light. In the autumn of 2014, Agafia was joined by a new helper called, Georgy, a fellow Old Believer from the Urals. Sep 23, 2014.

Отшельница Агафья Лыкова вернулась домой после лечения в г Таштаголе. Jan 20, 2016

22 Dec 2016. Interesting articles on BBC about HEATWAVE IN ARCTICS and Plastic Rice. I have seen plastic snow, maybe I saw plastic rice too, but didn't know it.

'Arctic heatwave could break records - 24 December 2016

'Plastic rice' seized in Nigeria
21 December 2016

17  Dec. 2016

In November-December , in our region of Australia, it was/is either too hot (around + 40 C) or too cold (+ 20 C, but for brief moments). Some joker posted a video (below) of recent hail-storm in south-east Queensland in Australia.

Australia. It's beginning to feel like Christmas in Queensland when the afternoon golf balls (hail) come tumbling down...Dec 17, 2016 - Massive hail storm hits Brisbane

And here is an interesting article in russian and video about holographic wives for Japanese men in near future:

У Японцев появятся голографические жены - video
Японская компания Vinclu начала принимать предзаказы на устройство Gatebox — аппарат, позволяющий завести «голографическую жену». Об этом в пятницу, 16 декабря. Gatebox представляет собой устройство с компьютерной системой и проектором, который демонстрирует виртуальную девушку по имени Азума Хикари (Azuma Hikari). Она способна поддерживать диалог со своим хозяином, писать ему сообщения, будить по утрам, а также управлять системами освещения, отопления и некоторой бытовой техникой в доме. The Telegraph пишет, что голографическая подруга может даже отправлять хозяину гневные сообщения, если он задерживается, объясняя это тем, что она «чувствует себя одиноко». Хираки выглядит как девушка с голубыми волосами, нарисованная в стиле аниме. На посвященном Gatebox сайте указано, что ей 20 лет, ее рост составляет 158 сантиметров, она любит пончики и ненавидит насекомых.
На данный момент существует 300 экземпляров устройства, которое будет доступно жителям Японии и США. Стоимость каждого составляет 298 тысяч иен (около 2,5 тысячи долларов).

8 Dec. 2016

The problem is that Negative Races are not able to change to more balanced state on their own, unless they mix with us, and they do, though it's not so easy for us.
The reason why people like Trump are given power is because, insulting most of Humanity (Women, Latinos, Mexican, Migrants etc.) is stiring up Negative Emotions on a Global Scale. And that is exactly what's needed for Negative Civilizations to enter and merge with Old Earth, with us, for generating of more Balanced White Sun Energy. Without the Energy of vibrationally low and slow civilizations, White Sun Energy can't be made, for that we need  50 % Negative Energy (low and slow waves) + 50 % Positive Energy (high and fast vibrations) + Emotions! The same Global Emotions will help us to make a Leap to a higher Level of Consciousness ! Here is some useful extract from February 1997, Long Beach Tensegrity workshop, which is relevant today:
"The thing, that Taisha talked about , which left the deepest impression, was her saying , that  resolutions, decisions etc. are useless, in fact, utterly useless, because they are externals. What you need to do is to turn the screwdriver a half-a-notch, which really means reaching some kind of threshold in clearing our Link with Intent. When we do this, there is a Domino Effect, and then things just start to change without any doing on our part. The way she talked about this, something really got through to me, and I am left with a sense of short-term purpose to reach that threshold, or turn the screwdriver half-a-notch, and let the
Dominos fall, which means : don't worry about your job, where you'll be in 2 years time and so on. Just mash that Intent, and at some point things will start to really change!"


Highly recommended videos and articles:

The runaway who travelled the world (Jorge is a Great guy! Such people Robert Monroe called 'Human plus'. They belong to our visible White Sun. LM)

Jorge Sanchez in Africa
12 December 2016
"Jorge Sanchez. Despite having little money, he’s the second most travelled person on the planet. Although he’s ranked the world’s #2 on The Best Traveled website, 62-year-old Barcelona native Jorge Sanchez insists that he is nothing like the other competitive travellers. He comes from a poor background, dropped out of school at 13, and has been on the move ever since, working sporadically in low-paying jobs on farms in Australia, New York restaurants, gold mines in Peru and dozens of other places...(read the whole article on bbc. com or on  Human +)"

Solomon Islands Tsunami, 9/12/2016. Excusive Footage

sad fate of the saiga antelope from Planet Earth II
8 December 2016

"The animals died in their hundreds of thousands in the space of a fortnight. Now scientists are trying to find out what happened. On the remote steppes of central Kazakhstan, a truly extraordinary – and tragic – event unfolded in May 2015. Female saigas gathered in huge numbers to give birth on the open plain over a period of just 10 days – and a BBC camera crew and the research team, they were with, watched them die in their hundreds of thousands in the space of just a fortnight. . . "

Dots of Universal Flow, pictured in Aurora, Canada, 2016. Universal Flow is the Stream or Beam of Sun Energy from the Source through the Emitter, which moves through all Central Suns into Earth's Crust and get into Earth's Inner Sun! This Stream has 2 opposite ways. I can see, feel, hear, video, photograph it. I posted videos and photos of it on this site.

Do you know where Robert Monroe is now? He is one of Rays in our Inner White Sun among other Rays (former Players), looking at us, looking at me! Here is an extract from his "Ultimate Journey", p. 151-152 :
"The Repertory (the Repertory is a Storehouse, which, in this case, is our 2 Suns: Inner Sun and Outer Sun. Robert, me and many others belong to them, we have wavy rays of different color vibrations both: positive and negative! LM) .
So . . . What am I? Beyond the barrier there were hundreds and hundreds of what appeared to be Waving Beams of Multicolored Light. Uncertainly, I reached out and touched the nearest one. A rich male voice rang in my mind. "Well, well! Curiosity pays off again, Robert!" I pulled back quickly, but the chuckling stayed with me. Immediately another brightly glowing beam, mauve (mixture of pink and violet) in color, came close. This voice was Female! "Of course! You're not all Male, Bobby!"
That was only the beginning. The process was repeated again and again. Each time it became easier. Now I realized, that every beam of "light" was one of me, one of my I-There (the Suns) personalities complete with a different life experience. Lodged within my I-There was a corresponding life pattern of each personality in great detail. This, I realize, is an inadequate description, because each is a conscious, sentient Being with an individual Awareness, mind, and memory. Communication was easy, because I was holding forth with myself! However, there was so much, that I could only skim the surface. The emotional elements were too strong to go deeper."

Our Inner Sun - 8 April 2017

Many people know, that Women usually live longer (esp. strong Women), than Men: you will find more old Women on Earth, than old Men. There is a reason for it. Robert Monroe had to explore higher Levels of Consciousness, but I, having a female body, had to deal mainly with lower Levels of Consciousness (like many other Women). Every human (female or male) on Earth likes to deal with higher Levels, because we all already reached the highest 11th Level and had to drop back to the lowest (for a human) 3d Level. None of us likes to deal with lower Levels, it's much more difficult, but females (being stronger) had to do it without knowing it. Females/males - sorcerers, being more advanced, also had to deal a lot with lower, as well as, higher Levels, and that was described by C.Castaneda in his books.
For many years I couldn't understand why, inspite of all my efforts to move higher in vibration to be able to fly without physical body, like Robert Monroe did, I failed. Why was I
constantly pushed back, by unknown to me, negative forces? Till it finally dawned on me: I am supposed to join the Earth's Inner Sun of the lowest Level, not the higher White Sun, which I see in the sky almost every day. That makes me sad, but what can be done? Someone has to do that, because we need to lift it up to higher Levels of Consciousness!
Robert Monroe was intentionally taken to see the Inner Sun and meet some of the former players (males/females) of Earth's Planetary Game in forms of beams-rays of different colors. But after meeting a few of them, the Emotions of other personalities became so unbearable, that he had to give up exploring and return to his physical body. Many Emotions of the Inner Sun are of the people, who have been eaten alive or went through a similar experience!

A Special breed of Beings belongs to our 2 Suns. When a Sun wants to become a Planet, it enters an empty Shell or a Crust to give it Life, this Sun becomes Inner Sun. The same happened to Old Earth and the New Earth in the Daughter-Universe with New Time-Space arrangements. The special brand of Beings were the first Humans to occupy the Old Earth when plant/animal life from different civilizations of the Universe was established. These ancient Human Beings (Repeaters) originated from the Inner Sun and started life after life on/in the Inner surface of the Crust. During each life Repeaters engended (created) a number of personal Parallel Personalities living at different times and environments. The more outer foreign civilizations were establishing their inner Earth civilizations, the more new personalities have been joining the Inner Sun, and the more it was growing till it became 'a Sea of Faces'. After playing Planetary Game many times Repeaters graduated and joined the outer Sun on a higher vibration; we live in a Binary Star System.
When a female gives a birth to a child, part of her energy, is taken from her Luminous Ball, and inserted into the child, a big Hole appears in Female's Luminous Ball, which becomes incomplete. A Female loses part of her energy and her balance, she becomes moody. The same is happening to our Sun, when a UFO creating a Coronal Hole in the Luminous Ball of our visible and invisible Suns. From time to time, UFOs have been coming close to our White Sun to scoop a piece from it, leaving a Hole in its Luminous Aura (Corona).
Every Hole in the Sun is a number of Beings taken out of the Sun by Alien UFO Members for Merging with them! After that the Sun becomes smaller, its vibration a fraction lower, less damaging for everyone, new civilizations enter the Old Earth (their vibrations-waveforms are indicated by Multicolored Auroras). Auroras in Arctic-Antarctic regions are their favorite places, auroras have been slowly spreading all over the Globe. The global temperatures drop, apart from other disturbances to appear in Magnetosphere, more Magnetic Solar Storms, Gamma Rays, Sprites, 'meteorites', 'comets' or just White Flashes, more, so called,'Natural Disasters'. All of it is connected to penetration of Earth by foreign civilizations (mining was/is also done for the same purpose: to make it easier for foreign civizations to enter Old Earth). Speaking about Disasters: it's not a physical body reacting towards disasters and experiencing fear, but REPTILIAN INSTALLATION IN OUR BRAINS reacting violently towards death of physical body! A Hole in the Sun effects all of us: we all become moody, fearful, agitated, depressed.
What is Magnetosphere?

It is a glue or a Force, which holds together Suns, Solar Systems, Galaxies, Universes and all phisical bodies, in order to make the content stay in one piece, not to disperse. To make a Hole in the Sun you need to overcome that Force - Aliens have technology to achieve that.
Our Sun consists of Rays of different vibrations, which are different Personalities of former Players - mainly Earth's Humans, but there are non-Humans among them. When a Hole in the Sun appears, it means, that one of UFOs was allowed by the Sun to take part of it and move the piece of Sun Energy elsewhere. Personalities of different vibrations are in that piece, but where do they go?
Naturally most of this Special Breed of Beings would be moved to the Inner Sun of New Earth to eventually start life of first ancient Humans living underground, whom Robert Monroe met and described in his books. It's handy to have all experiences of all lifeforms of Old Earth, as Graduates do have (even if they are brief), when establishing the New Earth.
I have a feeling, that when Robert met those Humans (about 2 millions he was told), who had been waiting for Robert to lead them to a higher vibration, Robert led them to the Sun on Higher vibrational level.
George and I, our next step is  to turn from Spirits with physical bodies into WHITE SUN BEAMS !

"Far Journeys", p. 122:
"Our Ability and Knowledge seem without limit, yet we know at this point such is valid only within the Energy Systems of our experience. We can create Time as we wish or the need arises, reshaping and modifying within the Percept itself. We can create Matter from other Energy Patterns, or change the structure thereof to any degree desired, including reversion (return to a former condition) to Original form. We can create, enhance, alter, modulate, or eradicate any  percept within the Energy Fields of our experience. We can transform any such Energy Fields one into another or others except for that, which we are..."

Impressive vid

New Zealand earthquakes. Drone video of the Kekerengu Fault rupture. Nov 20, 2016. Scientists make field observations of one of the fault ruptures following the Kaikoura Earthquakes

Shocking: Roads & Places of Kaikoura after New Zealand Earthquakes

17 Nov 2016

Earthquakes in New Zealand (more than 100 000 landslides, caused by numerous earthquakes in November 2016) - my new article

In 2016 I was travelling alone by hired car in New Zealand (NZ) for 3 months (February, March and April). I visited most of the towns, cities and villages of NZ and drived most of NZ roads of North and South islands. I found that most of their roads are very serpentine like, windy, among constant hills and mountains. I also visited Stewart Island by boat, made lots of photos and videos, but didn't post all of them on one of our links:  My trip to New Zealand
I thought then, that NewZealanders and tourists would have a tough time in the future, because the mountains were moving, shaking all over the world and NZ is the land of mountains. And now I'm not surprised, that the recent earthquakes caused more than 100000 landslides in NZ. Landslides/avalanches are caused by crust shaking, but many are not linked to quakes for obvious reason: not to spook the masses. For the first time in my life I experienced a mild earthquake, a bit of shaking of bed for 2 nights in a row in Christchurch, where I stayed for 5 nights. I laughed then, for me it was a novelty. In one of the libraries I was told, that there were many faults in the regions of NZ, not just one, as shown in popular literature.
I stayed in Kaikoura for a couple of days and made photos of a few UFOs, for 3 nights in Hamners Springs, talked to people in hot natural swimming pools and holes, and spent a few days in Wellington. In many places I met a lot of tourists from Europe, talked to people about Higher Knowledge trying to raise their consciousness, and they listened. I met survivors of 2011 earthquake in Christchurch and they showed me a book with pictures of that earthquake. The number of dead people and ruined houses after the quake was 10 times higher, than it was officially announced. I saw some ruins left by the quake in many places esp. in LIttleton. I visited hot natural springs in 3 different locations and found that hot water is coming from sand of many beaches. But just a handful of those springs is used commercially. There are videos showing white light flashes during recent earthquakes in NZ. These same flashes I witnessed a few times here, in Elliott Heads, during Lightning Storms, which happened on 12 and 13 November (and earlier).
It is interesting, that the places, which I just mentioned, were damaged by recent quakes, but I have impression, that I was on Parallel Earth and all the recent earthquakes in NZ were happening there.
Growing Inner Sun is stretching the Crust, causing cracks to turn up: there is a sequence of events.
First: planned penetration of Old Earth's Crust, Water, Air, Atmosphere by New Civilizations (a few of them at the same time), this Planet was designed for that;
Second: it causes shaking or minor/major earthquakes, which are the cause for landslides and sinkholes. Rain and Snow Storms/Floods, Tornados, Huge Waves (Tzunamis) are adding more to the destruction of the Crust, but they are not the only reason;
Third: constant bombardment of Original Earth and of all Parallel Ones of Binding Force (Aquamarine Energy) by Great White Hot Cosmic Cloud triggering Volcano Eruptions and making the Crust so fragile, that multimiled cracks appear all over the place, esp. on ocean floors, hot water and burning liquified material is coming out of cracks and warming up oceans, reducing Oxygen in water and air; reducing water in oceans. Here is a good article in russian about water vanished from Venice canals:

Венеция без каналов

Forth: Rising Vibration/Consciousness of Planet, Mixing different energies and production of White Balanced Sun Energy by most on Earth is the end of the sequence. I find a problem with those, who writes articles on this subjects: they never mention Human Factor in this sequence. They call 'Human Factor', when people are blamed in starting fires. I am not talking about blaming humans for starting bushfires, because it is not possible for a human to start fires in 10 or more places simultaneously. I am talking about the Power of Those, who are able to raise Vibration/Consciousness of Humanity and Aliens with just a few words and emotions! 


Major Flooding on Hutt Rd, Wellington (the capital) and other cities/towns, New Zealand, Earthquake, died 77 people
, Nov 12, 2016. Tzunami, Strange Lights in the sky when 7.9-magnitude earthquake hit New Zealand. Earthquake: strange glowing in the sky possibly 'earthquake lightning'. Many people overnight reported seeing strange lights in the sky, a phenomenon, that has been reported for centuries before, during, and after earthquakes. Seismologists aren't in agreement about the causes of the hotly-debated phenomenon - called Earthquake Lights (they are aliens and former humans of a higher vibration, LM).

This article (below) in russian gives a map of affected areas and describes how Earth's Crust in oceans is breaking up without any reason:

"Земная кора в океане разрывается без видимых причин"

Earth's Crust is Cracking

"Подводные вулканы и срединно-океанические хребты рождаются в ходе крайне странного процесса – оказалось, что дно моря может в буквальном смысле разрывать само себя, выпуская на поверхность потоки лавы. Срединно-океанические хребты считались своеобразными аналогами вулканов на поверхности дна океанов, которые работают так же, как их сухопутные "сородичи.
Мы обнаружили, что их следует рассматривать как своеобразные разрывы в коре, через которые просачивается лава...Для этого ученые совершили серию погружений в одну из самых беспокойных зон у так называемого Восточно-Тихоокеанского поднятия, подводного хребта длиной в 8 тысяч километров, и установили там набор сейсмометров и микрофонов. Через некоторое время здесь произошло новое извержение, результаты которого буквально заставили авторов статьи полностью перевернуть свои представления о геологии. Как оказалось, новая серия извержений вулканов в этом разломе происходила не постепенно, как предсказывала теория, а фактически одномоментно, когда на дне Тихого океана возникла гигантская линия-трещина длиной в 35 километров, через которую лава устремилась к поверхности. Весь этот процесс сопровождался мощнейшими взрывами, хлопками и прочими громкими звуками, которые, как полагают ученые, возникали в результате контакта воды и лавы. Используя записи этих звуков и данные с сейсмометров, ученые обнаружили, что их источниками были регионы, покрытые свежезастывшей лавой. Судя по слабым сейсмическим толчкам, исходившим из этих точек во время катаклизма, земная кора здесь в буквальном смысле разорвалась на две половинки буквально сама по себе, без  "помощи" и давления со стороны лавы, поднимающейся из глубин. В пользу этого говорит то, что магма поднималась к поверхности дна океана равномерно – на дне разлома произошло сразу четыре извержения вдоль линии разлома, а не одно, как это случается в случае рождения "нормального" вулкана на суше. Их извержения были очень короткими – они длились всего два дня, и за это время дно Тихого океана было покрыто 22 миллионами кубических метров свежих пород..."

New Zealand earthquakes: Warships head to Kaikoura
16 Nov 2016
The USS Sampson will be the first US warship to visit New Zealand in 30 years. Australian, Canadian and US warships are heading to the New Zealand town of Kaikoura to help with evacuations after a series of powerful earthquakes. Two people were killed when two simultaneous quakes hit near Christchurch on Monday morning, followed by thousands of aftershocks. Thousands were cut off in Kaikoura after roads and infrastructure were badly damaged. Many were tourists visiting the popular whale-watching destination.
Families are evacuated from Kaikoura, New Zealand (15 Nov 2016). Hundreds of tourists and locals have already been flown out of Kaikoura. Helicopters began airlifting people from Kaikoura on Tuesday, after landslides cut off road and rail links. Power and water supplies have also been disrupted. New Zealand's HMNZS Canterbury is already in operation off the coast, and will be joined later on Wednesday by Canada's HMC Vancouver, Australia's HMAS Darwin and the US destroyer USS Sampson. The USS Sampson is the first US warship to visit New Zealand in 30 years. The foreign warships had been destined for Auckland to take part in 75th anniversary celebrations for the New Zealand navy but diverted to help with the recovery effort. New Zealand Defence Minister Gerry Brownlee said the offer of assistance was "heartening", and that Japan and Singapore had also offered help.
Landslide near Waiau, New Zealand (16 Nov 2016). Tens of thousands of landslides have been reported, including this one near the town of Waiau. Damage to the Waiau Hotel north of Christchurch, New Zealand (14 Nov 2016). Homes and businesses are also cleaning up damage. Meanwhile the cleanup is continuing in Christchurch and the capital, Wellington. Some streets remain cordoned off while safety checks are carried out on damaged buildings. Officials say there have been up to 100,000 landslides across the affected region.

12 Nov 2016

Fake Elections in USA

As I wrote before, Everything in Old Earth's Planetary Game is happening for the most important reason: to directly or indirectly produce more White Balanced Sun Energy, though there are other, less vital, reasons for playing the Game! Long lasting American Election Campaign produced a lot more of White Sun Energy. This long battle between Trump and Hillary Clinton allowed a lot more civilizations of different vibrations
 (mostly negative) to enter Earth, mix their vibrations with locals (us) and human emotions were added to it. To withstand the attention and emotions of people from many parts of the World in such an election battle, Players need to be strong personalities. Also such Players need to be shielded from public somehow, because too many followers can kill the body of such a Player with their energy without realising it.
And that has been happening, especially among some political leaders: their bodies had to be replaced.
People think, that our Sun has only positive vibrations (means blue, violet, pink colored Rays
or personalities), but it is not so: look at the photo of the Sun below. Negative Red, Orange, Green and Yellow Rays are coming out of it too, Robert Monroe and I saw it. Apart from Robert Monroe and me, there is a sea of personalities (former and current Players) in our visible and invisible (Inner) White Suns. These White Suns are our Higher Selves. I know a few more Players, who also belong to our Suns (though they might not know it yet). Among them are : Sofia Loren, Julio Iglesias, Don Juan, John Kennedy and Hillary Clinton. All these people could withstand a lot of human attention and emotions for a long time.
When John Kennedy and Princess Diana were killed, that produced  negative emotions: anger, frustration, anxiety, sadness, shock etc.  worldwide. Those low vibrations were  used by negatively charged new civilizations to move into Old Earth.
There are also negative personalities with red, orange, yellow, green vibrations (Rays) in our White Suns (for Balance). For instance, English Queen belongs to our Suns. As you know, humans have in their Spirits all kinds of positive and negative color vibrations (for Balance).

Since 9th November 2016 (election day) the Sun became so White, big and hot here in Elliott Heads, that it is difficult to work outside and it is still spring here in Australia.
The same could be happening in your region. We have a powerful lightning storm with constant White Flashes for 7 hours tonight, which is so powerful for this village: it looks like Sydney Harbour Bridge fireworks (White Light show), only longer. These White Flashes ('Earthquake Lights') do look the same as the ones , which turned up during recent New Zealand's Earthquakes. So called 'Earthquake Lights' are aliens and former humans of a higher vibration (like sorcerers) returning to the Gathering Place around Earth.
I don't know how hot is going to be here in Elliott Heads in January 2017. This Planetary Game became so ugly, so negative, that I hope this Planet will blow up by then and release us, if all Players-Personalities, who belong tour Sun, finish the Game and return to the Sun to make it COMPLETE !

Nov 2016

Mагнитосфера Земли дала трещину